7.62 Hard Life

Little did Paquito know that the sound that woke him up was that of 20 kilo worth of birdshot coming down the street as north /k/orea turned the corner straight into his neigborhood

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Jamal thought he was a hard banger until Big Burd and his crew got on the block

Not diggin your taste in weaponry

I love this fucking game, post more of it, its weapon selection is bar fucking none

By the way, anyone know whats the most optimal number of mercs in a squad?

Right WIng Death Squad is working its way through the jungle to meet their contact only known as Moonman

The gold-plated Commander?
Its 15% more accurate than the various chinese knockoffs you can get without a license.
For child killing assault clips and high-cap tacticool handguns you have to get a bolis licence which I dont have yet.

The optimal number is essentially how many you can afford at the same time.

I found that 1 man and 3 man works best for both jungle and urban.

Is this an X-COM clone or something?

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It looks like X-COM with a modern day skin on it. Instead of giving an asinine response why don't you tell me a little bit about the game? Is it turn-based? Is it complex? Is it multiplayer? Is it fun?

user you dumb.

Google the fucking game for a start though even comparing the UIs will tell you 7.62 is different and certainly not an X-Com 'clone'.

It shares some elements but that's because both games are the same rough genre.

And yes it's fun and heavy on the /k/ autism.

Nigger it looks like the UFO games or Silent Storm if anything.

Its a RTwP squad based physics based tacticool RPG strategy game.
Basically JA in real time.

It's pretty fun as long as you don't think dying randomly to a stray bullet shot by a blind man who wasn't even aiming at you is too much bullshit.

If you´re new and have trouble understanding some concepts check out pastebin.com/3EhPVhar
its outdated as fuck tho and some concepts and town names are fucked since the game localization changed a bunch of shit while essentially still being google-translated, shit like Olividad localized to Olvega and Las Vacaciones to Puerte Viejo, or familiarity being ado(sic)ptation


It's one part RPG, one part tactics game. You have a team of hired guns, they have skills and shit, you can travel around the settlements like it's some sort of Fallout.

There's no extensive base management like in X-com. It's real-time with pause. It has an extra first person screen like that Space Hulk game.

Also because it was made by slavs, you better think of it as Stalker or Boiling Point, but as a team tactics game.

Ah nice to see my picture of border guards negotiating with Jamal being saved by someone else.


Go to Sagrada and he should be somewhere near the alley trader.

north /k/orea once again proves that magnification scopes are for carabineros


the north /k/orea train only stops for reloading

Since they've put the workshop out, does anyone know any way of map editing for this? I'm desperate to create some more urban maps for this game

Buying ten copies.

Well since in years nobody has managed to fix pathfinding nodes Id take a wild guess and say that they´re hardcoded.
Then again Ive got shitall idea about programming in general.


Was this game the one that had permadeath

time for some tacticool night ops


How do? I have the toolbox, manual, and the 9 FALs. Is crafting as unintuitive as it seems or am I missing something?

shoulder the toolbox, then take one of the rifles in your hand and right click

cripplekike I swer to me mum

Please don't tell me I have to be carrying every single one of those FALs when I don't even have a backpack yet.

its ages since I did it last but you can technically do it yourself with the help of a portable wooden box
alternatively, assuming you´re in the logging camp, recruit the Fighter and give him 4 of the guns and equip 3 yourself

Best merc?

From a utilitarian point of view, Pops.

In combat HebrewHawk is the best at shooting.

What about muh Paquito

Mechanics is a trainable skill, Experience is not

I'll find out how the fuck to do this, but not tonight. I'm not conceding defeat to slavic programming again.

Aight I tinkered around found out what the problem was.

The requirements changed in a recent patch, you need a gun cleaning kit instead of a toolbox. The outcome also changed.

Equip 4 FALs on yourself, equip 4 on the Fighter (you technically only need 8 guns), have a gun cleaning kit in your inventory (you can loot some from roaming Jamal or military patrols), then do the context menu option.

What you get might not be ye olden gud-FAL but an auto-fire enabled 0% wear shit-FAL. Its got a whooping 41 accuracy which is 6 points above the Zastava you get from the quart. Bonus points for it still being considered a hunting rifle (protip: automatic weapons are almost exclusively bolis or above) when you take out the mag.


AAAAND fuck me, you can actually train experience.

yeah, hes got his own little house. hes a blue dot on the map, but invisible until approached.

U da bes, user.

My dick is now diamonds. Aside from mods I have been unable to find my M70 raifu in any vidya

any one else playing with mercopalypse?

just bought the game, and found hard life to be too… hard.

though mercopalypse is definitely easier, i am enjoying the added guns and free mercs it brings.

and the joy of a famas g2 with a 60 round magazine.

Mercopalypse is built on top of BSM, and BSM is essentially an old fork of HLA back when HLA was barely playable.

Its a game where people die when they are killed.
The difficulty of "Seven" Ill just assume thats where you got #rekt stems from the player´s misunderstanding of game mechanics.
Picture related, there was no grinding involved, everyone in the crew carries a rifle (2 kar98, 2 garand, 1 remington) additionally to the weapon they originally brought with them.
The 2 garands and a shotgun took care of most Jamals after I unloaded the Zastava in a sweep barrage point blank on the bridge.

i actually beat seven,though with the death of 2 jungle fighters.

it was when the remaining junglefighters went back to base, taking all the weapons i gave them, leaving me with that 1 merc who always wants to leave, regularly facing 30-40 bandit random encounters.

i actually beat seven, though with the death of 2 jungle fighters.

i had sandbags placed in the same position, 7 mercs with automatics at the start, rifles for when they ran out of ammo, and armed the local populace, telling them to use the river as cover.

it was when the remaining junglefighters went back to base, taking all the weapons i gave them, leaving me with that 1 merc who always wants to leave, regularly facing 30-40 bandit random encounters.

