Falcom/XSEED Appreciation Thread

This game comes with a 141 page artbook.
And a mother fucking pin.

141 pages.
Mother fucking pin.

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It's too bad that Trails of Cold Steel is faux-purseowner trash.

FC? Yeah. SC? Naw.

Why can't I preorder third yet?


I tried finding a place where I can get the lyrics for Falcom's vocal music and I came across this but sadly none of the links seem to work. Anyone got a better site where I can find the lyrics?

I got that on release and now that 3rd is coming out for sure I'm going to wait even longer before even touching it. I also might decide to just try and play Zero and Ao in Japanese. At that point I don't know what language I'll play Sen/Cold Steel in.

Still don't regret it.

Is animelyrics a shitty website?

My dick. How much?

They don't seem to have the ones I'm looking for.


They're not hard to get.


Because Kevin is a shit character.

YSVIII when?

Vita faggot alert
I bet you're salty as fuck you don't get third.

Currently editing recordings of Roland GS MIDI synth arrangements included with Ys Eternal but never released on album. Embed related, it's a fanmade Yamaha MIDI medley of Falcom tunes.

Definitely a lot of the older stuff, though, so ty for finding this portal for me.

Wimpiest NPC in Ys VI: Ark of Napishtim aside from the children (but not Ur).

Stuck on Lorence?

nothin personnel kid…

downforeveryoneorjustme.com is telling me that viewlyrics.com is up and running. Is it a Japanese site I can't access with my American IP or something?

Too bad one of the translators is a sjw.

Do you have any proof for you claim?

Maybe they're thinking of Andrew Dice? He only worked on SC though so they're either misinformed or there's someone else I don't know about.

wasn't he kicked off the project?

After he stopped doing work and apparently tried to kill himself I think they decided not to work with him again.


I'm a burger and the site's displaying just fine, so I'm not sure what to say. Two other methods: send the URLs into Wayback Machine to archive them and view lyrics that way (no robot.txt blocking this), or you could just look up the album scans for most of these lyrics on VGMDb (you'll need to make a quick, free account to view full-size images).

Thanks, that first method worked. I right clicked on the archived page, downloaded the .lrc files and it works fine.

Darn, I can't seem to find Emergency Protectors on there.

Falcom never released lyrics for that one. I tried to transcribe Emergency Protecters, but I quit, because I always end up with something… disturbingly wrong. It probably doesn't help that after the part where I stopped transcribing, I heard "bangin' up and bangin' out".

Would I like if I like purseowner?

Well now I'm disappointed but at least now I won't waste time trying to find them. If a Japanese person is going to sing a song in English they need to release lyrics! Some things are easier to make out but others I just can't.

Also now I'm going to have a hard time unhearing that last bit.

So retard difficulty or "playing for the story" mode? Thanks falcom.

Is the music in the Evo versions of Zero and Ao actually bad or is it just not as good as the original version? Most of the other stuff seems like a straight upgrade to me but music is pretty important in a Falcom game so I'm hesitant.

Castle Strangerock is still amazing. All the effort the Gurumin developers put into XaNext pays off in this dungeon, mainly how the camera's always changing but never to the game's detriment. It's a little brown overall, but the architecture and spots of color (blue expanse of Lake Orwell, your own armor, &c.) enliven it.

I'm on track to beat this run in 15 hours, 8 less than my initial one. And this time I didn't accidentally sell off the Sacred Axe, preventing me from getting an essential skill (1.5x running speed!). Honestly this game's a little too easy.

Not bad, but either not as good (in context) as the originals or disappointing given who arranged the track and how much better it could sound. The former's bound to happen because the jdk Band arrangers don't have as clear and relevant a vision for how the music should sound in-game (Sound Team jdk, meanwhile, is very involved during these games' development). The latter seems to be happening more and more with Yukihiro Jindo, and I think Toshiharu Okajima (who collaborated with Jindo on Sora no Kiseki FC Evo) did rush jobs on his arrangements vs. his Zanmai works.

