Last one is on page 16 edition.

Dominions 4 is a 4x game made by Illwinter Game Design, who are two Swedes doing it in their free time. It depicts a world where the Pantokrator, or the supreme god of the universe just got up one day and left. In his absence various different pretenders gods fight for the right to become the new supreme God. If you have ever wanted to fight Norse frost giants with Roman Legions or with shit flinging monkeys than this might be the game for you.

The game features 95(?) different nations through 3 Eras, hundreds of spells for battle and outside of it as well as huge amounts of magical items, unit types and mages. Many of these spells and items are nation specific so what you pick to be your nation will have a huge impact on your playstyle. The gameplay has a further layer of complexity over other 4x style games due to the pretender god design system that further allows one to shape the style of play. Should I make my god really strong at magic paths my nation has or do I diversify to try and work in a different spells from different schools than what I'm already good at? Scales or blesses? All of that will have impact on your game. So there really is a whole lot of depth and strategy for the cultured autist to enjoy.

While you can play in single player, the game was designed with multiplayer in mind; although single player has it's uses like getting your feet wet, getting used to the interface and the basic concepts as well as for testing strategies to use in these online games. The 2 ways people will play Dominions 4 online are through direct IP connect games, called 'blitzes' which are often played in one sitting. The far more common way is PBEM (Play By E-Mail) games which are run through

To join PBEM games run through llamaserver

Additionally the Dominions modding community has created a resource that allows you to view every Unit, spell, item, magical site and even random event in the game compiled in a wonderful database.

Don't forget to read that manual fag

We also have a small steam group if anyone wants to join, maybe we might become active eventually.


Cuckchan Steam Group is reasonably active if you want to join blitzes but I hear they are prissy faggots towards players that want to BE AGGRESSIVE


Current 8ch PBEM games

Other urls found in this thread:

I'm going to bump this once myself and then go to sleep.

I tend to play human nations more than any others. Niefel Jarls SCs can be really brutal if you were not expecting them. Even with just the basic gear (Brand, vine shield, horror helmet, regen item)

I use Hinnom.

That feel when you know you are going to be holding back 3 games today due to workI miss the neet life

I want the opposite of neet life. I want to be home all day because I'm self-employed. That's what I'm aiming for.

I checked my mail last night and it turned out that I was holding up 5 games singlehandedly. You'll be fine user.

Pangea is getting ganged up on, it's kinda sad.

Remember don't try and take provinces from all of your neighbors or else your neighbors will roast you alive in your own backyard.

which game?

Only aggressive war I started was with the monkeys. Bats were mostly unprovoked, Sauro got upset at me after we both moved into an indie province on the same turn, I don't remember what I did to piss Atlantis off, until a few turns back when I retook some provinces and then walked underwater. Maybe casting mother oak got him upset, I dunno. Burritos were also unprovoked, but I don't blame them for grabbing land from a dying neighbor.


Haha. I was Kailasa in that game. You should read Machiavelli.

you silly bastard you took my swamps that were inbetween you and Xibalba, so I had to burn down your temples.

This entire game I've only attacked people who aggressed on me first other than that I'm letting it go for now You're getting attacked by sauro, berytos, and xiblahblah and I don't really care too much to continue.

Anyway Im saving your butt in our MA game, so don't worry too much

He would have told me to hire more mercenaries. I should have listened to sun tzu and attacked things with fire in such a way that master Sun would approve of it.

Oh yeah. I think I told berytos that I'd fuck with you a bit to try and draw heat off of
him because of an island dispute. At this point in the EA hand I'm just kicking people's sandcastles before I die.

Thanks for the assistance by the way bruv, Roman pride world wide.

send in those turns

Not even at the 12-hour mark yet. And the guy did come into the thread and say he'd be busy with work today.

What games are you in?

Start applying the shit you learn in game to life, it works, nigga.

I can't read the fonts. I'm sad. I'll have to settle for AoW3 (whose fonts I can still barely read.)

I hate having crappy eyes and I hate developers for not having UI scaling.

My offer stands though. I want to play this game.

Pick up a magnifying glass at the dollar store.

A mag glass will surely fix my detached and partially detached retinas and I've never thought of trying that in my 32 years of life.

C'mon, man. This ain't my first goat fuck.

Lower the resolution on you monitor? Use the windows magnifier program?

Lowering the resolution and using mag programs makes the text too blurry and pixelated respectively to read. Usually I can downscale to 1280x720 but this engine just blurs the shit out of it (and mag programs are just awful.)

