HWNDU 128 milkvarg becomes a main character edition

EIN: 11-2730714
Jayden Smith and Shia Labooth chanting and dancing for 8 years.

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who will claim the jug tonight?

I just noticed he left another one behind. Interesting.


He has a ton of them at home.


This is what I'm hoping for. There's got to be a reason he's leaving them behind.

Can someone post the wiki?

Characters page: wiki.suicide.cc/doku.php?id=characters

reminder that /ourwhores/ are best whores and you need to stop waifuing lefties

I've come to realize

Milkman….is lawful neutral.

Such a natural CIA pose.

who is the Blade looking user hugging milk?

Who would you recommend?

Milkvarg left it behind earlier. It's become tradition to accept his gifts of empty milk bottles.

pretty sure everyone has already been claimed, sorry

I'm unreasonably pissed off that Electrician and Buffalo Bill aren't listed.

Who was Buffalo Bill? Electrician's buddy?


Yeah, they guy that kept saying "do you see?".

I called him Ginger Rab but it didn't stick, like his soul didn't stay on the inside either.

We must secure the existence of nords.

And it devolves into weeb shit and autism


Okay gotcha. Yeah we should get them added, their act was great. Electrician was there much earlier in the day as well, he was talking to Sam and took a bunch of pictures.



check em

stolen valor is an ugly cunt

Gift the guys on stream some hot chocolate

false flag



deliver his gift yo

thanks. I'll put it on my fridge.

Are all of these faggots half fags? I thought Leaf was based damn it

Anybody else curious to try raw milk? I'm milkpilled now.

OK no bad!!

Based leaf is based, but he's still a 4cuck faggot. The few 8/pol/ anons that have shown up were all pretty good though.

I've literally have drank it from the tit. It's milk, who fucking cares.

Can I choose who you draw next if I get dubs?

Yeah I'd like to try it, but I bet it is more expensive especially in those glass jugs. There is a reason skim is cheaper than whole

I rarely drink whole milk. I assume raw milk is more expensive and harder to find

21:10:00 is where they start showing up in the archived stream listed as 1 day ago


i cant watch this. im ready for the final arc.


That may be Saturday night.

hot drinks for the guys on site.

is that when shania comes back?

Amazing memes boys, keep it up.

Praise Kek!

Deus Vult!

Malcolm /x/

Honorary leaf needs to be redpilled on 8ch

I'm around his and Sam Hyde's height at 6'4.

Is there any white people here in Holla Forums? It's fucking pathetic to see how many Flips and what not are a part of "white national socialism". But yeah… TRS is gay and jewish right? But here you are taking advice from slant eyes.

The rumor of him being barred from reentry ends on Thursday Saturday is rumored to be when Jesus, Jackie and a few other guys are coming back.

You're fucking retarded. It's New York. Selection bias.


They are in the melting pot of NYC. If this shit was in Memphis things would be a little bit different.

there would be even more niggers?

Daria is best ourgirl.


Milkman is up there with Jesus and Jackie in terms of uniting the community. One of historie's greats after we win the second great meme war.

Deus Vult! Praise Kek!

You mean the brownie incident?

This guy sounds and looks spooked because of stolen valor.

nice, very impressive

Its good that they are getting educated but they still dont belong here.

Yeah, but you'd see the whitest fuckers you ever seen as well. Especially when the local rurals started showing up.


No, what about brownies? :^)

john the baptost looks like elloot rodger

I thought he looks like Filthy Frank

If you need a spy to go to enemy controlled land you use a man that looks like the locals.
They don't belong here but they are perfect for the job at hand.


Good one user … haha….yeah…

I tried to stop masturbating, did it twice since Jesus told me to :(

Why don't you fuck off to Discord?

Can you imagine scowling so hard at Nazis that you end up with permanent scars on your face?

topkek Holla Forums callout

don't think of it as masturbating twice, think of it as stopping masturbating twice.

you did what said asked 2 times.




these are all cuckchan fags

Go back to cuckchan, and start lifting.

So why you don't fuck off to cuckchan if no one from 8ch is there?

Starting to look pretty dead.
It was fun while it lasted…

Tell me more about the one true Holla Forums

goddamn these guys just named drop season 1 characters lounging is fun but there is officially no OC coming from this episode now

Good. This shit needs to be gone from Holla Forums


Checked for learn to demographics

Diminishing returns was inevitable after a week, you're a retard if you weren't expecting this.

No Jews, no faggots, no mudslimes, no cucks, allowed.
You have to go back.

That's really all you need to know, cuckchanner.

29th was Saturday and that was a crazy day. But yeh, the novelty is starting to wear off, interestingly enough with the leftists the fastest.

Not surprising, and I doubt many normalfags are watching anymore

Fuck yeah weedanon

only a true cuckchaner cares about this stupid shit



Look at what these losers are discussing about. This is not politics, this is chat. Fuck off to discord.

Thanks man. I'll try again.. just one more time before I start!

spoken like a true nigger. we are not here for the funnzies . Rise above this narcissistic shit and lurk more

Say it on camera bitch, I dare you.

Checked. this little gay show should have never have been stickied, it has jew shillery written all over it.
now we see the boys from the men.

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what we were all here for, whereas the niggers were here to chant HWNDU all day.

nothing, they're good, saw security took one too, relax, weed user schooled them to be careful though accepting food from just anyone. They should be.

New York looks like a pisshole. I can't understand how red pilled Euros manages to live there.

Btw how come none of you New Yorkers got the balls to drop some good red pills on yhe JQ?

Go out there and drop some redpills then, until then, stop fucking complaining.

I miss season 1 characters, these guys suck in comparisson

I'm still banned from cuckchan for another 18 hours from starting a bogdanoff thread.
But I'm welcome here, there, or anywhere.
Sometimes you guys sound like the purists on 8/r9k/ telling me I'm not a robot because I've had sex.


Never let them shut this down.

Fuck the shills. Who else pretty /comfy/ tonight?

I got permabanned for typing in the words

Ben Fischbein

Really makes you think

I'm not googling that.

S1 was better and this episode sucked, but at least we get more John development this season.


You have been muted for 2 seconds for unoriginal content


This is a free speech political forum.

This is everything pol is about.

Holla Forums is the home of shitskins karoing as 1488ers. Fucking kek.

"We must secure the existence of our racemixed people and a future for racemixed children."[


Think this guy is mincing reality with Stand By Me.

Great, fucking normies are getting off /ourstream/

Were the only ones creating anything artistic in this art project.

Their genetics determine their allegiance to their own kind and their own slimy nature.

Not 122 threads, but a presence to keep an eye on it. Trivial, narcissistic, whatever; some good info has been gathered, it was a source

John the Baptist is a pretty cool guy.

Eh if I wasn't white i'd still profess the 14 words because white people existing in their own nations would create immense technological advancements that would greatly benefit my people.

White genocide hurts everyone. The entire world being a third world shithole hurts everyone.

xposting from pizzagate thread





caffeine being absorbed via diffusion right now

Is it possible for people to put allegiance to a higher principle over their own self-interest?
The libs would have us believe this never happens.


You wandered into the wrong area. At least lurk before posting. This is not cuckchan or reddit. There is an entirely different culture here and you stick out like a sore thumb


Brittany is only one to call him out so far. He made fun of her in retaliation calling her a little girl that wears $10 Walmart clothes








Cuckchanners we dont want any fucking e celebs. this is an anonymous board so either halt these activites at once and learn how to lurk or fuck off back to cuckchan to wallow in your faggotry

Careful of the man who has his shirt untucked, he may not be a slob

Don't worry these are just the filler episodes. Every great anime goes through them.

Nice salt sodomite.

Weed user playing the scene from deliverance

Milkvarg at least pointed out something fishy. Read off his business card, started with"pizza parties for kids" ended with "male stripping" and instantly said "pizza parties of kids" again.


Really so you didn't like uncle tony and everything he said was false?
Maybe I'm just biased because I grew up watching Seinfeld
-bass line-

where are /ourguys/? which bread?


Yeah hes said that for 2 nights straight now. He knows whats up

Can we sue them for religious discrimination?


I think we need to focus on getting the word out about him in every other way, confronting him may not be enough. Eventually he will have to respond.




who cares, tip nypd.

and yet, these fuckers do a really bad job and stuck on shotouts




does the word 'great' describe any of those things?

Listen nigger, we will choose our own time and place to reveal ourselves only when the right time has come, not when some fucking lunatic MK celeb sets up a covert spying opperation to fuck people up… You are wrong, narcissistic feels is not what Pol/ is about, maybe cuckchan but not Pol/

Has anybody called out the pedo nigger price yet?

