Open Season On Punching Nazis
Legitimizing political violence against "nazis" is ramping up. And by nazis they mean all decent white people that aren't anti-white shills

>Makes Antifa out themselves and get arrested for assault making it impossible for them to get a white-colored job they will join the working class scum they despise so much

There's a quote from Napoleon OP…


Commies and anarchists operate in the open. Just hit up your favorite search engine and start looking for groups in your area. Plan accordingly.

after watching that video i have nothing to say. i cant even bring myself to try and ridicule it.

I am looking forward to this, and so should all of you.

They're handing you the right to kill them on a silver platter.
Get your CC licenses, if you need em, and wear your MAGA hats with pride - anyone attacks you, kill them.

We're going to Make America Great Again, one anti-White pinko traitor faggot at a time.

There's also a quote from Trump
It does a lot more damage to the left and with a smaller scale of collateral damage.

Found one in Vegas but their site hasn't been updated in three years. Still got a running kikebook though. I'm gonna look into it further.

They will all be dead soon. Their time is over. Ours has just begun.

I'm not. These people aren't going to attack you or me or anyone else they think can fight back. All they're going to do is prey on weak people and stage shit with their plants.

That being said, keep an eye out for your weaker kin.

Protect your brothers

Sounds fun and all , but there is Fuck all to do in Las Vegas. The only thing they got going on is the Cop Block which usually involves the lib faggots getting beaten by the cops anyway. I need some shit to work with here.

Protect your brothers. Be the hero that your neighborhood and community doesn't want, but needs.

It's a shame that shit is pretty boring here, but I guess that's good in meaning the people here are united and not disrupting traffic by acting like entitled faggots


We buy guns. We defend ourselves. We kill leftists.

calmly buy yourself a gun and get a CCW license when Trump legalizes national concealed carry

Good. That'll get more strong people to our side.
Its unfortunate, but it has to happen.

See above.

That is why we were born.

Civilians die in war, and we are at war.
It is unfortunate, but it has to happen - and if these people think attacking random normies who cannot defend themselves is going to improve the public perception of them, well, hah… I look forward to what follows. You should too.


The time of comfort is over, the enemy is making their final push.
We must not allow fear to overcome us - fear is the mind killer, the little death that brings total obliteration.

Prepare yourself.
Dehumanize yourself.
Face to bloodshed.
We must face our fear.

We must let it pass over us, and through us, and when it has gone, we shall turn the inner eye to see its path.
Only we shall remain.
There is no other way.

heard that brother. cant wait to rid the country of ANTIFA scum.

I am not advocating starting violence, but express your opinions and if someone calls you a nazi and tries to attack you, you take the hit and shoot them in the fucking chest.

For now, move only in self defense - but when you move, move to kill.

That's the Law here in Nevada, if you fear that you're attacker is going to use lethal force on you, you better fucking kill them or "neutralize" them.

This is what Kek was trying to tell everyone with the get. He obviously knew the left would show their true form, and reveal their fangs and claws.
Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed

The leftists and libs I'm sure will try to use this excuse of "hitting nazis" as an excuse to attack any white man. Stand your ground, defend your castle.

I guess now is the time to start wearing Brown Shirts, boys

Just show sjws as nazies, they dont have weapons so shit will be fun for all ages.

This. I was forced to see a play once about an african immigrant who has trouble adjusting to American life. He gets roughed up by thugs and ends up going berserk and killing them. When asked why he didn't just neutralize the threat, he replied
This is supposed to be a bad sign of his brutal African upbringing clashing with American law and order, but I always thought it was very sound advice. If you defend youself, make sure you end the threat permanently so you don't get sued, targeted for revenge, etc.

Just knock them out if they try something stupid. Aim at their teeth. Problem solved.

Sounds like a job for 10mm Auto

martial arts is a good thing to take if you aren't taking it already. From vital striking points, muscle memory, mental and physical health, and discipline; you learn all kinds of various shit. One of many included is just how easy it is to actually kill someone without creating a huge bloody mess about it.

