HWNDU 132 - Kindness Evokes Kindness/Our Girl/Send In The Clowns Edition



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Jayden Smith and Shia Labooth chanting and dancing for 8 years.




























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what did i miss today

Stolen Valor tried to fight /ourguys/ and got banned




Damn, /ourgirl/ can sing.

starting to think winterchan is a fed tbh

…and it still grows.

Apparently Paper Boi ran when the popo came through but I missed that.


Winterchan making their singing sound hideous in comparison

Of course.
She found more bbc to suck off.


The kike whore always pops up when niggers are there. You can tell she cucks her Jewish husband/boyfriend. After all, cuckoldry began in the Jewish community/

Make them say People One Love

She is surrounded by niggers and you can see the distain on her face.

Somebody Tell Ourgirl These Coons Are Robbers

Just tuned in. last thing I saw was Milhouse getting killed, what did I miss?

chicken tendies

So today we stand together as one
Here we raise our voices high
And times may seen troubling before you
Do not let fear keep you from your goal
I know it may be difficult
Let yourself be heard through the trouble
All you have to do is look above you
You shall surely witness and check them


JTB is enjoying his tendies and delicious milk like the racist he is.



D&C Kikes In This Thread

Filter and Ignore

Life user, you are missing life.
Now Go.

Where's "/ourgirl/"?

This. I want to know what happened to the wall and to Paper. I saw the Valor webms.

She saw them from 100 meters (300 feet or something) away, she had the choice to not go there.

What happened to Insane Clown Pussy did their shift end?

Pickpocket niggers arrived and they fucked off.

lel, how to butcher the anthem

Paper got cold because he's a subsaharan negro and left.
I don't know how the Lebeauf Wall came down, though.

So many niggers.

every nig thinks theyre an r&b singer confirmed

Upload it, brother, I really need those images and videos.

Red hair.

if one of these nogs takes /ourgirl/ home and not john the tendie baptist i'm gonna ree hard

Cops just took it down.


Well atleast these niggers aint chanting that fucking brainwashing bullshit

Our girl doing a good job of blending in

she does have an… interesting…. presence

Poison the pizza JTB

at least it's not paperboy and his muttering "he will not divide us hahaaaa he will not divide us"

es ist gut

That's why the "tolerant" Lefties left. They wanted to go back to the camera and were staring at it, but the niggers wouldn't leave so they took off. Maybe that's why they're always saying we're scared of black people, because they are.

theres a pink haired cuck on right now who isnt ours if anyone is confused

reminder that john the baptist is the second coming of elliot rodger


Is Beethoven a meme now?


I still love her though.


That's just women, user. That is their nature.

Fuck these niggers tbh
Praise Kek

He's only eating tendies, just saying.

Welcome to the Pizza Party, boys.

meinen shlongen

so basically rose is just there to get some bbc?

"/ourgirl/" is a jewish coal-burner.

you cucks are idiots.

She's not "/ourgirl/." This kike is there all the time chanting and shit.

I think she's trying to make them look bad



Wew subtle

Oh, also, right now I know there's John, who's our guy, but who are the niggers?

Shit get tbh.



how is the tone policing going?

Milk is now racist


What the fuck is with people calling this kike /ourgirl/ and that stolen valor faggot /ourguy/?

Gallon a day man


Back to leddit DnC shill

You dumb motherfuckers. You just got on the stream.


You will not divide us. Filtered.

She said she is ourgirl a while ago in camera and the thing with SV is just a shit tier meme.

JACKIE Holla Forums

He is rich.

Drink some racism John.

stolen valor is deepcover and /ourgirl/ confirmed shes /ourgirl/

/ourgirl/, faggot.
Stolen valor was misinformation for the kike lurkers in the threads.

Dubs of retardation
She is deepcover and has been signalling
No one is calling SV ourguy except D&C shills




She's ours. She knows a lot of injokes.
Stolen Valor is a shill faggot psycho.
And you're a faggot.

she's a jew coal-burner havin' fun with you guys

Yeah, we were calling SV /ourguy/ so the museum staff monitoring the thread would kick him out, but we praised KEK so hard that he did the job himself.

the Stolen Valor /ourguy/ meme started after Guitautist got b& and we thought maybe it was because some were calling HIM /ourguy/, so a few people started calling SV that

not that it matters because now he's b& too

I'm trying not to fap pls



Fuck off.

Learn the site already, refugee.


I don't think John P does it for free.


Right, that's why she always pops up when there's a nigger and rubs up on them. Deep cover. Just looked like another Jewish whore to me. Also why's she always there alone amongst the chanters chanting?





She's gripping a blade on her pocket, just in case.

It includes the raw stream files as well. Unfortunately my upload is slow af, it would take forever.


Just random negroes really.

Did they just thank John P for the Pizza.. They must not know its been Enriched!

LMFAO, looks like Halfchan got more nigs to eat shit


It was posted in the previous thread.

That's what /deepcover/ entails, you dumb motherfucker.


You do realize that Shia is gathering any footage like this for some "Trump's New America" propaganda bullshit?

acting. the profession of the jew



which one of rose's future sperm doners there is chance the rapper?


Why is he banned? What happened? Is it worth scrolling back to see?

She came there when there were no niggers. Fuck off. She has to put up with them now.

white christmas


"I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas"

Based /Melisandre/.

if you cant tell shes jewish than i have bad news

Then why didn't you embed it.

damn winterchan knows all about JTB

I'm still waiting for one of them to slip up and blatantly admit that LaBeouf's company is paying them.

Also counting the days until Shia LaBeouf shows up again. Probably never.

Fuck did not even noticed it.

Is the Pizza laced?

I'll be home for Christmas if you're there.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas"

100% /ourgirl/

Not hard to tell who's jewing who.


SOmeone tell homie to ease off on the OJ. He's going to be projectile shitting in 20 minutes.

Try to do that right now.

Bull. What's the end goal then, genius? If you're not trolling you're wasting your time. There's nothing to subvert. This shit will be dead by the end of the month.

while the meme posting was okay for the first couple of nights our crowd quickly jumped to exposing themselves and sabotaging other more subtle actors

let's not forget about all the minority reddit crossposters



Can someone post the Shadilay cover? The ground looks like it 100%

Just get out, shill.


Why are /ourgirls/ so beautiful?

Looking through previous threads it seems it's because of this.

A white girl would not be meming this hard.