Best arrangement of We Mustn't Be Defeated from Legend of Heroes IV (Tear of Vermillion) coming through. The soft opening and build is glorious.

Man, I can't wait for XSEED to release Xanadu Next.

How does the widescreen patch work for that game? It's been a while since I played it. Does stuff stretch or does it properly scale?

As for Zero and Ao Evo, I'll probably get them over the PSP versions. The issue is, last I checked they were quite a bit more pricey than the PSP versions which are cheap as hell I'm pretty sure.

What a lousy LE, too lazy to even put out a shitty 6 track cd.

The catalog says there's 32 replies and I know I saw more posts earlier but it's only showing up to now. Refreshing does nothing.

What the fuck Hotwheels?

What method?
Did he try to cut his wrists with a butter knife?

I've been thinking of getting a couple of Falcom albums digitally off of Amazon since it's cheaper and easier than importing CDs. However, I remember hearing there's some issues with the digital releases of their music. Have any of you bought Falcom music off Amazon or iTunes and if so, were there any big issues with it?

I think I remember him saying his roommate found him with a knife over his chest. The blog post is probably still out there.

so what are the best versions of each Ys game

Someone post those The Legend of Heroes guides.


But I want to still give Falcom money.

Nothing stretches improperly, though earlier versions of the patch had that problem with aspect ratio. The UI's blurry at 1920x1080 because it was designed for 1028x760, but the map geometry, models, and textures/effects have aged as well as possible. FMVs are likely beyond help, the codec itself not being that great and the render resolution good for its time but not for 1080p.

Nearly drove me up a wall.

Falcom's latest albums lack the dynamic range they once had, but aside from that I don't know of any issues. Make sure you buy the cool older stuff to vote with your wallet, it's easy to get too much Falcom music through download links already.

If you want to buy Falcom merchandise feel free to go ahead. I"ve never heard of anything wrong with the mastering of Falcom's new CD's. Go with Amazon


XSeeD games have 3 pages of DLC. This is true for senran and EDF and I assume others.

They should be criticized more for this. Who cares if they make titty games.

The demo for Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evolution just came out on JP PSN. If you have a Japanese account you can go ahead and check that out.

The FC Evolution demo is still gone which really bugs me. SC Evolution's demo is up though.

XSEED just localizes it. Blame the companies who make those games.

More XaNext screens, assuming the new servers are doing their job.

Corpse Party is out!




No recording of the recent jdk Band YES concert available yet, so I'll just post OG jdk Band's arrangement of LoHIII Lost Woods from the good 'ol days of 2013.

Rips of the BGM from Sora no Kiseki the 3rd Evo's PSN demo are up: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzFTGYa_evXhDQGYnyBAHjTUCraPekL3d

I'm liking Fighting Right On. Determination of Fight's a decent sidegrade, as is Jade Corridor. Haven't listened to much else because I'm waiting to play the original game and listen then.

Lets try that again.

Floofy streamed the demo for 3rd Evo.
The balancing is as bad as Cold Steel now.

No surprises here. That said, Nightmare still looks like it requires you to pay attention.

New Ys VIII details on NPCs, the Drifting Village, defending it, and fighting Master Kong: gematsu.com/2016/04/ys-viii-introduces-kilgore-kahran-alison-more

tl;dr No forced village defense if you want to skip that for other things (unless you like trophies, lol)

Ricotta x Master Expand Dong when? I hope this fruit you need to find isn't super hidden or anything, he sounds like a fun recurring challenge.

I'm glad they didn't try anything fancy with Genuine Devil, and instead just made gave it an orchestral arrangement.
I would even say it sounds better then the original.

I don't really mind the broken balance, since FC and SC were pretty bad too. I actually found it kind of fun to see how easily I could break Cold Steel. So I guess the Evo balance isn't a good or bad thing.