i cant into the ww2 campaigns, but killing cheiftans and pattons with t55 and t62 is rightup my alley

you get penalized HARD for that, even in vanilla
theres a hidden stat called "professionalism", if its too low you wont get quests

its supposed to be exactly the other way around
you remove as much jamal as possible with the rifles, that have double the accuracy and triple the muzzle velocity of AK pattern trash you have access to through Jamal
also remember that the poor toHit chance displayed on shotguns reflects the chance of EVERY SINGLE PELLET hitting the target, meaning that bird-shot is >guaranteed< to hit a standing target up to 50m with at least one pellet

well them force-leaving is bullshit I give you that, but their gear is nothing special and you should be fine if you grabbed the body armor and the holster from them
the gun Servulo totes is breddy gud, as is the SKS from Fernando, but you can get SKS from Jamal and the MAK from stores from the beginning of the game
the garand you grabbed plus the ammo is more than capable of making your ass 100% Jamal proof

random bandit encounters are 15 Jamal on average, with the occasional 25 spike
you can clear 15 jamals with a garand in 2 reloads

if you dont wanna get Jamal´d randomly, create a wookie suit from uniforms and camo paint, travel slowly
on the bottom left the second I believe number is your camo, which is basically your chance to avoid an encounter

and if you really fucking hate random encounters, restart the game with a more stealth oriented character (north /k/orea for general sneakan and Sanjay for night ops only, final destination), and pump all points into camouflage and the rest either in shooting or fast shooting, both are fine in the long run, fast shooting gives you the edge on the move and shooting boosts your overall accuracy

congrats, you will NEVER EVER get encounters while on foot


yeah, most of things ive learned since my bsm campaign. weird how snap firing a bolt action rifle can be better for crowd control than burst firing a smg.

ive been playing as sanjay, stacking points in camo, using the ghillie suit.

i guess i never got far enough in hard life to see any weapon variety, while mercopalypse throws weird weapons at you constantly.

oh, you thought that obrez was cool? heres a china lake grenade launcher. oh, you thought that china lake was cool? here, have an assault rifle that shoots airburst grenades.

i just picked up 2 vss vintorez off dead enemies last i played, and enough ammo to use them for days.

that and the weapon blurbs tickle my wikipedia reading fancy.

maybe when this campaign is finished ill give hard life a shot

Not enough, you need a bayonet in there to defend yourself when you run out of bullets, then a rotatory magazine so you don't run out of bullets, a laser sight to aim at nighttime, a pistol stock, another laser sight for the bayonet, a suppressor for stealth and a forward grip for when you full auto

I call this maneuver "The No Gun Ri Investment Banking"

horry shet the Deagle Brand Deagle kicks like a mule but the stopping powa is fucking nuts



bump since no worthwile screenshots yet

How does this compare to JA2? I really enjoyed that game but never beat it since it gets very autismal to maintain your progress.

Is it more based around the PC in that you can get by with a small party? Otherwise seems interesting. What are the recommended mods if any?


Hard Life specifically is pretty much the same shit but more detailed and in 3D and somewhat more realistic.

After the prologue the game is perfectly playable without mercs. The larger fights usually provide you with controllable or neutral NPCs.

The workshop has all the cut content that was taken out of the official steam release. Actores Mod and high-res models are mandatory. ENB is better left off, the game looks like shit regardless of bloom and scatter.
Mercopalypse gun reskins are shit tho because the gun models are off scale.

Seems interesting, I'll be around when it finishes downloading.

another doublepost

North /k/orean Jamal remover always on the bleeding edge, both east AND west

Is Hard Life standalone to High Caliber?

The steam version is

So to do this, do you need the manual in your inventory? Or can you "learn" it by dragging and dropping it on a FAL?

You need to have it in your inventory, d&d it on the rifle only removes your need to READ the manual, however reading it does the same thing and ups your mechanics skill by 5, while still being there and enchancing your skill with the weapon in hand.



commencing indian genocide

best 7 thousands wetback bucks ever spent

fucking indians I swear
Jamal aint shit against these motherfuckers that are carrying EXCLUSIVELY sniper rifles

fuck you bitch and fuck your mauser

so I get this on steam? Seems really cool.

find north /k/orea in this picture and you´ll win the prize of posting more screenshots in shitty compression quality

nice shotty, cunt

fucking cockroaches I swear

Are there any misc items worth taking? Pens, wire, beer can pull tabs etc.


Another happy indian village pacified

can write notes to mercs through barman
can craft booby traps
reduces adrenaline for X seconds
there was a reciep that used those for crafting but I have no idea which

generally misc items are better served stashed in a container until you need them
or just sell them

just another day working for the blue sun mining company.

This is how you write a drunken breakdown, god bless you slavs

I'm at Villarado and armed all the peasants. Is there something I have to do to initiate the bandit attack or just wait until they arrive?

Nevermind, instead how do I rotate sandbags made by the shovel?

My question is how bullshit is this game? I've played Silent Storm and I remember those Panzerkleins and being attacked by "stealthed" enemies who were one pace away from me but were still somehow stealthed. Besides that it was really good

The vast majority of the time you fuck up it's entirely your fault for either not preparing enough beforehand or just plain being a dummy and running around open fields in the middle of a firefight. Bullets are capable of killing in one hit in this game so act accordingly.

this. you gotta play a little more autistically/realistically, stay low, and if at all possible let the enemies come to you. it's fucking exhilarating when you get in the zone though man - i remember having a fifteen minute long gunfight where I had two mercs taking cover behind a fallen tree, and basically their job was to draw fire and draw enemies out of cover to try and flank them so that my prone snipers could pick off the approaching enemies

this got off-topic. it's not bullshit, but it is strict. remember that there are actually police who will confiscate your shit if you're carrying guns you're not licensed for, so get used to hiding them in your car or making caches until you can buy/forge your credentials

the symbols are different from layout to layout, its the 2 buttons between 0 and Backspace

Lets just say that minor mistakes made in combat have rather instantaneous results when inadequately equpped. It can be infuriating but it also cuts down on playtime wasted on a hopeless situation.

