It's WAR: Iran officially ditches Dollar

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They should start by giving back the $150 billion 0bongo gave them. And the $470 million ransom.

fuck off

Good. The (((U.S. Treasury Notes))) won't be any good for much longer. The Feds days are numbered, and the Treasury will print debt free money again soon. This has to happen

asshurt HEEB detected.

Post yfw when they replace dollar with renminbi.



That isn't going to happen without nuclear bombs exploding somewhere. Two world wars, a dozen conflicts in the Middle East, who knows how many revolutions in Europe were all fomented in order to establish the global banking cartel.


Well something has to give. That enormous economic bubble has been inflated to unprecedented proportions.
I think it will pop when the Fed raises interest rates this year. They'll try to blame Trump, but then he can deal with them. He could deal with them now, but I think he is waiting on them to fuck up before he makes his move.
Now as to the global effects to this, maybe global chaos. I don't really have any idea since nobody would have been that bad of a goy since Adolf himself

Historically whenever a country stops trading their oil with worthless US dollars their oppressive regimes are utterly destroyed and replaced with a peaceful democracy.

I'm all for self-assertion and living space, but as a humble meme farmer I see no reason to force a country to trade with US currency. If war happens over this it is entirely the fault of Jews, as they are the only ones gaining advantage by forcing a currency monopoly.

If the bombs fall there won't be any reason to have an international banking cartel because everyone will be dead. Bunkerfags will die too, from starvation or old age, as everyone always forgets about the doomsday weapons we call nuclear power plants.

mm, I was thinking more like:

- nuke explodes in white country somewhere
- "oh look we found this Iranian passport at ground zero"
- 6 months later, Iran has a new bank

Muh petrodollah

Soon the only currency will be lead. Hope you gold farmers bought some of that too

Boo hoo. Considering Iran arrests any American that sets foot on their country for being a spy. Why should we treat them better? Fuck sandniggers.

Nigger please, Iran is more sophisticated and civilized than Israel despite all of the sanctions and such against them, at least in civilian life. Tourists who followed the proper customs procedures (prior to the travel restriction), had no problem in Iran. The capture of US Navy officers is another matter entirely because while it may come as a shock to you, military officers of a hostile power are dealt with entirely differently than random civilians and tourists. You are either a JIDF faggot or so new it hurts.They do treat kikes with incredible hostility and suspicion but that is justified in literally every country and circumstance on the planet.

I'm pretty sure you mean "peaceful democracy." Look at Libya.

And now they have nuclear material to process oil and the eurasian union is complete

More proof that the kikes are full of shit about Iran, vid related was taken down with (((copyright))) because it goes against the neocohen narrative. Iranians are fully respectable as long as they stay in their own homogenous countries and they are a major bulwark against International Jewry like Syria.

That'll be 3 hrs, 5 mns, and 18 secs.

Your species is doomed.

And you will not be mourned.



Its fucking nothing, a thread died for this.

in case it hasn't come to anyone's attention this is Trump's MO modus operandi
the bursting of the bubble is inevitable and all part of (((their))) plan to suck out the last bits of value from the economy. I'm convinced that when it happens the Wharton school of economics graduate will be ready and waiting.

Didn't iran stop trading their oil in dollars years ago ?

Yes. The Dollar is going to fall and Trump is going to take the blame for it. Dry is the ink, the dollar will sink.

based persians

Trump is going to Hitler it.

He'll refuse to pay the debts, forcing the price of the debts (Market value) to plummet, then buy them.

Persians are people. They're not white, but they're people. That's much more than can be said for arabs and jews.

Yeah, they're going to nuke Israel too. No, really. This time for real. Just go back to your little carpet and do what you do best: bend over.


Iran has already phased out the dollar almost 100 percent. They only use dollars in official reporting, for example they would trade Rial/Ruble and then it could be displayed as a USD equivalent on the exchange for easy calculation for traders dealing with USD. Their use of the USD is literally only their willingness to use it in display, they hold almost no USD reserve other than what Obongo gave them and whatever is left over from the profit they made with Iran/Contra racketeering. This is a symbolic gesture that has no substantial effect on anything, OP is a faggot and all ITT are faggots for not reading the fucking link, it is not to much to ask to read the fucking link you stupid niggers, if I see another goddamn thread with dozens of posters not reading the goddamn link and regurgitating faggot shill OP non-information I will personally rape all of you.

Economics degrees mean shit, I am not familiar with Wharton specifically but Wall Street donates money to economics journals and most Ivy League schools and universities in general so that they produce generations of idiots who know nothing about our underlying monetary system and only regurgitate advocacy for deregulating the financial sector like good little shabbos goy shills they are. Graduating from Wharton is not the same thing as getting a Masters of Money level redpill. It is possible, even probable Trump is redpilled on central banks but if he is it is not directly because of his education. Economics in academia, even Ivy League academia, is shills shilling shills and jews jewing jews, while the students pay out the ass for bluepills+generic mathematics courses so they can have a shot at a lucrative investment banking or lobbyist job. Economics degree =/= redpill, 95+ percent of formal economics is deliberate psyops to keep the goyim in the dark about the cancer of debt-fiat usury.

Glock beats clock.

They can keep it as long as they use them to build nukes for Tel Aviv, Schlomo.

This is what I hate, we are being goaded into a war with Iran. We should stay away from Yemen, aid Assad, and try to better our relationship with Iran. Too had that probably won't be happening, and despite Iran's hatred of us, I hope they survive.

Democracy incoming in 3…2…1…

"You gave me the ruins of a White Christian country? Here's your change Chaim."


The demons were sent back to hell. Our Aryan hero grabbed the jew gold around the creature's neck. He could use it to lure more into a slaughter. He smiled. The race war was off to a great start.

Allow American citizens to exchange jewbacks for Trumpcoin and let the kikes wipe their ass with the leftovers.



checked and kek'd

I don't think Trump gives a shit because he wants to bring about another gold standard and end the current monetary paradigm. I'm hoping its sooner than later because he is going to want the rest of his term to cope with the fallout while still having credibility with the normies to pin it on king nigger. I predict things will get even more interesting once his entire cabinet is approved.

Plans that have been legislated and are set to begin in March, faggot. This isn't empty talk

Looks like you might be wrong lol

Good that'll force us to become energy independent.

Nothing else matters except destabilizing Israel.

Bankers trying to start a war because they lost one election and the tides are starting to turn again.

Not to be one to let another show him up, President Donald J. Trump also declares the USA has also ditched the dollar.

'Iran biggest state sponsor of terrorism' says Mattis

You guys ready fight for Israels interests again?

That would be nice.

I wonder what they feel about ovens.

Thought I was getting a deja vu vibe from this thread. In Feb 2016 the Iranian national oil co. announced that they'd take payment in Euros rather than dollars. A bit of cursory research on the Iranian Oil Bourse also claims this happened in 2012. This time it looks like the Iranian Central Bank wants to make the divorce from the petrodollar system final.

Given post-Obama war weariness and social divisions within the US I doubt it'll come to open war against Iran; short of an "Iran dirty-bombed [major port] with a nuke hidden in a shipping container" false flag there simply isn't the popular support for another 'boots on the ground' war in the sandpit. USN wargames have repeatedly shown that ships in the Persian Gulf area would be sitting ducks for Iranian anti-ship missiles (think back to the damage Iran & Iraq did to each other's oil shipping in the '80-'88 war). Economic war (embargoes, electronic warfare spam, a repeat of the cable cutting antics in '08, bourse hacking, etc.) isn't beyond the bounds of possibility though.