Many forget just how deadly the elbows and knees are, and there's an entire martial art dedicated to honing the use of them. WEAPONIZE YOUR BODY

The metaphor is made manifest… And our dreams are no longer mere memes.

We must secure… And we will secure.
Stay Vigilant

I blame all this on that implicit faggot.

My god it feels like everywhere I'm not theirs all the faggot in the world. Also Sigs are just flying off the shelves right now due to the military deal right now.

Oh, well I really hope a leftist tries to punch me.

You might catch GRIDS though. Watch out for that Poz Punch.

If only he would have fought back or some skins would have beat the shit out of him him first.

In his defense it's not bad to have some foppish pseudo-intellectuals on our side. It's not the 80s, we can't all be working class skinhead warriors. I know most of you are skinny nerds

I'm trying to be better :(

screencap/backstory on the get? haven't been on the boards for awhile.

in left circles, anyone who questions committing acts of violence without purposeful intent is labelled either a pacifist, a traitor or a nazi. the left in their impotent rage, are now splitting their wigs and punching out random people while the wider umbrella of the left collapses. in an attempt to try and salvage any organization, they're now resorting to rationalizing this behaviour by saying the people they're punching are evil.

in the case of attending protests, whats the point? Trump won. the only thing you would achieve by going to a protest wearing a MAGA hat is agitation and probably a punch to the head, since its now obvious the left will not see to reason and civility. if you're going about your business and get harassed for whatever reason though, just throw the first punch. americans, realise that you have it well. if this is the left's revolution, you've not much to worry about especially with your gun ownership laws. european antifa are 10x as violent and retarded and they exist on a continent where owning firearms are for rural folks and police, but their revolution still hasn't come about.

the >>8888888 get was "Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed"

Dickie "implicitly civic nationalist" Spencer is not on our side. I actually thing the punch was a psyop, staged by Spencer and his fellow federal agents.

which is literally a nazi thing

How many antifa have aids I wonder? I've got those boots(polar fox) that make the imprints of swastikas in the snow. I've walking around my local college hoping someone notices, but no luck.

You can still make homemade slingshots with common appliances and shit.

These leftists are radicalized extremists that will go out of their way to attack people. I wouldn't be surprised if they're also calling for killing white people. The people will notice no matter how much the media tries to block it from view because it's happening right at their doorsteps, especially in big cities. There they will call for Trump to help, and that's where Trump will declare them a terrorist threat.

It is if it's Dicky Spencer.

I do as well. Fabricated memes.

Wasn't it around before then?

Yes, but it got the 8888888 get.

It is very sound advice. The narrow definition of self-defense - just ending the immediate threat - relies on the unrealistic assumption that the attacker won't seek revenge at a later date and that the police (who weren't there to protect you during the initial incident) will be there when he does. German cuck law is particularly egregious in this regard: both you and your attacker get a series "legal goods", ranked in importance: life, bodily integrity, sexual self-determination, material property. You cannot defend a lower-ranked good by violating a higher-ranked one. In practice, this means that one cannot harm a burglar that has entered one's own home, as it's one's property against the burglar's life. The fact that the burglar poses a clear and present danger to one's life and the lives of one's family by having broken in is ignored. Similarly, if somebody assaults one's wife, say, and the attacker stops during the beatdown he receives, one is not only obligated to stop that second, but also to render aid to the attacker (not giving aid to someone in need is also a crime).

English law is even more cucked than that, if such a thing is possible, because it doesn't even allow lethal force in case someone comes at you with a knife.

The demand that one try to keep one's attacker alive and well reduces the populace to victims and the judiciary to collaborators of the criminals.

Paranoia is one hell of a drug.

Don't quote that.

My m8 lives in Amerika where there was a serial knockout puncher. The puncher made the mistake of trying to spark him and was choked into pants pissing unconsciousness then propped into the uprights of a wrought iron cemetery fence and beaten in the kidneys by my m8 who looks like the old time wrestler Rick Rood. When he reported it to the police they told him they would insist the puncher lay charges against him for it but he stopped punching people after that.

