Trump made anime real

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I can't comprehend being 2D. I can see things in 3D, there is an X and Y and depth in any direction that I look

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Dance thread?

Think of the universe being a video game.
Although 3D video games have X, Y and Z axes built into their engines, they are ultimately graphically confined to a flat projection on a computer screen.



The holographic universe theory is a pretty great way for theoretical physicists to save face considering how flat things are looking.

Wait, if I'm reading this right…
It's not 2d becoming 3d…

Mainstream ZOG science waters it down for the normies, sterilizes it for the cucked masses of educated idiots and low-IQ simpletons.

Meanwhile, the real ramifications of the holographic principle imply that information is the neutral monism from which everything arises, that mathematicians and computer scientists are like wizards who speak the language of God, that Hermeticism is the true path, that Nietzsche was right about his conception of the Will to Power, that all possibilities exist absolute, that every god-like being you can imagine exists, that every hellish nightmare is a reality, that every paradise is out there somewhere–it's all part of The All.

Kek is as real as you and I in the flesh.

So become a fanatic of Kek. Dedicate yourself to the Ogdoad. Train your mind in the visage of the Logos until your memes cut like the sharpest of blades. Embrace the Light within the Darkness.

The Sleeper Must Awaken.


This is what happens when you let kikes into your institutions. Their approach there is a the same as everywhere else; use your lying skills to charm people with your apparent insight and charismatic, seemingly visionary, theories while aggressively driving out anyone not retarded enough to believe your bullshit.

ID: 2223c1
fucking checked

but we are made up of something other than vertices?


It just keeps getting better doesn't it?



That's the normie metaphor. In reality, the X,Y and Z values are stored linearly in RAM. It's actually one-dimensional.

All matter can be described as quantum amplitude flows within a configuration space. In the end, you are bits of data being transformed continuously by a contragrade process that emerges from the entropic progression of the universe. Functions and data. The process is your soul. You are like a flame flickering in the darkness.

imma just LARP here but there is something that has bothered me in how we interpret dimensions. It is nothing more but how we measure things, based on Pythagoras and so on, but as I started researching about the possibilities of existence and non-existence I realized something interesting.

have already written about it in some threads but why not going at it again
We all are here because something happened, and everything happened because there exists a possibility of nothing happening. So, what is our probability of existence?
To the most basic existential level, it is 50% you exists and 50% you do not. From there everything we know takes place.
Once you are in the 50% of existing then that 50% becomes your 100% and that 100% spreads into an infinity of almost zero probabilities.
all which depend on the same binary principle of something happening and something not happening.
So, the distribution would be part of a function 2^n
Pythagoras and how we measure things are based upon the quadratic function of the dimensions. If we take a triangle with two sides with the same length we have the following equation.

c² = a²+a²
c² = 2a²
c = 2^(1/2) * a
we have a 2^n constant inside Pythagoras. You can make this as much times as you want, as long as your sides are equal, doesn't matter the dimension, you will always have a constant based upon 2^n
but what is the relation between 2^n and a²?
if we make an equality of
2^x = x²
the only answers are 2 and 4
2⁴ = 4²
2² = 2²

For a long time we have seen our reality as a 4 dimensional, taking time into account. And now "proof" of 2 dimensional properties as some would say.
Can't help to think that maybe we are still in an infinite dimensional universe, but the most balanced reality there is, where all the probabilities exists, is in those which can be put into an equality, and thus create a relation between different things resulting in real values.
All our understanding of things are depend upon an equality, distinction, of different forces, energies, values and more. Also why we are able to print almost everything we know upon a 2D format, whether by drawing or writing.

Why stop there though? Because then you could project that 2D plain onto a 1D plain and again so it all resembles a 0D singularity. The reverse could also apply up to infinite dimensions. How do that determine a limitation to this?

*do they

How do that determine a limitation to this?


2d > 3d

unless the 3d is in cosplay :^)

Yes, you've essentially figured it out. If you want a more refined version of what you've described that also explains why Occam's Razor works so well (which is an extension of your idea) read this paper:

Whatever traits that exist as the smallest driving factor of physics
If the fundamental building block that drives all of your physics can be explained and calculated as 2D and cannot be calculated as anything less, then you cannot reduce things any further

So basically the theory is one of our perceived dimensions is 100% dependent on the previous real 2 dimensions

That answers the lower end, but what about the upper limit? Because from what I seeing, a 4D project could then project all the probable states of a 3D plain. 5D of probable states of 4D and so on indefinitely.




That I forgot to add, that the sum of the probabilities of the function 2^-|n| starts at 1 and goes to infinity, to add up to 1, or everything you might say

Why did I never learn about this stuff in college?
Seems more important and opens a lot of room for discussion about how we see physics today.
The double slit experiment, in my opinion, is not yet fully understood.
There are so much to learn with that single experiment, but we only get the "light is a wave" description.
I wish I had the tools to experiment with all those things.

