Why do liberals act like children? Why are they still obsessed with fiction and games for children even into their 20's?

Why do liberals act like children? Why are they still obsessed with fiction and games for children even into their 20's?

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books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=nation of immigrants&year_start=1600&year_end=2010&corpus=15&smoothing=3&share=&direct_url=t1;,nation of immigrants;,c0

He says on a website full of right leaning people obsessed with fiction and games
Seriously though its just the subject matter, harry potter is queerbait and diverse, same with star wars
We meme with warhammer 40k and anime because it triggers the left, they meme with their garbage cause they think it triggers us when in reality we just cringe at them.

Because they know the end is near.

lack of agency due to overparenting and a society that caters to cosumer drones rather than informed citizens.

Growing up, historically children used to be ignored and allowed to their own devices. Now every thing little billy or susie does or says is put under the lens. It began in earnest in the 80s, when they realised if you brainwashed that particular generation of young children into complete obedience they could easily do 90% of the work for you in manipulating their soft parents into purchasing your entire inventory of cheap made in china crap.

I have a unique perspective given I grew up in a poor eastern european country for the first 9 years of my life and enjoyed the contrasting abundance of the west for my remaining childhood. It shocked me how kids mistreated their expensive toys and gadgets and how little overall imagination and creativity they had. It was common for boys to make slingshots, climb trees, swordfight with sticks and get into fights. Suddenly those things were deemed dangerous, sports were sanitized and physical contact was frowned upon, smaller children were forcibly included rather than mocked, this created various safe spaces for obviously faggy kids to ruin the play of others, indoor activities and the kid with the fanciest toys (richest/dumbest parents) were exceedingly more popular, video games rose to prominence and social norms changed.

This created attention seeking monsters who needed to be observed at all times. The blame lies solely on the weakening of moral values and a distinct lack of leadership qualities in the older generation, which never faced hardship, war or real suffering. As society becomes easier, weaker people reproduce and they lack the strength to create viable offspring.

To this day when I say someone who is untidy or messy it makes me angry. If you lack the will to wash a plate after you use it, or put your laundry away neatly, or not leave things on the floor, what are your children going to be like? Eventually these people will remove themselves from the gene pool, it is sad because the vast majority of them are white, so it means the self-removal of an entire ethnicity, one which gave us many great advancements.

For the life of me, living in your hellscape for 20+ years, I cannot understand the reason for a dishwasher. You can't use hot water and dishwashing liquid for 5 minutes, you need an entire machine to do that job for you? Small things like this, add up over time. You fagged up children through culture and weakened parents who never sacrificed anything, there is no way in hell you could win a cultural war vs Asia or the Middle East. These people are frying puppies over open flame diesel fires in garbage bins. There will be no assimilation, only brutal rape and destruction of civilization.

There's nothing wrong with fiction though. Escapism is the real problem, and the fiction in question is also important to consider. Harry Potter is poz'd shit so of course it annoys people here on Holla Forums. Liberals only think in terms of forced memes and pop culture that gets shoved in their faces every day. At least anime and WH40K is somewhat niche.

Because they are. They're literally spoiled adult children whom parents gave everything to, went to a everybody wins a medal trophy etc. They have no sense of reality whatsoever. It's not entirely their fault however. Our schools are nothing but terrorist training facilities. Why do you think obama forced so many teachers into retirement to make room for the new "brainwashed" teachers? The only teachers he didnt fire were the leftist oldfags.
I hope trump focuses on our schools as well. And deny the left an entire generation of youth.

At least our references make sense and are usually funny.

These fucking guys only know two fucking mainstream shit that is not even good and doesn't even make any sense in any context, they just push it anywhere in any fashion because they know nothing else.

God, these faggots just say the gayest shit possible dont they.

Harry Potter is literally Naruto with wizards. Bottom of the barrel trash.

posting reaction images isn't the same thing as making life a faggot fanfiction

They also say shit that has no parallel to the fiction they're referencing. Doesn't matter to them I guess, as long as they get to feel clever for their half-assed allusions.

we need to meme harry potter into nazi affiliation

It's completely different mate.
Do you think anyone here gets their life lessons from 40k and anime? For us shit like that is escapism.

For the people like OP it is legitimately their life. Their existence revolves around these fictional worlds where they get all the lessons they will ever get in life and have heroes they look up to.

