Memeitic Research

I'm currently researching the phenomenon that is known as "meme magic" and it's political significance related to Kek and Pepe. Does anyone have any leads?

It's almost as this one moment has been manufactured over the past 20 - 30 years ago, the old videos with Trump saying he wouldn't rule out the presidency, the basic coincidences of Kek like Shadilay etc.

I found this, it's from an old computer program from the 90's, a raw attempt at Confrontation analysis. If you look at the top right hand corner, you'll see America is being represented by what appears to be Donald Trump. This program was made either in 1994 or 1996, at least 20 years ago.

You can find the image here with more detail:

Can anyone give me a logical explanation, I thought "meme magic" was just a meme, now I'm beggining to think the far-right / right wing have completed the greatest political tool or weapon of all time and have started implementing it globally.

Other urls found in this thread: Military Memetics Tutorial 13 Dec 11.pdf


Meme magic is very real, it has to do with quantum mechanics (necessity of observer– look up the double slit experiment) and collective unconscious. When enough people believe/observe reality to be a certain way, reality changes to reflect that.

And my dubs prove it.

It is a method of psyop info warfare. Your "lead" is how Intel conducts mass ops. But who is responsible? It's a bandwagon effort that is similar to a "stand alone complex".

We just don't know. Apparently when we make a joke and get autistic about it, it starts affecting reality in past and present, possibly future but there's no way to check.

some Croatian philosopher wrote an article about it

Interesting, can you give me more information to go off? Nice dubs btw.

It's obviously some Machiavellian power at play, an outside group with it's hands in many puppets. But what I want to know is what is their aims, goals and ambitions? Is it a lust for wealth and more power or something more sinister?

Yeah, that's what got me to research in the first place. A fascinating topic indeed.

Yes meme magick can be used by anyone BUT we acolytes of Kek are the chosen (probably for cosmic top keks)
Jews come in second they have attemped to control the means of distribution of the memes.
However we have truth and through that a natural humor.
We have awoken an ancient God.

reminder to lurk two years before posting

I heard Kek was a chaos God, what is his end game?


The superiority of 'Anonymous' in creating an internet culture is due to their ability to take advantage of obvious stereotypes and appearances, simplifying their messages and their efficiency in distributing information.

The Tyrant must always limit the scope of what constitutes 'acceptability'.* This means that their messages must always be 'Politically Correct', meaning that they are forced to present information with lengthy and long-winded newspeak when they need to communicate more distinct messages. They cannot utilize stereotypes which lend credence to 'racial' or 'sexual' or any other kind of distinction. They cannot laugh about it. Blacks eating watermelon and fried chicken? Nope. Asians being bad drivers? Nope. This is important, because they cannot then combine those very stereotypes to deliver a message. The Anons are 'free communicators' about actual problems, where the Tyrant/Left can communicate 'freely' but not substantially (noumena without reference to phenomena). Meaning, they become ineffective problem solvers.

This 'Punch a Nazi' mantra/chant/tribal speak is a result of their inability to compete in the cultural arena with simplified messages that may propagate more easily. They cannot, because it would betray the very imagined 'society' which they wish to establish. As a result, when they do stereotype and use simplified messages, they're forced to be done within a violent context and not one which utilizes the cooperative power of communication. All they can do is shout a very limited amount of buzz words and they cannot distinguish between friend or foe as easily because of the radicalization which comes with the simplification/stupefication of their language. This is why you see the Left consuming itself - even physically attacking itself in one incident. That incident being the one where a white protester attacked an Asian protester who were both on the 'same team' and the Asian man thought it was a 'racist' attacking him, so he shot the white attacker.

For some more reading, an interesting article about the current information war between the 'Deep State' vs. 'Trump':

*(Side note: Today, the "White Supremacist" Anons are those who are breaking all the rules of the civilization which had turned against them for the sake of profits - an ultimatum that if they will be disenfranchised from the society they were set to inherit (being robbed from them by the means of slander and lies), then they'll simply collapse all of it. "Current Year" user culture arose from this cultural rebellion, because physical fighting wasn't as effective.)

