Meme Black PUAs to Israel

Best defense is a strong offense.

Lets use the same ploys as them.

Let's meme Black PUAs into Israel. Go!

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A little low effort OP but I have always agreed with this premise. Without getting into the math behind it, if we could get niggers to start fucking with jewish girls it would introduce African genetics to their gene pool and seriously fuck them over. Dominate negro genes would spread rapidly within several generations and all but nullify the jewish menace.

Niggers respond to money and muh dick, so just meme that becoming jewish and marrying a jewish girl means you get to be illuminati and get money and good jobs. Did you know that when we were kangz and shit that the black pharisees in Egypt were Jewish??? This is almost too easy.

I think you made this thread to keep that disgusting image up as long as possible.

Top kek

thanks for the thinly veiled cuck thread

You're forgetting that the Israeli government actually takes steps to prevent the compromise of Israel's demographics. Remember when they got busted secretly giving the Kenyan (?) women injections that were birth control and not vaccines?

Race-mixing for thee, not for me, goyim.

I don't think it would work as well since most Jewish women look like absolute shit, while waving some white tits in front of a nig's face is like giving a kid a box of free candy.

I don't think there are any women that can compete with whites other than spics, and those have their genes anyway.

No faggot you first. Get on Twitter or Jdate and maybe I'll help out. Four screenshots at least with salt mined.


Can't we just hang the niggers and gas the jews instead? There's too many uncertainties with this.

What the fuck is a "PUA"?

We certainly can hope for DOTR to come. But on the off chance we don't get there in this lifetime why not poison the entire gene pool with negro genetics?

Because it won't work. Along with cheating people and making chicken soup, the thing that kikes are best at is maintaining an identity. Obviously their history isn't some monolithic, unchanging entity but it goes back in one way or another at least ~2600 years and probably longer. That kind of identity is simply not possible without strict adherence to eugenics and social integration and even today they practice it fervently and openly.

This thread reeks of cuckchan.

What if Drake made it cool for rappers to bring the squad to Israel?

pick up artist. also


Trail blazers. ISRAELI JEW

found the kike. Jews are already in trouble both in Israel and the US. There is a reason why Israel shills so hard against it amongst their own, because it is already such a serious problem. They aren't having kids either and a shit load of them are marrying outside. It's not just jews like John Lebowitz and Zuckerkike that aren't marrying jews, a lot of pleb tier Jewish men want nothing to do with jewesses. I've had at least five different kikes tell me they will never marry a jewish woman and several that already married and have kids with non-jewish women. IMHO the Jewish chcks are open for niggers to pick off. And since "jewishness" comes from the mothers side they can be destroyed in this way.

This is a good idea. Goes along well with #openbordersforisrael. I actually have a folder of "Jewish Chicks Black Dicks" memes I made a while ago on my other computer. If this thread is still up tomorrow I'll post them.

OP, you need to give us the source for that picture, it looks to me as if that poor girl is eastern/southern european but not intrinsically Jewish.

Ethiopian, user. And it wasn't just to the women, the Israeli government was also giving beta-Israeli men injections (for their free healthcare) that killed their sperm count (yes, black Ethiopians are called beta-israelis).

a viable plan.

get your lazy ass in gear user, drop those memes right fucking now.

They are on my home computer, I'm at work.

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abortion was invented so jewish whores wouldn't have niglets

well now that you mention it, I feel like a penis.

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That white chick is ugly as hell though.

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That nigger is darker than a bag full of assholes.

This op image is disgusting. Reported

is this the power of PUA??? then why the fuck betas convince everyone it doesn't work


Look at that smug cunt with her toy chimp.

They don't know the difference between a white girl and a Jewish girl. If they have a light complexion they are automatically assumed white by nogs. This is actually a pretty good idea op. It should be something like "The bombest white girls live in Israel; Why aren't you there yet?" Attract the thirstiest niggas in the east and Africa to the promised land for those tramps the IDF pimps out to arabs.