Sometimes being a NEET sucks


I am convinced of the papers from this site though

Sounds like typical tricks to me.


can't resist those numbers.

Gonna take my time to check that site.

The elite don't want the masses being too smart.

Having an awake and aware population of goyim is bad for business. Better that your slaves are functional, but blind to the true going-ons of reality.

Considering how effective their pacification of education is getting, I doubt the next generation will even be capable of that. Another reason why Trump needs to roughen up the system to avert a lost skills crisis.


what are you both up to with those numbers?

Light is like a wave, but in reality it is something else altogether. It is something beyond a mere wave. Human language metaphors are terrible.

Light is light and it has certain mathematical properties. Those properties are what makes light, light. To truly know what light is, focus on understanding the properties of light in the language of math and not in the metaphors in the language of the masses.

Your brain is a reality simulator embedded within and a part of reality itself. It can understand the language of God if you train it to do so.

Now your digits are spooking me out. It must mean that Kek knows, and if Kek knows, so too must Trump.

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After having a look at all this, it seems like a lot of hot air.
They don't have many people on board and their evidence is slim.
This article is just clickbait about a bogus hypothesis.

This thread is truly blessed

Wait, does that mean that what we consider 2D now is actually 1D?

Is 2D PD now?

According to this, the mass flood recorded by numerous civilizations was nonsense too.

We're making memes a reality so 2d is still 2d

sorry user but you fucked up, the general eqution for the diagonal of a hypercube is c² = na² for n = 1, 2, …
with solution c = n^(1/2)*a, which leads to the interesting fact that the diagonal of a square and cube must be an irrational length if the sides are rational (not necessarily so the other way around), but a 4 dimensional hypercube will have a diagonal commensurate with it's sides, rational sides will have rational diagonals, irrational sides irrational diagonals, integral sides integral diagonals. And this applies to any dimension of the form n² for some natural number n.

There's a bit more to it than that. A way to think of wave-particle duality is that with less information available of a system, the less certain that system is. With no information except for a photon's source, it behaves like it's radiating in all possible directions from it (even if it's just one photon at a time), so like a "wave".

Reality treats absent information of a system as being in all possible states simultaneously. More information you add by observation, the more certain it exist in a specific state.

Isn't that supposed to be d² and h²?

I recognize my stupidity, please no bully.


Doesn't Holla Forums know that (((scientists))) are receiving grants for any stable "truth" they are shilling? If someone will proof that we don't live in 3d world, (((someone))) will lose money. Same with big bang theory, extraterrestrial birth of life and (((Darwin))) theory.

you do realize that you are being fucked with by the CIA/mossad


I did not fuck up, I never stated that 2^n with n= rational.
Also we are talking about maths, we can do everything as long as we know how
To find your n in higher dimensional space I only have to make a small equation for n

2^x = n
logn/log2 = x
and if I don't have n nor x then
2^A(n) = n

You only looked up the high-school maths of the problem.

check for some expansion on the topic.

but try to find other logical answers for
x² = 2^x

The funny thing is scientists have distanced themselves so much from philosophy, but are now returning to it to formulate new ideas.

The issue I see is them all falling to solipsism.

You do realise that the foundations of race realism are based on his theories of evolution, right?
Charles Darwin himself believed in racial inequality. It was the proponents of the theory after him who pozzed it up by falsely claiming that evolution doesn't apply to humans.

Stop referring to time as the 4th dimension. It's nothing but kikery and confuses everyone that isn't familiar with higher dimensions. The only thing worthy of being called the 4th dimension is the 4th ==SPATIAL== dimension. All the other dimensions are spatial so it makes no sense that we are forced to specify the 4th dimension as spatial simply because some kikes want to call time the 4th domension.

When you think property doesnt matter and is not real it is easier to rob you of it.

hey calm the autism, i do not believe that time is the 4th dimension, but is the easiest way to generalize it because it was always portrayed that way.

but do expand on the topic if you like

The brain makes a 2d image of meaningful, and some brains lack the ability to perform the extrapolation required.
Like before the middle-ages there was no knowledge of perspective, all drawn art was "flat", then suddenly the perspective meme arose and spraread like wildfire.
What seems obvious to us now, was an invisible quality until then. It took a man to point out the obvious, before it became truly so.
Some more primitive tribes, when first discovered, are unable to see their faces in photographs when shown to them. This isn't because their brains lack the hardware, it's because the meme required to enable decoding of the linear information on the page, into a 3d representation has not yet been inserted into the future. Once it is, it becomes obvious, like pointing out Wally in a collage.
So, ponder this, what other " obvious" things are there still to be revealed by meme engineers?


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It just hit me: we memed a whole dimension out of existence.