Crashing this plane
Alright, assuming everything we assume about meme magic to be truth it's impossible to know Kek's true intentions. Maybe he wants to come back, maybe he wants all the gods to come back, maybe he wants to save the world. Personally, I believe he's doing it for the lulz and we're the best people for the job.

to bring light into dark places

rape then kill moloch

U buzzfeed or wot m8

Posting to appear in the eventual news article that this thread was certainly made to fish up info for

To bring many lulz to the lands.
And through it the unending light of humanity's greatness
He is the light-bringer you know
Though in the end we just cant know for certain

I have watched 'meme magic' for a long time, Holla Forums has always been right, that coupled with the 'gets' funnels some sort of strange energy where the forces of chaos begin to bubble and then the sharing and the triggering begins.

I believe in the power of God, and the Christian God is indeed a chaotic, justified God. The problem is that there is all this idol worship, I do not understand the idol worship. Pepe/kek incarnate is an idol. I mean, I understand it because for whatever strange reason, it's freaking working, but I cannot claim that worshipping Kek and worshiping Christ are the same thing. I personally have never said the "Praise K3k" thing, I cannot bring myself to do it because I praise God and Jesus Christ for the work in the world, even though it is idolic.

I believe that there are extremely deep ties to what's going on here and Egyptian magic. I do not believe that it is merely an natural phenomena.

I believe that God's plan is moving through this chaos demon that has been evoked. It has triggered the fullness of the left and it has triggered the globalists and the Jews. It's as if this side of the internet has taken the forces of Satan and spun them on their head, like a game of russian roulette, to reset the board after such global atrocities against the proletariat. It's as if on this side of the internet, there are actual white wizards, people who use this demonic earthly power for… the greater good.

TL;DR Baptist guy thinks meme magic is ancient demonic wizardry but that it is being used to play chaos to further the plan of God and humiliate those with massive funding who can't meme to save their lives.

No one worships the frog/Kek, they worship what's behind it.

Could it by any chance have anything to do with the pyramids?

Well of course… that's what idol worship is. It's not like most people are worshiping a statue [some of them are - see chan advertisements for pepe statues] they worship the name of Kek - they worship him because it evokes the response of chaos, but it is worship, and it is worshiping kek, if you say "Praise XXXX" when you are happy about something, you are worshiping that thing. which is NOT the name of God or Jesus Christ.



whole thread is breddy gud tbh

From what I've read, literally just to kek. I found a video on youtube that explains kek if anyone wants it.



sure… when we are talking some huge terrorist attack or something like that.

If they have such powerful control of reality.. why are we still posting here? why would they let us and why would we even bother if they were that much more powerful than us? If you embrace the idea that they are that powerful why not just go full bluepill? and If they actually were that powerful then why havent they offed me to further some other reality controlling goal?

simple.. they arent that powerful. They have propaganda. We have memes. Memes are more powerful.

For some basic research done by some government freelancers circus 2009, look into the Memetic Conpendium and Memetic presentation. If nobody gives it to you I'll upload it onto a mega and link it when I get home from work.

I just channel my anger and laughter into Kek, my praise is not given there, because I'm still conscious of God… but it hurts to say His name because I've reached the last rung of His patience for me to not believe in Him, I think.

Kek is a messenger of Jesus. Kek brings the chaos. From the chaos comes order in Western Civilization. That is Jesus. Kek is opening terrain for the Revival, not of Jesus, but Western Civ.

Seems like a newfag to me, doubt that a journigger would bring relevant info to the table.



But is it possible that some people have more influence into reality? Like I don't know.. people from 8ch are more in contact with reality by not being brainwashed by Cultural Marxism.

