Dating white women, making white babies

Alright, so I have been wanting to do this for a while, thread for advice on finding the right partner, have babies. Trump's victory is the resurgence of the white race, and we might not have a second chance, so you better start doing your job.

Questions are welcome.
Only excuse acceptable: ''I have a (genetic or significant) physical disability).

Non-acceptable, degenerate excuses:
-Women are all liberals: false the majority of white women voted Trump and you care only about those
-Yes but young white women are pro hillary:
young white voters were allegedly pro-Hillary, just like the youth is historically left leaning, they change views as soon as they enter the job market. Additionally, Generation Z is the most conservative since WW2. I will include advice on how to red pill women or those who are left leaning in general.
-I am shy/afraid of women. There's nothing to be afraid of. Even the prettiest woman has a ton of insecurities. Dating in many cases is trial and error until you develop coscience of what you look for and pick the right partner.
-I just want a sexbot: you are just as bad as race traitor.
-All women are irredeemable feminists: google women-against-feminism
-TomiLahren&LaurenSouthern are just dumb attention whores, so are the right wing girls: truth be told, they have a lot to learn, but so do you. Stop pretending you are some sort of intellectual powerhouse, few are.

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I am non-white.

to all user's who read this don't pass up a single good opportunity to improve yourself. self improvement/actualization ehatever you wanna call it is the only avenue to the things you want in life and in this case you will gain the admiration and affection of women. never take the blackpill. never back down or submit. youre here so fight

pretty much 1 out of 50 people on Holla Forums is white
probably less

all posts with muh dick pics are saged and reported, no exceptions.

Part 1: Basics, learning to talk to girls

When people tell you to work out and try to get a decent job, it isn't, or shouldn't be to impress girls.
Working out makes you healthy to begin with, so it's for yourself. You also want to have healthy kids. Financial freedom is pretty much the same. Working out also builds your self-confidence.
There's also a self-implicit element of being fat: it makes you look lazy, if you are unwilling to stay healthy, then girls will rightfully see you are a bad potential partner. It's exactly the same towards fat girls, they are just lazy, bad potential partners.

Only exception to the rule: both guy and girl are fat, accept each other as flawed. In that case it works.

To cut it short, the very basic things you have to do: get a decent haircut, decent clothes, work out.

When it comes to talking to girls: big secret, they are overthink 10 times as much as you do, they are just as terrified to mess up, they are far more lonely and desperate for a good partner than you are. Due to my job, I have access to many inner thoughts of girls, from the pretty slut to the fat slob, they all have insecurities.

This is pathetic tbh, the great great white master race need to learn how to have a family and not be fags…

This is funny, but at least this is a right way to addressee the problem…


This is 8/pol/, not 4/pol/, faggot.

(Cont: Learning to talk to girls, finding the right partner)

It's ok to fuck up. You'll get other chances with other girls. The sooner you learn this, the better it is. Typical Chads learn this in their teens, that's why they jump from girl to girl so easily. You don't want to be a Chad though, you just want the right parter.
It'll happen that events make a certain relationship strained to the point it can't go on. After sobbing a bit, you have to analyize what went wrong, learn from it, and utilize what you learned in your search for the next, better partner.

Finding the correct one is actually basic demand and supply logic.
You as individual have specific values and hobbies. A lasting relationship is build with those who share those values and interests.

There's no way around this. You aren't going to build a lasting relationship with someone who's not seeking what you are seeking in a relationship. You also want to spend time with that person, and that's where shared interests come for. If you have nothing in common but general physical attraction, it'll never work. You'll even struggle to find topics to talk about when you approach girls.

Which leads to the next topic: have hobbies.
At least 1 sport, at least 1 intellectual. Those open you chances with girls that are more into one or the other. Most important, they define your personality and give you value. So I don't care what is your hobby, but you must be good and knowledgeable about it.
When it comes to girls, they give you the possibility to meet them and if you are good at it, they prove value. When people say girls like guys with confidence it's true to this degree: you have to be confident in whatever field you choose.

Why are you posting pictures of quadroon and mestizo girls

Because OP is your typical paleo-game shill, he doesn't actually give a shit about white racial purity.


That's because they have been (((un-taught)) how to do that.



Sorry guys, i've had my luck with women, but every time i find out they are used goods that fucked hundreds men before me and hundreds men after me make me depressed and i drop dating. Going to nightclubs, anime and gaming conventions was a mistake, lost my job, gone drinking, and lost hope in life. My PC and imageboards are so far my only connection to the things i love, and everything else in this world is doomed.

Women are not worth the work you have to do to get them, i blame Holla Forums for even making me make moves in life, which ended up horribly wrong.

Got a copy of her DNA results? She looks at least either half spic or half chink to me.

That is actually correct. We have been shoved down our throats education that penalizes masculinity for decades.

I'll post later some basic info on how to redpill women.

That's how Portuguese people look. They look like spics. They're like 70% white in every DNA analysis.

Not only is this about making white babies, but also how do you know she's even Portuguese and not half chink or spic?

Which is probably why they went from world-explorers on the up-and-up after they removed kebab to where they are now which is at the spot of basically being the asshole of Europe, because they brought in and mixed with all of these different people.

Don't race mix.

The concept of dating is a farce. Wooing is the way its supposed to be done. You impress her without getting sexually involved at all, not even kissing, but it isnt about impressing her the real goal is for you to get her interested so that she can impress you. Thats what I did when I was looking for a wife. I found a girl the piqued my interest, tickled my fancy if you will, and so I talked to her. I engaged her in meaningful conversation with the purpose of testing her intellect and her ability to see things for what they are. This was a long process.. months. I knew before I 'asked her out' that she was the one I wanted to give my seed and be shackled with for the rest of my life. To that affect asking her out was akin to me proposing to her. A couple of weeks later I asked her to move 1200 miles with me, started a family and bought a house.

Moreover, it is important to see the mentality of women as that of a child and moreso a dog. That doesnt mean you should treat them like shit, you treat a dog like shit and you wind up with a shitty dog, but if you command the respect of that dog through sternly, yet fairly, reinforcing boundaries and rules, you wind up with an absolute best friend.

Usually when I post this it gets shilled to hell and back.

For the record, yes it's fucking obvious I'm using cute girls to attract readers.
The main point is to show that there are extremely attractive girls that share your political views, hence whining all women are feminazis is false, you are making excuses to justify your own incompetence and laziness to go out and seek a good partner.

No, I wouldn't date those who look like bimbos, they are actually pretty boring once you get to know them.

Nobody here uses the word "feminazi." You should go back to reddit.


thanks user. these daily obligatory "let's obsess over females" threads are becoming a staple of my shitposting career. It was already 9:15AM and i was getting worried…

Thanks for delivering on what matters. I would say it would be awful to get sidetracked with things like cultural renaissance, personal sovereignty, and developing a consensus on effective political thought and action, but thankfully those threads tend to get pruned pretty efficiently.

So, what vidya you guys into these days?

So 1/75 people on Holla Forums are white then? Most Americans are at least a 5% african.

It's less that you moved on with your live, but more that it made you see how the world truly is.
The fairy tale of the cute maiden that waits just for you gets implanted into a ton of young boys, and the sooner they wake up from it to face reality, the less harsh it will be on them.
The longer you keep on beliving into it though, the harder it gets afterwards once the spell is broken.
It sucks, since it shakes a core belief in you on how the world should be.
Time is more or less the only thing that will get you to accept it and move on from it before you fall into depravity.

Yet it's the kind of shit I get in the dumb threads let us get sexbots

And how's that ever going to help if you don't make white babies?

if your looking for white women post an ad on Craigslist under Jobs, state that you are looking to hire an Admin Assistant. They'll flock to you like flies to shit. Pick the best one and have her do your laundry, wash dishes, answer and return your phone calls, emails and texts

too true, user. like the wise men who came before would hasten to remind us, you'll never achieve anything of importance - not least of all the devotion of a fit mother and wife - if you don't constantly obsess over females.

No, shitlibs were upset a couple years back about this. Most all white Americans have no non-European ancestry.


What an intellectual fraud you are. Not worthy further replies.

So what's the general consensus of hemochromatosis?
You're garunteed to die by 60 without (((medication))).

good luck landing a broad like your pic related unless you have 1. chad body, 2. good money/job (50k+/year at minimum), 3. perfect teeth, 4. nice house/apt, 5. large social circle, 6. more money

gtfo nigger


fuck off kike

If she's Hawaiian she's probably part Portuguese part chink

She looks nothing like a Portuguese, she looks Brazilian.

I don't know who the BO is either.
It's some self-loathing shitskin, isn't it?

Here, have some niggers as payment for the knowledge.

Fuck off you literal defeatist cuck. Unless you man up we dont need whining scum like you. Go watch some degenerate anime.

So? Go get those 6 things then.

Even among the so called "conservative" women almost none of them are virgins.
No hymen, no diamond.

kek. nice b8 m8

Remove yourself

im 6'2 190, work for myself, live on 25 acres of land innawoods. working on it.

It was a slogan that was invented to troll sluts on social media. Go on, look for a virgin… you'll never have a daughter of your own that you can raise better than you or her mother were. You'll stay childless like a good goy.

I've had to just say fuck it and go shiny, but at least it goes well with the lifting.

I don't know if the point of this thread is le trolling, or if you're so retarded OP that you don't know yourself why you made it (thirst?). But going by your premise, let me tell you something. It's not like beautiful, wholesome women are lining up out the door to get with us. Redpills already have a tenuous relation with normalfag society, and women are always more groupthinkish than men.

You want more anons to find quality qts and start settling down with them? The problem you need to fix is approach. Either tell user where these quality qts congregate to search for mates (ie. why church, rally etc. don't work because who the fuck hits on people at these). Or teach user day-game so he can indiscriminately approach thousands of women, which is what it will take to find a qt that isn't degenerate or taken.

This is the main reason. All your other bullshit is retarded non-issues. You're trying to argue with rationalizations people make on here to avoid admitting that they fail at approaching. The only solution to improving approach currently lies with PUA shit, but that's always slanted towards degeneracy. So the most useful thing for you to do is transform the basic insights of PUA, combined with some good old fashioned life experience, to create a sort of strategy to acquiring long-term, non-degenerate relationships.

And I know there are a handful chads on here who have made it with a 10/10 aryanfu. And if that one left them they could make it 10 times more because they have it figured out. You fucks need to start spilling the beans instead of shitting on everyone and saying they're alone because of some character flaw everytime it comes up. Face it, anyone seriously on here at this point is in the top 1% of society character-wise. Look at all the degenerates, normalfags, numales, fucking agonizing over a Holla Forumsacks job or what hobbies he prefers is pointless hair splitting.

I'll take gladly take your namecalling when I can to keep my money and time to myself for it. Have fun playing the 'divorce and pay' roulette.

Only 100% white and unused is worthy.
No exceptions.

I live in a shitskin central and finding a good white woman, who hasn't jumped on twenty dicks and isn't a complete lefty libtard is a huge challenge. Otherwise I can handle myself with women and would preferably wait until I acquire a bit more capital, while I search. Any tip on where do I find these women?

This is a question for the more experienced among you.

How do I get a girl to relate to me after 8 years of mongolian sauna forums? Yeah I know wanting a girl who has everything in common with you is a dumb pipe dream, but as far as most normie-interests go, I've either never heard what they're talking about or I hate it. Don't watch the electric-jew for years, don't listen to pop. Meanwhile all my interests are focused on guns, politics, anime, and reading. My sense of humor is utterly warped after years of Liveleak and knowing who Chris-chan is. I have no intention on compromising my interests, but I do think I need to make a "learning-curve" for getting to know me somehow. Do any of you have experience with this?

Start with your most normalfag-tier tastes, maybe guns if she if somewhat conservative, or just talk about having funs with friends, funny past experiences and anecdotes. If a girl has interest in you she will laugh. After a while slowly but surely make her adopt your views, by being more open about your not so normalfag beliefs, drop redpills , eventually your girl will adapt to you

I'm just gonna say that you blackpilled guys out there would be surprised how many single young white women there are. Find yourself a 6/10 qt- there are practically no virgins among 8's and 9's- a girl does not have to be extremely hot to give you quality offspring and make you happy.

more like 99.6% according to (((23andme))) you nigger

when assessing the whiteness of southern Europeans, don't forget about the weather, if you lived there you'd have a tan too

Portuguese in USA are often roughly as pale as Brits

Have you been living under a rock in the middle of Amish village for the last 50 years?

Get out.

Holla Forums is like that one KKK chapter where it turned out every single member was either a informant or FBI agent

I think women fall for me easily, but I just can't seem to find the right partner. Maybe my tactics only work in whores and not good qts? I don't know whether to go to church to find good girls.
I want to find a girl like Jamie from A Walk to Remember.

Try as hard at being an interesting, desirable man as you do at trying to seem like le ebin oldfag.

Except obviously without the cancer. I want a white virgin qt that has never had a boyfriend in her life, those are the best IMO, the thing is that it's probably impossible to find her. specially when you live in a majority non-white place

How do you feel about 9 year olds?

Old white women voted for Trump. Young right-wing girls are still few and far between.

Yeah that argument is pretty wishful thinking when the majority of Americans don't even vote

Nope. Even though I'm underage, there's probably still time. The thing is I go to an all-male school.

Depends on how underage you are, most girls in the west start having sex before 12


anyone who says otherwise is a beta cuck or lying to themselves

The majority of niggers and beaners don't vote. I don't see what that has to do with white people.

15, almost 16

Young girls are trying to attract a mate.
They see the men around them bending over for the bbc and so they adopt that religion to attract one of these men. If women don't have the same political views as those around them they are damaged. If you want a nazi wife go fuck a normal girl and tell her what you believe. She will adopt your political beliefs.

Only in Europe.

But out of the 53% of white women who voted Trump how many of them were already married?

Over 40 percent of the population didn't vote.

No its the entire western world

If you go full 14/88 on her she will more than likely just dump you. 20 years of brainwashing takes a long time to reverse. It's a slow, gradual process.

don't procreate

Yeah, no, try harder.

Yea no u

lol fam I married my wife at 22, smoking hot white girl, virgin, full 1488 hates brown people more than anyone I've ever met, squeezes out babies on demand, cooks, cleans, you name it.

They are out there, but you have to look in the right places. Bars, clubs, places where people party are the wrong place to find a wife.

pics or it didn't happen

You think you have it bad. Try a receding hairline and being 5'7

Be brave and go Costanza

no fam sorry I don't need that drama

We need people who work in sperm banks. Just toss that old negro seed and only store supreme white genes. Afaik those are the only ones in demand anyways.


fam tbh fam

smh desu

trips of 'get the fuck out' checked
if youre not white you can do your part by not having kids in white countries.

The thing is, when you got a wife and kids you can relax on that part and focus on other aspects instead.

Instead of running around like a hounddog crying over women until you hopefully find one.

My biggest problem is that either i have to behave like a piece of shit or look like a complete beta if i would want a girl. There's no beauty in romance anymore. It has become way too casual and with no consequences or responsibilities tied into the idea of a man and a woman getting together.

What the hell kind of pleb nonsense is this? 55K was the /average/ American income over ten years ago.


Yes play the game goy, all you need is our ((money)) to be happy in life.

You do know that you're feeding the kikes by completely laying down your soul into money in exchange for happiness?

Both of those girls have treated their hair to shit. It looks like they have weaves on. No better than niggers.

If you are looking for a woman at a place where typical women are, you will find typical (low quality) women.

If I'm ugly enough that no female has ever been attracted to me, can I safely assume that my genes are shit and I shouldn't breed?

35k is average now.
Poverty, what poverty? :^)

You have to realize that not everyone in here is an Americunt. I grew up in the countryside in western Europe and I was 14 the first time I ever even spoke to a negro.
So stop projecting faggot.

Non-feminine women don't attract me. White women can agree with me intellectually all they want. If they aren't feminine it doesn't do anything for me. I'm also not really in a rush. People are not mature enough for marriage most of the time, and we no longer have the social customs and culture to prevent divorce. What do you get when you mix emotionally unstable people with an easy way out thats subsidized by the government… divorce and debt slavery.

I'm good. You goys have fun. Make her sign a prenup.

Why? I'd rather live alone in the woods for the rest of my life than deal with that shit.

That is average HOUSEHOLD income, which most of the time includes two earners. If you're doing that solo it is by definition above average.

more like this senpai pls

Nah, unless you're legitimately gentically defective you descend from 200k years of being "good enough" so it would make no sense. That being said, dysgenics breeding has become more common… (what else can we expect from purging our best in jewish wars).

Your thread is shit. All the topic becomes is anons from various areas arguing how women are supposedly are. If I were to ask everyone here where they were from, the political leaning of each area would have great variety. In the end, it still doesn't fix the problems when we talk about the same thing without reaching any new revelation.

Sorry but I've given up, have a nice day.

I know logic is hard for you shitskins.

Man, I was in the same boat actually. I had just gone on my honeymoon when the militant feminists in our families decided to attack us. They leveraged some shit she told a shrink way back in fucking middle school to say she needed to be medicated and since she isn't she isn't stable and isn't capable of making her own legal decisions. Long story short she was taken into a mental health program (kidnapped from me against both our wills), force medicated, brainwashed, and isolated from me.

By the time I got through all the legal bullshit it was more than a year later and she was thoroughly convinced by the fucking (((doctors))) that I didn't love her, by saying she should be healthy naturally I was abusing her and didn't care for her at all, my promises and vows where false. Now she's your typical man hating feminist tumblrina dyke. It fucking broke my heart but not my spirit, that it only forged into even stronger memetic steel.

Lesson here anons is make sure that you can not be attacked by outsiders or past things by making affidavits affirmations, signing them in cursive, and sealing them with a thumbprint.

God save any one else from this fate. Sorry for the blogpost.

25 here, never spoke to a non-white in my life

Bumping with marriage advise.


May we all be blessed with Aryan waifus, in the name of Kek we pray.

i cant believe you wouldn't destroy your enemies after what they did to you.

too plebian fer embed cuz kangz

That's terrible user, that story made me feel.

At least there weren't any kids involved I hope

Oh, I am, in a way far more terrible than they can imagine. As it is said, beware the fury of the patient man.

Thankfully not but we had picked names for them.

not to Pajeet this down your throat disgusting as that may sound, but its like saying south indians were taught to shit on the streets.
Are Whites really this hopeless? that any parasitic fraud can come in and have his way with them?

How to even like women again? Only the lower brain down there does.

FBI here. Can confirm. Even Hotwheels was a CIA asset.

You belong in a gas chamber

Then I salute you, I wish you all the best in life user.

Kgb sleeper cell here, this user is correct.

Tell me user, what did she say?

Hey, some chicks dig the bald bearded look.

Goddamn dude, if this happened to me I probably would've already gotten the chair for multiple counts of first-degree murder.

I will never forget this.