Reminder that air is the best path. Earth or astral are 2nd and fire is last.

Fire is better at damage dealing than water and nature

Fire is the best early game for dealing damage, and it's usage declines later on I would say it would be better if it's utility spells such as Rage scaled better but as is the case with most games like this Fire tends to be the easiest to resist, and Rain is a very early spell and anyone that can cast it, will cast it against you.

I would say Earth is the best path because it has the best utility, and is easy to master and has the best crosspaths. Stuff like Magma Eruption destroys anything

Water magic can do everything, but nothing particularly well I would say you get some really good cross path spells with death magic though.

Air Magic is very direct and powerful it has the most reliable aoe early in the game, and it's summons are among the best, but it is very difficult to break into and does not crosspath well.
I would probably rank air magic last or 2nd last because of lack of any good magic boosters.

Astral is best for buffs and debuffs, since thats where the focus is here, but It's not an easy to use tree but using spells like Doom and Baleful Star have won me a lot of games.

You also get Wish, and Anti-Magic, and easy communions.

Nature's best niches are their globals, items and of course the summons. Everyone always falls back on good old wolf to help preserve themselves during a siege, and later on getting fairy queens and other monsters like Tarrasques really helps out.

Death is a very good school, you get good evocations, good globals, and good battle summons. Namely skeleton spam which is extremely useful in any situation. You also get access to good regular summons as well.

Blood is the most expensive kind of magic, and it's usage varies on your cross paths, Generally though it's good because it's easy to break into if you have even B1, you have lots and lots of boosters, and you can get some ridiculously strong summons which is the main appeal I would say.

I forgot to mention that Astral also has the best national summons, although they're very expensive. Angels, Yazadi, Rudras all of those things are immensely powerful just because of their magic path access.

I would rank things like this

Earth 1
Astral 2
Death 3
Blood 4
Water 5
Fire 6
Air 7
Nature 8

daily reminder markata dindu nuffin

So are the lightning strikes from wrathful skies completely random, and thus just as likely to hit you as the enemy?
Any advice on its use?

So are the lightning strikes from wrathful skies completely random, and thus just as likely to hit you as the enemy?
Any advice on its use?

So are the lightning strikes from wrathful skies completely random, and thus just as likely to hit you as the enemy?
Any advice on its use?

This quadbless thing is ridiculous. Halfway through I was starting to think that I would still lose to this nonsense. Fuck elves.

I dunno, I do think that Air > Fire despite fire becoming useful a bit quicker the T strikes are strong. Also like you said it is really easy to counter fire and the mass counter to air isn't until you get something like ground army at Alt 8.

I think it is indiscriminate, let me check.

Yeah it is completely random, unless some part of the precision of the caster is a factor.
Rip the allied troops that died here.

Remember, we have to help organize/have a place to talk when kikewheels has seizures

Congratulations, you have slain Vanheim.

Congratulations you have slain vanheim

naw, you're looking at it wrong.

Astral, Death and Blood are the most powerful schools in the late game. Not up for debate. Mass mind control, spells that just remove units and powerful, army-wide buffs and debuffs.

Earth and Air are solid schools that are powerful through the middle of the game and beyond. Earthquake, RoS, Army of Foo, Shimmering Fields and Fog Warriors.

Fire is limited to blasting stuff for the most part, and Water magic can achieve similar effects (falling frost, frozen heart) as well as other utility magic. I would rate Water higher than Fire.

Nature is consistently useful. If you think it has weak magic…well, you're wrong. It is not as obvious as blasting shit with fireballs or thunderstrikes though. Sleep Cloud, Wild Growth, Storm of Thorns and Charm will mess up enemy armies pretty badly. Poison spam in combination with Panic is ridiculously effective against anything that isn't mindless. Maggots and Ravenous Swarm will remove undead with prejudice and Polymorph is always good for a laugh.

Holy is the weakest path. Then Fire. Everything else is useful to different degrees at different points in the game. Earth and Astral probably have the broadest tool-kits in and out of combat, so they are probably highest on the list.

I was going off of usage throughout the game not just late game or early game when I made my ranking.

Though I did forget about Charm, it is a great anti-thug spell but other than Sleep cloud I've found those spells to be pretty lackluster.

and I don't consider Holy magic a real school, and neither does the game :P

I consider Earth #1 though because it is the most consistent throughout the game

Anyway Vanarus you should keep your dog on a leash so this doesn't happen again. I honestly feel bad for you but you should had known better.

I may have lost that had his prophet not ran in alone far off from the rest of his stack. The vans were blowing through skeletons with no problems.

