CEOs versus Trump

Leaders of world's biggest companies protest his travel ban as Coca Cola, Ford and General Electric back tech industry's anger.

They thought Trump was just lying to the public like all politicians do, but now that he is actually accomplishing his campaign promises, they are going to war.

We all know kikes push mass non-white immigration, but Holla Forums rarely talks about how big business does in general.

Of course, these big business owners are in large part kikes, but unprincipled disloyal business interests are a major driving force behind white genocide.

You know who else is an highly powerful businessman? The President of The United States

I can't wait for the POTUS to tweet about these disloyal fucks and watch their stocks plummet. It would be extremely painful for the stockholders (at least until the value eventually returns) but could force a change of command from within the company.

I'm surprised they're not telling Trump to let the rapefugees in or US doesn't get 10k jobs from them. How long until that would blow up in their faces?

These dumb fucks really made it easy along with the rest of the retards to mark themselves for a purge.

We're living in anime, and Trump has main character plot armor

you get into a fight with Trump you never come out unscathed

The advertisements of all of these companies is always filled with white genocide messages. Muh diversity, muh shitskins.

Coca Cola particularly. If any of you are stupid enough to still be drinking the sugar jew, you need to stop today.

But why? How many H-1Bs do they even have?

Coca Cola, as an entity, should cease to exist. Its sole reason to exist is to sell an addictive product that is making people sick. Diabetes, rotten teeth, frail bones ravaged by calcium leeching of the acidic beverages, poor nutrition and poor choices.

Fuck Coca Cola.

revolting. I'm never touching coke again.

Because they are an international organization that sells their shit in every corner of the globe.

Dont Panic

This is not new

ID the shills

Keep on Winning

Keep going as you are.

Just seize their assets and nationalize them. The end.

That bottom most hand is literally a monkey's paw.

They put corn syrup in their drinks.

Wasn't Coca-Cola literally the first entity to push multiculturism in the mass media?

Refined sugar is refined sugar. It's poison.


Yes, and the first to push a good ol' switcharoo with the recipes, using the "new coke" ad, allowing them to sneak in god-knows what kind of chemicals into what's simply meant to be sweetened carbonated water.

Part of the organized master plan. Trump needs to have multi national companies take this position so that he can take his next three steps. All part of the plan.

Intel Corp needs to be split in an anti-monopoly action and put under loupe for h/w backdoors due to reasons of national security - agreed?

Corn syrup runs the risk of inducing a taste for "pork", though, with enough regular consumption. It's why the spics ate each other, before Europeans introduced more diverse foods into their diet.

Stop drinking all of it. It is poison no matter what sort of sugar they use. It's poison if it's corn. It's poison if it's cane. It's poison if it's beet.
It's poison.

Not far off from the plan. Not far at all.

You don't smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, right?


Yes, and alcohol also induces xenoestrogens. I think everyone can recall what a mister Goebbels said about "no fun". Once in a while. Not every day.

What about Honey?

To take down the FED he first needs to sow discontent with large multinational private companies and then use the media for the next middle steps.
And that will only be a small part of the whole web.
This will be a wild ride.

Sorry if this tips people off to your master plans Trump team.

The problem with Intel is their assets located in Israel. A lot of their chip design is done there, and it would be difficult to seize.

AMD isn't a better situation either. Intel has their own fabs, and most of Intel's fabs are located in America. The same cannot be said of AMD, they are "fabless" and contract out with other fabs, mostly overseas. This means that Intel and their American fabs are an American strategic interest. America needs to be able to make our own chips.

Do you? Seriously, I won't begrudge you for a few beers a month, but smoking tobacco? Are you a European or something? Cut that shit out.

Alcohol at least makes you drunk. What the fuck does coca cola do for you? Buy some caffeine pills if you need stimulants, one $20 bottle will last you for years, without pointlessly poisoning your body with refined sugar.

Only in moderation. If you're consuming honey the way many Americans consume cola a can with every meal, a large glassful every time you go to a restaurant, you're going to fuck yourself up.

Good thing I exclusively do the dew :^)

It's just called "cola", and it's only meant to compliment the taste of whatever you consume.

Getting drunk isn't anything to look forward to. You should stop, once you've already finished your drink. Drinking too much would be very degenerate.

Answer my question, niglet. Do you smoke tobacco or drink alcohol? I don't. But it's typical of moralists like you to have some vice, that they think is just fine, while lecturing against all others.

