Well it looks like the civnat cucks at TRS or the nerd virgins of CTR are back with a fresh round of weak Holla Forums tier memes about how civic nationalism is actually MORE redpilled than wanting to kill all minorities. Pics related, get inured to these posters as they will probably continue infesting us. Recent refugees from 4cuck take note.

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Here's an example of the offending posts. Full on Trudeau tier "If you kill your enemies, they win" bullshit.


no good jews
those shia streams have made me rethink some of my beliefs tho

You're not fooling anyone here.

This is retarded. You shouldn't give a single finger to these jewish hyenas, or they'll take your whole arm plus interest.
At worst Holla Forums goes back being irrelevant and redpills a few every once in a while.
At best people start seeing the truth and go full 1488 gas the kikes race war now.
Literally no reason to shill for CivNat.

civic nationalism is being promoted by all the nonwhites and racemixers with asian gfs who are on either Holla Forums. Every single time I've gotten into a debate with someone on Holla Forums who supported civic nationalism, one of those two things was revealed during the conversation. Every single time.

From their perspective, it's a smart thing to shill for. If I were some asian or pooinloo or one of the niggers at the high end of the nog IQ bellcurve, I'd be shilling for civic nationalism too. Because it makes sense that a parasite wouldn't seriously advocate for the removal of itself. But that's just too bad. There are "based" nonwhites, but the point is that the majority are not, and you can't atomize groups to the individual level.

Shilling for civic nationalism didn't even become a thing until like halfway through Trump's campaign. No one even heard or used that term beforehand. Because it's fucking dumb and is no differrent than the bullshit the cuckservative have been pushing for decades. It's just reaganism.

Shitty memes

Must be a secret agent kek

Yeah these fucks seem to be using the influx of cuckchan users trs threads and the /HWNDU/ threads as cover to insinuate that Holla Forums is really civnat and not natsoc.

This is 100% accurate, I've seen it with my own eyes.

Killing all minorities is unnecessary and cruel IMHO. Most Mexicans I know are bro tier.


t. Shitskin

Because they're your literal brothers, Pablo

This. iPhag saves your images automatically in that numbering format and does not allow you to change the filename, at least not without an app or some shit. OP may be a faggot, but he can't help his filenames.

t. iPhag that posts with iPhag and does not like the image filename format, but it's not a huge deal for me


I just came here to say that the anti-trs purity spiraling memes were weak Holla Forums-tier memes, kys

Spotter the yid

t. Chimpire kike


Read the op my friend

t. TRSodomite


Holla Forums levels of text. Learn brevity, dammit.

this so much
all of them are just non-whites that want to become just like us but have to do mental gymnastics to justify their actions. Just like liberals.

I have givem much thought about Ethnic nationalism vs Civic nationalism because there is a last piece that is not easy to deconstruct, and that is if culture comes from ethnicity or the other way around

Everyone I got into an argument came into this part wich neither have a clear answer and the typical liberal and cuckservative just says "If those sandniggers embrace or respects our culture nothing happens!"

the truth is that both ethnicity and culture are things that are taken into account when demonstrating that multiculturalism doesnt work
And I cant stress how important is this to get to the mainstream, as they believe everyone is equal and shit.

>Ethnocentrism is rational, biological, and genetic in origin. Source:
>Babies demonstrate ethnocentrism before exposure to non-Whites. Source:
>Ethnocentrism is universal and likely evolved in origin. Source:

and there are a lot of studies I wont spam

So I want to ask you fellow Holla Forumsacks:
How can I counter the argument of muh culture?
is there any study made that demonstrates that for a cultural change there needs to be a genetic change? Like how the christians killed the pagans in europe for 1500 years burning and exterminating people I dont want to d&c but that is a clear example

Just report and deport them to reddit.The last time I checked 4pol the jidf shills are openly telling people that Hitler caused the death of millions of germans and a degenerate.