She knows she can fall back on the claim that she is parodying/trolling the alt-right. You think a legitimate ourgirl would be ballsy enough to sing that as soon as they left?

Wake up.

She's not ourgirl.

Where can i find a detailed resumé of the days?


Did Stolen Valor get arrested for real?

SV started fucking with two anons (ouija and obamamask), it escalated to grabbing and shoving.

Sorry I'm not as into this shit as you. It's a fucking camera on the wall where morons chant.

That first one was a libshit. She was mocking /ourguys/.

Try doing what? Learn t ouse the site already.

What was the cop saying?

Pure coincidence.

JTB Corporation (aka JTB), is the largest travel agency in Japan?

she just wants to justify her taking of the black cock as an 'undercover operation'

You're desperate.

She's /ourjew/

He got kicked out. I don't know if arrested though.

I think he's the guy who got arrested for assault, yes

now this is shilling

Its the genes man, evolution and all that shit.

This chick is clearly in the performing arts. She has an opera singing background. Probably a friend of LA IRL.

The people in the performing arts will never believe she was joking. She, like LA, has probably already had her career seriously hurt as punishment for wrongthink. That's why she's here. Because her dream was taken away from her and she now has nothing to lose.

yes I buy all my rail passes through them. No just kidding John the Baptist who is coincidentally Japanese and white hapa.



I want to impregnate Brittany Venti.

Filter the fucking shills god damn, you fags are the worst.

she's a ginger jew lady gaga wanna be

Really they just have to watch our threads and look at the stream whenever we freak out.


If he got kicked out, he was either fired or suspended for the day. He's there on the clock.

I'd really like some confirmation on the arrest.


I highly doubt that.

Second one is average at best, third one loooks like a child and the fourth looks like an emo cunt.

At least fight for the white race.

Are you fucking daft?
You cant embed what was embedded in another thread.

Have you bought your plane ticket to Africa yet?

Shit quality trolling Holla Forums
You have to go back.

President Trump is watching this shit? Hope he got the message from Malcom /x/

No more Jewbucks for him! Shia decided he was a loose cannon and I imagine he got B&.

Evil Gingivitis

Also filtered. Holla Forums and kike shills get out.

You highly doubt what?

K indness E vokes K indness

P eace O ne L ove



you do realize i used sarcasm

i agree, some people should be more conscious of how their actions affect the crowd, i'm still astounded by seven, it seems like subtle autism is the deepest of covers

This guy


Sure, as long as you take her back to Africa with you.

They mentioned the arrest on stream, that and the webm of Stolen Valor starting a fight is the evidence that I've seen



b-but if you lurk hatechan you are a nazi?

All posts from this IP are satire/ironic. Reply does not equal endorsement.



What happened when he showed up this morning? What did he tell PAPER YEAH?

how long will the wall stay down?

Her reddit tier humor.

That terribad theory.

She's not ourgirl, all her mates know before that she will be parodying the alt-right. This is performance art at our expense.

Just use the filter

Praise Kek. Meme magic is real. Holy shit. Every time it gets me. Meme magic is fucking real.

Holla Forums pretends to hate kikes, then a semi-attractive kike pretends to be one of us and suddenly "she's /ourgirl/."

Fuck she is good

I like her

You're a genius, user.

She wanted an autograph from Sam Hyde.




Is this paranoia or counter-paranoia?

The digits did promise us a happening today

they've figured our "code" out i guess, this redhead is a bitch that should go home

Stolen valor helped to remove the wall, like a good employee would. Also, could this be, dare I say, /ourvan/?

True story. I've been in show business for 20 years. I know exactly how that industry would react to a performer doing this on cam. Blacklist. Immediately.

She is bether than Jackie4chan

She is an ugly, old attention whore and mocked us with her signs she held in front of the cam

it's a maintenance vehicle with maintenance type shit in it

there are so many shills in this thread
someone fucking do something

She could easily be Italian m8

This 'I can sense a kike on sight' shit is so stupid. Plenty of jews look like legitimate whites

Yeah that's why you get proof that this isn't your views beforehand.

needs more laser pointers into camera

you blown it's cover you short-sighted fuck. It's gone now.


Anyone else notice that whenever it's ourstream and someone new shows up our guys always ask if they want a bit of camera time?
Leftists couldn't give less of a damn about new people showing up.

This is my response to days of her socializing with and being one of them. People can call that shit "/deepcover/," but it's just a camera on a wall giving no just reason to go undercover. She's just a kike. Just like that "Daria" bitch is an arrogant Libertarian who was mocking us.

Huh, I am actually retarded, my bad.
Though i distinctly remember some boards letting me post a video multiple times.

damn shes really hot



Its a filterfest today


There ya have it.

She took a redpill

Did Malcolm /x/ show up again after he laid the verbal smackdown on paperboy?



Wew another /ourguy/

Who's Jewing who?

would a concerted laser pointer into camera type thing be doable? or kek worthy?

Yeah and plenty don't.

She is one of the most obvious constructed characters yet to show up on the screen.

Looks like they have a small team shilling for her on boards too. Nice.

NOT ourgirl.

how are dissenting opinions in the same package?

use a bypass file.

Kill them all Winterchan

sure thing schlomo, do you get paid by the post?


Would hold hands in public.

She doesn't look Italian or German at ALL. That is 100% Jewish.

Stolen valor got fucked, PRAISE KEK

He was sarcastic.


Excelent question my friend.
We defiantely have shills ITT.
Stay sharp.

Would it be a dick move to pour water near the camera/mic at night to create a big ice sheet and stop this dancing bullshit? I live in a no snow/ice area so not sure what the rules of war consist of

I love the terrible actors that approach the camera and say HWNDU, but they look so nervous and insecure.

Evil Gingivitis

In which way, Shlomo?



You know what to do, lads.

You can't with embed.

Dubs confirm.

Kansas City BTFO

I'm confused tbh,what is happening

Are you retarded? She was pointing at the libshits. Fucking genderbender was there. Or are you referring to /furry/nation? They're not ourguys.

when did they remove the wall?

You don't know what (1) means?
Fuck off

So we're naming her Winter-chan right?

it's barely cold over there and water need to be standing still to freeze


couple hours ago

Fuck off, kike. She held a sign in front of the cam that said "Am i with you? Who knows" and another one that said "this is what happens when you let your children use the internet too much".