Glad the village defending isn't forced. It sounds like it would get annoying to do after a while.

I doubt Falcom would actually do that. I can't really think of anything in any Ys game that was noticeably out of the way.

Oh yeah?


Half off all Falcom games on DLsite for those of you who can read Japanese. I'm sure as hell going to pick up LoH 1 and LoH 3. Still unsure whether I should get Dinosaur Resurrection and Brandish 4 right now since it'd be a while before I even touch them (Brandish 4 especially since I still have yet to play 2 and 3).

The one I'm most torn over is Zwei II Plus. I've been meaning to import a physical copy but that price is super tempting.

That review always gives me a chuckle, but to his credit, that Charge Attack tutorial should of popped up when get the gem, instead of the beginning of the dungeon.

I was thinking of importing 3rd Evo, but that price tag for the PC version of the 3rd looks really nice too.

Anyone know how long these prices will stay like that? I need a bit of time to sort some things out before I can get anything.

The Sale ends May 9th at noon.

I always see people saying how great Ys is whenever we… uh talk about Ys but I've been too much of a faggot to get any of them. Should I be less gay and do I start at one and move upwards numerically if so?



I tried to buy stuff but the Verified by Visa shit isn't working. I think I locked out the card I used for Zwei!! cause I fucked up the password too much (I don't remember even setting a password) and when I tried another card it just keeps giving errors. Any ideas on what I can do?

I finally got around to finishing Nayuta no Kiseki's epilogue.

That was dumb. The end to the last chapter was bittersweet cause Signa, Kureha, and the world were saved but Noi had to sacrifice herself and Tera drifted out into space leaving just Nayuta back on his world. At that point Nayuta would keep looking up at the stars in hopes of being reunited with his friends someday. The epilogue just comes along and ruins this by having them come back only a year later and then after fucking around for a bit Nayuta saves everyone and Noi comes back so they can all go back and live happily ever after. It felt pretty contrived and just there to give it a happy ending. I did like those last two bosses though. The final boss was really cool looking. Doesn't make the story side of the epilogue though any better though.

Ys I & II
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim
Ys: The Oath in Felghana
Ys Origin
Ys Seven
Ys: Memories of Celceta

Go for PC version unless it's console exclusive (Seven and Celceta… for now?)

Unfortunately, the pin fucking sucks. Why they chose that derpy looking horse is beyond me.
It sucks that the case was only made to fit two games too. i just hope they actually localize the third one. Three's are bad for them. (I hope someone patches the PSP version of the other game. My PC isn't for videogames.)

The gameplay is just… So bland. It's like when I picked up star ocean 4 bland. I'm really trying to like this game but the gameplay and the kinda overdrawn story irks me. I'll come back to it in a few weeks and try it out.

I wanna fuck a lot of the girls, though.

Which part of Liberl are stuck at? Everyone seems to have a specific hump in the story you either get past or quit at. I got kind of bored during the first parts of Ruan, but it really built up and the Zeiss chapter worked to keep that momentum.

Embed related, it's my favorite under-represented track from Trails FC.

I just wish Falcom would do their Japanese PC fans a favor by inserting Japanese text into the XSEED releases and putting those up with loyalty discounts or something. Maybe us Falcom fans outside East Asia could get brownie points with old-timers over there if that happened.

Maybe try Cold Steel. People say it's shit compared to TitS, but I liked it better.

The fatal flaw for TitS is definitely the gameplay, but the game is required if you want to appreciate the over arching story to its fullest.

I would say play Cold Steel instead. The gameplay takes the combat from TitS and makes a lot more fun, since Crafts are overall more useful and CP is piss easy to get. The only problem is, the balance is completely broken, but it's fun to figure out all the different ways to break the game.

It's funny that two of Falcom's most popular franchises are complete opposites from each other.

They're wrong about Cold Steel being worse then FC, that's for sure.

So what do you guys think about Sliver Armor Adol in the Ys VIII artstyle?