And by inadequately I mean both shit gear and plain wrong gear can get your shitter shattered.

Shotgun only innawoods by night -> EZPZ
Shotgun only innawoods by day -> I honestly hope you have a pack of spare F9 buttons in the drawer

Is there any point in playing hard calibre or is Hard Life better in every way?
Also what's with all the russian in the pics in here.

Also random PROTIPs of the day:

The EZest and fastest money you can get without a car is buying confidential papers from barts and selling them to Balboa. Yes, even the bart in PV sells em. It would be exploitable if not for slow cash refill traders have.

Saiga 12-K is a bolice-type weapon that becomes deactivated when you fold the stock, thus determining it a civilian-type weapon. You can carry that shit anywhere as long as you fold the stock.

Grenade launchers can use both high trajectory (snap) and direct aim (aimed) shots.

Notebook gives you the ability to access and autocalculate best prices.
Once you get a closed zone permit, a vehicle with papers is your first priority. You absolutely need a car for smuggling.

GAZ has more capacity but eats more fuel, Willys Jeep has less capacity and is more fuel efficient.

The most worthwhile smuggling missions are gold sand from Villarado to Olvega, porn from Olvega to Campecino

Read mags for free Charisma and Trade

Hard Life to High Caliber is what AMK is to Stalkan, or 1.13 is to JA2, tho Mercopalypse is more on the gun-porn side than Hard Life.
Either is better than the non-functioning mess that is High Caliber.

You can try the Blue Sun mod as well. Several fixes to the bugs and crashes of Hard Life and lotsa new guns. You can download it in the Beta tab of Steam.

Nigga BSM is an old BR HLA fork, it doesnt have the same bugs because it doesnt have the same features.

Basically put stuff in the trunk?

I won't bother with High Caliber then.

I m downloading the game, but nto through steam, though I found the mod here bluesunmod.webs.com/
Don't know if I m supposed to laugh or be triggered. Any reason not to use that mod?

Fucking last injun managed to hail mary a grenade just before he died.

Trunk is for junk. Anything you want to keep goes in the cabin.



trunk is for instaselling shit you dont need




I could do this shit all day


what is this wizardry

best gun ever

Is it possible to put loose rounds into a box/create a new box?


You can't create a new one but you can put ammo back in, use your hands.


as in put the box into my hands and then drag the ammo, vice versa, or something else?

Some bandito had a lucky spray.

Yeah, either the box or the ammo in hand where your gun goes then drag and drop the other onto it.

the bloodmarks say 20 bucks that it was a can-nade

Go to the gun seller in Campecino. See if he's started selling Remi 760s with silencers. Those silencers can be used on your current DMR.

That's not a good thing, user, and that you didn't care about modding this game until it got infrastructure for paid mods shoehorned into it speaks very poorly for you.

Couldn't have been more smug even with a relevant pic.

Those give like 15% suppression tho, shots are still loud enough to alert Jamal beyond spotting range.

It would make sense to use it from great distances in a sniper-spotter scenario, but Im using it essentially as a battle rifle and an upgrade to the shotgun.

the workshop was introduced exclusively to deliver cut content to the steam version
everything else is a side effect

I used the L1A1 with ACOG and laser sights for that role because it's both legal to carry and it makes me want to change my merc into savannah camo and short pants to remove Jamals. Like the DSA, a solid 7.62 to centre mass is sure to kill or disable a person.

When the idea isn't to introduce paid mods, the idea is to normalize the infrastructure to be used to introduce paid mods.

next you start complaining that the mods arent "free" as in "freedom"

yeah the issue with north /k/orea is that she cant carry a second rifle without penalties so I have to settle for an "all ranges" solution and swap optics from time to time

also this lil baby here is a fucking headshot machine, Ive murdered more injuns with it than I did with the DSA

Duly noted, user.

The ACOG is a pretty good scope for a battle rifle build. It has secondary sights for normal aiming and the scope doesn't penalize you too much to keep the gun raised in scope mode.

what CGL are ACOGs even unlocked at?
Ive done nothing but jewing rifles at the gunstore in Sagrada for a few hours now
the profit margins are 2x-3x the cash invested
should have started with it instead of the mine, altho atleast that one was breaking even now

I have no idea since I started with one when I made a sniper character with scout stats (and slowly trained sniping up from 40 to 99).

Gunstores are hilariously efficient when you leave it with pops and give him tons of magazines. He has god level experience and once he maxes out his trades, you get about 3x investment of any guns bought (there's a few guns sold under market price if you keep your eye out). But my most profitable has been a souped up DSA as per my previous picture with the night scope. That one lands me about 36k per piece. Which translates to about 100k a day from the shop.

kek I started full camo+fastshot and all I got was a suppressor and a shitty laser pointer


cant wait to test that shit on unsuspecting Jamal

I love that this game models shotguns so well. It has become almost law that shotguns in games are total garbage, but whether you're shooting shot or slugs in 7,62 it's a valuable tool in almost any engagement

They´re breddy gud but theres no lategame equivalent sadly, since speed and accuracy rise with CGL, full auto shotties suffer from being on the slow side with the addition of having limited range.

They´re still boss at night but suck in the day.

Any tip on character creation? Will probably begin a game tomorrow.
Do you need to really specialize in either sniping or snapshot while having shooting as a core skill? How important are the sapper/medics skills? Can we do without Melee/Heavy weapons and maybe just a few points in throwing.

I've only been playing for a bit but it seems to me that shooting is used in all accuracy calculations for guns but is also the easiest to raise. I would put points into snapshot since raising it isn't easy, because the situations where you would use snapshots could lead to being shot. I haven't gotten far enough to use scopes, but I would think it would be easy to safe to raise.

Again not too far in, but it seems to me that having a high medic skill won't put you in that better of a position than someone with no medic skill. When you get shot, all you're doing is stopping the bleeding with the medic skill. You go to a doctor to heal the HP lost. Not sure how effective camouflage as a skill is but it doesn't get raised easy as far as I can tell.