In N you also have the C'tis strategy of making the ground wet and then gassing everyone.

You killed my markata. He dindu nuffin. He wuz just passing tru to buy skittles.

I just wish Vanarus would play their turn already ;_:


Of all the fucking provinces to walk into, it was the one you parked your army in.
On the bright side, I managed to get a start to my astral pearl income thanks to Sceleria, so I can start calling in bird bitches when my pretender gets back.
It's also nice that I can just forge him back to where he was before dying.

Well you can still see the names of the province so I thought you'd know better based off that since Vanheim blew up his castle and lab when I came around.

You did alright Pangea, honestly better than I expected I was rooting for you the entire time I watched the battle.

You even managed to deal with the skelespam pretty well

Yeah I should have spent my gems summoning more shit instead of saving up to cast wild hunt. May have actually won that. Too bad because it was looking good at the end until all the mages got spooked and routed.
The Kydnids did better than I thought they would. It would be nice if it give more than 15 per summon since they cost 30 water gems.

Yeah I love using Kydnids they have good defenses all around, so even the handful you get for the gems spent are very handy.

I think I might summon some myself now.

Poison is effective because of its deleterious effect on morale. In conjunction with Fear and/or spells like Panic it is a great way to break up enemy armies. Not good vs mindless units and counter-productive when berserk units get poisoned, because the berserk status makes them immune to fear.

It works best on nations with poison resistant and/or expendable troops, notably C'Tis, Asphodel, Pangaea. Sauromatia and late Pythium should get a mention as well.

C'Tis does it best, Poison Cloud, Breath of the Dragon and/or Foul Vapors, combined with Panic and Terror. The mages casting the spells are backed up with readily available undead or skelly-spammers and they're immune or resistant to poison.

Asphodel does a similar thing, only they're using poison immune Mannikins backed by Centaurs and Minotaur heavies that go berserk when they take poison damage from friendly fire. Same goes for Pangaea, only they rely on expendable berserk Maenads.

It is all a matter of volume. It's why one poison/fear unit like a Hydra is a minimal threat, but a half dozen Hydras backed by a Witch King is a serious nuisance.

I have not seen the old Foul Vapors + Life After Death trick since Dominions 3, but that used to be the old Pythium and C'Tis standard.

I just realized palisades for 600 gold were a thing. I feel silly.

for some nations only, also dependent on the age.
Very few nations have pallisades in LA.

Sure is great to come home after a long day at work and pretend to be a god.

How's your games going? Doing good?

I played around with single player and conquered a map using 6 grigoris fitted with uniques complimentary to their element.
One of the bigger battles was my 6 grigori slaughtering 500 abysian infantry and fire snakes.

It's a nice change if you only play people like Ur or Abyssia. Nations with expensive ass forts are the worst if you can't get any econ going.

I have no clue, but I am enjoying all of them. I hope this game where I am MA Pans goes better than the EA Pan game TFW the 2 chronic stalers are your neighbours


I keep writing out long ass messages before seeing that I was doing just that and having to rewrite the shit.

Time to triple check and make sure I'm not doing it again

Waiting for a new game to open up. Otherwise it's fun watching the ebb and flow of games.


You fuggin NEETs always have your turns in quickly on weekends

how do i kill watchers

Lightning resist and hammers.
If you have earth access, drop shatter on it.
Other than that, just throw troops at it and hope for the best.

Heh, I walked all the troops out at least 4 turns ago. You killed them all somewhere else I believe.

If you have access to thugs that you can kit out with lightning resist items they it will be nigh impossible for the watchers to kill them.

Looks like Tien Chi went AI in Ahoym8

That's too bad, looks like you had a pretty big army there.

Their commander is a fucking monolith with like 2 level 4 magic paths and 5 astral

Then you've probably got him down to the last province or two, in which case go for the domkill.

Well fug. Just dom kill him, It'll be pretty easy since he won't actively be fighting back.

It sounds like you're trying to take out a throne Since one of the throne guards that spawns often is Monolith+Watchers

Just Magic Duel the Monolith and kill it that way if you can, the Watchers are mindless units so once the Monolith dies they wont attack any longer.

Yeah I am just gonna magic duel him. Thanks fam

Alright so I'm starting a new game, but the catch is this one is Disciples.

I want it to be 2v2v2v2, or possibly 3v3v3v3, the map I chose is pretty big because I want to have just a huge game between people.

Right now the game is set for 10 players, but if we get more interest we'll do more.

I'll start the game at the end of the week but anons should take the time to figure out what they wanna do.