I just want to know a couple of things. First, are there any records of this sort of tragedy happening in the United States because I can't abide it happening in my country. Second, what's the best thing I can do to help fight this?

what if you're literally pic related? (mtf trans lesbian)or bi Where can you find a lesbian gril (or ftm trans man) that isn't a brainwashed libshit automaton? I'm intelligent and I've good genes (notwithstanding whatever xenoestrogenic fuckery made me this way). wat do?

inb4 kys xDDD

Oh shit that cap reminded me. That "traditional relationship how to succeed" thread OP ended up getting doxed and it turned out he was a Chinese guy married to a white women

You're a fucking moron and your thread is shit.


kys fam , sorry you fell for the Jewish meme

things have gotten bad. The average American man makes less than his 1960s counterpart not even adjusting for inflation. Youre lucky to make over 30k a year now. But hey, you can be a jewtube star and make over 10k sheckles a month…no wonder millenials dont care about making something of themselves. You can make big bucks by attention whoring on twitch if youre a girl that dresses up like Link and plays games, or actual camwhoring, or being a professional victim and getting crowd funded because someone hurt your widdle feewings. Shit is depressing. goddamn jews. Goddamn globalism.

that's exactly what I transitioned to avoid. If I wanted to give up I wouldn't have dragged my family (and myself) through all this shit.

ID: 6d4ea4 - refuses to call nigger by their name

talks constantly with niggers and and is friends with them, has respect of nigger



That she could see auras. Which was true, however clearly that's a sign of untreated schizophrenia because lel magic isn't real goyim.

I never wanted to be a killer, in fact something I kinda regret to this day is that they day we where arrested that I decided try and have justice prevail instead of defending her with lethal force against their unlawful warrant.

Since then I've had a lot of time to think about it and see that I can not afford not to fight, no matter the cost, if my life/clan is threatened with war. I may have died that day, but regardless one thing is for sure, she did. Sometimes I wish I had died, but then I wouldn't be here in the forefront of this glorious empire rising. Besides simply killing a few random leftists or even the judges and doctors wouldn't really do much to solve the problem. I've, well, we've found that it's far more productive systems to uncuck shit.

I'm sure there is. Abuse from the medical & court systems are quite rampant. If you've ever been diagnosed with any sort of mental "illness" you have less legal standing and the courts will disrespect your opinions and often force you through state programs for rehabilitation. Often fines and fees are also attached to this. If you don't pay you may be penalized more, perhaps wages garnished if possible or jailed otherwise (as punishment so you learn to pay on time). I've seen folk forced to get tracking devices because the state was worried about them, things which sometimes cost in excess of $50/day, can't make that much money? We'll have to keep you in detention, for your own good.

I'm an Ameribro man.

Once it gets rolling it can be difficult to get out of however you can. I had a hard time getting out from my family because they wanted me declared legally incompetent too so I could be an eternal tax credit, however I'm not so easy a target but I'm also not afraid to do anything necessary and there was much I had to sacrifice to prevail; mostly modern legal "convinces", such as ability to have a bank account, state issued ID or passport, or other licence. They all come with 1000s of pages binding shit you probably aren't even aware about. Additional jurisdictions often too.

You have two options, either live in relative obscurity (don't tell your extremist family members where you are) so they don't even know which police to call to start shit. Libshits aren't passionate enough nor skilled enough to actually dox people so you're probably just fine.

Family, kin, have more weight than random strangers when it comes to accusing the mental state of some one, so with enough of them they may be able to over rule your own opinion in court if you don't get completely out of the system. Which is option two, Completely remove yourself from all additional legal systems in which you waive rights. This was, and is my path. There are many many such things.

Did you know a marriage licence/certificate is only required between slaves? Between those who, by the act of applying for one, admit they are of lesser status than a freeman asking for their master's consent to contract. As part of that contract, the fruits of the union, your children, are pledged as collateral. This was completely unacceptable to me, and thus we where married under common law. Our mistake? We didn't sign and seal properly. What is proper? Using all lower case, capitis diminutio minima, look it up and cursive. Printing, by legal definition is something done by an artificial entity, one by without rights as it's not natural. Are you calling yourself a golem by missigning your name?

Dubs dont lie. No hymen, no diamond.

I see the kikes are out.

This is why it's a bad idea to talk about magick to normies.
Sorry about your loss, though. That's rough man.


She deserved the V&.

I live in NYC. The four redpilled women here have already made their HWNDU appearance. LA and BV are attentionwhores (still /ourgirls/, but attentionwhores nonetheless) and taken. Daria has every other redpilled dude in NYC after her, and you don't sexualize 4Gran.

I'm going to die alone in this shitpilled city.

Autism: the post.

Women aren't like men. They are about feely feels and tingles. That's why they'll do stupid shit with stupid people, because that person pushed the feely feel buttons in the right order. Once in a while you'll find a seemingly intelligent one, but she just hasn't been cracked yet. Someone knows how to talk to push her feely feel buttons and she reveals herself to be just like the rest.

That's why feminism is so DEADLY to civilization. Prior to that poison, women couldn't act up or they risked everything. Now they have nothing to lose in destroying families.

We still need to have more white children though, despite the situation. Just be realistic about what you're dealing with and know how to be in control.

So 30% shitskin.

Mossad meme specialist here - all of the chans have been secretly owned by facebook since 2011

Go to tumblr. I'm srs. There is a small NS part of it and while plenty of NS girls on there are crazy, you also have a minority of top quality girls.

I found one. :)


This isn't a thread about dating Jews

No, this is a LARP (live action role playing) thread about dating women who would literally stab you and throw you into prison and make you homeless if they saw your bookmarks and browsing history.

But #NAWALT, amirite?

Reminder that asian women are superior to white women in every way. Take the Yellowpill, my friends.

gtfo mgtow retard

MGTOWs like you don't belong on this board

I hate this whole…if you do not have a plan to change the world/ make the most from life. Then go away I don't need you shit. That is so immature. You know what lady. Maybe I just want to do the best I can but I'm not going to 24/7 bust my ass to
Fuck you. Maybe it'd be fun to I don't know. Just relax. Catch some good music. Watch some good movies. Go on some cool camping trips. Who knows. Shit like that. Go to my regular schmuck job and work. Go to church. I mean jeez louise woman. I mean I'm working on some nonedgy screenplays but I ain't out to ..*change da wrllld* I mean come one get over yourself.

Relax sometimes.

Fuck off you fucking anglo


Race mixing fool. You don't understand the power, magical power in your blood yet. Once you do you will see how a volk cultivates this, as with physical outbreeding, there is psychic outbreeding as well.

Curse my shitty fucking genetics. I didn't do anything to deserve this. Words cannot describe how bad I feel deep down.

How does it fell to be street shiter?

Gravity rush 2 is fun

The irony is on the inside. You got quite worked up over that instead just just letting go in a relaxed way. Through that you actually can and do change the world as counteracted with moments of action, yet still being present.

Are you using the acne cleanser stuff? If you use it right it should work. Just make sure to do it everyday.

Easy there Farseer Eldrad!
Next you'll be talking about engineering spirit stones for our Infinity Volkish Circuit!

Its just that my sister is exactly like that now. She has this great guy that really likes her and she's been seeing him a year but she just strings him along and says she'll never marry him. Because ohhhh, he's only a Prison Guard… and look at me. I'm this big ole fancy nurse. I make more money then him… la la la. But the thing is he's a great dude and everyone in the family likes him. I think she's being really dumb about the whole thing. And the thing is. He doesn't even make bad money for around where I live. He makes better then average but its just very average. I think its stupid. I mean get over yourself woman.

Too much? I believe it not so.

I have something for you Brother.

Shouldnt she tell him, or you.. that he needs to get a new job or else it will never happen?

Why the fuck should he have to get a new job?

Tell your entitled cunt whore of a sister to get a grip.

I'd get rid of her if I were him. Being disrespected like that is not worth it as a man.

I'm going to talk to her about it soon. If nothing changes in another few weeks. It's not right for her to string him along like this. He's not a young man. He's 36.

Fuck off race mixing shill.

Im not saying he should have to, im saying that you or her… should tell him what she feels.

How old is your sister user?

So she saw auras even before all that shit happened? So you're just shit at picking women I see

I think she's either 29 or 30. I really should know that lel.

She's 29 or 30. Single mom has a 10 year old. My nephew. Divorced a loser years and years ago.


i hope no one i know browses this imageboard, if you do just ignore this pls. Its always hard to tell these things with anonymouse imageboards lel

Either put a bullet in your sister or tell the dude what she thinks about him and then put s bullet in your sister. That entitlement she has will only end in cats I guarantee.

You are justifying white genocide.


OP here I'm back.

Good boy, keep going.

Shave your head entirely. It never stopped anyone from getting laid.

You didn't read a single line of the posts didn't you?
What part of improving yourself you missed?
This is equivalent to all women are feminists bullshit. No you are just too lazy and haven't met enough.
You want me to teach you PUA stuff that is designed only to get laid, not finding a proper partner?

You are just lazy. And I mean pathetically lazy, because right now, even if you spent your whole day behind a keyboard, you'd still have chance to meet girls online, get to know them and see if there's any point in meeting them.
You don't even do that.

Gas chamber

How old are you? Because ideally, you want to move out asap, which I can understand might not be possible in your current situation.
In that case, I'd probably use the internet to talk to girls, get used to how their brain works, if you are lucky enough to meet someone near which shares values/hobbies, go for it.
Also don't stop improving yourself and defining your personality.

Reading is generic, what kind of stuff do you read?
There are girls that like anime, some like guns (not that many) or politics.
You need to add a sport to your hobbies. It'll broaden your horizons.

I'm going to make a specific post on how to redpill girls (or normies in general). It works wonders on Bernie voters (except if they are sjws).
Hillshills are red flags and stay away from them.
The next post will actually be about red flags: aka girls you should run away from asap

I was unemployed for a while, I had girls paying to meet me. Let's be clear, many girls are overly materialistic and certainly won't date you if you don't have money. But those are red flags and you should run away from them to begin with.

Have you gently reminded her that her biological clock is ticking?

She already has a child.

Years ago, in a simpler and happier time, /fit/ had great advice: Be cheerful, friendly, and positive and women will like you. Nobody wants to hang around a depressed and negative person, they socialize to have fun and enjoy themselves. That said, it's definitely gotten harder to stay positive once redpilled since all I can think about is politics and the doom hanging over our heads. I've noticed a direct correlation between depression and the resultant introversion causing me to ignore girls and not even bother talking to them.

Girls tend to like me when I hang out with them, especially when I was happier, but I'm going to graduate college soon and once the forced socialization ends I won't see many women anymore. The most important question most of us have is: where to find qt3.14s? Where do normal, intelligent girls hang out? Dumb ones of course are at clubs and stuff but the slightly nerdy or above-average intelligence ones don't do that often if at all in my experience.

tl;dr where do above average intelligence girls hang out and what do they like to do?


You had a ridiculously bad luck dude.

Good posts

Major Western issue: big city women these days are some of the worst and present red flag issues. Try more rural girls. The vote map for the US was clear.

Speaking of which, Red Flags, aka girls you should avoid like cancer.

- she cheated once or more (there's no guarantee she won't do it again, or even worse, she actually enjoyed cheating)
- she doesn't list loyalty or trust as the primary element to build a relationship on
- she's a SJW or participates in similar causes
- she dated a nigger once
- she doesn't want to have kids or is overly career focused
- she tries to justify goldigger behaviours

Now in all these cases, your bigges enemy is yourself. Because she might be attractive enough to make you behave illogically, not wantint to dump her when you should. Or she might be the first girl that gives you attention in a while, thus you are overly attached to her.
There will be others, better ones. Dump her or you'll regret it.

Then don't come back here crying because you didn't listen.


For the sake of Portuguese being white or not, the first girl is also Portuguese, but I guess none of your would be whining about her.
Her instragram screams marry me and and have white babies with me. Use reverse search.

Shit user, that hit me in the feels. Best of luck to your future endeavors.

I could probably get a girlfriend no problem, except I don't know where the fuck single women hang out. It seems like women don't leave the fucking house unless they have a man drag them out.
I work at a fucking bowling alley with TWO full bars, you'd think women would hang out there once in a while without some man-bun-sporting faggot draped around her shoulders.
My local cafe is full of dyed-hair sluts or women who are already on dates.
Women don't attend concerts without men.
I'm not in school anymore, I fucking hate most bars and night clubs (too noisy, never mind the degeneracy), and I work so much I usually just like to stay home anyway. The fuck do I do?

No you are just a moron.

Nope, fuck off.

You are leaving the teen years, it'll get better acne wise. You need to start eating healthy though.That is pretty important just like it is not to obsess over it and avoid touching your skin, unless with specific products.

You are more redeemable than most cases that have posted in this thread. Say your skin gets decent with 1 year, you can find a good partner within 2.

Not in clubs. The good news for you, is that girls are disappointed with clubbin' guys as well. Those who aren't, are sluts, thus not your interests.

For the rest I refer you to my post here:

You need interests to define your personality. Being good at what you like makes you appealing for girls that share the same interests.

do you live in a country that has a healthy online dating scene? i've done it. It werks. if your an American
other countries I don't know.

More or less the same as the dude right here:

Read what I replied to him.

Or simply tell me what are your hobbies, I'll help you with that.


Have you ever seen the film Blue Valentine?
It sounds a lot like your sisters life.

I've been seeing ads for and it seems pretty implicitly white, only white people in the commercials. I think it's a dogwhistle because WhitesOnly would cause sjw chimpouts.

My hobbies are hiking, powerlifting, and browsing Holla Forums. I also know a lot about engineering but almost all the girls in the department at my uni are nonwhite. At least I'll have a fancy job title in a couple months to impress people with.

I had OKCupid suggested to me, deleted it within a week because I hated everyone in my are. Was on Tinder, it got me laid once, dropped it because it was just a shitty hookup app. Messed around on a couple of other sites but I never tried for whatever reason, but maybe I will. I don't think I'm christian enough for christianmingle.
I guess I kinda wrote off dating sites, but my real mistake was that I was really using hook-up sites.

I refuse to believe this.

saged for slide thread

A lot of Christians on Christianmingle aren't Christian enough to be on Christian mingle. Its more of a code word for I want somewhat that has good morals and isn't slutting around. Usually rightwing. Also, I don't want to fiki fiki until we're dating for awhile. And also if we get serious I think we should take our children to church kind of thing for a lot of them. Of course a lot of them do go to church every week. Or at least once a month.


Hiking is good, there are a good number of girls into that. Do you do it alone? Because that might be your problem.

Powerlifting is more or less the same as hiking except that it is something you do even more by yourself. I'm skeptical about gym girls honestly.

Browsing /pol is great, but counts merely as informating yourself about politics, not a hobby.

I would say you need 1 intellectual hobby and 1 plain leisure hobby. I get that engineering doesn't leave you too much time, so you might way you'll be out of that.

Intellectual hobby can be anything, history, philosophy, art, whatever. Leisure is something like movies or videogames, rather laid back activities.

Again, the point of hobbies is that they define your personality, make you stand out in the crowd and give you value.

*might wait you are out of engineering,

spelling mistake

That is women for you, the grass is always greener, until she's 40 and have no one left in her life.

The kike claimed yet another victim.

I know how that feels, and i know the actual anger i get when people claim abortions is fantastic and it's just a fetus, not even a person. I just wanna punch a hole on their fucking faces.

I was socially crippled up until i WAS 20 years old too, it got much better after starting to work because I forced myself to at least have a bit of small talk once in a while with my colleagues (I worked in a clean room with 5 other people in my lab). This was mostly because I didn't want to get fired for being an antisocial sperg since work required a minimum of communication.
There's nothing wrong with being an introvert and usually less people will give you shit for being one after adulthood but the most important thing that folks often forget is that you have to consider the person in front of you too. That means that if you identify the person in front of you as a complete normalfag try to find common ground about interest/hobbies/news. Being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean you don't talk, it's just that you internalize stuff normalfags usually show clearly.

I still have some real human bean moments but I manage to "pass" as a normie to acquaintences and that's good enough to progress in life and get to know people. I still haven't found someone I can connect with on a deeper level however so maybe I'm full of shit. The disadvantage of masquerading as a normalfag to get to know people is that most of your relationships with people will stay on a surface level.

Or maybe wealth is just driving me crazy, either way I doubt I will get married or date unless courts are fixed. I can always just keep hoarding wealth and be right wing soros r-right?

But really how does a sperg richfag avoid ALIMONY? Even my own family started begging me for cash and got mad when I wouldn't gib gibs.

Ya dun goofed m8. What I see from this story is
Women are told by society not to have children early because they can't afford it and their husband will leave them but they are told by biology that they should have kids and it makes them extremely confused. She should have told you before getting the abortion but she was most likely just freaking out over her mistake and worried you would take it the wrong way.

I hike with friends from school but they are white guys and asian guys+girls.

Gym girls are questionable for sure. Girls that work out are good but if their whole life revolves around the gym they are probably sluts. I agree lifting is probably one of the most introverted sports hobbies you can get, even when I go with people we end up doing our own thing.

I don't really like videogames or watching tv shows/movies but to be honest I have a thing for nerdy weeb girls so I'd play with them or watch anime if they wanted. Finding ones that aren't Asian is kind of a problem though. I just want to be the jock bf that the nerdy girl takes to her weeb conventions to show off to all her friends. I always figured I can get normalfag leisure hobbies when I get a gf but you're right I should find something to meet people with.

As I have a white wife and 2 white babies I'll give my 2 cents.

Most women are trash…every race.

Look for hints of non degeneracy…these include slut shaming other women, conservative dress, other women avoid or seem intimidated by her, avoidance of alcohol and or marijuana and finally seeming to have difficulty fitting in with modern degeneracy.

I met my future wifewhen she was ranting about how 'abortions are the last ditch effort of a whore who can't take responsibility for failing to keep her goddamned legs closed!' the woman who offends other more degenerate women openly is your prize.

Look for someone who has no problem pissing everyone off around her by stating what should be painfully obvious. When you find a female others people actively AVOID because she's not playing by the rules of anything goes then you've got wife material.

This doesn't mean prudish mind you…my wife is a gothy metal chick and was decked out as such when I met her…but she was also wearing far less revealing shit than all the other bitches. Only physical trait you should look for is not dressed like a whore.

Also ask about prior relationships…if she only talks about having long term relationships (looking for commitment) then all is well, but if she had several shorter relationships she's likely a skanky bitch.

Mind you these chicks suck in bed comparably but my wife practically worships the ground I fucking walk on. I never doubt her commitment and she backs me up even when I talk about gassing kikes.

Where are all these cuckchanners coming from?

a sperg richfag would know that you avoid alimony by not getting married. "it's too sacred to involve the government in let's get married under god"

man i remember I heard about bitcoing back when it was 1 or 2 dollars but never bought any. What a retard I was.