Also keep in mind that different skill levels give different starting items. You may want to see what you can start with and make a build around that.

Well,I tried.

Ill give it another go again at some point, it looks fun

Wheres a good place to start with this game? I heard it crashes alot, didnt someone post a mod here before that fixed that?

Where do I get started with this game? Install Hard Life and just play or is there something else I got to do?

Yeah, no

it isn't.

Get it on steam. It's been very stable for me so far.

How do I pickup things during combat?

Hold Control.

Put everything in Camouflage/Throwing (unraisable stats) and/or Fastshot. If you dont care about Camo or Throwing at all, put everything into sniping and Fastshot. Of all skills Shooting trains the fastest since its a quasi-attribute, any action involving shooting raises it.

You train hip, snap, aimed and sniper by shooting enemies.
You train heavy by simply firing grenadelaunchers and machineguns in bursts of minimum 15 shots.
Medic is raisable to near max by just reading books.
HTH trains pretty fast, but its also extremely situational. Enemies are never ever in a configuration you can backstab your way through. Sneakan usually involves sneakan AROUND the enemies rather then sneakan TOWARDS the enemies.
Throwing is unraisable but also not important. Handgun > knives 100% of the time, and grenades usually fly in the general direction you want them to anyway.
Explosives has 2 sides, for once its for disabling mines, which is never needed EXCEPT when it is its infuriating. The other side is that you can shit out IEDs wholesale when your Explosives is high, that includes Jamals can grenades and rigged jerry cans.

Ive been wrong on these things in the past, but as far as I know Camouflage is a skill that you legit cant raise at all, and I suspect Throwing of the same.
The same goes for attributes Agility and the other one directly above it in the list, no idea how its called in english.

Someone post burgerbong character screen pls, I aint reinstallan the game for that.

In the later iterations the game became more stable, but you cant fix a shit engine, so memory leaks still happen, and theres still the unfixable bug that will 100% crash your game if you fire a shotgun in slowmo. Otherwise works for me ;^)

Install Hard Life from steam, and then install everything from Ges in the workshop, except high res pics maybe, its all cut content that was in the DDL release.

One of these things is not like the other

Don't worry you guys go on ahead


its like you´re askin for a whoopin

get back to forest camp and you get double the men and attack at night

Alright this makes more sense. Also my aim time with shotguns are pretty shitty, at least with the remington 870 and the police pistol grip version. Like I would look at an enemy for 3 seconds before shooting. This was with my weapon readied and shooting in snapshot mode. Is that what it's like?

post your skill sheet and Ill tell you whats wrong


yeah you´re just too slow
snapshot determins the speed you aim at
your snapshot is below average

Id stick with pistols and SMGs if you intend on keeping that build

Now this is mucho importante, when the guy in PV asks you what your biggest strength is, depending on your choice youll get a boost of +30 to that attribute.

Since Stamina, Dexterity, and Hearing are entirely UNRAISABLE otherwise, Id choose wisely.

Im also gonna appropriate your screenshot to bully your lack of minmaxing


Poor Jamal. He saw some scared kid with a hundred year old double-barreled coach gun and thought "ey no problem mayne"


How much does contacts boost eyesight?

Its 34 for me to get up to 99
Im not entirely sure you get some if you´ve got like 90 sight by default

Ah thanks for the info, probably going to reroll knowing this.

Yeah Ive had to reroll a whole fucking lot until I got the paradigm.

I love that picture and don't even know why

Red beret and balaclava mod when? We have black uniforms already at least.

now with 100% less eye cancer

from what I know its a matter of remasking a texture

oh boy these injuns DO mean business

Remember kids: double tap is always your most viable option is CQB

i forgot how fuckin sweet this village defense mission was, gunning down like fifty scrubs


Would you a bandit Holla Forums?

Oh shit

The devs should introduce sapping in a mission before Villarado. Or at least have the townsguy give you things to make mines with. This mission would be awesome if you got the chance to setup defenses like that beforehand.

that was pretty much all I could think about during the defense, was how much I wish I could have set up a couple barricades or some simple booby traps. Still fun though

You can sometimes get a shovel at the smith beforehand. Can't do anything with mines unless you purposefully put off the mission and go find some.


I swear I love this pistol

North /k/orea operates rebel scum from any position, at any time of the day no matter the weather

What does this percent mean? I'm assuming higher is worse.

what helmet is this? is it a reskin? is it hardlife only?

Stamina consumption. Higher is indeed worse.

Its the Actores Mod, packaged with the DDL version but removed in steam release.
Content cut from the steam release is reintroduced in the workshop. All mods in there uploaded by Ges are optional or built in Hard Life content.

That mission to get transport for the jungle guerillas, where the hell do I find a vehicle in that area? I've tried ambushing a vehicle on the road but it simply won't let me, and since that hunter and that jungle Fighter have bailed on my squad I'm kinda in rough shape with only three rebels to "help".

This game is great because this thread about it has given me many digits

I got mine from the mine. There's just enough juice in it to get it to the camp.

How do I duct tape two mags together? They're the same type and of the same ammo type. Dragging them onto each other doesn't work with or without the duct tape in my hand.

When you didnt fuck up the bandit hunt and found their base, you should have gotten the GAZ standing there, thats the vehicle you´re supposed to use for the next few missions.

You cant "steal" cars by ambushing patrols, you can only find or buy them. There are some semi-guaranteed free cars but not that early in the game.

you need duct tape in you inventory, and then just move one onto the other
if you cant, its either your skills are too low or the mags are incompatible

I noticed I couldnt tape FAL and IMBEL mags together in the beginning but I can now, so theres gotta be some hidden skill check for shit like shooting or mechanics

oh and in addendum: crafting only works in your own inventory, so if you try to combine shit in a crate you´re inspecting, or out of it, it aint gonna work

Mechanic skill? I was using AK brand AK mags, ammo was the same. I'll see if I can go find something else to tape.

same type AK mags should stack 100% of the time

You train throwing by actually throwing grenades from your hands instead of pocket.

welp, fuck me then

You can throw grenades from the pocket? Holy shit.