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After all none of it is real so it's not like he loses anything.
And if he doesn't then he is a materialistic bigot.
They lose their special status.If nothing is real then neither is the holohoax :^)

you folks simply don't realize the extent of how correct this guy is…go to cia reading room and look up paraphysics or program stargate right fucking now. he's neither lying nor blowing things out of proportion.


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I can see peoples head exploding and laugh about it but it triggers me to hell and back that >Bro talk

Lets stop derailing this thread now

also checkm

There was a much simpler way you could have said that

Holla Forums was right again!






Posting superior reaction image.

Yes, but not quite. There were a series of experiments conducted where there would be a room full of people and there would be an object hidden from view. The test subjects were then asked questions they couldnt possibly know the answer to, such as what the object inside the box was or what color it was. it may have just been what color it was my memory on that is a bit vague at the moment, havent had coffee yet anyway they did it as blind and double blind experiments, in the double blind experiments it was set up so there was no way anyone could know what color ball wound up in the box.

In all cases the amount of people that guessed correctly was statistically impossible. But.. In the double blind experiments the amount of correct guesses was fucking so fucking ridiculous that the study wound up positing that through lack of observable facts the more an idea the objects color was believed and the more people that believed it was actually capable of changing reality to better suit that belief. And that the reason the double blind experiment was more ridiculous in results was because no one, not the testers or the testees nor the intern down the hall, no one knew what color the object was so there was no one that had a strong belief about what color it was to interfere with the manipulation of reality being unconsciously performed.

TLDR; hypothesis: memes are programs for the reality computer, your mind is a console connected to this reality computer, if you can force your mind to forget preconceived notions/logic sets you can cast the dankest of memes.

Why live

Superior physics theory incoming.

Symphogear was right.

Addendum: The reason this theory is so hard to test is… If you know the ball is orange how do you force yourself to believe it is a different color? Make no mistake we absolutely performed this shit throughout Trumps campaign but it was the perfect storm for memetics to happen.. so many people so desperate for a hope that they forced one into reality. That level of motivation is hard to attach to say "i want this ball to turn orange". Its kind of like 'the secret' .. "if you believe that you are poor you will always be poor, believe you are rich". Problem is without the adequate will power to bring will to power you will drive yourself mad attempting it such a thing.

Instead a better spell to attempt is what Trump once said "Never think of yourself as average. Look at you, you're smart, attractive, I can tell you are a great person.. Think of yourself as a great person and you will be a great person"

Could be confirmation bias but after a shit ton of reading I implemented that type of thinking into my life and went from homeless to owning a house in 2 years almost to the day.


Quantum physics is a crazy thing. Extrapolating that out, we have the ability to create real time 'butterfly effects' that ripple out and further shape the universe we live in. The more people that meme the same concepts and ideas the closer we get to making those a reality and how fast we can do it.

Crazy shit, we may have actually memed Trump into a real life time traveler

feels good man

The important thing to remember is that there is only one dimension…
It just goes in different directions.

There's only wyrd.


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I really want to start watching Symphogear
Should I start from the very beginning or just skip to the current season?

Why would you want to skip anything? Watch it all in release order, including the OVAs.

people like you are why Stalin existed

Trump make animu real?

My little computerized creation story.

I got intimidated by the sheer amount of files while looking at the torrent and had to put it off for a while because my schedule was too busy and I was trying to fit it in.
I mean I realize that I was a fag for asking the question but
is just too harsh man, its not like I murdered your family or something

Is "Anime" a glorified "adult" way of saying cartoon?

Are people calling it anime because they are ashamed to say its cartoons?

You shouldn't have asked it then. Start at square one like anyone else would. I bet you would skip Part 1 & 2 of jojo like a nigger.

No because anime is Eastern and cartoon is Western you nigger.

I would not at all mind a source for this.

it's animu


i read that cringingly expecting it to be oathfag

Time is treated as a dimension for mathematical simplicity and translation between different reference frames. Look up the Lorentz group and Minkowski spacetime. It extends from Galilean symmetry which allows motion and position to be measured from different origins while being logically consistent.
Like anything in science it is but a mental model to make sense of experiments and observation.

It's a standard 13 episodes/season anime with 3 season+2 OVAs for the second season and 4 more OVAs for the third. Maybe you just saw all the different OPs and EDs that were thrown into the batch.
Also, for the first two seasons you have to get the commie subs, and for the third it's H&D subs.

Im looking for it. There were a bunch of sources on it and they were posted by some user back when we were really getting to the meat and potatoes of what memetics actually is.

If i find it I will post.

I can see why that would be your first thought, just a simple diagram though.

You can just watch Symphogear S1 three times over, the second and third seasons have higher production values but fail to seriously develop the characters any further. S1 is a god damn miracle 10/10 show that is so good that the characters' development arcs are recycled for each subsequent season. S2 and S3 have some nice moments, but S1 is must watch for anyone striving on the path of 2D.

