College Deadlines are Microaggressions


How the fuck did this generation produced such hypersensitive babbies who can't handle reality?

I've got a female professor who teachers English Comp. So…is she committing microaggression on me by requiring we turn in shit at a decent time?

Considering that she's not babying you, holding your hand and saying that you can turn it in whenever you like, apparently so.

Colleges should just drop the facade and give out the degrees day one and let the students play with coloring books for 4 years at this point.

I need to report her to the closest Democratic Party HQ then. We need to end these microaggressions before people start believing that hard work gets you places.

Any college that enforces this shit will lose all legitimacy.

That shit isn't a 'microaggression' the textbook racket is full out exploitation.

Jesus Christ these faggots would be fired in any company if they were trained not to respect project deadlines.

Turning in the assignment on time should be rewarded with tendies you fucking nazi teachers!

Loving every laugh. But yeah, originally higher ed would teach people actual life skills, but now it's become a daycare equivalent. The amount of people majoring in worthless horseshit doesn't help any, as is obvious.

We can't turn into niggers. I am outraged at this crappy course.

Wonder what these students would think if they waited in line for 12 hours, spent 700 shekels on the latest iFag smartphone and then CSR Pajeet decides it's time for chai and a smoke, and then says come back maybe in a day or two and he'll see if it's available when he feels like looking for it in the stockroom.

How can you be this stupid?
Its a microagression when people do it to you, its not one when you do it to others.

I would like to microaggress a bullet into the face of everyone who ever uses the word microaggression.
inb4 FBI. I really feel this way, but I'm not condoning violence.

Fuck, we should encourage this. Meme it until degrees are worthless. When the student debt bubble pops all the marxists infesting universities will have to get real jobs

If we stop giving them attention will this go away?

Working a job is a microagression, shitlord!

That's actually a good idea. Would need a slogan.
"Make Deadlines Dead" perhaps?

Good thing they'll never acquire enough microaggressions from any single source to compile one complete aggression.

So speeding up the process instead of fixing the problem? Would rebuilding everything from scratch be easier at this point?

What documentary is this from?

I remember watching it but I can't remember what it is for the life of me.

How about something like "Not my deadline"?

When you where in school did you ever read any of the other kids writing in English class? Most brown people are barely literate, that's why there are so many entries involving reading.

I think it is called "dust of empire". I watched it too but forgotten the name as well.

Empire of dust. One Chinaman's futile attempt to get some gravel from dindus.

Empire of Dust

Serious post. Some things just need to be broken down and built back up, yes. In whatever way.


"Not My Deadline: We, The Students of the Twenty-First Century, demand that we have the right to pick our own due dates"

Has quite a bit of potential I'd say.


Being white is a microagression, you dumb shitlord. You should be ashamed of your skin and do not use the colour of "w". Is that clear for you?

Letting shit break down for the hell of it is blackpill as fuck.

We need to be men and remove the fucking Marxists. We need a new McCarthy. He was effective as fuck. Saul Alinski even admitted it in rules for radicals. "He almost got all of us."

We collectively have to do everything we can to remove these filthy fucking marxists from all universities and everything else will sort itself out.

In this picture, the comic artist accurately draws people incapable of handling a work environment.

That's what I advocate. Make the left double down and get more radical, ride the tiger, yet never assist them, let them be destroyed by their own hand when they go too far. After all the radical elements that will stain the entire left are still a minority.

The only way that we are going to avoid having to do all this shit again in a couple of generations is to make sure that everyone has learned that voting bread and circuses for themselves is a bad idea for themselves.

One of the reasons I kind of want to see what happens if California really does try something stupid like not pay federal taxes or seriously vote to exit. It will be the single most USEFUL applied lesson in civics we've had in this country in a century.

Never has happened. Never will happen. We need to work within the rules of the game.

I really wish people would fucking learn. I guess I'm just too willing to try to believe that I'm not surrounded by zombies.

There's a way I think. Indoctrination.

We need our own form of psychotic sjwism in the form of some kind of education program that is prioritized in the universities.

Everything begins and ends with education. We need that power structure.

