Priest tells anti-Trump protesters to commit suicide #JumpForTrump

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Holy… FUCK.

The meme magic is traveling so far and wide.

How do we meme this priest into the next pope?

What the fuck timeline is this lel?!

Wow kek works through the church too. This is wonderful!

The best timeline.

"if you kill yourself, you win"

-justin "Castro jr." Trudeau

WEW LADS maybe I shouldn't let the faggot pope blackpill me on Catholicism totally

Deus KEK

trips confirm

fuck the new pope

Pope will denounce this guy in matter of hours. Fucking fucks bend over for mudslimes and anti trump crowd without thinking twice.


There's gonna be another schism in the Catholic Church in the next few years

They won't want to spread it, too much potential for success.


Antipope when?


Jesus Christ which one of you is this? Pretty sure only a week or two ago someone here proposed memeing leftists to jump off buildings to protest Trump.

Pope denounces in hours, libtards cheer.
Trump fires renegade AG, libtards go apoplectic.

st anthony was talking about himself and his christcuckery sect

Reverend is the formal title for a Catholic Priest. The author is using pastor as a synonym for priest.


>>>/hell/ JCREW.

If more of the Catholic clergy was like this I would join the church. My family has deep catholic roots that they walked away from after Vatican 2.

Catholic's aren't all cucks? There is hope for Orthodox Catholic merge again?

Reminder that the mods are paid shills and actively allow this.


Typical tricks shlomo



Damn, guess I better start worshiping a dead Jew who claimed to be the King of all Kings and then was rightfully executed for being a subversive sandnigger.

Why not use logical arguments to back up your feelings?

Isn't Catholicism in the U.S.A. supposed to have a strong lean toward Democrat?

He just forced the Grand Master of Order of Malta to Resign. Doubt he can fire anyone soon

Nah, kikes executed him because he chased them with whips out of the temple for being usurious kikes, and called them sons of the devil to their faces.

It's the spics tilting the stats. Irish and Italian Catholics are very pro-Trump.

polite sage for double post

that priest, his face and eyes

The problem with christianity as well as islam is that they both contain both negative & positive about jews, so that the message can be twisted whichever way.

It's almost like the jews wanted you to know they were bad, so that you wouldnt be suprised when you learned of their fuckery; but that you had been pre-programmed so that you wouldnt go to hard on them anyway, for after all they are god's chosen people and everyone is equal in christ anyway.


Jesus and Kek are friends?


They are not the chosen. They are disinherited. This is what Jesus tells them, that they no longer share in the inheritance of Abraham because they are of their father the devil.

People are not 'equal in Christ'. A relationship with God is 'equally' available to all people BECAUSE of Christ. There is no equality amongst believers, there will be no equality in heaven, the Bible does not teach 'equality' in anything but the most abstract sense; which is that without Jesus we are all EQUALLY incapable of having a relationship with our Father. Nowhere does it claim people are actually equal to one-another!


The Church teaches that suicide is sinful, but in this case Father is just trying to solicit help in killing people who deserve to be put to death anyway. May they follow in the path of their spiritual father, Judas.

Even with the huge number of Latino and other dark-skinned Catholics, we voted 52-45 for Trump last year. As far as clergy, it really depends on the priest. Most priests Father P. P.'s age are liberal, but that's definitely changing, because in these days the only people that would think about becoming priests are traditionalists. I personally knew three young men who are now studying for the priesthood, and two of them were very Right-wing and pro-Traditional Latin Mass. One even idolizes Pope St. Pius X. It has also been my experience that younger priests – and newly-ordained older priests – are much less interested in the fruity leftism of priests ordained in the decades following Vatican II.

Deus KEK
I wish I lived in America so I could go to every sunday to the church of a pro-Trump shitposting priest.

60% of Catholics voted for Trump.


Faggots like you need to understand historical context (ignore new versions of the "bible"). There's plenty of theologians throughout history who can explain things if you're too stupid to understand them.

*Mexican "Catholics"

I went to a Catholic church a few months ago where the pastor said that Hitler is in heaven.
also in NY

Have we memed PIE XIII, first Americain pope in real life?

Stay retarded, lads.

This wtf? Some serious fake news or they don't know how to address a priest.



weve been living with them.


He's not even a Holla Forumsack and his memes are still topkek.
It's true leftists really can't meme.

Among fools the wise man is the fool. (Plato)

I sure hope so!

en.wikipedia org/wiki/Pizzo_(extortion)

Interesting name. I wonder if there might be more to this than previously thought.

This priest is probably a christchan poster.

and i love it.

B-but christians are cucks, guys
Only if you worship thor and other marvel's characters you can be true white aryan

WTF I love Catholics now

Just a friendly reminder that this meme was started by Milo Yiannopoulos

Pius XIII to remove kebab and liberals when?

If only the lord would send us more like him.


A retweet is not an endorsement. Dunning–Kruger in full effect, lads.

Since Biblical times.

What is this show?

Double Dubs checked, but a few dissatisfied Cardinals does not a schism make.

The Young Pope

Is it as good as this bit makes it out to be?

not really. his character is a caricature of conservative catholocism. His entire motivation for his beliefs boils down to freudian "my mommy never loved me" bullshit.

