Alexandre Bissonnette is a hero

If we had 100,000 like him this whole minority problem would be taken care of. Also don't judge him by his facebook likes of civic nationalism. It's not like you can like Hitler or like National Socialism on facebook. In all odds he's probably one of us and had enough of this shit and decided to take action.

I applaud Aexandre Bissonette's courage and resolve.

Hail Victory

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We must free him, Roof, and Brevik.


I judge him by his use of Kikebook in general.

Here comes the shill celebrating a fake perp on a fake story. Like clockwork it is

Don't forget, you're supposed to own this.

-t moms demand action

Alexandre Bissonnette just removed six kebabs. What have you done?


get me now you fucking jews… why wait

Sure is FBI in here.

Fortunately for the time being it's not a crime to praise people that take violent action.

Archives of Bissonnette's now removed Facebook page show he "liked" Le Pen, Trump, the Israel Defense Forces and Richard Dawkins, among many interests.''

kek, seems he was a kike-lover and a fedora as well.

New tactic?

Holla Forums is a board of peace.

I don't buy it

If praise of violence were illegal there would have been mass arrested of Holla Forums posters during the Breivik and Dorner incidences. Alexandre Bissonnette did what he did and we need to give praise to people that fight for the white race. We can't neglect our heroes and martyrs. They gave everything for us.

what's the story here?

This incident is a tragic reminder of how the kikes poison the minds of our youth.

He didn't do a very good job, there are literally over a hundred dead french butchered over the last couple years by shitskins and he only avenged like 6

And you butchered no shitskins so please fuck off. He's better than you are.

How many have you killed? What gives you the right to judge anybody else here?

None but I'm not attacking those that took action. They're our heroes and martyrs and they're better than we are. They had the courage to stand in front of a world that hates them and took action that cost them everything. They deserve reverence.

You're telling us to go kill muslims when you haven't killed any muslims. What kind of person would do that? Gee, I wonder.

k. OP are you the same faggot who has been pushing this garbage about how we need martyrs in other threads? Looks like a new position just opened up. Hop to it.

kill yourself op, you disgusting filthy kike

You're a cowardly worm. You wouldn't dare cry FBI to some liberal praising Osama Bin Laden. It's only when whites take action that you have internalised shame. I'm not telling you to go kill anybody. I'm telling you to give respect where it's deserved.

I am a journalist working for the Daily Beast, we would like to make an interview with you… Can you contact us at [email protected]/* */ . a Skype call would be preferable thanks.

Posting in epic RCMP bait thread.

havent followed the story much but i can i get a redpill on him?

was him shouting allah akbar bullshit?

who the fuck cares about six kebabs? shoot zuckerberg, bomb google HQ

The story changed several times. No one knows anything except Canada officials say its all white peoples fault.

Would you be surprised if this Alexander was a leftist that did it only to make white people look bad?



I'll give you an interview if it's for pay and you send the money to Alexandre Bissonnette for him to have money to spend in jail.

The JIDF doesn't pay you enough?


Alright just give us your Pay Pal or your bank account credentials, we can also transfer you the money via Western Union.






Not to me. To Alexandre Bissonnette. I want verification that the Daily Beast sent money to him before I give an interview.


Aren't you a tough guy?
Really cute ;)

Doesn't work that way Ephraim, we must first verify that you are an active member of the Alt-Right or other Far Right movement.



One day you might make an appearance on here, (((journalist)))



I'm a registered Democrat. I can show you verification of that.

Sure is gaslighting in here. We're not gonna just forget it was two Muslims killing other muslims.

WTF is that second picture?

Looks like someone's head got hydraulic pressed.

is there an archive of his facebook?

I have been here for a couple years. And the biggest problem with you all is well half of you are autistic trolls and half of you want what we preach and are trying to do what we preach, well the important parts. Look. The problem with this man killing islamic fuck heads isn't seen clearly at frist. If this story is true… The left will run with this and 1000x that which he killed will support the victoms or convert or some sort of cuckery. Killing people or acts of unjustfied violence IS A LOSSING GAME. We need to stop being anime faggot autistic fucks who praise people who have the balls to do this. The only way we can ever win is by breeding and cultivating an envrioment around our ideals. Get good, get facist, get producing. Get off anime. Work hard for the future of our race. Only kill when justified. Muslims/faggots/minorities will fall to the degenerate leftists. Leftists have low birth rates and if muslims or anyone who is not of a western mindset wants to join our success. Dont. At frist it may seem like we are getting out populated, and sure we are at frist. But the long run is our game. Get 10 kids. Get a 100k job. Get a non degenerate wife or forge one. This whole haha we shoot a dude once, oh wow i am so edgy with my anime memes and my faggot fat ass. Look I am tired of see this over and over. Wining game is: Not with pushing violence and the forever alone anime shitlord faggot lifestyle. Its with connectedness with likeminds and the breading of culture and of souls to increase our support. Wont get this movement anywhere how some of you act. You praise 4d chess and yet here we are making more holes for liberals and cucks to show the normies how "bad" we are. We wont out kill them. 90% of you don't have the balls and the some who do is not enough. Think on it and dont turn out like half chan. Honestly Sometimes I almost think that the half of you I called out as being anime loving forever alone autistic fuckheads are actual jews or shills who are muddling up. Of course this isn't required for this to be understood. Being a anime autist is more than enough to ruin something.

