Quebec shooter confirmed to be a Holla Forumsack

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Seems photoshoped. But even if true, this is what happens when you visit cuckchan instead of 8ch. No one fucking told him to instead go after Soros or Zuckerberg..

Yeah, that's cuckchan tier shit. I'm glad we're shielded by Kek from the majority of them tbh.

Shilling for your sensationalist employer
daily mail please go.

Why won't those cucks kill someone important ? Mudslimes breed like rats, won't make any difference if you kill 6 of them because most likely they all have 10+ siblings. He didn't even have any message, no manifesto or anything. Kinda cool but that's about it

Because it's a false flag
If the user was realistically going for the "muh awoken canuck" narrative he'd have at least done a semi-imortant imam in, instead of random bumfucks in a mosque.

Fucking retards wasting themselves on random mudslimes when what they should actually be doing is going after kingpins.

False. There was a second image showing that poster's image collection after the shooter was arrested.

dat id, fucking checked

Holla Forums, January 31, 2017
OP proved once again to be a fag by not providing an archive link, the article's title, or any of the articles text. While it is generally believed that OP sucks cocks, this latest escapade by OP is concrete evidence that he likes to stuff ding-a-lings in his spiderhole.
Loner student 'who liked Trump, Le Pen and mocked Syrian refugees online' is charged with six counts of murder for gunning down Muslim men as they prayed in a Quebec City mosque

More in the archive.

Ok mate, good to see you have plenty of time to waste.

Wish someone would have told him to hit a synagogue instead.

i'm surprised you can still type OP while you juggle all those cocks , i'm impressed really

Quebec inhabitants aren't people.

Fucking shameful.
Dylan Klebold got more than that and he was 17.

u can only have 10 round magazines in canada tho

Good job. His family should sue Trudeau for not standing up to Soros and creating an environment where democracy doesn't work.

These, he should have at least targeted a fucking synagogue or bombed the entire mosque to the ground. Sacrifing your life to shoot just SIX people is fucking pathetic. Mudslimes breed like rats anyway and there's around a billion of them so six people is nothing for them, jews on the other hand are such a miniscule global minority that cleansing them from one town is a good start already.
I still have a feeling this was a false flag though since this will only make Le Pen less likely to win the French elections, normalfags are quite sensitive to events like this one.



Complete shoop.
The guy was a fan of the Israeli Defense Force, there's no way he's a Holla Forumsack.


nothing to do with the chan boards

OP is a kike

It's probably not the same guy or he's an idiot:


>While at university, Bissonnette lived with his twin brother, Mathieu, in an apartment in Sainte-Foy, close to the mosque where Monday's attack took place.

>close to the mosque where Monday's attack took place

I don't have the map in front of me but if he lived close to the mosque then he didn't need to go to 4chan and ask that question, he could have done some recon all by himself by foot or by car. Why ask the question on 4chan when you can take a walk in your neighborhood or drive near the mosque at different times and take notes?

He didn't know there was five prayers per day? I don't know much about Islam but that's one thing I know, five prayers a day. I thought it was common knowledge.