I don't know user….lets see… you're a richfag right? So why don't you join one of those private country club type of places like what Trump has in Florida. Marilago. You know one of those cool clubs you have to pay a fee to be a member of. I think they pay like 15,000 dollars a year to be members of Marilago. Then you can meet some highclass women from highclass families. Why not? They probably have a lot of good classy fun at those places to. And you can golf and shit. I don't know man. That might be what I would do if I was rich and looking to meet women. And maybe a few rich guy friends.

Sure, and then the question becomes how does one have white children out of wedlock?

Oh man I know that feeling.
I feel that most normies do this too though, when you practice and become more proficient in talking with them and come clocer acuintances with someone it is easier to find a subject that acts as common ground.
My best friend and I share only a few things in common but they acted as start for further improvement and now we see eye to eye on many things and it has been a positive effect on us both.

I cant recomend Dale Carnegies 'How to win friends and influence people' enough, not only is it good for improving upon your communication skills it offers a lot more than just points on how to better talk to others, emphasizing on the 'influence people' part which should be of great interest to anyone here.

Every town and city has several of these richfag countryclubs. So I'm sure there is one in your area. They seem pretty cool. The one in my small/medium sized town I grew up in was known as being pretty cool. I'm a poorfag though. Brush up on your golf.

cum insider her when she's ovulating

I actually recently took up golfing and the place I go has a little clubhouse that serves drinks and pretzels and shit like that, maybe I will hang out there more often.
I got decent at golf when I was a teenager and all my friends had jobs at the local course picking up shit on the driving range and they'd sneak their friends in to drink and hit balls after it closed.

You have to understand that women are completely confused about what they should be doing because we live in a degenerate society that goes against the natural order. It's her fault for sure, but she only did it because she was worried about what would happen to their relationship and people around her no doubt told her it was the correct decision to make. I hear guys talking all the time about how they don't want to be tricked into having a baby, how women always want to shackle men down with babies and men always have to dodge these bullets, etc. Guys are just as much if not more at fault than women when it comes to the birth rate crisis. Women WANT children, most normalfag guys signal against this.

Should keep it a secret. I remember some story of a woman who had a ton of fun with her "free-spirit" bf and one day learned he was secretly loaded as fuck and just wanted a girl who would love him for who he was rather than his money so he didn't tell her.

Thanks uncle Adolf.

For hobbies I suggest dinghy sailing. Downside it can be expensive, upside niggers can't afford to do it. It's the whitest sport in the world and it's a whole lot more exciting and interesting than hur dur I like to go on long walks. fag ;)

If I'm thinking of the same story it had a bad end and really is a good case for MGTOW fags to cite.

"I was running into the disease of our modern life: cowardice and pathological fear of a strong personality or
strong ideas. Dale Carnegie has codified and commercialized this creeping disease as "how to win friends and
influence people", which boils down to the essential principle of having no personality or strong feelings or
ideas and becoming passive and empty so that "the other fellow" can display his ideas and personality. But he,
too, is trying to become popular by being passive and dispassionate, so that the result is like connecting two
dead batteries: no current. Such human robots are suited to enslavement by a 1984-type society, but not to life in
a bold, free society of men. This is the way women should be, perhaps, but not our men and especially not our
t. George Lincoln Rockwell

IIRC she got butthurt that he kept it secret and they broke up and the story is from some women's magazine.

You're going to be arguing with paid anti-white shills that want to keep white men and white women divided. But good luck, monitoring this thread.

IIRC a lot of that shit is pulp fiction
Though not always.

>suddenly realise I don't actually know what ovulation is
>mfw realise I don't actually know how reproduction works other than benis in the bagina until milk
That's public education for you.

Interesting, thanks for the reccomendation. And it's true that I forgot to mention but picking up hobbies or physical activies is a great help as it gives a much easier time talking with people (not to mention it's part of self-improvement).

It's still important to find people who are closer to your core though, shallow socializing takes a toll after a while and you may start to feel like nobody knows the real you. Personally, I still haven't found folks around which I can fully be myself -even my family-.

Walk outside around normal places: grocery store, book store, town festivals and local shopping or gathering areas? Meet them through male friends? Put a little effort in.

I think the biggest reason it's hard to meet quality girls is that traditionally your family and local community would be introducing said women to you at an early age. With the destruction of the family, the fall of popularity in the church, and general anonimisation of communities through urban centers that reward constant relocation for economic reasons, we've lost that. So now we are stranded from traditional IRL social networks and have to go it alone. I'm certainly not feeling great about my chances to get an attractive virgin white wife even though I mostly have my shit together in my early 30's. I don't know if I can stomach the prospect of settling for the realistically available option of a 5/10 butterface low partner count to start a family with even if she is fairly sweet.

Still exists in high southern culture, it's called the Debutante Ball. But yeah, the traditional methods for hitching people together are severely lacking and it's due to the past generation's faults tbh

Something something, the phase of the menstrual cycle where an ovum/egg is discharged from the ovaries, and it's around this time that fertlisation is ideal.
Though iirc, semen can last in the vagina for a few days. It's not impossible, but there's a small chance of getting pregnant when you do it off-phase.

Another factoid is that there's significant and all-encompassing differences in a female's behavior depending upon what phase of their cycle they are on. Ovulation makes them more licentious (or more likely to cheat), it really is in a woman's nature to get impregnated. And if I'm not wrong, birth control has a similar effect as well, which is why it's associated with female degeneracy.

The fuck are you even doing in this thread or on Holla Forums. Gas yourself, faggot.


Good analysis. The closest we have to that now is people with large social circles whose friends can matchmake but I doubt that that's applicable to most of the people who browse this board. I don't know what the best alternative failing that is.

It also means that there's no expectation on women to settle down any more, before they're unmarriageable in their late 20s, and no wise older women advising them not to spend their 20s cockriding so they'll be able to get a decent husband.

One of the worst things that's happened in America in the last 50 years is the destruction of small towns that used to be the default white community, in large part driven by women goign to college.

I'm white and from a predominantly white suburban town, but my hopes of finding a girl are pretty hopeless.

I would rather not attempt to burden a woman with my late 20s life of poor job prospects and no money, and my nonexistant social circle.

It would be nice to have a woman, but being realistic, I don't think it's in the cards for me.

Go to church faggot. Then join the young adults group. Have fun. Help some poor people a few times a year.

That….that doesn't exist user. Go ask Blaire White or Theryn Meyer or HiddenTara. Alternatively, please, for your own sake, seek therapy to man the fuck up. Or, if you're too far gone down the road of androgyny, seek relationships with less degenerate closet homos and get used to getting fucked in the ass as that's the closest thing you'll achieve to an outwardly presenting normal relationship.

I've been thinking of converting to Orthodoxy. There are Greek, Serbian, and Russian Orthodox churches in my city. Is there a chance of killing two birds with one stone and finding some doting babuska trying to marry off her qtpi Slavic granddaughter?

I guess I could, but in my past experience it's just old folk who go to church.
I don't know of a 'young adults club' here. And I am one of those poor and wouldn't be able to do much to help them, I think. But thanks for your suggestions anyway.

Just going to church doesn't help. You should get involved. Even if you're atheist.


You don't have to be rich to go to church. I give like 5 dollars a week.

It really seems that we are playing a stacked game. Perhaps it calls for a change of tactics. For example impregnate multiple women that pass the boner test, each as many times as possible and raise them the best you can.

Pros: muh dick, more children, not as pressured to pick "the one" since you can have multiple

Cons: quality per-child will suffer, child support laws, social stigma

Some other strategies: importing an Eastern European wife, moving to Eastern Europe, pretend to believe in Jesus and network like hell in the Christian community, lower your expectations and not care if you are stuck with a butterface, go full RWDS instead of worrying about raising kids. Any other ideas or thoughts?





Sperm can survive up to 10 days in the vagoo.

See, my relationship with God is complex. I don't really believe in a heavenly power, but at the same time I understand and respect His message and what He represents for people who do believe in him, and what He does for them.

I did a fair bit of fedora tripping as a youngin' as a way of rebelling against my hippie, drug addict parents. I've made 'peace' with God now, but I can't claim to believe.



Are you Russian. Greek. Or Serbian?
They tend to be pretty ethnic.
Although they've let up on that some in the past years.
They still tend to be pretty ethnic.
Orthodoxy is beautiful form of Christianity though. Also, watch out. Some of them actually give services in the home countrys language.

I'm not Orthodox btw. But I've visited them a few times.

Sure but if you want sons you'd better blast her from behind on gameday

we had tons of issues before that tbh

if she had actually told me instead of going behind my back maybe things would have been different but because I had no say in anything or didn't even get to voice my opinion I felt cheated

My relationship with my dad is not complex, however. He's an old kooky burnout from the 70s who thinks Russia is going to bomb us to hell any day now and I can't stand watching him smoke pot day and night, slowly killing himself.

Lord knows *that* asshole has never tried to get me to pick up a girl.



What kind of bullshit excuse is this? Late 20s is still young as fuck for a male, males marry well into their 30s or 40s. And you can go to a trade school and be in an occupation within 2 years and be firmly middle class. Women aren't only marrying people that are rich, that's retarded to believe.


-t. goon

Nope that's kind of why I'm hesitant, Orthodoxy is pretty alien to me. Most of my ancestry is from extremely Catholic countries like Poland, France, and Spain.

It's totally unrelated but the possibility of getting a qtpi there just crossed my mind. Sick of the traitor Pope tbh.



Where do you find datable women who are not thots and are in the 17-19 age bracket? I'm Working as a model and actor regularly, I just moved to the big city (Sydney) but this also means all the people I know are 5-10 years older than I am. I have autistically high standards about the people I date and have sex with.

Have you actually had a gander at the book?
That quote makes me pretty sure that Rockwell didnt read the book either.

The book does suggest to let others tell their point of view like Rockwell says but the book also tells you to do this so you can influence the other person. It's full of advices on how to make the other person think you like him and are interested in him so that he becomes interested and takes a liking in you so that you can influence him.
How is that not a good thing?

I'm not suggesting everyone adopt dale's possible views on politics or the world, they are meaningless and so far I've not seen them in the book either. I'm suggesting that his book holds a measure of wisdom that is usefull for each of us.

I couldnt agree more, but I think that this is also tied into your general communication skills.
If you're terrbile at talking to people it stands to reason you're terrible at reading them and as such finding people like you will be hard if you cant read other people.
Thats also why the book is really good, there are a lot of real world examples that have made me think many sitations where I could've dropped a redpill and made a comrade but instead critizied and failed to read the other person which resulted in him cementing in his beliefs even more rather than making him see mine.

Have you considered conservative Protestantism?

That's really far from the only problem. My life is a mess. I just pointed that stuff out because I figured it's the most detrimental to the prospects of finding a partner.

Even in a really good economy, I imagine I'd be low on the pecking order.

Start naming denominations that are actually conservative please.

Southern Baptist Convention

Im black, but im too autistic to have kids, especially with a traditional non white girl.

I haven't read it, I've heard some good things about it but always dismissed it as self-help nonsense. Just thought it was a relevant quote from a man I respect.

No, I'm not really a fan of the Reformation, it pretty much destroyed the Church as the center of society by splintering it. With all the little sects it becomes a gateway to subjective truth, excessive tolerance, and other cultural marxist crap. I don't even like the Great Schism but with such a pope I'm starting to see why people would want alternatives.

I'm trying real hard OP
every time I date and get a beautiful white girl pregnant the kid comes out black like me. Aww well maybe the ninth time is the charm

This should be reiterated because it is far more true than most people are willing to admit. I used to think that the problem was mostly women, and while they are by far the most obvious in their wrongdoings, I've come to see deep issues with men too, mostly revolving around these two stances: machismo enablers that encourage female degeneracy and prideful cowards who think they are too good for their women (and then they project their cancer onto other areas, namely porn/hentai). Reminder: muh dick is as nigger-tier as muh vagina. No exceptions; no excuses. Keep your fucking genitals to yourselves.


100% truth

t. Mongrel

The secret illuminati plan to kill 99% of the human population, I am on board with that. That includes whites. Fuck whites.


Oh, good. 1 right wing qt interested in evolutionary psychology, history, guns, memetics, mathematics, mechanical, nuclear and space engineering coming right up.


pick one

Indeed, if they are obsessed with the gym and like show off on instragram, orange flag, better stay away. If they are casual gym to keep in shape, give them a chance.
Your hiking circle is good, just bad luck in terms of lacking white girls. Be patient, but that's the way to go. You got the point though.
For the church guys: stop expecting the church to find you a wife. It's not going to happen.
Churches these days, both Catholic and Protestant are extremely degenerate, pushing race-mixing, brotherhood with Muslims etc. I know it's hard to swallow, but they have nothing to offer anymore.

there are far more decent black women than decent black men out there, you have a massive advantage in that respect

Is that the first oldfag?

If you thought American and western European women are bad, you're in for a rude, heart-wrenching awakening with them. Anglo women hypergamy is nothing compared to an eastern European's. Nothing. Why do you think PUAs love eastern European countries? It's because they're full to the brim with r-selected, slutty women.


Nuke yourself Muhammad.

How can I tell you've never met one?

There's no reason not to give Orthodoxy a try. They tend to be a lot friendly to other ethnicities then they used to be. Especially if you're Polish, French, and Spanish. That shouldn't be too much of a problem.


Even the very finest Trump-supporting American female is every bit as likely to divorce, and there is absolutely no evidence showing otherwise. Also, the very finest American female is a fetid pile of maggoty garbage in comparison to the average Russian or Ukrainian women.

Only an absolute drooling submoron goes into a situation that offers a 50 to 75 percent chance of catastrophic failure and subsequent financial slavery. The situation being marriage in this case. If (((anyone))) encourages you to marry in the current legal and political climate, they most certainly do not have your best interests in mind, only their own.

Even if all family courts were suddenly ruled unconstitutional, alimony and child support abolished, and domestic violence laws repealed, American women would STILL not be worth wasting time on. Look to Eastern Europe if you feel you are ready to start a family. Short of that, enjoy life and prepare to ride the Trump revolution that will make the Reagan Recovery look like childs play.

tl;dr in a few years, American guys will be getting paid and grabbing European pussy at will

thanks for the quote

women sponge up whatever interests and opinions you have if you are a leader. just don't expect her to solve diff EQ problems

Can confirm. When I went through confirmation over a decade ago at a fairly conservative Lutheran church, we actually discussed Ecclesiastes 3:8. We have a new pastor now, he has a ponytale and is unmarried so probably a faggot too. He used the Christmas pulpit to preach love to muzzies. I don't go to church anymore.


forgot image

Looking for a girl that has the same interests as you is retarded. They will almost never have the same interests as you unless you grew up together as friends or their father was basically an older version of you. Women tend to be more like blank slates and, if they aren't complete shit, will start adopting what you like and come around. What you should look for is to get your foot through the door: maybe one or two of your interests, or one really important one. Never use politics as a criteria, use cultural life (music, arts and crafts, etc.) because that is way more important.


If you live in a super liberal nation or a super liberal area of whatever nation then Eastern Orthodox is actually a good option. They aren't pozzed. And some place they are almost the only ones that aren't. Plus their Priests are actually allowed to get married. Which makes a hell of a lot of sense.


Thanks for the advice. Any differences between Greek and Russian Orthodoxy?

Your shitposting is at best 4/10

I am disgusted with the females of my own race, I am and have possibly always been convinced that they look like monkeys. I dont want to have a family with a monkey.

I am fine with mixed girls since they can at least be pretty decent while they also went down the genetic shitter when it comes to pure genes anyways so it does not really hurt anyone, including you guys.


I have met exactly one attractive black girl, and I'm 100% positive she was working with more than half white dna.

Reminder that black women are superior to white women in every way. Take the Brownpill, my friends.

Also kys, fucking conservative. Girls aren't just muh dick, you can't make babies and continue your population without getting girls first. Lots of anons here are what used to be called "nerds", and therefore are ill equipped to do their duty. It might seem trivial to wannabe haughty intellectuals, but it's something very basic and very important. You need your men to be capable of getting women.



I've been to a Greek Orthodox church. I live in the American South. They seem pretty cool. And they do have quite a few Scots Irish people attending their service. But a ton of them are Greek. They totally accept Scots Irish members though. I don't really know about Russian Orthodoxy in countries that aren't Russia. I've never personally been to one.

I would imagine it's similiar though.

I am fully aware of that. I just don't have anything in common with females at the outset, when it is actually more important.

By the time she's your wife, common hobbies don't matter because you've got a bunch of common kids to raise, and seperate (but complementary) duties.



Work out all you want, there is still the experience aspect. If you were an anti-social kid, getting a waifu isn't easy even when you're an otherwise functioning adult.

Bad environment probably. There are a few that are bleached or culturally white that shouldn't really be that bad, nor necessarily look like monkeys.

Though legit question, as a black dude, what are you even doing here?

Most of the board hates you.

Pseudo-intellectuals that consider themselves too good for women are utter cancer.

Maybe closeted homosexuals too.

>the white race doesn't need numbers to survive just 300 bad dudes


I'm guessing /k/ crossover. Though I, to, am curious why a nigger would browse a board where people are openly racist.


More infos.

You deserve revenge!

this tbh

By the time I'll be making enough to support a family I'll probably be 50. That and I just don't think I'm cut out for redpilling women and raising children. I'm just too much of an autist. I'm living with my high-school sweetheart of 8 years now, but as I've become redpilled she's become more bluepilled despite my best efforts. It doesn't help that she's 1/4 asian so she really, really does not want to accept any redpills on race. She's said things that make it clear that deep down she knows I'm right but refuses to accept that doesn't make her feel good. That's what every conversation, argument and fight always boils down to.
So I realize she's probably a lost cause, and I should leave her but liberalism has left her so fucking helpless. It's fucking tragic, it breaks my heart to think of her suffering and her life falling apart because of her brainwashing and not understanding why. If I leave her she'll finish the SJWs transformation, become another zombie and probably end up riding the rainbow colored cock carousel or killing herself. I don't want that on my conscious. I could kill a billion commies and shitskins without loosing any sleep, but I don't know if I'll be able to live with myself I'd she falls apart because I was too autistic to save her.
Inb4 blog post whatever, idgaf. I'm desperate and don't know what to do. Hopefully some kind user has relevant experience and advice.


If you want to stay with her. Then who cares about politics tbh. Don't talk about politics so much. Don't worry about politics so much. I mean don't stop voting or anything like that.

Almost 40. Made the mistake of preferring liberals in my 20's. Big mistake. Also made the mistake of being a poorfag that had to work until his 30's to be anywhere near financial stability. Fucking sucks, man. For me, the window has closed. I'm probably going to kill myself within the next 10 years because there's really no point. Once everything gets boring enough, I'm out.