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Memetics is a science, there's hardly anything magical about it. Think about the first people to discover electricity, they could have assumed it was magic as well. The simple fact is that we haven't advanced far enough scientifically to explain it yet.
What seems very clear is that conscious thought is somehow intertwined with spacetime. Because of this, humanity has developed an unconscious sort of hivemind.
it's no coincidence that the frequency of human brain waves is the same as the resonant frequency of the earth, or that the number of humans on earth is now almost the same number of brain cells in the human brain, right as we're beginning to really see memetics have a large noticeable effect.
is there a higher godlike power at play here? perhaps. quantum physics is rapidly approaching that conclusion. there might even be multiple ones.
just the other month, scientists discovered 4 dimensional matter
whatever is happening, its effect is becoming more and more pronounced and noticeable. right now we see it because we're actively looking for it. once it becomes so powerful that even the normies start noticing it, that's when you'll start to see major scientific research take place. i have a feeling that black budget projects akin to the CIA's research into "psychic powers" may already be taking the first steps. we may see a scientific explanation in our lifetimes.

It's similar to how my high school girlfriend had to go to the emergency room after the prom because my massive cock ripped her taint. Just by telling that story I get girls interested in my massive cock.

My friend, Jesus himself is an idol. Man's reflection of God. An idol is a personification of a facet of God so that man in his primitive mind can relate to it and comprehend it. Man in his limited body can only ever hope to appreciate and understand a idol of God, for we lack the capability to have a total understanding of God. Only God can truly know God, what we worship is only the pale after image that our senses allow us to conceptualize.

Did you really think the Thule died in Germany user?


Underrated post.

With no survivors?

What did you mean by this?


Nothing short of the end of the Kali Yuga, and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. oh wait, that already happened. :^)


1. They are coming from >>/christian/ with the intent to convert us. Several threads have been made with this intent in mind and iirc logs as well.
2. They use a small number of easily refuted talking points (A. Jesus is not a Jew, B. Christianity is racist/nationalist!, C. pagans are degenerate/leftist, D. christianity is european culture, E. Kekism/Mememagic isnt real/satanism)
3. They have a very small number of material and memes at their disposal and the vast majority of academeia and history proves them wrong at every point.
4. They make hit-and-run shilling attacks trying to weaken the boards resolve and slowly chip away at our beliefs trying to shift our core ideas. When they lose/are exposed, they run and have a mod delete the thread.
5. A moderator/janitor is on their side on both 4cuck and 8pol, deleting threads of anti-chriatianity and pro-paganism/kekism.
6. Most likely this is originates from Holla Forumsgoons/jidf/ with the attempt to take over and de-radicalize us. Leading to the jewish plan of a war of Christians vs Muslims.

Can we just start banning the /christian/ raiders now?

Memes need the right brain hemisphere. Men are naturally more inclined to the right half than women.

Chaos and Order is one. The only difference is whether we understand or like it or not.

Kek is the Ogdoad; the Logos is the Ogdoad; the Hebdomad is where all the Pantheons reside.

Jesus is an old failed jewish meme.
Kek is an ancient Egyptian meme that has been reborn in modern times.

I once thought it would never happen, but I think now that Kek has revealed himself, we may finally rid ourselves of their pestilence

ITT: Victims of the Jewish mind cult of Christianity are trying to stay relevant by now embracing Kek.

Then let their god show them mercy in the afterlife, for they'll find none here.

Right, but you are mistaken about the necessity of observation.

It does not require a human observation at all (measurement devices count as "observing" the particle.

Furthermore, quantum mechanics only affects the subatomic.

Coincidentally, I'm writing an article for a prominent US foreign affairs magazine about this (well, more along the lines that the government should revive the USIA and empower it to wage informationa/influence warfare).

You'd be surprised how much military/political research has been done on the subject. Here are few sources that might aid you. Military Memetics Tutorial 13 Dec 11.pdf

Stopped reading. Christian trash needs to get back into containment… >>>/christian/

All hail >>>/baphomet/!