I tried using D3D Windower for Shin Eiyuu Densetsu like I did with Zwei!! and when I play the opening it seems to crash. Launching it normally the intro plays fine but of course, it stretches to my full screen which I don't want. Nothing seems to be wrong when I choose to start the game itself. Are there any FMVs or anything like that to worry about later on?

Is there somewhere I can get the CD music? I don't want to be stuck with MIDIs. Also, is the scrolling supposed to be this choppy?

I can't seem to start any of these games without some sort of problem. I started up Zwei II Plus and the main menu runs at a single digit framerate and starting up a new game the intro seems to as well. I've fiddled with every option and nothing changes.

I just went to a local con and happened upon this for a pretty good price so I picked it up. I only just now realized that it's the sequel and not the first game. Is it like the Ys games (excluding 1 and 2) where I can just play it without having played the previous one or should I go back and play the first before touching this?

Looks decent. Worry more about the in-game model.

This rip of Shin Eiyuu Densetsu's music could work (FLAC, not sure how the game detects CD music not loaded from a CD mount): mega.nz/#!5AI03Q4C!hV85xKoshLbo5ox_2KZlrBzB7xv5n6HjLSMD19wfzKA

No idea how many FMVs are in the remake.

Mostly a self-contained adventured in another part of the world, not the areas you visit in OG Wind Legend of Xanadu. Both games are being fan-translated right now, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to start on the first and see if you can get into it. Main problem is how funky NPCs' in-game schedules can be, one reason I'm waiting for an English version.

Embed related, it's one of the better tracks from LoX Super Arrange Version.

For what purposes? I is great as well.

Chop!! is great in just about any of its arrangements (other than Oath in Felghana Pre-Arrange), so here's the jdk Special version.

Do any of you know when this song plays? I don't recognize it. Are there NG+ exclusive levels or something?

Are their schedules on an actual timer or something? If run into any problems I can probably hunt down a guide on the Japanese side of the internet.

I wasn't planning on not playing it if I played the second one first. I just figured since I have LoX2 sitting right here I might as well play it if their stories aren't linked like Trails FC and SC or something. I'll probably just go download the first since I'll have to emulate them both anyway seeing as I don't own a PC Engine.

That was only used in a trailer.

Oh god! Oh god! Does this mean a Linux port for Little King's Story HD as well? Maybe Senran Kagura?

You have to remember that Corpse Party was handled by Sara and only Sara.
Little King's Story is being handled by some other team, while Senran Kagura is handled by some other Japanese company.

I highly doubt that there's going to be a Linux port of Senran, but there might be one of Little King's Story.

Wait, Senran got/is getting a PC port? When did that happen?

Yeah, they said that when Xanadu Next was announced for localization.

Is anyone else disappointed with the Corpse Party PC port?
They should at least have given the option to enable or disable CGs. Some parts look really out of place without them.

CGs are not part of the PC version.

That's my problem. Why aren't they there? If they wanted to censor or something, at least give people the option to disable them. The pc port is the latest version, it should be complete.

Xseed released another localization blog about how much of a programming hell Corpse Party PC was.
They pretty much had to rewrite the entire game in order for it to work.

The reasons the CGs aren't there is because those assets belong to 5pb.
The PC version was only made by Team GrisGris, while the other versions were made by both Team GrisGris and 5pb. Even though GG was working it, it was mostly 5pb who made all the new content. Which is why they can't put it in the PC version. It's not a matter of censorship, but of who owns what.

In search of more Xanadu Next reading material, this Gurumin Steam/GOG e-mail interview with Kondo on Honest Gamers showed up: honestgamers.com/honestgamer/blog/posts/63205-heres-a-fascinating-gurumin-qa-with-nihon-falcoms-president-toshihiro-kondo.html

Best bits:

tl;dr Gurumin's a super clever punny name and RINNE was definitely co-developed with Bothtec

Embed related, it's a bit of footage from RINNE (I have it, just haven't even bothered yet before playing the first two games in its series).