Oh user….

Culture is the solidification of a people's race, and you see what Jewish culture is like. You can never deny your blood.


the first season and the movie were pretty great

You guys see a bunch of Paper's """songs""" are about pizza?


If I lived in NY, I'd go down there and demand that he speaks. All these clowns on the camera now are too busy chit chatting over dumb shit like its Holla Forums. We need this to Holla Forums again.


That's how I'm feeling but I guess tipping NYPD is good enough for now

Yeah for real. The last two nights have been shit.

nah we're all non whites larp'ing as white nationalists.

I don't wanna listen to them but judging from all the titles alluding to kid's shows, I fear the worst

the fuck you guys talking about

Punished Jesus taking up the milk-ashes and memorializing the fallen was beautiful

Earlier I pointed out that his pricing for his pizza related services match the pricing of child prostitution.

If this shit lasts more than half a week, you can bet your ass I will - from behind the safety of a mask. ;^)
Stay salty antifaz.

keep the hood safe H


The dude that said hes this seasons Jackie, isnt though. Hes trying too hard to be Jackie, but he doesn't have Jackies charm. Hes just boring and not worth listening to when he talks. I usually just mute them now. John the Baptist isnt interesting, hes a back seat driver trying to get fame off the other guys that actually show themselves. Shill house seems fairly genuine, but he is the character that dies and no one seems to care.

Here's where you're wrong

Based leaf said some cuckchanners were calling him season 2 Jackie, but he said he didn't think that was appropriate. He knows he's not Jackie.

It just isn't interesting anymore. It's not about politics or combating faggot leftism, it's become 4chan e-celebs memeing on camera all night. Like the other poster said, they could be from Holla Forums. As much as I like Jesus, he's been doing the same thing.


The only reason we rally around Nazi's is because that's how you can sense it's truly uncensored. Most of you fucks aren't white and you know it.

He specifically said he isn't this seasons Jackie.
He makes a fucking point of not appearing on camera as much as possible and is practically just a DJ. Milhouse is clearly actually hardcore Holla Forums from the way he reacts to Holla Forums topics, when the Leaf said "never go full fash" he gave him the mother of all stinkeyes, that doesn't help his spergy nature and general forgettableness though.

Hey now, Milkman isn't from 4chan or an e-celeb and he seems like a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of unpasteurised milk.

Thats why I wont send them food anymore, they aren't combating leftist scum fags anymore. Also for whatever reason BakedAlaska went full retard tonight for no reason on camera.

It does not need a daily fucking thread. Make it when Sam Hyde or someone of importance is there.. these fucking autists instead watch some random niggers without jobs chimping out on camera. Might as well visit the NY zoo website and look there.

I wouldn't call him based, this season is what happens when the writers get limited by the PR department. The show will lose a whole bunch of money and it will either get canceled or the writers will get unchained.

What'd he do? Didn't see.



report this to mods to see it


The pedophile gets exposed and the crowd turns on him. Police gets called in, launches a nationwide pizzagate investigation.

what happened last night's episode, did paperphile get exposed? does the rabbit hole go that deep?

Portrayed a liberal activist the entire time he was on camera, pretending to be offended over everything. The problem was like Leaf said, there were no liberals to actually mock. So he just came across dumb as fuck. Mocking our guys, and he brought his dumb friend who wouldnt stfu with call outs.

He was clearly drunk or high or both and was pretending way to hard to be a leftist when it was only our guys left.

Who are your favorite characters?

All seasons included.

Nobody can top Jackie.

I like how you losers pretend that this is watched by 1million people, when instead only cucks from cuckchan and a few autistic losers from 8ch watch it. The message goes to no one. Any person that could be redpilled is on youtube watching pewdiepie and fapping on twitch to cam whores.

Just let it fade away. Link other threads, remind anons HWNDU is a bad addiction, etc.

Right now it's a battle over non-profit tax exempt 501c3 status and testing their limits, an important political battle. It's clearly not an art project, but intended as an anti-trump political forum. Shia's and MOMI's bluff has been called, so they either have to shut it down or tolerate different viewpoints. If they keep enforcing bias they lose their tax-exempt status..

Jackie, Tony, Old School Astoria, Jesus, Naruto.

Sounds like he needs to lurk more.

Yeah, you can't meme yourself, you don't judge yourself. Only kek can judge you.

Fav user: Slav user
Fav fem: Brittany
Fav drone: Paperboy Prince (massacre soon)
Fav fed: Nick

Demented Dylan.

And who is going to report it? Why you think these faggots prefer to watch the stream all day instead of doing something better? They are losers, low energy cucks. No one will do anything to push the tax exempt angle.

I think next week when/if Shia returns from his time out in California, it might get rejuvenated. If he abandons this it will fall apart. Today clearly showed how few shits lib cucks care about this if there is no celebrity.

There were more our guys today than they had.

That's it really, he also tried some really weak Alex Jones shitposting without really getting it.


Found the pizza jew.



you know.. the type of thread you ban after it gets 10 replies and chimp out over..


Did you report the museum?


For anybody saying these threads are useless, consider the fact that we stare into the face of pizzagate every day. It's right under our noses, and it has to do with everything we're about.

That alone should be inspiration to continue the fire rising.

I'm out

Anons have already reported it to IRS. Keeping it in the spotlight will make it a public battle on nonprofits. There are 2 stickies on this.




I didn't expect to feel tonight because of a leaf


i thought what you meant was 'he did not win'


its freezing out tonight



lol, coming back from exile pretty much. Did he go into a rehab program? Cause that won't cure being psychotic.

I kinda wish he'd own the whole thing somehow. It's a very neat idea to have an art exhibit like this.

I still love him.

The party is gone but the idea lives. Fuck off nigger I'm glad you're not coming to 8ch.

Socialism doesn't work unless it has 'national' infront, user.


If you are a "nazi" in America you are a stupid shit. It will never be seen with good eyes there because, you know.. Americans fought against "le nazi".


If you get called a NAZI in America, say: FUCK NAZIS

Get on cam and explain yourself user.

Exactly, and that's what I described. That's the political system driving national socialism.

Dr. Goebbels himself wrote the nazi-sozi

Ali is such a bitch.

Adidasbro, Plaidman, Holla Forums blart, Mustachio user, and Jackie are part of my original /comfy/ crew.

Just don't call it National Socials, or Nazism or Fascism or whatever can be traced back to Hitler.

Google hates us

Nice one, when I get called a nazi I throw up the SS sign, most people get confused or think I'm nuts and fuck off.

Fuck off PRFAG, this kinda shit killed gaymergoy

Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck

Shoah only happens to 4/pol/ cucks

It's fucked up, Google celebrating Communism. Twitter full of dick sucking Chavez and Castro.. what the fuck they teach you in school in America?

I think its more of a forced vacation to avoid legal action taken against him. Pretty sure he was advised to go away for a bit because of all the incidents. They are probably waiting for us to lose interest and when he comes back he can do his art. Good luck with that though lol.

Honestly i'm not even a Nazi I just support an explicitly white limited franchise democratic republic.

National Socialism is great while the original furher would be alive but honestly I think that i'd break down after his death. I just can't honestly solve the problem of succession in National Socialism.

This is not about videogames cuck. It's almost 100 years of brainwashing the public. Do everything you can to disassociate yourself from nazis, hitler and co

They teach you what to think not how to think.

Fuherer appoints trusted second in command who carries on his legacy. Goebbels served two days before he took the final pill


We're National Socialists.

Fuck off back to your containment board.

God, I can't wait until this character dies.

Pick neither, chaim.

Well this speech got depressing fast.

I imagine they would teach against Communism too, to prevent any movement that could threat the two party system. But it seems Democrats turn into the Communist Party and Republicans into the National Socialist party

I might disagree with Leafnig on specifics of our National Socialist beliefs, but goddamn I at least respect this guy for being articulate and a genuinely good guy.

It's not about yidyas it's about not diluting your ideology because others might do or say bad things about you.
You're a fucking coward who is enabling the slow March on to white genocide.

I like Hitler and the whole ideology too, but I'm just saying if you present yourself in public with anything that could be traced to nazism.. you are a dumb fuck. Neo-Nazi trash skinhead level that is used as a useful idiot to make promoting white interests look as madness.

anyone recording dis shit?

what can I use to record it?

Very wise, user.

Skins are bad because they're degenerates with no ideology, just like aut-kikes. Stop PRfagging.

I'm sure he will. He definitely has some smart advisers keeping him away but that will only last so long.

