How many of us lived in a highly diverse environment? There's nothing more redpilling than a hefty dose of diversity...

How many of us lived in a highly diverse environment? There's nothing more redpilling than a hefty dose of diversity. I'm just wondering if there's anyone that had to live in it and how it's shaped you.

sorry OP I can't help you. My area is almost 100% white. There's one nigger family from Africa here, probably an "asylum seeker" and 186 abos. Otherwise shitskin free. The biggest minority in my suburb are the Afrikaners.
What I personally suggest is to get the fuck out of whatever nigger ghetto you live in.

I grew up in a diverse area. San Francisco Bay Area. I was in the white minority.

Lived on other side of tracks from negroes who were understood to be violent wild animals who would kill me if I ventured over there.

Then I moved to an all white area and I fit in completely. I went from being friendless to having hundreds of friends.

The Filipinos were just a bunch of dumb fucks obsessed with being Negroes.

I went from an suburban town to a dorm that was literally Africa 2.0 because it was full of people from the urban ghetto shitholes. It was pretty brutal.

The thing I remember the most was 2 black chicks holding up the cafeteria line for 10-15 minutes, no exaggeration 10-15 FUCKING MINUTES, to wait for more fried chicken (not a joke either) to be made. Normally the line has like 3-4 people, but thanks to these fuckers it was 20-30. They did this multiple times

My friend who was on welfare got redpilled hard from the welfare office

I did for two years. I was raised in rural Georgia where everyone was white. When I was in the 3rd grade my parents divorced and my mother went to work in Atlanta. My father stayed home to continue working the farm. My class was mostly Asians and Indians. Four "white" kids in the whole class. Those three kids were my only friends. One was a blond Russian Jew kid, a Romanian kid and a white kid from New York. I think I was the only white kid in my school with a Southern drawl. Thankfully my parents remarried and I went back home. It's funny how even though I knew nothing about race I stuck around the kids that were most like me and so did those kids.

I grew up and still live in a diverse environment. California needs to be purged

I have, and I have to agree. It is a redpill, if you have some level of white pride. The others will wither off and become wiggers.

I grew up in France in the middle of Sandniggers, they were hitting me and taking my stuff.

But i grew up fast (1m80 at 13y/o) and started puching the shit out of them.

At 20 i 've been knifed 3 times and been at hospital 5 times.

Then i left that shithole.

Living in Wangcouver around so many Filipinos and Asians redpills you faster than a Japanese bullet train.
You start by noticing that you look completely different and you're either coveted or the target of jealousy by all the other chongs and changs and lumpias.
Then you realize the shitty cards you were dealt as a white, as the chinks get to strut around knowing that their homeland is pure and their invasion of your land is an unstoppable success.

Fucking pho and sushi are so good though.

Im German and grew up in the countryside, yet even we had the occasional problem with Turks and Muds in general.

Brawl at the local "club"? Turks.
Stabbing? Turks or Arabs.
Theft? Turks.
Dealing weed? Turks.

Fuckers are everywhere, even outside the cities. It's much much worse there though.

I grew up an a nearly 100% white area, but I was bluepilled back then. When I started working with a bunch of niggers and then went to college it redpilled me on race pretty fast.

I think the most bluepilling environment is racially diverse upper middle class. They are surrounded by other races, but they are usually the cream of the crop of those races. The children of doctors and other high income professionals. So they only see these higher intelligence examples and it gives them a false impression that other races are just like us. And they all share the same deracinated upper middle class bourgeois values, so they overlook other qualitative differences. Think if your only experience with niggers happened to be the top 1% who have IQs around 115-120.

It's funny how all the lowest races are drawn to black culture. Arabs, SE Asians, spics all love black culture. Even the lower whites (like most coalburners and wiggers are borderline retarded).

I've lived in an area with gypsies that were really nice but the current one I live in has some trash-tier gypsies so I have mixed feelings. I can't hate all gypsies but ones in shitty areas need working schools or else they become human trash.

I grew up in the South (albeit a mostly white area) but I would notice all the white kids that would hang around with the niggers would always get their shit stolen and beat up by the niggers. That's what they deserve for not segregating themselves, I guess.

>>>Holla Forums

The area had a school that tried to keep the gypsies in line and teach them manners and how to properly act. Some of them even got to universities (albeit probably not great ones) which is something.

No. I grew up rural and white in the West in small mill towns away from the city.

Funnily enough, traveling to Germany after the very first wave of "refugees" redpilled me so hard. Believe it or not most Germans hate them but can't do anything about it.

Going into a city today terrifies me.

Niggers taught me racism.

I travelled through germany in 2014 before shit hit the fan then again in 2016 and holy shit it is 100x worse.

Grew up in a Hispanic/Black area. In some of my classes I was the only white kid.

This made me become kind of a recluse. I had some hispanic/oreo friends and would mostly stay in the Library during lunch to read. When I got off school I'd go home and play video games.

There was no sense of belonging, no sense of fellowship or friendship.

By my Senior year I'd joined a gaming club and basically associated with non-ethnic acting kids and hid away in our safe place. Pretty shitty to be honest. I wonder what life would have been like around my own people.

I see white kids in high white areas hanging out, hunting, fishing, camping and having fun together. What would that have been like?

Well. Now I'm kind of depressed.

Anyway, moved to a high white area when I got a good job and sadly the high white areas (at least in or near cities) are full of Liberals who I also feel little connection with. At least they don't try to rob me.

tl;dr: 14 words

One more.

The first time I went to a 90+% white area is was like a religious experience. Everyone looked like me. No one was yelling or fighting. The streets were clean. People were smiling, laughing. Men and Women held hands. Little kids ran around playing and laughing.

I felt so fucking sad to have been deprived that.

Dank digits.
I went in 2013. My family lives in an area filled with them, full burka, full islamic, and can't speak German so they live off the state. I fear for their saftey now, though they have a Mudskin friend that tries to actually be German and moved before the wars, so maybe he will keep them safe.

Literal token moderate Muslum. They exist but they still need to go back to their homeland to fight kikes.

Old fart here, when I was a kid, we lived in Jacksonville, FL for a short time in the late 80's. They used to (not sure if they still have these) have these "6th grade centers" where they would bus in absolute tons of future kangz and some small amount of white kids. Luckily my family moved soon after, but I remember a couple months of being constantly miserable and terrified.

Shit felt like "OZ" for 12-year olds.

Diversity round 2: Lived in Palm Springs, CA for a year after that enjoying the vibrant diversity of Nacho-Americans. Nothing horrific happened, there were enough white people to make friends with there.

Diversity, 3rd Impact: High school to now, living in South Florida. Raft Niggers, Actual Niggers, Jews, and Hues. I'm so sick of vibrant diversity I could puke blood, and I will be moving to Indiana with family for a career change.

Ready to live in white as fuck rural America.

Grew up in a rural white town with 3 homies. Brief stint in the military and after a decade of degeneracy I wake up living in the ghetto surrounded by niggers and spics. It red pilled the fuck out of me. The niggers won't do shit unless they out number you and the spics are just obnoxious. I can't wait to get back to the country. This experience has red pilled the fuck out of me though. I don't blame blacks or the spics as they are not the true threat. They are just a pawn and easily defeated in the idea war. Luckily I come from an alright family that has since completely feel apart but instilled in me a moral compass. After the military it was pretty clear to me we have a morality problem in this country that led me down the path of why?