I hope you like pc98 Falcom games


Why though, wasn't it running on PC the whole time they were making it in RPG maker?

Also isn't it like a major fallacy that doing that kind of thing has any benefit at all? Guy should have just git gud at hot soup

Did you read the blog? Hot soup sucks and using it limits quite a lot the shit you can add to the game, like gamepads, upgrading the game to work on newer systems, steam shit, primitive resolutions, no Linux port, etc. It's not a matter of "git gud", it would just be pointless to work on shit soup and you would complain about how shit the PC version is and how XSEED dropped the ball on this release. Based Sara knows her shit.

I guess I could see why just a game company would rather take longer than spend money on people with more skills and education

Now you are just trolling or a fucking idiot

Yep, trolling. Sorry I gave you attention.

I've never played any of the Legend of Heroes games before, and since the Trails series is so highly regarded, I was thinking of giving the first game in that series a shot. Would you recommend the PSP, PC, or Vita version? I know that Evo is Japanese only, but I can read Japanese so it's fine.

Also, how are the games that came before TiTS?

It depends. The English PC version has the highest resolution assets and it's cheaper. If you're good enough with Japanese then Evo has voice acting, new portraits (which I personally think are worse than the originals), and I think a bit of new content. Not much reason to get the PSP version at this point, really. XSEED added the new content from the PSP versions to the PC versions when they brought them over.

I don't know what level you're at but be careful, I hear Kiseki games can be pretty difficult in Japanese. I would say download the demo for FC Evo but it seems to be gone and the demo for SC spoils FC. I don't know about the demo for The 3rd Evo but it's extremely likely that it spoils the two before it as well.

I started my studies three years ago. I'm not exactly a Nihongo master, but I play JRPGs in Japanese all the time now anyway (even though I keep trying to take a break from them), and the videos I've watched of the Trails games weren't really difficult to understand, so I'll be fine.

The old portraits do look better, yeah. Looks like there's more variety in expression too. I was mainly concerned about the gameplay though, sometimes ports and remakes change little, sometimes a lot for the better, sometimes a lot for the worse, and as I have no previous experience with the series, I thought it best to ask people who do rather than just read a changes list.

Cool, you're a good deal ahead of me so you should be fine. Now that I think about it, since you can then you should probably play them all in Japanese. I'd imagine it would be weird going through the Liberl arc all in English then having to switch to Japanese for the Crossbell arc.

Apparently there are balance changes but I have no idea what they are. I will say that the gameplay in Trails is fun but the story is definitely the bigger focus and I can't imagine they messed it up too much even if the changes are negative. It doesn't seem to be like what the remakes of the Gagharv trilogy apparently are on PSP where they changed the battle system entirely.

Yeah, that was the plan. I usually play Japanese games in Japanese these days, with few exceptions, usually for games like MGS or Resident Evil where Japanese just seems weird given the setting.

I'll have to look into the changes more, right now from watching videos the biggest difference I can see are portraits and VA, neither of which are that important in the long run (I do like the VA, but I think I prefer the older portraits).

A Brandish 3 GIF, because why not.

I'm sure she must have weighed opportunities. There's learning HSP in detail, because of the possibility that XSEED might want to localize in the future another Japanese Windows game using it, vs. porting via C++ which could be way more useful for their PC projects overall (she's stated an interest in console-to-PC ports). Right now I think it's amusing that she had to deal with a language developed by Onion Soft, a doujin developer that did old PC-88 games with help from Yuzo Koshiro. Everything connects back to Falcom, even Corpse Party.

Good stuff my man. Playing Lord Monarch PC-98 is a strange pleasure of mine.

Man, I want to play Brandish games outside of Dark Revenant but the camera seems so disorienting. I'm guessing you just get used to it after a while?

Why would anyone want this?


Oh, woah, not the TiTS I thought you were talking about.


