About the ban of Pornography

The production, possesion or redistribution of pornography that depicts real human beings or can be confused with it should be illegal unless some specifications are met (keeping nude photos of the current romantical pair or one's own body, or for medical research).

This ban would prohibit visual media that pictures of real human beings in sexually suggestive or explicit ways (both hardcore and softcore porn).

Said prohibition would only affect people that whore their body for money or other form of service or good, as well as for the ones that do it for fun.

It wouldn't affect producers, owners or redistributors of drawn porn or 3DCG pornography that isn't identical to real pornography.

The benefits of it are noticeable, as young beutiful women (marriage material) wont be tempted by the easy exit of producing porn, and wont be damaged by it (reduction of fidelity in women with multiple partners). The jews that control pornography would loose a fair amount of money. Prostitution wont have any loopholes (I was filming it so it is legal production of porn) so women wouldn't be tempted by that either. And finally, talented artists that produce drawn porn would be valored, as they are the only ones that can are able to create it.

There are some benefits that I dont remember, but it is an overly positive act and it should be encouraged.

In conclusion, 3D porn ban would reduce porn as well as finance 2D artists, that would return value to realism and destroy the whores that produce 3D pr0n.

So, we should try to turn into a reality.

A good strategie to do it would be to pander to the soccer mom public, as they are over protective over their children and vocal, we should try to further the idea that 3D porn damages their children's minds, and to try to illegalize it. Also, anyone protesting for the unban of pornography would be seen as a consumer or a producer, as it happens with people protesting about drug legalization, the general public sees them with disgust, as consumers or producers.

Please express your opinions about this idea.

Iirc, Putin banned pornography in Russia. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump did the same.

I'm not saying all porn, only 3DPD porn.

Does this include home made waifus?

We have much more pressing concerns before we get to social issues like porn.


Both can be worked on at the same time, working on one doesn't exclude working on the other.

Your proposal to leave 2D out of it would have the opposite effect from what you intent. Kikes would get into that business and start producing degenerate shit there instead of in 3D. It's not ideal for them but it's more than good enough.
I don't think an outright ban is necessary. Just remove copyright protection from porn (I would include 2D in this too.) This destroys exactly the people you want to target (kikes producing degenerate garbage to manipulate the goyim) and has almost no immediate effect on the people you want to protect (innocent victims of the porn industry, amateur artists drawing cute girls doing lewd things).

That is not the target of the plan. It is to destroy aany posibility of making money out of your bodily beouty. Because it is a self-feeding asshole of degeneracy.

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Terrible idea. The cure, widespread monitoring and censorship, is worse than the disease. I used to jack off to stories in high school because my mom had the computer in the living room oriented so I couldn't look at porn without her seeing it.

Rather than stop people from possessing adult porn, stop industrial scale production by removing copyright protection. With porn no longer paying any whore's bills, young women will return to seeing it as nothing but degrading.

Meanwhile, where we want to get to as men is for men to microaggress each other for being wankers with terabytes of porn.

But the bigger issue is feminism in general. What we need to do, regardless of stopping porn, is to get rid of affirmative action for women so they'll get married instead. If we can increase the rate of marriage, porn will solve itself.


I don't think you're that familiar with what women who get into porn are actually like. They look like shit. Sure, they have to not be obese (unless it's catering to chubby chasers), but the average woman in my junior and senior college classes was more attractive than any porn star I've ever seen. This is not the cream of the crop of women, it's only mentally and physically dysfunctional women who do it. Attractive, healthy women looking to get rich off their bodies become trophy wives, not porn stars.
The number of women involved in porn is vanishingly small anyway–protecting them is a nice side effect of any anti-porn campaign (killing copyright protection would achieve this too) but if it's the main goal you've missed the point entirely.

All this would do is fill up prisons with horny schmucks who can't get off to moving vietnamese pictograms and bog down federal and law enforcement services in having to charge these fuckers with posession of pictures of tits.


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Weebs truly are cancer. You can tell yourself what you want, being an adult male not only watching but actually masturbating to retarded east asian children's cartoons is degenerate. There's no way around it.

Make all the porn you want.
But you can't distribute it.

We'll see.

I disagree.
Censorship of pornography =/= Generalized Censorship, and I don't mind monitoring in some fashion, depending on how 'widespread' it is.

That's fine. There's nothing wrong with masturbating on occasion - what's wrong is having an industry which relies entirely upon your willingness to self-cuck yourself by masturbating to images of people in sexually-explicit scenarions.

Do both.

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I'm fine with that, but there's no reason you can't ban porn as well.

So, what you mean is, Jews.

So, you want to get rid of Jews.

In other words, you're saying we need to deport all the Jews, and then engage in a drastic restructuring of our entire present civilization.

I'm down for that.
But that's not an effective argument against banning porn.
In fact, none of it was.

There's nothing wrong with out right censorship. It's only the (((liberal))) ideas of human rights and relative morality that you can form a objection from.

He thinks Jews only make porn because its profitable, and he doesn't understand that you could totally remove copyright claims on pornography and Jews would still make heaps of money via indirect routes - its basically what they do now, to be honest, given the internet offers any and every pornographic scene ever done, free of charge, if one has the desire to pursue it long enough.

The porn industry makes most of its money off indirect methods anyway.

Not the point.
The user wanted to play slippery slope on the censorship front, and I'm not buying it - censoring porn does not necessarily equate to further media censorship… Not that I'd necessarily have a problem with further media censorship, tbh fam.

That deserves it more than 3dpd porn. ART SHOULD NOT BE A PLACE FOR YOU TO BE A FUCKING DEGENERATE.

I hope he does. Pornography is a plague upon Western men.

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At any rate, we don't need to enact censorship, we need to exterminate the kikes.

Yes OP surely all depictations of sexual congress is haraa- um not good.