Trump SACKS Director of Immigration and Customs

Ragsdale, a lawyer, had worked for US immigration agencies for 20 years, and at the ICE’s headquarters for 11. He provided legal advice to ICE’s law enforcement programs before becoming acting director, according to his official bio on the ICE website.

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Traitors need to get fired. OUT OF A CANNON AND INTO A MOUNTAIN.

take your pick
>> Ragsdale&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&gfe_rd=cr&ei=ooCQWN-gB-ja8Afl27fwCQ#q=Daniel Ragsdale&tbm=nws

Wonder what he did to anger the Emperor.

Goerrbals on firing Yates

Good shit. Trump does not fuck about when it comes to firing incompetents.

I like how Tucker specifically brings up that we don't want to become Sweden.

I lol'd

Why do they keep pushing this meme? It's the fucking alien enemies act. Shit has been on the books since 1798.

He works fast.

And got overriden in 1964 I think. As of right now it is unconstitutional.
King Nigger broke it though.
Now it just shows the hypocrisy of the msm and co. that it was okay under his rule, but not under Trumps.

And all Trump is doing is showing off how he reacts when he gets told no, even when it's their fucking job to look after the constitution and keep the president in check.
Like a fucking child.
And here I had hopes that he'll be different once elected.

You hoped for a cuck that would take 'no' for an answer?

Honestly the only things he doesn't seem to have done right thus far are be more openly antagonistic to Israel. Everything else is going off like clockwork.

First we clear the country from the inside.

Then we clear the country from the outside.

Kek Vult user.

It wasn't. Are you even trying, Chaim?

Oh no, is it too late for me to vote for Shillary? I changed my mind, trump is like a FUCKING child!

I guess the main CTR force is over on cuckchan, we're getting the discount ones :^(

I think Israel/Jew policies are the only thing we won't get.
We will get everything else though… which means Jews are changing?

Is this a hot new meme?

Kek. Get fucked, shitskin faggot.


To be fair all presidents before him never came through with promises.
He's the first to succeed.

Okay, that just actually dawned on me and this is bloody glorious.

This is a big play. Be ready for the return volley lads.

10/10 lad.

No, I hoped for a guy that would use his fucking brain once in office, and instead of mindlessly fiering people rather use their past actions against them, stripping them of their reputation and make sure that whoever follows after knows how to behave and act according to law.
The fact that you would describe someone that wants the law to be uphold as cuck shows how fucking degenerated you are.


yeah no shit. These cocksucking government employees are finally figuring out what it's like to work in the real world.

Spoken like a true commie. Gas yourself


We don't have time anymore user. We're running out of time.




The BEST thing of this is that he did not changed once elected. I feared that he will, but he delivered. He was elected MAINLY on his anti-immigration stance and keeping 0bama's multiculti marxists in place is a no-no. He should purge the apparatus even deeper, 2-3 tiers. TO THE BONE!

WOOOOOW what do you mean there are consequences to my actions? Are you trying to say I can't just refuse to do my job and still expect to keep it???!??


This new shill tactic, of pretending to be a Trump supporter who is upset that Trump is doing everything single thing within his legal means to keep his promises to the people and get them done as quickly as possible, is absolutely pathetic tier.

CTR was infinitely better than this. You are awful at your job and should feel bad about yourself.

gee, guess we will find out won't we be a use the justice department is going to do its job now in a court of law… and it had already signed off on the executive order beforehand

you're very well informed and that's what makes you so important and special

I can feel the desperate libertarian shivering from here. we are ex-libertarians. go back to the T_D or lurk 2 more years before posting again.

Those new shills are pretty low energy with their concern and their shitty lies:

That wasn't her job, her job was to do what the President wants her to do, filthy Jew.

Who should I vote for?



i think he is trying to provoke the yids into something stupid after his holohoax remembrance day and not recognizing jerusalem as their capital

low energy

I just realized that their line of shilling is tailor made for basic-bitch cuckservative & lolbertarian leaning sites. I find it almost nostalgic that they still think "muh conservative principles" is what mobilizing Trump voters.

Reminder that the mods are paid shills and that they purposely will not do anything about these people.


This, and it will happen soon.

The amount of kvetching on my normiebook is insane. It's like a fucking salt mine.


Stay mad faggot.

nah. the constitution does not actually prevent shitskin moslems from being banned from here.


That actually sounds P good.

Go aeay you fucking retarded cuckold

Sup Jew CREW?

Judicial review was never part of the Constitution. It was a right the Supreme Court appropriated to itself. Article 3 merely states that a court shall be instated to resolve disputes between States and between States and citizens.

The Supreme Court has no right to declare any legislation "unconstitutional", and that includes the Alien Enemies Act.

it's not a new tactic.


A good employer would have fired him sooner because he has clearly done a shit job.