It really is pathological to witness something like that and think something is wrong with it AND also want to dismantle and destroy it.

Where in South Florida user? I'm a naplesfag, mostly rich white people and Cubans. Few niggers but they stay in their small shit housing

I grew up as a haole (white) kid in Hawaii.
My experience causes me to break out into howling fits of laughter whenever someone tells me "it's impossible to racist against white people".

Gather round anons.

My elementary school was >50% nigger at the time I went to it. Niggers are pretty horrible, even as kindergarten niglets.

Canadafag here. I grew up in Winnipeg. Picture Detroit, but with featherniggers instead of bix noods. I can not even count the number of fights I have been in, almost nine by choice. Years later, far removed from that environment, I am very aware of my surroundings. Walking down the street, if someone comes up behind me, I involuntarily spin around with my fists clenched.

*none by choice

My majority-minority hometown is very liberal. There are a great deal of champagne liberals, and they keep pet niggers.
I wasn't bullied as in being singled out individually in school. But niggers bullied all the white kids. The girls got it worse, though, though it got better in later grades.

I live in diversity. Diversity's fine goy, nothing wrong at all.

Military brat here. Moved about every two years or so. Went from Kwajalein atoll to Germany to Hawaii for a little bit of my escapades.
After i got a job and moved out, we were in Louisiana.

Grew up in the 2nd most ethnically diverse city in the state. Turns out the white kids who thought they were black were/are the biggest degenerates.

my country is infested with gypsies
the only reason why they haven't been gunned down, is because they vote for whoever pays them.

I grew up with schools and churches that were 90-100% hwhite. The first time niggers arrived at school, they were fresh out of the jungle from Africa and caused so much shit that everyone was immediately redpilled.

you should get rid of gypsies.

just kill them all and claim they have accidentally drowned in a sea by trying to steal the water.

i promise you no one will notice

I was a sheltered, spoiled kid in an all white suburb. I was a liberal through college. My first job was in engineering in a factory and I got to see nignogs up close. Slowly started becoming Holla Forums-ified since then.

people said the same thing about niggers and arabs and look how that went

i'll leave this here

I grew up in a town that was 60% Jewish and about 25% White, the rest being mostly Asiatics. I was redpilled early on. They would make us watch holohoax movies followed by Free John Pollard speeches. You're right - there is no greater redpill than living among them.


Fuck all these stories are so sad.


Lived among majority muslims for a long time and yes all the memes are true. The whites around there stayed liberal which was quite ironic as they would praise multiculturalism yet be afraid to walk around in small groups at night.

you are not white

disappear twat

Gas yourself

leave, goon.

Naah, of course I'm not white. I can only trace my line back to lower brabantian nobility and normandian clergy. Now I wonder who could possibly be behind this post

I'll put it like this: of the five, two were really sane and nice. They were the white ones. The families of the Jamaican and Indian would show up periodically and were fucking nuts. The kebab chick always looked like she wanted to blow up the one white chick whenever she saw her; she (kebab) wouldn't even talk to people half of the time. They'd always invite their other shitty friends over and be loud at inappropriate times, etc. Not only that, but it was like that in the whole city really.


I went from a rural environment in elementary school to an urban environment. I would get in fights all the time at school because I had to. Then after school I was put into a daycare with mostly white kids that were all soft. At daycare I was the bully kid. I spent all that time in a diverse school and targetted because I was white. And the afternoon I spent bullying docile white kids. I was bullying kids that were older than me. It was a way for me to deal with my frustration.

I go to public school filled with groids and immigrants from Nepal.

Went to public school in ohio middle to upper class town. At 10 start noticing patterns that at LEAST one of the three "troublemakers in my majority white school are black/mixed meat. Become redpilled even faster once in highschool as nogs group with even more around.

Oh I should add too that the Indian and Jamaican ones were both from Toronto. They'd often tell stories about how fucking insane Haitians were. I can't comment on that since I've never been around Haitians, but if those two were saying they're bad… well, shit.

Oh, look, more data-mining.


I'll share mine

Nigga stole my bike, my 400 dollar god damn mountain bike.

I'm fairly sure it was my upstairs neighbor, reported it to my landlord and my renter's insurance and didn't get shit back.

Grew up in Middle GA. 50% black population, public schools are overwhelmingly black because all the Whites who could afford it either moved out or sent their kids to private school.

I later went on to teach school there for about 3 years. I spent 3 years trying to teach young black kids how to read and write. Got involved in their lives. Some of them came to view me as a surrogate parent. I saw all kinds of shit, and I tolerated more than most would. Obama was elected during my teaching job. I remember the entire school dancing in the halls, streams of black kids chanting his name for months. The entire school shut down January 20th, 8 years ago, to watch the inauguration.

For whatever good it did them. I left teaching about 5 years ago because the job was terrible and the pay was worse.

Recently I voted for Trump and got called a racist for it by friends online. People who live in places like Seattle that are still very much White. I got called a racist by people who can probably count the number of times they come into personal contact with a black person per week on one fucking hand, while I spent 3 years of my life working, teaching, and putting forth effort to improve the lives of hundreds of black kids.

I'm 32 and I still can't believe it took me this long to figure out that the South is actually the least racist part of the country.



Can confirm. My city is split into the white north end and the vibrant, diverse south end. I grew up on the south end and was lucky to go to one of the nicer high schools there, which had about a 50% white population. One of my first and biggest redpills came when I finally realized that all of the liberals preaching tolerance and diversity just so happened to live on the north (white) end of town, while most of the whites down south were stereotypical rednecks.

Damn, thats pretty much my story, exept without the gaming club. Were all gonna make it, I hope.

I've found that the Kikelets learn to signal early on about (((progress))) and muh six gorillion.

Grew up in 99.9% h'white suburb, 80+% German stock. Whites had fled the city to the suburbs about two decades before I was born and the inner city was a nig nog hell hole. There was one mexicunt in my entire class of 400. One nig a grade lower than mine. The spic actually worked hard and did well in school, was fairly popular and also essentially whitewashed. The nig worked hard and had a lot of potential. He grew up on welfare but his single mom tried to escape and pushed him to work hard. He went to college, got a STEM degree and got a good job making 6 figures after school but threw it all away after being arrested having been caught with an underage girl. Lost his car, his house and was basically blacklisted from professional jobs. He's now some rap promoter or something.

Honestly I didn't realize at all how good I had it. Neither of my parents went to college and the suburb was very affordable, clean, low crime, high trust, jobs were plentiful etc. etc. My school was public but almost entirely christian. Out of a class of 400 I can think of less than 10 who used drugs. I was also one of a few who actually lost their virginity. Now perhaps a lot more were using drugs and having sex but they hid it extremely well. Half of my friends married their christian HS sweethearts and now (20 years later) I can't think of a single one that doesn't have at least 3+ kids.