Myself and a friend already decided that we're going to do Oceania/Yomi as a team but if we get more players we'll expand them (or the the amount of teams)

here is the game.

Does someone want to be the Hinnom to my Lanka?

Gee, I shouldn't because I'm already in three games. But I've been itching to play online as Hinnom.

why not the games aren't going to quickly.
If you do would you like the pretender or would you like me to be?

I'd say the games are going pretty quick tbh.

I've been in a halfchan game since december thats only at turn 33 right now, Scrubs8reborn is almost at 60 now.

anyway we haven't had any disciple games, and we can practice this way for when we challenge /domg/ to an interboard dom game for supremacy

Well, it would be more appropriate if the mindless black apes are disciples to the giant jews. But then again I'm complete nub at disciples games so you can take charge if you want.

One of the three i'm in is a cuckchan game and I've been in a deadlock with arco for many turns. He rushed me so i can't expand anymore, but I keep destroying every army he hits me with. It's getting kind of stupid. I'm lanka in it, ironically.

If Lanka is the pretender though you'll get their blood slave bonus in Turmoil.

Since Hinnom keeps making more unrest with their jew giants it syncs up real well

I'm going to play around with both hinnom and lanka pretenders and see what one gets us a better scale and bless.

Also just so everyone knows if you take an imprisoned pretender the god for the disciple nation is imprisoned for half the time.

Thats a good point I think Hinnom has a better choice of pretenders.
Do you have a Steam ID, I think it would best if we didn't discuss it here with these queers.

Im the guy hosting, I've already made my team with a friend.

You figure it out though, I just thought I'd point that out

Is your Hinnom

Make a thread in the 8ch group. Then I'll know it's you and send a message.

ah should of looked at IDs.

Whats your steam?

I don't want to post it here

sent you invite

Just let me know when you're done I have to manually set the teams.

Looks like we're both submitted. Pretty spoopy stuff.

There is an Ermor, Hinnom, and Lanka

Who is pretender and who is Disciple?

Hinnom is pretender, Lanka is disciple

Ermor here I'm a disciple.


Team 2 is set to Hinnom/Lanka

Team 3 has Ermor as a disciple, eventually you'll find your faith

Jews using demons and monkeys to help them conquer the world? God thing that's not happening in real life.

My friend and I will be joining tomorrow after he gets off work. Fag went to bed after I told him about this game like he's got something to do tomorrow.

Sounds good just let me know how to setup the team after you join up :)



I sent in my Pelagia god, my friend will be sending in a bat disciple soon.

Admittedly I did kind of fuck up here, I didn't mean to send in all of my armies at once but it was too late to fix it.

Still won though and it was glorious.

Sounds good, glad someone else is going underwater as well. That map can maybe do 2-3 UW nations

Also a reminder Ermor still needs a pretender team mate on Team 3, other than that one more team slot to fill!




I haven't stalled once man, what are you talking about?



I think he's saying that you are always one of the last guys to do so.

I'm guessing its a time zone thing, since Pangea/man/sceleria does the same thing.

It's not that big of a deal, but It seems like they'll usually play the last turn instead of them consecutively which I could understand would be annoying.

Question: is there a way to sort commanders sidebar?

Wild hunt is hilarious, but probably not worth the 50 gems.

No. They are arranged according to when character number which means those who were recruited first will be at the top and the newer guys will be at the bottom.

Wild Hunt is a good way to piss everyone off and make them kill you.

though Pangea is still hanging on, it's unfortunate Sauro went AI.

I can see how that's going to be awful, but since I'm a non factor at this point it gives me something to chuckle about every time I get a new turn.

*awful for foreign relations

Yeah you managed to frag one of my Basalt Queens haha. Oh well that's too bad I'll just have to move guys around without them for now

Though I'm past the point of big armies I think, now that I have Rhuax and Barathus. The other kings will just have to wait a couple turns :^)

For some reason wild hunt really likes to bully the bats. I've killed a few of his onaquis and a good amount of holy 1 and holy 2 commanders. Oh and I killed Berytos' fancy big jew hero somehow.

Yeah I had noticed on the map that a bunch of Onaqui's were disappearing.

I wonder whats taking Berytos so long to finish you off anyway? at this rate I'll have to do it after I wipe out Xibalba

Also Xibalba. I thought it was funny how you named your banes.

Sorry about the Onaquis dying out I really wanted you to give me the best fight you could

No! This is not how you treat god of the Bandar!

Shit, right after I went AI too.