What other TitS would I be talking about in a Falcom thread?


And last.

Spend enough time on the internet and you'll figure it out…

Revival Xanadu music sure is dope. I can't stop listening to King Dragon—I wish Sorcerian's King Dragon tune had synthesis this good (on an OPNA chip of course). Hopefully XSEED can license RevivalDu for their Xanadu Next release, since Tom's already ruled out the PC-88 original.

Really, really don't understand why that patron commissioned this. Some of the commenters have refuted Linkara, rightly so because Estelle and Joshua's relationship is not incest.

Look at the mini-map often enough and you'll get used to finding your orientation. I got used to it fast when playing Brandish Renewal, so maybe try that first and then jump into Brandish 2/3 on PC-98 (former's got a translation patch in the works, making the latter's inevitable).

I'm looking forward to Floofy's next translation Tuesday.

Also, Brandish music, because it's always so good.

The endless history guy doesn't think we will get pc ports of Falcom's latest games even though PhyreEngine outputs to PC.

sauce is ask.fm/AskEndlessHistory

223 hours in SC, finally nearing the end, I think.

Oh boy, it's one of those retards isn't it?

What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Does reading comics for a living make you bad at videogames or something?

Oh don't get me started. He's pretty much the whole package:
- That Guy with the Glasses/Channel Awesome
- Closet Homosexual (Says he's straight, but is exclusively into trannies.)
- Drew comics of DC/Marvel heroines growing dicks and raping people and send them to DC/Marvel, asking them to officially publish them.
- Put off his ex tranny boyfriend with his SJW shenanigans. The ex-boyfriend later came out pro Gamergate.
- …

Fuck. Whoever paid him money to draw his attention to TitS did a disservice to the game and its fans as a whole.

What the actual fuck.

Joyoland did make a PC port of YS MoC and that game is on the Vita, so there's definitely a chance they'll make a PC port of TX and CS. The bigger question is, will Xseed be able to bring them over?

Ideally, the best thing to happen is if the company that approached Marvlous to make a PC port of Senran Kagura, also approached Falcom to make PC ports of their games, but I'm not sure what the chances of that happening are.

Chiisana Takarabako's a decent early doujin Falcom album by WOODSOFT. This arrangement of Shrine from Selected Sorcerian Vol. 3 works great for me.

Floofy was asked that ages ago. At the moment XSEED's contracted an outside port team to bring Little King's Story to PC—that could succeed and open a path to commissioning PC ports of Falcom console games. Falcom themselves used to do more versions of games for more platforms, mainly back in the early-1990s, but since Windows 95 they've only ever focused on a single platform in-house, getting Kure Software Koubou to port their games to PSP early on before the shift from PC.

Relying on Joyoland, a company Tom says they likely won't deal with due to the language barrier, isn't quite ideal. Who knows if there might be business differences over the use of DRM, too.

Why do you have so much time clocked into that game? Did you redo a bunch of chapters to try and get A rank or what?

I know that Joyoland isn't ideal for reasons beyond not just having no relationship with Xseed and the language barrier.
That's why I said I want the team who is doing the PC port of Senran, since Xseed already has an established relationship with them. There's also the team that Xseed contracted to make the LKS port, but I'm not sure if they were able to do that because the game belongs to their parent company. If belonging to their parent company has nothing to do with it. Then that really does open up a lot of doors

Not sure why Tanch didn't return for Motto!!/Messa!! Chiisana Takarabako, this shit's amazing~

Even the Marvelous PC team working on SK would need Falcom's permission to start working on any one of their games, as that's what Falcom demands from licensees in the first place. I really doubt there would be any trouble in that area, though. Falcom trusts XSEED so much they convinced them to fast-track Sen no Kiseki for localization, and Sara can figure out who's best to contract for a port job.

I'm pretty sure Xseed said that the PC port of SK version isn't being handled by Marvelous, but by some other company.
Also, I know they would still have to get licensees from Falcom. I was just saying they might be good option because Xseed and SK PC team already know each other.