he had pro israel views, he was little more than a liberal.

This is ofcourse not a statement of we should be passive. But being a stupid fuck who does things the liberals no doubt will use against us. Is not helping. Fight hard and rightfully against anti white policies extra. Call liberals out about their logic. Convince the normies of our logic. Make a proper life for yourself, kids, traditional wife, etc. Didn't mean to go to harsh on you lads, but I am a bit tired of this. Needs to be more threads about fixing your life and making you proper nazi/traditionalist/whitepride. The leftists will degenerate the minorities. Why fight this lossing battle of pushing violence when half or more of you are pimple faced anime fapping faggots. Who could use a bit of fixing up. Even if we killed all the minorites what base do we have? you all going to come out of your closets holding your anime pillow? "we claim our country?" jesus. Also p.s I have typing.

omg she was cute :'(

interesting d&c tactic, but lackluster execution.

Stop posting pictures of Anna…

You're an idiot.

I don't buy it for an instant.

If we don't own them 100%, including the false flags, we will be false flagged to death.

Praise KEK, and hope more Kebab get's removed by White men, is the attitude that will scare the government, as that means there are more coming.

It's funny how you people attack me for praising Alexandre Bissonnette. He's done more than you all ever will. And I remember threads where you faggots were talking about exterminating every non white in the world and called me a cuck for not wanting to exterminate all the other races.

You're a bunch of LARPers. You want to LARP about global genocide but when things become real you back away and cry FBI and PR. It's absolutely pathetic. I praise Alexandre Bissonnette because he is a hero. None of you will do it. You'll cry PR, you'll cry FBI but you won't praise our heroes. But when I say there's no need to exterminate all the non whites in the entire world you call me a cuck.

You act like a bunch of kikes.

kill yourself shill, this was perpetrated by muslims and we know it, NOBODY is buying into this flase flag. Dylan roof was also a braindead retard, exactly like you. seriously kill yourself.

forgot to sage

why can't anglo canadians do this?

Dylann Storm Roof is facing martyrdom for this struggle and look at you calling him a retard. You should see the speech he gave at his sentencing. He's a better man than you'll ever be.

Hes an idiot, and so are you.

its probably a false flag but if its not then good for him

You're not fit to have an opinion on anyone.

The more you talk the more it becomes clear why Hitler had to purge the brownshirts. Retarded radicals like you, dylan etc are a liability.

Brevik was a national socialist. Alexandre Bissonnette is a kike loving liberal who probably did the attack because Muslims where homophobic or something along those lines.

hook line and sinker you fucking retards

This isn't how anyone competent fights for the white race. This, if legitimate, was fucking retarded and accomplishes nothing. It's on par with Dylan Roof's actions. You want to know what he accomplished? You want to know what people remember about that? He accomplished getting a flag banned, and people don't remember any message he was trying to convey, they only remember church, black people killed, white nazi shooter. And this is exactly the fucking same. Look at it from a point of view that isn't your own.

Before you respond take into consideration what you think think the entire effect of this will be and what this will look like to a normie who's average feed is currently filled with CTR tactics if the sticky about their new enterprise is anything to go off. Keep in mind that Canada's PM is ONE OF THE WORST MOST INCOMPETENT LEADERS OF THE WESTERN WORLD WHO SAID THAT HIS CABINET WOULD BE DIVERSE BECAUSE LITERALLY CURRENT YEAR-2.


They are the SJW's of white nationalism. Hitler was wise in purging them, breivik was a hero who execute an effective atack against the left-wing political structure. Dylan roof and people like this bisonette, if legit, are braindamaged individuals who should be shunned, not only for the damage they do to the cause, but because they are weak people mentaly, much like the people who praise false-flags.

You don't know what he thought. If he had at some point in his life clicked the like button on the IDF that tells you nothing about him.

You're literally useless. We'd be no better off whether you're dead or alive. You should just kill yourself because you don't matter at all.

Being pacifistic doesn't get you any leniency you fucking coward. They'll kill you the same as they'll kill all of us.