Also, it'd be amazing if someone could make a webm of the shuttle rescue scene/Radiant Burst from the start of S3 (the best scene in the entire season). I suck at video editing so the last time I tried it myself, it turned out pretty poorly.

user, the holographic universe theory was created by a bunch of Jews. Typical Jew physics.

That also goes for that holographic brain bullshit.

I'll have you know I have not done anything of the sort,however I messed up the thread enough so I'll just stop here
The best part is 7second best is2

Thanks user,I appreciate it

You seem to forget that Symphogear is literally just an elaborate marketing scheme for Elements Garden, and the stories exist to sell the songs. This is why the first season was so good: they had no reason to hold back, so they went all out. The songs are still good in the other two seasons, and that is what matters for me. So I don't mind if the stories are just okay, because GENOCIDE AND GENOCIDE!
Although they should put more effort to the writing for the next 2 seasons, I don't deny that.

I agree

From henceforth any man who speaks against the god-emperor is a heretic. He will make waifus real!

Do you think Araki also despises the kikes?

He's like the Kojima of comics I fucking swear, Johnny is the best boy, God never takes the wrong son, NEVER EVER.

Arigato, Gyro

Why, I feel this theory has already been done before.

I'm game

Looks like those two got a little bit too funky with the opium, but then again, I guess that's how you start decoding the universe.

Least, that's how it works with my brain, it just revs me up, despite it being a 'downer', what a meme.

They were laughing these jews, they thought we were some kind of joke. Well, they aren't laughing anymore.

i dont know what to believe anymore

Flat Earthers were right all along. They tried to tell us, but we didn't listen. I am so sorry user!

How new are you?


The Kike in your scenario isn't real either, so why acknowledge or acquiesce to his desires?

am I surrounded by retards?

nobody bothers to correct this, and I see a dozen posts using "plain" instead of "plane" unironically. what the fuck.

3D-universe believer good goy spotted.

That means you are ready now. Read this: media.spoke


m8, you went full retard. Probability isn't necessarily evenly distributed among outcomes. You might as well say

Literal gibberish. First of all: a triangle is a 2-dimensional shape because three points always lie on a plane. Second: there is no variable n here, sqrt(2) is a constant. You can display any real number R in the form R=2^N for some N. You can also display R in the form 3^N.

Where do you get this equality from? What's it supposed to mean? Why x²? Why not x^4 or x³?

Because we can manipulate objects in 2D easily with our hands. A drawing is easy to make and interpret because of how our hands and our sight works: a flat surface is easy to work with the hand and we can look at all of it without having to rotate it around (as we'd have to do with a 3D object). However, Morse code (1D) and sculptures (3D) also exist. If someone cobbles together an animated hologram, that'd be a 4D representation.

Not the guy who posted it, but that's a great gondola.

Time to go rewatch Magipoka.

I think the point was that in the case of infinite possible outcomes to an action for every possible outcome where something happens then there must be one where it did not happen thus providing a statistic that is infinitely close to %50
since in the infinite set of possible sequences there would be infinite pairs that only differ in the case of that specific occurrence.

There is another interpretation of that result which still accounts for the behavior you're describing.

For example with your ping pong ball (that's what I vision their object to be) experiment, say the results for the subjects is that they see it's purple (in that case subjective information overrules all else). However say I did more research on who manufactured that ball and what color was used to coat it, it was actually green. As long as I NEVER make contact with those subjects, see the ball itself in person or anyone remotely connected to it, it will remain purple. The moment I do, I change reality for everyone who saw it purple, now it's suddenly green and they're all freaked out by this change (or don't even remember it). The reason for this is because going by my original statement, more information = more certain. This would also explain the Mandela effect as a real phenomenon.

There is a reason why truthful memes would work best, that's because they're not influencing reality exactly, they're making it a more complete description to all observers. The interesting consequence is that, the uncertainty could be exploited to generate the effects of true meme magic (maybe), so long as information revealing a clearer picture is omitted or destroyed.

We can't be 2D because 3DPD exists in this universe
And if we live in 2D , then what's anime?

Clearly it means that anime is real

I started on season three and the went back and watched the other two, season 3ep1 had me hooked immediatelyalthough I only did that accidentally

You know when an anime has characters watching anime in the show? It's like that.

Even some characters in anime complain about 3DPD and wish anime was real.
Does that mean we will never reach the real 2D because as soon as we become 2D, 2D becomes 3D?

Perhaps, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try

It just boggles my mind because the shuttle rescue scene and the S.O.N.G. reports that show up on a monitor (describing a battle with the Minotaur to save an archaeological dig team) are exactly the direction they should have taken S3 instead of rehashing the same story structure only with the dumb "we are baiting you to eat up episodes and are going to run away at the end of the fight" dolls. Radiant Burst is so damn hype too, and perfectly encapsulates the characters.

Must have been weird going from the decent quality of S3 to the QUALITY of S1, yet the fight choreography and storytelling are supreme.