You lost me at 1/4 asian

Democracy is a meme tbqf

Better yet. Instead of pestering your girlfriend about politics all the time. Why don't you start spending time volunteering for your local conservative party in your country. Talk politics with those guys. When she sees how much you like volunteering advances conservative politics and politicians occasionally. She'll probably warm up to it a lot more without you even having to pester her about it.


Here in Spain I meet lots of normal to good women in anime expos. FIrst you meet an "otaku" girl playing videogames or something at the same time you meet her friends online, then you go with her and her friends to the next anime expo and you will find lots of them. Just be careful with attention whore and mentall ill women who are too obsessed with anime and you will be fine.

T-thats actually a pretty cool idea.

Meetic is gold in Spain. I know people who got married using it.

Cold approach just doesn't work for serious relationship. You meet women from friends or friends or doing activities. For example, join your local Church, join a hiking club, language courses, meet girls online playing games and then go out with them IRL, etc…

So elderly women and those already married voted for Trump.
Who does that leave us to marry?

It's harder than it looks OP, if you have standards and self respect at least. It's not just about having kids, but raising them to be superior to you in every way, to do that you need a good job, live in a good community/environment, and the girl needs to want the same. If it was about just having kids it wouldn't be hard at all to knock up some slut on Tindr.

This is coming from someone that is currently pursuing a relationship and has been in one.

Only with blonde and blue eyed women, not joking
The issue isn't making white babies its helping raise those babies to be the savior of our species and genetics. 0

Walking is not a sport you fag

Funny you should say that.
I was just explaining this to my friend, I felt the same when I was referred to the book by a smart and red pilled acquintance. I thought that he was referreing me to a book to cure my social autism or something which at the time I was pretty sure I didn't have.
I did

Spike her drink with fertility medication, 100% chance of babies, 60% chance of twins or multiple live births.

All fertility meds have some kind of aprhodesiac that makes her want to have sex in the first place.

Put a ring on that, then raise them for 18 years.


Men rub other men and women the wrong way. You don't compromise your own position and behave like a goddam coniving jew, to "influence" others. And let's be frank about this, influence others is pure manipulation, because you're not being honest with yourself or the other person.

And how the hell are you going to build good relationships with people if you're a liar? A dishonest person who have his techniques to seem friendly?

It's kikery bullshit, you aren't going to be friends with everybody in life, that's the way it is.

so where?

Go away shitskin.

Cold approach does work, I've done it myself. Hell I met a girl on an airplane and struck up conversation with her. I can choose when I want something to be serious or not.

Make me nigger.

thank you for the actual advice.
that could be tricky for a few reasons

1) psychological:
aversion to masculinity: every fiber of my being screams "I am not a man." This feeling is very strong; my only defense before transitioning was to retreat into myself and sort of dissociate from everything. Never looked into it in therapy, but I suspect it owes in large part to subconsciously wanting to differentiate myself from my scumbag of a father.

desire: I've wanted to be a girl literally since ~5 years old. This aspect would be easier to control than the aversion aspect since I recognize that some desires can be objectively disordered, harmful. Starting in puberty virtually every single time I fapped had to do with being/becoming a woman. (maybe AGP?)

2) physical:
impotence: my testes may well have shriveled up from a few years on T blockers. They may come back to life if I discontinue medication, or they may not (in which case I'd have to inject T the rest of my life). I have sperm banked, which I'd probably use to form babby either way.

I didn't said it was an sport, just saying that good women like it. Only conservative women or hippie women like nature as much to go hiking.

xk ikx cyguy 99 ill send anything or talk or ill rate u


If you apply the advice from this book, you'll be that guy that's striking up small talk with everyone at the party and handing his business card around but that won't get you anywhere. Maybe this works in Burgerland but imo you're better off watching pua channels.

There's been a lot of you cunts around here recently, there's too many of you actually. Makes me wonder how white Holla Forums really is.

You are mentally ill, and need professional help.

Well, you need to sit for hours in an airplane. It's not that strange to meet people in long distance public transport. But it's pretty difficult to start a conversation with a women randomly walking through the library or mall. ALso, are you American? I have always heard that cold approach is much more common in America, but here in Europe is a pretty weird thing to do (even if I'm from Spain, one of the places where people are very friendly).

Boredom and memes at the beginning, but i found the beauty of politics with happenings, Kek, the God Emperor and so much more. This year long journey i had with you guys has been an absolute blast. Even though you guys may hate me i honestly share much of your opinions and seen a lot of truth in them, especially pointing the dots irl to what you say. You guys taught me so much stuff i will never learn anywhere else, way better than cuckpol ever could. Not like i would ever go there anyways Because of you I will call out and avoid any kinds of degeneracy, get a good job of course, enjoy our memes, start a family, piss off libshits and uphold our ideals until the bitter end.

And probably last but not least.
I never get tired of winning
You hate me but i love you guys
I also shill for white people at school sometimes

I lived in a big city and a smaller one and 90% of the women online were sjw or like 10+ partner girls. Tried OKC and Match. I might try christianmingle to try and find a low milage or new girl (ideally).

Tinder is just for hookups and those girls are degenerate


look into the folks I listed before, Blaire White, Theryn Meyer, HiddenTara, there may be a few other based trannies that can help you.
Crowder has done interviews with Gay Chad or Chad with AIDS who used also stated that he felt like a girl when he was a child and went through therapy to help him feel comfortable.

I mean this in the least inflammatory way possible, you are by all definitions mentally ill. How you choose to go forward is entirely up to you and is going to be heavily influenced by how long you've been on hormone up until this point. If you feel like a girl and want to live like a girl, and no reason to fuck your body up further by swapping back to testosterone now (if only they'd started you on T before pumping your ass with estrogen) by all means, live your life like a girl, you're already miles better than most trannies and transtrenders by being here in the first place.

Also, for the sake of any children you may have in the future, do not have children outside of a family, and raise them right.

You don't know who you're talking shitskin. Go away and we shall leave you alone. Don't care if you're redpilled or not, you don't belong here, we don't want you.

Get a sexbot. You won't procreate, but at least you'll be comfy with a waifu.

This is exactly what I've been doing and what I'm trying to avoid. I'm 27 making 40k, have a few IT certifications and a few years of experience in corporate IT. Is it too late to change my fate?

We were 18 and 16 when we got together and she looks white. I know better now, and have already decided to leave her. It's not easy just walking away from someone you once loved and spent the best years of your life with knowing they're well on their way to becoming another leftist golem.

I don't pester her about politics, she always parrots some leftist meme, then acts confused when I don't agree or laugh. So I point out why I think it's wrong in the gentlest way I can and it escalates from there. Also for all the conservatives around here are fucking lolbertarian cucks. Alaska fucking loves weed and brown people and it's never going to change by anything less than total war.

I need this desperately and preferably two years ago. I've redpilled a dozen male friends and coworkers but I can't get through to women. 2012-2016 did a number on my girlfriend. At least she's not against guns and agrees the most extreme leftists and muslims are bad. She's completely liberal in almost all other respects though and still wants to help refugees. I've manned up, gotten in great shape, got a few guns, been reading Holla Forums books, generally on my way to becoming ubermensch, and it's not making any difference with her. If anything it's pushed her away. She complains I don't respect her opinions because I try to get her to think twice about them, and that I've "hardened" too much because redpilled views are typically unforgiving and cutthroat when necessary. I don't come across positive enough, and I'm not sure how to when redpilling, it all seems so negative at first.

Just because we dislike niggers does not mean that we hate you, user. I'm actually impressed that you stay here despite the overt racism on this board. Good on you, and remember, as long as you are an user, post good words or dank pictures, then you are one of us.

Just don't racemix user. The reason the black family has gone to shit since the 50's is because a lot of blacks abandoned their community after segregation was forcibly ended.

This is easy, avoid city white women at all fucking cost. Some may seem okay but they were not taught how to raise a family and believe in the glass ceiling bullshit. Most of them are burdened with college debt and bad spending habits and they're a poison pill. Although the odds of getting a good white woman in a rural area are pretty good you still need to be on your guard and put them through extreme vetting.

t. Commissioner of dating white women

Have fun staying a wizard. I know your type, calling normie girls degenerate but only so because you're not attractive enough to pull a normie slut online or at the bar, so you'll end up settling for a "based" fattie or 5/10 and telling other anons online that they have to stop being "mgtow faggots" and hit on kindergarten age girls in church instead.

Subhuman races would not be able to withstand (((subversion))) for more than a couple of decades. Niggers dropping out of free schools and killing each other en masse because record companies told them to is the definite proof of it.


Fuck off you cancer. It's not about your fucking entertainment, Trump is a useful idiot and not even a white nationalist in any way shape or form.

Shit man, I have a similar story.

I understand your pain, mine ended badly and makes me sick every day. All we can do is be the person we want to see in the world. You have to carry on. We are all suffering but it is up to us to make that suffering worth something.

You are not alone, without you guys I'd be nihilistic or suicided atm

correction: penalizes white masculinity.

Masculinity in other races is celebrated, but white men are the devil no matter what. And what' funny is that in spite of all their rhetoric about "toxic masculinity" they wont say shit to aggressive, disrepectful black males. But they'll attack white men for sitting with your legs apart on an empty bus.

The difference is not arbitrary either. What they're really against isn't masculinity per-say, it's k-selected masculinity, which has always been the hallmark of white males. White masculinity was intelligent, stoic, and fiercely loyal. White masculinity centered on ideas of honor and self sacrifice. And that's what liberal society hates. Those are the things they label toxic.

To fight against that brand of masculinity, they literally broke the spirit of an entire generation (or two) of white boys.

Meanwhile, R-selected masculinity is fine. Raw aggression is overlooked in other races. Excuses are made for them constantly. They follow only base urges. "Muh dick" and "dat ass" instead of intelligence. Loud, tactlessness (and that tendency to repeat themselves over and over again) instead of stoicism. "Side chick" instead of loyalty.

It pisses me off. And I think it's the core issue that needs to be addressed way before you start focusing in getting women. Young males need to have their worldview fixed, and I don't know how you go about doing it.

I'm speaking for white people faggot. Shitskins should fuck off. We are under attack to the point of threat of losing our own homelands, all over the western world and then some fucking mongrels come here and claim they are supporting us, they don't understand it, they never will be part of us because they are apart of the fucking problem. If you accept them here on Holla Forums based on what they say they think, then you will later on compromise your position in real life aswell.

The racism honestly doesnt effect me, I live in Florida, me and my minority friends joke about niggers all the time and get away with it scot free.

I wont, mixed girls are what im most likely going to go for.

Is used goods a meme or should I instantly distance myself from non virgins? What if I just want a gf and I dont plan on procreating with her?

that's not how it works. Unless you're at least partly Greek/Russian/etc. you've no business in that Orthodox Church. Plus, many folks there don't really care about religion and just treat it as an ethnic Greek/etc. social club (to which you will never belong).

Look into traditional Catholicism instead. It's hard, dogmatic Catholicism, as you'd have seen 60+ years ago. Absolutely stunning liturgy, plus everyone, priests and congregation, take doctrine very seriously. No birth control, no extramarital sex, no dressing like a slut (women wear veils), etc.

Look into the follow organizations (from least to sort-of cucked):
3) whichever poor sod your local bishop has doing the "Extraordinary Form" Mass

beyond that it's really not worth bothering with. The Novus Ordo "Mass" (used in the vast majority of churches) is an absolute travesty.

But user, I literally am

Where do I find such women? All the ones I met in school were whores who fucked niggers or got ran through more than a few times.

That's really probably what he should do tbh.

You're never gonna get an answer, because there isn't one. All the good ones are taken user. Just hope you're in the right place at the right time is all you can do.

SSPX is so based that they are in schism with the current papacy.

Her wearing a Trump shirt doesn't mean she didn't fuck niggers in the past or that she won't in the future. You should actually be careful when a woman is overtly vocal about her political views.
Always remember: There is no correlation between a woman's words and her deeds. If you're dating girls that are older than 21, virginity should not be an elimination factor, otherwise you'll end up looking forever or you'll have to settle for extreme compromises.

Not a surprising attitude coming from a Libertarian/Ancap.

This book is 100 years old and from another time.

is exactly how I got into this situation

Thanks for the links, I'll take a look. It's been ~3 years since I started hormones (mid twenties right now) and I'd be really hesitant to switch to T.
I agree 100%, but the question remains - with whom?

had ECT, didn't do shit

Great, so now she gets to compare her ex to me in bed and if he's better she will go back or cheat on me with tyrone.

Fucking A, I'll be 19 in march, gotta step my fucking game up fam

You're doing her wrong, women want children, it's a natural instinct. You're just wasting away her years of being able to make babies because you can't handle being alone. You're egotistical piece of shit basically.

Sex is mean't for creating babies, relationships are made for being creating a stable home and ground to bring up a child. The most important task of women, is to bring to life and raise the next generation of kids, your kids.

If you just want a girlfriend then you should still aim for someone with a low number.
Used goods is a meme, insofar as it doesn't matter too much if a girl fucked maybe one or two guys from high school to college. But if she's fucked like one different dude every month for the past year like my ex, thank God I dumped her when I did then yeah she's garbage.
The big thing with used goods is that it usually indicates poor decision-making skills. If she's fucked a bunch of dudes, then she's at risk for diseases, unwanted pregnancies, probably can't keep a boyfriend if the dudes didn't wanna stick around to do so much as give another dicking, or she's a massive whore and should thus be avoided anyway.

sad but probably true.

Try being 27. My pool of low mileage girls is basically null.

Some wisdom from Dr. Pierce.

Bro don't complain, girls around your age and younger are hopeless romantics, or whores. You've never had a high school sweetheart that you were convinced you'd marry? You never knew a girl that had slept around with half the football team/choir/etc? Of course you won't be finding many virgins a couple years from now, that's just the way of things. Don't lose heart.
Besides, who gives a fuck if she compares you to someone else anyway, if she cares that much about the quality of dickings you can give her, you don't want her anyway. Stop overthinking this.

I'm the same age, and have the same birth month as you. That's kind of weird, but we're in the same situation. I wouldn't worry about the sex part. As long as your benis isn't tiny you should be fine, and stay away from girls who went to public schools.

When I get on my feet I think I'll move out of the city and find a young local girl and marry her. May even find some Amish chick if she doesn't force me to be an Almond.

pic related

You should really try to give quality dickings though.

I agree that the DSM 5 and the faggots behind it are responsible for your current disposition.
Seek legitimately good and helpful therapists. Maybe shoot Jordan B. Peterson an email and ask him if he's got anyone in his network in addition to hunting around?
I'm not very informed on hormone therapy, but 3 years doesn't sound like an extraordinarily long time. Step 1 is probably going to be tapering off the shit if this is the path you'd like to take going forward.

Stay healthy user! There are plenty of people out there you can legitimately help you, no echoes.

If you are so fucked in the head that you take hormones and pretend to be a girl, I seriously doubt that you will be mentally prepared to raise children any time soon, if ever. I'ts not important for you to be looking for a woman to wife when your internal brain chemistry is so fucked up. Get help, get off whatever cocktail schlomo cooked up for you, and spend the next several years learning to be a man. Do not, I repeat, do not, make children until you are mentally healthy. Fucking up someone else's life because you are selfish is totally a dick move, don't do it.

Checked, I mean you're still young, no matter what others might tell you. In my opinion, the most important thing you should look out for is STD's. Don't ever have unprotected sex with a woman who refuses to have a medical test before hand. If she gets offended by your suggestion, ditch her. If she has nothing to hide, she should be glad about you being careful. Also, if she's into threesomes, S&M or super fond of interracial couples, don't get serious with her either.
We live in suboptimal times when it comes to committed relationships, user. It's just something we have to accept. Pick up the pieces and move on. Our great grandfathers weren't aware of all the bs concepts like "soul mate" and "compatibility", it was all about finding a goodly man/woman to have a family with.

Awful taste in dick, but it's true and sad.

absolutely disgusting

Yeah, okay. Vampire stories directed at teenagers and 30+ women aren't romance.


It just pisses me off because I'll feel like a cuck if her exes were bigger than me or better in bed.

God forbid I try to find a partner that will provide healthy children through her good genetics. What if the first girlfriend I get has a womb I don't want to conquer because of her genetics? I want to test the waters and make sure my seed will be taken care of.

I did but I didn't like her
Holla Forums has made me so paranoid about getting cucked and cheated on. I just hate the idea that I'm a KHHV but she already has had dick in her mouth.

I live in Denver, the Detroit of the midwest. I love the city but god damn every city has become nigger infested and so fucking liberal. Once I start making money off the things I'm doing I want to move into the city, but since I'm making money I won't have to work and deal with negroes.

Man I just can't get the idea out of my head of kissing a girl that's had a dick in her mouth. It's basically sucking off the guy!

Kill yourself my man, genuine help is not to be found in psychiatry.
It's all designed to get you on the pills, everything within that system is a fucking trap designed to rail-road you into getting on neuroleptic (((medicine)))
reported, you fucking shills are pathetic trying to goad an user in a bad place into a predatory system that is out to ruin their mind.
you fucking disgust me, fucking kike.

I'm going to a therapist and it's helped me a lot. Not all people trying to help you are quacks, user.

you're brainwashed de-facto if you think any of that tranny shit is real. It's fucking sad.
If you're a fag then accept your mental illness and go celibate, if you got duped by the predatory system I mentioned earlier then just live your life as you and learn to stop hating it.
you will never be a woman you disfigured ingrate, learn to accept that or become a fucking abomination.

If your full extent with therapy is a faggot with too many degrees trying to get you on pills, then you've been going to shitty doctors.

Just like anytime you eat a burger or other fingerfood it's like sucking yourself off and eating those /k/ cum brownies.


Why cant guys see this shit?

Don't worry if she's had a boyfriend before. Just be as good as you can in bed and she'll enjoy it I'm sure. Anyways, most women have had boyfriends before you. Even if you are only 19. Don't worry about it. If she brushes her teeth her mouth is clean kek.

Oh absolutely. It's fun as hell to give good dickings, but any girl who cares that much, to where she will actually cheat just for a better fuck, is worthless. She is nothing more than a cunt attached to a useless hunk of flesh.

My choir had some fairly handsome guys actually. When your choices are between sports teams full of niggers, the band full of absolute nerds, the Cross Country team that barely received a passing mention in the morning announcements I'm still bitter and the choir with a few handsome men… I suppose you could actually call that decent taste.

When I said hopeless, I should have said "unrealistic".

Never said you had to like the school whore, only cared whether or not you knew one. Sucks you never had a high school sweetheart. I did, and in fact she still turned out to be a whore and I dumped her.
Anyway you really, really shouldn't worry about the sex thing. Holla Forums woke me up to female degeneracy but it doesn't dominate my thoughts. I have a hard enough time with my personal securities lol, I don't have time to worry about other guys. Any woman who is worth jack shit will enjoy sex with you as long as you aren't godawful.