As for Falcom trusting Xseed, I guess it's a bit zig-zag. They did push for Sen to be released here, but at the same time, they still refuse to give Xseed the scripts to their game before they're released in Japan. Who knows, Falcom might give Xseed the okay for it.

Probably better to ask Tom if any of this is possible, rather then sitting here making educated guesses.

Another mini blog from Xseed regarding Cold Steel II.

Both translation and editing are now 100% complete, along with all 11,000 lines of voice acting. Also, because Bleublanc got a new voice actor for CS II. He will be replacing Bleublanc's SC voice in a upcoming update for the PC version.

I love that they care enough to go back and change the voice for consistency. I don't know if I've ever seen that before.

Isn't it just battle cries for his fight?
I was using the Jap voice patch, but (somehow due to this, I'm guessing) all the Enforcer voices were replaced with the Kloe dying sound, heh.

Is there some Japanese site similar to How Long To Beat? If not, do any of you know about how long Zwei II Plus is to complete?

I was using it too and got that glitch quite a few times. I think it only happened in set event battles where the enemy had voice clips. It would take a certain clip and keep playing it every time anyone took damage.

That was an annoying bug.


Have any of you gotten Shin Eiyuu Densetsu to play well on modern systems with a widescreen display? When I try to put it in a window all the options show up outside of the window and turn black when I mouse over them. In fullscreen it's stretched (of course) and the menus look better but options only show up when I mouse over them. It's still functional I guess but I don't like it and if there's a way to fix it I'd like to.

Also I can't seem to find any videos of it to see what it's supposed to look like in motion. I'm not a fan of the choppy movement.

What in the name of Lord is this bullshit. Why. Is his opinion considered so important you must pay him 80 dollars for that, why. And just by looking at the result, it's a fucking disaster.


>tfw decided to rewatch the Zero and Ao trailers and I just realised that a lot of characters from the Sky trilogy reappear and they even invite the main characters to get inside the Arseille

God fucking dammit, my hype levels were already off the chart, fuck you Falcom, FUCK YOU, I fucking need the English versions right now.

M-maybe by 2021…

What usually happens is people develop a cult of personality then get people to pay them to do thing such as review video games.

Also looking forward to playing Zwei 2 in English by 2025

I'm surprised XSEED hasn't done it yet. They wouldn't have to do any technical improvements like the rest of the games since it's already got widescreen and stuff. Maybe they want to do Zwei!! first?

Tom likely wants to do Zwei!! the original before releasing something he thinks is better and will appeal more on its own. It would mean extra work for Sara, but they're gonna try Dinosaur Resurrection (music embed related) at some point anyway, so perfect practice is perfect. Tancients and zzblue are still working on the Zwei!! (II) translation patches (according to posts on Heroes of Legend from last year), but they might choose to wait until near XSEED's about to release the games in order to not dampen launch sales.

Meanwhile I posted a thread on Marvelous Forums asking for some unique improvements to Xanadu Next ranging from quick to more involved, and which may have already been debated internally. Still no response, even Tom's ignored that part of the forums because of Corpse Party.

Nothing to say about this, unfortunately. It's one of the most easily forgotten Windows Falcom games, probably because it's too similar to the original games for many to care about.

Might just have to emulate some other version. PC-98 maybe? After listening to a few of those CD versions of the songs from the Windows version I'm a bit sad that I'll miss out on those while playing but I probably couldn't figure out how to get those working without the original CD anyway. It's a shame Falcom apparently didn't bother to package in the CD audio in with the digital release.

It's not much use worrying about it now though. I'm probably not going to play it for a while since I have Zwei II to get through.

Speaking of which, playing it is reminding me that I really need to brush up on my grammar. It's difficult for me to get more than the gist of things. I just have a hard time sitting down and studying that though since it's pretty boring stuff.