Noticed op's picture mentioned catgirls, so did some research and we're on our way to making human-animal hybrids. Every meme is coming true.

Chimera's are real.

If life is a cartoon, I'm determined to at least be a secondary character or above. That is my dream.


Delicious Flat Chests.


Isn't asuka canonically german?

This sounds a lot like 2.5D graphics. I think Trump just made DooM real. We've got another half-dimension and a couple dozen levels of hell to fight through before waifus.

slide thread, fuck off

To be used as soldiers in the upcoming kabab wars, no doubt

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In a probability space, the probability of each outcome is not determined by the number of outcomes. The only requirements are that probabilities must be additive and that the probabilities of all events amount to 100%. Even if you have infinite sequences of 0s and 1s (representing individual events occurring/not occurring), nothing prevents you from assigning arbitrary probabilities to each sequence..

You could encode the real numbers are infinite binary sequences, for instance, assign
P(e) = 0.40
P(pi) = 0.40
and distribute the other 20% among all other real numbers.

You can also imagine a dart board composed of an infinite amount of points. To a dart hitting the the left side, you assign 60% (to be evenly distributed among the left points) and to the right, you assign 40%. The percentage an area A occupies on the left/right side is then given by

A / ((pi*r²) / 2)

but the probability of hitting an area A on the left/right side is given by (B=0.4 for right, 0.6 for left).

A / ((pi*r²) * B)

He's confusing the number of events with the probabilities of events.

You are right, but, personally, thats is why I said I was going to LARP there, believe that the probability of the event plays a big role. In order for a proper measure of the probabilities there are lots of variables to take into account, which ones are stronger than others and of course, they all have to add up to 1, 100%.

But let's see it as a tree distribution

They probability each path takes can vary, but you can always, at least that is how I have come to calculate it and comes out with logical solutions, you can always break a probability in two, thus creating the 2^n function I was talking about.

We start with the 100% and then it may split into 99-1, but still, only two paths. from there you can choose if your 99% depends on other probabilities. High school maths here, nothing special
The standard and most "perfect" way to split the probabilities would be in two
50 - 50 |n=2
25 - 25 - 25 - 25|n=3
and so on

if you send the function to infinity you may arrange the distribution as you want and assign the 0 values to those outcomes you do not desire. it may not end up as a perfect curve which is the important part of this idea, at certain points there is no perfect symmetry.
You create your own distribution, instead of relying on Gauß bell for example. Dunno if we on the same page.

In other words, trying to put the distribution of probabilities the othey way round, starting from that which you have/want to the function which would describe your system.

Your method depends only on one probability and how it splits in sigmas, but it doesn't take int account the splitting of the distribution after certain points. taking always new medians into account and from there creating new sigmas. This already exists in the mathematical notation, it only takes long calculations and normal distribution.

It's kind of weird that I come on Holla Forums to find someone else iterating my exact same conclusions. A little spooky but also awesome.

So Hermeticism is true after all.

She's half Japanese and half German

We use the same medium with the same memes and have similar personalities. It's not that far-fetched. INTP-A reporting in.

Is this loss?

The reason I doubt it the most is that it should be extremely easy to duplicate. It depends on the exact source of the randomness, but Linux's strongest built-in random number generator (which uses random environment noise, not deterministic algorithms) could make a random choice, wait for people to guess, then show the result with a three-line shell script:
n=`dd if=/dev/random bs=1 count=1 2> /dev/null | base64 | cut -c-1`read _echo $n
That experiment is so easy to repeat that it wouldn't stay an obscure study for long if it really were true.

That image is bullshit. The map of the internet is just one representation which is no more or less correct than a hundred representations that look nothing like it, and the neuron and galaxy pictures are heavily cropped.

You know what's even weirder? I had already come to these conclusions, without once visiting Holla Forums or even referring to similar sources. I hadn't heard of hermeticism until just before coming here, and that didn't prove that influential actually. I'd studied philosophy and figured it all out the hard way. And that includes the political conclusions, which were the original reason for me visiting here. Clearly there is a common variable here.

Well obviously it's bullshit user, I don't think anyone really expects to find a visual simile of the principle.

Kek can't violate plausible deniability. He can't prove he exists. Digits on imageboards must be interpreted and are only ever digits at the end of the day, whereas your scenario is attempting to play gotcha with Kek

Weird ass Gets, y'all. Weird ass Gets. Is the Ogdoad trying to tell us something?

So is the supposed original study. Do you think he's more likely to reveal himself to some alleged scientists then to some meme OS-using shitposter?

