In a completely coincidental discovery...

In a completely coincidental discovery, Australian writer (((Mireille Juchau))) just happens to have had her great grandparents turned away from Australia during WW2 and they totally then died at Auschwitz.

Which is why Australia apparently needs to oppose the non-existent "Muslim ban" by Trump.

BUT would you look at that…

- New paper

- The typewriter font is the wrong type for Australian 1930's typewriters, too large and is a common modern typewriter theme font. (Whoops)

- It says they were turned away on the 7th of December 1939. Months AFTER WW2 had already started, when this was no longer occurring.

- It's addressed to the wife, while listing her husband. This didn't happen back then and letters regarding immigration weren't send to a single person in the family.

The property she lists as the respondents address…

- Was never a government property. It's a residential home.

- Was written BY a Jewish woman, making her claim fall on its face as it clearly had nothing to do with Jews.

- If she fucked up even further and added it as the address recipient, she done goofed. As that isn't how these letters work.

Sources/proof to back up your claims user?

…literally in the post. I list it.

Google the street address. Everything else is blatant, unless you're an idiot and don't know when WW2 started.

I don't know shit about 1930s Australian typewriters. Yes the picture of the document is there, but your claims can be substantiated as well.

You still going, Schlomo?

Take a look at any military or customs documents from the time. It's not the same type.

I'm not your Jewgle. Type in the street address and you can see it was and always has been a private residence and not a government building.

The photo proves the paper is new and not from the 30's.

You are a moron if you don't know when WW2 started.


Font is the same. Rest looks authentic too. Only thing that's fishy is the paper should be more yellow as back then paper wasn't acid free.
Difficult to tell without having the physical. Could be an original. Could be a fake based on some of the HQ documents that are available from the museum.

Just noticed that the font isn't the same. Check the 3s, 6s and capital W

This looks fishy. Should be more yellowed. But could also be the white balance from the camera. Looks like contrast was enhanced too.

It's very similar but it's not same as in the two letters from the museum. (3s, 6s, Ws). Could be a different typewriter model or series. Would need more research on this.

One of the letters is from 1940 so they didn't stop in 1939.

I think you don't understand the situation. It's the daughter living in Australia requesting admission for her parents. So she is addressed in the letter and the letter is sent to her Australian address.

That's always suspicious.

I think there isn't enough evidence to debunk the letter atm. If it's a hoax the person spent considerable energy on it.

Also it should be Dear Madam: instead of with a , for that time period

I think that first one is also an even lazier fake but I don't know for what purpose. Look at how the text is not at all affected by the folds or angle of the paper

The two letters I posted are from a museum. I don't think they faked documents.

Could be a typo but it's even more suspicious, since in those times they just wouldn't write to a women, her husband would make the demand for his step-parents and the administration would write to him as the legal head of the family.

Only exception is widows but that would actually be mentioned since it's a legal status…

If you're going to lie, probably don't post pictures that refute you.

Read the posts you stupid nigger

You'd need the original to test how long the ink has been oxidizing, to see if it was a fountain pen, etc.. Where is she claiming her Jew relatives were trying to leave?
In any event, no one cares about Australia in the real world, it's irrelevant.

Also, why does the letter list 3 people and not just "her parents?" It says "your parents" and then lists 3 different people, which is very bizarre.

Again, Schlomo, if you're going to lie then perhaps don't provide evidence to debunk yourself with.

She's currently refusing to provide any more information once people began questioning her (after thankfully not buying the guilt bullshit because it's unrelated even if true).

I don't think you understand.

You don't address letters at the end of the letter after signing your own name. And you don't send letters with the address like that because it's not visible to the post official.

And it would be a bit odd that she said her grandparents were killed because they were rejected but the husband was already dead.

The "M" on "Mr . Friedrich Nathan" was shopped. Also, who is "Harry Bergman" and why listed there. Nothing adds up here. the Jews have really had their entire bullshit Holyco$t narrative smashed by an internet where you can ask questions.

The Jews didn't start filing all this shit into "museums" until the 90s. Lots of it is forged, especially the photos. This isn't just my word for it, listen to old Dr. Pierce broadcasts about all the shit they were forging for the "holocaust Memorial Museum" in DC.

Not my circus, not my monkeys. If you're so fond of the muzzies, Israel can take them.

Read my post then kys retard

They didn't have envelopes with windows back then you retard. It's for whoever put the letter in the envelope and wrote the address on it. Again kys retard. Also see the same address placement in the letters from the museum.

But these fucks compared USA to Nazi Germany that wants to murder Muslims instead.
Yet they encourage Muslims to enter USA?

It's like cheering that her parents went to Germany during WW2.

Countries based on the Religion of Peace is what they flee from, bringing their Religion of Peace into Country built on Slavery, Exploitation and War.


Who cares what Australia thinks, we're not in a position to be preaching what's right and wrong to America.
Preserving Australia's borders (for the most part) has been Australia's only political success in the last couple of decades - Trump wanting to emulate that is a good thing.

Oh boy…

This your new tactic? Pointing out things I just pointed out

And then go on to try and claim that they would write the address down FOR the person who already knows their address?

Schlomo, you'll need some coffee.

Their PM supports Trump.

Just (((some))) people don't like that or that the majority of the population supports him.

People are already sick of open borders and immigrants. It's a good thing jews are now this outspoken and try to weasle their names into the pot.

Since when has any lefty or jew gave a shit about fonts and proving a document is real? I thought the whole obammy birth certificate taught us all that.