Nope, we memed RWDS into reality. This won't hurt Le penn or Trump. Also,


I would prefer it to be refugees as it seems it's the only thing that ruffles Trudeau's feathers.

Same, that would have been too perfect. Maybe that's why the second shooter turned into a witness.

Almost like witnesses can be completely retarded like with Pulse early reports.

Why can't they get their narrative straight?

That… was unexpected.

It was a false flag organised by Mossad, that's why there was a allahu ackbar yelled and the "sand nigger" got off without being investigated.

OP is also trying to tie this to Holla Forums, there has been a surge of people trying to make us cheer the attack when it serves to pass one of the worst thought crime policy (bill 59) ever created in the world. It would in effect make any Canadian Holla Forumsack suceptible to be arrested simply for posts made here.

None of this adds up and it's fishy as fuck.

It's time for the white leafs to come south and let Winter-chan sort out the shots kind.

*sort out the shitskins
Fucking Kike Autocorrect

If they're going south then they better keep going.
We don't want the guys who elected Castreau.

It's a hoax

Yeah for California and Canada evacuation+extermination is probably the best course of action

It's sad for the right-wing people there but the majority of the population in that state and country are just so fucking disgusting

Something is certainly off about the whole thing.
Sure, fog of war is a thing, but the discrepancies here seem to go beyond merely confusion.

They did this to Jo Cox to stop Brexit.
They did this to Pulse nightclub to stop Trump.
They did this to a mosque to stop Le Pen.


How did the Pulse event harm Trump?



maybe blaming his 'anti-muslim rhetoric' for the sand shooting up fags. idk

calls to turn himself in saying he feels bad, then it all of a sudden becomes a confirmed "alt right" attack despite zero evidence of any kind (facebook likes are surely not a precedent the left and the msm actually want to operate under) and even if it were true ten times over, doesn't this just mean Saudi Arabia will be taking in mass amounts of quebec immigrants?

and we of course can't forget that this is Canada, our media and institutions aren't nearly as adept at packaging and selling this kind of stuff as the Americans, which probably accounts for how utterly sloppy and convoluted the whole thing has been. Trudeau calling it terror right out of the gates is probably the most suspicious aspect to all of this.

I guess at this point any time a white person does anything the media will try to spin it as being somehow related to the "alt right".

Trump is Alt-Right

and every republicuck will reject Trump and go full ethno-blind.



The fact that none of these shooters ever end up icing a bunch of kikes means that we're not meming hard enough. If you're going to go DyRo, do it in a synagogue!!!

Wait?…They're already trying to push thought crime legislation over this thing?


right now its a quebec only bill but it basically gives the human rights kangaroo courts the ability to prosecute people without there ever being a complaint against them among other thing. look up bill 59


Just like that one politican who was attacked before Brexit, these false flags won't change the path we're on. Especially now that Trump has secured his position.

Last I checked, Obama is not president.

Holy shit you missed his point really hard.

liberal cucks voted in Onigger twice…

Their getting really sloppy with these narrative setups. Has there been any "activism" about this? People changing FB icons, candle light prayers, figure heads making long moral speeches etc.?

Holy shit you missed my point really hard.

this is just embarrassing now. Nobody is buying this.

Fact: America is currently safe for people like us. Canada is not.

they havent decided exactly what to say I guess. Ill bet kikebook faggots are already revving up their flags to put over their faces. anyone with jewbook here?

sort of. im sure it would be pretty bad in jew york, jew jersey, shitcongo, commiefornia, etc

Go rub your two brain cells together a little harder.

Mouth-breather, read:

Being indignant about America won't stop Canadian courts from imprisoning you for thought crime.

1. Don't move in to those states you retard.
2. Even in those states, it's still legal to say
>The holocaust never happened, but it will.

That would be you towards Canadians. Keep pointing your fingers like you wont be going through anything but balkanization. Don't act like you out of the boiling pot you fucking dunce.

muslims shout allah akbar at everything

meant for you

If America devolves into open combat, so will Canada. In America, the current administration won't arrest you for thought crime before that happens. In Canada, if Trudeau knows who you are then you're fucked.

Complain about past presidents all you want, those are the facts on the ground today.

Would you like a gold star?

I thought Canadians were supposed to be police.

Whatever faggot you seem to be a couple glue huffs away from a coma.

Only one guy said something negative about it

These people are so fucking low testosterone and pathetic, I don't get why anybody actually acts like they fear them. Seriously just confront them on anything and they fold like origami paper.

Nothing to see here, goy. Pay no attention to the disappearing muslim terrorists. Just accept Trudeau's narrative and stop asking questions. Move along.

a right proper high T lad

I don't want to catch marxism m8.

Where are all the phone videos of the attack? Where are the bloody pictures? Where are the media interviews of the survivors? The judenpresse should be trotting the "children" out for every camera in the world, but instead we get nothing. A black hole of real information, strictly controlled by government spokeswomen. How strange.

kill yourself immediately, TRSemite

this. i clearly heard the news reporting someone shouting allahuackbar before shooting.