At some point he'll go back to his apartment near hwndu, be relatively sane for awhile, then go off his meds and fight someone again.

I feel like we should rejuvenate card stand threads in Holla Forums if this is what this has come to.

Yeah, but with the whole media and teachers making National Socialism look like something deplorable, Communism might win. I think this is why Trump is pushing things so fast.. if he proves to the people that his ideas are good, then the media, the communists.. won't have any power for a revolution against Trump.

and yet the chief tool causing White guilt is the holohoax, and any denial of that makes you a nazi in their eyes

I have a lot of respect for leafbro. He made the effort and was articulate. Real human bean

And you will be made to look as a degenerate. If you are from America, you will be made to look as a traitor.

Hitler was a failure as a leader and turned Germany into a cuck wasteland. Admire him for kicking France's dick in, sure. But he's not fit to be a model for our movement. He is a false idol who fell beneath the fists of the mighty American Eagle. Praise the God Emperor Trump. There is none before him save Christ the King of Kings and his holy messenger Kek. Deus Vult.

shadilay to you as well brother

Then get up there and start a new character, he's leaving for Canada tonight.

Until you go out there and you represent this board's interests, whatever you claim they are, stop talking shit. I assume you're a nigger.

Could you explain the second point with more detail?


Honestly I think that National Socialism was the German body politic's immune reaction to subversives, poverty, and suffering. Once subversives are removed and prosperity is achieved I think that it would suffer entropy like all systems. American Republicanism has proven to be by far the most stable long term form of Government since it's been going strong(subverted yes but it's still fundamentally intact) for 241 years straight. The fundamental problem that's lead to the current problems in America was slavery imported all the Niggers and white nationalism not being explicitly enshrined in the constitution.

Take the Americapill.

Sad thing is, if the dumb ass Gooks didnt attack us, Hitler would probably have taken all of Europe. The Gooks are what fucked him over. He would have made a great leader. His Architectural plans were amazing and I am sad we never got to see that.


That was a low energy conclusion.

And again with this shit… nigger, there is no one to watch it. It would be as writing here. This is not like going live on TV on Fox News and talking about White Genocide. This is a shit stream that's not even on youtube, with 100 viewers from anonymous boards.

And they didn't even declare war on Russia. Fucking nips.
Should've backed chink Nationalists.

also MOMI and NYPD is gonna get tired of babysitting, despite their $10 million per year budget.

Yeah, really his fault that his generals betrayed him because rothschild kikes were funding both sides of the war. Hitler was far too tolerant.

Good, I want to be a traitor to this degenerate commmunist-state. America will collapse, it's inevitable, and national socialism will be there to pick up the pieces.
Do you think all those BASED niggers will be on your side when shit hits the fan?
All those BASED niggers that would murder your fucking family in a heartbeat if they knew they could get away with it? Get real aut-kike cucks, go back home to cuckchan and let Jamal in, your mulatto whore gf is waiting for him.

I really wish this was over and the stream was cut off.

Good meme user-senpai.

A true God Emperor would not have fallen from such pathetic efforts. Deus Vult, Praise Kek.

This is b8 but I think we ignore the elephant in the room. And it's that Hitler lost.

Ultimately I think that Holla Forums will spawn it's own unique ideology and systems of beliefs rather than adopting old world ideologies in their entirely.

I'm from Europe. But get this in your head: without minorities support, in America, you won't ever win. If Latinos and Blacks would have not voted for Trump, he would have lost.

teehee look gais, I'm trolling, am I fit in now?

3k watched the stream when sam was there, I think that was the max point. Then there was that retard politician, I am sure quite a few people were watching then.

some ideas have been made obsolete

nuclear weapons didn't exist when hitler took power

nuclear deterrence is the law of the planet now.

He took all of the eastern hemisphere's personal punching bag and turned them into the a military power that could have conquered the world, the technological powerhouse of the planet, pushed medical science at least 100 years ahead of what it should have been had it progressed at a constant rate and science in general took a massive fucking leap.
Hitler didn't turn Germany into a cuck wasteland, it became a cuck wasteland as punishment for Hitler.
good bait

It's on the site if you click on the upper right corner of the screen.

Also based anons are ripping it and going to post it on MEGA if this ever gets shut down.

Checked. I've got to say, he was a smart mulatto, and I've met several smart mulattos. They can get really close, but I've never seen one fully accept the words of Hitler. He was a good, intelligent speaker, and added a lot to the stream.

You'll always be an evil nazi if you disagree with them. Propaganda works best when it's the truth. If you try and distort that truth, you'll shoot yourself in the foot.
Stop lying to make yourself look good. That's what a jew does.
Also, skinheads are degenerate trash who are probably all alphabet. Real National Socialists have hair and look like decent human beings.

I live on the other side of the country and have shit to do in my life. Why don't you drop everything and spend copious amounts of cash to talk to a wall?

Also, guys. I love HWNDU threads, but I suggest we start using sage for it's originally intended purpose here like oldfag /a/nons. Bump it if it's going to die, but otherwise don't keep this thread at the top all the time.


What is it at now? I know theres a website that tracks viewers. Cant be many. There is literally no one posting on the FB page or on twitter anymore. Its just Shitposters now

Bow before your false dead fuhrer, worm. Or stand and take up the holy armor and sword for your one true God-Emperor. The choice is yours.

was that the Venti thief that lurked waiting for Millhouse? and the left in same direction….

But he still lost the struggle, that can't be ignored.


I can't find Nick the fed either. And Milkman is listed as "Megamilk" while the Milkman page leads to that knockoff who arrived with Alaska the other day. Is that wiki being mantained by some discordfag?

the worm revels in the filth and squalor of his failures. he cannot conceive of victory. Only by standing in the God Emperor's vanguard will we achieve victory against the Saracen and the Communist.

It was. He stood there for a second and looked in the direction the guard was for a second before walking back toward Millhouse. Press F, he attained meme status but not for long.

No, this germans powerful during WW2 is a jewish meme to make them look like the ultimate monsters. Germany was powerful only against single enemies from Europe. Germany VS France, Germany vs UK.. when Russia and USA joined against Germany.. it was over before it started.

He's Nick Romano

Millhouse will be shout out douche's next victim

Of course. Hitler didn't gas the Jews or praise Kek.

Wow this thing is dead

Haven't been here in a while. Any significant developments?

History does not lie. Under the combined might of the forebears of the twin Holy Empires of America and Russia, foreshadowing the emergence of God Emperor's Trump and Putin, the socialist worm died like a coward. Deus Vult.

Okay I get you, you have no idea how American politics work.
Trump campaigned for electoral vote, campaigned in majority white areas and won the vote.
We have the EC, and more white districts and electors than there are minority ones.
You don't compromise for animals, fuck trying to play fair and work within the system, that worked for Hitler because Germany was mostly white, I agree that it can't work for the USA but you're missing a key element:
Complete and total economic collapse is inevitable, that will create power vacuum where the constitution will be tended mill and void, in this vacuum is the only way a NS state could arise.
The goal is to wake as many whites as possible up to the truth, not a diluted version of it so as many whites are ready, willing, and able when the time comes.

Trump won because of EC, white victory is possible in the system with proper use of the Internet to get your message directly to whites, also possible through power vacuum created by complete economic collapse, lrn2longgame nigger.

That's why you don't disagree with them. You simply don't talk with leftist SJWs. You only try to drop small redpills with liberals. If you go and tell a liberal cuck that the holocaust never happened, that Hitler was a hero and so on, you're dumb.

Of course, had circumstances been different, had the US never instigated war with japan I believe Germany may have had a fighting chance.

they built a wall.

And the leftist kike shows its true colors, these threads are a hive of cuckchan.
Enjoy your white genocide you filthy subhuman mongrel rat.

Of course there's no reasoning with a lefty. You don't talk with lefties. You use them to promote your own opinion if your in front of a crowd, and that is the only reason you should ever debate one.

Nothing that achieved lulz or progress at all today. It because Holla Forums chat.

Nay. Throw no pearls before swine. Spare not a single holy breath to persuade the children of deceit. They shall be swept aside with one gesture of the might God Emperor's hand.

That's why we need jackie jesus and leaf


The socialist worm betrays his true self always - he cannot help it. He must always project. Bow before your dead half-Jew fuhrer, filth.

Top kek.

tfw the wall killed all the fun

The Holy Messenger Kek knows falsehood drips from the socialist worm's tongue. He gives no credit or succor to your empty praise.