You will live to see Colleges destroy themselves by their own liberal dogma

This will end up having good professors quit.
The remaining "professors" will be shitty liberals with loose morals. People who would rather say "you don't have to deliver it" just because it gives a momentary pleasure for the student in question. Then when the said student delivers a shitty final paper, it will be rated high for the same reason.
All hidden behind some "I like to see the smiles on their faces" as if it's OK then.

So the shitty student with a good grade card and shitty taught behavior will apply for jobs, make it possibly quite far due to looking good on paper. Then repeat ad infinitum.

You saw it with the election, that you should vote Hillary because it will put a smile on some random 5 year olds face. That practicality, pragmatism and merit is thrown out for some fee-fees.

Universities are becoming 8 hour sessions with group therapy where they whine about tedious shit without mandatory assignments or anything else. Grades are removed since getting a better grade then someone else is a microaggression.

University is too late. Everything below it is pozzed beyond all comprehension.

I can assure you that a sizable percentage of the women out stomping around with those pink hats on were teachers and the assorted administrative staff and councilors associated with teaching.

No such thing as a good professor. Fuck professors. Let them all die.


I had a decent political theory professor. I was worried since the Communist Manifesto was in the curriculum, but he ended up triggering the commies in the class hard by shitting all over Marx.

Yes, which is why we are working to destroy the institution of education while Trump is in power.

Someone should tweet this to Joe Bernstein or some other kike "journalist".

Is this real, or is it an astroturf comic that you made yourself?

It is important to read Communist Manifesto so the people can see the true nature of commies. That is why it triggered them hard. I bet many of the commies don't read Communist Manifesto.

If you didn't place out of that with an AP English exam at age 15-16, you are wasting your time in college.

Reading is ableist, shitlord!

This. Most supposed communists that I have met in university know little of Marx's written works.

I agree. It's batshit, and Marx must have had some kind of severe autism to hold human relationships in such low regard. Pretty sad that people actually consider him to be relevant.

The most obvious way in which Marx had no idea how people worked was.. well.. Communism itself.

What? I don't hate the people without disability. It is cool that the white people invented many things that enables to enrich the people with a disability/disabilities's life so I am very thankful for them.

I am jokin' m8. :P I know what the ableist means but don't use that word because the people with the disability will assume it is anti-PWOD and feel bad for them.

I've been saying it for weeks
H U A C 2 . 0

Sounds like its time to educate you shitlords.
Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable.
1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.
2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
3. Abolition of all rights of inheritance.
4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.
5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.
6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.
7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.
8. Equal liability of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the populace over the country.
10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production, &c, &c.
How could there ever possibly be anything wrong with any of this?

I'm glad I'll never teach in America. I'd probably burst out laughing trying to read the morning nigger roll.

Like communism, work for Marx was never tried.

not checking these trips is like 3 different microagressions

You've shown me the light. Marx was truly a man ahead of his time. We must improve the state in order to improve the self. My personal failings definitely aren't my fault.

Dub confirms?

upside down 999, what could this mean?

Blockhead Joe has been updated.

Official emergency telephone number in UK

Its actually fairly easy.
It saves time. All Toby's drop out by 10th grade to rob a liquor store and become gud boys who dindu nuffin.

They should be paid to get sterilized because they like gibmedats.

Thank you m80

tbh dey was just on dey way to church fam


I have never seen a more privileged white faggot post than this.

If he ends up stopping illegal immigration and even sending some back he doesn't even need to do this. Since 1. they'd be on welfare anyway 2. the money save by removing taco would balance any discrepancies out


Dubs and tendies. You are truly blessed by Kek.

Thing is, when I was at University they already did some of this shit. If you couldn't make your deadlines, you went to see your professor for an extension. If you handed in your work late but didn't ask for an extension, you got 10% deducted from your mark if it was a day late and a flat 0% if it was any later than that.

As for asking the class to read aloud, the professors invariably would ask people to read. But then nobody fucking wanted to do it, so they had to pick on people.

Half of this shit is complaining about things Universities already do and the other half is complaining that Universities actually expect them to do work

I think it need to be reserved for the people with the high IQ and have more than 3 kids. Just a suggestion.


Are you a kike or a nigger? I only ask because you formed a proper sentence, so if you are a nigger, you're one of the rare smart ones.