When you ask someone here who they look up to you'll probably get real people and figures of history. When you ask these people who they look up to they say Dumbledore and Princess Leia.

well i know that harry potters actor in the movie was also in a movie where he was a nazi. I know we had a thread about this on Holla Forums does anyone have the images for it.

who are you preparing for war cia?

It's worse. The left is suffering form a combination of group Narcissistic Personality Disorder, group Munchausen's Syndrome, and group Munchausen by proxy Syndrome.

They are deeply mentally ill and neurotic to the point that they couldn't tell the truth to save their own lives.

only ones i got

Because liberalism is a fundamentally infantile ideology. It dreams of a world where everyone can be anything, do anything, achieve anything if they just believe. It's a world of pretend without any consequences. If consequences exist, it's up to the government to fix it.

It's an attempt to build a permanent childhood.

interesting read. nice post

It's no wonder that a majority of the left's champions are pedophiles.

Potter has a lightening bolt scar, make it into the double-sig

Oh lel OP. A lot of these fags are in their 30's to 40's


The real scary part is some of them are in their 50s

They are emotionally retarded and mentally ill, because their parents were too demoralized to raise them right and the (((education system))) destroyed and dehumanized them further.

You want to see some real cringe?
Then visit /r/the_schulz/. They are literally copying our memes and failing hard at it.

thanks user. These are definitely going into a folder. Here have a random picture.

I've noticed that.

Why are these fags trying so hard to be "hip"?

Escapism, denial, inability to deal with their rapidly approaching demise, so on and so forth.
They have to cling to the youth they mistakenly believe they still have because that's all that's distracting them from their self-induced existential nightmare.

Oh dog is that Martin Schulz?
Jesus Christ I kekd but not in a good way. Do they really think they'll get it to work but just copying the same format as Trump memes? They'll never figure out meme magic.

Shit, they made a MEGA picture with him.
How is he going to make Europe great again since for him it only exists to provide free shit for israel ?

God this honestly pisses me off. They ripped this straight of Trump and us. (((They))) might be getting desperate or Liberals are shit at memes. It probably both at this point,

Because goyim, that is what Europe is meant to do, that's it's greatest purpose, after all. What else could such a racist people provide :^)

The need to be seen as openly and outwardly virtuous to their peers. This is from a fundamental belief that social acceptance and social standing is the ultimate goal to one's life. Not bettering themselves through fitness, knowledge, virtue, or wisdom.
To these leftist retards, you must be seen as the most socially adept person out there. You must have the greatest sense of humor, which in their minds consists entirely of bitter snark. You must have the most friends, all of which are doing new and exciting things with their life such as going to nose flute concerts, drum circles, beard-grooming contests, and visiting the latest $40/meal hipster eatery. Finally, when it comes to political opinions, they must hold the most correct ones and outwardly display them at all times. It is not enough for them to think that fags should be accepted, but we must also teach fagsex and 55 genders to 8-year-olds. It is not enough to bring in needy refugees, but we must let in entire third-world nations because after all their nations went to shit and ours haven't yet. It is not enough to simply hold a political opinion but rather it must be expressed through as many shitty children's media references as you possibly can. That way you are acknowledged as the most in-touch and socially accepted individual in your group.

And yet, these fucks also make nonstop "lmao 100 100 does anyone else CRIPPLING DEPRESSION MAN I SUCK SO MUCH" jokes about how their life is miserable and how they're poor even though they scrimp and save on their money after buying the yearly iPhone and dropping $150/monthly on a phone plan and spending $50 on bi-weekly haircuts.

These are empty, soulless people that will never find true happiness within their ways of living and their ways of thinking. Their worldviews are ultimately flawed, fundamentally materialistic, and utterly devoid of any meaning. They are useless people, forever stuck in an infantile mindset where they are the center of the universe and the entirety of existence is just a story that centers around themselves.


Please enlighten me what does the lightning scar on Obama's face represent? Did this happen in the Harry Potter movies or something? I sort of know who Dumbledore is, but I'm not 10 so I don't know much about Harry Potter.

Or is it a reference to Obama being Satan? "I saw Satan as Lightning from Heaven."

Harry Potter has a scar on his face that can suck black magic or something.