Meh. At least there was a fun whole first week of memes and BTFOing Shia LaCuck


sure, don't try and convert people durrrrrr

maybe not irl anyway

Praise the blessed guardians of Holla Forums. Their will be done. Deus Vult.

I hope Milhouse gets home safe.

Keep admitting you want whites to fade into obscurity as the demographics keep getting worse because you were too cucked to say
Democracy is a slow and painful suicide

Kek is not your holy messenger, christkike it is a primordial chaos.

Yet, the best memes and the best bants that come out, are spread across the world and multiplied.

Like that based polish user ranting about the fucking trash communists around that killed his people. I guarantee hundreds of thousands of people saw that.

If you don't have enough viewers, it's because you have low energy memes, and Kek does not support you.

Here's how you know it's working

tw itter.com/trashboyman/status/824547401096712192

Apologies for posting from an zogdroid

I'll never forget that first week though, I literally couldn't stop watching. Seeing the Trump side come out so strong was amazing and the tension at some moments was through the roof.

The one night when everybody was pushing and shoving towards the camera was total chaos. Blart and Proud Boys. And the ginger bearded guy. Just incredible stuff. The first couple late nights with Jackie were interesting too.

It was fun while it lasted for sure. One of the craziest things I've ever experienced.

The fool says "kek, kek!" but only cuckery falls from his diseased lips. Kek is the messenger. The God Emperor, glory to him, hears and obeys. The savages and barbarians, the cucks and the socialists will be swept aside. Praise Kek, Deus Vult.

The graph shows 10k when sam was there.

One Victory on the day is I think Alis spirit is finally broken, I dont recall seeing her today at all


wonder what shoutout has in his hand on his way to stalk and rape millhouse

How exactly are niggers or muslims to blame for that?

White people just don't have many children anymore. Our biggest enemies are the whites that turn to feminist and general Cultural Marxism. They take away from our resources. In a way, they enjoy White Privilege without being white.

Who he?

Metallic dildo to ask Shillhouse to probe his ass.

Keep lapping for 40k faggot. Do you or do you not want to see the last white person in the USA die in a country full of mud, scum, and faggotry?
You keep shilling for cucked civic nationalism which is pro-nigger and pro-israel so I'm assuming you do, that you want to see ever

It's their fault for being in white nations in the first place, our enemies are the kikes that flooded our nation with degeneracy and mud. Fuck yourself


They are unworthy. They will call for blood, but when we answer, they will not stand and fight. They will flee into the filthy cracks of the earth and become as the subterranean Morlocks, a cursed breed who spurned the glory of the God Emperor. Spare no effort at saving them. Save your energy for smashing the Saracen and driving him out of the once and future Holy City of Constantinople. Deus Vult.


no thanks

they aren't for that, but they are responsible for increased amounts of violent crime, corruption and convincing the bleeding heart libshits that it is our fault

the jews caused feminism, which reduced birthrates, and htey also caused mass immigration

Most of them are paid shills. Why waste money on deploying them when there is no one watching the stream?

A country can slow down their reproduction and still survive just fine for a set amount of time, look at the Japanese. Many woes about what's to come but they can still exist just fine in the world, ultimately. Need stringent anti-immigration policies, enforced. Backed up by the nationalist ideal, the sense of identity, prevailing among the people. And times of depopulation can be followed by great renaissance as well.

The treasonous quisling speaks piously but does nothing. He will not save his race. He will not save himself. Cast no look of brotherhood upon his deceitful face; he is no true German. Only through service in arms to the God Emperor against the filthy Saracen hordes will his praise of the dead half-breed fuhrer be expiated. Deus Vult.


Has anyone brought this up?
The only reason any of us watched BakedAlaska's Periscope is because Adidasgirl went full autist on the livestream.

you tube.com/watch?v=jMEBl8H16P0

You get it

He's useless…he runs to cops to solve his problems. Forget about this bakedalaska he's a chameleon who changes colors to fit whatever character he wants to play.

Milhouse really is kill isn't he, Is there anything we can do for the guy?

Kek at you calling me a half-breed when you shill for the mongrelization and eventual death of the white race, reported.

White privilege, as in being born in a white country that was built by white people, and instead of contributing to it's development, you go against it. I can expect that from non-whites, but whites that do it..

The jews did it, but the niggers and muslims are just jewish pets. Show them the truth if you can't kick them out.

That's why I'm saying the born white traitors are the biggest enemies of white people. They are the ones holding up refugee welcome sign, chanting for immigrants. For them any non-white is better than a white person.

Has Milhouse finally become a meme?

I saw all three there. i don't know about the girl other than her jew nose, camo hoodie is a freak but is ironically HWNDU and curly hair girl comes to hang out with anons and have a long spiel.

She is an user of cuckchan.

jesus is there?


Are they from Serbia? Albania?

fug me, 24 hours ago

Blessed be the mods, protectors of Holla Forums. Cleanse the lefty Holla Forums hitlerite traitor from this realm. Your will be done. Deus Vult.

Remind ourselves to never relax.

What i'm getting at was she up there with the intention of diverting viewers to Alaskas periscope?


Depending on what the callout spic does tonight.

Try to kick out niggers and muslims. Try to shout refugees not welcome here. See who will come and chimp out.

Milhouse said something pretty based shit. Whos got webm's?

I'm not (though I see you guys as allies)

they didn't come to the camera at all - only went after Milhouse

This, we need a "refugees are not welcome here" chant.

She was there with that chubby MAGA dude from way back, the guy that keeps saying Proudboys. I think they just all know each other form witter.
Honestly the eceleb shit has accelerated this things death.

The hook nose is Lady alchemy (model/burlesque) and was the /x/phile in pic related

Baked alaska is back wtf

The national socialist has begun walking the road towards the truth. Shod of their cucked socialism, they will rise to become true brothers in arms in service of the God Emperor.

lol, the whole NY will kick you out.


Fuck off and answer my question. You LARPING christkike, will you sit complacently by and watch your race die out if you get to keep "winning" and LARPing about it online?

Yeah you'll see a bunch of nigger start getting uppity real quick.
White privilege doesn't real, especially when whites can't even speak their fucking mind in their own countries. Kill yourself leftist trash

Baked Alaska bringing the HEAT

That guy came back because you guys started talking about him again! Good one.

is the chubby MAGA guy the guy in the white mask>>9072627 ?

else called him baganon but I didn't see him before the show thing before Venti showed up

If so she spent 4 hours on the scene before Alaska started his periscope. Not impossible and it certainly show genuine forethought unlike the revolving door of paid shills for shia.

Or maybe this guy is some mudskin who doesn't have to worry about his race dying and only cares for the failed experiment that was the USA. Fuck right off cuckchanners.

eww Baked Alaska shilling Nihilism?

You can't even keep calm online. What we need is order. Calm the fuck down. There are steps to be taken. You can't go full genocide.

Great, get a non NY user in there.

Nah, this guy, hes been coming since like day 3

also gave time for people to hear him go on about being banned and get the twitter handle trending

is he? seems fairly based so far

baked astoria is waiting for him around the corner


That's "The Pterodactyl" according to the wiki. He's a TRS fag that can't into Holla Forums

yeah my bad it was his we dont last line that got me jumping a gun

oh, yeah he's been named pterodactyl because of his sex story. I don't know who baganon is

I said I'm from Europe. USA was always an immigrants country. It was built by white immigrants, sure. But good non-white immigrants can be used to replace the whites that turned into non-whites.

Answer my question you subversive fuck, there can be no order when there's nonwhites in white nations.

You aut-kike freaks all ignore the genetic component to this, nonwhites are inherently inferior and dangerous and need to get out of white nations by any means nescascary.

What happened? Why is everyone so blackpilled about HWNDU.we should be trying to expose papernigger before the massacare starts instead of this shit. Also That brown leaf would never like NS anyway since he is a shitskin halfbreed and knows he would get kicked out or gassed.im glad he's not coming over here.

Kill Yourself


Nice meme

Go back to cuckchan you kike

America was good before the kikes decided to marxify it,but it was founded by masonickikes,so no.


Kill yourself

I thought he was a proudgoy? Alt-light and Alt-right don't really like each other.

Coming out at 4 am at the stream restart was a good idea.

The leftist worm screeches about his white skin, but his yellow back is not hidden from the eyes of the God Emperor. You false protector of your race. You would have us worship the dead half-breed false-fuhrer? Down into the mud, worm. Roll in it and take on your true colors. You are not of the chosen. You are not Westernesse. You are socialist, the cuck's own. Wear your mud-color and extend your hand for gibs-me-dats as is your true character while you can. Deus Vult.