They are "helping" you by making you a bluepilled faggot drone? Fucking ebin.
The entirety of the industry of psychiatry is rooted in pseudo-science and it's all geared towards getting you on those pills.

fucking kill yourself, the entire practice is rooted in "disease-by-committee" and pseudoscience.
If you bought into that shit at all you've done is enable an incredibly jewish practice to continue preying on well-meaning goyim who genuinely want or need help, those freaks are not doctors and they are not on your side no matter what garbage they feed you.

I actually laughed at this

Legitimately kekd out loud

Yeah this is 100 percent true, I don't doubt she's had a boyfriend before me. If he was a nigger shes pure degenerate and can never be fixed. Regardless, I have serious trust issues with women. I've been rejected so many times doing so many different things it's made me hate them. But like the saying goes, can't live with them, can't live without em.

I've never had a gf ever. No I'm not ugly, I just rarely go out because I don't find a need to. Interviewed for a job though where cuties will come in, hopefully I get it. It's more than just the sex, that's just a huge part of it. I've read too many horror stories about cheating and cucking.

I've been seeing her for 4 months and I haven't once been told by her that I should take pills. I'm on medication, but not from her. I'm not being blue pilled. In fact when I saw her yesterday I told her about how much I hate interracial couples.

that's certainly been my experience (and not for lack of money thrown at the problem)

what would be a good doctor? I'd a dedicated therapist (pills guy was separate) and it was still a waste of fucking time.

Hitler dubs confirm:
No Hymen, No Diamond
No exceptions

And as always when it comes to the topic of gender wars, here's some related reading for the inexperienced:
The Anti-Male Shaming Tactics Catalog

^ pretty much me intill trump won.
Wont lie Op your hitting this on the nail. This board is full of autists and anime faggots. I left cuckchan years ago to find a better place. Anime is the worest thing to happen to men. It brings about a fanasty escape world that wont ever exist. No 12/10 double d waifu will fly down and work/fight/care for you at frist glace while you stutter and jizz quietly in your pants. Shit only happens in the beta male anime market. Get your head out of your ass and start fighting the real fight. Get good get wife get job make babies.

Don't relate to women, teach them
They love to feel that they are learning something from you
Redpill them every chance you get, much better than relating to them

What we're seeing here is the last twitches of a dead or a dying institution. Marriage is becoming an industry of childrearing, effectively a business contract and this is perfectly natural. When you ask for a woman's hand in marriage, don't pretend it is something sacred, it never was.

Soon marriage will become synonymous with a child. So you will be able to have many marriages at the same time, as long as oy can afford the wombs and the support of the offspring until whatever woman in question has been able to secure another contract with another man.

Men are like fine wine, they get better with age. The window most certainly has not closed for you. Young women like older men. You're all set, you just have to fix your head which shouldn't be too hard.

If you're out of shape, start working out tomorrow. Each month of working out will carve away 8 pounds of fat. Stick to it for four months and you'll be down 30 pounds. Add in muscle gains and testosterone and you'll be all set to conquer the world.

Negative thinking and emotions is often not constructive. Catch the negative thought/emotion while you are experiencing it, name it, hold on to it for a few seconds to toy with it, then replace it with a positive emotion/thought by reciting a mantra such as:


Slip up there, shlomo?


IT always was.

Indeed, therefore the alimoney should only extend so far as the child is unable to support itself (biologically), say 5 or 6 years. This should increase the birth rate.

Fucking ebin, she's building a dossier of all the badgoy things you say and will use it against you when she feels the time is right to fuck you over.
You're sure acting bluepilled, type and talk like a braindead faggot, you can't get a gf because you're fucked in the head because of those damn kike-pills you're taking.

the only reason this is true is because of this
And it's not even real medication because there's zero scientific basis for the chemical imbalance model of mental illness - a lie based on the false premise that everyone's brain is equal and exclusively the product of chemicals. You bought into reductionism and dehumanized yourself. Congrats, you'll never be a self-actualized white man.

So you already took the tranny pills? If you're young and haven't cut your dick off then just stop taking them and flush your system with a heavy solvent(water is a perfectly viable solvent for this)
Taking adrenaline might also help, I had autogynephillic tendencies as a child I cross-dressed and compulsively shoved things in my ass, pretty sure I was molested and they immediately stopped when I got really high with a buddy and used her epi-pen on my ass-cheek.

You're pretty mean, dude. I don't understand why you insult me when I say something is helping me get through the day. Do you say the same thing about alcohol and cigs, any kind of drug? It's dehumanizing and a meme? Stop trying to drag people down because of your own insecurities caused by seeing people happy. I bet you fucking hit yourself in the face when you smile like the autistic retard you make yourself out to be.


At least you're good at maths, Toshi

They are in desperate need of real men to lead and act as role models. The God Emperor is an excellent leader and role model, as are many of the men he has chosen for his administration.

Everyone on this board must revere a great man and emulate him. Everyone on here must be a walking meme, a beacon of immense light and strength. Start tomorrow.

This looks pretty neat.


Furthermore, casual sex can be economized with information technology. Since rape is evidently such a serious issue, including a sort of transaction scheme in applications such as tinder should not be beyond our conception. This way, rape can be effectively eliminated as all women will be reimbursed for casual sex, on contractual basis.

By embedding a sexual bidding application in Facebook, the welfare state can be substantially diminished.


Because the thing that is helping you get through your day is also causing you to not see the problems that made getting through your days hard to begin with.
And no, I don't say the same things about other drugs although I do think they're degenerate psychedelics excluded, those are the real brain-meds and kikes don't want to sell them to you because with real medicine it's one and done. you are forced to face your demons and overcome them via an altered state, not escape your demons and cull your emotions and mind like with neuroleptics because other drugs aren't being pushed as legitimate medicine on a societal level.
Bullying works, user. I don't give a fuck if you're happy getting through your days because you're doing the same thing as an alcoholic bum that drinks away the voices in his head, and you default onto typical liberal talking points that I don't doubt for a minute your therapist told you to spout back at any detractors.
I want you to self-actualize, not waste away in complacency. Ask yourself: are you happy or are you just alive
You poison yourself, and encourage others to enter a system that exists to cull and destroy the autonomy and individualism that lives on in every red-blooded white man, it's sickening and has nothing to do with any insecurity.
I'm not dependent on any extra systems or chemicals, the fact you think you need this shit and are contributing your family's hard-earned money into a system that is contributing to the eradication of whites world-wide. get fucked my dude.

Just legalize hookers if you're really okay going down this incredibly slippery slope

objectively gayest word for mongrel

Get out you Hapa shitskin.

I used to go to (Catholic) Mass every week, but have stopped in the last year or so.

I've been looking into SSPX though, tand there's one quite close to me.

Do any anons have any experience/knowledge of it?

So we should turn our women into whores? Is that what you're saying schlomo?

I would say we take you out of your offices, tie a rope around your necks and drag you bloodied through the streets. Then we shutdown shit like Facebook and Tinder. Tinder shouldn't exist, it's a continued mongrelization of our race, all according to the plan.

The eliot rodger memery comes from the fact that his manifesto was straight off of /r9k/ and it was some really long-winded bullshit that was unintentionally hilarious to read.

Depressed beta dating strategy:

Traditional man dating strategy:
>hey look, suddenly I'm considered insanely attractive and girls come up to me instead of the other way around

In to the trash it goes.


That's nice, but these things are not going away.

I propose we start bidding on lolcows and ecelebs. This will be useful in ascertaining a going market rate for pussy and even conception.

This. Religions need to return to having strong ethnic ties. As someone with Polish/German/Italian and Anglo heritage, I simply practice Gnosticism with light over tones of nature gods. I like Kek and stuff like that too.

I occasionally go to mass to honor tradition. I don't know, my religious situation is fucked up.

Elliot Rodgers was hilarious. There's no way we could forget him.

Unless you're extremely well known (as a musician or something else which has groupies), young women won't approach you no matter how well off you are, only aging women looking to settle down.

Top kek, you know I am right and don't want to take real medicine that will actually force you into an uncomfortable scenario where you are forced to face the root of your problems instead of bottling them up and suppressing them like you are now with psychotropic kike-pills.
Nice double-standard you've got there, consider suicide.

Girls've come up to me in High school before, but not on the street.


age 39, fertilization treatment may be required

Initial bid for a Fuck: $100
Conception $40.000

Lurk moar.
Marriage as an institution is what's keeping the white race down, the government should stay out of spiritual and religious affairs such as these. You can't sign love on a piece of paper. Oh yeah, don't forget to buy your 20k dollarydoo weddings goyim! And make sure you buy a 10k dollarydoo rock as well!

I mean, 100 is cheap for a fuck I'd say, especially when the conception is that times 400. I'd pay the 100$ to fuck.

Fucking this, marriage is what keeps the corporation known as the USA afloat. Abolish the institution of marriage and reinstate traditional faith-based marriage as opposed to the legislation-based marriage we have now.

conception i figure is bringing a child to term and supporting it for 5 years so that's 580$ per month

Read three lines down:
I'm not saying you should wait for a girl to come to you, you still have to make the first move for any girl worth having. I'm saying you'll know you've made it when you start getting attention from women you aren't interested in.

go to sleep you senile cuck, men are talking

you aren't a man, limpdick whore-loving kike.

Any amount of money is too much for fucking a prostitutejust have a wank, it will be more fun

This would vastly help the economy as well, less loans, less dept and less kikes sucking white man's shekels.

No alimony, no splitting house/vehicles, what you pay for is what's yours. More money to save for your children and their future, or to invest in property that you will actually own. Marriage is a money sink, for a time it worked when money was abundant, now not so much.

No such thing as a free fuck, boyo


And in a society where everything is controlled by debt, it's easy to see how marriage became more about the female and how many divorces she can accumulate.
All those court-cases are buying schlomo a new sports-car.

don't have kids. when they start to wonder who is their dad and they see a mentally deranged man it will scar them

Basically: in 1970 when Paul VI and co. tried to stamp out the old Mass in the wake of Vatican II's (((reforms))) a handful of priests led by a French Archbishop Lefebvre told them to fuck right off. The began the SSPX to preserve the traditional Mass (and teachings) of the Church against all this modernist bullshit.

They got into a bit of trouble in '88 when Lefebvre was afraid he'd die without another bishop to carry on his work so he consecrated four new bishops without approval (that he'd been diligently seeking but the Vatican kept denying in hopes he'd die and the whole thing would blow over).

Liturgically, there's really no comparison between the (((NO))) and the Tridentine Mass.
Don't worry about exactly what's being said, just take it in; you'll know when the important bits are.
just go already and make up your own mind (you lucky bastard).

LARPing. Nice.

user do you actually know what the Midwest is? Detroit is actually the Detroit of the Midwest, because it's IN the Midwest.

read the guy's post: he'd been going to Mass weekly up till ~ a year ago; he knows what he's there for.

The only parts it's important for people to understand (the readings and the homily) are in the vernacular. The rest is in Latin and if it's your first time there's really no sense getting caught up in exactly what is being said - and it's not like he'll have a Missal his first time anyways

Even one is too much, she lost her imprint. It exists in guys as well. You often see some pathetic nerd in his 20s in computing dating a 35 years old and you wonder why? It's because he got his imprint on her, like a chick thinking a cat is its mother, he thinks she's his mate and he'll make a bunch of excuses like "oh I didn't really want children" post-rationalization of that imprint when it could have been used for good, it could have been used to ignore some of the girl's shortcomings to get a stable relationship and make the perfect environment for children but no, had to waste it like the talmudvison told you.

It's so cancerous it has spread to multiple regions of the U.S

No, stay in your basement—anime fagget, grow old and fat with your body pillow waifu, when hopeless fruition is finally realized; kill yourself.


How could anyone shill for psychiatry after reading this, fucking hell user I am sorry that happened to you. These kikes won't let anything good stay in this world.

tfw started having a crush on a mixed race girl i've known for 2 years a couple weeks ago after i realized how nice she's always been

wish i was joking

I did, you're just retarded.

Improving yourself is not necessary to obtain quality women. Shitty men get great women all the time because when you approach enough times eventually you get lucky, and women are shit at being selective anyway. And there's lots of excellent men who still fail because they don't approach enough. Welcome to being a man, women don't just fall out of the sky as soon as you finish squatting your set of 4plate.

No it's not you fucking moron, holy shit lol.

I don't expect you to teach me jack because you are retarded. But the goal you lay out, "Holla Forumsacks must find quality white women" is good (you try to make it as if targeting all white men but obviously 99.99% of the white race isn't reading this). So I am just laying out the things that need to be done for this goal to be attained.

Namely: Not racing the rationalization hamster like you are telling people to, but learning how and where to approach. Those two things are the only variables that matter.

No you faggot, I clearly said PUA won't work as is, it's a scam. You have to take the useful bits and rework them.

Fuck you, I've applied 10x more mental effort in this thread alone than you have in your life.

don't mongrelize user.

Don't do it. One time a very beautiful mixed race girl was really interested in me, I turned her down. I'm not the shiniest ball on the table, but your obligations to your race come first and foremost.

anyone got a moonman pic to put on this?

… no. The Midwest is a geographical region.

What about "women hate autists"? That's as debilitating as any deformity, despite the superiority of the autistic neurotype. *sigh*

Bring me a woman and i will reward you with a big white future.

anyone got a moonman pic to put on this?>>9084602

What about "women hate autists"? That's as debilitating as any deformity, despite the superiority of the autistic neurotype. *sigh*

Bring me a woman and i will reward you with a big white future.

You had one job OP.

Why should I even bother? I'm gonna stick with STEM shit that it's what I like.

I've never actually seen this up close, but I've heard anecdotal evidence about it.

It's also the scarcity mentality that men who don't have much experience with women and don't have any self-respect have where they're terrified no other woman will ever have sex with them.

My friend's gf started making out with another guy on New Year's right in front of him, and he still didn't dump the bitch afterwards.

If you're not married, then you should not hesitate to dump a woman if she behaves badly so long as it's you who breaks up, you'll be able to make up again if you change your mind also.
Your dignity is worth more than a woman and if you give in to her, she'll end up resenting you anyway

The main problems with PUA are, at least the way I see it:
-The premise you can "hack" your way into a woman's pants by using bullshit like NLP/hypnosis, regardless of how you look and how your social status is. This plays into the mindframe of vidyaspergs that are looking for a walkthrough for real life problems. In the end, women mostly respond to physical attractiveness (fucking him will make me reap good genes for my baby) and social status (associating with him will grant me special treatment by society).
-Hitting the bars 7 days a week and talking to everyone is somehow a good investment of your time only to yield some sex.
-In the end it's an industry designed to make money off desperate young men, willing to pay for ebooks and seminars after seeing a youtube video which was probably staged in some way. Very similar to other branches of the self-help movement.

I do have a pretty shitty genetic physical disability, fucking up both legs and lower part of spine. Besides that I have a lot of mental issues (which I however doubt would be there with a different upbringing).
Having a child would crush me, knowing the chance it would be defect like me. What else can I do to help? I try to spread all the information I can onwards, however I do not have these normie stuff like social media pages etc, so I am limited.

go suck on a nigger dick, you stupid fucking faggot.

the women's "rights" pandora's box has been opened.

enjoy your divorce and living under a bridge to pay for wifey's alimony you dumb ass faggot.

that bitch fucks guidos and niggers exclusively.

fucking stupid nigger.

Her ass is probably a bundle of muscles. Fuck that.

If sexbots are wrong, I don't want to be right.

Most of the basic principles of PUA are solid (not the lifestyle it promotes, or the routines), and it's all available freely without playing snake-oil salesmen.
-Women are hypergamous
-Women aren't attracted to men who chase after them too much, or try to appease them
-You can't convince a woman to be attracted to you
-Women like to talk about emotions rather than things
-Women's words are basically meaningless (look at their actions instead)

It's fairly basic stuff for non-spergs, but it's true and helpful for the autists out there.

PUAshit is 100% garbage designed to promote hook-up culture. get fucked, so many cuckchanners and shills ITT

the negging shit is really retarded, though. it reminds me of that sasuke wiki how page. they take playful banter and label is negging and try to make money selling programs to aspies, and then the aspies call their onitis a dumb cunt and wonder why she still won't fuck him

Niggers aren't people, stupid.

Jews ruined marriage
Jews ruined sexual dimorphism

Is there anything they can't ruin?

These are basic life principles that are not exclusive to PUA culture and can be condensed into a handful of bullet points (like you just did). What makes PUA toxic is all the rest, some of it I listed earlier.

Cry like an anime fan on prom night?

kys faggot nigger

You can't read, don't understand logic, lie in the face of irrefutable evidence, blatantly project, and can't write.
Yep, you're a shitskin alright.

ask the blonde cunt about trade deals and get back to me

i'm not impressed by attention whores.

OP is a fucking horny faggot who only cares about sex. why don't you pay some whore $200 bucks to blow you and fuck off with your shit thread?

take your PUA shit somewhere else faggot. don't give people advice about marriage, family, and spiritual fulfillment when all you see is tits + ass and muh dik.

What was garbage in my post?

I suppose it's just teasing but exaggerated so it gets through to stupid club sluts.

It's a shame that mainstream culture gives men exactly the wrong advice about women, so lots of men never discover those principles unless they have a wise father, experience of friends who are good with women and/or enough experience to figure it out for themselves. I imagine that it's particularly difficult for those on the spectrum though, since they have enough difficulty understanding ordinary social cues and not taking everything literally, which is doubly so with women who communicate mostly non-verbally.

reddit spacing

Women have sex
for money

Get a fucking job, fucking loser.

Nothing in your post specifically, I was more commenting on the general attitude the Pick-up Artistry promotes.
It's all about getting pussy, not building meaningful connections for a stable family to grow from

>reddit spacing
hello cuckchan


Why do you sound like you aren't even white?



Both options regarding Eastern Europe where discussed with a friend of mine. Hard to do when our currency is not worth the ink used to print it.

why do you sound like a nigger who's only about

Post pics of your 10/10 hot blone, blue eyed gf who worships your cock or fuck off.

If you want serious discussion, explain what to do about
other than

Stupid tradcuck faggot.

How about you either wait until we make artificial wombs, or go get a PhD in fucking microbiology and genetics and help invent one, instead of posting on the internet about worthless bitches?

That must be why college girls love IT guys working in Silicon Valley so much, and hate unemployed musicians.

The principles for maintaining a healthy marriage are the same as those for picking up a girl;
-Don't try and convince her into loving you
-She knows that you can and will walk out on her if you need to
-You can't fix a relationship by appeasing her and giving in will only make her resent you; instead you should stand up for yourself

Obvious as it sounds, most relationship advice is the exact opposite because it's given by women who are oblivious to their own natures


You didn't have enough. You keep the electricity going until all those gay thoughts are gone.

The problem I'm having is that I simply don't know how to meet women. How the fuck are you supposed to meet potential wife material after you're out of college and working most of the time?

