Why are you not against the ban, goyim?


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They even have a sign with "empathy" on it. Could they make it any more blatant how they try to manipulate us using empathy? Sub-human kikes. I wish we didn't have empathy. We would have exterminates all non-whites over 100 years ago.

But it's not even a ban.

Here is another one. This Jewish Lawyer helped some Iranian through the airport and it turns out she is head of the New York Bar.

The only thing Kikes hate more than Arabs, is Europeans. Anything that remotely smells of Europeans defending themselves from mass immigration is given top priority.

I wonder if she would have helped him enter Israel?

oy veh goyim, dats a different situation

It doesn't matter. There is no rational thought. Never mind Obama did the same thing to Iraq during his term. It if "fighting against da ebil nazi's"" and they can't be reasoned with.


Jews fucking hate towelheads, what an ironic image. But l guess when they get the opportunity to brring up the 6 gorillion they will make friends with their enemy.

Let the kikes push the ban meme. It will just desensitize our supporters for when we do introduce the bans and removals.

true. but Jews hate white christians even more. arabs and Jews have one major thing in common: neither recognizes Jesus as the Semitic messiah. Jews and Muslims have more in common with one another than with Christians.


This is just one punch out of a flurry… supreme court nom coming, the wall, plus a host of other things. Libs heads are going to spin and they won't know whether to shit or wind their watch

What "ban"?

This is why I hate Jews. Zionist Jews are the ones who are behind the ban but they are scapegoating Trump and actually try to make it like they are against it and care about Muslims. This is why I hope they die and go to hell. Deceptive lying bastards.

Jews are the ones who hate Muslims but want to be seen as the good guys so they make it look like its the Whites who are against Muslims. Like how the war in Iraq was for Israel but Jews publicly condemn it and blamed Shabbos Goy George Bush for it. Jews have set up so to the public they always look like the good guys.

Anybody else dealing with extreme cognitive dissonance in normie family members over this?

My father used to live in south florida and would constantly bitch about Haitians "inner tube people" etc. He would sometimes wake up and there would be twenty Haitians just dicking around in his front yard. He's bitch about all manner of people coming over, getting welfare and a place to live immediately. He doesn't really like anybody except white people.

But somehow, because they TV is telling him this immigration ban (and Trump) is evil, he's now ranting from that viewpoint. It really boggles my mind and I don't even see the point of arguing back any longer. This is how fucking stupid regular people really are.

And I realize it's not really a ban and Trump even waived the restriction for 8k people in a week (which begs the question how many people would be coming in per week otherwise, because even 8k is a lot)

Those two look like brothers. Another case of Rabbi Shlomo Ettinger?

My empathy is gone thanks to the redpill.
The time will come when this is the case for all whites.

because i'm a racist and i hate niggers and shitskins


Goddamn I didn't know I could get so mad from words on a screen
When are the hangings?

Wait, I'm wrong here, it was ~800 waived

Hahahaha, no. Jews love sandniggers for being absurdly predictable, effortless to manipulate, and waging war against everything white. Sandnigs are the pefect useful idiots. Never forget that Islam is the sword of Judaism'

A number of goatfuckers hate kikes, but they're too dumb to do anything about it and can't help but fall for their machinations.

Sooner than you think, brother

Underwater 5d chess, cut off transport and show americans how much their country is run from abroad.

donald didn't even need to call out the jews he just called out the muslims and the jews followed.

knight takes rook.

Trump SHOULD have made it a fucking ban, the media's still gonna say it is.

Pretty sure only kikes know what kikes feel like. Some people may pity them but to share feelings with them?

You can join them in the oven and share that feeling.