I noticed the hunter store in Puerto Viejo sells hunting licenses. Are these forgeries or legit? Doesn't say in the item description.

Legit. They appear after a certain CGL where the game makers assume you would had at least gone and gotten the hunter license via questing.

My game is crashing at the loading screen literally any time I enter an actual city, do I have to do all of the prologue before I can buy a good gun?

What city specifically?

Ciudad-del-Oro and the fort right below it on the map

Campecino too, I don't get it, is my game just fucked?

I had the same problem with Sagrada, you have to move your steam install of HLA out of the Program Files folder
At least that worked for me, haven't had a problem since

However you may need to restart, i dont know but i did just for good measure

fuck you kidding? yes i would.
no she can't take off the baklava.

please tell me that i'm not the only person who looks at the Skorpion and hears the Klobb

also, i'm a total scrub who has made it out of the tutorial many times, but i've never really been able to succeed once they take my training wheels away. Are there any cheap or free mercs I can get? is there a decent process to smuggling weapons I'm not licensed for across the border so I don't need to operate with a goddamned pistol and shotgun whenever I'm in the restricted zone? is there a way I can speed towards getting a military/special weapons license? does this look infected to you?

There are no free mercs but Hawk is a lot of bang for the buck

a car with papers
objects in your car wont get checked

if you have a car WITHOUT papers, you´ll be constantly held up at the border and all your shit including the car may be confiscated

do the gubbermint questline

its disgusting

How can I get papers for my car? I stole the one I'm driving from some bandits who ambushed me on a bridge.

But i dont buy games…

You either forge them at the typography in Sagrada (which you still can get busted with), or buy a car with papers

fresh outta screens

post more screenshots faggolas

one more time, what are the files that i need to make read only for hard life?

I decided to start a new fresh game after my game apparently fucking bugging out and any soldiers i sent somewhere to somewhere will fucking revolt for no reason, And because i saw this thread.

On that note, I've found playing Sabaton - Primo Victoria while defending Villalardo from bandits with your team equipped with M1 Garands is pretty awesome

Isn't the trader guy in something Palinero the only guy that sells cars? Isn't he's bugged (the car will never arrive)?

Here's my loadout

Its a feature ;^)

its an in-joke alluding to the previous game about how you cant trust that guy.

Rico DOES legit sell the Willys Jeep and the BTR.

The complete set of cars you can acquire is listed in the pastebin.

its like you WANT the shotgun to be a slow-ass pistol

1.13 is hot trash though.
unless you're talking about the 2010 builds.

So that's the only two you can buy? Kinda disappointing.

I know, My mistake, I kept both slugs and buckshots but i forgot to take buckshots when i left for Puerto Viejo

Willys Jeep – Villarado, condition: quest "Seven"
GAZ-69 – Mine, condition: crashing the shaft with no survivors
Ford – Special encounter with the broken down bus, condition: last enemy surrendered
Yamaha – Olividad, Carlos Montega
Kawasaki – Base, condition: quest "Secret Documents"
Cop Sedan – Special encounter, condition: CGL 4
UAZ-469 – (50k) Villarado, Village Elder, condition: quest "Seven" and bought gold worth 45k

Hummer – (100k) Forest Camp, Intendant
BTR-40 – (750k) Forest Camo, Intendant
Milspec URAL – SE "Ambush", quest "Interception"
Civ URAL – Forest Camp, Marcelo Tron, quest "Radio Contact"
Hummer saf – Artrigo, Juan Kaderas, quest "Warehouse"
Civ URAL – Mine, Daniel Vasques, quest "Mine"
Milspec URAL – Cali-Cantinos, Willy Krauf, quest "Dagger"
GAZ-69 –(60k) Anywhere, Fence/Con Artist, quest "Taxes"
Hummer – (100k) Artrigo. Quartermaster
Willys Jeep – (60k) Del Reservo, Rico
BTR-60 – (1kk) Del Reservo, Rico
FMTV – REMOVED, replaced with BTR-40

GAZ-69 – Sagrada, Fence, condition: Professionalism 50+
Unimog – Puerte Viejo, Willy Krauf, condition: quest "Dagger"

Nigger read the fucking pastebin

I've fucking read it you double nigger, I was asking if those two were the only ones you can buy from Rico

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YOU STILL HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY QUESTION YOU QUADRUPLE NIGGER, And how the fuck could you even thought that i was talking about buying cars from other people? Since i was talking about whether buying cars from Rico is bugged or not

I'm still alone, Going to wait until the mine is operational and i'm going to hire Hawk and another guy that is good at heavy weaponry.


If you wanna get real autistic, your question was
which, while retarded, is exactly the type of question a newb would ask regarding the entire game

so yeah, specify your questions YOU QUINTUPLE NIGGER

Google "steam workshop downloader", its what I used to get some cortex command mods only available there. You have 2 options: either use the site where you copy/paste the link and then download the file it gives you or get the grease monkey script. Or you can use the site first and only use the script when the site fails to deliver, something that happens occasionally. Another problem with the site is that it sometimes only gives you a file named " download" and you can't open it unless you rename it and add a .rar or .zip extension.

Eh i guess i should've added "from him", I always type like a drunk

Or when i have a steady source of income… Looks like smuggling is another go again, Good old times.

Hire Pops and start cheesing the gunstore
its way more viable in the early game than in the lategame

Ehh too lazy… Maybe… Eh nah

What a fag.

Oy vey, Jamal got serious upgrades!

Don't die on me now, well not yet.

Here's a picture of me trying to stab all oblivious bandits raiding my base, I wonder if i can take out everyone this way.

so, giving bsm a break and trying hard life, and ive got two issues so far.

one, resolution bigger than 1280x720 makes the game crash on saving.

two, i cant use the aim window without crashing.

both these i can get by without, buti wonder if you fellows have found a way around them?