Trying to get the domkill, but it looks like not enough people are spreading their dom to finish Pan.
Also, he summoned too much shit in his fort for me to effectively assault it while fighting Sauromatia at the same time.

That "somehow" was because the fucking Lord of the hunt got dropped on him, and he didn't cast bless like he was scripted to at the start, and by the time he did drop it he had 6 afflictions.

It counts as an assassination, units don't act as scripted in assassinations.

Why not stick around? I stuck around when I was dying in EA game.

Also, my god didn't get any permanent injuries from that arrow.

I know, but you'd think the spell-picking AI would prioritize an N9B9 bless early on.
RNG is a bitch.

Mage AI literally prioritizes shooting itself with bolt of unlife in many cases. I wouldn't expect much from it.

Into the trash it goes


Stop repeating yourself

If I have dom 4 is it worth getting Dom 3?

If you liked 4, you might want to get 3. Just be aware that less multiplayer games for 3.

Is there anything about 3 you would say is preferable over 4? Or is Dominions 4 one of those games that is an all around improvement over its predecessors.

Because I've heard some complaints about changes made between CoE 3 and 4.

My very first big battle in an MP game. Kind of a shame he went AI right before it happened. Markata dindu nuffin tho.

those jotun wolves are metal as fuck

Congratulations monkey man

just remember the lessons in this video, and you will soon find yourself in a lot of big battles

Also guys don't forget to sign up for our disciple game! we still need to fill out two teams

I think Dom 4 is an all-around improvement over 3. There are a few mechanics I miss, like reverse communions and manually adjusting tax rates, but overall Dom 4 is the clear winner.

If I didn't walk my god into a corner, I would have been less timid about pushing into his territory. Luckily, he went straight for my capital, giving me a chance to sneak back to a safe spot. I don't like moving my god out of his own dominion.

I figured from what you told me before that was the case. Still I think you could had taken his forts easily, I was quite surprised that he wasnt spamming Chud Hirdmen.

The Skinshifters aren't the best but they're ok, but the Chud Hirdmen are crazy good for what you get.

Also shilling this game again

Remember if we get lots of guys, we'll make bigger teams!

He had an army almost twice the size of mine just waiting for me to move onto that fort, or at least that's what I thought. Now, after fighting him I think his plan was to avoid direct conflict and just lead me on a chase all over. Maybe he'll confirm whether this was his strategy. Every time I clashed with him though, my tigers cut through everything like butter. Those blessed tigers, man.

I'm already in the disciples game. I'm hinnom.

Well the thing is he was using mainly Vanarusian human soldiers which have pretty terrible morale.

Size of the army isn't everything, you can go into a fight with a lot of garbage units and still lose badly to a small focused force.

Also I was spamming panic :^)

Rus here, my plan was originally to just lead you around and hopefully piss you off, but then Sceleria threw a shitload of skeletons at me, torching the temples in every province I was building priests in so I could deal with the skelespam when he needed to die.
Hoped that throwing a thug his way would get some of that heat off me, but he just waited for him to leave to his next province before moving some other skeles in.
He'd dropped his god and a metric shitton of skeletons on my capital when I went AI.
Overall, I should have experimented more with MA Rus before joining a multiplayer game.
Oh well, still got the EA game that Atlantis is winning and the LA game.

Are you the reason for those plagues in Barren Crags?

Why would I drop a plague on a province I've got an army in?
That shit must have happened on its own, same with the demons.

Ah well, live and learn. hope you'll sign up for the disciple game!

I might, if Ermor can tell me his disciple's paths.

5 earth/nature

I don't think I can build a pretender to work with that combination of disciple and nation.
If a disciple slot opens up I'd be happy to join, but I don't think I'm quite ready for what is essentially being team captain.

The only thing you would need to do is pick a nation that would sync up with his, not the other way around.

In this case the only thing you really need to watch out for is having high production since Ermor has a lot of high resource units.

That is literally the only thing, the other thing you might want to figure out is whether to start awake/dormant/imprisoned. or whatever YOUR nation needs.

Did anyone successfully experiment with EA R'lyeh's Mind Vessel? Any fun results?

I've found that androdai actually work better as communion filler than mind vessels, so just give a mind lord a fish amulet and start his script with communion master.

It's not just that, it's that there's 3 fucking water nations on a map that's not exactly water-rich and I want to play aboleths

Have you tried Mind Vessel on other mages other than Androdai? Either conjured or indies.

I've tried a barbarian chieftain, it didn't work on him.
Should probably start another game and see if it just needs you to use a mage.
It doesn't work on slave mages though, so I'm not expecting a pleasant answer.