When someone is whining about sugar, chances are they have no problem with alcohol, or tobacco, or, often, both.

just like how when people complain about alcohol and tobacco they are often addicted to sugar and caffeine

Yep, two sides of one coin.

Cola is not a spice., stop using it as one. Cast off your corporate programming, Coca Cola is a cultural parasite.

Fuck no I don't, how was that not clear?

Morality has jack shit to do with this. We're talking about physical health, not spiritual health. There is nothing morally wrong with drinking Cola, just like there is nothing morally wrong with using bleach as mouthwash.

Hey, now. I may be defending a good flavoured seltzer for the sake of getting some pent up gasses out of your system, but this is no time for strawmaning.

Unflavored is my vice of choice. A liter a day.

This, by the way, is a very typical marxist argument used in favor of all manner of social degeneracy, particularly faggotry.

it's based in the same city as CNN so it shouldn't come as any surprise.

Seltzer is my vice too, it helped me kick soda

There you go, was that so hard? Next time answer straight up instead of evading around like a little jew rat.

A matter of hours.
Yates got fired within two hours of saying she would not uphold Trump's order.

100% agree

If it's not clear from that that I disapprove of smoking and drinking, then you are fucking thick.

I've been drinking it since I was a kid. My whole family does for some reason. Using it to kick a soda habit seems like a good suggestion.

Corporations are people, my friend.

These particular corporations are bad people. Cast off your communist programming.

Good goy.

Good for you. Some people prefer a bit of cane sugar, or an orange squeeze in their carbonated beverages. Best not to fret about it.

Henry Ford is rolling over in his grave
Guess I'll be covering up the logos.

Of course they are angry, they chase profits without caring for consequence. Does the mass immigration ruin the country? Who gives a fuck, look at all this cheap labour! They don't realize that once the world is shit, they'll be in the shit too.

Yuri said it best, they are selling the rope on which they will hang.

I've completely nixed refined sugars. My diet is high in fat and protein, but I feel healthy and energetic.

>>>Holla Forums

It's not from after the (((Yom Kippur))) incident. Is it?

If so, you might be getting Jewed.

If it were just "a bit", it wouldn't be a problem. There is no problem with flavored seltzer since it has no sugar, I just prefer unflavored.

Cheap labor is what drives these fucks. Boycotting is the most serious peril to these whackjobs.

The irony is that from that cheap labor profits the most.. libcucks.

I never thought about it that way, but I guess so. But voluntary cutting off these liberal businesses from spending is what will let these spineless corporations shrivel and fucking die.

Literally all (((Bilderberg))) companies

This is a temporary ban can these children just wait?

I don't actually.


I'm ketogenic. Have been for a year +. All my energy comes from protein and fat. Never had more energy or more stable blood sugar. Never been as healthy or had as much muscle. Amazed by what it's done to my body.

Sugar and white carbs (rice, wheat, corn, pasta, etc.) are pure poison. We didn't evolve to eat them. Period.

Same here. Went off a few times, but never felt as good especially that glucose crash when you run out.

Even if I eat pizzas and burgers I cant gain weight. I've at least tried eating healthier lately

Just verifies who is benefiting from the uncontrolled mass immigration.

That's a weak appeal to emotion. Not to say I disagree that everyone would be better off never drinking soda, but your argument is flimsy and won't convince anyone who doesn't already agree with you.

Their CEO is an h1b for gods s sake

I also drink seltzer, or as we call it over here soda water. I don’t touch sugared beverages at all, just plain old soda water with ice and lime wedges.


Boycott with extreme prejudice any company that opposes Trump
Opposing Trump is opposing white people existing in the future
Anti-Trump means anti-white

Then you're not buying the right brand.

You know, I dont want to be labelled as a provocateur by some outsider reading my thoughts but: Dont the democracts and the cuckanies seem kinda weak? I think that if trump wanted to try to make america become a theocracy, he could probably pull it off, and then one could fuck them all up by force. Because I dont believe that these traitors deserve mercy anymore.

In other news, a timely reminder that we have always been at war with Eastasia and allied with Eurasia.

Fucking Democrats. They buy 1984 en masse but are blind to the fact that they've already been indoctrinated by Newspeak.

Thinking about it, it's easy not to buy products from cucked companies because they're designed to kill you.