I was pretty blue pilled at the time having not really ever experienced (((diversity))) first hand. My parents had lived through race riots and white flight in the 60's so they had a general distrust of blacks but we were rarely around them and the subject never came up. I got a STEM degree myself which was made up of 80% white males and about 20% chinks and poo in loos. I found them weird but not overtly offensive like nigs and lower tier shitskins. The college town was an idyllic white haven and far away from a pozed big city. After college I moved all over the country. I've probably lived in a dozen cities in 20 years. Everything from poozed AF Los Angeles to 100% white Iowa to Chimpcago to Miami to many points in between. I've spent time getting to know working class plumbers and electricians and small business owners and also spent years flying by company provided private jet and hobnobbing with the elite and have now traveled to 43 countries and lived in 3 foreign ones. What I found almost immediately after college was that virtually any area that doesn't have a supermajority of whites is a low trust, littered up shithole, nobody knows their neighbors etc. etc. Another thing I've noticed is that whites who were blue pilled 10 years ago are all becoming somewhat openly racist now around other whites. I know several "liberal" Billionaires and they are racist as all get out but put on a progressive face in public.

It's really depressing to read some of the other user stories here. What I'm reading here about growing up with diversity is EXACTLY what I fear my children will have to go through. I'm fearful that my children will never know the peace and tranquility of growing up in a high trust peaceful white town. Given the poz in public schools these days I am intent on homeschooling and am currently looking to buy farmland an hour outside of the city.

fucking shit man stop posting your ugly feet schlomo

christians are not white.
christianity is never white in non of its forms especially not (((catholics)))

Serious question. How much are you paid to shill this d&c cum guzzling garbage?

grew up in savannah GA around niggers. i was usually one of the only white kids in class. some of them, all the kids were black as well as the teacher. I got picked on for being white a lot and it made me grow to hate them. I was a confused kid because I still had all the sjw brainwashing and it conflicted with everything I saw in real life. No non-nigger kid belongs in a black school, it was a nightmare let me tell you. I sort of hold a deep down grudge against my parents for being ok with me and my brother going to a nigger prison-school. I learned nothing, was in fights all the time, and hated school, grades suffered.

grew up in a spic majority city, they are just as subhuman as niggers, thank fuck I left that place

probably a 30% black school system in south. everyone stuck with their own throughout the years mostly. no significant racial animosity though. only started realizing blacks were different in high school when they started stealing and trying to live out rap music in real life even though we weren't even in the ghetto. but for the most part, the black guys and white guys got along. im not talking about the weird kids who never played sports. graduated high school in 2012. shits way different now from people i talk to, a few extra years of cultural marxism and now high schoolers are bluepilled to the max. mixed race couples are the norm. shits everywhere. i know people on here like to say its blown out of proportion but i see it almost every time i go somewhere (only knew 1 or 2 mixed race couples in school). cultural marxism is a hell of a drug and it got ramped up to insane levels somehow very quickly.

Global report.

grew up in all white neighbourhood, went to all white preschool, all white middle school and all white high school
now have kids of my own, can't get away from diversity for them
mfw lousy father

My sister went to a university in Savannah. I was happy because I knew she would finally be redpilled.

What redpilled me was living around gooks and chinks and working for them. Also working in nigger neighborhoods beforehand helped. I quickly realized how incredible white people are. I firmly believe we are Gods chosen and it is our sacred duty to bring order and harmony to the Earth and Universe. I will happily die for white survival after my experiences with subhumans.

Where I live whites only make 20% of the population.

I live in South Africa

I live in Ontario, biggest chink population in north america. Diversity basically means less white people, yet there is a sever lack of blacks too.

I live in southwest ontario, pretty much everyone is white. There is a small handful of nonwhites but you certainly wouldn't see a nonwhite every day.

Born and raised in Commiefornia here, let me tell you what, there is no faster red pill than being a white minority (my high school was only 33% white). Even though most whites in that environment will guiltily ignore the reality around them, those of us with our eyes open only have to point out the daily bullshit that goes on to make them very, very uncomfortable. It is this discomfort that will eventually rise up as a great tide, and wash the filth away from our once great nation.


a refugee containment facility was built in my street half a year ago next to the busstop i have to take if i want to go to the bigger town, and these apes are always chilling there smoking hasj and being a bunch of niggers. they clog up the buses, steal and kill. stabbings occur a lot at the nigger camp appearantly, so i'm just glad that they stick to their own right now. i hope they'll stab someone that mathers so the angry folks that were against the nigger camp * AKA 90% of the village * will go mad.

its a joke you retards (except the christcuckery part)

Fresno, CA
I was put into Christian private schools until high school
the majority at these schools were, of course, white. White parents try to do the best they can for their children.
Elementary I broke a black kid's nose on his first day because I was the line leader and I'll be damned if some nig can usurp me (he tried to be line leader)
Middle school some half breed nog was the most Ghetto and annoying piece of shit in the world, constantly rattling of nigger music and quotes - he was failing the majority of his classes
his pureblood nig friend was alright, Christian boy who dindu nuffin and was essentially an 'uncle Tom'
8th grade a wigger joined, a Mexican began to emulate the half-breed, and the pureblood was gone (moved)
then I go to this bullshit liberal high school that is supposed to fast track your education by garnering you the equivalent of a year in college credits by the end of your 4 years
I noticed how there were only a super small minority of nigs and majority white, which redpilled me because there were academic requirements for the school and even though it had it's enrollment lottery weighted in favour of nigs that there were so few
one of these nigs is Holla Forums tier redpilled who would constantly air his disdain for race mixing, and was very proud of his African heritage while respecting my Scottish heritage. He has a bright future ahead of him, but he is an extremely rare case in Fresno.

Oh and perhaps the most redpilling experience is about 4 years back when my younger sister was 3 years old. She and my dad were outside doing yard work and some feral niggers were walking near, so my sister offered them a penny (she has a generous soul, it was the only penny she had) and then these filthy niggers called her a "white cracker bitch" and started getting up in my dad's face. This was before I redpilled my dad and brought him here to Holla Forums, so he only knew to cuck out for safety - but the idea that there are humans capable of such blatant disregard for decency stuck with me

Although I live in Mississippi, I have been surrounded by niggers. I didn't always hate them, but they took away any care I could have for them through their actions

I'm a high school teacher in Sweden… I'll just leave it at that…

Millionaires I get. But billionaires? Are you a billionaire yourself? Who just knows billionaires and why would you be scared for your children living in diversity? If you're a billionaire start financing National Socialist organisations. Don't finance the moderate faggots.

I know all about multiculti user.

Found out it's more about class. If Pajeet's parents are doctors, he's fine.

t. Ottawafag now, as diversity + proximity + money = great restaurants


Yep. It's a good indicator of how worthless someone is.

There's plenty of people who work in transit and service industries that have ties with billionaires. Maybe not sit in the same table for dinner level of relations but they would be around for them long enough to hear what they are like without their mask on.

Where do you think all those filthy women coming out claiming sexual contact with Trump even came from?