I find it funny.. you fucking autists chimped out a whole month over TRS being non-whites. And now.. more HWNDU posts praising the same non-whites you were chimping against.



If anyone praises Thoth you will be cursed.

Baganon was being the DJ on the first night, he was playing some italodisco and Shadilay while the Night Riders were dancing like crazy

Check the wiki entry for him. Pretty sure he revealed his TRS username and said he didn't understand Holla Forums at all.

These threads are full of cuckchan, we were not vigilant 2bh.

What's the consensus on him being drunk/high when venti was with him?
he was acting and sounded pretty weird

Best chan desu desu

Milkvarg is definitely a new favorite. Love this guy.

This cunt seems TD as fuck. HE has to go back

Nay, faggoty consort of Turks and communists. I will die only on the field of battle, taking ground from the Saracen with the last drop of blood. You are a pretender to the glory of the God Emperor. Worship your false, dead, half-breed homosexual fuhrer in hell. Deus Vult.


What's a face fag?

Hand milkvarg only taken the /NSBMPILL/ and never seen Holla Forums?

There are steps. They won't go away if their country is shit. You ally with non-whites. Make America Great Again. Kill all leftist communists. Kill all jews that used the non-whites as slaves. Then you work with the non-whites that helped Make Your Country Great Again and go help them Make Their Own Genetic Country great again. Every culture, race and nation has it's own country, then you go to the stars. Each culture, race and nation, colonize a planet.

enjoy dying for Israel in Iran then buddy, you're the kind of good-goy (((america))) needs.


Apparently. He doesn't recognize baneposting at all, but he seemed down with NS discussion and most of the red pills people were talking about. He's like a self educated Holla Forumsack that has never been on here. It's fascinating.

Millhouse is posting on cuckchan, so he's not raped as of yet.

Alaska, what is end game?

Who would you rather prefer, Carl the Cuck or that nig that was talking about Hitler?

Carl the Cuck wants you dead because YOU'RE A FUCKING WHITE MALE. The nig just wants to live peacefully.

That's good to know. Wonder if the guy went after based leaf instead.


So BakedAlaska is saying goodbye and saying he's redpilled now on the Jewish question basically? "I've learned so much."



ok now that this is out of the way would you mind linking?

I even saw Mike Enoch speak there. I mean.. chimp out against some lame TRS posts on Holla Forums … and on this thread, MIKE ENOCH GETS TO SPEAK DIRECTLY.


Also you seem to not think those BASED non-whites don't want to see you dead, and your family raped, killed, or brainwashed into sucking their Dicks.

Also for the guy that posted all those animus sauce on rothschild funding is Google searching "Havaara corporation" Hitler lost because his generals fucked him over 'cause they were on rothschild bankroll.

That's why he got kicked out of deploraball. Cernovich didn't want someone there who named the jew.

I will die for the glory of the God Emperor, herald of Kek. You will die a cuckold for the false dead homosexual half-breed fuhrer. Your blood will recoil from your heresy in shame. You will not have the honor dying with a sword in your hand and the glory of the God Emperor in your heart. You will have no part of the Holy American Victory over the Saracen as the Stars and Stripes flies over Constantinople. Deus Vult.

How dare you guys shit on baked alaska before, he's the only one dropping serious redpills.

Pretty good tbh. Makes up for some of his earlier bullshit a bit. Alaska still needs to lurk more.

I think Alaska has been shoahed. Milo dropped him and anyone he was close to like Cernovich disavowed him as a attention seeker. Maybe he is, but it doesnt change the fact that after the election the jew-alt right bullshit cut their ties with the people that helped them along the way.

you are a cancer

Checking these trips, prophecy confirmed

Clearly not a member of the right wing clean-up squad.

I noticed the Lack of /banepost/ knowledge. Ive lurked for a while and I'm pretty /bikerpilled/ there are many different factions out there.

BA is an oldfag

Wew fucking lad.

Cuckchan is a shithole. Now that I know he's not raped, I'm not opening it back up. He posted an image of himself on the subway.


Praise Kek, Deus Vult.

Sorry, I never heard of BA until this week. He was involved with Cerno and Milo?


Self checked and forgot pic

Enoch got on the stream twice, made shit callouts to his TRS faggots, and that was it. You'd think his adoring followers would expect some kind of redpilling or something substantial, rather than just showing his beady kike eyes in front of the cam. And everybody called him out in the threads here when he showed up.

I just want to see it with my own eyes, was it on Holla Forums or Holla Forums?

oh that's rich. cernobitch is all about attention

so Hitler got fucked by other white people? LOL

I remember non-whites fighting and dying for him.

I'm not saying non-whites won't put their interests first, but at least you know what to expect from them.

oh yeah, he was a big part of the milo, pizzaparty ben, baked alaska tour thing, then they all dropped him because he started naming the jew and calling him an attention seeker.

Calling bullshit unless you have proof user. He said himself he was recently redpilled, and he got shoahed from the deploraball because he started telling everybody about the jews in public, much like newfags do when they realize the holocaust was a meme.

Holla Forums, they are all 4/pol/ fags. I couldn't bear to go on Holla Forums, I really hope they're not on there.

the stormniggers cry and bitch day and night about Milo and Cernovich not being alt-right.

fucking losers

Thats it? You leave the garbage and just leave?
What about Rotherham?? What about King David Hotel??
Holy fuck why are ecelebs such cucks?

Also is this guy white? Cause if not, it seems like non-whites are the least cucked.

He's being a retard. BA admits he was a Buzzfeed employee who sympathized with BLM as recently as 2014.

still cucked you, shows you are a bunch of fags without any plan

I won't die, and even if I do the idea will live on in others, you cannot unwrite the Nazi-Sozi no matter how badly your wrinkled kikes hands wish to.
I really feel bad for you kids that blindly worship Trump and are willing to risk everything for a nation that is doomed to fail simply because of the economic systems driving it. They cannot exist without debt, and you wish to be a debt slave holding all the niggers and kikes up. It's pathetic really, you're going to be a slave your entire life and I will keep showing my white brothers the truth about everything they've been conditioned to believe.
You really think nonwhites have a right to exist in america, you don't get that the founding fathers means WHITE men when they say "all men are created equal it's kind of sad honestly, you keep doing that shit and see if whites are still a majority when you aut-kikes are "winning"
Look how these animals treat whites when they are a minority, you genuinely want white genocide, kinda bums me out man.

I feel bad for him. It was embarassing.An old man spewing random memes and leaving his trash behind him.

Can anyone do a "Google Clean Break Plan" one?

Thanks, not going back there again.

If this HWNDU taught me anything, is that non-whites lurking Holla Forums are more intelligent and informed than the loser americuck whites that are autists that can't understand strategy

pioneers and settlers aren't immigrants, there was no country to immigrate too

Always been 14/88 & a race realist

Hitler got fucked by GREED.
And yes non-whites who lived in nonwhites nations fought under axis forces, they were not NSDAP citizens or welcomed in occupied territory.
Everyone puts their own interest first, surround yourself with people who have common interests, I guarantee none will be nonwhites because

(((MEDIA))) = LIES
(((ZOG))) = ENEMY


He admitted that yesterday right? I was away from the stream for a long time today and didn't catch his earlier bullshit, nor his interview with Gavin McInnes. We've all seen the conversion story where people do a hard 180, but that doesn't mean he should be trusted without giving it a lot of time first. I doubt he's still buzzfeed tier, but to have such a violent change of opinion is questionable.

What kind of faggot smokes from the exact center of their mouth like they are kissing the tip of a dick?



nah, it was good, others will see them

correct me if I am wrong but Spencer is the creator of alt right? Milo and cerno et al, jumped on it and tried to commandeer it. As soon as they could dump it and make Spencer look like a retard they did and disavowed.

Alt right whoever the fuck they are need to take a look at Trump and never waver or apologize. because it seems like Spencer and crew have been doing nothing but playing defense and deflect since the "fake news" started going after them.


Quick rundown on USS Liberty?

This faggot you Israeli loving kike

Thanks for outing yourself cuckchan. Reported.

No, there is no fucking creator.

It's literally a banner for people who are republicans but don't support the republican shills that were just recently in power.

Just offset it by a millimeter or something god damn.


You have zero coherent retort so you insult me, how typical of a LARPING leftist KIKE

Normie, HERES A COOL ONE *Holds up Moonman* KEK

Guy on phone


Explain no debt? You're just gonna stop most economic progress cause you don't believe in debt? Going to get crushed by countries who believe in debt.

The alt-right fucked up by giving themselves a name and identifying under that label. That was the first thing they did and that was where they went wrong. And perhaps being completely all inclusive with little standards.