Yeah, since a good while.

i pretty much started that trend in Holla Forums





No. Name her something else

user's taking over!

Bus full of paid hippies shows up when??



It happens.

Wiki says Rosegirl.
She also looks like the typical German-Italian girl.

If dubs - Redpill Rose

Triple agent girl?
Illuminati illusion?

Well, I'm kind of entraced by /Melisandre/ and that kind of worries me. She could be an infiltrator or /ourgirl/. So, watch out, fellas.

I think Rose about covers it.

Sorry, the posts are there now, and the visual evidence self-evident. The narrative will not hold.

Oh god malcom x is back.

Malcolm /x/


I second Rose-chan



enter malcolm /x/


This nigger

fat nigger

Malcolm /X/

he's back in black




Oh shit he got the emails! Britbong nigger is back.


So redpilled, her hair grew out red.

Oh, a new lesson from the Negronomicon.


Time for more blackpills

Jewish OP are pushing this, stop eating it

is this gonna be the same fucking speech

Eye-brows also beyond jewish.

that captures her ambiguity. bretty gud.


If you took that as a mock and an offense, you can now officialy return to 4chan.

Here we go again.

Already heard it two times.

My favorite character.

This nigger's rap doesn't even rhyme

Was exactly the same one both other times, so far it's the same again.




He's great.
Fuck the bogpill, this is where it's at.

He was telling Paper how unoriginal he is.

She did not contribute anything. No redpills, nothing, just these signs. Normies would regard her as our enemy. She can fuck off.


You know I think you might be right. Shes either the best /ourgirl/ ever or a constructed shill.

But If they were to send in a fake ourguy, I think it would most likely be a retarded hillbilly looking full on skinhead to discredit us?? Why send in attractive smart girl that makes us look reasonable and well spoken??


Trap detected.

Widow's peak starting to form.

Can't deny nature.


He did? What did he do?

What are you uttering, kike? Non-argument detected

So we'd think with our dicks not our heads. She's too perfect.


If anything they wouldnt want to make it look like we have wiminz on our side

Does us having qt redpill-rose upset you.
Does it go against ur narrative of us being virgin neckbeards.
Does it humanize is too much for you to know we have qt's too?

This is Zaen, I have returned with a proclamation to the President of my nation. I’m gonna say this a few more times, then the subject matter is gonna have to, let’s just say, sharpen up but the dialog is gonna have to dumben up, one of the latter, one of the many, this is Zane.

First of all, as I pray to the one true God, the creator of the sun the moon and the stars, the animals, this earth, other planets, and us human beings to name a few

As I write this, I do wish that you, Mr. President of this great nation, Donald J. Trump, do also pray to God as you embark on something far bigger than you have ever thought of or have seen or to have imagined.

There are reasons why the moon rotates the earth, why this planet is mostly water, and why there is an Egyptian pyramid with an eye on the dollar bill of this country. You are officially prophesized as having a significant role in human history.

Being in control of another human being or a nation, in that fact, has been coveted by many – the rewards, the possibilities, the ramifications of mind control, not for the state but you Mr. Trump have been rewarded with holding the most intricate, complex sophisticated, not just political or position of power but the most [complicit vantage and variable] (?) filled sequence of events ever documented in modern human history. You are scheduled to be the leader of the free world in the great enlightening year of 2020 the spirituality science and [???] understanding of it all. Plus, the all-seeing eye will reveal itself in the sky in plain sight to the worthy. It will be a beautiful and prophesized catalyst for all the great luminaries, scientists, logistic specialists, enviro-specialists, artists, teachers, and other specialists who are currently trying to use their best minds and best hearts to help this amazing plan that has provided all we need to survive the ride and feel alive.

Over time, the way people interpret things, communicate together, even learn about the history of this planet has been filtered in so many ways that there are people in this country and others who cannot decipher or accept the things they see or are told or even experience with their seven senses ask the truth, let alone promises to make this country great again.

Don, Donny Boy, Donny, Don, the Donster! ‘Murica has been great.

Life isn’t always about the headlines or problems and drama. From East in the Appalachians to West of the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon so in one glance you can see the beauty this country has to offer, and all of us in it need to be better, kinder and more aware of this life we’ve been gifted.

It seems if you cannot accept the fact that you are a complete political and foreign policy novice who currently has prejudiced, fascist, misogynic, and other viewpoints that are deeply rooted in your brain’s neurons wired and systematically, years of winning, manipulation games, psychological warfare… inhibiting your ability to correctly process information. Then the art of mastering faith enshrined by your gaslighting, virtue… your modern media business connections, your brand, personality, dialog and other advertisement entities, and the ability to send your thoughts, energy, and aura onto others. Those combinations have … to understandably… cause of a few vantage points in which you exist in the Western world in 2017. (definitely errors here)

People of this earth have long misinterpreted okay ways to admire celebrities and celebrities have long taken advantage of their fans to different degrees of severity. The culmination of everything in modern entertainment, technological advancements surrounding the media, the illusions, the dangers of superstardom, the content that is absorbed, made, and advertised, not to mention the millions that use social media to satisfy holes in their minds and hearts are all in play or for harmful purposes.

Redpill Rose it is

If there is shilling used against us than it would be much more likely to plant shills here that try to make us denunce our best guys and girls.

I take my statement back, he doesn't have to rhyme

Alert, could be jewish and thus a psy-op.
But… I want to believe, so Rosechan

Thanks I guess

Cause and effect, gravitational pull, ying-yang, the wall, the mirror, or the camera hangs on, or philosophy of free will, patterns of time, sociological illusions, mind control, soul searching, soul taking, frustrations of the confused, mass hysteria, detachment from thyself, it all ties directly to you, the leader of the free world.

The world needs to rise to a point where we hold ourselves, our leaders, and others more accountable and are more forgiving of ourselves and others. We are all on this planet together. A leader who does not wholeheartedly care for all his people must assume they will either come together or destroy one another, but which would this leader have happen?

I, for one, would love to see something happen that you have not wished for, and that is global world peace between countries and any other fighting groups and suspensions of all weapons traded and sold and bought around the world so one day people will be able to freely travel outside manmade borders to see all the beauty this world has to offer.

You make good people feel bad emotions, emotions that some are unable to surrender to. This country would be a better one if the rest of the planet heals, survives, and thrives, that is a fair assertion.