This,I have seen few muh based nonwhite christians,muh based syrian shills here lately.

The answer is neither. It's not about biological determinism (racial determinism) or environmental determinism (cultural determinism). Ultimately why they are different from us doesn't matter. They are not us. Our ancestors didn't toil so a bunch of aliens could inherit our homelands. They did it for us and now it's our responsibility to secure our nationhood for our descendants.

What special answer do you want? Civ-nat can work because it's working now. It was working better pre-1970 but it was still similar.

It could stay for another 200 years for all you know.

Kill yourself kike

well the "why" matters to demonstrate the argument.

you have to define that better because that sounds jewish :^)

Even in colonial USA there was visible differences between germans, anglos, people from ireland, etc. (read whites)
Even in Switzerland there are total differences and their only way was a federation.

Civic nationalism doesnt work unless the ethnic groups are very close and even then there are lots of differences.

The response I want to get is basically about what is happening in eastern europe wich has lot of similar genetic background but such different cultures and lenguages.
that is what crushes my arguments against ethnic nationalism.

also Just want to make clear that civic nationalism is a fucking mess if we dont take in account genetics.

all thos fucking cucks can suck my uncircumcised cock

against Civic nationalism*

See, I'm torn because I'm from Arizona and I'm a quarter Navajo, but I very much want America to be a White country, and I particularly do not like the blacks and Aztecs moving in here in large numbers. I also married a white woman well before I was even political, so this stuff just puts people like me in a hard place.

If you didn't say you were a quarter Navajo nobody would even fucking know the difference. The problem is shitskins hanging onto their nonwhite identities which is incompatible with identity of being an American.

Yeah and it still worked. There was also civil war in the USA when it was ethnically the same. Is there a civil war now?

People can make any old shit work if they want to. It's not my preference but I won't count it out.

i think its more so the non whites who envy whites and desperately want to be accepted. lots of browns and gooks posting here now. needs to be addressed, they are not allies and never will be. the same shit will eventually happen again as our people get complacent. all nonwhites must go.

My problem is that I am noticeably somewhat non white. I essentially look like a Hispanic person of mostly European ancestry (basically like a castizo), but it's disingenuous to call myself a White person because I clearly am not.

In a room full of people who are central/northern Europeans, I am noticeably some admixture of Injun, but when I counter protest BLM rallied I get called a White devil.

I wish you Whites the best of luck because my kids are not visibly non white at all, and I teach them all about their European identity and history and tell them to be proud of it, but I just hope that if a White ethnostate exists in the future, that my descendants can join it.

What's your background?

I am 1/4th Navajo, the rest of me is a mix of Italian, Greek, French, and Iberian.

what is even your point?
white nationalism? or that all people from all backgrounds can "coexist" :^) if they have the same culture

Also, I want to add that my wife is of Irish, German, Norwegian, and Polish ancestry

Most greeks I've met aren't the hellenic ideal type greeks, mostly turkic looking ones. Not sure if you fall into that category. Feather nigger genes are pretty dominant though. When you say Iberian, you mean Spanish or portuguese right?

Given the mudskins infiltration of the Iberian peninsula I'm not sure how white you could be considered. Just my .02.

Iberians are pretty white tbh, but again, I'm not claiming to be white. I know that I'm not and never will be. Regardless, I have a vested interest in keeping America white and I'll do what I can to help support the cause.

I'm also a history teacher, so I do my part in educating our youth to understand and be proud of the achievements of their European ancestors in the Old and New world.

Right but if you realize most proper definitions of white would exclude you, why are you any different than any other minority trying to remain in our nation? Because you're 'on our side'? It's the classic non-white parasitism problem.

Point is America already coexists. Once you clear out illegals and terrorists, it's just going to keep moving along fine.


Civic nationalism is, in a way, the last line of defense for the globalist establishment. A line that is composed of those that are too scared and too cucked to take the last step. The only way forward is the ethnostate. Anything less inevitably regresses into a multicultural shit hole. No compromises shall be made.