I knew them because I worked for them, doesn't mean I'm super rich although they did pay quite well. There are a lot more out there than are listed on the Forbes list and many have less than 50 total direct employees so it is easy to get to know them personally, and they are a lot more down to earth than you might think. I went to dinner and lunch with them many times and used their jets for business trips. Unlike the commie meme of them all sitting around smoking $100 bills with their feet on their desk in a corner office, playing golf etc. they all worked 7 days a week, 20 hours a day like Trump. Not only did they love what they did but THATS WHAT IT TAKES to be successful. I left that world and am now an entrepreneur on my own.

The issue for diverse schools is unless you live in the midwest (where I grew up) you have to send your kids to private schools no matter how nice a neighborhood you live in these days. Now even the midwest is being (((diversified))). I do well but not well enough to shell out $10-20k year for each child for two decades each to to go private school/college. And in a commie state it doesn't matter how good the schools are rated, the poz is off the charts. Which is why I'm planning on home schooling and getting the fuck out of the city as soon as I can.

The region I live in is about 30% black. I have never had major issues with blacks, and I attribute this largely to location. It's always been difficult to rationalize that they're not all suburban and fairly reasonable, but I had a few wake-up calls:
implying blacks have fathers
At this point I know the numbers and I've affirmed blacks cannot, in fact, swim, but it's difficult for me to say all hope is lost. If there's any way diversity has shaped me, it's given me an intense animosity towards urbanites and urban """culture""" that poisons blacks and the youth who would otherwise grow up to be at least slightly less garbage than their parents.

I understand now. I was asking about if you were a billionaire why would you be concerned about your children being exposed to diversity. A billionaire could buy residency in almost any country in the world and live places that are 100% white if they wanted to.

For me it's the passive-aggressive SWPL faggots in the lower mainland. Chinese? I've worked with Chinese. Most racist fucks I ever met and they give no fucks if the favour is returned.

I like Chinese.

Pawn shop parking lot is how I've heard it described. It fits.


I live in New Orleans. It's 70% black, which means there's not really any diversity. It's just … niggers everywhere.

Same, I go to a UC school so it's about 40-50% Asian and most of my friends are Asians because many don't give a fuck about racism and can be open to redpilling. The california whites are insufferable though, especially in college. Did find one surfer dude who was redpilled on the JQ though and he's the one who brought it up randomly in conversation.

I'm serious here, she literally thought white people should be prosecuted for using the word.
And for the embarrassing part
And yeah

Post 1

I grew up in the most racially and ethnically diverse area. Jew York City, on the border of (((Brooklyn))) and Queens. Everyone knows kikes run the city. The Sicilian Mafia is very relevant but has managed to stay out of the headlines.

How was it for me? Being born and raised in a (((diverse))) city like NYC is funny, because you are forced and taught to become a race realist by first grade and to develop street smarts because someone is always trying to take advantage of you. It's why Trump has a huge bullshit detector. You either develop it or don't survive in the multiethnic environment.

As early as kindergarten, I was taught to identify a person's ethnicity by their last name. Every real New Yorker, from niggers to Italians, learns this. Basically, you learn to name the Jew, the Russian, the Vietnamese versus a Korean last name, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, etc.

Everyone here can identify a New based on your standard Gold+, Silver+, Cohen, etc. But you become good at identifying an (((Elliott))) or (((Ellison))) or (((Miller))) or (((Kamen))) or (((Magalnick))) or (((Morgenstern))) based on the the Jew name as well as kike facial features.

Also, we identify other whites based on ethnicity. So real European whites are considered a group, we learn to identify Irish, Sicilian, Northern Italian, Serb, Romanian, Irish, Hungarian, Russian, WASP, Polish and Germans from each other. So we are white, but go by ethnicity. You quickly learn the rules of thumb with kikes versus German names are kikes use -man, like Goldman, whereas Germans have two N's and chose to keep it, like -mann, like Schumann. It gets more refined, especially with (((Miller))) versus the German American bastardization of Müller to Miller (no echoes.) By second grade, I could identify ethnic groups based on facial features. Jews are easy to spot.

Then I learned to stereotype ethnic groups, like Germans are hard working, Jews scheme and rip you off, Chinks are untrustworthy, Koreans are crazy Jesus freaks, Romanians are lazy and blame everyone, Italians run the streets via the Gambino or Genovese families and fully infiltrated every aspect of NYC, but kikes are involved in running the public services and politics. Niggers are hated by everybody. The Italians hate the Jews, but have to work with them, Jews are nepotistic as fuck and hate everyone else. Irish end up as cops or firemen with the remnants of the German community. Eastern Europeans are generally schemers, except they do work hard is motivated. Poles have a big community but can't exercise their power. They're just fucked where they are. Niggers complain and complain and get the gibs. Never trust a nigger and they are lazy as fuck and do not work hard. Puerto Ricans and Dominicans are the same, which is why recent "illegals" were attractive to businesses because Mexicans actually work hard. But then their kids and gang members that illegally cross become criminals and want gibs. That first spic generation, from the first wave back in the early 90's genuinely worked hard as fuck. Then their kids became political and are all La Raza and shit.


Post 2

Anyway, by second or third grade you learn all this. Jews run NYC's governmental institutions. Italian Mafia is still powerful as fuck and is the only thing that can counter the Jew, but they both scheme and work to fuck over honest folks. Irish still run the NYPD and are as crooked as fuck, working with the Mafia.

These three major ethnicities run New York. When shit gets out of hand, like the 1980s mafia wars, the "old" WASP families like the Astors and Vanderbilts step in and bring in the Feds, because realistically, these old families literally OWN the city from a real estate perspective through their trusts. They own the land on which kikes build their skyscrapers. That's when the Feds and leverage from D.C. comes in, basically threatening the kikes, Italians and Irish to stop fighting. The "old" families who have been in NYC since it was a Dutch colony usually don't get involved, since they are comfy and usually attend NYC high society events and then go to their mansions and the world doing coke and yachting.

Anyway, as a youngster, like first grade, you learn to self-segregate. As (((diverse))) as NYC is, kikes live in kike neighborhoods. Niggers live with niggers. Italians and other Catholics live in their own neighborhoods, which NEVER get tagged or graffiti or robberies by niggers because the Mafia protects those neighborhoods. I lived in an Italian neighborhood where low ranking mobsters lived and it was clean, they didn't allow niggers, spics or Asians to buy homes there, because property values went down if that happened. Also, they would beat the fuck out of spics or niggers tagging or committing crime. In fact, if a group of niggers was spotted, the older wiseguys would go up to them and politely ask the niggers to leave. Niggers knew not to fuck with the Mob and complied.

As much as (((diversity))) is pushed on the public, (((diverse))) cities self-segregate, because that is what actually makes (((coexistence))) possible. Everyone lives in their own neighborhood, minds their own business and keeps to themselves. Each ethnicity knows about the other, and ask any born and raised New Yorker from the boroughs about the Jew. Everyone knows about the Jews.

Jews won't let an Italian into gifted student programs provided by NYC schools, so Italians send their kids to Catholic school. Can't afford it? Ask a monster like Sal next door for a loan–no interest–because he knows your kids since they were born. Only time I've seen degenerate monsters show any compassion when it comes to money.