Why are so many of these fucking liberal nobody accounts verified?

This is all going to end badly. Someone is going to stroll into the wrong place at the wrong time and get killed. PROTIP: It won't be the "Nazis."

… so what's the "badly" part?
If that happens, we will get another Z Trial out of it. It'll be the most glorious happening in Holla Forums history.

Someone go ahead and punch me in the face, see how well that goes. Not even playing tough guy, it would just be a poor choice.

The funny thing is that they're not even going after people like us, or any other legit NatSocs. They're going after the (((alt-right))).
Most people here aren't autistic enough to reveal their power level openly, anyway.

You should still be carrying in case an antifa gets autistic at you over a MAGA hat or some shit.

they'll more likely be getting autistic over white people and start attacking them while claiming they were a nazi and "deserved it"

You should always be carrying, if you only thought about it now then you're pretty fucking slow.
I've been open carrying my Glock 23 for a good 5 years now, the very fact you visibly have a gun makes criminals much less likely to fuck with you.

Hah blocked in euroland. I could watch it a month ago. They are afraid.

This will eradicate all "love beats hate" rhetoric in the left.

Which means it's time to make it great again.
I'll start by asking for my liberal right to 7 concubines, 4 black slaves and several caged cows in my backyard and basement.
Plus I get to shoot any nigger on my property.

Because twitter is kike echo chamber. Wish trump would get off of it.

Who /standyourgroundstate/ here? I will put a 9 right in their commie skulls if they try to touch me.

It's not always possible to carry. There are places where it's illegal to carry. Unless you want to end up in prison, the nigger stronghold.

Oh no, under developed dorks live out fan fiction on twitter.

Antifa (which none of these faggots are) only ever fight at shitty protests that no one on the right attends. The police will be cracking down on them hard with trump/sessions.

If the right wanted to actually do something, maybe they should set up their won version of antifa that isn't natsoc, like the republicans that where at the milo thing.

Those exist. But we haven't found them.

Or started them to cause "a bit of mischief" :^)

So is there a way that we can perhaps subvert this and use it against them? Like if a group of people start going to these protests in deep cover, disguised as one of them. You know, have an anti-Trump sign, chant along, and go the whole nine yards to blend in. Then once everyone starts yelling and things get heated, /ourguys/ give random people a punch and start screaming "HE'S A NAZI! I HEARD HIM! HE SAID HEIL TRUMP!" and get them to turn on their own.

I don't know, just a thought. These fags are playing with a pretty fast and loose definition of Nazi, and are willing to get violent over it. There has to be some way we can use that against them.

Let's try and make it so being white = being nazi
That way white normies wake up.

Or become hopeless abominations.


But at least we're not hypocritical about it.
They're antifacist remember, and they resemble us.
Think about it.

Time to reform the SA and SS? I think so.

meanwhile, this is what happens when they don't try to suckerpunch Dick Spencer or women

I'm roiding and lifting hard so I can look like this guy, getting there, already got the height, then I'm gonna go in leftist mobs and crack fucking skulls with roid rage if even attempt to lay a finger on me or my brothers

Just like in a real life debate between a liberal and a communist, the liberal argument is weak, the Stalinist argument is weaker, and it somehow produces the weakest outcome possible.

That video would be a 10/10 but the music is fucking niggerishly loud you can't hear a god damn thing he's saying except when it goes silent.

How do laws like this even come into place? That's the dumbest thing I've heard and it is completely at odds with human nature as well as traditional Germanic law.

Hey Nazi Scum,
My name is Bjorn, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are white males who spend every second of their day oppressing the working class. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than the holocaust.

Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I fight Neo Nazi's every day and my wife's son is brown. What do you do, other than “jack off to pictures of Adolf Hitler”? I also listen to "crawling in my skin" while reading the communist manifesto, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO means of production). You are all fucking white males who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It’s me and my Fist


I carry a gun I hope they know


Exactly they've building for this for a while. Its sick

Yeah this is really Spencers fault tbh.