That's a shame then. Good bit of a speech though.


I like the show. His character is an archconservative ultra-traditionalist catholic who purges the gays from the church and sends pedophiles and liberal oppositions to Alaska in the open to make their hands freeze.

But as the other user said, other characters blame his personality because her parents were liberals who abandoned him. He also believes he's a saint (and he actually performs miracles with prayers), but becomes an atheist in the series.



Sounds like it was written by jews.

Marxists aren't people user. Its not suicide, its a solution.

Praise Kek!

You don't really know at the end, he's somewhat psychopathic. It's implied he recovers his belief in God though.
Also it's an Italian Show and the Jew Detector webpage is down so I wouldn't know if it was actually written by Jews. was actually made by jews, iirc. We just used it since it was a nice tool for our own purposes.

I'm seein' this guy being defrocked in 3 .. 2.. 1…

if this catches on and fuckers start dropping from the wells fargo building here im gonna shit a brick.

if he gets the papacy i dont know what im gonna do it will cement that we are in another timeline for me more than the fucking bears……. == PRAISE KEK FATHER P.P. FOR POPE ==

what branch/denomination are you user
i'm getting tired of evangelicuck bullshit and i want to convert

shitskins, especially niggers, might be stupid enough to do it
you can chose literally any word and put the word "challenge" after it, and niggers are stupid enough to actually go through with it

Praise Kek.

Jesus, niggers are like children in the body of grown adult.

niggers are intellectually lower than white children
no white child i know would ever be stupid enough to intentionally light themselves on fire

It isn't clear whether he actually was atheist or was just saying that to screw with his enemies' heads.

Time to ditch the religion of the meek.

Don't turn the other cheek

This modern rap style is weak.

Niggers have a statistically lower IQ than that of a gorilla. Niggers are lesser than the apes they are compared to'

it's deep, a dark introspective look at oneself, has meaning and has been picked up for a second season although it seemed to be written with only one season in mind.

Google Tazer Challenge
I can't believe he didn't fucking die from 20,000 volts to the brain like that.

wtf i love catholics now

t. Trudeau

AHAHHAAHAA this is better than any movie ive ever watched.


Exactly this. If there was significant discord among the Cardinals then the current cuck of a Pope wouldn't have elected.

Nice to see an uncucked Catholic for once

You give yourself away. I hope your boss docks pay every time you fuckup.

Padre Doaflipfaggot Deusvult

Did he take the cuck out of Christcuck?


Do survivors get free helicopter rides?

The redpill is that no denomination is pozzed or unpozzed, you will find good and bad churches in each. The ratio depends more on how pozzed the community the church is located in is more than anything else, pozzed areas are more likely to have pozzed churches and vice verse.

This Christian is cool. He's not a cuck.

As a wise Druid once said…


Wow. I want to go to his church.


50% of my ancestry is Irish Catholic. The other 50% were slaves of Irish Catholics. I was raised Catholic. I went to mass every single Sunday for years. I attended Catholic schools. I've been to Catholic Churches all around the world. My mother still goes to mass every single day (twice on Sundays). I have never, EVER, heard anyone refer to a Catholic priest as "pastor" or heard anyone refer to a Father as "Reverend".

Calm down, I was just pointing out that the author didn't know what they were talking about, as with most journalists

Welcome to US

First you must help meme Bishop Dolan to a quick death.

The only reason he did that was they weren't being jewish enough for his liking. Which meant all the retarded shit like not working on the sabbath.



Shiiiet we need a priest like this to become pope..3rd crusades bb

You have 10 seconds to prove to me this is not a plot to get the Right to join the Catholic church.

Id convert if the pope pulled that shit. Also so I can marry a hot Italian girl

From Exodus chapter 8, NKJV:

In Europe, all Christian spirituals who aren't protestant or reformatorist struggle greatly against the governments and the Pope. Here, Christianity is very redpilled, and we see American christians as fake.

Where? Just where? All the Jews are called in the book Pharizees. Pagans here call all Jews Pharizees.

this is war. there are no morals in war


Wow, the first useful thing coming out of the catholic church in ~60 years.


Have you seen videos of people jumping off two or three story buildings and being just fine? I can't remember what it's called but it's a branch of parkour. If any anons are practiced in it they should make an anti-trump challenge video where they jump off a building to protest his racism.


In b4 some assravaged enemy benefactor posts Luther and thinks just because a few ((( holy men ))) (yes, they still echo for worshiping a jew god) hated kikes doesn't mean that the church didn't ruin the west throughout time, including the present day.

Only they don't do it as blatantly anymore, by breaking your bones and weaving you through a wheel because you think that your native gods are better than bending the knee to a desert volcano demon.

You faggots forget both the superiority of our magicks and the fact that the eternal user is everywhere and everyone. A number of us are lurking in the Catholic church so that when Petrus Romanus finally crashes it all into the ground we'll be there to bring the remaining Aryan stock back into the Aryan fold. Many of them are of an easier mindset to bring up to speed than the average normalfag but require a more supernatural light to be pushed to the correct path.