Checked. I will next time. Didnt know it ment so much to y

attacked by israel, claimed it was anaccident, really done to stop evidence tht they were attacking egypt

many us sailors dead

Spencer made himself look like a retard.

I dislike Milo fag and Cernovich profiteer bitch, but they did more for Trump's win that le based NAMING THE JEW autists.

It's not litter, he added to the art. Remember trash is art these days.

hmm, I always thought that Liberty attack was a false flag by Israel trying to blame it on Egypt and get the US to declare war.

This is the rule no1. alt-cucks are Hillarys bitches.

Spencer believes that "we" need a public movement. I don't think he's a bad guy but I agree that he fucked up. He is becoming a laughing stock for normies rapidly.

Holy shit a normie getting redpilled in front of us.

It's just unsettling to look at. I don't think I have ever seen anyone smoke like that before.

no argument here. I am just saying I think Spencer was alt right by a few years before Milo.

Jesus you're talking about real debt aren't you? As in IOU real money? Well of course you'd have debt, would not be debt-slavery because your money will not be backed by debt, as is such with the current state of the dollar.
Look into why "fiat currency" kills nations and why we killed the only functional leader in the entire history of Africa, which ended up instigating the current refugee crisis.
Hint: because he was going to BTFO the dollar because his currency was not backed by oil-created debt.
Kek, still has no response. Christianity is a suicide cult and you are perfectly fine marching towards the death of your race because you didn't want to get called racist or socked in the head, ebin cowardice there.

this seems kinda staged tbh. he picked up (((Media))) sign and Google USS Liberty. Baked Alaska was pure theatrical also, but good.


I hope he lurks more.

why do states need debt?

You have bigger issue and to worry about

No, countries with fiat can fucking crush any country without because they can sell off the lives and prosperity of their children to do it.

cuz jews need revenue for doing nothing

I am well aware.

This. Read Gottfried Feder.

We do need a way to coordinate things if possible. The trouble is, we have disagreements on standards of who and what is acceptable. Holla Forums tends to have the strictest standards on this, which is fine. Others can have their own standards and that's fine too. The problem is when groups that have strict standards get lumped in with groups that have no standards. That's why TRS was attacked so fiercely for trying to co-opt and label us as alt-right, and then it turned out their entire movement was co-opted by the very kikes they claim to hate.

All of that said, what nobody needed was a publicly visible movement that had a name and a face. That is never a good idea when the media is stacked against you.

That was a agreement between the zionists and germans,how does that mean they were "on the rothschilds bankroll"?

Back to cuckchan

Kill yourself

this is fake as fuck. hes faking this conversation holding the Google USS Liberty to the camera. dont get me wrong, I love it, but its fake.

Imagine if normie over here made a swastika. Oh, to dream.


I will thank you user.

Best start believing.

I will die laughing if he makes a swastika out of the pieces of paper or something


I think that's the Jewish museum worker dude who kept kicking people out.

looks like he will spell Hitler, lol

said he was gonna make a HELP sign

Looks like you've got it right. Doubt there's enough pages for him to do it though.


The Fuherer may be dead, but his ideology lives on. Your God emperor is doing a good job riling up the mud and showing everyone exactly why they are animals, he is a band-aid when we need open heart surgery.

You're thinking of the Madagascar plan / Havaara agreement, the corporation had toes to rothschild banks which gave the kikes an in on the third Reich. You didn't think "Jews played all sides of all wars ever" was just a meme did you?

I don't have words for this, if fiat currency does not dissappear we will be caught in slavery forever, fiat currency is why we need a steady stream of inmigrants (new benefactors of debt) and why Japan developed a brutal corporate culture that is idling their race and opening talks of less strict border control. Fiat currency is usury currency.



Why is he doing one at a time? Is he mentally differently abled?

wouldn't have been enough paper to finish HELP anyways

Wait he didnt even use something to secure the paper?
What a retard



the absolute madman

Yeah, he could have weighed it down with the gravel he's standing on


Alt-right is a meme label used to co-opt our movement.
Spencer is using our momentum for his benefit and throwing the rest of us under the bus by adhering to the label.
That's why we don't like him. He's not one of us. Milo is obvious.



that they literally built a wall will always be the best part of this project.

you're the best, user. if you have the time and footage, i really want a 2-3 minute long one of him going to all the work to set it up, and then having his shit wrecked by the wind. it's more poignant that way.

Absolutely uninitiated.
At least the will never take esoteric Kekism from us.


nice d+c

If it had four more legs, it'd be Nick Romano



Where do you think you are?
Fuck off back to your containment board.


Look, you're probably massively bluepilled on Hitler, he was far too good for this world.
watch, then read My Struggle - I feel as if you're a real info warrior since you bought into the Sonos of still NS meme, soros said he enjoyed his time in the Reich but later came to understand that race must be bred out of existence entirely due to being somewhat mongrelized as a Hungarian during a time of great racial upheaval himself. His cause is not sympathetic in the lease and he is only a "nazi" in the sense that ZOGBOTS call that to anyone they disagree with. Alex Jones is a conman who ruins lives user.

Checked and keked

don't try your jew tactics with me, faggot

if someone sticks up for White Nationalism, or names the Jew, then they are on my side

8/10 bait user

The alt-kike is a sinkhole keeping a lot of whites away form truly pro-white ideologies.

Kike tactics are claiming to be a WN while being a jew, claiming to want to gas the kikes while being married to a jew, and having a huge base of people believe you're a legitimate leader with ideals when your brother is a half nigger faggot.

not true

their goal is White ethnostates, what is wrong with that?

Huuuurrr white nationalism is anti-white. Shut up kike, we know your tricks.


almost time for Stolen Valor to clock in

oh, you think trs is alt-right?

I was talking about spencer, what do you have against him?

Not really white ethno-states if they're kitting mudskins and degenerates in. I like the idea, hate the implimentation. It's like hooking a powerful graphics card up to an ARM chipset and hoping it doesn't turn into a trip to the hospital.


Best part of season 1. We're going deep boiis.

This is /ourstream/

and we are the only people making art in this shitty art project.

Jesus and Jessie are doing a collaborated OVA this weekend.

How will you help in the second great meme war?

I explained that to you and you failed to present an argument. Go back to your shithole.

Give me a proper source for this supposed "toes to rothschild banks"

Go to sleep.

who is jessie?


I haven't seen any evidence that spencer is gay, I have seen some tweet where he says gays are cool or something

I don't support everything Trump says or does, but who have you got better than trump or spencer?

Lad you only explained Enuch, don't cop out on BTFO of Spencer too

What's wrong with gay rights?

Not all gays are flamboyant faggots.

14/88 P R A I S E K E K


Quit poasting, lurk moar

>reddit spacing

anyone have a webm of Baked Alaska yet? sorry I suck at technology

Holy shit, we are the american refugees.

The only time fags behaved like decent men was when faggotry was illegal so they had to remain undercover.
Now that pressure has gone you see gay pride marches.

Greed and stupidity.
I know he wanted to free all of Europe from the Jew, besides Germany but I have a feeling he didn't plan the removal beyond Germany well.


Kill yourself.

[e u r o b e a t ]


Sorry, autism overload.

TRS self identified as alt right and tried to lump us in with them. Fuck them. If you're a WN and name the jew that's great and I'll generally support you, but if you try to give me a name so you can tear me down with you, go fuck yourself.

I don't really have a problem with Spencer by himself. I'm not a fan of his attempt to organize the alt right as a diverse movement under one umbrella, because not all of us are okay with homosexuals being ideologues and speaking on our behalf. That said, Spencer himself hasn't really made attempts to include the chans in his movement, it's all the derivative movement fucks like TRS that did that. I agree with some of what Spencer says, and some of his ideas have merit, but I disagree with quite a bit of it as well. It's fucked up he got punched, but in the long run I think it will embolden antifa enough to act out more, to the extent where they'll be labeled domestic terrorists and we can destroy them ourselves with impunity.

same thing that's wrong with beaste>>9073110
gay rights is almost entirely a jewish invention, designed to degenerate society, reduce birthrates, cheapen sex, attack masculinity, encourage pedophilia and destroy the family

lol, its all good, I just thought it was someone I missed today since I was at a family function

You put it quite well. The true movement lives on in ideology, not name.

Blitzkrieg was a perfectly viable option in a pre-nuclear world.