And don't you dare say church. I go to church every sunday and it's nothing but old people. There are literally no women in their 20s who attend. And on the slim chance that there were, they'd already be married and probably with a baby. Young women don't go to church

This cannot be real.

No thanks

Go to a bigger/different church.


lrn2ID faggot.

oy vey it's the thinking man's fetish, don't you know that commitment is a spook :DDDDD

Again, you're just taking things you said in your post, the prevalent attitude in PUA is all about muh dick, and claiming that only the aspects of it that lead to something healthy represent the whole could lead anons down a degenerate path.
I actually got most of my dating advice from a .txt document some spergy computer-lab kids were passing around called "how to make kool-aid with EXTRA SUGAR" - it outlined almost exactly what you said and worked beautifully. I think I still have it on an old MSN account if those are still around

That is a retard-grade justification for marriage. Only marry someone who you cannot imagine wanting to live your life apart from. If you don't feel that way about your current woman then she's not the one.

I'm Italian, what do?

So what?

you've been telling me Italians aren't white for years

Race is always first.
If white genocide wasn't a real current threat then maybe you could; then again if everyone thought the same, then white genocide would become a threat anyway…

Tuna and onions for me, Luigi

I'm fuck ugly, and no matter how traditional the woman, no one can be attracted to someone who is fuck ugly. I might be loved in a brotherly sense, but any hope of romantic attraction is beyond me.

There is also an esoteric element to sex that I haven't seen discussed at all here recently.
Sex does not only transmit bodily fluids, but spiritual energy as well.
I bring this up as a warning for the "incel" types, don't waste your youthful manna. If you waste your essence on the wrong girl some of her influence may rub off on you, and I don't mean STDs or anything, I mean negative spiritual energy that will fuck your body up.

You're clearly a cuckchanner who fell for the "Slavs/Italians/Irish/Scottish/Spaniards aren't white" meme,

cuckchan was telling you that, you're white enough that Hitler considered your old regime's leader a close friend, you're white enough to fuck any European that has similar phenotypes to yourself.
Seriously lad, if you want kids that look like you fuck a woman that looks like you and stop listening to cuckchan.

Casa Pound Girls?

It's the same shit regardless of which church I've gone to, which has been many throughout my entire life.

Maybe 4chan, we just shitpost about that here. Italians are white.

anyone else think estonian is objectively the most attractive phenotype?

every single thread about Italian politics or happenings in Italy devolves into a heated debate about whether Italians are white or literal kangz 50 posts in, why is that if it's just shitpost?

Online Dating?

Fuck off.

Probability-wise it would not.

Can someone wake me up from this inner city nightmare?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating girls who are in their reproductive prime(which isn't 13, but somewhere around 16)

Really, cause she is from Georgia and has a white husband who could probably rip you apart. Keep dreaming faggot.


Just calm the fuck down. Graduate, get a good job and try not to be a beta cuck. Be a complete ass hole and attract the qt 3.15 or you'll end up with some used up whore that likes MUH NOYCE GOYS. Protip: Nice guys always come in last and kill themselves young.

>don't settle down and start making babies until you've found The One™
hi Schlomo

Get out, you're just going in to debt to get a paper that says you got brainwashed and be socially ostracized for not being a degenerate.
why is anyone on Holla Forums still in (((college)))

Your third-type would stay sixteen forever.

You know anons, sometimes, as I am digesting all the information I have ever learned, and all the experiences I have been through… sometimes, I stop and think that perhaps the only thing the human race truly deserves is annihilation.
Sometimes I imagine, if I had two buttons in front of me, one saying "let the human race carry on as usual" and one saying "end it all now", I imagine which one I would press.
Have I fallen to the kike side?

Because GI bill and scholarships. College is a necessary evil a this point.

Fuck that. What's the world come to when there's no way to meet and date women in real life?

A meme

If the fatness is actually an issue, pick a fat autist you like and convince her to get /fit/ with you. If she doesn't stick with it, pick another fat autist.
Repeat until success or move the fuck out of the city.
Date nonwhites for practice if you need it.

Also join a club of some sort, and be the only person who doesn't drink. People respect responsibility.

I'm thinking in the long term; if we can ever correct the demographics in white countries, then we can never allow shit like race-mixing to become normalized again, shit will be fucked within generations.

I'm not nearly weeb enough for this reference. If that's transhumanism then forget it.

Not really, it just gives one the power they need to be Schlomo's latest debt-slave eternally.
Why are you contributing to a system that wants to see you dead, and your family either raped, killed, or brainwashed?


It is meeting and dating them in real life. You just type to each other first. You should be used to that..typing to people. You do it all the time here. of course I guess everyone does with Faceberg and Redditt and all that

Because it's not. However, white is an irrelevant concept as long as you are not in an Anglo colony. If you're italian then you're italian, don't fall for Americanisms in Europe. I don't want my country flooded by arabs anymore than I want it flooded by Germans.

That they're lazy bastards? Don't try this fat-acceptance shit here.

Are you the 400 pound hacker we were all warned about?

Yeah, have you considered the similar implications of shaking hands with another male? From how many men have you "basically" smeared cum all over your eating hands, thanks to that? Your mother ever given you a kiss on the cheek? Thought about that? Oh, and presuming you were born in the standard fashion, then not only was your mother the first woman who you muff dived (i.e. during vaginal birth). But wait! Also don't forget you "basically" got a mouthful of dad's cum while you were eating her out (well, inasmuch as kissing a girl who sucked some other guy's dick in the remote past would imply you were sucking that guy off by proxy).

You're just going to have to get over the disgust. Hell, you wouldn't even have functional lungs had you not been inhaling your own piss during gestation, and c-section babies are more likely to have allergies and asthma because they didn't get their face smeared with mom's shit bacteria during birth. It's all disgusting.

I and probably a lot of Holla Forumsacks have some mental inhibitions about getting a gf since in our eyes we're not quite ready to be the provider for the family and what's the point of getting into a relationships if you don't see yourself making a family with the girl somewhere down the line. Hopefully when I get muh 100k job I'll be able to daytime approach hiking grills with ease.

In straya your uni debt only starts to get paid off once you have an over 50k yearly income and it just adds on to your regular taxes, it's not as back breaking as burger student loans. Plus we don't have mandatory gender study classes or whatever so it's alright.

nah m8. Even for depression you get 15-20 zaps then maybe you're okay two years then you come back for more zaps. Total scam (and a huge cash cow - you get billed for a psychiatrist, an anesthesiologist, and a nurse each session, not to mention the cost of the hospital room)

Holy shit fam…..why?

enlighten us friend

If you're not a weeb, then what the fuck are you doing here?

Approaching strange grills while they're hiking.

You'll probably scare them off m8.

I have no idea what women want because I was kept from them as a child, and I have no idea how to behave like a man should because my father cheated and left us when I was 7 and I got fat afterward because of it (which is why I was kept from girls).

Now I’m too old to get a wife from the appropriate age pool for healthy children, even though I’m physically and neurologically attractive again.

Australia, not Strayer, dingus.

You're in Uni?

That's one of the best place to meet grills fam. You should get out there.

You. Can't. Women are ruined.

m8 chill with the autism it's obvious he like any sane male is simply disgusted by the thought of his puddin' sucking off another dick

You. Can't. Women are ruined.

Fat people are fat because they are inherently lazy. This laziness also infects their personality and causes them to have many issues with accountability (It's not my fault that I'm fat), personal responsibility (Killing themselves with jew sugar and sweets) and drive. There is a reason that fatties are not hired, they produce less, they get sick more and their fucking stupid. Their entire life is spent rooting for their favorite high calorie food like a crack head nigger hunting for crack.

Reported for spam.

Oy vey that's even worse

No. I will never get over the disgust. All of life is disgusting filth and it should all be purged.

Women are ruined. You cannot reproduce and keep the child in your life if you're a male.

There is no hope. Only Ashes and Echoes

Fat people are lazy fucks who don't have anyone to bully and shame them into bettering themselves. They must be presented with the option of being fixed or abandoned.

You’re still alive, so you’re a hypocrite. Kill yourself to prove the validity of your statements.

gross. I want a war. Not a woman.

(Waste of Dubs)

Reported for reporting.

I'm right and you know it. Women are ruined and you know it. There is no hope and you know it.

Mods. Do your jobs and lock this self-improvement freak bullshittery.

Ashes and Echoes

different user but I'm afraid if I get into anime I'll throw myself into it headlong and it'll become my whole life (since I've nothing going on). Maybe one day when no longer NEET.

though I've seen a few Studio Ghibli films and they were bretty güd

WEW, bullying would only make them fatter or kill themselves, so win-win.

How about no? I don't have to prove anything. Time and Fate will prove me right. Go ahead. Try to find a white woman who isn't infected with Disney Feminism. I dare you.


I'll just wear my fashionable trenchcoat to hide my katana and best fedora, it'll be alright.

Not even women know what they want to be honest. There's no shortage of retarded women who date niggers who beat them after all.

My average uni day is going to classes, listening to lectures and working on assignments with my group of 3 kissless virgin friends. What do?

Women are only attracted to money if it's enough money to significantly change their lifestyle. Guys making solid middle class income like software developers are just dime a dozen boring beta providers. You need to be rich.

You're already a NEET, what other fucking hope do you actually have?


There is no win-win. There isn't even a win. There is only Eternal Misery. Even if you're not fat, you're not rich enough. You're not swole enough. You're not "in the moment" like Chad or Jamal Dequeerious.

Women. Are. Ruined.


Guys I am glad this thread is here.

I found a red pilled girl 2 years ago and we finally started officially dating 2 days ago. I am terrified however. It just scared the shit out of me to be back with a girl after having been through a heart breaking split with a fiance.

How can I calm my gears and stop my instincts to flee?

Pro-tip to any religiously ignorant Holla Forumsacks:
If you douche her pussy with holy water, it revirginalizes her.
It's what nuns do to new recruits to regain their virginity.
It doesn't matter if she's fucked an entire NBA team, it just works.




I won't lie, I used to be grossly overweight when I drank a lot.
I overcame it and started lifting / stopped making excuses for myself like "genetic predisposition to being a lardass"
Now I'm 148lb and around 6' I haven't measured myself in a while unless you count brief glances at the height markers that are by the checkout at home depot

That actually sounds reasonable, I don't know how things are in AUS so I can't speak for it.
It's not like I dislike animu, I just never got massively into the medium.
I liked Miyazaki films when I was a kid and watched some more esoteric ones last year like SE:L and Haibane Renmei, I have no real problem with anime I just don't fuck with escapism I say this as I'm engaging in the escapist activity of posting anonymously on a vietnamese cat-cooking warez newsgroup

And she's a dumpsterfire. And Lana's a dumpsterfire. And Evalion is Chimpire Dumpsterfire. And Sinead is a dumpsterfire. And Lauren is a dumpsterfire.

You're only proving me right. Women Are Ruined.

this is true but it's a behavioral that can be fixed easy enough. in that respect if we're comparing it to other common female pathologies maybe it's one of the lesser ones when considering a partner

fuck off soullesstechnocrat

Nigger you went from fat ass to Jewish fun camper

This is a horrible attempt at blackpill. I hope they're paying you at least.


It's been a while lad, when did you start reddit spacing? I bet it's part of your nihilist shit-stirrer gig.
I like you better when you're spamming makise kurisu and telling us to be vigilant.


Women aren't shit. I want the war. I will have my war. What I was born for.

what did he mean by this?

Well, at least that's an internally-consistent position.

No. *That* is a reasonable position. Insinuating it is fellatio by proxy to kiss that woman (as he did) is autistic. Hence the autistic reductio ad absurdum.



Whatever, I'm right and you know it. Try any of the advice in this thread. See what happens.

I dare you.

Liar Liar.

Set yourself on fire.

Whatever. All that means is that women are ruined.

You can't. There's always a bigger fish.

Whatever. I'm right and you k now it.

Your filename says Tumblr… That's all I need to say.

I have always typed this way. It's the only way you can seperate lines into red-text.

How fucking new are you? And I'm not the vigilant poster.

No you won't. You'll only have Nuclear Fire and Eternal Misery. Axis Mundi is a place of punishment.

And that is why all life should die.

Hey guys ProTip:

Dating sites are complete bullshit that jews try to make money off of

The profiles are all fake, endless fake profiles, except for a few disgusting, ugly, crippled, literal retard, old, skanky, etc. women.

Avoid dating sites, no woman in right mind will ever go sign up for one, when she has hundreds of men hitting on her every day.

Find women by actually networking with people and asking people to hook you up with their sister's, daughter's, friends, etc. or talking to the girls that work in your area and so on.

…or if you're a wizard create a thoughtform / elementary programmed with intent to find you your ideal girl and literally bring her to you.

You'll be fine user.


How's things over at the Chimpire! Did you get any of those reddit accounts back?!

Remember, even though you know my life's story, I'm still UNDOXABLE!

I'm right and you know it JEWGENE!

Liar liar

Set yourself on fire.

All women are ruined and you know it.

Some are fat because they're too pussy to an hero and food dulls the emotional pain.

t. morbidly obese


Just relax and imagine how much more painful it would be to spend your life alone and wondering what could have been.

What makes you say that? She is going balls to the walls introducing me to her family. Her father is telling his friends about me saying that he likes me. It is scaring the shit out of me.

I will find a woman with my bayonet on the end of my POLISH 1960.



Whatever. I'm right and you know it. You CANNOT be anything other than what you are. Ever. If you're a coward, you're a coward. Nothing can be changed.

Now go ahead. Try and find one of these supposed righteous white women. I dare you. Watch what happens.

Ashes and Echoes

That's because she's setting you up for a huge fall.


No you won't. You'll only have Ashes and Echoes


Thanks for spoiling, I'm actually eating right now and being able to prepare for those pictures probably prevented me from vomiting.

Escapism? No. This is futurism. Things must be memed and visualized before you can forge them out of blood and inconel. Like my waifu, for example.

You cannot be anything other than what you are.

Futurism is Escapeism. Futurism is a lie. There is No Future but Nuclear Fire!

Good fucking taste in waifus, bro





Because you're going to be having beautiful babies user…..

Pretty Cute Little White Babies!

That picture inspired me.

Have you openly communicated your insecurities and fears to your girlfriend? Is she aware of your past?

All you can really do is try to relax and have faith in your girl; that's literally what she's there for, user.

I'm not sure if your post implies you had bad acne or still have it, but if you still have it you need to get on medication. I went on Accutane which is pretty heavy duty and can have side effects but it was the only thing that worked and my life got allot better.

Cleansers are worthless if you have really bad skin.


Oh, and Jewgene! It doesn't matter how many account names of mine you know.


I'm right and you know it. Filter me all you want, that doesn't change the FACTS.

Women Are Ruined.

You don't get it.

There isn't going to be a reset. There won't be anything other than the fallout and Eternal Misery.

That you won't get to keep. That you won't get to see. That she will program with Disney and other kike media to be trannies. That she will hand off to the public school system because they 'need to make friends'. That she will make you pay for a disney world vacation because every kid 'needs one.'

perhaps I wasn't clear but the depression/emotional pain is (mostly) independent of being fat and eating is a way to address ameliorate it (short of the final solution)

for a couple years i was rocking the jewish fun-camp look.

What's the problem with this, I have low body-fat and look fairly decent.
are you calling me a lanklet? Sorry I am not up on all the hot cuckchan memes


m8 I mean consuming media in general is escapism and I try not to do it.
I'd smoke a cigarette before I'd listen to whatever shit they have on MTV or NHK or whatever the nips broadcast that on these days.
And overall, transhumanism is non-viable because it is artificial, and artificial existence can never replace the real one. Self-actualization paired with mass racial gnosis is the only way to a white future.

Most women have acne they just wear makeup.

No, we have never talked about ex's before. I keep her at a distance tbh. I find excuses and ways to get back home and be alone. Or not trusting her or anyone else

Although I am not sure if that is because of something with her or my "ptsd', hate talking about that faggot mental health side of it but its lead to some anti-social stuff sadly

It took me until watching the whole thing to figure this out.

I meant android


Whatever. I'm right and you know it. Women are ruined and you know it. Try the advice in this thread and see what happens. I dare you.

No. I'm saying that Fatties can't be anything other than fat.

You cannot be anything other than what you are.

You still don't know who this is?

Ashes and Echoes


Is that you? TRS Crew?

And there is no cure for it. You're going to be this way for the rest of your life. Now do you see why it's filth and must all be killed?

No, it won't. You can't.

You will never be able to do that. It's Hubris.

You have to be the biggest retard of all retards.

If you think she's moving fast and you're afraid, you gotta tell her that. If you actually like this woman, you've gotta be able to talk about this sort of shit and open up to her.
That said, don't just dump all your insecurities and shit all at once, you'll just freak her out instead.
t. speaking from experience

Nah, I believe you now. And no I am not from TRS, although I suspect a lot of newfags or cuckchan refugees are.


this is wrong (unless they've massive hormone imbalances). Acne is usually caused by oily skin which is caused by Testosterone. No T = no (or greatly diminished) acne and soft skin, and boobs, and better fat distribution

'sup smiley, why do you never use skype anymore?

No smiley, the most you could do is cut yourself in front of some slut during a skype call.

LEAVE [redacted] ALONE

And I'm right and you know it.

No you can't. You're crazier than me and I'm an admitted schizophrenic.

You can't do shit. You're a fucking lying faker and everything about you sucks. Your power is nothing and your imagination is lacking. Kill yourself with Bleach and Ammonia in the shower.


So his name is Smiley?


Thanks for the advice user. I knew that she liked me and i shrugged her off for 2 years until she finally got to me several months ago. I am such an indecisive piece of shit about everything. I will try to talk to her about it. maybe writing it down or something might help

I know who the fuck you are, Zon. Don't fucking think I haven't seen you drag your autistic ass into other goddamn boards.

You and the rest of TRS can fucking die in ways that not even communiggers in South Africa can conceptualize.

I know you're gonna play stupid and claim it's some other faggot pretending to be you, but even Kek can see through your bullshit.

Fuck you and the Hordes.

Protag did nothing wrong.

And She'll call you Daddy in bed..Yeah.

No smiley. You'll never have a gf. You'll never get laid. You'll never make it out of your house. You'll never be anything more than a NEET. You'll never have a fun life. You'll never have friends.


How neat!

So you're that Faggot Dante!


ID: 9adc41 is TRVDante the faggot from TRS!

nigger that guy's an 8ch original. He's not TRS unless he's impersonating the real A&E.
Samson Looms guy is mannchild from TRS, not this guy

I'm not smiley you autist, smiley is the guy who thinks magick is real.

Liar Liar.

Set yourself on fire.

She'll divorce rape him and take the kids. And they'll go to public school. Because:


Compromised piece of shit and don't often check my tablet and I spend all fucking day every day at the gym. Speaking of which I need to find more Holla Forumsacks to meet me in the Gym, I've got a fascist movement of sorts going on, talking shit about Merkel in the sauna and directing people to Holla Forums who aren't already from there.