With known mainstream corporations reaping the benefits of cross-breed theories, ancient teachings, and magic-related content such as Dr. Strange, Young Pope, Mr. Robot, Ancient Aliens, The Matrix, Stranger Things, and many others before the current ones that laid the foundations for people to wonder about human and cosmic potential. Conspiracies of all kinds.

Sacred mysteries and the ways to live without formal government should be drawn up soon, thanks to realm shifters such as Brian Green, Sigmund Freud, Da Vinci, Shia LaBoeuf, Ed Snowden, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson, Albert Einstein, Dan Brown, Kid Cudi, J.K. Rowling, Robin Williams, John Lennon, MLK, Bob Marley, JFK, Tupac Shakor, Rod Sterling, Dave Chappelle, M. Night Shyamalan, Buddha, Aztec Shifter (??), Merlin the wizard, King Tut, ???, Bruce Lee, George Lucas, to name a few.

The legends, known and unknown, of the past are now the underground speakers who keep alive messages of the light while risking their lives, will always be alive. Then, imagery in ??? masters who are exposing threads of reality known by the world and unknown. And everyday beginners are becoming intermediates to the mediums. Then, with people who are not so aware but enjoy infringing on other people’s realities sit on social media accounts, signs of all kinds, graffiti, posters, subtle notes, phantom practices, along with artificial intelligence investments by companies such as Apple and Google, and with groups such the Illuminati, Freemasons, boroughs of government, other alliances having problems with infighting, data leaks, and moles while still trying to play their game.

You like to cause fear in people so therefore you have much fear in you. History and the future are watching these very moments in and outside of the space-time continuum.

The all-seeing eye sees all. The all-seeing eye sees all.

Your lie about donating 10 grand, let alone a penny to any 9/11 fund should have halted your campaign due to the nature of the lie and hypocrisy of your motives is contradictory to your desire to “protect this country” and “fight terrorism.” In a devastating time for this country, you were nowhere to be found, although you lived up the road you were M.I.A. You have much more than the supposed 10 grand, and had a lot of resources like rooms, bathrooms, food and clothes that could have been used for good.

The same with every New York City disaster or tragedy let alone any tragedy in the rest of this country you were nowhere to be found but now that you are you are the political figure, we all know that you care now.

Most of us Americans do not have the luxury to not be held accountable for mistakes that are made in a manner that causes others harm with an intent to harm like you are accused of doing then to not only show any compassion, the accusation within the situation you opt to a childish way of switching the blame all while demanding everyone show you an undeserving respect or borderline worship. There are lives, livelihoods and life at stake here for this planet. This is real life, bruh.

Your lack of compassion, a key trait for being a leader will be exposed, even more than it has ever been, not to mention your lack of real foot on the avenues and real New York City experiences is also a telltale sign you are not a true New Yorker.

do you haev mohneys to deh-po-sit ina mah baaahnk accaaahnt?


Idiot i was not talking about her. Look up the first post in the conversation i referred too. Retard.

nice transcript


To touch briefly on your incoming administration, let’s begin with the youngest you will be serving. It is not okay if children use you as an excuse to not condone themselves in a fair and respectable manner. It’s imperative the young know they can win the game without playing outside the rules, low blow trash talking and think before they speak or type and it be all about “the facts.”

The fact that you were not properly tested on American history, your checkered past, your Christian faith, foreign policy and domesticated issues, the many on-record untrue and hateful statements that have close to zero resistance from your political peers who should stop you. It seems very clear you were prophesized to be the 45th President of the United States of America.

The prophecies that ring true obviously have been prophesized before.

But sir, I promise you, many people across the glove are ready to help discover and really lead this planet in ways you cannot comprehend. It is no coincidence that many research groups of scientific, spiritual and magic related studies are all closer to the past and future than ever before due to diligent work ethic and the appreciation of all knowledge and love passed on by the past people of this Earth.

You try to defend your reputation all the while you’re trying to tarnish others. As far as the official metric and qualifications for the job you are in, you do not the appropriate standards. You have the least experience and you lost the debates. Anyone questioning your legitimacy has the right to do so. For the long-term health of this country, we need all continents and the ones within them to prosper. We would not be the great country we are without people from all over the planet. Excluding the agendas of other Presidents, why did George Washington, the founding father and the founding fathers – Ben Frankin, Thomas Jefferson, Sam Adams and Hamilton, escape from the father country to our country?

Why? The obsession you have with eradicating the words of your predecessors that is laid in stone or on paper is unnecessary and correlates with problems in your psyche. If this was a movie it would be a great saga. But this is real, this is live, this is now. With that being said, Donny Boy, you are not the root of the problem in this country. You are the apple that has blossomed. You are the effect of the cause. You are the red in the green light of many intercepting roads. There will be a time when your followers and antagonizers will find out you’re not the man they thought ought to be.

No turning the blame on your horribly picked staff like Carson and Bannon or your son-in-law ???. When a member of your regime gives you a briefing, how will you know the info is true? Will you for once hold yourself accountable and be honest with yourself?

To shortly elaborate on initial reactions from the election some Americans felt helpless, sad and angry. They let the country get to this point. What some of them do not know is that they have been influencing the cultural landscape in their words, actions, info and imagery they chose to be at the forefront of their conscience without maybe knowing it. Some of your haters made it acceptable for you to stroll on in to the Oval Office.

You are a man of impulse, but only certain impulses. You do not know what it is like to go from the ground with nothing to the top, that is the ultimate American success story. Your failed business ventures, failure to diversify your portfolio, or invent new business models and obvious and willingness to put anything before yourself, hypocritical attitude, and unwillingness for a fair fight or verbal exchange, and to not disassociate from hateful groups who support you are all signs you seem to see things like precious resources – time, US soldiers, and any other assets as pawns in your game. All the while, you are a pawn of many others, notably Vladimir Putin’s gang, whose intentions are clear, and he seems to be ten steps ahead of you at the moment.

This earth is not that kind of playground. Your social media addictions, your thin skin, and need to jump to incoherent conclusions will not be of any help. There was a labyrinth of ways to explain the totalities of the paradox known as racism, race problems, all that, and with problems with and within people of different skin complexions, pigmentations, chosen or given, forms of worship. Only I and a few living individuals can. I will attempt that feat at a later juncture.

As I said, fellas, she could be /ourgirl/, but don't fall in love. Let's see if she becomes some kind of e-celeb.