GTFO Spencer,we don't want faggotz here.

using it for his benefit? throwing us under the bus?

lel, he invented it

yeah, fair enough, I don't consider myself alt-right, but I do suport a lot of what they stand for. the core stuff anyway. jared talyor, kevin macdonald - I have a lot of respect for them, despite some things I don't agree on

any evidence apart from shitty memes?

No his Jewish handler Paul Gottfried coined alternative right first, then passed it on to Spence.

It's so obvious you don't belong here holy shit.
Self-depot immediately, please.

Somebody please go draw a swastika on the gravel.


cops just turned up

Fuck, I'm tired.

I never hide my powerlevel, doesnt mean I'm a degenerate skinhead sperg heiling at niggers at work.

can you explain why I should give a shit what you think?

These threads are the new cuckchan hangout, mods need to purge.
Shame, they were comfy as fuck for the first five or so.

Also I unironically think HWNDU is mantras based brainwashing and Holla Forums fucked their attempt at activating god-knoes how many MY ULTRA patsys

because you're in our chan, perhaps?

First tell me where you came from.

prove it is YOUR chan, prove you aren't kikes or disinfo shills


Top lel m8 8ch is a community unlike 4cucks, we can spot our own.
When did you start using image boards?

Interesting point about the MK ULTRA shit. I think at the very least Shia was trying to start a new catchphrase for political rallies and whatnot, or let the phrase get co-opted by antifa somehow. And we do need a cuckchan purge. I've enjoyed these threads and the stream immensely, but I see 4cuck bullshit spilling in to a ton of other threads and it's fucking irritating.


you can click my ID and check my posts

He was apart of some all-male secret cult/pyramid scheme called phalanx

kek opening a portal

Look, Kid. You're new here, and that's painfully obvious to everyone.
You tell me where you came from or stop posting.


Yeah I am noticing that too, I've been hanging out with some nihilists on a site I'll get b& for talking about seriously that place is a honeypot just to forget about it.
They post so fast and with such little effort it's insane
Some kikes art project / patsy beacon is apparently more interesting than hyperborean civilization, Antarctica, red pill threads, and pizza pong combined.
Cuckchanners, you are pathetic

if you don't think spencer is gay, you aren't one us

if you don't agree with the kike shills, you aren't one of us

lel, any evidence it was a cult/pyramid scheme?

born in the heart of a dying star

Did I hear that right?

Coincidence, not irony


Is it me or you can see 42 when the wind sweep the papers ?





Are you trying to quote me, can you greentext?
And phalanx was a classic MLM scheme, where you buy into it and others get paid because you bought into it, then you are incentivized to invite others for your monetary gain, everyone loses in the end.

So you are confirming yourself to be a kike shill. Kek.

any evidence? or just a claim?

You're lucky mods are asleep

Do you know what an MLM scheme is? I just tried to explain it maybe I am tired. Phalanx blatantly outlines this in their website, would be illegal "ponzi scheme" not to

You're lucky you're not saying that to my face.

always happens.

just dropped by., is this guy Holla Forums or 4chun?

make an effort

I do know what MLM is

I was under the impression that phalanx was some secret shit

halfchan. He even explicitly said, "I will never go to Holla Forums. SORRY."

For what it's worth, there was always a lot of shit happening on the stream and it's been really nice to have actual Holla Forumstv for a week and a few days. It's been a big win for us getting the museum to put up the wall and to fuck up Shia's project so hard. It's just that it's losing steam fast now because there's less interest, and there's not as many Holla Forumsacks going out that have material to talk about. I can appreciate how it's difficult for these guys to be out there talking for hours at a time and trying to stay on topic.


Not really, I would gladly tell you to fuck off if I saw you running around like a sperg in the streets yelling "EATING SHIT IS NOT INSANE" which is basically what spamming equates to.

This, until you fuckers can come out there and prove this wrong, pol will never be white.

I haven't followed this shit since Sam Hyde. Anything interesting happen?

Not surprised he is a halfbreed after all. We only get so many of those.

I was thinking of doing this but I can't get on an airplane kek

Here is a source concordiaabchao.wordpress.com/2016/09/04/why-has-richard-spencer-been-banned-from-several-european-countries/

Not until you make an effort to post correctly.

fuck I know hes a mulatto, but hes great right now.

Check my ID, faggot. Wrong person. You're lucky.

Would it be completely mad to have The Divider as your favourite character from season 1? There has been many great appearances, but none as girthy as The Division manifested.

aww you upset?

You don't understand, this thread is not really this thread.

This thread is on the camera, and if you want your opinion validated, get the fuck out there and speak up you little fucking pansy faggo.

Except Dicky Spencer

At least since 8/pol/. found out about it he changed it so its not really a pyramid scheme anymore. So we can give him that.

I know why he got banned

I like this mutt too, really don't understand why he is on cuckchan. (Not saying he should come here) He seems very intelligent and forthright about things.


This is our holy clay.

Praise Kek!

Yeah, he has probably outgrown the place, but has some sort of prejudice against us so he doesn't want to make the leap.

Who is the famous leftie shitposter?

He sounds like a newfag. I think he's been browsing less then 2 years for sure. Probably less then a year.

How the fuck did based leaf get redpilled by gamergate and still stay on cuckchan after everything that happened there?



Maybe he thinks 8 chan is the thing you google?

He basically just admitted that.

Who's Agnes?

The meth head highschool girl all the degenerates fell in love with.


What the fug

Oh, her. I was the first person to post a picture of her and call her waifu on here. Good to know I started something.


I think this waifu shit is retarded. It's fun to play along though in these threads.

He was probably just being funny…of course it caught on at halfchan…


sheth a meth

A few of them really have been waifus..a few


If I turn off the podcasts will you die?

By the way, out of curiosity, how do you know she has nipple piercings? Did nudes get posts? I stopped paying close attention to the threads after Saturday.


I would have never known.

I think there were some screencaps where it looked like she had two sets of nipples through her shirt, which is a clear sign of piercings

he totally lost all cred with that.

Come on guys, don't be this helpless.

Dude leaf is still fucking here? He was here when I went to sleep.

Why is there still nothing in the wiki about the huge political rally with Van Bramer? Pretty sure that counts as a happening, and it's really important if we actually get the IRS to revoke their tax exemption.

I remember that picture. Wasn't sure it was her. Looks so different and so much uglier.


he left and then returned.

full time on Holla Forums. He said he was an /a/non for a long time.
He didn't make the migration, though, so he's still a faggot.

He flew all the way down from Toronto… of course he would stay awhile..

Btw anons! When is the last time Shia showed up on steam???? I haven't been here since Sam Hyde…?? Pls

iirc he can't come back until Thursday due to bail conditions


Fuck off to wherever you came from.

Waifu is the wrong term more like cumerecycling bin.

lel, that's funny, so is he going to court this week then???


People who aren't /a/nons will never understand waifus.

Ask him if he thinks Caska is white

April 7th. Enough time to get himself arrested again.

What thread is this negro in?


Is that suppose to be funny?

They don't move very fast do they?
I bet we won't see him on stream ever again. He's done. He got some publicity then got arrested. He's done. I would bet all my goodboypoints on it.


Nah, he's been back since he was arrested - bail conditions don't prevent him from being here. Apparently his lawyers recommended he stays away, and he's gone on an 'artist break' to LA. Maybe he's recruiting more z-list celebrities to turn up to try and raise lefty energy levels, because he knows he'll get himself arrested if he senses the slightest bit of trolling.

Sam scared him away back to LA.

Thanks…looks like its basically just us now. Like it mostly has been the whole time…

Shia sure isn't that good at gathering a crowd to his projects…even with mainstream coverage because of us…lel

Sorry to be a pain in the arse anons but any chance of a non flash link to the stream pls?


Nancy Pelosi and Fake Tears Chuck Schumer held a rally at the steps of The Supreme Court and mic did not work (a mess)-just like Dem party!


Dems BTFO'ed. Kek

Opera browser has a free built in vpn…if you don't have a vpn. They just added it a couple months ago.

Not that I would totally trust opera but hey. A free vpn is better then no vpn.

Make sure you have linux, mpv, and youtube-dl.
Paste the livestream link into your terminal surrounded by quotes after "mpv"
Like so:
mpv "livestream.com/accounts/23093026/events/6897778/player"

Fuck you leaf nigger we are sincere

sup nip

What do you think of Qubes Os? Have you tried it yet?

This thing might get new steam if Shia starts showing up daily again. Until then I think we should abandon because there isn't even anymore propaganda to be had in this.

Is it also on the opera app?