How does this happen? Statute Law (what's good for the Moloch state) over-writing the pre-existing Common Law (what people have decided among themselves). That's how you end up with people in the nation that gave the world the phrase 'An Englishman's home is his castle' being sued by burglars for injuries sustained during a break-in.

Of course you do, since you need to demonize pro-whites, in order to see yourself as one of the good guys.

These people are fucking cancer. The sooner they are removed the better.

Is it too late to get /fit/?

Never too late. Just make concrete goals you know you can attain and stick to and then improve from there. It starts as all things start – today. And the rest is just repetition.

Reminder that in the NET TALON thread it was exposed the FBI classifies anyone who promotes or espouses an ideology that promotes illegal violence as a TERRORIST and all you need to do is report them to the FBI, for them to be forced to investigate.


Ah yes, they have no clue their foe is a beast of their own making.

Dicky fucking deserved it for the "Hail Trump" thing alone.

Come on people, exploit this, make those reports.


Didnt mean to link to that post either, I was going to point out they would be coming after our leader for the same thing if we had one, but dicky is the most extreme public figure, so he got the punch instead… that justifying leftist violence is never smart, but I decided not to bother. Still had the post link I guess.

If you see anyone saying punch a nazi, or anything promoting violence at all, report them to the FBI - thats the qualification they need to end up on a terrorist watch list and have all their communications investigated to see if they actually are violent, or recruiting etc etc.

Jan 2nd a file came out exposing how you get on a no fly list, how you get on a watchlist etc etc.

Yea, the last time I saw a mob of snowflakes go after a handful of Nazis the Nazis put several snowflakes in the hospital & killed one of their pet niggers.
And no Nazis were hurt enough to be admitted to the hospital.
And no Nazi was charged with any crime, because they had a permit for their rally & they were acting in obvious self-defense.

So if the snowflakes are looking for an early grave, let them find it.

>>>Holla Forums

MFW I was at that rally in my steel toe work boots in case any faggots wanted to start shit and it felt great when we poured out of the convention center and overwhelmed those leftist cucks.

National Socialists are anti-communists, and a reaction to communism historically, and always. All right wing radical movements are responses to leftist insanity and agitation, from what I have seen and experienced. The term Anti-Fascist is inherently misleading, as Fascism is a response to the Anti-Fascists, not the other way around. They create that which they oppose, when it did not exist to begin with.

If it wasn't Dicky, it would've been someone else. The media needs faces attached to decentralized movements so that they can be punched, and he was all too happy to do so. If it wasn't him, it would've been another one of the gaggle of attention whores at the Deploraball.

Actually, I would encourage someone to educate me on even one radical right wing movement or group which was created in a vacuum, without a large leftist presence or stimulus to rally against as a threat which did not originally exist in society. Right wing movements dont just happen, people dont get angry and hateful over nothing.. without jews agitating and rotting society, people would live enjoyable and peaceful lives, enjoying their labor and living in a racially homogeneous society with trivial daily problems of no real importance, that you dont have to really worry about.


The commies are weak & will prey on the weak only when they have the numbers, The few stupid enough to do otherwise will be BTFO.

All you really need to do in response to all this advocating violence toward the right is: DON'T WASTE THE OPPORTUNITY TO REDPILL NORMALFAGS ON COMMUNISM, JEWISH BOLSHEVIKS & HOLOMODOR Every time I see a commie advocating violence there are plenty of normalfags popping up to condemn them, but there's also tons of JIDF labeling ANY political violence as fascism so communism/marxism STAY OUT OF PUBLIC PERCEPTION where it might be challenged, instead it is reserved for academia where it goes entirely unchallenged.

it will continue to ramp up until leftists start being dropped.

Waiting for pozzed media or the justice system to put a stop to it is like waiting for women to choose between 100 pair of shoes.

Has also their open support for ISIS, impunity to brown criminals, bloodshed revolution and moral relativist philosophies justifying everything.