I was just musing about the fact that our ancestors believed the universe was a one-dimensional weave with our fates, lives and experiences intertwined.
Back at you


more pop sci bullshit

There are two fundamental possibilities in a blank universe: nothing, not nothing. However, without some division from the whole that enables a perspective which adds meaning to the concept of existence, they are the same thing: a universe whose only property is "nothing" still has the property "nothing". A universe whose only property is "not nothing" has not defined what that existing something is, and thus is de facto nothing for so long as there is no something that has been defined to exist yet. The whole and its inverse are the same without a perspective to meaningfully divide them. Thus, the universe is constructed out of one basic concept (the "one", the property of "not nothing") and the inverse thereof, i.e simply "nothing" which ironically cannot be said to exist as a property until something does exist by which to contrast it.

1-0 / 0-1 depending on perspective

That's the gist of what came to me during a gigantic mindfuck at the start of 2014. 0 and 1 are the genesis of all definitions. It might be what is meant with "dubs created the universe"

So basically, meme magic is real since information is reality and observation makes it so.

Here, for anyone who wants to have their brains blown out, a little something interesting.

That's just your aesthetic sense. Why is 50-50 more "perfect" than 75-25 or 81-19?

How do you do this? Do you arbitrarily assign a probability of 0 to any event you don't like? Would this be like me saying that a die can't roll 3s anymore? Are you saying that you're influencing the events in some way?


This? Haven't watched the series yet; not a big fan of mahou shoujo.

Call me when I can be a mecha pilot beating up space jews while my waifu cheers me on.
Theories are theories, but I want application.


Here is my humble tribute for all animu poster from cold Fingolia!

Ps any lurking Mongols don't translate our sekrit moon language

Sort of, that's just 40 seconds of a 6 minute scene that is better than most entire shows. It's like a short that perfectly captures what is great about the series. It even includes the UN being worthless laggards. I'd say give the first few episodes of the first season a shot. The transformation scenes are about as close to mahou shoujo as it gets, and other than that it is a hot-blooded action show with cute girls doing awesome things due to believing in justice and holding a determination to fist. The main character literally goes through manliness training in order to stop being a fuck-up.

Fuck it, deadfish batch, here I come.

That's all up to you brother, make something of your life or wither away in the sidelines.

ENTJ here

Isn't in ironic that, despite Western Civilization's Faustian desire to acquire the truth, was already well known and established?

It sure is

This "universe is fake" science meme is quite literally a psyop. And Holla Forums bought into it more than anybody else.

Anybody that believes this is a Jewish dupe.

dailymotion.c om/video/x4l936i
if anyone wants to see the scene in question, not on youtube because copyrights.

present your counter-evidence

Holla Forums created it's own hivemind of sorts while ago

t. INTJ - A

To say that the universe is a simulation, or-more accurately-to describe it as a mental universe is not to suggest that the universe is fake. Nothing can be more real than experience.

Just be forewarned, the entire thing was conceived as a music promotion, so there are some idol concerts in the series. Even those are handled pretty well since the lyrics are woven into the narrative more aptly than a lot of other shows that have concert scenes.

I'm not sure if they do or not, but if the deadfish batch doesn't have subs for the character songs then you should look to a dirty Commie release. They meme it up a little, but I know for a fact they have subs for the songs, which is really important in this show.

It's seeming more and more likely that we had obtained mastery of 2D before the Younger Dryas cataclysms, and the scattered traditions which survived have been opposed by dark forces and Semites.

There's a difference between an illusion and a fake. That's actually where my deviance from some traditions arises, because I think the illusion is perhaps more important than it has been said to be. Is not the impermanent merely a facet of the permanent? It cannot be discarded as meaningless, or else why should Will seeking incarnation arise?

The substance of content is not real, the content itself is.

What about H&D or whatever it was called? They've been subbing too.

Well fuck forgot my image on for a earlier reply I was making
Nevermind then.


I haven't CHECKED their releases for earlier seasons, but their S3E1 has music subs and even chapter divisions for the video. However, I did like Commie's translation for a few of Radiant Burst's lyrics more. I'm pretty sure H&D's were either more accurate or taken from an official source, but that makes them a little stiff in places. With Commie you get a line about the crystallization of courage as a miracle, and H&D's version is about the crystals of courage that are their miracle, which is almost too obviously a direct reference to the relic-shard pendants.

I'd say go with H&D just to avoid the god damn Commies. They really do ruin several lines of dialogue with their nonsense, at least in S3. I don't think they were as bad in earlier seasons.


So basically this means that whatever outcome you wish to change with just your mind you can, but you have to be a trained meditator. You can meme that job offer phone call or if you are really good you can meme that mugger into just passing you by…

I think those are just shills.

weeb checked

Pretend that I don't have crippling autism for a second here: what is the importance of this revelation?


I was trying to entertain the possibility and keep an open mind until I got to him saying "You're an amazing person" in his letter to Obama. Now I know for a fact this is compete horseshit.

Serrious question:

How did the nips create such a create series while taking jewish cultural tropes?

U fuckin w0t m8?

We're in a fucking anime holy shit


What is his name? I see this man everywhere and I really like him but I've never watched the man's videos.