I doubt we'll abandon it totally. Tbh these threads are a good excuse to just shitpost and chat casually with each other when we feel like it. I least thats how I look at it..I haven't even been here and a few days. It's nice to have a thread to just chat with y'all about bullshit. And this is a good excuse to do that. Thanks Shia.

unban me faggot

No idea. I'm not a Holla Forums guy at all. I use Mint.

It was a fun time while it lasted.

No it's built into the Opera browser now…a free vpn. I wouldn't trust it to hide you from the NSA though. Startpage it. Opera VPN. Just download the Opera browser and you can use it unlimited for free. It occasionally goes down though.

Wow. Shit taste.

guy on the right is serbian

Shoo, shoo TRSodomite!

Opera free vpn isn't actual internet privacy though.

If you want to be leet ananymouse and don't know anything then check out this page


Not how these art fags work, this CTR and Podesta Group psyop mission will be painted over and change too another saying/mantra in a few days.

Keep in mind Podesta is a fucking pedo art fag sponsoring degenerate.


VPN is a good start but use tor wherever you can. All IPs connecting to those commercial VPN services are likely monitored more closely than normal.
Also make sure if you buy a VPN subscription to use one based in a country with good privacy laws and avoid US companies at all costs. Our privacy laws are very bad.

Japan has a serious communist/leftist problem, actually.

It does but Japan manages to fight it off.

They also regularly engage in fisticuffs during parliament time.

I need a better desktop to be full Holla Forums but I do know that QubesOS is considered the best OS for security. Its basically like virtual machines within virtualy machines within virtual machines. So use that with some vpn doublehops over tor or just vpn double hops. Maybe some Kali Linux. Who knows? Then this new company.


Is making completely private laptops for leet anons. So use that and then be super private with vpns and paid for with bitcoing and shit and blah blah blah. You can be leet anonymouse. Once I save up some money I'll probably into that shit. You can use virtual machines to run Windows so you can still play steam on one dedicated virtual machine if you want to in QubesOS. But you need a strong PC to do that.

Of course if you play steam. Even in a private Virtual Machine in Qubes OS. Then you lose some privacy with your leet anonymous haxing machine. So apply tinfoil to your desired amount.


…with one hand…lel

Tor is compromised

They've been working on it. It may…MAY.. not be compromised anymore like it was for a few months confirmed a couple years ago. Some people use VPN then Tor also to aid anonymity. Of course that's even slower and Tor is already slow.


JIDF guy

I'd blame the korean influence for that.

troll it

…I know…I'm faggot

It's the crying bitch again.

Immigration and corruption. People are becoming more conservative nowadays, but there's no one to vote for.


If you have the money, get one box for normie shit and one cheap one you use for pol and shilling exclusively.

Then you can go full autism on your leet box:
- no windows obviously
- full disc encryption
- multiple VPN services you rotate
- Tor wherever possible
- if possible connect through neighbors wifi or nearby starbucks (get a 1337 long range wifi antenna)
- jiggler dongle detection
- Then you buy a remote desktop box with BTC to do social media shilling work from and only connect to it via your leet box + Tor/VPN

still magnitudes harder to trace than simply sending a data request + gag order to some VPN company that just trying to make some cuckbucks and complies with all requests

These people are so out of the loop.

Normalfags don't really understand this shit and never will.


Now there is an unhappy young woman that needs to be married and impregnated, if I ever saw one.

Our guys made it on the news @ 0:28


That's bullshit

Does leaf ever sleep?

Muh nanking


More of ourguys in the left wing media.


So many redpills that he lost any need to sleep




whats this guys channel again?

right here family: they're all shit, you have to go back

Baked Alaska was clearly in some kind of condition which appeared to not be his normal condition.
And I'm asking first if he was under alcohol or something else.
Because he came along and stood still behind that eyes wide shut bullshit dance off, then proceeded to confirm with two guys if they were antifa or not, in the same strange and apathetic way.
He was taking small steps, he didnt look just tired, and proceeded then to chant HWNDU and call bigots to the people who were doing the same as they were doing before, he was very reactive indeed, and not in a way that he was making fun of the movement, oh not at all.
Then he said "They fucked with my head." and again started chanting the sorcery mantra, and I'll be honest, he looked like he was crying or about to cry, and he just left.
He comes back and shows you all these signs, and there is no comment from "ourguy" out there about it, so he said he had dinner with him and apparently "damn wow" was pretty much what was said about that dinner.
With all this, no comment about it is just plain weird, and baked alaska also did not give a more personal note on it, wich is mandatory.
Now I could be on any side of this conflict, but I am asking for info, nothing else.
And seriously, all this installation has made is reveal the chans and it's culture to the world, the magic is real only if the outer culture does not corrupt it, only if the people try to understand it fully before posting about it or making OC, only that way we can make this culture, wich is uncontrolled by the sorcery of the powers that be.
Magic, not sorcery, remember that.
No I respect all these redpills you're dropping, the bogpill was cool also, but it was more of a lesson for us, and normaly it's what you do with your friends, you know them and know what triggers and resonates with them, but you must do that to everyone if you TRULLY want your voice hear.
You wanna redpill about the jews in power then fucking start by something like the Havaara Agreement, and wich factions outside of the countries were at play.
these are my two pills, take 'em, enjoy
And Jackie better stay outta there, stay pure, do the magic!

так чтош ты сразу не сказал что ты двачевский



To be fair, he's Canadian.

Anything cool happened the last 10 hours ? Can i get a quick rundown ?

I want one too. I logged out after the Drive monologue.


related guys did a little "eyes wide shut" scene, bakedalaska got MKULTRA'd, leaf had a solo episode


I love the Holla Forums butthurt.
They are trying so hard to ridicule /ourguys/.
Making fun of their appearence, clothes, and ironically their race. Because they thought every non-white and woman is on their side.
This little "protest" has completely destroyed every "argument" they had against the american right.
Now they are broken. Totally broken. Trying to pose as "real nazis" to make us hate the right wingers appearing on cam.
You can especially feel their destruction on Holla Forums that they use to express their anger and sadness.
I'm not american but it was good experience witnessing the death of the american left.



Что такое двачевский?

What are you talking about Baked alaska being weird? I watched everything up to the security guy attacking him and he was on point the entire time. Called out shills left and right and blew TFO the one paid shill especially hard.

Did baked come back in the last 10h and had changed?

Also boganon seemed completely unimpressed by the lefties the entire time he was there.

So what the hell you talking about?

We need a gondola webm of this empty lot during daytime.

good post. made a screenshot

He was on last night acting like he was a leftist as if he would fool anyone.

Then did a so long thing where he didn't speak, holding up around 40 signs with short sentences on them.

так не бузи а то забаню
If you're not from 2ch tell me where then

Seriously can someone post it please?

oh wait you're not the user
my apologies
двачевский means from 2ch.hk

Same. Maybe Leboof wanted this to happen. Deep ass lore.

this is the only one you need

baked alaska came back two times more on camera.
boganon also came back.
i already made a tl;dr post on this, all I can say is go and catch up

Right after you, famalan.

Pierced nipples

You posted the wrong pic

Agnes best girl

DId you guys see that Reddit thread the admin wrote talking about him illegal immigrant dayd?

People are calling for censorship of the altright and other subs. Their argument is basically "Nazis don't deserve free speech."

How fucking dumb and/or dishonest are those people?

Where did you find that video?

I made it from here


There were no obvious normies there to fool, and he did not do It in a way that he was fooling anyone, it was just plain weird. but weird is just a question mark here.


who's that




We have a breach in the safe space wall! Alert the museum fun police at once! Wrongthink is spilling over!


Are they building their own wall?



*Shia bursts out and starts screeching*





3150 E Tremont Ave
Bronx, NY 10461

Discord > thread tbh lad

10 bucks say it's a bomb


Are they planning to go full Mike Pence and electrify the wall?



deus vult

gib sekrit link I promise I won't tell anyone

The bomb stays here, we need to be more tolerant of our fellow bomb-kins


The link is on the steam group tbh lad

Is it like halfchan? Is it pozzed?

Fuck off. You are not going to get is to back off with a "its over guys… nothing more to do here".
We get to watch llibtards come to terms with their grief live over loosing all istatutional power. 24/7.. 365.. for the next 4 years…

This.. if nothing else if funny as fuck to watch..also good as a case study in how the left try to control the narative. They have to do this in the open and wec ARE going to be watching.

Your use of the word propeganda in that way dont fit here… makes you look like a shill

whoever of ourguys gets caught in the blast is going to die an hero

2ch died after the pedalist resigned desu

So did your precious discord dox the van first? I doubt it.

Stolen Valor did nothing wrong.

*pushes you*