He told them PaperPedo was repeating the same shit, same dance, only talking about his social media, told him he aint original, told him he was degrading rap even further and that he is just another empty person and never himself

PaperPedo thought the mic didnt pick him up so he twisted his words and shit, which of course he cant because he cant lie. You could hear everything Malcom /x/ said.

Malcom /x/ is the a good hero. And he doesnt even know it.

But to “brief” you Mr. President, people were as sure about how they viewed people more than they ever have been. For you a creature and an animal unlike any other, who waited for this time on purpose, like a true capitalist, to jump in the game. When if in your eyes, America has fallen from grace, where were you to help in that juncture? In regards to your very clever “Make America Great Again” slogan, what role did you play in the fall of America? How did you help prevent it? Did business practices and alliances like yours partake in overhauls and lack of support of the small guy here in New York City?

Have you anything to do with the perceived decline of New York City culture? What did you do to keep jobs in NY and in the country to people that wasn’t serving under the Trump name or establishment? Did you also partake in many of the same actions you accuse some people of doing? And is the spotlight going to be too much for ya? What role did you play in the fall of America?

This is the real world, Donny. Donny Boy. Something you have not that much experience with. Regardless, many people do feel challenged to become a better person and to make sure the legacy of great leaders before us stands stronger than ever thanks to you.

You’ve been called a genius, a racist, a visionary, a liar, a savior, a few things that you’ve been called, but you are definitely not stupid. Foolish, maybe.

Your initial responses to serious allegations such as the suspected hack breach by Russians or any foreign of alliance or intel official as complete hearsay then your fifth-grade comeback to Mrs. Merrell(??) was troubling indeed given both of their reputations on record activities. Then to mock the agencies, like the CIA that are supposed to protect you, was quite perplexing. That will be something to monitor.

Your admiration for Vladimir is very obvious and troubling. You’ve been on record praising other dictators and saying words like Nazi with no regard for those you’ve been saying behind closed doors. I don’t wanna know because I probably do know.

You love anything that is military, Americana, propaganda which can correlate with false-flag possibilities to further some overseas agenda like more oil, more money, and more death. Everyone from the real elites to the homeless on 5th Ave will be eager to see how you move. I am eager to see you find God. Until that point, symbolically, I do not feel you can morally lead the world. Not only can your legitimacy be questioned, but your American heart can be also.

How much quality, self-motive free time have you spent with heroes of this country? Servicepeople who are hurting. What about the people who are jobless, homeless, or in dire need of financial help, even the ones that support you? You haven’t been on the foundation. On the backbone of the heartland. Real Americans know they don’t always have to agree, but they do have to show the minimum acceptable respect to everyone to be considered a real American.

Much is still left secret but your true shades of your colors have been revealed. As you know, there are a few things the almighty dollar cannot buy. Cosmic karma can heal all. God can show you right and wrong, the first step is opening your heart so your mind can follow. The abandon you have for your followers is worth noting. You have willing hypnotized participants to help hatch any plan you may be cooking up. You are having fun on the throne, but at what cost?

Your prior foreign policy statements and your business venture resume may indicate that it may be difficult for those in need of available resources across the globe to receive them. Do not play keep-away with goods that should be used for good. There should never ever ever ever be a positive military or militial war on this Earth’s soil, water, or atmosphere ever again. Mother nature needs us to need it to need us.

You’re gonna take responsibility for the great achievements of the upcoming years by people of this Earth but it’s exactly the opposite, according to the laws of physics. People outside of DC and TT will be leading the way and illuminating the vision. The mortals who defend the immortal will rise. The carpe diem crusade will be one through peace that people young and old, strong and sick will create.

There will be a renaissance of life during the years of your presidency. There will be new ways to get water to Africa, food to Asia, medicine to South America, everywhere in between. Led by us visionaries, cause it’s all of our duties to keep this whole planet great. It’s all of our duties. We owe it to each other, the ones before us, the ones after us, to hold anyone like you accountable, and to know that even someone like you, Mr. Trump can see the real light.

I did enjoy seeing you some weeks ago with Kanye West. Although many people on both sides of your support circle did not enjoy it, he is the only A-list celebrity living with the more fragile mental framework and is more detached from his stolen God than you. He is leading people to believe that he is something he is not. Kanye, God works in mysterious ways. Through God you secure a greater good down the road, any one of God’s children can cleanse their souls, including you. Regardless of anyone’s free will down on this earth, the path of the light will be shown to all.

There’s reasons the all-seeing eye will reveal itself. There’s reasons why the moon rotates the earth. Why this earth is mostly water. There’s reasons why there’s a pyramid on the dollar bill. There’s reasons.

lol wut


All the real redpilled qts have my respect, but the first one can cup my balls and fuck off.

If you think a SJW would shitpost to pretend to be on our side, you are delusional or haven't been paying attention.


Ever since the big shit storm that was Saturday, these threads have been filled with people denouncing anyone that's being labeled as /ourguy/. It's almost like they're monitoring these threads and trying to get us to turn against anyone who goes down there in an attempt to dissuade people from doing it.


what if malcom /x/ shows up with this word salad just to take up space to break the pattern of memes


Based as fuck

Alex Jones approved.

I miss his british accent

You and every shill needs to fuck off. Why would she be an "infiltrator"? What would she be infiltrating? She was on the stream, how could she divide us here on the board? We anonymouse here. We can't tell who she is on the board.

Rose/Winterchan/, thank you for coming out, i know have some hope that not all women my age are shit, which is all I can really ask for. And in NYC of all places


Thats true, but we have the filter function and these kike shills are easy to spot.

Does he make the same speech everytime?

Thanks, user. Saved for posterity



yes, almost

anyone who sticks up for our ideas is called controlled opposition, or a plant or shill

don't they realize how transparent they are?

Dubs confirm it's always the same


You don't know how infiltration works, right?

She could be /ourgirl/ and I pray for that, but ffs keep an eye open.

How many times has he done it now? This is the second I've seen it.

Holy shit, tl;dr please.


This is the 3rd i think.

educate me

This is the third.

3 times

This is what winning looks like. Paid shills desperately infiltrating and D&C. They are afraid.

3 times.

We are infecting them, they are here shitposting and dont even realize its them who are changing and not us. The more they expose themselves to us, the more redpilled they will subconsciously become.

They think we have a plan, they trying to disrupt our goal.