In any case, notice how protests never happen in the boroughs, but just Manhattan. That's because kikes can better control the outcome of the protest, since the seat of city government is in Manhattan. I dare niggers to protest in Queens. It would never happen, since the Mafia would call City Hall and tell the kikes to back the fuck off.

It caused me to become a race realist and understand that we self segregate. Brainwashed idiots who never lived with 100 ethnic groups in one city will never understand how each ethnic group is different, especially the Jew.

Trump knows EVERY ASPECT OF THE JEW'S TRICKS. He sacrificed his daughter to a kike because he knows where the power bases are in the city. Jews control that city as long as they leave the Mob alone and keep the Irish happy with the NYPD.

Living in (((diversity))) makes you a hardcore race realist.

The opposite. 96% white upper middle class suburb from 1987 to 1999.

On the contrary, it was an idyll. Having known first hand what was lost is much stronger motivation than being motivated by an aimless hate and regret.

I'm no rich, superior snob either: my parents were from working class homes in New Jersey and themselves grew up in diverse, decaying, and grimy areas. Privilege did not run in our family background and I am conscious and feel fortunate that I was able to live in such an upbringing.

Though I'm not successful as an adult so I don't know how proud or happy I should be about that upbringing, it does give me a lifelong joy and a source of stability to remember my childhood. From the poorer whites I've befriended and spoken to who grew up in diverse areas/schools the stories are a shocking reminder of the unalloyed comparative negativity of such a way of being raised. Even if they are financially successful as adults the stories of their upbringing are of being disjointed, isolated. Hell, maybe that prepared them for the modern workforce and social atmosphere. Trash in trash out.

i suppose i havent had it too bad. i've mostly been redpilled by Holla Forums, and i'm planning on moving back to my old childhood city once i get a self-sustaining job although with the way my state is going, i might move a few states over to the east because libtards control the west coast of the US

probably miami-dade county

Posts 1 and 2 corrections:

*"mobsters" not "monsters" (although not mutually exclusive)

*"Jews" not "News"


fuck living in cities

make your children grow up in an inner-city ghetto for one year, but just the boys, and do it when they're 8-9 years old or so, but don't start later than their 10th birthday
as for the girls, just hope they don't become sluts; they'll probably get raped in an inner-city ghetto

doing that to your boys will hopefully turn them racist

I'm a HUE born in poverty. No greater redpill than living among indolent catholic niggers that are willing to kill each other for absolutely nothing.

i grew up in the bronx. went to mostly black schools. went to college and had to learn how to socialize with white people.
i can make eye contact now without someone thinking im picking a fight.
minimal fighting, minimal robbery, minimal litter, relaxed police.
hey this is pretty nice, reminds me of when i would visit rich neighborhoods as a kid, except these people arent rich, infact they have less money than "poor" niggers in the nigger schools i attended growing up.
by the time i graudated college everyone is less social, they talk less, they participate less, cops are on edge and less friendly, girls saying "i dont feel safe walking home at night" after some incidents.

they blame whites for this.

good post, saved


You know nothing.

In the rural part of the Caliphate formerly known as Sweden. Am utterly surrounded by sandniggers and somalis. Neighbor's blaring jihadi music all night.

Used to be severely bluepilled in the 90s. Now I'm all for mass fucking deportation squads.

there are both italian mobsters and jewish mobsters. the jewish mafia is much bigger and much more ruthless since the italian mafia gives itself boundaries (which means they just pay slavs and niggers to do what they wont).
The news and media constantly remind people of russian and italian mafia while completely ignoring the existence of the jewish mafia.
these fuckers in manhattan dont let people open businesses without asking for a cut, they own publications, entire neighborhoods, and have their hands in every scummy practice you can imagine.

its such a shame the swedish people will become largely extinct. swedish girls are some of the worlds most beautiful.
is it atleast salvagable like the US? non-liberal opinions are largely silenced here but when you meet most people, they are not. out of my family there are maybe 3-4 liberals. out of my friends there are literally 1. however in public, they are "non political" which is basically what most of the country publicly identifies themselves as.

This is just wrong.

It's somewhat similar in the South. I grew up in a largely agrarian community. I'm mildly surprised by how similar we live. Granted, we don't have the 100 ethnicities, but we live in a similar societal structures. The blacks have 'The Quarters,' the mestizos have 'Little Mexico,' in which the mexicans got the good trailers, the Colombians, the Guatemalans, the Hondurans, etc got progressively shittier trailors then you had the actual town where the Whites lived. We had the "Old" side of town where the rich folks lived, but that was about it. There were only a few, as in one or two, asian families in the entire county. They kept to themselves.

It wasn't necessarily a survival thing with us to know folks based on ethnicity, for everyday purposes, race worked well enough. Now obviously knowing the finer points helped when it come to non-Whites. As you mentioned, the 2nd generation of spic took a page from the niggers and became "we wuz azteks n shit," and would beat you up if you called them hispanic or confused them with Hondurans or Colombians. Funnily enough, they would only do this to folks who didn't have friends that could or would help them out. Low hanging fruit.

For Whites, even the rich ones, genealogy was viewed as more of a point of study and interest. "Oh, you've got Irish blood? Nice, I got family from Cork! We should go have a beer sometime." damn near everyone in my town, myself included, were WASP as fuck. Very few exceptions, and those that were, were always asked questions by other families like "What sort of customs do yall have? Do you do this? Eat this? Drink that?" etc.

It's funny too that we always grew up hearing cucks and jews from the North berate us for "not accepting diversity," and come to found out, yall dont like it any more than we do lol

Funny how life works, aint it?

Ever since the rise of social democracy a hundred years ago, Swedes have been pretty cucked. Now regular people fucking hate muslims and their niggery shenanigans, but will never say so outside of private settings. There are documented cases of people being booted out of labor unions for wrongthink, and politicians are especially terrified of this, because one slight slip of the tongue on Facebook, and your career is over forever.

Even though the thought-policing is pervasive here, people are getting pissed, since the car-burning fuckers are flowing out into the country side.

in the US most people dont think like that, but they wont be vocal about it. can you say the same? i really hope you can

The high school that I went to was 30% white, 30% black, and 30% spic (the rest a mix of Arabs and Asians). You learn quick that way.

I didn't grow up around it. I grew up in a small town nearby a large seminary. The highschools in my hometown were indirectly segregated. It was largely accepted that blacks went to one, whites and asians to the other. It wasn't intentional, it was just how the county's school lines were drawn. I knew only a couple blacks, one nip, one gook, and our town had the token mexican who owned a restaurant. That was elementary and middle school. Then my degenerate father started getting jungle fever. He started getting with monkeys, and started making little prepubescent me go hang out in the ghetto with him and play with their niglets. I didn't realize it at the time, but I started to hate niggers because of this. They were loud, obnoxious, stupid, often criminal. I started resenting my father for puting me through this, and as he slowly started acting more like a nigger as the years went on. My father was one of the fucking marketing executives of Chef America Inc. company back in the day, for fuck's sake. He was a smart man. Suddenly, around the time he hit 40, he got tattoos, shaved his head, got jungle fever, bought a motorcycle, and started choosing monkey sluts over his own goddamn children. He raised me to try to get me to racemix. He taught me exclusively how to pick up niggers and sluts. I never learned how to make friends with my own kind because he forced me to never be around my own kind. I don't know how to talk to traditional white girls, or even how to make friends, because of that bastard, and I'm afraid it might be too late to learn.