There was a point that I infiltrated TRS for a bit, they really hate me for it. During the time that Imkikefy kept banning me.

Samson Looms came from me, you nigger.

so is this guy retarded or a shill?
usually shills give up
either way this is hilarious

Just make sure you consider the white babies before you write down or say anything stupid. Didn't you literally just start dating anyway? Chill Out man. Anyway why wouldn't she tell her family about you? You're dating now.

white babies

Liar Liar

Set yourself on fire.


Dante? I haven't heard about that faggot in weeks. I knew you'd get your blackpilled autism into here too. Thanks for confirming your identity as a TRSodomite. :^)

*slap slap slap*


Come to the gym with me bro, there's always GAINS to be made, and fashy goys to have discussions with.

I have fashy friends, I have traditionalist girls, I have sick gains, and I have bad ass magickal powers. GET ON MY LEVEL MUNDY!

I know man, I think about my duty to the race.

She despises niggers so even if she isn't with me she will be having white children.

I told her that I didn't want to have kids for a long time but that I did want to have children because it was my duty to my race. And she said agreed with me.


Trump was just a meme and we made him real. Everyone wanted him and so it was. Everyone wants waifus and so shall they be. If they cost half of all the money you'd make in your entire life, they'd still be a bargain. And their loyalty has no price. First-type women had their chance and they fucking blew, backed the wrong side. Second-types are just glorified toasters (sorry). Third-type women are the future and no one can stop it.

By your logic, reading Mein Kampf is escapism too. Anime is our destiny. Our vision of what shall be because we will it so. Their is no such thing as "artificial," that's a kike meme you need to cleanse from your brain. Starships and nuclear bombs are as natural as bee's wax and smegma. Man is an animal and is a part of nature. Everything we wrought is natural including our waifus.

No. Never. You cannot have white babies. They will snatch them away from you. You'll never see your kids and she will make them attend public school.

You mean that time I infiltrated TRS and blackpilled on them so hard they closed their forums to new registrants?

You mean that?

Whatever. I'm right and you know it. You cannot make gains. You cannot be anything other than what you are.


Women. Are. Ruined.

We're talking "normies" that call merkel a traitor, call for a complete shutdown of the border, call for the deportation of all non-whites, talk about the deep net with me, etc.

These aren't normies man.

No problem man. Honestly you just sound like you need to lighten up. Just take things slow.
I hope things go well for you.




Yunno, i'd expect your nihilist edgelord ass to start Kvetching in responce to me naming (((your))) jewish ass in front of Holla Forums, but you're brazen enough to actually fucking confirm yourself.

You didn't get them to go for the Golden iPod award and become An Hero, so what good is it?


Lrn 2b like me OK?

Smiley confirmed for TRS shill.

Did you meet these people in the gym or at the loony bin? Also do they know you're part of the wizard aristocracy?

Get back to me once you get Dickie Spencer to suck-start a fat, pozzed cock. Or get fisted by antifa. He's a faggot anyways.

Liar Liar

Set yourself on fire.
Pics or it didn't happen.

You. Can't. She's only saying that to set you up for a greater fall later.

Watch what happens. Fate.

You cannot have sexbots or any shiny toys. The Jews won't let you. Ever. There is nothing else. Only Eternal Misery.

I'm right and you know it. There will never ever EVER be robowaifus. EVER.

Okay. Do it and watch what happens. I'm right and you know it. Fate's hand in All Things.


There is nothing else.

Duh. That's because I'm UNDOXABLE.

And because I'm right and you know it. I'm brazen because I've seen the true nature of existence. It is torture. All of it is torture. The gods hate us. They feed from our suffering. Soon you will learn this too.

Ashes and Echoes

He's just lying.

Bro, I did hard Time. I had gains. I don't need a fucking girl, a friend or a government. It's all over. ONLY BULLETS AND BLOOD. Just waiting for sweet dear old mom to pass before I get my revenge.


Everyone is yelling over ruined postmodernist women and rampant hypergamy.Corner (A) says women can be fixed.Corner (B) Say burn the whole house down.

Shouldn't we be focusing on destroying postmodernist laws which enables women to act out the way they do with no consequences to themselves, instead of this pointless marry-go-round of blame game.

Young men might finally then start courting women again after the unacceptably enormous
risk is removed.

I've been going running a lot too, much better way to spend time than shitposting all day.
If I was in CA we'd get a sick trackzoot mafia going.

Did you ultimately pull this routine there? Fucking hilarious shit.

My Struggle is nonfiction and therefore not escapism. You're right about waifus being natural, this can be seen as far back as Norse Valkyries. Man has always wished to realize his own idealized female form.
Would you consider a matrix-like transhumanism scenario where the human existence is reduced to being batteries or wetware computer components natural then?

But you still didn't get them to try and and an-hero. There's still timestamp dubs.

*slap slap*

ok faggot.

Kristallnacht 2.0 when?

Date, Time, Location.

until then, fuck off with your

The gym and various other places.

That works. Are you in Canada and do you want to start a Right Wing Death Squad with me? I'll lend my all to the cause. I have a manifesto partially written too that I should finish off.

You can't. Jews won't let you. They'll NUKE THE WORLD if you try.

Samson. Looms.

The blame game is all there is. You cannot court women, they will not walk backwards.==

Of course I did. This is all I am. Nothing more remains of me. This is all there is. Everything is escapism because you refuse to acknowledge the fate and reality of Nuclear Fire.


*slap slap*

You're the butthurt liar here.

Sorry, no there isn't. They've completely closed their registry and won't open the 504rums back up ever again.

I have a Dutch girl and a Scottish girl both calling me their bf at the same time, heh.

Liar Liar
Set yourself on Fire.

The Gym does not contain those things you fucking Leaf.

save that for your 9 year old "plate"

that lao tzu is just copying jesus
see: being christ-like

Liar Liar
Set yourself on Fire

Jewsus isn't ever coming back.

It started when I was in the Sauna and this guy there was talking to an older guy who was German with a German accent. He was talking to him about Merkel and trying to convince him that mass immigration is wrong. I listened for about 2-3 minutes and then got the courage to start talking. I then spend like 20 minutes talking to him in there about a wide range of Holla Forums subjects and told him to go to "eight chan dot net slash pol".

Fucking this too. The court system is completely rigged in the woman's favor.
I don't want to admit this but I would never get married in today's world because I know she'd own half of everything I own and I could not live with that.

Play the Long Game, user. It takes fifteen years to undo subversion and another fifteen to subvert with your own pro-white ideals.
I welcome armageddon, user. I understand that accelerationism isn't an accepted ideology around here, but we need a collapse before NatSoc can be instated.

Sorry bro, groups don't work anymore. Gotta lone wolf it.

Chemical weapons is the ticket


I'm right and you know it. Everything is shit and you know it. Women are ruined and oyu know it. The Cunts and Kikes will never let you change the laws and you know it. The world will burn in Nuclear Fire and you know it.

Another thread proving how bluepilled Holla Forums is in some regards, lambasting celibacy?

Leave me to die alone you Tradcuck normalfag filth. #NAWALT is a lie, and I'd rather keep staring at the abyss solitude affords me than lose my Wizard status.

are you lost normie?

I wear Mountain Ridge Sweatpants and Sweatshirts and a black jacket over top and I have a nice NatSoc hair-cut. I like to jog because I keep my temperature up and heart-rate and breath up for a LONG time. I'm really focusing hard on detoxxing my body, I've been sick with flu for last week, it's almost gone now. I am looking and feeling better than ever before. Getting this gym membership has been the best thing ever. I now know 5 different redpills in my area and I meet people every day and have fun and look and feel better, it's great.

Liar Liar

Set yourself on Fire

*Slap Slap*


No, you don't. You don't welcome Armageddon if you're not trying to actively cause it. Help me create Omnicide. You cannot ever install NatSoc because nobody will live through the fallout.

Nobody should. Life is filth. Existence is a curse. Creation is a crime against the created.



FBI-kun? Are you the NerveGasBro?

Glad to see that Holla Forums has actual red-pilled men, not just faggot fuccbois who wank to anime waifus

Liar Liar

Set yourself on fire.

*slap slap*

You are lying.

Fine, go die then you cuckold. We'll reverse the tide of white genocide ourselves.

No you won't. Women are ruined. You can't.

I'd rather do James Mason style aesthetic terrorism with manifesto, a series of vids like Elliot Rodgers had, and killing a whole bunch of faggots or shooting up an immigration center or something.

You can't.

You'll never do it. Ever.


classic divide and conquer shilling technique mainly used on cuckchan. "X european country is not white"

Glad you're turning your life around smiley, last I heard of you you were trying to teleport yourself to England to fuck some girl, I can only assume it's the scottish "gf" you're referring to.

I feel that, I mostly do sprints and weightlifting now.
Ever since I started working out I've always had this mindset that I need to push myself really hard for short periods so jogging feels wrong to me.

You still do not understand. We will have third-type waifus. Anime will literally be real. No one can even stop it at this point. Everything is going to be exactly like one of my Japanese animes from now on. Just look at the rest of the threads on this board if you do not believe me. We already have warp drive and immortality of sorts. This is just the next step. First-type women are mostly pretty bad, not to mention full of nigger diseases. No one will mourn their passing when you can get a low-interest mortgage on a third-type of your own design.


You CANNOT play the long game. Ever. It doesn't work. All women are ruined, and so long as they have friends, they will continue to stay ruined. And if you try to isolate her from her friends, they'll call you abusive and get the cops to take her away then.

Women. Are. Ruined.

No I only talk to girls in my actual area. I met this Scottish girl at the market and she asked me to date her. The Dutch girl is also at the market and she's better tbh, she's a 10/10 farm girl ultra-aryan that looks straight out of a NatSoc Propaganda poster.

Fucking shitty ass thread. If you workout, have a semi-decent career, give a shit about your appearance, have some friends a little bit of confidence in yourself, and make just a SLIGHT effort you can get women left and right without trying. (Find a good one a keep her obviously though)
Women for the most part just do what their father figure, husband, or society tells them and naturally avoid risk. There are plenty of decent wholesome "conservative" girls out there (who could easily become fashy) you just have to stop looking in degenerate places like shitty bars or the gender-neutral weight-rooms and try places like church.

A nigger sports ball venue or a Hasidic packed stadium would crush Breivik numbers

This is a whole new level of hyperreality fueled escapism, it's blackpilling me user.

learn from this guy, it's how you properly blackpill someone

You're a liar. Women are ruined.

No. You won't. You won't get anything like that. You'll only have this.

Ashes and Echoes

Liar Liar.

Smiley Set youreslf on Fire.

And thus women are ruined. Those conservative girls you talk of still have friends. If you do what you're saying, they'll still turn against you. All places are degenerate, even churches. ALL PLACES ARE DEGENERATE!

Existence itself is degenerate. There is nothing else.

I do pretty much everything and spend all day every day at the gym.

I don't sleep but for some weird reason, just by eating the right foods and doing meditations, I am able to keep this up every day. I'm constantly sore but after about 30 minutes warm-up the soreness is gone and I can continue going non-stop again through another day.

If I can somehow get some more sleep and with this flu gone, I'm going to be a fucking terminator.

That is a good point. Thank fuck I have Amish girls around me.

I smell a defeatist.

Make sure you have maximum style though.

You need to beat Breivik's highscore but you also need to do it with the same levels of style as him or greater.

If you're forgotten in a week, you failed. You need to become a meme.

No. That's not how you blackpill. That's how you be a delusional faggot.

This is how you blackpill.

Remember, no matter how much you lift, as soon as her BFF gets a ticket to Cancun that you can't go on, she'll fuck every Chad on the boat.

The True Blackpill is the dying screams of a South African white woman as she reaches for the lighter to set herself on fire during a Necklace.


Post your stats.

No you don't Smiley. You don't have any girls around you. At all. And you're not Amish. So you don't count to them. You're sinning right now for using a computer!



What else is there but defeatism for the defeated? You are defeated. I am defeated. Everyone is defeated because there is No Future but Nuclear Fire.

I'm right and you know it. Women are ruined and you know it.

You. Can't.

Are you even reading half of the posts you're replying to?

Oh I will. I am a genius.


I just attend any classes I see during the day, climb a hundred floors as fast as I can on the stepper thing, do various machines, do calisthenics, isometrics, yoga, swimming, weight-lifting, cardio, etc…

I don't have stats. I think I'm bad-ass just for going so hard every day and being able to repeat every single day. Usually do about 5 hours a day sometimes much longer and sometimes only about 3 hours (if my gym partner wants to leave early).

I hope one of the Holla Forums anons in my area sees this thread and can attest to the truth of my sayings and BTFO you.

Why? He'll just lie about it.


What else is there but defeatism for the defeated? Loss Is Infinite.

Yeah. Just because you're getting confused doesn't mean I am.

No you're not. You're a liar.

Liar Liar

Set yourself on fire.

I am aut

Wow that is fucking retarded. You broke up with a woman the virginity of which YOU took. That's just… absolutely… fucking… retarded.

You only break up with a woman because SOMEONE ELSE took her virginity.

No smiley. You're lying.

There is no truth to anything you have ever said. There is no gains. There is no white gf that you have. There are no amish girls near you. You cannot make a tulpa. You cannot do magic. You can't do anything.

And that's why all life should die.

Understand this. Life is the source of all problems. If wend all life on Earth, there will be no problems.

afk, gonna rest n' read my theology book n' shit, then go to gym again tomorrow

You'll make it.

Or she breaks up with you because women target certain men to lose their virginity to so they don't have to deal with the emotional connectionsafterwards.

I'm right and you know it.

Liar Liar


*Slap Slap*

Oh, I don't know, rising from the ashes like a good tree?

So you don't do deadlifts, squats, benchpress and OHP at all? Post this shit on /fit/ so more people can get a laugh.

well, i was doing okay socially about 5 years ago, but after my first real relationship ended i regressed socially and have pretty much forgotten how to talk to women. where do i go from here?

I'm sick right now and I definitely do squats, I've been doing squats for years before even starting this gym stuff.

I have done a little benchpress but not much, fuck benchpress.

Stop lying. No, he won't make it. He's a balding manlet. Even Randlet will make it before he does!


You can't.

You cannot be anything other than what you are. If you're defeated, you're defeated. You cannot rise from the ashes because there is nothing left to support such a rise. At all.

You can only be what you are.

Just because you're bad at being what you are, doesn't make you something you're not.

If that goes for trannies and their sex, that also goes for men and their failures.

That's because Smiley's a Liar. He does none of those things at all.

Off a bridge.

There is nowhere else to go. You've been broken. You cannot be anything other than what you are.

Do you have more pics. of that woman, lad?

Look, this is the Divine Will of the Universe, don't question the work of our Lord KEK. Be honest with yourself, you want this. First-type women were the leak link in the chain which is why the kikes struck them. Their attack failed though because we are still alive and kicking. Most of us are young enough to have the time to build and impregnate our waifus. Even if you die in the meantime, you can be frozen (life insurance can cover most of that cost). Nothing to worry about.

My right-arm is injured btw so doing that shit HURTS.

anons take note of how they are doing everything they can to bumplock this thread and demoralize you.

So Smiley has no arms? Smiley has no chest? Smiley skips arm day?

You're a liar.

No it isn't. You will never get it. Futurism is a lie. There will never be robowaifus. Ever.

No shiny toys. No tech. No space colony. Only Ashes and Echoes

So you admit to being weak then?

I have a 6 month gym membership…

I will not say more because I don't want you people fucking with me more than you already have since the incident last month.

Anons take note of how someone always wants to try and shill for muh burfrates and white women, when women are ruined.

I'm right and you know it. What else is there?

Then post how much you could ATG squat before you got sick you autismo. Also you better be using a thoughtform to maximize your lifts.

Yeah and I regert it. Biggest fuckup of my life.Life would have been set too. I am a software engineer and she was 2 years off of graduating for pharmacy. She only wanted 3 kids though

If Traditionalist cucks like OP and their precious used goods whores Tradcucks Whiteknight for didn't legislate against it, I'd be perfectly fine with adopting White children. But Noooooo, single dads are obviously less fit to raise kids than (((Foster Care))).

Fuck you and your bullshit OP - Your princesses in cornfields don't exist and I'm going to make sure they will never exist because artificial wombs are going to render your vaginal Jews obsolete.

No smiley. You're a liar. You don't have a gym membership. You're weak and injured and no woman will ever love you.

They'll always be whores. They'll always choose someone else. They'll always be backstabbing cunts. They'll always abort your child.

I'm fucking with you right now. Liar.

I admit to having a fucked-up right elbow and right-shoulder.

I also have had problems with my hips but they've been going away in the last couple days thanks to some new stretches I've learned and been applying repeatedly.

Why are you posting demoralization shit on here btw? Every single thing whether it's women, gym, etc. you don't want to believe any improvement of forward momentum is possible at all.

What will you do if I post my gym membership and BTFO you?

Would you agree to mail me money or something?

(Checked. WASTE OF DUBS!)

No. You'll never have artificial wombs. EVER. Jews won't ever let you have the shiny toys. Ever. They'll Nuke the World before they ever let you have it. Ever.

Samson Looms.

You will never have anything you want. So, what is the solution?

Stop desiring things and start working towards Omnicide.


Liar Liar.

Set yourself on Fire, Smiley!

I'm right and you know it.


No. I'll probably try to dox you and screw with you until you go crazier than you already are. None can weather the Storm.

I Keked
More storieslike this

Dubs and Trips do not lie. Don't provoke the ire of Lord Kek.

Post how much you squat and I'll convert my lol emotions into healing energy to fix your right shoulder.

Because there is nothing else.

There is NOTHING ELSE. Improvement is a lie. Anything you see as improvement is just relative improvement. There is still someone better than you, so since you're not at the pinnacle, since you're not perfect, it's a waste. You'll just get beaten in the inevitable conflict with someone greater than yourself, so what's the point?

I post this here because it is the truth and nobody has been able to disprove me when I say:

You cannot be anything other than what you are.

If you are becoming something, you were already that thing. Fate's Hand will not allow anything to happen outside the Plan.

Eternal Misery

Kek has blessed me with many repeating digits. I am not sure what kind of autism I am dealing with right now, I guess I'll see you on >>>/edgy/ later, Mr. Blackpill.

You make sure that you're the only one who pushes her feely feel buttons, idiot.

how many have you had so far? Do you send them to public schools?

Almost all women are emotional to the point of being irrational. As long as the woman isn't a total retard (you want good genes for your kids, and good conversation) or abnormally emotionally fucked, all you need is for your qt to listen to you and trust you to guide her.