So, my 10 year plan. I need a fellow mathfag to help me on this hypothetical plan.

The question is, how many years would it take to make America fully white with this plan.

Sterilise all non whites
Make sure that all whites have an average of 4 children, hopefully 8. Sterilise white moms after 30 years to prevent diseases and genetic defects.

Are your parents or grandparents migrants from South America, Central America or Caribbean? If so you should go back. If not about 10% of Americans have some admixtre of Amerindian it's not a big deal. There's tens of millions of beaners i America. We can't start giving exception to these recent migrants.

Because I literally gain nothing from having more non whites flood into America. More immigration makes life worse for me as well, not just for white people. You think I like going to supermarkets and seeing people only speak in some nigger version of Spanish?

I have zero ancestry from Latin America. My great grandpa was an immigrant from Portugal who settled in Arizona.

You don't really have anything to worry about. When we take power we're not going to be going around DNA testing everybody. What will happen is we'll take immigration records and birth records and revoke citizenship based of country of origin of post 65 migrants and their descendants. Just by filtering the records.

Native Americans will likely receive special accommodation just based on historical circumstance in America. And the tens of millions of whites that have some native ancestry aren't going to be purged.

Running out of time. Civnat is the shortest way from A to B.

And if you don't believe me. Just imagine if a purge of people with Indian ancestry was attempted in America. You're talking tens of millions of whites that will be directly effected. Most of which will have been involved in the revolution. Many of them would have close friends and comrades and they wouldn't like it. The government would have a rebellion on its hands.

It's possible I might have some Indian ancestry. My family settled America in the 1650s. That's a lot of generations and a lot of opportunities of mixing. I have blond hair and blue eyes and if it was found I have some Indian ancestry and I had to go. I'd go to war against the state.

Most importantly, it will be the extinction of the white people as we know, the same end results as liberalism, communism and all the other -isms that accepts this racial invasion of our homelands.

Civic nationalism is a contradiction in itself. You can't look away from race and still be a nationalist, because in the word itself, nationalism is natio, which means people. A homeland is bound by blood, not a piece of paper that you got when you were born. I'm a swedefag and has alot of experience with these types, civicnationalists, right-wingers etc. They are a cancer that will still hold the jewish values up high and don't want to get rid of shit that's seriously harmful to us. Not only that, but civic nationalists is usually a mix of what you said, but also full on zionists and kikes aswell.

We don't own our culture anymore. It's the culture of companies and most importantly media that makes our rituals nowadays. Our culture is that of a jewish culture, coming from hollywood, from tv, newsmagasines and marketing-firms. There's only small connections between the traditional holidays and current year holidays nowadays. And this stems from a century year long reign of jews with unquestionable power over our societies.

Culture changes, it always does. Back in 17-18th century France was the big power in Europe and the surrounding countries adapted their language, their cultural habits etc. There's a few french-sounding words in a lot of european languages, heck the danes still use the french way of numbers. Nowadays it's an ((american)) based culture with all that comes with it.

I know you can't start sperging this out, but ultimate culture isn't what matters, it's the people, the bloodlines. You can only eliminate, never change that.

Chans are a proto-culture. Why are you even poasting here, shouldn't you be on some 23&me exclusive fora?

try harder nigger

it's not even spiraling it's signaling

As a species we need to be the ones surviving or the ones perishing with our bloodline and fighting for survival and to thrive is a natural duty

just like not having children is an evolutionary dead end, racemixing with low IQ and giving birth to mongrels is an insult to your whole ancestry.

this thread is anchored anyway so fuck yourself

Can you try to be even more retarded?

oh it's you again, you're that useless cyber faggot who wants to immediately jump 200 steps ahead and who dreams of a 110% white galaxy while we're currently being turned into minorities in our own western countries. you must be the most useless shitposter on 8/pol. YAWN