There is only 2 Water nations atm

Anyway I could always switch the game to a different map you know. I played Pristine the other night on single player and I didn't think it was that great.

I was considering changing it the map To Urraparand or something else, So if you wanna be Aboleths then go right ahead; they would probably work very well with Ermor given your astral affinity

Fuck it, I'm doing it.
Pretender sent

You have been assigned as the pretender for Team 3 then.

Just 1 more team to fill out and then we shall start!

So LA Agartha you think you're so big :^)

You messed up big time

awww shiiit

Well we have 4 teams of two in the disciple game.

I'm going to start it tonight, So if there is anyone else that wants to form a team and take up the fifth slot better do so soon!.

I see you are a man of taste.

So I have no idea why its saying Lanka is cheating.
I created my disciple God using the disciple tool.
He only has points in magic and what not no scales and I created him while the same mods that are active in the game.

NVM, we may need to reset the game as I send in my new pretender.
Sorry guys I fucked up way back when creating my disciple, never make a disciple while drinking.

Yeah I'm not sure what did it, because the mods that are active don't even effect pretender creation anyway.

So my best guess was you sent in a pretender god for disciples, not a disciple anyway it's not a big deal you can just send in a disciple and fix it.

alright resent my disciple it should be good now.
Sorry everyone for slowing things down.

Its nice that this one is starting up since scrub8 is winding down, for me at least.

Scrub8reborn could end tonight if you guys play your turns.

The forces of Tisiphone let out their rallying cry as the Basalt Empire of Atlantis spreads forth, the fundamental elements of the depths themselves Water, Earth, and Fire have joined under her banner!

Pic related, your nations women awaiting the ocean spray.

I'd be playing my turns more if my ISP wasn't run by Jews that make Hinnom look positively generous.

Remember the six million Onaquils who died in the Xibalbacaust.

I guess we'll still have to wait for pangea ;_: you should had finished them off while you had the chance Berytos

So I can't make a prophet if I'm a pretender in a disciples game? I'm guessing my disciple's god will be the prophet?

Thats correct the disciples are your prophets.

Oy! Score graphs are visible?

Yeah apparently so, I thought I had it turned off because I always do that. I must had turned it back on by accident or something.

Oy vey

So it seems only our allies are visible in the score graph. So maybe that's how it's supposed to be.



I endorse this decision.

I'm impressed you guys still have regular threads about this game.

Are you still playing the same match for the last several months, or have there been multiple matches?

I am somewhat interested in playing this game.

Is there a Dominions 5 in development?

We just started a few matches not that long ago, but they can last for several months

I'm playing three games that started last week.

The 2016 election IS dominions 5.
All hail Pantokrator Trump.

I can dig it.

Yes and yes. The games are played via emailing turn files to a server, we can get a few turns done a day but the minimum is 1 a day (because the game will autohost on intervals that all of our games have set to 24 hours. The game we have that is furthest in happens to be on turn 82 If my fukken turn processes

Some games can last many months, depending on map choice and number of players involved.

The developers are still adding some stuff to dominions 4, albeit very sporadically. Given that gap between 3 and 4 (2006-2013) we will probably be stuck with this one for a while now.

If I get this game I'll probably practice in single player a bit before I join a match. Wish I had gotten it on sale in the past.

Yeah it is kinda expensive, but it's made and maintained by two guys who have been working on this same game for almost 20 years.

I'd say it's a lot of fun for what you get, just don't let single player colour your perception of the game, it's meant to be played multiplayer.


I sent my turn in but the shit isn't processing

Now, with PBEM, that just means you are notified when it is your turn yeah? You still have to open the game on your PC and do what you need to do, then end your turn and close the game and wait for your next one, yeah?

Since I'm 100% sure you won I can declare the game a win for Atlantis on llamaserver.

same here

You get emailed .turn files, you do your turn and send back the corresponding .2h file and you get sent back a confirmation. You can check the status of each turn on by finding the name of the game you're in.

I ended the game. Congratulations to Atlantis, you are the winner.

OK cool, thanks for the info.

That isn't what I wanted at all, I had sent in my turn and then it would had rolled over and done that so I could cap it.

Now my funny meme messages will never be received and I'll forever be known as the guy who was handed victory by the server admin ;_;

Pretty dank quads though, fam.

Nice dubs

Anyway Im about to win Ahoym8 as well now, Im kinda disappointed there wasn't more of a fight when I capped two thrones in one turn.

