Bomb threat forces evacuation of Salt Lake City’s Jewish Community Center

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Hey rabbi whatcha doin?

Being bombed hardly counts as suicide. :^)
I know another warm place where they could have been taken.
They were asking for it.


hey rabbi

You know what hospitals also have a crematorium and gas chambers.


Exactly. Yet another low-energy Jewish theatrical production to get attention, to try to acquire the social capital known as victimbux, and to imply that Trump is Liderally Hidler oy vey.





Oh wow it's fucking nothing.
How many actual bombings started off with a threat beforehand?
You think the Timothy McVeigh sent letters before attacking the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building?

How do they always fuck up that symbol?
It's so simple.

Clarissa's Gefilte Fish

Oy Vey

The jew does not allow himself to draw it properly. This is either a product of their neurosis, or done to signal other jews that the threat is fake so that they'll play along instead of properly investigating it.

I honestly have no idea why roof and others haven't gone after synagogues instead of blacks or muslims. Go after the problem not a symptom of it.

Because they are set up by handlers who have no interest in synagogues being attacked.





Honest question.
How do you call in a bomb threat and not immediately have your phone number and identity known by everyone?
Show me anywhere now pic related.

Burner phones are one way.

Aaaaaaaaw, why couldn't it have been an actual bomb?

When it is a direct result of your actions it is, Moishe.



Same thing happened here to a couple temples in Long Beach, CA