Then highschool came. There were more gooks at my school than in years past, because of the seminary's foreign student body. They were all pretty cool, actually, for gooks. Up until my senior year, blacks were practically non-existent except for a few exceptional African immigrants, who were a rare case of semi-intelligent nigger. Then they redrew the country school lines, and there was a massive influx of niggers. I mean, true-blue american niggers. You know the ones I'm talking about. By that point, though, I was already racist.

It's time to fight, Swede.

Spics are the worst in my opinion, they act like kikes . A spic will sell something double or triple the price if the customer is white because they have this mindset that if you own a bigger home you are going to willing to pay extra

Same here, growing up in Southern CA is an eye opener. l live in a white majority area but when you venture out of the neighborhoods you encounter the real "diversity" and see alll the filthy spics and niggers around you. Especially spics, they are truly scum and refuse to accept first world standards.

join Trumps Praetorian Guard the muhreens and go infantry. You'll still have spics and nigs, but its mostly whites if your not POG
just started the enlistment process today, super bumb

I was a lefty before seeing diversity first-hand, although at no point I'd consider dating a negress since the fuckers are just too ugly. Most people pushing for diversity have no idea whatsoever of the unintended consequences, in their ignorance they believe the other races are just as nice as theirs and by god there's no way to convince them other than making them go through it.


what about the country? sure the cities are a lost cause, just like the rest of the world but one would think that the countryside would remain relatively safe?

I don't even think it's a nig culture thing per se but is a black prison culture, exported and promoted by Jews to vulnerable whites. We had a lot back in middle school and early high school. Luckily the white kids where I'm from stuck together against the spics and blacks, even if they wore their types of clothing. People didn't know any better as it was always on the tv. This is what fucked our women up. One good redpill was hearing how black kids ALWAYS just jumped people and fought like packs. But the fact that white kids here unapologetically grouped up to defend their fellow whites would surprise many who don't know much about the less heard of parts of MA. A white kid and rican kid even had a sort of peace talk at my house.

Yes, I'm pretty much misanthrophic to the core browsing Holla Forums alone helped me to go on with my 6+ month long nofap, I honestly expect that things will go further downhill unless leftists aren't gassed good and proper. I wake up every day hoping that I would see a nuclear mushroom in the icy horizon.


I think this is due to teenagers actually eating up mainstream propaganda more fervently than adults because they're both naive and want to appear like adults by mimicking what they see adults saying. When the majority of adults on TV, social media and in their schools espouses this shit its no wonder more kids are getting duped.

Since the cities are full, they're sending immigrants, hundreds at a time, to every small town out in the country. The smaller towns have no local police force, which these "refugees" take full advantage of, naturally. I, for one, live in a tiny municipallty, and absolutely don't go outside at night.

Mexifag who grew up in a mostly White, upper-class gated community here. The country is White minority and mixed race majority. Always knew there was something wrong with the brown kids, less empathy, lower intelligence, and so on. No niggers though, that's a bonus.

How are things in Belgium? Are the people getting tired? I have a cousin in the police, total natsoc, but the smartest at hiding it. I had to reveal my powerlevel on a hunch for him to get comfortable with me. Then we exchanged copies of Mein Kampf.


I went to elementary school in a mostly white town in the south. 2 black boys in the whole school. I remember the days when I literally could not tell black people apart. Thought they were my friends.

Moved north to a minority white school and learned real fast that blacks have tricks and mannerisms. Despite their differences they will always be on the side of their people when it comes down to it. My 1 true black friend ended up getting btfo by other blacks so bad he was put in a coma.

Then my family moved west to a 50% mexican school. It wasnt so bad, they kept to themselves and didn't start trouble. You had to keep with your own kind though, the atmosphere was always charged and going outside of your neighborhood was a death sentence. They hated the blacks with a passion.

I have never had a problem outside of schools since then with other races. I can put out the correct non verbal signals to not get messed with. I feel for adult whites who still can't tell them apart and feel white guilt over it, opening themselves up to attack through naievity

Kill yourself my man.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, just outside D.C. Very Diverse era
I ultimately feel that the world would work better if everyone had their own country, with their own culture and x, y, z.
I hate Blacks, Jews, Leftists and Globalists with a passion though

To the libtards, a city that is 100% black is still somehow "diverse."

I live in the rich white/asian part of San Jose, California even thought i'm tanner than most whites (thanks to being a spaghetti nigger) I feel right at home here compared to the more diverse spic poor east side of town where they blast that shitty banda and reggaeton music while giving me scowls, talking like niggers, and fucking up my order on purpose because I "refuse to speak spanish" to them, fuck spics and fuck wiggers too

Liberal subhuman, racemixing, virtue signaling filth and niggers flooding rural areas as cities expand, turning them into urban shitholes taught me pretty well.

That was from the late 80s to the very early 2000s, and most of the few white kids I knew were degenerate faggots. Fuck Canada.

Become a Spaghetti Warrior my friend, if you are going to starve, starve nobly.

Aka, become the spaghetti, be the spaghetti and gas the kikes, race war NOW when the time comes, just like your roman ancestors.


Born in Brazil.
At least i can always off myself in fire and glory praising Kek without remorse.

Damn right, and when the time comes I will fight alongside whites and gook and slaughter the brown tide of cuckoldry, just waiting for God Emperor to give the order.


right on brother


A Ukrainian immigrant asked me for directions once, he switched to his blyet language half way through and expected me to understand even though this is Poland. Rude.

I live in huezil, the racemixing utopia where there's no violence and everyobdy lives in peace.

This is the first time I've encountered someone, other than myself, that knows what that shit is. I don't mind it as much as hiphop. I can understand the degeneracy being promoted in hiphop lyrics.


Lived in the ghetto. Showed me that there is scum and then humans. Had to go into a school where I was the minority, but luckily found a group of kids, while they were asians/spics, weren't trash and treated me alright. So I might be biased, but I agree with the notion of countries based on race and culture backgrounds that are very nationalist nature, only we have to get rid of the trash before we can realistically achieve that.

it's the same shitty beats over and over with the same damn lyrics, just worded differently, it's like the beaner version of top 40 hip hop in America.

I wish they'd go back to old romanticas like in the 80s, those at least sounded nice.

I did. Mostly black area, but by high school, it was a solid mix of just about anyone you could imagine.

Blacks are mostly shit, and when a black person is making an actual, real attempt at being a good person, the rest of the horde turns against him. I've known plenty of blacks that I have respect for, but every one of them got told they were "trying to act white". One of my buddies was into skateboarding and techno music back in our high school days, and caught so much shit by the masses of outright niggers we had. The black family that lived next door to me caught shit from niggers. One of my old friends was into wrestling and heavy metal, and got harassed for "trying to act white". Fuck off with that shit.