And LA Agartha, seems like somebody wants to get raped again.

vid related

Sorry about that user, I had waited like half an hour and sent in multiple copies of the turn but it still refused to process for some reason.

At least you get to win the MA game. Next time I'll have to remember to do more in the game than set up skeleton factories and site search. I did enjoy that game though and didn't really want to fuck you over since you had been my good Roman bro.

Yeah I was waiting for you to hit me :P and I was even going to attack you at one point and say something cool like "Now it's time to unify the empire once more"

I had so much crap that could destroy vast amounts of undead, Angels of all kinds, and like 8 Kokythiads to spam Wither Bones. I was totally ready to move in there and rattle your bones.

But it just turned out that it was way quicker and easier to capture all of the thrones

That was part of my reason for casting riches from below, so I could buy some skinfags to fight instead of exclusively skeletons.

I was also a turn off from being able to get Tarts as well, which you can crank you really cheaply for some reason.

Has anyone else been having problems with llamaserver?
I sent my turn for the LA game last night however it never sent me back confirmation or told me it was a bad file, this is replying to the original email with the turn file.

Check on llamaserver to see if it says file recieved. Now and then you won't get a confirmation for whatever weird reason. If it still says "waiting", resend.


You're making some nice Armies Agartha, but is it really going to be enough?

Aren't you tired of fighting me yet, you're feeling sleepy aren't you? yes, you just want this war to end and become a vassal of Ulm.

The catacombs of the Agarthans we can remodel into a brilliant Ossuary, you'd like that wouldn't you? You who are so enthralled with the dead, we will become your leaders and give you peace.

We'll turn Agartha into the largest Ossuary on the face of the map.

That's weird. I got an email confirmation that my turn 40 was recieved, but it still says waiting in llamaserver.

Is it just me, or did that sound super gay?
Also, we had no idea you had that many troops right on our border.
You fucking planned this, you magnificent bastard.

He's going to conquer your empire and then interior decorate it, Agartha. Maybe you guys should call a truce for a bit and go fishing with the rest of us.

If by gay, you mean happy to see you're going to surrender conditionally.

The conditions being 20 death and earth gems and I wont continue to invade you.

The only thing I planned for was that you were going to aggress against me, and now that you've come so close to me with that giant worm I'll have to put it back where it belongs.

dead and buried beneath the earth, with the rest of the cyclopes.

I can work with those terms.
Should I revise turn 40 or wait till 41?

Oh you'll actually give me the gems then? well that is quite a surprise.

Alright then better revise the turn and then when I've exited my armies you can have those provinces back.

So what's everyone's opinion on Hydras?

Woops I failed magnificently.
Also it appears putting LA Pythium in email still sages.

Hydras taste pretty good and the best part is they don't stop regenerating, so you can feed the whole army within a couple of hours.

Hydras have the intelligence not to start shit with their rather large neighbor down south.
You're like are Canada, fun to visit but completely annex-able.

You know what tastes pretty good? Atlantian on a flatbread with feta cheese.

Hahaha I haven't started shit with anyone they always come my way and I send them packing.

Besides your nation is so confused about what to worship I doubt they'd be able to hold out long before they started to find themselves among my ranks.

Arcoscephelan cooking is supposed to be great I hear.

There is nothing confusing about our religion!
If you live near the capital or in a castle you worship sneks.
If you don't have a castle but have a temple and are a soldier you worship a fire cow.
If you are a woman who likes lizards you go for a swim and worship water stuff.
If you are a man and like lizards you wear a totally not anubis mask and worship rebirth and shit.

Meanwhile you guys are metal worshiping fedoras with incredibly confused inquisitors.

Metal worshiping fedoras? HAH shows how much you know, but then again that is no surprise to us as we all know Pythium citizens happen to be least educated of them all.

All of that nonsense filling their heads, while we Ulmish are hard working with our feet planted firmly on the ground, the average citizen is at least able to do something of merit.

The aristocracy also takes care of its citizenry and insures they are kept far from heathen religions, as opposed to exalting them for the sake of diversity.

Wow way to sound like am upstuck Arcoscephale in his first year of sphere study.

Our fierce competition between religious secs keeps are magic research booming.
Do not be fooled by our unimpressive research graph, though only so much of our impressive income goes into research, but what does go, is fought over by 30 money starved mages.

Oh yes truly a socialist utopia, meanwhile our citizens are free to pursue a myriad of careers through the wonders of religious capitalism.
Want to befriend multiheaded warmachines, you can do it!
Want to wear a jackal head and become a fury, you can do it!
Do you want to be a fireproof soldier who's hobbies include worshiping fire cows and burning to death above furries you can do it!
Want to ride around on a serpent and get mad bitches, you can do it!