Not a chance, nigger.

he was swiss you daft idiot
he wasnt a full blown nazi but he definately wasnt a cuck, his psychological theories actually delve into the soul and meaning of life and symbolism in relation to psychology whereas freud was fascinated with incest and shit fetishes

No user you clearly said
But for pythagoras's theorem you get equations with a factor of "square root of n" with n being the dimension. So in 3 dimensions you DO NOT get an equation involving a power of 2, you get an equation involving a power of 3. If you're going to get autistic about maths then get it right because this is not complicated stuff, extensions of the pythagorean distance formula to higher dimensions is one of the simplest things about vectors, you shouldn't get this wrong let alone get it wrong on purpose.

As for x² = 2^x, that's just asking for the intersection of a parabola with an exponential function, you're just asking for the co-ordinate where two curves intersect. I get that you want to discover esoterica hidden within mathematics, and I can assure you there's plenty of good stuff further along, but this isn't it. Come back when you start questioning why mathematical proofs create immutable truths that exist even if you don't know about the theorem that birthed them. And start posting when you begin to realize how thin the line is between axioms and the theorems derived from them.

To be fair, dimension as a concept in mathematics is a lot looser than you'd expect, for instance if you ever look into fractal geometry you'll find multiple different types of dimensions to describe various sets. Hausdorff dimension, box counting dimension, divider dimension, one sided dimension, topological dimension, and the standard definition of dimensions that we all intuitively understand (vector dimension).

Treating time as a dimension can be justified depending on it's context, you may instead prefer the term "parameter" or simply "variable", it all means the same thing mathematically, it's another co-ordinate that can take the value of any real number regardless of physical interpretations.


They say according to what dimension you inhabit, you only see in the perspective of the last. For instance, our eyes see a flat represention of the world.


To elaborate, our eyes and even brains to a certain extent think in a very 2 dimensional or linear way.

Time has been empirically proved to be a spatial dimension mate, it behaves exactly like one would expect a spatial dimension to behave. We know this because movement through the first three dimensions appears to slow down time - in much the same way that a line with an undefined slope does not move across the x axis.

It's not like Jewish tropes started as Jewish in the first place. The original Jews of history begin around roughly 1200 BC. They were not, at first, a single coherent ethnic group but actually a little more than a dozen ethnic groups which would become the "12 tribes of Israel." Each of these tribes had their own mythological traditions which were also connected and loosely derived from the mythological traditions of past nations. The Jewish priestly class essentially synthesized these different strands of oral tradition into a written canon which "proved" the legitimacy of the royal house that the priestly class put their support behind. The Israelites formed as a self-conscious coalition of tribes during the chaos following the end of the Bronze Age. Probably many Israelites were descended from Egyptian slaves - a narrative that was integrated with the narrative of Moses, a person who probably existed but who also had no relationship to these slaves as its told in Exodus. Even then the Jewish religion/tribal consciousness would continue to evolve and adapt, and it is able to do so because, at root, it is a very powerful memeplex. The priestly class were probably the fringe rejects of other royal courts that were dispossessed (e.g. which fits the story of Abram) until they settled down in a new place, kind of like intellectual expatriates (a lot like us, tbh).

When you use Jewish tropes, you're really using tropes that weren't originally Jewish anyway. It's a lot of Sumerian, Akkadian, Urian, Babylonian, and possibly even more ancient tropes. The reason these tropes repeatedly manifest themselves in differing forms is because they capture deep truths of reality and the human condition. Causally speaking, they align their own reproduction in a way that sustainably improves the reproduction of its human hosts as well as their competence quotient (e.g. consider the high birthrate of Orthodox Jews).

ISTJ reporting in. I find it odd how Holla Forums has changed my outlook and personality. I remember taking these tests in (((school))) and I was classed as an INTP. If anything, Holla Forums has actually made me less autistic. I'm still second guessing everything I do, but I now have the conviction necessary to stand up for what I believe in. I spend less time mincing words and more time getting things done. I can stand around and deliberate all day, stressing myself out, or I can just start doing something and look for ways to make it more efficient as I go and then build from there in the future.

Also, checked.

tl;dr you are now a player in the first alien MMORPG

hail masterrace

kill yourself with a chainsaw

so close

Yea, just because everything is 2d doesn't disprove that earth is a globe. Flat earthers are retarded

i don't even know what the fuck is happening anymore

i don't want to attract the christian vs non-christian shills but
faith the size of a mustard seed, moving mountains, etc.
jesus was aware of meme magic

a²= (b²+c²+d²)
but if

3²= x² + x²
9 = 2x²
x² = 4.5



it all comes to the same. You can't escape the rule of two user. You are not seeing numbers as what they are, symbols which are put into certain context to give them a meaning. They are not divine in purpose, they are tools and tools have many uses.

also to further explain my point on how each number derives from pythagoras, draw your x and y axis with a diagonal all along the way to infinity. Each point in that diagonal will have the same x and y value looking like this
but because x=y
and there you have each real number dependent upon sqrt2. For rational and irrational numbers the exponent is the one that becomes complicated but the basis remains the same. 2

yes, that is what I am looking for because, the moment both functions reach the same values. I wanted to look at those points when they intersect because the 2^x function gives me almost all numbers and x² is the basic function inside pythagoras. It was just merely satisfying my curiosity where both of them become equal and funnily enough by 2 and 4. Numbers that have a great symbolic value almost for each Holla Forumsack.