I've actually got a healthy respect for Hispanics. As I got older, I learned that the myth of the "lazy Mexican" was just that. I've known some beaners that bust their fucking asses, and in return, they respect blue collar, working class people. When I delivered pizza in a mostly black, but still pretty mixed area, I could almost always count on beaners to tip significant amounts, and be EXTREMELY friendly. I not one time felt uncomfortable going into a mostly Hispanic neighborhood. Not once.

The Asians just left everyone alone. That said, I've worked for gooks before, and holy fuck, what a bunch of utter cunts. Fucking slant-eyed jews. I'd have to be in some dire straights to ever work for a gook again.

Libs love to talk about how "racist" the south is, and I'm sure it's easy to spout off when you're loaded and live in a mostly white area, and you don't see how shitty niggers are. They're loud, obnoxious, disrespectful, and they're the worst drivers on the road.

I've never felt threatened by an Asian or a Hispanic. Never been beaten up by one. Never been robbed by one. Any bullying, threat or abuse I've been on the receiving end of has been whites or blacks. I was a small kid, and I got bullied a lot by a white classmate in elementary school, but that school was also mostly white. Once schools started consolidating in my area, and black populaces shot through the roof, it was ALWAYS the nigs causing problems. Kids getting shot in MIDDLE SCHOOL? Nigs. Riots during lunchtime? Nigs.

I genuinely do not like illegal immigration, but Hispanics have almost always been respectful to me. I wish that the Mexican government wasn't so in the pocket of cartels, and that other bean governments weren't so corrupt.

Sorry for the blogpost, but I've grown up around everyone, and seen them all living in poverty and in riches. I've delivered pizza to whites with literal dirt floors and clapboard walls, and blacks who were were wealthy, kind, and respectful. Everyone's case is different, but we should not be rewarding detrimental behavior from anyone, regardless of race.

I grew up the only white family in a neighborhood of blacks in a poor neighborhood. Seeing them act like animals never really left any doubt in my mind the difference between my family and theirs. While my parents worked hard to get us out of there, their parents sat on the porches smoking and drinking and arguing with each other, with the occasional front-yard fight. They all hated us for being white and regularly vandalized our house and stole shit, like bicycles, that my parents worked their asses off to get for us. They regularly assaulted my younger siblings in the street, but only when they were alone and the niggers had a pack to back them up. I had to get together a group of white boys from surrounding areas to attack the blacks that attacked my family, violence was the only thing they understood.

The fact you deliver pizza makes me laugh far harder than I should have, like inappropriate.

Plus, why does it feel like you only respect them because you probably popped a boner at some Mexican girl's ass in school or something? Come on buddy spill the truth, I don't believe your memes one bit.

You Can't Go Home Again

You can only remove kebab

Formerly from South Fulton here. All this sounds about right.

Yeah man, the pizza thing was 10 years ago. Money was actually solid at the time if I delivered to working class whites and hispanics.

You killed them Paco, you did this to yourself. Cowboys have gone the way of the Samurai now because of your kind, hiding in the shadows. The kikes fear the Samurai and the Cowboy, as should you.

Other than that, you made me laugh, how miserable that your little world got shattered after building it up so much, to the point you felt compassionate about meeting and greeting the world, and seeing the traditional loving white/european families, and feeling a sense of honor and pride for the cowboys even though you have no ties to them or their ways of life.

That's truly hell.

I don't think I'd want to be a pizza delivery guy, it seems like too much of a hassle, and then you're forced to go to the shitty end of town unless your boss blacklists nigger zones.

But you still didn't answer my question, did you or did you not pop a boner at some Mexican girl's ass in school or whatever, leading to your 'respect'?

I know, I know

Me too have you noticed mexicans around here lately too?

I haven't lived in an all/overwhelming majority white area since I was a small child. There were only a handful of nogs in my elementary school, but once I made it to middle school everything went to hell as the city was split between several elementary schools but only 2 middle schools. Moved away during HS to a smaller town that was 50/50 white/spic. Was actually an upgrade as the spics weren't anywhere near as antagonistic as the niggers and usually minded their own business. Still, I remember being able to go out and play unattended and not coming home until dusk without anyone worrying about me. Part of me is torn, as I'd like nothing more than the best for my offspring and for them to experience what I got a little taste of, but at the same time I realize that me being exposed to subhuman filth as an adolescent went a long way into hardening me to reality and not experiencing that would make them prime targets for kosher manipulation.

It's a fucking massive pain in the ass. Almost everyone is a miserable driver, and your life is at stake. I delivered to this one dude who was always a kook, though he tipped well, who I think lived in the business he ran. Dude utterly blew his motherfucking top one day over us messing up an order that ended up in his favor. Basically he got a two-liter soda for free, and he fucking flipped shit, slammed the thing on the ground, it blasted about 20 feet in the air, all the while he's yelling about how he doesn't drink soda. Then he tipped me $20. Weird shit.

Definitely went to the shitty parts of town often, and those spook fucks LOVED calling at like, 10 minutes till close when they lived at the ass-end of the delivery area. I did make more money in a poor, mostly black area than I did in a wealthy (at the time) white area.

In school I was too busy chasing the blonde German honey, or the brunette freckled lead cheerleader. Way out of my league, both of them.

As for the respect thing, most of the beans in my school were uggos anyway. It's more that I've always been working class, and I think there's a mutual respect. Beaner parties would get LOUD, but I never expected bullets to start flying or me ending up in the ER. Can't say the same for nigger parties. Beans just want to get drunk and watch soccer.

There were exceptions, but a lot of those kids didn't have the right mindset when they walked in the door. It seems like a person with an 85 IQ could enter a classroom with the right attitude and still learn some stuff. Most of kids simply didn't give a shit. Is that genetic?

I fucking hate multiculutural areas. It's the reason why I'm going out west to get away from niggers and democrats. Niggers hate work so they won't go someplace where there's no gibs.

I experience much of the same thing with being called a racist. But I lived it. I spent all of my childhood and some of my young adult hood in a small city that was 50% black and 40% hispanic. Those who call me racist have not. That is the difference between us and a champagne liberal.

I remember you. You told stories about your experience teaching at that school before. I liked it. Godspeed user.

try very much asian. unless you mean the greater seattle area, then yes.

Seems like a nice and honest gentleman.

Ah a real meme dreamer, I wonder how that went for you my friend, if anything became fruitful, cause lets be real they probably had the shittiest self-esteem far worse than an bean bitch but there self-esteem issues stem from kikery meanwhile beans/mexicans stem from being fat, flat-assed, titty flap, potato creatures, and if they have a good body (which means not fat, but still not like I'll stick my benis in that so fast it'd be rape) but still a weird potato head they whine about not having 'white' features or 'white' blood going as far as to dye their hair blond when they're fucking orange. Which is funny, even the stupid fucking la raza cholo cunts deep down inside hate themselves for being a beaner, and wish they were white, but then go the meme route of copying niggers which I wonder why that happens, even though they claim to hate niggers, but then will ultimately fuck them but still 'hate' them which is apparently every gang-banging bean bitch.

Yeah but I'm sure you started at uggo ass if it was sticking out and such, don't lie I'm sure we've all taken a peek at mexi-ass before. Though most of them are fucking flat, like 80 percent, which is just comical.

