How do we fix the issue with the trannies

How do we fix the issue with the trannies


1 9mm round to the head should fix the issue

natural selection is taking its course
nothing needs doing

You can't hide that you're a tranny. Two things will happen. In thirty years they will all be dead, or in thirty years the world will regain its senses and they will all be hung.

Realy makes u think

Hyper-injection of lead to the lower back of the cranium.

Kill them.

False. This behavior isn't genetic but a flaw with our race. Faggotry is so common because our nation has for multiple generations been implicitly utilitarian and prioritized optimization of personal pleasure over God and many people have no concept for anything higher than themselves.
If you believe it is genetic, look up that one documentary where that guy goes into a gay bar and gets faggots to admit to being molested as children as well as doing it themselves.

That doesn't really matter when we allow these evil and wicked people to push their filth on children, corrupting the next generation. There is only one solution.

What's the issue OP? They get ovened. That's all there is too it.

This thread is good enough to drop this hot meme that I just found (OC), I guess.

And here is my edit.

Mmm. The faces are a tad too small. Maybe more zoomed-in looks better?

I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. The big image is pretty nice, the crops don't mean anything.

Small fix


It's a snowclone of a certain type of image macro (see link above).

Drowning sodomites in a bog is Holla Forums's preferred way of dealing with them.
That stems from the discovery of perfectly preserved ancient male bodies on bogs in Europe, with some signs indicating they where sodomites.

A pop-up book (that picture is from the cover of one) is a sort of book where the pages are made of cardboard and cut and glued in such a what that they achieve a pseudo-3D (2.5D) effect when opened.

Apparently, in Norwegian bog means book rather than lake of mud.

The edit implies that the woman is angry at the sodomite being discussed and feels like he should be dealt with by means of a pop-up bog. Meanwhile the girls look on and laugh in anticipation.

The idea of a collapsible lake of mud in itself is funny.

*is funny in itself.

Seems like it's handling itself.

What in God's name are you doing?
A solid rule to go by:
lurk for two years before posting
Helps stop you from making an ass of yourself.

Your attitude is why the quality of 8/pol/ OC has plummeted.

Even his poor OC > your post.

ban porn
boy schools and girl schools
chemo nonsense kids entertainment (degrassi, tranny cartoons, etc)

Create a culture that raises strong men. Promote a diet that doesn't lower testosterone. Purge the remaining filth.

Zyklon ? We want to kill them not cure their typhus.

Direct them to >>>/suicide/ whenever possible, and the problem will solve itself.

Remove jew. Remove cultural marxist.

Kill yourself commonspic.

Make something good and people will like it. Make something shit and people will mock you for it.

So where is your OC?
Oh, wait.

He's got nothing. It is much easier to post on a board than it is to spend a half hour or hour or whatever making OC. If there isn't enough positive feedback, and there hasn't been over the years, fewer and fewer people do it. It's easier to just post.

Anyway, that wasn't even what I was responding to. The guy was getting shit because he was looking for ideas for his OC, and told he had to lurk for 2 years without posting or some other faggotry.

Memes and OC are how we change the culture. Anyone who thinks that people talking about OC is interrupting the conversation can go back to Facebook.

Cuckchan tier slide thread
Also direct linking to some clickbait site with malware and popups
fuck off