I'm all for high IQ white people breeding, but they should be paid per child and only until the child is 18.
He's going to try to do this with tax breaks I think.

That is good news but that will apply to all parents regardless of what races.

I agree. The 3rd Reich actively supported the birth of German children via welfare, by giving family's money for the number of children they had. After 4 children they started receiving medals and accommodations for their service to the Reich. The Cross of Honour of the German Mother should be brought back.

Fuck, I wish I could use this excuse for these two massive essays I am already very late for.
Unfortunately my university isn't quite pozzed enough to take that just yet and I'm white anyway.

It's almost like it's some kind of social experiment to create an entire generation of completely useless and wholly unemployable lemmings that will think, say, and do whatever they're told.

Why would anyone do such a thing?

jews and good goyiums.

Work is a microaggression. Nobody should be forced to work for a living. The state should take care of everything for its people.

Oh wait, that's what these idiots actually want.

Having to hand work in on time is a microaggression because it causes disproportionate disadvantage to Blackfrican Nigmericans.

Having better marks than Blackfrican Nigmericans is a microaggression.

Wew. Universities in Eastern Europe seem more normal (although our school system is shit atm). My professors have deadlines that they follow but give you all the time you need to study. No one forces you or even tells you to buy any textbook. Not only that but one of our professors gave us a book torrenting site so we can get what we want. But no, the assignments are the big issue. Making sure you're learning things and not just memorizing is so terrible and oppressive!

In the interest of honest hate, there is no proper definition of the idea of "work" even today. Marx came up with a pretty good one though, from a meta-perspective.

Although I should mention that it's probably due to being in the really good universities so I guess there's that. I had the good grades to get in the best one. I know the textbook shit happens even in ours but it doesn't seem to happen in my faculty.

SpEd students in public schools have this option most of the time. as someone who has used it for writing assignments, it doesn't help at all, it just breeds laziness that piles up in other areas.

>"Doctor, doctor!", she screams "You must save him now! He's going to bleed out!"
>"Why not later when I feel comfortable?", I ponder to myself

Most of it is still good. Only humanities has been cucked and ruined.

Why didn't I have this excuse in middle school?

Neat, can we make showing up on time or having to work more than 8 hours for overtime microaggressions?

Isn't the idea of school to learn shit? And one of them being able to take tests and papers to prove to said school that you have learned it.

It's not like it's mandatory, if you don't like, drop out. Same thing like a job, you don't have to do the shit they want you to do, quit. Stop whining like a bunch of faggots about deadlines, seriously i've been at university, i've seen my sister gone to university and become a lazy fucking bitch. It's like a cult, were weak-minded shape themselves after this culture of lazyness and go out drinking every night instead of doing what they are supposed to do, LEARN.

You learn from memorizing and repitition. It's the same thing, to know something from the heart there's only one way to do it, repeat, repeat and repeat.

I've never really learned from repetition. For me it works with the idea of thinking it through and being able to interpret it. Not just memorizing it because it's the obvious truth. That's especially wanted at uni. Anyone learning with repetition is most likely going to fail with the majority of the subjects.

I should also mention that I'm not really studying something that requires repetition to begin with.


The only problem with reading aloud in class is going back ten pages to find where everyone is because the tards read so god damn slow.


Don't forget they also get a happy meal toy for any extra credit activities

Working is… SLAVERY!

Make the working illegal! Too many microaggresions so automation should do the jobs. No jobs for the humans. Yay!

So this is why /r9k/ is leftist.

Good. The more higher education degenerates, the less their degrees will be worth, the less influence their graduates will have. At this point, the best thing is to just let colleges collapse, or even encourage it. Trump removing government funding and any other programs they benefit from will go a long way towards destroying these shitty schools too.

Someone's never visited a science department

Yeah that's how it works in a job too. This door needs to be installed by monday, or whatever. Who cares. Yeah you'll still get paid.

Fuck you too buddy.

Show me that "microaggressions" aren't healthy and necessary in a society.

Exactly. If you have a valid excuse to why you can't turn it in on time most professors are understanding, especially in the liberal arts majors these snowflakes are undoubtedly in. Though reading in front of the class is something you see in high school not university, and nobody ever wants to put themselves out there so they get "volunteered" by the teacher.