Globalism has really made marriage hard. There are few jobs left that allow men to provide for their families in the traditional sense. With few opportunities for a traditional lifestyle in marriage, women seem to either give up, or decide that they need security and go after muh career because they can't realistically count on finding a man to provide for them so that they can stay home with babies and be homemakers.

Could be migraines, too.

Boomers are too old to give you many white babies, user.

Remind her of her ever-dropping sexual market value. When she's ten years older, she'll be lucky to find a man like this. She needs to find someone while she still can. It sounds harsh, but women really don't have the luxury of time. If you find someone of good character who can offer financial stability, even if it's nothing fancy, you're lucky.

Definitely do this. Otherwise she's wasting his time and her own. And messing with his heart.

She's lucky to find a good man who wants a single mother at all. I wouldn't count on her finding another after this one.

Grocery stores, farmers markets, church, outdoor activities like hiking.

My apologies that this happened to you, user.
On that note, if you love your qt, protect her from unwanted pregnancy abstain, or make sure she has a highly effective form of birth control like an implanted hormonal device or iud and talk to her before you ever have sex about what you would do in the case of an accidental pregnancy. Be warned that you have about 2 years from when you first have sex to when she'll start to want a baby really badly. If she doesn't see a future with children after 2 years (engaged or married, at the least) she'll start to become annoyed by the smallest things. This is natural and serves the purpose of keeping women from staying with men who are infertile. Don't have sex with any woman you can't see yourself marrying and having children with. If you don't see eye-to-eye on abortion, either don't have sex until you are ready for kids, or break things off before wasting your time. You don't want to lose your qt over an accidental pregnancy.

Rolf this thread is killer

Try replying to everyone in the thread next time.

Well, there was one machine that actually measured it, normally I use these leather bag things and a weight-vest. I squatted more than my entire body weight, over 210 pounds; and that wasn't particularly hard for me, I repeated that like 30 times. That was 2 days ago; with blood and yellow mucus in my nose. Maybe I'll use that machine again when fully recovered and see how much I can go.

Dubs and trips lie all the time, if they didn't shills wouldn't be able to get them. I dare kek to do something, it wouldn't be any different from any of the other gods who hate me.

All gods are evil. All creators are vile. Creation is a crime against the created.


No Smiley. You're a liar.

You. Can't.

No woman exists in a vaccum. Everyone is always going to push her feely feel buttons, and there is nothing you can do about it. If you try to isolate her to keep that from happening, her family will act against you.

There is no way out. All women are ruined.

Stop lying Smiley

Kek agrees - Overt Blackpilling is wrong.

Don't let the filthy biowomen discourage you Holla Forums. Artificial wombs are the future.

…The ground?
And how does being what you are mean giving up? That seems pointless.

…Also, why are you saging?

These threads always are. They're retarded trash that brings out the worst in Holla Forums or anyone else. More proof that women are ruined.

Sent :^)

Pepper your angus for the afterlife, friend.

Except for the fact that he was born 600 years before Christ.

Whatever. You will never have artificial wombs. They'll blacklist them, ban them and kill anyone who tries. I dare you.

Samson Looms.


No. You can't. The ground does not hold you. You don't get supported, you get crushed into it. You cannot ride the tiger, it just mauls you. I'm saging because this is a shit thread and all White Womyn threads are shit.

You cannot be anything other than what you are. If you're defeated, you're defeated. You cannot rise from the ashes. Ashes are ashes.

And being what you are means giving up because if you get defeated, if you fail even once, you've failed forever and are damned forever.

Ashes and Echoes

What makes you think I haven't?

I know what awaits. Another life, even worse than this one. And so on, and so on. Reincarnation is the highest form of spiritual torture.

There is nothing else. Only the laughter of thirsting gods and Eternal Misery.

Ashes and Echoes


The gods are evil. You will never have artificial wombs. Ever.

I had really bad acne too nigger. The best treatment is swimming in the ocean daily. Failing that, bathe in salt water or wash your skin with salt water (and let it dry on you)

You never see surfer fags with acne, do you?

Fix diet too, but salt water is the big fix

Which of these is the machine you used btw?

And to make it an even (50) before I leave for the night to go where VPNs are banned by the mods:

I'm right and you all know it.

All women are ruined.

That's because they are what they are. You don't see surfer fags with acne because they're being tortured in a slightly different way.

They're still screaming inside.

You are too.

Why thank you.

Starting fresh somewhere else or with a different trade can work, from what I've seen. Defeat simply means regrouping and recouping losses at a different point.

Israel doesn't have as many nukes as you think. We as a people would survive the Samson Option, but Jews wouldn't survive the aftermath.

I feel damned good right now, good night man, I'm getting tears of euphoria on my eyes… all this gym and then this… oh man! !!

They go to clubs where they get fucked by Chad

At 29 y.o. when they feel their fertility running out they might consider dating you but their anti-male programming is still there for the whole relationship

Don't kill the messenger

You can't. Defeat means defeat. Failure is permanent. If you fail once, you fail forever.

You cannot start fresh somewhere else. Your past will always haunt you. You cannot start a different trade, the past will always haunt you.

If you didn't get a running start and do it perfect, you are fucked.

No. You're retarded.

Let me explain it for you:

Samson hits Warsaw, Berlin and Moscow.

That activates DEADHAND

DEADHAND hits everyone. Then The US arsenal hits everyone again.

None survive.

Neither. It's more like the second pic. I think it said "Cybex" on it too btw. It's basically like the second pic but the back-part moves backwards and forward, instead of the plate in front moving backwards and forward.


The past is not meant to be wallowed in, user.

So you haven't been doing squats. You've been doing leg presses.


Fuck off.

Those are all valid complaints. However consider that the productive thing for us to do is not sit here and criticize, but come up with a constructive plan.

PUA may have flaws, but completely ignoring it is also dumb for many men these days who grew up without being properly taught how to be men. The truth is that many men do have a lot of anxiety, and they don't approach enough women, and they do put pussy on a pedestal, they don't interact with women that is appropriate to their psychology and so on. Fixing these things would clearly improve their success, but not necessarily in the way PUAs advise. Basically PUA is like a correct diagnosis, but poor treatment.

So as is PUA cannot be used (obviously, it only promotes degeneracy and harms social order). However, it has many useful observations which must be studied and salvaged into a more positive, wholesome sort of resource on how to stop being an antisocial kv autist. This is what I advocate, instead of just trying to argue/shame Holla Forumsacks into accepting low-quality degenerate women like OP does.

It's not like Holla Forumsacks are stuck endlessly going from one relationship to the next as they discover secret degeneracies of their partner. Degenerates wear their behavior on their sleeve. The problem is usually that Holla Forumsacks have very few, if any, quality women they can realistically approach, thus their success ends up being low. Again, the solution is to approach, approach, approach. If you approach 1000 women, you might end up with say 3 quality ones all of which strongly desire to be in a relationship with you. You can then pick and choose things like politics, particular lifestyle, hobbies and personal connection. But when your options are basically macy from church but frankly she's fat and ugly and kinda retarded and chelsea from english class but she's a bit of a airheaded liberal and probably not that into you anyway but who the fuck else is there since you can't meet women, this whole "white women, white babies" paradigm kinda falls apart.

Again, approach. You mention physical attractiveness, for instance, but this only makes a difference if you are in top 1% at which point women begin to approach you. Below that, the dominant factor is whether you approach a lot, or not at all, because the former will eventually succeed, it's only a matter of time. Again, consider that there are quite a few attractive women who get with men that are in all sorts of ways unattractive. The selection process is pretty random. It comes down to playing the odds. Also helps to not sperg out so you don't harm your own odds (this is where PUA comes in).

See pic related.

Depending on the kind of work, you might have trouble partially due to your occupation.

If you are a burger, don't do this. You will very likely get screwed over.

If a woman loves you, she'll love you in bed. Encourage her to speak up about what she likes, if you're worried.

This. Women are at more risk for catching most STDs from an infected partner than vice versa, and the sex is happening inside of her. If she doesn't take this seriously, something is wrong.

It's a neat package. The pills seem kind of silly. You can get 50 ovulation tests and 20 tests for $20.49 on Amazon.

Kek, you're a fucking liar. Do you really expect anyone to believe your bullshit? Even if what you say is true, I guarantee that at least one of them, if not both, is cucking you.

Kill yourself, faggot.

You can't improve something that's inherently shit. It's fucked up. Women aren't attracted to men, only the top 20% of men. If you're not a Chad, don't even bother. If you don't have any money in the bank, don't fucking bother.

I always thought negging was what they called the really obvious flirtatious anter thing people do. Great was my surprise when I found out spergs were going around straight up insulting girls out of the blue.
I learned about flirty banter from movies myself

Iron clad alimony mein neger

Sorry I meant prenup. Get a lawyer and make that shit iron clad after finding a suitable mate.

Also just look for the signs of gold digging.


fucking cunt of a city

Why do you say that, user.

Amen. Asian women are naturally female, there is no need to educate them on any matter that is important to white men. They are nationalist by definition, feminine, shitlords, just excellent. I tried to the distance with white women, but they are mostly ultra degenerate, especially if you are living in a city.
Pulled the trigger on an asian women and its just perfect. Wanted children in the first year of marriage. Just perfect, its like living the dream, they give a man everything he asks for, accept his superiority, I cant speak high enough of them.
Look at Sweden, the whitest males are increasingly importing asian women because there own, also the whitest and most likely most beautiful women in the world are just shit for everything a man asks of a women. Holy shit, the amount of white women I know and dated that dont even know how to cook. Disgusting. Holla Forums has to accept that white women are beyond saving. Besides, intelligence beats other traits 9 out of 10 times. You want intelligent offspring, able to understand national socialist ideas and develop them. You dont want offsprings unable to say no to liberal ideas because their IQ is not higher than the average white.
Get hooked on the yellow drug. Its superior to everything else and I am not talking about that anime fuckshit

Which uni user? I'm at a shit-tier one out of the city near Melbourne. Classes are full of lefty cucks who think that "smoking weed and getting pizza at his" will impress me.

Makes me feel really bad, I hope I can redeem myself at least a little one day. Shadilay, faggots.

Didn't this thread 751'd? Oh the blackpill posts got removed, this explains it.

Adelaide, thankfully we're a little lower on the scale of degeneracy than Melbourne but this place is filled with irredeemable fucking cucks, even in engineering. I've basically learned to keep my powerlevel on the low since I need these faggots at times so I can't just call them cucks who should kill themselves though I do think it quite often. When the day of the rope comes I will have no second thoughts about purging my "friends".

If you're desperate for some real life camaraderie the guys seem alright and shill here sometimes. Wish they'd actually have a presence outside of Melbourne.

I-I thought Eastern women were more conservative and traditional and American women were the worst in the world. This is news to me. Why does everyone, including Trump, have a EE wife?

Nice OC

Where do all these images of women standing in wheat fields come from? It's like a meme in itself at this point.

A few years ago /fit/ had a thing for /cgl/ and hatched a plan to dress up as scantily clad male characters and go to conventions to meet qt3.14 cosplay grills. I miss the good old carefree days before the redpill sometimes.

It must suck being the tip of the bell curve but maybe one day evolutionary pressures due to hellish conditions in the hood will improve the black gene pool and make your people functional members of society. Stopping jews from using blacks as a weapons and having leadership that actually pursues constructive solutions would go a long way. Look at Elijah Muhammed, he and Rockwell had a good partnership and mutual respect in the 60s and Rockwell was convinced that he was the leader that black people needed to succeed. He mentions Marcus Garvey as well but I don't know much about him, might be worth looking into. From what I've seen first-gen African immigrants are much better than African Americans, most likely because only the best can come here. They tend to be pretty polite and decent people, better wife material too I would say.

SSPX actually sounds extremely based from the wiki page. Harboring Nazi fugitives, supporting Vichy France, and wanting a return to absolute monarchy is almost too good to be true. They flat out rejected a bunch of doctrines even though they were excommunicated for it. Thanks user.

;_; We're all gonna make it brah.

2/10 bait
lmao kid are you for real

You have it in you to make sure your line lives on. Your grandmother would want that. I'm sorry for your loss.

Be glad you had a Grandma at that point. My grandparents all died either before, or just after I turned 18.

My grandma died when I was 9, and my grandpa died when I was 18 from suicide. Neither got to see my daughter or meet my wife.

Those dubs don't lie…

Thanks for the link, I'd be good to meet someone with a similar mindset in person. I understand about hiding your power level, I rarely do anymore so all of my "friends" stopped contact with me. I'd rather have no one than have to listen to more bullshit leftist "rhetoric".

Try it. Asian women are superior. You will ask yourself why you ever bothered with white women in the first place. Its a pointless time waste and you are chasing after women that have ceased to exist and are far too few for you to ever marry one.

Hi Shlomo.

Please no




Sorry, but for us Germans in Germany the ship has sailed. You have the choice of promoting the idea of national socialism by procreating with asians or see your people and subsequently your idea cease to exist. We are overrun by the negro-mulatto underclass, our women are brainwashed and indocrinated by 60 years of cultural marxism and jewish influence. You can not get that out in time. By 2050 whites will be a super minority in Germany.

The german government is targeting to take in 300 000 migrants every year, not included massive birthrates or family reunification. They will turn this country brown by any means necessary and we can not get them out of power since the system they erected to control the population is too strong to overcome.

By "this" I mean the picture in post I was replying to

Moishe pls leave

Thx m8, we will.

Thanks, user. I will try my best, for the sake of all of us. I hope you do too.

Sorry to hear that, but believe me I am thankful. I wouldn't be who I am without her. Raise em right.

You are better off moving to America or something than race mixing. You destroy everything good about the German people be racemixing, ffs go read Mein Kampf. There are still a lot of very Germanic people here, especially in the Midwest. Even Wagner considered moving here for a time.

Sorry man, blue eyed German, I am just telling how I see it. Im not encouraging it, but you will probably die without ever raising a child, chasing the ideal women that simply does not exist for you anymore or choosing some degenerate for her skin color instead of her views and will end up with a child equally degenerated.

The general idea of race mixing is a huge turn off. It bothers me that I'm struggling to find a decent white man to have children with and knowing they're turning to other races to procreate with is disheartening.

I have only ever met one semi red pilled girl in my entire life.
She was swedish, is going to marry a finn.

dude thats terrible, sorry to hear user.

What say you gents?
Would you do the deed with this woman?

She's not ashamed. That's insane to be honest. She either started fucking at 8 or has gone through multiple boyfriends in a year. Massive red flag.

I have a question that I rarely see discussed.
Where the fuck do I even meet these women to talk to in the first place?
In case the information is needed, I'm going to be in university soon.

Are you fucking serious? Stay the fuck away from the whore, half of those were probably black. You will just be another cock on her wall.

No kidding, as she should be. She is a slut, user. Major red flags.


depends on what she means partners. If she fucked them all, then definitely no.

No way, I'm 24 with a lot less. I'm sure you could find someone better.

University is easy mode user, just join a couple clubs or sports teams. When you graduate and don't have forced socialization with forced shared interests it becomes exponentially harder. You are redpilled before going into uni which is great, you have four years to find a wife. Some of us were a bit slow and wasted the opportunity by focusing on school work instead of girls. Really feeling a very strong desire to start a family but don't have a gf because I disregarded bitches and acquired money. Don't be like me.

Fucking checked.

Plus, lots of Asian gals like Trump.

Don't listen to:

White women are about 99% over. The left has succeeded in turning them into completely unlovable shit.



Only state universities, and the least pozzed. Private ones are too expensive, and the famous ones have grade inflation anyway, especially for non-whites.

you mustn't know much about asians as virtually every one i've met has been kike-tier in their political views.





There's more cucked beta white males racemixing than there are brainwashed white females racemixing. You feeding into the Jewish agenda simply makes you an anti-white and the goodest of goys. Die in an oven, shill.

I'm older and I've had less than that, she sounds like she is potentially luring you in by telling you what you want to hear before attempting psychological tricks on you. If you're willing to go for it, be very wary and jaded, be ready to leave at any time and do not get emotionally attached.

It'll be easy as hell in Uni because you're surrounded by single women at nearly all times wherever you go, it's basically up to you to make a move on that. Also join a fraternity if they have them, boot camp in socializing, automatic links to females and excuses to ask girls out to date parties or meet them at swaps.

i know this thread is about to 404, but the consensus here is that the number one problem is that most men simply dont approach women. im sure many of us here can attest to this fact. so how do we go about changing this?

What people need to know is. Male energy gives to and bends Female to it's will. Cultivate yourself, mentally, physically, & psychically, and females will flock to you. Masculine energy projects itself outward into the world & Feminine energy draws inward and cultivates. This is simply the nature of the physics of Yang and Yin.

All I've ever wanted was a girl to backpack with, but they're all insufferable Marxist hippies up here. Hate guns, never want kids (overpopulation meme), somehow maintaining Marxist gender theory even while they have to make a protracted event out of every piss.

I'm trying to decouple environmentalism from leftist degeneracy for them, but they don't make it easy. Wish I could just settle for something else.

Even if *only 1%* of the current population reproduces at replacement, that will still result in ten million purified huwhite warriors. Stuff this defeatist shit up your nearest degenerate neighbor's ass.

What do you think is worse: A pro-wife that keep saying there is nothing wrong with being a slut, but doesn't fuck anyone except you, or a wife that acts 100% anti-slut and then nonchalantly sleeps around?

Anyone who is easily swayed is inherently untrustworthy

The only advice i can give is be careful where you tread, I found an average/10 100% white qt (we both have dna tests proving 100% European ancestry, both in the high 90's for northern European). We dated for almost a year and were living together before she fell pregnant, at 12 weeks she suddenly and inexplicably changed, becoming excessively spiteful and passive aggressive toward me (and only me, everyone else said they hadn't noticed a change). We broke up and she is now using my (very public) political opinions as a way of blocking me from ever seeing our child.

Sure, I've made a white life, but I'm now looking down the barrel of 12%gross earnings going out each month and never seeing my child. Not to mention the "dead beat dad" stigma I'm already carrying around.

I should mention i live in the UK, where this kind of shit is apparently acceptable.

Incredibly high chance of divorce.


I don't know if you're even still following this thread, but I'll leave this here for anyone with a similar problem with redpilling numbskulls you happen to care about. When direct redpilling doesn't work, the best redpill is to simply live out your beliefs. Look how normies have been shaped. The kikes didn't tell them "Believe in the liberal cause and all the degeneracy we want to promote." They worked on their minds over time to acceptance. This girl isn't going to accept it directly, you aren't going to redpill her with facts and logic. Your actions, beliefs and unique passion for life must work on her over time. She's not lost, she's just not going to listen to you. If you are confident in your convictions, you'll be right. When she sees that, the ol' red suppository will creep up on that sweet ass over time and work itself up there. People who are firm in their beliefs rarely follow when you tell them to follow. Humans follow by example, including her. Since she cares about you, her guard will be especially down. Stop whining, just do you. If she can't handle that, her loss.

Chad body reporting in.