Possible Rouge Group Of Trump Staffers

Not sure if Holla Forums knows by now, but apparently a group of people using the twitter handle @RoguePOTUSStaff are claiming that they are rouge members of Trump's administration who are tweeting anything about Trump that paints him in a negative light. Now its possible the account is a fake, but the fact that its got already over 400k followers is a bit concerning.


"Now its possible the account is a fake.."

you think so, genius? "we will bock anyone who asks us to ID ourselves…" You think the Secret Service would be on this in a minute since they are claiming to have access to Trump, and thus would be a threat to his safety?

Yes, very concerning and troubling. Really makes you think.

fake. and if real, the owner will eventually post information only a handful of people associated with trump will have, and be rooted out – jailed for treason.

Trump will just put a virus on their computer in the name of national security and monitor everything they do on the inside. Its obviously someone beneath Spicer, in the media relations end. "not fact unless Trump approves it" - they are mad they cant smear their boss openly. It should be obvious to him who it is, if this isnt just a fake subversive troll account.

Or, possibly those butthurt cunts from the parks department who got gagged, they were angry about muh global warming, which Trump doesnt believe in. I guess thats tyranny, to these wastes of flesh.

VPNs, proxies and even using public internet does not make you immune to being tracked, It just requires more resources. These dumb asses will get a knock on the door in the middle of the night, believe me.

You know I'm starting to believe that Stalin may have been onto something with those Purges.

I prefer helicopters to gulags tbh

The account is owned and run by Trump's admin and is used to present controlled opposition viewpoints to leftists to box them in even more.

Even if they used a VPN they're fucked.

Idk man, helo's require alot of resources. Working until they fucking die is a net win. You lose the leftist, and you gain the labor.

The Star Trek resist metaphor thing they're doing there doesn't even make sense, if anything the borg would be the socialist left. And of course those faggots used the faggiest borg in TNG as their header.

Keeping them alive just creates the completely unnecessary risk that they will one day be released. Hitler made that mistake, we should not repeat it.

Furthermore, making Americans compete with slave labor is not good for the country.

You make a good argument, but work makes you free, user.

Therefore, if they work their asses off in the mines (We need more mines, tbh fam), honest Americans don't need to risk their lives while hopefully a few hundred leftists die in a cave-in.

it has 400k followers because it's fake. probably no one knew about it until the DNC social media brigade spread the word around about it. it's probably theirs.

If real, then it's just low level staff and interns trying to act important. Their job is to sort mail and get coffee for semi-important people.

Take this dumb shit over to cuckchan

American miners like mining. They don't want to lose their jobs to shitlib slaves.

These people only still exist because Trump wants them too. Hopefully it's a honeypot to catch traitors in his administration.

Agreed. As Hitler stated in Mein Kampf, the conquerors often find themselves conquered by their own subjects, even if it takes centuries, through intermarriage and racemixing.

I admit the short-term benefits of having a subordinate slave class are certainly desirable, but whites are susceptible to emotional manipulation due to our unique altruism. Shitskins need to be removed pronto or else white normalfags will start to feel bad for them.

But in Star Trek: Voyager they called the Nazis "the Borg of their time" or something to that extent. That proves the Borg are actually Nazis.

Eh, right. Maybe open up a few new mines specifically for the purpose of these gulags? Like uranium mines for the new Nuclear Reactors that will be opened?

We do need to exploit our rare earths.

Put them to work fixing all our nation's potholes. And by that I mean process them into tar and fix our potholes with them.

It should be very easy to track these people down for the Feds.
They are impersonating federal employees, which I wager has a hefty fine attached to it.

Send it to Trump.

Uranium leaves many of the workers damaged genetically, so it works out perfectly. The forced labor dies, and we get our uranium.

So they were pushing the lie that the Nazis were ebil inhuman monsters. Who cares what a bunch of Hollyjew kikes think?

cute hobby

meanwhile, trump gonna keep signin' them exec gold orders woooot

those faggots. at least they didn't go rogue