Meanwhile in Ulm the only opportunity is to worship your stove for being made of metal and being black, and hopefully not die from overly enthusiastic versions of Jehovas witnesses.

Yes the so called Ulmish hospices where the elderly are crushed alive in order to make flux to smelt steel.
Truly abhorrent.

Truly I am grateful that we could have such a show from the fool of nations, Pythium!

Not only does he admit his followers fight among themselves, he prides himself on that fact!

And at least we have stoves, and kettles, and other things made from our wholly industrious tinkers. Why tinkering is just as important as smithing, and there is lots of jobs for anyone looking to take up the trade.

Ulm is a wealthy nation, not by virtue of it's resources, but by the quality of it's people. It's a pity what has happened to Pythium and her people, why seeing the way you live, and behave now makes me feel transported back to an Earlier Age.

Speaking of which that is where your flatulent Snakes belong, we Ulmish even have a better mascot than you, A.K.A man's best friend the Wolf.

As everyone knows the twin emperors of Ermor were raised by wolves, and they've been our loyal companions throughout the ages, and now they live integrated with all Ulmish, no longer just as hunting mates, but pets and friends.

Whereas your flatulent snakes will kill whole neighborhoods without special training, truly you're the ones who are abhorrent

2 eras since the golden age and I still have to hear this shit.

I pity you Ulm, blinded by your shortsighted worship of instant gratification.

You do not wait for your food to asphyxiate from a myriad of deadly vapors that your loving house hydra exudes.

You instead pray to your neighborhood smithy to forge you some infernal contraption that only serves to make your people indulgent in the ease of everday activity.

Yes is wealthy, wealthy of inhuman practices committed upon there people by radical inquisitors who find guilt in the most innocent of men.
Our astral spells have spotted your human labor camps!

You speak of an earlier age as if the present situation bares hope.
The Pantokrator is gone!
How does a nation that worships steel plan to heal the damage to our planet.
Even now you use children and women to chip at the little land we have left.
You speak of earlier ages when gems were found in fish and you couldn't go behind a barn to frisk the farm hy..girl without tripping over a gem.

The animal with a snout so long it makes a citizen of Gath mistake it for a fuzzier kin?
The animal that cannot discern its tail from a foe?

Hah, Hydras going on a rampage is a Ulmish work of Propaganda.
We live with them, work with them, they raise our children, occasionally we house using them to carry large pieces of lumber.

If these further insults continue of Man's bestfriend, the Hydra.
You may soon now what its like to have a Hydra high on Bless rampaging through your neighborhoods, which would be the first time as no Hydra has ever rampaged uncontrollably leading to wholesale slaughter after a priest has overly enthusiastically tried to "consecrate" it.

After double checking back with my propaganda minister I can confirm we did not spread any rumour of Hydras rampaging.

We can however verify through historical record that Hydras have been known to rampage, under a blessed rampage is not mentioned in our records.

Regardless of all that hydras are clumsy beasts so I hope your god is blessing them with consistency and maybe a few more heads to see where they're going.

In Ulm only those of the Black Temple are blessed, and that includes our most holiest of knights the Black Templars. Truely they are Ulm's pride and glory, they have won us numerous battles in the border war against Agartha.

They won't be necessary however in defeating a hydra, as our foot soldiers armed with their mighty Zweihanders will be sure to lop off their heads with a snicker-snack.

Furthermore Pythium for a nation that once claimed to be an heir to Ermor, the fact you dismiss wolves as man's best friend sickens me, and is an insult to all of us.

So Atlantis can you give us an explanation why is it that despite you being the last nation to submit a turn almost 60% of the time you never then are the first to send in the next turn but instead have us wait an additional 8-10 hours waiting for you to submit a turn when you could of just did it when you completed your turn?

This didn't bother me at first but you have been doing this way to often.

I don't get it either.
At the rate the games are going, the EA disciples game is going to overtake the LA game.

Yeah even I'm starting to be bothered by this, last time I could had sworn he staled so I went and double checked and it turned out he didn't even though the next turn happened almost exactly at the time the game would turned over.

Don't know what Tienchis problem is though

36 hours for the hosting interval is pretty long considering how almost everyone else sends their turn within 12 hours. Maybe the admin could change it?

I've been doing the turns completely a few times and then forgetting to turn them in. That was mostly it, but sometimes its just laziness.
New turn should be coming in soon.

I would probably just kill myself if I forgot to upload a turn.