Literally first time Ive heard of this ussue,

Did you perchance enable the ENBseries shaders?

Technically you can stab your way through them but when they aggro once you cant pull it anymore.

You can mitigate that shit by having a sniper to perdiodically draw their attention, but its usually safer to do the ol´ supressed .45 to the apple.

Crash on manual saves? That might explains why i crash when i try to manually save, I'll check this later.

Eh i managed to stab half of the enemy before i threw a nade and shoot them because a group of 3-4 ran up too close, For some reason they get startled when i stab their friends after slaughtering about half their group.

no enb, but i do have other of that guys workshop mods

yes, just crashing on manual saves

Aight might be the install directory flipping its shit in regard to read-only settings. Do you have steam installed in the Programs folder? Because installing the game in there is the biggest no-no.

no, its in its own folder, on a different hd than the OS.

i'll try reinstalling with no workshop subscriptions, and keep adding them until i find the problem.

They said vendors would sell 9x39 bullets but i ain't seen shit.

as a matter of fact Cali-Cantinos sold 9x39 ammo boxes

Oh and by the way its pretty ez to find out if someone sells it in general

save, enable debug mode, enter debug shop and get the ammo you need, then look for it with the laptop, and then load

turns out it was because the game was in windowed mode, when fullscreen and 1080p i have no issues saving.

Did anyone even finished Hard life? I tried twice but experienced game breaking crashes that occurred on the same day no matter how old autosave I loaded. Happened before the fun stuff even begin.

I really like the game but starting again and again like 40hours in the game finally put me off after it happened second time at different moment.

Tried complete reinstall before the second run too.

Do you have some way to fight these crashes?

What specific day was it?
I remember there being a bug that crashed the game at day so and so

Im way over 200 now in my playthrough so theres that

What were you doing in that save? I have finished it on my older playthrough, Got the fatso and 1 million e-muni.

Also does anyone know how to assassinate someone? That is, Killing someone without having anyone noticing, It's so fucking ridiculous. I tried to kill an injun second in command using a silenced pistol with no one looking at me and BAM battle started, I tried stabbing him in the back and BAM battle started, I tried planting a remote bomb behind him and FUCKING BAM battle started, It's pissing me off.

Also regarding camouflage

you can TECHNICALLY raise it
but the way its done is completely retarded

when you´re on the overmap, either travelling or standing still, when you get a popup asking if you want to attack or not and you press YES your entire crew gets +1 to Camo skill

it is counterintuitive and also retarded as all fuck tho because you only start getting those pop-ups regularily at relatively high camo skill levels
meaning if you´re pro at smearing dirt and pigshit in your face already, you´ve got 100 camo in no time, however if you´re shit at Camo you´ll forever remain shit at Camo

Yeah thats a faction thing
same as with the bandits in Sagrada
or cops

you can only ever assasinate certain non-faction pawns

also mercs are by default player faction so if you start a battle in a town mercs will act as allies and treated by enemies as such

Don't really remember what day but i could just load autosave from few days back, wait it out and it would crash at the same moment. Probably some bugged script.

It just pissed me off after I had to start again from my first run like 50 hours into the game where I just saved merchant in the random encounter. Game crashed few hours after no matter what.

Well might try blue sun mod, what are the differences between HL and BLM anyway? Is it more stable?

check your privilege you fucking white male

BSM is an ancient fork of HLA, more stable because less features but more content, see Mercopalypse

What's the difference between BSM, HL and MERC anyway?

Seems like a clusterfuck to me.

blm is for those who like using outlandish weapons with a gigantic squad going full auto from the front entrance everywhere. from what i understand it also has a 3rd campaign route for the main mission. i don't know why you would use blm without mercopocalypse.

hard life is more about scraping your way to success, having cars degrade, weapon permits, running businesses, and overall not overflowing in cash from the start.

Seems like they released some patch on march 30. Might have fixed some of my issues.

the sole reason for me to start a new playthrough

now to wait until they fix the fucking gun shop

thank fuck for the mine

3rd campaign route is in HLA also

God fucking damn, What a shit.

Try going to a different place maybe?

What's the latest version? Is it

seems like it

why is your P90 unloaded?

For some reason my game is


(check this)
Forgot to mention, I downloaded this like 2 years ago or so

Nah Ive also got the latest version and its

Because, young Jamal, bullets are of expensive!

I just bought the gun and never actually used it because there was no ammo for sale

If you ordered the P90 companion pistols of five sevens, they come with one box of ammo

Oh well


Ye p90 ammo is CGL 9 and only availiable at certain traders

Finlay got past the 29th day with this patch. Time for jamal hunting


is that seven, at night, with only one person?

Did worse before, it is manageable as long as you think tactically.

how long did that take?

I started around 6 AM in game. It ended 12:21PM.

I was solo with one ACOG-ed remington and excess of 100 birdshot, a M14 sniper mod (lucky drop from a bandit) with 40 rounds (I had 5 shots left in the gun at the end, along with the 6 round mag I have in my pocket) and my sidearm.

i started over and got it right. found a utility belt in the first quest fight. that screenshot was running into the town attacked by bandits and trying to take them on immediatly after i started the game

How do I fix jammed guns?
How do I get moar inventory space?
Where does it say if I need to eat?
How do I acquire food?

Give it a good dicking
Cock it
I hope you didn't drag yourself out of the battle with a jammed gun
Belts, Bags, Vests, etc
Check your hournal on the units tab, energy part, How much minus is how hungry you are
By sucking commie dicks
Ask the cook or find a bar and "Let me see what you have" -> Bring me something something

Right click on the weapon and choose cock weapon
Belts, vests, backpacks and cars: find them on your victims or buy from store
The button next to the button with the globe on it, from the unit sub tab check your niggas energy. If you've got negative buff on it you ought to eat.
Dog tags -> identification -> survival
or buy it
or just find it in crates or bodies

quick question to anyone who knows, am i able to grind random encounters at the start of the game or is there some time sensitive shit that happens?