They know we worship an Egyptian Frog God of Chaos.. yet fail to understand what that means.

does sam hyde work for big tobacco?

a quick rundown perhaps?

No Pajeet, you must poo in loo

tl;dr The illuminati is real and trump is the prophesied leader who will bring us into the new age of paradise.

Look, you're not fooling anybody here. Go back where you belong.

If you're worried about a girl on a stream corrupting your political beliefs, you're putting too much value in what she's saying. As long as she's just confirming what you already believed, what's the problem?

This dude is fucking Morpheus.

Cops close by.

This nignog can stay as my janitor.

someone this stupid clown off the feed

This blackie isn't afraid of the cops.

Good on him.


I think this is the best Macom /x/ appearance yet.
Please someone webm or upload this one someone.

This one legit dindu nuffin

What is it with that guy, that's the 3rd time now.

If she was infiltrating:

This could go on for months.

That black dude is obviously our guy

I kinda agree though. no one should be confirmed for /ours/ unless they drop redpills

She was just irl shitposting for Kek.
We could see it, we know our own

You have not been paying attention. When she did it, everyone in the thread agreed about that. She is a reddit-tier attention whore (only her, the old black haired bitch, all others are truly /ourgirls/) and you should reread the old threads. It was on Saturday.


He too woke fam, gotta drop them truthbombs

What a sperg.

Niggers are so cringe when they think they are so smart.



Only shills shit on Malcom /x/


72 is truth



The truth!

>attractive heavily mixed girl wants me to take her on a date and talk
Y lib ? They're all whores anyway and fuck black guys. Should I just kill myself honorably or move out of this city and it will be better ?

Malcolm is a Prophet.. for the crazy.

He gets a pass

Is this uni brow gorilla what's passing as a minority intellectual in US?

Has he become a teanigger again yet? Haven't been listening.

How come no-one has just walked up and glued something like this in front of the camera yet? It doesn't look like scary Nazi propaganda, it's not anti-Trump, you wouldn't get your face on BuzzFeed. Do people think the best way to use this stream is mumbling to the side of the camera and walking away when anyone else shows up?

he too woke mah nigga shieet


Kek and Pill

maybe try killing yourself first, and then if that doesn't ork you could try moving

leave the city


Antifa crew is back

Because they don't want to actually get anything done, they just like feeling like victims and virtue signalling


He needs a new speech. I want to hear more of that negro wisdom

holy fuck I never noticed the unibrow until now



What thief?

I think every last drop of his negro wisdom is already in this speech

pink cap spic is there again.




Oh shit, same jacket

Calm down now malcolm /x/, and learn about it.

He's schizo, but he's entertaining af

He is redeemed. He apologized for being an asshole and is with the people not spering out.

Someone tweet Brittany the thief is there (no tweet no facebook no nothing social here)

we already knew that though

He stole something from the camwhore last night and may have killed Milhouse

I wonder how many months it took to write it

It didn't seem like she was enthusiastic about talking to other anons. Also, anything they do on stream is captured on stream. You have a valid point about doxxing, though.

we actually could call the cops and report the crime… tell them the location and point them in the direction of the online video evidence

Oh my master, tell us please


Shit I didn't know.


He is a lying cunt. Talking shit when alone and playing dumb when surrounded

You mean ourguys too right? Going up and saying praise kek is just signalling to *chan

This dude better have an "In conclusion…" part.

he's almost done with the speech

After her speeches I want to believe.
But if lokteff might be an op, so might rosechan

Marmot coat pickpocket runs with pube face pink hat

Oh shit it's true, i'd like to see them caught, it would be hilarious

So how long is this going on?

Might drop by on a vacation and mudapo a bix nood


he does and it's

(503) 325-4411
Astoria Police Department, Phone

use the video on youtube Brittnay Venti gets robbed


[email protected]
Is that correct?


Did venti confirm she was robbed?

this should be obvious to everyone

[email protected] is correct.


wew "what did he mean by this"


Somebody catch me up. John the Baptist is on fucking screen. The barrier is down. It's snowing. Wtf is going on?

fuck wrong astoria sorry

Address: 34-16 Astoria Blvd S, Astoria, NY 11103
Phone:(718) 626-9311

use the video on youtube Brittnay Venti gets robbed

yeah, shes posted about it on twatter


A true prophet

Quads confirm we must contact him

We wuz kangz

what did he mean by this

californiazaencal[email protected] is what I heard.


before you call

-A philostophistitian

The virtue-signalling still stands. She gotta appear on stream for that. I got excited watching /Melisandre/ talking about the silenced weapon and "stop fapping", but, you know, we can't be too careful…

I could be wrong, tho. She could be /ourgirl/.



wew lad pls dont hurt my feelings

I think that was aimed at us

which one is the thief?


god dammit he already left. did anyone find pink hat faggots twatter?

Checked… he must do a Holla Forums ama in his own guest thread… for Kek

What did it mean by this?

Really makes you think

Regarding the current status, she is /ourgirl/ and also cute as hell. Don´t worry but always be vigilant. Shills can appear everywhere at every time.

what is the name of the pink hat guy on the wiki?


When are these threads going to stop ?

The dude with his hood up and face covered who circled them a few times while Malcolm /x/ was doing his thing and then made off with a chicken tendie.


what did she mean by this?

"what did he mean by this"

8 years.

Got out of work and no classed today. Time to get /comfy/


pink hat fag is friends with skellyhands and i think his twitter was found to be connected to antifa

Or a Donte

She got us, lads we won't recover from this. Let's just give it up already, they have won.

He's back again.



This nigger giving a shoutout now.

He should nail it above the camera.

He's back.

This cant keep up for like a month there are other things happening and it kinda takes some space if there is no cyclical ( and cyclicals suck )

sage is now a downvote

The theif is shouting out all the people on brittny's phone.

He's back, marmot coat

I guess she realised the He WILL divide us, after all.

He's reading us, he's mocking us i think



I think KEK is talking through me:

Don't trust it, though.

Are grills good out there?

Dubs confirm I'm permanently, emotionally scarred

I really just want to believe. It gives me hope. I know I will never interact with her, but it gives me hope that some women are disdained by modernity. Regardless of her motivations, she's been on Holla Forums and that is crazy enough, especially because she is attractive (to me).

he's back

Address: 34-16 Astoria Blvd S, Astoria, NY 11103
Phone:(718) 626-9311
use the video on youtube Brittany Venti gets robbed

Why has nobody dropped the RhodePill yet?