Double post, sorry but :


Because they know the world is shit and will never own up to the fact that 8 years of Obama didn't magically fix everything. They'll just say "it's bushes fault" and then fantasize about being in the 1920s again, even though the 1920s is literally everything they hate concentrated into one time period.


Nobody here is actually looking at, say, D&D or Silent Hill and basing our worldviews on them. Heck, even "Dragon Ball is REDPILLED and Frieza is a FUCKING KIKE" and kinda tongue in cheek and done for laffs.

I wonder how many people standing behind him are secretly pro-Trump but had to do that video for fear of being fired.

I would love to see Dumbledore's Army go up against Right Wing Death Squads.

Fuck so insomniac games are drinking the koolaid now too. I find it hilarious that there is only a few asians and one black guy.

probably the guys who don't have the cuck look which is surprisingly most of the company. I bet those Asians voted for Trump

Good for you, but it doesn't change the fact that you're on a platform that has a disproportionate number of anime nerds.

Because it gets them upvotes.

This is socially validated behavior.

I wish. When I first came to 8ch I still had an ounce of hope in games, probably because dark souls was ok and there where still random niche games like stalker. Now that has long died out. I don't even fucking play video games, not because I don't like them, but because they all fucking suck nowadays. It's really really hard to find a game that I don't just quit in 5 minutes. The only thing I'm even considering anymore is RTS' but I'm paranoid of sinking in so much time to learn the mechanics of a game that could have shit balancing that will never be fixed, and singleplayer is unplayable for 95% of the genre because AI straight up cheats to even things out.

Satan confirms. There's nothing wrong with enjoying fiction, but when it overtakes your life to the point where it IS your life, then it is a problem.

I was considering buying that new Ratchet and Clank game sometime, but now I know I don't even need to consider it. Thanks user

Voldemort attempted to kill Harry and it left him with a scar that had some bullshit Mary Sue magic that made him literally immortal or some horse shit, I hated every book after the fourth.

Nice trips, personally I hope the video game market crashes one more time like in the 80's so people can go back at making game they like rather than making games for money.

hopefully something like this

I fully second this as a Balkanfag

As for fiction. There is a fundamental difference between our approach to it and how leftists approach it. A leftist hides his emptiness, or rather tries to fill it with fiction. Fiction starts to define him in every way. This is why they swallow propaganda so easily. They have no internal system of values or a genuine personality. They create an ersatz fake personality based on the fiction they consume.

We of the right use fiction as a way of self-reflection, introduction of new ideas which are then mulled over or as a springboard for imagination. Our personality and inherent values are not passive in this but interact with fiction. A liberal simply adopts whatever is served to him with zero judgement or awareness.

Again and again Holla Forums fails to realize that fiction is a kind of mirror. Through it we get to know ourselves. It reflects that which is inside us. Anime has played such a tremendous role that it cannot be understated. You MUST come to terms that whites aren't purely deterministic biological machines - we have an actual soul, and for this or that reason good fiction echoes and resonates through us. It makes us stronger, better and more nuanced. It adds to our personality, but we are the ones accepting or denying this process.

For instance right now Youjo Senki is in its 4th episode. It is a tremendous loss not to watch it if you're on the right. You could almost say fiction is a kind of fuel for the soul, while nigger rap and normie television are purely about mere flesh.

Every book after the fourth was dogshit even by children's book standards

Have these people read a book that wasn't Harry fucking Potter?

40k does have some bretty gud life lessons though

Trips of the painful truth.

And if Trump fixes the economy the market will never crash, because normalfags will have tons of money to spend useless shit on. The best you can hope for is middle-tier studios comeback and make niche titles again. I suppose this can happen because the Hollywood-tier game studios that dominate the market can only appeal to franchise-slaves and normalfags, where middle-tier can reach out to the rest of the market.

They even copy 40k memes of the God Emperor. It makes me puke.

Then theres also a Dutch version: /r/The_Klaver. For those unaware, he is the 'Dutch' (half Marrocan) version of the pozboy Justin Trudeau.

To continue…

You should also consider there wasn't really a fake "Gaymer" culture. Nobody back them would even think we'd be making a reality tv show called ragequit, where middle aged men pretend to be mad at a game because they died once in call of duty.

Absolute heresy.

Is that a thing ?


How much does the left have to destroy itself before it collapses completely? It's like watching pure cringe that just becomes worse to look at yet won't die. I almost pity them.