Sure, instead of inciting actual change, he's only killed a few muslims. Don't be a fucking idiot, this does nothing except strengthen the left.

This. If you are going to throw your life away… do better than a handful of sand niggers. Plan the shit out to get atleast 100 or some slimey kike politicians.

To be fair Roof did kill a nigger politician that was know for being an anti white fuck.

There is nothing that incites the enemy to do harm to us than weakness. Nothing. By loving weakness you encourage our destruction. You can cry PR all day about action stirring the enemy up but that's the mind of a coward. A coward thinks if he grovels and lies down to his murderer that his life will be spared. It won't. Attacking your murderer is the only way you'll live and you better take it. And if he still kills you at least you died fighting and not on your knees.

I see CREW has started to shill again.

You guys are retarded if you fell for this false flag thread

"A nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its laws made by cowards and its wars fought by fools."

PR a shit

That sounds very CIVIC of you.

What makes you think you're a scholar and a warrior or even one or the other? You're neither. You're a useless sack of shit. I don't hear you people crying PR when Momed goes on a terror attack. You're terrified of Momed and think these servile, welfare begging pitiful subhumans are going to conquer you.



Nice COINTELPRO fucktard

What in the fuck are you on about…
I'll try and explain to you what I was alluding to with my post you fucking retard.

This was not bravery, this was stupidity. He was the fool, because although he was willing to fight, he did not think.


He's an idiot, killing 6 people is not gonna make it better, just worse for us. Now they're gonna make us public enemy number 1, "Why worry about Islamic terrorism when we already have right wing extremist terrorism!?"

for possible future reference

see first pic

You think he's a fool because (PR). I think he's a hero because he did what so few are willing to do.

We're already public enemy number one. We've been marked for annihilation.

Can anyone share some links or images of syrian refugee statistics? I'm tired of hearing from leftists "oh but this many people were killed by islamic terrorism" when the terrorism is not even the problem with them

Look kid, fuck off already, you are to young to see the big picture fucking newfag, retards like you are the best tools for kike infiltrators
>impying you are not a JIDF kike infiltrator
This retardation you promote is what keeps National Socialism away from the masses
So fuck off already lurk moar


It isn't about how people will view the right, it's about how people will be sympathetic towards immigrants and further turn a blind eye to the problems associated with them and what causes their arrival to begin with. You can consider this a +1 all you want, little edgelord, but this will never amount to anything more then -5.

You're either a shill who's bad at their job, or really fucking stupid. If it's the latter, you outta be fucking ashamed of yourself for such insufferable stupidity. Lurk for another year. Filtered.


Not only are you imbeciles but you're also cowards.

hello JIDF, how is the subversion going? is fun dealing with you kikes

Shooting up a random mosquee doesn't achieve anything you fucking faggot, more will come to replace them. You need to cut the source of the problem first: all the enablers that let the shitskins comes in the first place.

All the retards cheering this need to be gassed for having such a low IQ.

This struggle is full spectrum. We need our Breiviks and we need our Bissonnettes. I think Brevik has been the most effective of all but Bissonnette's sacrifice isn't in vain. Every one of our enemies should fear us whether it's the traitors or the invaders.

the kikery

This thread looks very obviously made by an outsider to make us look a certain way. Don't be surprised if screenshots of this thread end up in some liberal media hit piece. OP is quite certainly a journo or agent.

t. Chimpire kike

soon we will find out that he used to lurk in Holla Forums.

Pity he's a fucking faggot.

Don't worry, goy. All these invaders will just magically go away one day. Or we'll outbreed them like another poster said.

Based on his facebook likes he was a social democrat and a feminist as well.

This dude is the supposed responsible for the mosque shooting in cucknada? When at first is was 2 mudslimes, then one white and one mud, then just the ebil white nazi right?
And they are trying to legitimize it by posting him as a hero in a nat soc board?

I'm more worried about the delay in revealing the identity and the strange disappearance of the moroccan sidekick.

sage in all fields, too much bullshit.


The only Bissonnette we needed, you'll be missed Bob

So he did it for Israel & the Jews…
I was wondering why the media was not crowing about this attack for the next 3 months, at least.

I knew there was something they didn't want people to find out.

You're obviously not from here.

Try lurking some more before making a thread next time, RCMP.

no she is ugly

you will be deported sanches

Have you read the thread? No one is buying Your autistic bullshit

A true Hero of the Imperium.

Let's make Muslims afraid again.

Hello FBI.


Kys kike

No thanks TRS

self improvement is great but different people will play different roles as not everyone fits the same mold. i want t know why you are signaling so hard against this guy what is your angle? kike, coward, pr fag, something else?

