Can someone please explain me the general aspects and simple terms of liberalism and conservatism...

Can someone please explain me the general aspects and simple terms of liberalism and conservatism? From as far back as I can remember, I have been told by my family that being liberal is good and being conservative is bad, however reccently I've started questioning it. Also what exactly is the "left" and "right"? What is negative and positive about the different sides? Please, I want to better understand politics

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k, let me give it a shot, recently I did nothing but read books on politics (and military strategy for some reason) and I can go in great details about both, but basically short version is this:
Basically its about everyone being equal, everyone being the same, everyone being equally worthy and equally deserving. Came out of French revolution. Basically all peasants in France were treated bad, they revolted, stormed Bastille, French revolution happened, peasants all over Europe got inspired, and so most European monarchies ended.
Basically it's the opposite, its belief in a theory we can call simply "natural law" or "natural order" for simplicity's sake. Belief that people are different. And not only different, but that some are better than the others.
That's basically it.

Basically replace peasants and nobles with whites and nonwhite. There is this huge push and this enormous narrative that we are all equal, even tho all empirical, apolitical, measurable, scientific studies and experiments and testable theories show is the opposite is simply true.

Evolution, Ice Age glaciation in Europe, Bell curve, Alpine and tropical climate, history, human bio diversity, etc etc. There are books on these topics. You can read them. That's all there is to it.

Both sides are Jewish false dichotomy made to pit the populace against eachother while they get ripped off by both. Throw the concept in the trash, go with third position.

Guess I'll add a few wiki links and additional explanations:

In the French parliament, people who believed in natural order (some men are better than the others) sat on the right, people who believed we are all equal sat on the left.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, that's how they called it.é,_égalité,_fraternité
It says we are all equal, slavery is illegal, same sex marriage is now legal, everything is relative, liberal democracy should dictate everything, reality is less important than what we want it to be.

Basically conserving, preserving, saving and defending the old ways. Old ways being usually the same thing everywhere but with a different name, royalists, monarchists, nobles, etc etc.
After industrial revolution, replace royalists and so on with capitalists while peasants are still peasants but now they call themselves "working class".

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It's another way of saying National-Socialist, nigger.

Now all that I wrote in and (my id keeps changing) is purely historical and theoretical. In modern times, we have these things called 'liberal elites' (hollywood/celebrity retards), which by definition shouldnt exist, because according to leftist ideology, we are all equal, but in practical modern day leftist ideology, the more famous and fashionable you are the more important you are.

National socialism fits perfectly on the right, you double nigger. The whole point of right wing politics is: we are not all equal. Pretty much textbook example of what Third Reich was doing.

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The labels "liberal" and "conservative" are as obsolete as whig and tory. If you don't believe me, then just look at the so called “Republican neocons" that voted for Hillary. All the old political parties sold out to the globalists.

The real war is between American nationalists and anti-American globalists. Trump understands that and that is why he is President. Democrats and the old Republican "neocon" establishment are anti-American globalists. President Trump and his supporters are American nationalists.

Your first failure is limiting it to a black and white. Just going right to left you have many different groups. You also need to understand Up and Down Authoritarian and Libertarian. Left Authoritarian has very different values compared to a Right Authoritarian the both agree on how much power the government should have but disagree on how it should be used. Neocons and Demcucks are almost indistinguishable on this grid. Now Lurkmoar and read some books you don't agree with to expand your mind.

National-Socialism fused elements from both the right and left, it is neither left wing or right wing. The whole concept of left and right wing is a false dichotomy as the other user said. Parties from the left and right wing are always changing and taking policies from the opposite side of their political spectrums. It doesn't mean anything to call something left or right wing, what you would call right wing in today's world would have been considered left wing 150 years ago.

You can still kinda apply the terms, even today.
Globalists would be liberals because they want the whole globe to be equal, just as old liberals believed a knight and clergyman was equal to peasant, globalist thinks that average white American and European is equal to average African and Middle Easterner.
Nationalists are simply the new royalists.

Just because some dumbfuck politician is misusing the definition, it doesnt mean the definition is wrong. If a right wing politician enacts left wing policy, it doesnt mean a definition has changed, he changed, not the definition.

What do you think happened to the Republicans and Democrats in the 1950s/1960s? They radically changed, modern day Republicans were the old Democrats and vice versa. A 'dumbfuck politician' can easily change the policies and definitions of a particular party. Take another example of the so-called Nationalistic Sinn Féin party in Ireland, they're what you would call left wing. Sinn Féin wasn't always like this, they were actual Nationalists at one point in the past but definitions change over time.


Well if definitions keep changing 24/7 than the whole discussion is useless. I mean I dont know, I study physics, and when we agree on definitions over there, they are defined. We dont go around changing names of things that already have a name and that is already a common knowledge.
Not my fault someone else cant agree on defined definitions. Why should we in Europe care what your democrats and republicans are doing? Why should a definition be considered changed, when its just your retarded politicians who switched sides?
Over here, it is common to have up to 20 parties, and it is common that from time to time they change their policies. But why on Earth should this mean that definitions also changed??
Definitions are definitions. If someone moves from left to right you dont rename left and right. You rename the guy switching sides.

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They are two sides of the same shekel.

Seems like Americans cant distinguish between concepts and definitions and abstracts and ideas, and between their beyond retarded two party system.

Consider the following: There's more to it than your retarded eastern Europe quality of life tier country. There are more world views out there, some of which resulting in much higher quality of life than yours.

Liberal: believes in the liberal use of government (more government)

Conservative: believes in the conservative use of government (less government)

Left: Belives in equality of outcome (blacks on average make less than whites? Take from whites and give to blacks so its all equal)

Right: believes in equality of opportunity (fuck affirmative action bullshit. It's illegal to discriminate based on race, religion, or gender so we're all equal)

Us: Believes in statistics, and equality of choice. (You can choose to work here, I can choose to not have blacks working in a position that I consider them unfit for based on their statistical propensity to chimp out and fuck up)

Already your definition fails. "Liberal" is suppose to mean freedom, not equal.

Who cares? It's irrelevant. Left/right is a false dichotomy, politics can't be visualized as a linear line.

Yes goy, politics are all just a clash between two sides. oy vey.