SUBVERSIVE I Created Racist Twitter Accounts With Doxed Antifa

I was banned 10 times on Twitter so I've decided that the next time I'm getting banned, I'm taking down some anti-white commie scum with me.

I'm using a dox that I verified myself of some antifa fag. I've begun operations today. This is a great way to turn their anti racist weapons against themselves. Anti-white traitors deserve it.

Bonus points if you get antifa to clobber the doxed antifa you're impersonating.



I'm more hoping that he just gets fired from his job. I don't wish for any violence

Too bad, I'll award you bonus points for it anyway.

you poor man i only got banned 4 times

Don't use antifa who were doxed publicly, dox them yourself.

This is actually one of the single greatest ideas I've seen on here. It's as insidious as a kike on a good day.

His facebook and all his posts are still there. He's still active Antifa piece of shit who needs to be brought down with some real life consequences for being an anti white traitor and a communist.


These retards operate openly on Facebook. I have about 5 that I'm going to working with for the next month or so. My plan is to tweet at as many angry niggers and kikes as I can before I get each one shoah'd.

It'll be a lot easier for them to prove they aren't racists if they were publicly targeted,

Antifa has worse opsec than TRS, just dox them yourself.

It's not violence senpai. It's human nature. Vengeance be given to those who deserveth.

twitter is a waste of time, its poz from the ground up and is part of the illuminati plan to control the internet.

instagram,facebook,periscope,twitter these are all backdoored via socmint by the gchq in the uk and the nsa in the usa.

Unless you are on or telegram forget it.

Social Media is White Pilled to the max and so are most of the retards who post there.

You are only giving the movement's detractors ammo.

Myspace was less cringey than twitter and we all knew myspace was poser central.

Goad muzzies to jihad em.
Niggers are all talk unless they are in person and their natural impulsivity takes over. Whereas angry Muslims will plan out and attack. Wouldn't it be nice to have Angry Muslims murdering antifa.


you sure about that?

The difference is that these frogs have the most skill in using that ammo.


create grindr accounts with their home addresses saying they have a rape/abduction/gangbang fetish

They should sign up for priviledge self help groups, preferably with some physical exercises to expand the comfort zone.

Thank you for your service.


This is even better. Get'em raped!

bump for excellent idea

You really don't know what those words mean do you shill?

Hahahahaha fuck off kike.

excellent, excellent, remember to make a snide post about how when confronted by antifa you pretend you're one of them