I am more looking for other perspectives of the issue, not hidden meaning the esoteric bit would be the 2, 4, 2*4 and 2+4 symbolism for the chans. 2ch, 4chan, muhh 6 million and 8ch if you will

could you help me with

Haku Zynkyoku
literally just go on youtube and search for "the jews fear the samurai"

Not that user, but axioms are just declared as apriori true.

Essentially we base our mathematical system on a series of fundamental axioms. Naturally this would have many contradictions, however mathematicians have for thousands of years discovered and resolved these contradictions.

Not a mathematician (only 1st year at Uni) but it seems like theorems are proven statements. It seems like proofs just have to be logically consistent and of course, consistent with those fundamental axioms.


Thanks for stepping up, I came back here to correct that post after I saw it last time.

Jung wasn't jewish and even if he was his theories were the complete opposite of judaism.

Fucking this!

Basically. Kinda like a thick comic book becomes a "graphic novel"

Respect the animefag though. He's the reason English language imageboards even exist.

This is nothing new user, this was done pre-flood civilization thousands of years ago.

our "god" flooded the earth to get rid of all the degeneracy and filth.

If you want to talk about flat earth please visit /fep/

user Life isn't binary.
life is not a digital signal, its analogue

No! she will never be real now!

Cheeky, it's true that you can represent any number as as a power of any number that isn't 1, 0, -1, that's what an exponential graph of the form y = a^x shows (although you'll have to fiddle around with negative signs or imaginaries to get negative numbers but I digress). I got autistic over square root 3 being the answer you get without performing the extra algebraic step. Personally I would prefer if you added 0.18281828459045… to 2, since that is IMHO a much more interesting number, it's able to mathematically express both growth, decay, and any cyclical pattern if you're aware of how the natural exponential function works and can be extended to the complex domain.

Anyway after a little searching I found the much more interesting solution to problem of solving 2^x = x^2 and it's generalizations, the Lambert W function. I had come across this problem a few years back but wasn't skilled enough at complex numbers to understand how it works, but here you go

The simple explanation is that once you've chosen your axioms, all the possible theorems you can derive from them are determined by those axioms; the axioms are the building blocks from which theorems are made. But sometimes you can also assume the theorem is true and derive the axiom from it.

A simple example of this comes from real analysis, you normally start by assuming the axiom of completeness, then use that to prove say, the nested interval property, then the bolzano-weierstrass theorem, then finish it off with the cauchy criterion. So it looks like you start with a rather agreeable axiom and derive some results that are not at all obvious or trivial, but it turns out you can take any of the theorems as your starting axiom, and derive every other theorem from it, including the axiom of completeness. What this means is that all four theorems are equivalent despite appearing to describe very different things, and all could be taken as the defining axiom of the real number line despite only the AoCexplicitly talking about numbers.

So instead of thinking of mathematics as a growing tower of theorems built on foundational axioms, think of it as a horizontal interconnected maze where true statements are connected to other true statements by underlying assumptions about which logical transformations are allowed (i.e whether you allow the existence of imaginary numbers or restrict them). As a parting gift consider why don't you look into the old mathematical joke, "The Axiom of Choice is obviously true, the well-ordering principle obviously false, and who can tell about Zorn's lemma?" and see what's so strange about it?

I'm right there with you, user.



And you have not visited a RED PILL THREAD you are still BLUEPILLED
If you post in this board being BLUPILLED you are the CANCER of this board




And you have not visited a RED PILL THREAD you are still BLUEPILLED
If you post in this board being BLUPILLED you are the CANCER of this board




And you have not visited a RED PILL THREAD you are still BLUEPILLED
If you post in this board being BLUPILLED you are the CANCER of this board



I thought that was for right triangles. You're describing an isosceles triangle.


Why you go crazy over moeshit so much, and don't enjoy actually good and inspiring anime?

what is time? If you think about it, our definition of time is a planet rotating in space around a sun and around its own axis.

so for me time is some kind of spatial coefficient much like velocity.

Does that mean if I kill myself now, there's a chance I can go to the 2D realm?
If so, I would get on with it right now.

But user, even if you were in a universe that looked 2D, the addition of depth perception would make it 3D, wouldn't it?

Just face it. You're in 3D forever.