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why is he such an israel cuck? where's "America first" and why is it "israel first" instead?

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Come on kike, you can shill better than that.

/cuckchan/ thread

his refusal to ban Saudis, him having forgotten about the missing 9/11 document accusing saudis. him ignoring his own "we gon go after the saudis" shit before he got elected

/cuckchan/ get out

Trump didn't choose those countries

Those countries were king nigger's choice. Trump isn't perfect. There needs to be more. You keep using the same images.

well then.


how can he scream anything while deepthroating the israeli mutilated cock?



hahahaha never gonna happen. Saudis and Israelis are buddies, and Trump is the israeli servant

designated shitting thread
go back to Holla Forums, tell them you're on your way to /suicide/ and want some last minute butt sex

stay defeated.

not an argument. I was with Trump until this gay ass ban list that didn't include the most important shitholes: Qatar and Saudis


I was with Trump until "X". Now I'm going to shit all over him and the board with my retardation. And by the way he's a kike puppet u got rused.

Please fuck off.

try to defend the lack of action or even mention towards saudis then. or did you forget Trump saying "I want to keep defending Saudi arabia"?

if trump banned all of the biggest muslim nations the left might have a legit argument about it being a ban on muslims. but since trump only banned the countries Obama himself listed as bannable, the left has no argument supporting a muslim ban. and the left, being unable to play chess, will bring up the lack of a ban on egypt and saudi arabia – thus "forcing" trump to include those two nations in his ban, effectively creating a legitimate muslim ban. watch.

stay defeated.


just ban the main fucking terrorist making shitholes: Qatar and Saudi Arabia

those are coincidentally the ones NOT banned

Energy independence first you dumb nigger. How many times do we have to go through this?

Trump only banned travel from unstable countries with known Al Qaeda affiliate cells and presence in the "government".

Saudis don't have Al Qaeda in the government because theyre a monarchy, neither do Turks after their coup-cleansing or Egyptians because they're a military dictatorship.

Besides why would Trump invest in collapsed states like Iraq?

yet :^)

dubs kills the kike
OP should hang himself

fracking and other countries to buy from mate.

how the fuck is Iran unstable? stop using this jidf meme. Saudi arabia is at war with Yemen, and Iran isn't at war with anyone. which is more stable?

it's about which one the kikes hate and which one the kikes like.


These shills are getting pretty lazy, wouldn't you agree?

why not rename this fucking board to tumblr and be done with it?

Hi, shill

WTF i hate trump now
#ImWithHer c==3

Some more information on the topic contained in the image.

I have a theory about IQ: One cannot directly perceive intelligence in another beyond the limit of one’s own. It's kind of like the human eye, which sees well up to point. Beyond that point, however, radiation every bit as viable as visible light is invisible. Infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays and so on. And there are emanations below the visible light spectrum, as well, physically identical in every way with visible light, save only wavelength, except that they cannot be seen with the human eye: radio, T V , microwave, for example. These radiations all comprise the electromagnetic spectrum. Think of intelligence as being limited in the same way that the eye is limited.
Why else do we fail to see the obvious intelligence possessed by every living creature? So that we can feel justified in enslaving and eating them is the easy answer, but I think the truth is more fundamental. There are hints about the presence of electromagnetic radiation, to be sure, such as the warmth generated by unseen infrared radiation. But the eye hasn’t a clue. Neither do so many people walking around out there, despite manifest hints. Every time some dolt tries to best me with his haphazard logic and regurgitated borrowed ideology, bereft of personal examination and integration, this point is driven home with a vengeance. Arguing with his ilk is like doing battle with an unarmed opponent. Like America versus Grenada. Generally, I have the good sense merely to walk away without proving what is so dreadfully apparent to my own eye, yet oblivious to the other—because they simply are incapable of perceiving the disparity. Seems like they would feel something akin to the heat of infrared light, somehow, and catch a clue from it.
Generally, I can size up another's IQ within a minute or so of conversation, provided it is less than my own. I have known a number of people in my life that I regarded as intellectual equals. Simple logic suggests that some of them were my superior, but I had no way of discerning their intellectual ability beyond the limit of my own. Some of them hadn't even gone to college, to acknowledge the dedicated Mensans reading this.
Come on, admit it. When another is below your own intelligence level, you know it for a fact, though you might ignore that fact—and should, in your dealings with that person, if you know what is good for you. You knew who were the thinkers and who were the dummies in school and you had them ranked. I'd wager that ranking was identical to the actual distribution of their IQs. Witness the fact that some of the grasshopper-like layabouts ranked higher in your eyes than some of the ant-like scholars. Today, of course, those scholars work for the former layabouts.

For more, read Defensive Racism, by Edgar J. Steele. It’s a seminal volume on the concept of racism, as well as being a redpilled document across the board.

The Seven countries in the ban are the ones CURRENTLY IN CIVIL WARS WITH JIHADIS plus Iran
You're retarded

we're here user. just waiting for trump to show who hes controlled by. it will have to happen sooner or later.

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all things that are not true.


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Race start Now!

I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good
t. Donald "Make the Holocaust Actually Happen" Trump

Nigger, the man is busy with a shitload on his plate. Seriously kill yourself.

awww the poor guy with every fucking resource and huge team of people at his fingertips is busy