Holy fucking shit, where does all this 'magical thinking' come from regarding memetics?

It's very simple:

Humans are biological machines. Relative to what we call 'nanotech,' we are what is called 'gigatech.' Our cells are complex chemical von Neumann machines, which (by definition) are machines that can create copies of themselves by first following instructions to build the copy, the last step being to copy the information (DNA).

Other than simple behaviors (suckling, pain avoidance, etc) and tendencies (violence prone, delayed gratification), nothing in the brain is delivered to it by genes. Being that we are physical, we depend on replacing the 'broken parts' within us with matter collected externally. Being physical, it means we must obey causality. This destroys the most liberal concepts of "free will" out there.

Everything you know came to you via external stimulus, or is the result of composing the external stimuli. Every opinion formed is formed on elements which were inserted into the psyche via physical processes. The brain must make sense of its stimulus, and since the brain itself cannot sense the world (it relies on signals from sense-organs), it's stuck having to construct a virtual reality in which to represent what it senses. Color vision is a very very basic example of what Meme Magick(tm) can do.

Meme Magick(tm) cannot occur anywhere in the universe except within the computational structures which create virtual realities for computational systems which are 'conscious' (so far only humans are *known* to qualify as this). Pepe drawn onto a stone that is then launched off the surface of Earth at 50,000 km/h will do absolutely nothing as far as affecting the universe. You cannot influence reality by praying, or drawing and then burning memes in fires. It requires not just a consciousness to be interacted with by the image, but it requires a consciousness which has internal psychological 'structures' that are compatible.

Just like you can't take a Windows program and drop it on a Mac (even though they're both Intel systems), because Windows is one computational (psychological) 'structure' and Mac is another, and the software was formed on account of the Windows structural elements (which means nothing to the Mac structure). Memes do not spread purely on their own in-vacuo. Just like a stream cannot 'flow' without the mountain to flow down, a meme cannot influence a mind that lacks the levers the meme pulls on for influence.

Meme Magick(tm) is so powerful, that it can change the way the world appears to a target mind. For millennia, the color blue was not named or mentioned in works until no more than 1,500 years ago. It is as if blue did not exist for people until someone noticed it, and it spread like a fire. This also explains how a liberal rioting in the streets near Berkeley thinks he's in the right. Nobody [almost] on the Left snickers about their evil rubbing their hands. They think they're right, because the memes they were exposed to up until that riot formed a mind which saw the evils of patriarchy and white identity.

Humans are biological computers, without souls, without free will, and without brain-state backups. Meme Magick(tm) is the phenomenon which occurs when a unit of thought is encountered by a compatible and susceptible mind.

Experience. I suggest you go meditate and discover the truth. You can also seek a shortcut through drugs, the occult, or finding an EM anomaly.

If I could ever be so unlazy as to run my own Holla Forums and it got exodused to, outright christcuckery would be an instantly bannable offense. Being Holla Forums would be another instant ban. VPNs would be banned too, as VPNs are the favorite way of shills to make 1 look like 10.

pic related

Checked for sign of the divine king





good luck on your memetics research

Wasn't this made by the people who were shilling Rato? Who lost the meme war to a few hundred shitposters from an Auska fan board?

Their petty attempts to understand memes, and break them down into formulas are completely futile. You can't explain the memes using words, because memes are beyond anything we can verbally communicate.

do your own homework you lazy git.

It's kinda bordering on heretical, and the logistics are sort of a nightmare, but in theory there are females on our side of the bog. What about combining sex magic with meme magic? I mean, you want to talk about a meme that is highly correlated with the concept of "creation," look no further.

The step after that would be using memes, magic, and procreation to organize reincarnations. Consciousness isn't exactly limited to one incarnation at a time, so we could produce an entire generation of Hitler-consciousness children, although going for some variety would be better to create a society with all the necessary talent pools.

I'm not sure if you're utterly retarded or a buzzfeed "journalist". Most likely the latter. Why are anons participating in this thread?