Escaping into fiction isn't even a problem as long as you can turn it off when you put the book down, turn off the game, etc. It becomes an issue when the fantasy world starts leaking into every day life. It's obsessive and unhealthy to think a fictional world where everything turns out fine as long as your conscience remain clear somehow mirrors reality. There's a fair amount of people who favor escapism around here, but they're not delusional like these faggots. We can't bring Gensokyo to us; we can only go there when our time comes.

fuck that edit on that image is so bad. It looks like when we do intentional shitty edits or do something quickly. I bet that that the majority of the people on that board have no idea what 40k is.

of course. The most important is never to trust xenos because they fucked a dark god of degeneracy into existence or saying they are a "peaceful" empire for the greater good while in the meantime sterilizing humans and lobotomizing them. Never trust elves or space commies kids.

god fucking damn that feel.

At that point the books became less about the premise of magic and school and shit, and it was more of just random drama with Hitler-Voldemort parallels and building up characters just to kill them off in the end for emotion.


Why do you keep making these low-effort threads?

I honestly thought it was a TV show because it had ad's but guess not. However, there was the TV show similar to it called King of the Nerds.

You wanna know the saddest thing user?
Do you want to know the saddest

It didn't even look nearly as cringey as king of the nerds THE FUCKING TV SHOW THAT WAS ON FUCKING TV was



There is a big difference between shitposting, memes, and fullfledged autism. Leftists take themselves and fiction very seriously, they limit themselves with friendly politically correct shit tier jokes, while people here often make fun of said fiction and themselves, from ironic sensible chuckles to darkest humor available.

this is more pathetic than all the actors making videos attacking Trump. at least the actors were recognizable faces for many people, but these guys are nobody.
actors are usually rich and kikes will always have a job for them, but this fucker is putting his company's profits (and employee's jobs) at risk just to virtue signal about politics, one of the most divisive topics people discuss. what a piece of shit.

but magic doesn't dilute in that universe. All it takes is one magical parent and poof yer a wizzard. tbh, if voldemort was smart he would have instituted mass muggle rape colonies to make dat der master magicke race come about.

Because they have never had to act like adults.

It's really the perfect time to out themselves to honestly. The left is weaker than it has been in ages, and now these retards are just destroying what's left without fucking realizing it.

Voldemort is basically propped up to be a jackass. His evil overlord name is misspelled. His entire blood purity gimmick is overcompensating for he himself being the half blooded rape baby of a degenerate, inbred house.

He's a hamfisted Hitler Was A Jew joke.



Read the first book in 1st grade because by 1999 it was on the curriculum I guess. Never read another. Nothing of value was lost.

While we're on the topic of children…

Those who fear death never live. This is why they seem like such NPCs to many on this board. Once you stare into the abyss and spit in its stupid fucking face for being a shitty abyss you never really view the world or those who inhabit it the same.

The abyss is a fucking cuck and i hate that guy

Where was this from again? Because I imagine that Mattis' opinions on Common Core would be fucking glorious.

This is incredibly pathetic. At least Bernouts had their own memes, even if they weren't good. These are uninspired carbon copies and shit to boot.
Truly pathetic.

This right here.

Every school-aged chick 1998 and onwards would endlessly re-read that bullshit, as if it was difficult to digest the first time around.

Best advice for raising a kid, take em to Goodwill or St. Vincent DePauls and get them to buy cheap books and encourage them to read.

If Schulz gets in somehow, we need to petition Trump to back a Chilean-style coup in Germany.

They're being ironic. Coincidentally, I read a post by a lefty, hipster faggot about his breakdown recently that gave me some hope. It was about about living in a shell of irony and disdain for so long that he doesn't know who he is anymore. We really broke him last year.


I read LotR/Silmarillion/Hobbit/Lost Tales every couple years.
I still don't let it leak into reality, though. It has to be deeper than that.

Lefties really are a bunch of humorless cunts. Can't even meme. Sad!

And it's always Harry Potter and Star Wars, two series where one side can be described as "the good guys" while the other is described as "the bad guys".
It's really no surprise how they can get the idea that all of their opposition is evil.

Tolkien was a philologist professor, intimately familiar with the source influences for his books. Rowling cobbled together a hackneyed vehicle for liberal "morals" with "magics".