Drink water and water only. Not cucked one bit.

That is partially false, public water is loaded with fluoride and estrogen.

Not quite. The manufacturing process for white sugar involves a lot of charring and filtering and necessarily results in a 99.5% pure, solid substance–just sugar.

Corn syrup, on the other hand, is a black liquid often contaminated with agricultural pesticide runoff and heavy metals from the corn used to make it. Filtering it properly is expensive or impossible and so apparently often just not done.

I also read that it can contain starches that boost the calorie count far beyond what's on the label, because the samples used for labelling assumes it's pure simple sugar, so if you drink a Coke sweetened with corn syrup it might have a lot more calories than even the label says.

Checked for truth.

It's absolutely mind boggling how they flip flop on shit like this.

Tfw you own a ton of Ford atock

Thanks to Trump, liberals now:

My father got onto that diet. Combined with walking a few miles every other day, he's lost nearly a hundred pounds. Hes as thin as he was thirty years ago, in under a year. Refined wheat really is detrimental to your health.

Rotten teeth are entirely preventable, provided you escaped childhood without being malnourished and homeless. Type 2 diabetes is also easy to avoid if you think everything tastes like shit. You won't buy junk food. Nevertheless, fuck Coke. Fuck them all.

I don't, but I understand why many people do. I'd rather they didn't, but whatever keeps you from becoming a suicidal wreck, I guess.

Don't forget all of the other bullshit chemicals that weren't filtered out. Spring water isn't much safer, considering all of the horrible shit that gets into the ground water.

Same with Uber, a platform that is hugely attractive to illegal immigrants as they are not legally employees

Companies that invested heavily in subsidized sub-human slave labor are going down. It's just darwinism.

I'm a Ford guy, my first car is a '03 Mustang, my dream car is an '07 mustang. I feel betrayed. How can I tell them this?
I don't have a picture in my entire HD to accurately portray how betrayed I feel.

Sugary soft drinks like coke are actual poison. I drink lots of water, various types of tea and small amounts of coffee. It's sad seeing white people in the grocery store with sugar filled soft drinks in their cart.

every time i start keto, i have vivid dreams about a week in about being in the supermarket and eating everything in the bakery

Keto is pretty dank tho fam

You also forgot the fact that drinking PURE SUGAR is fucking bad. It does shit to your blood platelets.


Fugged up that reply

Buy glorious nippon sports cars and blast eurobeat

nice defense contracts, general electric


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

This is the truth and final boss finally revealed itself. The ultra evil heads of capital and their lust for profit at any cost and this time it's at the expense of the natural citizens and even the cheap slaves being imported. Look what they support and you know what must be done.

Get one of pic related, I'm gonna purchase one soon. Produced in America, and has a nice balance of style and function. All American, and Patton rode around in them all the time.

William Banting was right.

I was going to buy a truck from them over the plant being moved from Mexico back to the US, but fuck that now. Is Chevy or Dodge/Ram what the fuck is the story there, this is like some universe jumping shit where suddenly the trucks and vans are a different brand cucked?

The only Jeep that still looks and acts like a Jeep. Shame you can't say the same about their other vehicles, which all look like shit and copy the awful (((crossover))) car style.

The Cherokee deserves its name because its ugly as shit

I just bought myself a 2016 Sierra with a nice work canopy on the back. So far so good, they had the best warranty of all the other makes in Canada.

Truckbros 5ever

Kek has spoken, death to the bubbly poz water!

Sell now because shit is gonna drop unless they turn back to the U.S.

pic related, not mine obviously

Peter Thiel has actually helped Trump a lot and I give him my seal of approval, the only downside is that he's homosexual, but that can be cured by Mike Pence.

It's time to take back Ford, the original anti-semitic car; Elon Musk has already bent the knee so SpaceX and Tesla are under Trump's control now.

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA and AMD have Jewish roots and they bow down to the International Clique since the start. It's time to create a new Holla Forums based technology corporation somehow, open-source of course but not free, because the FSF is also Jewish and thus is erroneous.

Henry Ford would absolutely support Trump.

You lads heard Kek, stop drinking fucking Coke you faggots!

Classic Putin.

nope. modern liberals are too stupid and brainwashed to know what it is they actually believe in, which is evident from how they contradict themselves at every turn. don't expect any amount of consistency from a lib who claims to believe any of those things.