So is this game actually good or is this an epic meme thread?

if you consider a cross between jagged alliance and silent storm with some extra depth added to be worth 5 maplebux then yea

lidderally never played either of those

well, you'll like this game if:

-you're interested in guns, maybe not to a /k/ level but still think they're cool
-you like a hard game
-you like those games that are so badly translated it's actually kind of cute
-you wish there was an x-com where you could fight moderately well-equipped minorities
-you like the idea of a game that's so in-depth you need to buy time cards for your cell phone, need to maintain your car with spare tires/fuel/occasional repairs, and need to be licensed for the weapons you're carrying or risk having them confiscated by the police
-you like the idea of cramming a hundred kilograms worth of illegal weaponry that you took off of corpses, driving it across the border, showing the border guard your forged papers and hoping he won't search you, then selling it in the restricted zone

I chased the bandits off and killed a few. Battle is over with 3 bodies. How do I finish the quest?

Takes some getting used to. Definitely not as streamlined as your average modern AAA. Don't expect instruction popups or voiceacting to guide you through every step. I'd say it's good when you get it.

does it all work properly? any bugs or crashes?

some bandits will come by the bar, tell them to get their leader to come back and get ready for a world of shit after a couple in game hours

i mean town leader house, not bar

yes. save often and deal with it. this is an old-fashioned, weird, doesn't-hold-your-hand foreign game that we lucked into having. just try it, it's cheap, or pirate it (but don't come crying to us if there are even more bugs than normal)

Some drunk bandits came by, whom I chased off. Rather, they made a beeline for the map exit since I wasn't at the house at the time and apparently they'd rather run than fight.

Would also like an answer to this question.

The most seeded torrent is the exact same version as the steam one.

then uh, try talking with the town leader, if he has nothing to say then you just wait for a while. (speed up the game too cause its like a couple in game hours)

hope you have some help otherwise you might find yourself in my old position playing shoot and run

there are time-sensitive missions that you must do in x amount of hours or days, but when you're not on one of those missions you can go do whatever. as a general rule though the game has a persistent battle level (or something called that) which is affected by your progress in the game (not your own personal level as far as i know); what this means is that you will eventually reach a point where there's no point to farming since all of the enemies only drop gear you've got multiples of. each shopkeeper also has a maximum amount of dosh he's carrying so if you're autistic enough to can clean him out by selling him shitFALs or whatever in just a couple hours

as a general rule, once new equipment that i haven't seen and want start dropping - backpacks, good belts, police shotguns etc - i farm until i've got one in good condition and have enough to share with my other merc(s) then i move on. money is pretty plentiful and doesn't really become an issue until later when you start investing it into a mine or gun store or whatever

once you've talked to the town leader and have outfitted the peasants, go into the overmap and hit the play button to skip time ahead. you'll get a message when the shit's about to go down. once your guys are positioned the enemy leader will show up; to my knowledge combat won't begin until he's been talked to (you can negotiate with him instead of opening hostilities if that's your thing)

i just wanted more ammo so thats what i grinded for. that screenshot with the mauser i posted i only had 8 more bullets. now im operating smarter and am ready for those bandits

Right, will try that tomorrow. Thanks for all the help!

dammit RNGesus

Pro-tip for people taking screenshots.

Pressing "k" hides all the UI.

Elias gave his life valiantly in an unlucky shot to his temple but otherwise it was a slaughter

Enjoy your dicking

You can literally do whatever the fuck you want for as long as you want if you dont have any timed missions running BUT

as the other user said your CGL grows with your body count, the higher the CGL the better shit the game throws at you, shops get filled and enemies get better gear

it has its advantages to minmax lower CGLs since good gear is rare, so theres a fair chance you have it, and Jamal dont

at some point good gear will drop by itself but if you´re not fully outfitted by then, you´re fucked anyway, so dont bother

kek, I hope you brought lube like that other guy

clean your ammo Paquito

I hereby inform you that losing pawns applies CRIPPLING penalties to your ass in form of reduction to your professionality
if its low enough you will be literally unable to take quests from NPC
its basically stat death

I'll give it a go, can I just pirate it? Do I need any patches?

Where the F did you get a huge suit of armour at that stage? The ONLY thing I can find on non-government enemies is the concealable vest until way later

lucky drop. i got it along with a utility belt in the first quest fight

As a matter of fact, I did.

So, I had to start my little PMC earlier than i planned, A bit rocky start but it's good now, Can't wait to get KS23 back for meme values.

Man you should've atleast dumped it on sniper or hipshooting

And if you don't know, You can rename your character

Is this some subtle Putin propaganda shilling?

What if all "based slavs" "slav magic" etc. is just pro-Russo propaganda which ignorant gamers just swallow up whole.

Like I'm going to learn some fucking russorunes.

I know right? Like those fucking games made in English, Why can't they be in my native language of proud SOMALI OOGA BOOGA descent? I had to learn English just for gaming, This is outrageous!


First time around I split between snapshot and shooting. I figured that sniping only affects scopes and since I can't seem to mount the aimpoint I have on anything I'm better off putting it off for later. With snapshot it says that it only affects hipfiring and I only do aimed shots, so why bother?

Also, my entire party just left. I guess I'm spoiled by western RPGs where your party members will literally abandon their entire life to come fight with you, but now I'm alone. I've seen some people having an additional character, but I dunno where to get him.

Also, what gun can accept the silencer?

Also, since I no longer have the fisherman guy, I'm again without a reliable source of food and water. Can I refill canteens somehow? Can I generate food with my bare hands somehow? I saw but "Dog tags -> identification -> survival" doesn't enlighten me at all.

I'm pretty sure ruskies love Putin for the same reasons burgers love Trump. The game is genuinely good and slavs make a lot of good games. They're not corrupted by SJW influences and have no problem joking about things that are politically incorrect in the west. This means that they have a sense of humour that aligns well with channers. Not to say their games don't have flaws. For instance, I've yet to see a slav game that's as stable as most westerns or have the same level of polish or graphical fidelity. They look and play like backyard projects developed on ancient win98 machines while the devs were chugging vodka. That's good in some regards and bad in others.

