Calif. To Consider Enacting Statewide Sanctuary


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Can't possibly go wrong.

As a southerner I never thought I would say this, but thank God the feds won the civil war, and states laws mean nothing to the federal government where national security is concerned. Cali politicians must actually be drawn from the California populace, because its the only way they could be this stupid.

They're just going to keep doubling down and escalating shit in their quest to look kind and tolerant until the Feds have no choice but to recruit and fund RWDS.

ICE and C&B will have a field day hiring thousands of agents to work in California.

Non-American here. What's the deal with sanctuary cities? How do they get away with publicly saying, "We're breaking federal law by keeping illegals?" Shouldn't the mayors and governors, etc. who allow it be immediately relieved of their positions? If being an illegal immigrant is, well, illegal then why aren't those enabling it not blatantly committing a crime?

"Deportation isn't our job :^)"

Cali cop here, most of the departments are happy with this and it's the same in most of the country.

You're not a cop so you wouldn't understand but that's not what any of us signed up to do; if we did that job we would all expect our salaries to be tripled at least.

You're an autist if you think the main crux of the sanctuary city policy is actually about cops acting as a deportation force.

nice LARP

Pretty much this, personally I would only "deport" people if I got paid 80K a year… and even then, I would not love the extra paperwork so I'll keep the "deportations" to 1 per year.

see this other post, I called it "deportation" because we're not actually deporting, just overworking for the sake of another agency:

so when's CA's federal funding going to be cut?

It has nothing to do with cops acting as any sort of force – although they could if they chose to – it has to do with local governments, especially democratic ones, bending the knee and turning over records and criminal records of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. These records are then turned over to ice who can then do their job for once. This was the main avenue of obstruction by the local governments.

No, brother, America won the civil war

Should receive 1k for every deported illegal.

California is about to lose it's statehood. Amazing.


Is there really nothing ICE or Trump could do to streamline the process and make it less burdensome but still as effective and fairly expedient?

Pretty sure you're larping, but cops are overpaid as is.

He's not a cop, he's a kike. Law enforcement is not a democracy. it's a quasi military org and they follow orders, or quit, they're paid well enough and they'll follow orders or get blown the fuck out and be replaced.

Oh I know. I have family who are in law enforcement in CA. They are paid very well.

Because the Obama administration not only didn't care that they were breaking the law, they wanted them to do it. The law was not enforced. Now that Trump is in, this sanctuary shit is going to be cleaned up quick.
So if I'm reading this right, the police aren't actually standing against Trump they're just saying that it's not their job to deal with immigrants, but the media is painting the cops as if they're against Trump.

It'd be a siege the size of a small country. Please make this meme more than a dream Trump.

sometimes I wonder where my tax dollars are going

I think they were already threatening to not send tax money to the feds, so it would only be fair to cut off funding to them in return.

Pretty sure you're a LARPing shill but….
If you didn't sign up to enforce the law, what did you sign up to do?


Swing and a miss.

Is californias primarily objective lately to help create clickbait articles?

Reprimanding the poor rapefugees and a slap to the back when poor Juan steals another car.

I would do it for 6 dollars an hour as a summer job, if I get to hunt down illegals like dog the bounty hunter.

I like this, it also makes it easier to clean house when it's time.

Just have a room of ICE interns running names and booking photos/fingerprints. Not that hard. Cops know that less scum in the system means less money for them come budget time. Did the cops complain about having to start asking for proof of insurance on traffic stops too?

I want out of this state.
Every day Jerry seems to something stupider and stupider.
Living in a red county is rare and I cherish it because it still feels like the California I was born in. I really do love this state, mostly.

California's also talking about secession.

This will drawn illegals form the rest of the country to one state!
If we go all these browns in one state, then let them secede, our demographics would shift dramatically in our favor. Then we wait for Cali to collapse and upon bringing it back into the union remove all the browns.

Yes. Let's use CA as a holding pen. We can also remove birth right citizenship for anchor babies.

Ye can also end all federal funding for CA.

If they pull this, this will give Northern Californians more reasons to secede as the State of Jefferson

No, we will not break up the empire. Stop trying you fucking foreign shill.

I dont believe you.

oh for crying out loud! I'm in LA. What can I do to combat and troll this shithole? I want to see illegals deported ASAP. Tell me what to do, Holla Forums.

They don’t have it NOW.