No one is falling for Your subversión kike
No matter how hard You try to blend in using Holla Forumsspeak

Will you trs movementfags get the fuck out of here.
Has not once worked. Ever.
Will not work so long as we are not in control of the media. There is NOTHING to be gained from posing as good virtuous people so concerned with universal values like human rights unless we have the institutions to back up that message.

As for the next point, you fucking libertarians need to go as well. Quit fucking trying to pose as the REAL classical liberal that believes in the true ideology before it was corrupted; it was always shit. Liberty and egality held as ideals were a mistake. The world we see today is simply the end result of such thinking.

He wasn't /oneofus/. Just stop.


This is what I was thinking. He admitted to it for political reasons, knowing that the hard evidence would not bear it out.


oh look it's another Holla Forums idolizes a false flag episode


So he removed kebab and didn't afraid of anything?

Back when we knew nothing Holla Forums thought it was obviously a snackbar

Now that we know very little but still almost nothing, Holla Forums decided it's an obvious false flag

tl;dr maybe wait a little more

WEBM anyone?

retard. immigration policies are decided by the government. politicians are responsible for the presence of too many muslims in western countries. if you're going to attack someone one way or another then you should attack those responsible


>I am a "journalist" working for the Daily Beast


The Daily Beast Fails Hard, Blames Matt Forney & Davis Aurini for Quebec Mosque Shooting

Daily Beast Falls For Fake News On Quebec Mosque Shooting



oh and by the way:

Chelsea Clinton Joins Board of Diller’s IAC

>A securities filing issued on Monday disclosed that Ms. Clinton, 31, is now a director of the company, whose portfolio of Web sites includes the Daily Beast, CollegeHumor and It also publishes Newsweek magazine.

I'd just like to inform you that Hitler did nothing wrong.

He obviously didn't do it. It was Muslims killing other Muslims because Allah Ackbar.

Good idea user.
This thread needs more goreposting.

The nig's head was hit by a fighterjet wing, I think he used to be those guys that helps the pilots during takeoff or landing.
I read about that a while ago in 'documenting reality', but I can't access that page anymore.

There are more pics about this case here:

time to join the military dipshit

Not webm but there you go.

How is this thread not bumplocked Or deleted???
What the fuck in this happening with this blatant kike shilling?

You mean mudslimes? Yeah they don't need any enouragement.

Whereas you, imagine cuntpasting other peoples work is the way to the promise land. Guess what fucker? You will be outbred long before anything happens. OF COURSE you have some Rockwell bullshit. He accomplished NOTHING. It's been one big circle jerk since then.

damn am I really the only one who thinks he looks like harry potter


It wasn't his fault, he never wanted the war the Jews did.

Are you new? The mods job is to make us look as unhinged as possible.

No's not Kike. He's a Zionist who supported Israel


i think >>>/trs/ is more your style.

Fuck off Kike, literally none these people attacked Jews, they are not martrys, they are useful fucking idiots at best or Jewish/Zionist agents at worst. None of this benefited us in anyway shape or form. Filthy fucking Jewish devil.

Kill yourself already, don't you have a Yeshiva to attend to?

Now the fucking leftist have or ammunition against us, next time a Muslim will blow himself up they will say remember Aron Bissonnette, terrorism is a fact of life.

Good thing is that in Europe no fucking fucks were given about the lives of those Muhammadans. Good thing for a long time we thought it was this Moroccan (every Muslims are guilty any way, every one of them) .
Bissonnette will never be an hero, Muslims must be removed by the army plain and simple, we must take control of the institutions.



Pretty much this and if he was really clever he should have fake his conversion to Islam cleaned up his Facebook page and etc. Now they are making a link to established nationalist parties and this failure.

Hm, I wonder where you came from.

What are the chances this cuck saw what was happening live on tv, and like a good cuck decided take the blame on him to protect the muslim shooters?

here's a better pick, it shows different variations of the feminsit symbol

my thinking is that he had a muslim friend and took one for the team to portray white people as evil

made a thread here, this one is bait for media to pick it up and make it like he was part of Holla Forums or some shit.

But wasn't there are kebab too?


This is retarded, it looks nothing like it. I'm pretty sure this is a lily flower (being from Quebec it's only logical). I don't know what the circle is supposed to represent but don't post shit that will discredit us because it's fake and not verified.
Also he is a fag if he did it on purpose or was false flagged(Or maybe even coerced, pic related). A waste of good blood and a stain for the anti-globalist cause.

If his death toll was six, and Canuks would have another 100,000 like him, then your minority problem would still persist.

Git gud at genocide faggit.

Or maybe he really believed in feminism and whiteknighted for them.



That's a Q made out of a fleur de lys