Fuckin called



THis is the thief, call the cops.

Just let him incriminate himself.

I am not tired of winning guys, lets keep winning

She's Dante, the division killer.

But does KEK will it?


Getting v& like in the good old days

In 8 years

i wish i lived in ny so i could jump this paki thief faggot



Those manhands….


kek, he really did get vanned

Holy fuck, yesterday I posted something like ">inb4 chugging milk is declared hate speech" as a joke and now it's actually happening.

She is. Unghhh.

Me too. Me too. She will give power to my NoFap streak.

did he really get vanned?

Did you get dubs? Remember, the chans are


Watch out for your words. They may become reality.


no it's fake

He wanted to bail out but of camera the cops where talking to him a lot. So probably.



They definitely don't call in a van for a parking ticket. Did Paper really get V&?

Fuck off the police did stop him

You are the voice of reason calming people that doubt /ourgirl/s legitimacy because of the shills. Currently, she is /ourgirl/ and showed good evidence that she is redpilled, thats a fact. We will always stay vigilant whenever one of our characters appears though. That should be obvious.


Don't believe it. Has Milhouse been seen today?

It never was. I love HWNDU threads and am a frequent poster here. I'm using sage as it was originally intended like an old /a/non, and I encourage everyone here to do the same. I don't want to bump this thread if I have nothing important to say, if what I'm saying is off-topic, or if it's already at the top of the catalog. We shouldn't be burying more important threads with mindless chatter.

He might be getting interviewed… he he he

showbiz fag here. I can assure you that not a single person in that pozzed industry would even joke about this. They can't even call a tranny "him". Like, they can't physically do it. The programming causes them to choke.

She is definitely /ourgirl/. She's Italian, which means some conservative upbringing. She probably got into show business (nice soprano/mezzo soprano voice she has) and found herself getting b& constantly for wrongthink until she said "fuck it". She knows her career will never happen on the scale she'd hoped.


Have you ever seen Paper leave his shift early before, this is the only time I have seen. Either he got v& or winterchan chased away the nig

you can hear him say hes getting a ticket and has to go
if you watch the vid you will see the guy with yellow jacket walking checking cars.


They've pulled out so that ANTIFA can come rolling in.

John doesn't want to "rat" apparently

Anyone fell in love with Brittany?
I never heard of her before the stream now I am in love…

She's annoying as fuck and part nigger.

This is natural selection. The weak shall perish.

He so. That fucker is always lying anyways.

You hear his tires screech at the end as he leaves, cops pursue

Stop masturbating.

I know some guys here are married, how did you guys do it ?

She's cute and was great at fucking with papernigger et all, but she can be a bit of a tryhard


You know, the first thing I thought when she read the Kindness Evokes Kindness was that she came from Neoreaction circles. I don't know why.

Any one got info on /Melisandre/?

Well, we're not in the real news, but youtube will know about this glorious event.

Anyone else notice that this is kind of our equivalent of pokemon go.

fuck that camwhore. would gladly hang from my balcony

By stopping with masturbation.

You know, the first thing I thought when she read the Kindness Evokes Kindness was that she came from nrx circles. I don't know why.

Any one got info on /Melisandre/?

That's why you bump the thread before it dies.

Cops arrived.

Seems like the wiki has been closed community.wikia.com/wiki/Special:CloseWiki/information/hewillnotdivideus

John not going to white knight for brittany

good lad

John the Baptist is a faggot

Well said

I don't know what neoreaction is. I would put my money on her having performed in both opera and burlesque. Both crowds being so pozzed that their more karposi's sarcoma than skin by now. Having to deal with their shit would make a moderately redpilled person beg for another.

I'm at a point where I wish I'd picked a different profession.

She was fishing for attention last night like crazy. She has lost almost all points in my bank. Mostly in it for the shekels and not as redpilled as she thinks she is.

US anons should call them or tell brittany

Stop it tbh,her name is redpill-rose



Whiteknighting is shit.
This is just him being scared of "digging himself a hole".

What a faggot.

I promise I will not masturbate to this


What a fucking cuck.

Fuck protecting Antifa scum.

I take that back.

This is correct.


Looks like my dubs speak the truth and your trips confirmed

Shadilay brother

what a fucking cuck


Such bullshit. What a manipulate bimbo.

I like her overall. She is a try hard attention whore aka a women and 1/8 nigger but she is cute and doesn't afraid of anything.

Is it a crime to not report a crime?

What's the deal with the happa drinking milk?

I was not calling her Winterchan or saying she chased away Paper. I was talking about the actual Winterchan

Good numbers


Fucking cuck fuck off, you're not Holla Forums.

Is it a crime to report someone not reporting a crime?

lmao the cop might as well be whistling and singing "I'm not paying attention to you"

Yup, cops on scene and probably on the lookout for the thief.

He's taunting Paper and going GOMAD at the same time. I hope he's doing squats. Smart kid.


it's that ginger guy

I don't masturbate


Are there any streams available that don't require Adobe Flash?

Basically if you're withholding information and you know the facts, but you're with holding it to harm someone which this fag is doing, then yes.

We'll be waiting near the subway


Any stream of water

/Melisandre/ wiki:


is school over? what are these millenia fags doing there?


You all asked Kek for change.
Does it shock you change comes in all colours, genders and ethnicities?

Still pretty sure the thief was shouting out a bunch of people on Venti's phone.

never surprised

it's 4:20

How is this still going? My god. Are we really going to have 4-8 whole years of this?

almost gonna call you a shill, just almost

Guys, quick rundown on phone thief, please.

Is he friends with Pink Cap who's friends with antifag? Did someone call the police? Did the police talk to the guy? Where is he?

Heil it.


Keep an eye open, though.


Isn't it wonderful?

Nah. It'll end when the museum loses its tax exemption and the "artpiece" is shut down.


I'd be fine with it if it didn't mean I had to watch the stream all day just in case I miss a happening. I don't like missing happenings.

okay bud

fucking nuts

You watch your mouth about John the Baptist, shill.

Ok then fam.

She's cute and triggered libs pretty good. The hate she gets is undeserved.

Also I noticed she speak about her mother in past tense and she later said on twitter her parents are dead. I feel sorry for her. Not easy to live on your own when 19yo, she cant live in her mothers basement like all you fags.