I really really fucking hate that they keep trying to force the "no borders" bullshit on America.
Absolutely no other modern (especially western) country is doing this or is expected to do this.
All of the places that have sorta enacted a lite version of this have suffered.
Fuck you we have borders and laws, they matter we can enforce them, you can't arbitrarily decide they aren't real because your feelings.

Cops get pensions for life that are many times in the six digit figure range. Just fucking call up ICE holy shit. I want to see the Californian government arrested LOL

A snippet from DS

"At last count - in 2014 - the census showed California to be 38.8% white.

With 1,047,600 kikes, 3.6% of the state is Jew, taking our total white number down to 35.2%.

Then you have 715,000 Arabs, 500,000 Iranians and 600,000 Armenians - plus a bunch of Turks and whatever else - all of which are classified as "white" in the census.

Then you add in the severe influx we've seen since 2014 - and there is absolutely no way California is even 30% white."

The USA started out like the EU, most of the "states" were essentially countries. Even today, the laws can be drastically different for each state, sometimes conflicting with federal law. Everytime I've been to California by car, I've had to have it searched for fruit or animals because they have their own restrictions and quarantines.

And along with cutting off taxes to the federal government, how could this possibly not be grounds to arrest the entirety of the Californian state government?

This gave me a great idea: a bountry system for turning in illegal aliens. Even just dropping a tip on where they might be living, and you get a couple hundred dollars for it. All legal citizens can participate.

lt's just virtue signalling. LAPD's policy has been that way for decades, to not do anything about illegals if they encounter them.

go remove every politician in Sacramento
>inb4 FBI
no I'm fucking serious, they are nothing but traitors at this point and all deserve the rope. They need to be disposed of if cali is to be made great again.

consider the following scenario:

1a. California declares itself a 'Sanctuary State'
1b. California recieves no more dividends from the rest of the U.S.

2. California says 'fuck it' and secedes from the Union

3a. increasingly based whites leave California
3b. Mexicans are drawn to California in droves

4a. race war between based Mexicans and blacks, which Mexicans win, genocide ensues
4b. California unofficially renamed Mexifornia
4c. Jews leave Mexifornia because it's too violent, too poor, too non-white

5a. continued (((leftist-inspired conflicts))) in the rest of the U.S. leads to continued splitting of the country into 4 other regions divided along ideological and racial lines
5b. war between the new regions engulfs Mexifornia

6. Mexifornia allies with, and soon after joins Mexico

7a. the wars do not cease between Mexico and the autonomous regions of the former U.S.
7b. the former U.S. regions are forced to wage near-genocidal inter-regional war


12. Western civilization is forevermore overtaken by Islam, many people die, and the Jews dance on their graves


California cannot be allowed to break our laws. This MUST be nipped in the bud, with DRACONIAN force if neccessary. The Left MUST be stopped.

haha i loled

Fuck you.

To a certain extent this is still true. Kikes have been exploiting "maritime jurisdiction" (essentially pretending your building is a boat) to open Wal-marts (why they have no basement) and charter towns and cities for years. Arkansas and the Clinton Foundation is part of this. Goes back to New France land grants. Some of this in New Mexico as well, and parts of "Canada" (which is like Belgium, a fake country).

t. real estate lawyer



Aspiring legalfag here, any books you might recommend on the subject of these land grants?

Thank God someone is standing up against the hate :^)

nuke Cali

And America will win this one too.

under budget and ahead of schedule!

so in other words California wants to become mexico… Yet more proof of a mexican invasion & foreign subversion & treason in the government.
Mobilize the military mexico and california are about to be liberated!

We need to take back our state. There IS a silent majority here.

Make it all legal residents so spics with papers can rat on their illegal family members for money then get deported anyway when Trump starts tightening legal immigration from Mexico and canceling their visas

thats pretty crazy


i did not know

This may be the first time liberals support state rights

they'd only support it if it helps them
they're actually apolitical and just want to have a high social standing and for there to be no competition or objective reality so that they can never fail or be wrong, and therefore have less risk of losing social standing

they also don't realize that third-worlders invading their country might actually have a direct negative effect on them that isn't involved with their social standing

I'm still looking for more sources on the case itself (probably in Portuguese), but does this say anything about Amaral's hypothesis?