But yes, people who obsess with slav games, slav magic etc. are literally the ruskie equivalent of weeaboos. Though to be fair, the average slav game is leagues better than the average jap game, since jap games are literally only VNs and "dating sims", which in turn are literally just an inefficient way of browsing hentai.

Get sight adapters, It ain't a benis in anus

Oho trust me, Hipshooting is VERY handy and you'll always use it in CQC, Unless you're content wasting 5 seconds to aim at Jamal while he takes 1 second to aim and 0.25 to pull the trigger, Because my character shoots immediately when he hipfires, Like fucking Revolver Ocelot.

Colt SAA exists in game
Six shots
More than enough to kill anything that moves

Come on, Going solo isn't that hard, It's just less fire support and all. When you've done espionage mission you can go to bars hiring mercs, Although i always save up to hire Hawk as sniper and Slick as machinegunner.

They don't sell silencers like candies, And it only shows up later. Also hover over your silencer to see if your gun can use it, If it flash, Then it does.


Oh yeah and your gun must have an "aim" slot too

And sniper skill affects your skill using a scope, Shit like 8x zoom scopes

What's up with the camo suit that I just made out of the clothes the weapon master gave me?
Also did I fuck up somewhere during the character creation?

It's worn out. Put the camo suit in your hand and drag another uniform or camo paint on it. If you check the information on the camo suit it tells you what you need to add to get the wear down to 0%.

I forgot what stat snap shooting uses, but good luck hip shooting anything beyond 6 meters. If you have your gun at the ready and have preaimed (if you're into CQB scoping), you get to shoot aimed every 1-1.5 seconds. Snap shoots every 0.5-1 second with all preparations done. Works well when you're clearing a building.


And my merc can accurately throw knives up to 50 meters.

That's just merely 7 points increase from the original skill points, I dumped all my points in camouflage and hipshooting in the beginning. The point still stands that hipshooting is useful.

Are you fucking retarded?

Nigger, without the uniform you wont get missions from Marcelo.

Buddy, pal, mate, thats the point of snap and hip shooting, CQB and fast Jamal

Guess I'll have to take the one from the fighter I hired, so much for the honor of the uniform.

We need a holster to be able to carry a handgun and a rifle at the same time? Realized that unless I m retarded on my first encounter. 2 damage rng headshots are fucking bullshit. How the fuck are we supposed to deal with the village defense when all the peasants are good for is dying and the bandits zerg rush you? Really doesn't feel like the kind of quest you'd get at the very beginning of a game difficulty wise. Stumbled on it while trying to look for the guys the rebel chief asked me to kill for the first quest, which I also have no idea how to do.

Is there any ressource on the game, I'd much rather look for those answers myself rather than ask here and there doesn't seem to be much.

Buddy I posted the pastebin twice in the thread already

I m off to commit 12 gauge sudoku.
Guess I was right to reload a previous save to deal with the village later.

The village defense is ez. Just camp on the hill watching the bridge in prone and snipe everyone. I had a guy down close to the bridge to suppress with his SMG too.

It's the tutorial though and you can just fuck off and completely skip the entire jungle section because the actual start of the game isn't until you get into the city. The entire jungle section was added in the mod and is totally optional.

i did it with 4. lay down on the hill by the bridge and start firing away at the conga line of baddies.
RIP elias, died like a bitch from a lucky shot from one of the baddies

best way is to get a shovel, build sandbags on the hill looking at the bridge, and take shots.

I probably fucked it up because I was expecting the baddies to come from the north, since they had guys there before, not from south east, so I had to rush there, most of the peasants that I had stationed on the hills were already dead and the zergs were already passed the bridge so I just camped on the hills and sniped the guys when they showed their heads, which worked for a while, until I was effectively zerged. I'll go back to it with better gear since it was my second encounter and managed to fail the first mission due to time so I loaded a save and did. And now the game crashed

Is there any reason to stick around the rebel camp once you've done the first quest? All he said was "Come back in the evening I'll have some work for you" or something and then he told me to go on night watch. Should I just make my way towards the city now?
Can I still use the crates at the camp as stash or should I just take what I need and leave the rest behind? Haven't gotten a backpack yet and those inventory slots are fucking precious, especially since I feel like I have to carry around the silencer and laser mod you get at the beginning.

Really? I tried going to Puerte Viejo before the Jungle Camp mission that smuggles you in, but the contact guy wasn't in front of that capitol building.

Oh, maybe I'm wrong then. Ignore me.

Is there any fix for this besides reinstalling?

when that kind of shit happens it means one of the files that should be write-protected gets corrupted

The tutorial is officially over when you get the Espionage quest.
Before taking that quest you´re still playing by tutorial rules, i.e. gubmint is hostile, rebels are friendly.
The act of taking the Espionage quest resets your faction standing with the gubbermint.

Yes, it IS exploitable, and if you´re one of the cheesy kind you can go either to Ciudad De Oro to ACAB fight da bolis, or Cali-Cantinos to rip some new border patrol assholes.
That way to grind is tedious as fuck but you can be completely kitted out by the time the main quest begins if you wish to. PROTIP: you dont, since all the shit you´d want you´d get in minutes after arriving in PV from the old man (rucksack), the trader (tacticool vest and armor for tacticool people) and the mayor (during the mission he gives you to liberate Puerto Maritimo you´ll get an unlicensed car, some automatic weaponry including actual gudFALs and IMBELs, and a literal truckload of various ammo types).

Fuck. How do I make sure that that doesn't happen again?

The info is out there but trust me, its just easier to reinstall the game than to fuck around with the files.

Your save files are completely unaffected anyway. There ARE save corrupting bugs but those are usually not retroactive.

In this game you have to be ready to lose some progress either due to technical issues or mistakes in character building on your part.


The thread is dead, long live the thread!

Updated the pastebin with miscellaneous things.


Dubs of death witnessed.