You know they're not working hard because of virtue and pride, or you know because it's expected of you when you have a job, they due to due to greed and the propensity to ultimately spread autsitic rumors about how they're 'hard working' and "polite", an honest workin' man, Good boys, red-pilled mexican, just like the settlers from the south y'all, texaco!! mexicali!!, etc.

Now maybe you ran into legitimate 'hard workers' but I doubt it because they're two faced and ultimately shifty and crafty when it comes to the whole propensity to build up an image meanwhile being degenerate, if not equal to niggers, sometimes WORSE.
More like

A beaner is more likely to stab you in the back if you put full trust in them, you must strike fear into them, then they'll cuck out and desperately try to be your friend, but with the intention of fucking you over when they feel the time is right, like they're so desperate, they'll fucking watch you fuck their little sister if it meant they can 'get you later', and by later I mean never cause they're too stupid to understand the concept of foresight due to lack of self-awareness which is something all ethnically non-Europeans/non-whites lack.


"What do you mean by that? That's a pretty stinking statement. Do you go around calling yourself that? I don't like it as a joke. You know what? You're fired."

I called him a spaghetti warrior, he called himself a spaghetti nigger (which is a no-no).

Learn to read you fucking goober.

fellow NYCfag. I grew up in the part of Queens that's entirely Uzbek, Tajik, or Georgian– all Bukharan jews. The thing about growing up in NYC, you pretty much know people from every part of the world. I was usually the only kid in my class who solely spoke English, most everyone had either immigrated here as children, or were the children of first-generation immigrants. My classes included Israelis, Lebanese, Poles, Russians, Filipinos, Laotians, Afghanis, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Uzbek, Georgians, Pakis, Iranians (or rather, Persians), Cubans, Dominicans, Trinidadians, Irish, Italian, Greeks, Cypriots, Serbs, Turks, Guyanese, Venezuelans, Colombians, Hondurans, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankans, Congolese, Ghanans, Togolese, Libyans, Emirati, Arabians, Jordanians, man, I could probably list a few dozen more.

I'm not joking, this is just the people I remember growing up, of course, there were every other type of people you could imagine wandering about my neighborhood. If you don't believe me, look up the statistics for Queens, NYC. It's the most ethnically diverse area in the entire world, half the population was born outside the US, and hundreds of languages are spoken there. Let me reiterate, I'm not listing people who could trace their heritage back to these countries, usually they were fresh off the boat, or at least their parents were. In terms of "self-segregation," well, it certainly happened, but usually there was only one person from each country, and everyone spoke English, so that was it. I definitely hung out more with the white-looking people, so that included lebanese, serbs, georgians, etc. The asians and filipinos were always nice, too. Most people were raised racist, which is a bit peculiar, but everyone knew to avoid neighborhoods if they were above a certain percentage black, or dominican…

meh, I dunno, I got out of there before I became a teenager, and ended up in an all-white school. It was a bit odd to then be around people who were entirely Irish, Italian, Polish, or German (ancestrally, not culturally). Much nicer to walk around a neighborhood and see signs in English, not cyrillic or mandarin or thai or hebrew or yiddish or whatever fucking else. Obviously it shaped me, I found imageboards over a decade ago, and I've been posting right wing shit ever since, so… maybe I have no life.

tl;dr want to see your future? head to Queens, NYC. maybe Trump growing up there and seeing how fucking bizarro it is has motivated him to save the rest of the country from becoming such a "melting pot"

You shouldn't be calling him "spaghetti" anything. You're both at fault here, if he hadn't initiated with that, you wouldn't have responded with your silly name. This is no time for whites to be self-deprecating. Leave that type of (((humor))) to the kikes.

>I don't know if it was because I had changed or if my classmates were just that fucking annoying but I really preferred the public school. Teachers taught just as well if not better than the ones in the private school too.

Hated niggers before Holla Forums, hated them more after Holla Forums showed me everything about them, hate them even more after joining the army and learning Holla Forums was 110% right about them.

At this point I'm basically the physical embodiment of hatred. Thanks niggers.

I was a good little leftist goy until I went to high school in a city where whites were a minority. Now I browse 8pol. (and live in a town that's 97% white)

Listen nigger, I'll call him spaghetti, gabagool, etc if I fucking want to, they're note even slurs for fuck sakes man, it's fucking baby shit, funny shit.

The kikes weren't the first to call them fucking Spaghetti, cause Spaghetti is a national fucking food, I don't see anything self-deprecating about calling an Italian man a Spaghetti Warrior.

It's not like I'm fucking saying he's 'not white', like the other morons out there/lib shits.

Not only that, You mean to say it's not the time for Ethnic-Europeans to be "self-deprecating", if your'e going to bumble on about that shit, at least stop using a fucking kike buzzword that niggers and other shitskins use because they're too retarded to comprehend the concept of ethnicity, let alone race and have to use colors of all things to try and group all unique and diverse European ethnic groups and cultures into one shitty blanket term used to muddy the waters.

Kek is displeased with your autism.

Military fag here.
I grew up in an lower middle class area, where most of the poorer types lived in trailer park communities.
Chadfaggots kind of balanced my hate, and i always told myself that race really didnt matter, and that I was only judging people by their character. Just alot of niggers happened to be literal niggers.
After seeing the tribalish "hey men" niggerdome on ships, their generally different manner of being:from emotional responses to how they interact with each other, i realized how much i hated them all along.
All those suppressed thoughts came rushing to mind and i realized i had been lying to myself for so long. I fucking hate loud stupid smelly niggers.

Tl; dr I hate niggers

Guy from other thread with no gf saying I live in Aurora.

There is literally nothing more enriching than working in a cheap arcade run by jews in the ghetto. I got so fucking enriched in 3 months I learned to hate everyone. It's cute because people will go in working there, and they always come in blue pilled, and by the time they quit they fucking hate niggers and are pro trump and everything. I've seriously seen it happen with 5 people working there. They pull a complete 180 and leave because they get fed up with niggers.



Grew up in South Atlanta area from East Point, to Jonesboro, College Park, Riverdale, and eventually landed in Fayetteville (after some time in Paulding County).

By 10 years old I learned:
White flight is real, and is an absolute devastator to white culture and identity.

Black people will not allow you to relate to them - even if you grow up in the same circumstances

Identity politics works on them as they congregate on skin tone ALONE.

Black "culture" is propping up thuggishness, and when it's not doing that, it's heritage over education.

The government owes them everything for atrocities they never experienced for reparations they don't deserve that their grandparents and before actually fought to obtain

Democrats are their friends and look out for them (nevermind that mental leash you're bound by, my dark skinned friend)

Whites are racist by birth, and raised to continue that into adulthood

The worst part is, they absolutely despise being proven wrong - to the point of violence.

All this before 10 years old. I started taking the iron pill at age 11. Haven't looked back, and have moved my family into a more homogeneous environment so they get a proper education and nurtured upbringing. I will share these experiences with them at a proper age so they can be informed prior to high school/college, and form their own opinions.

I feel like an important question for your children is should they be raised in a safe, white, and comfortable neighborhood to have the normal childhood experience, or should they go through the diversity experience in hopes of thinking similar to you and not getting too comfortable and soft.