Hes friends with pink hat fag, hes been on here with pink hat also in the past making threats against our guys when they arent around


if dubs, happening immiditly.

the sidewalk is barely wet you pussy

oh shit

Kill yourself apologist.

This is why your communities are shit.

wew weak baneposting

why does it have to be john who reports him?

He's not even wearing a mask or doing the voice



lmao wat

“Kindness evokes kindness. I discovered long ago that if you write a book about cats or dogs everybody loves you. But if you ever write a book about human beings, all hell breaks loose. It is impossible to write about uncensored human behaviour without offending part of your audience. If you feel you have a basic truth to tell, then you must tell it and be prepared to suffer the inevitable criticisms. Much of what we do as adults is based on the imitative absorption during our childhood years. Frequently we imagine that we are behaving in a particular way because such behaviour accords with some abstract, lofty code of moral principles, when in reality all we are doing is obeying a deeply ingrained and long forgotten set of purely imitative impressions. Along with our carefully concealed instinctive urges that make it so hard for societies to change their customs and beliefs. Even when faced with exciting, brilliantly rational new ideas, based on the application of pure objective intelligence, the community will still cling onto its old home-based habits and prejudices. This is the cross we have to bear if we are going to sail through our vital juvenile blotting paper phase of mopping up the accumulated experiences of previous generations. We are forced to take the biased opinons along with the valuable facts. Peace One Love.”

Rose Girl quoting 'The Naked Ape: A Zoologist's Study of the Human Animal' by Desmond Morris

“Kindness evokes kindness. Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning. It shoots situations, instead of bullets propelled by data processing instead of chemical reaction (explosion). Originating from bits of data instead of grains of gunpowder. From a computer, instead of a gun. Operated by a computer programmer instead of a marksman. Under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general. It makes no obvious explosive noises. Causes no obvious physical or mental injuries and does not obviously interfere with anyones daily social life. Yet it makes an unmistakable noise. Causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for. The public cannot comprehend this weapon and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.”

Rose Girl quoting 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, Operations Research Technical Manual'

Who the fuck doesn't do it for attention? They are all making fools of themselves in front of camera for our entertainment. How many of /ourguys/ actually dropped some redpills? 5% at best?

Bitch please, Jesus user gave me the energy and motivation to stop masturbating, not this random female. 6 days and counting now.

Timelines are merging, we have to keep this up. We have to keep this up. Magic is real. Peace One Love.”

Rose Girl on being red pilled

What is happening, fellas?

See you at the subway John


Meme Magic is real. That's what's happening.

just endless fucking shuffling around

My faith strengthens everyday and checked.

these guys are boring as fuck

Wait wtf?

We still don't care even with the mask on.

what did he mean by this




our guys?

So fucking cringy and boring, it pisses me off.

Was that jackie i heard?

I love her tbh lads

Praise Kek

John's gonna get robbed at the station since its such a non-crime obviously

the quality is clearly decreasing. Who are these retards?

You are now known as Poof Nunez the Faggot Bean

no, but rumor has it there will be a reunion this weekend with /ourguys/

iktf tbqh lad

I know this cuck with the cap. What's his name again?

This faggot again please no

Yeah, right now, nothing is happening. I wish Shia Laboeuf gets arrested again or some shit.

Hitler dubs confirm she is /ourgirl/

but I want her for myself though


I hate this guy

Please kill this fag

Maybe smaller appearances now that the wall fence is down.


I could be her new daddy.
But seriously, considering that she was orphaned some when before the age of 19 she turned out pretty well. The attention whoring is pretty understandable then too.

Volkswagen user getting ready to put the pedal to the metal.

all it takes is someone to actually provoke him into coming down instead of muttering about memes and staring at the floor

Do you really think a woman like her isn't taken? The downside of our side is that while we have the best /ourgirls/ the ratio is not in our favor. All the good /ourgirls/ are going to be taken.

I want to kill this faggot every time he's on stream. May Kek strike him down.

aaaand….he walked off

John is going to get his ass divided by our big black cocks.



Kek is with us

today is the memetic magic strong! keep on meme'ing

Oh, shit.


When Leaf was talking about IQ he was shutting the fuck up, It was glorious

Now you're gonna feel bad while he bleeds out on camera after a car hits him, but, that's the fucking way she goes


Don't be cruel.

An user can still dream…

Who is john the baptist?

he raged once before - any vid?

Praise Kek. May he be struck with rectal warts by the first dindu that does him.

I think the nigger just got a ticket. He mentions the parking cops and then you hear a small squeal of tires like he left in a huff.
But I really hope to Kek he's in the stir getting his shit pushed in with a nightstick.

She had a ring on her finger.

FrizzlyPsycho is zen gardening the


Cops are asking everyone what John The Baptist said and how he is harboring evidence.


I grant a little respect to this cunty cuck on camera now, doing the hard work of cleaning up his environment. He still needs to be gassed though, he can go last after sweeping up


why is braveheart's niece out sweeping dirt when NYC is about to get 8 hours of snowfall


The pussies won't say anything

I've been watching this for 14hours straight. I need a job.

Of course she does. Of course she would. Quality women do not stay on the market long.

If you haven't found a quality woman by 25, you won't be finding a quality woman.

Oh god.

Naw, you just need a life.

I was just coming to remind of that. He mentioned it on stream too.
Paperboy Dance Party 2PM EST Tomorrow

are we going to get to have fun tomorrow?

Fuck this nigger,why can't he just fucking die already.

fuck you and fuck your dreams , you must alpha up and challenge her mate to a fight in the traditional highland way : with claymores and bare-breasted

dehumanise yourself and face to bloodshed


Why do all fucking goreans look like that?

Welp, I guess we know what to disrupt now.

how fucking sad do you have to be to retweet your own tweet

isnt this a code for

why are these people allowed to breed


nice of him to bring his wife's son out

Please someone crash it and make it a Surströmming party!

Now we got a kid getting abducted to the sect.

quality demoralization thread boys

Paper calling this faggot looking for protection. No one fears this emasculated cuck.

You tell me, is it?




They're coming BACK?!!?!

Fuck papernigger

Yeah, totally. I'll do that. Thanks user.

I'm not doing that

Just curious. If I knocked out a faggot like Bjorn in front of the police (can't knock him out specifically, I'm in PA), how long would I be in prison?

Someone should call the police tomorrow. Fucking hell