Their hate of him has now transcended their ideology, and they're willing to throw all their other goals in the trash to stop him. Their ideology is no longer marxism, or anarchism, or feminism, or liberalism, but anti-trumpism. The great thing about this is they are distracted from everything else they were doing before. All their energy is focused on Trump, who ultimately is just a man. To focus on Trump himself is a huge waste of time, because 1. they can't actually defeat him and 2. even if they did, the culture has already changed in the absence of them fighting for all their usual goals.

Liberals are a scourge that need to be removed from whatever nation they infect. They may not be as destructive as muds or dindus or as scheming as chosenites, but their festering cancer of vapid, sanctimonious virtue signalling that can and will lead to the destruction of any jurisdiction that they find themselves in.

-t. Califag

Why not make California an open borders state?

No vetting. No passport checking. No airport security. All are welcome!

This will ensure the maximum number of progressive kudos points.

jews cultivate and spread liberalism its their weapon against non-jew people.

Mike "Flamerwaffen Flamers" Pence did a very good job, let's do another one!

kill yourself, I know several califag police officers that are more than happy to help deport these shitskins. The way actual police officers here see it as them protecting and serving the white taxpaying communities
t. califag

keked and checked

Because I want to Punish CA.

I want to force the Democrat Party to pay for the wall entirely so that they will in so much debt that it's impossible for them to have a politician run for a office that's higher than the local home owners association

A city is bad enough, but statewide? That sounds like it goes beyond noncompliance with federal orders. An entire state catering to foreign groups. How much farther does it need to go before it gets considered treason?

I'm from California, and a whole third of us voted for Trump although it was undoubtedly higher because illegals aren't even citizens or human I might add. Kill yourself shill

no doubt it will be soon enough, (((commiefornia))) needs a purge, take it from me


1. Deport the Mexicans
2. Lock up the gangbangers
4. Reinstate HUAC and ship all commies to Gitmo
3. Send all the faggots to Pence Camp

And, just like that, California is a red state again.

So, when do we declare the state of California in rebellion against the US government and issue arrest warrants for the governor and it's legislature?

Why not send the illegal migrants and gang members to Africa? According to the liberals we all originated from Africa, and there's no such thing as borders.You see we have an issue with illegal migrants being deported 5 times, before returning once again to rape a child or murder someone.

I can't see a wetback as good as a swimmer he is swimming across an ocean.The Nations that the wetbacks originated from don't want them back. Worse case scenario Europe has to deal with the 20+ million illegal migrants and their 10 million+ anchor babies.
Mexicans would really stick out like a sore thumb to the Europeans.

Sodomfornia is strange land.

You forgot Alaska

You realize when you eat an inevitable bullet, no one will mourn you, right? Even the other shitskins in your family. Sure they will miss your benefits, but you? Nah.

Calexit is growing more and more probable by the day/ Imagine if Trump calls out the entire state for betraying the Nation, like he did with that judge, and then the wall gets ten thousand feet longer.

Under budget, ahead of schedule, and 600 miles longer than expected.


State rights don't exist anymore. They can pass whatever they want. It won't hold up unless there's judicial activism.

Kek wills it.

Nice digits.

goddamn you shills are stupid

If you are a cop who refuses to enforce laws and protect citizens from illegals you're going to have a bad time.

I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces.

I wonder how it would feel for cops in California to lose their job from someone from a different region to take their job and do it better for a fraction of their pay?
I'm a combat veteran and probably in better shape than most cops and I'm 36. Would remove taco better than any donut eating retard.

Goddamn I hate this state. I also hate being a poorfag due to everything here being so fucking expensive.


Let's see how many local authorities hold their ground against the military for some rich liberal Jews that feel like signaling

Exactly, get rid of the "people" who don't belong here and you cut crime in half. Oh but maybe cops want more crime for overtime pay.

Like all problems in America it's not solved because folks in charge don't want it to be solved. Like usual they feign incompetence or pretend the problem is unsolvable. Solving problems is wrongthink to people who are paid to take care of those problems because that might stop the gravy train for sitting around.

wait, so Commiefornia want to basically invite all illegals to their shithole while we cleanse the rest of the country?

what do you think will happen? Trump cuts Californias funding, they implode on themselves while rest of country get better, then he can use their economic collapse to go in and deport them all.


You do know the US has like zero muslims right? How would Islam overtake us? The only existential threat the US faces is the unwashed masses of beankin flooding over the border. In between 6. and 7a. should be

My fucking mom knows Jerry personally.

How do you think I feel?