Yes. European immigrants, with a shared heritage and set of values.

They are the people who keep with the trends. Have always been throughout their lives. They are NPCs who are programmed to like stupid, basic shit. So they relate this stupid shit to real life because they can't into how the world works and has always worked.

Because they have never had to act like adults.

They are quite literally subhuman.

how long did you guys make it? i made it to 0:09

I watched the whole thing.

honestly you have to wash the plates before you load them anyway. Why not just finish the job?

They make sense in a busy restaurant or cafe where you need the extra few minutes. But I don't see the point in owning one in your home. All that extra water and power due to laziness.

Never change


To be fair though, we don't take our values from that media though. It's pure entertainment. At best you will hear a reference. Not a fucking quote or allegory transcribed from fucking Harry Potter.

Nah Naruto does shit. Harry Potter is a lazy cunt who has literally every other character in the story propping him up.

feels good man

I never liked Harry Potter as a child, and going back to it as an adult I can see why it had such a deleterious effect on so many millennials. It's prime leftist poz disguised as a celebration of traditional middle-class values, i.e. the private boarding school. The entire thing is pro-miscegenation, pro-immigration and anti-nationalist. It's shit.

Fundamentally they're limited to stereotyping only their 'enemies' and no one else in their memes. That's why they can't have the same funz as us and our memes can become a superior memeplex taking advantage of stereotypes of anything we wish.

Mp4 related. Replace millennial with whiny cunt. Seems legit to me.

I warned you all a while back this was their next move.

I hope you've all been studying your Loomis, Robertson, etc to reach a level of self-sufficient meme production they cannot compete with.

So if Obongo is Potter, who's Dumbledore? The grand master wizard?

How long until they start eating each other over problematic memes? They're using literal nazi hate symbols after all.

Marx probably
since hes dead but his ideology kept spreading poz

The irony with Star Wars is that it's about a lone (white, blonde, aryan) hero rising from the common man to achieve a great destiny, become a magical warrior and save his people from a corrupt autocratic bureaucracy.

It's practically Wagnerian. That said, considering the Empire are the best-looking faction I have absolutely no problem with being compared to them. Stormtrooper for life.

Soros, just wait until book 6 where Obongo makes him drink poisonous jizz and Rubert Murdoch kills him

anyone got that meme that explains how the Empire brings peace and stability to the galaxy and the rebellion are just sperging commies who have no plan for the galaxy beyond destabilizing it

It's no wonder (((Disney))) deleted the old Lucas-approved Expanded Universe.

It revealed that Palpatine did nothing wrong, and the Rebels practically doomed the galaxy.

I was born in 77. I know a lot of this. When I was in grade school at recess we we would play cops and robbers or cowboys and indians. Everything we did would now be considered a hate crime.

Born in the mid-80's here. I grew up in a very poor family, and this led to me respecting what I did get through parental sacrifice. Most of my childhood toys are still in near-mint condition, the only ones that aren't were stupidly loaned to other kids who returned them trashed. To this day I don't let other people touch my stuff, because almost nobody in this god-damned hemisphere has any respect for the value and condition of material possessions.

I was also an only child, and riddled with allergies, so I spent a lot of time alone indoors. I used to make up vast narratives for each of my different toylines, patterns on a carpet became the expanse of Tracy Island's sublevels and a bookcase became a towering skyscraper.

Funnily enough, the childhood toy I had the most of was Lego, because it allowed me to build anything I wanted. If I'd been better at maths I suspect I'd have become an engineer but ended up in illustration instead.

I watched it multiple times and read the faces of many people trying to interpret their attitudes towards this.

I have this.

That blond girl really fucking hates him, look at how she's glaring at the back of his skull instead of looking at the camera

There goes my future ps4 purchase. You can keep the Spidey game you assholes. I hope Kek finds a way to end console gaming since M$ and Nintendo are incompetent retards while Sony is composed of virtue signalling faggots (of course M$ and Nintendo also have leftists within their ranks).

not too shabby

i think insomniac used to do the spyro games

Btw, anybody got more videos of AAA devs showing their true colors? Gotta keep making that list.


They have the contract for the new spidey game that's a ps4 exclusive. I don't care if they make spyro or ratchet. Emulation is a thing.

The hilarious thing is that because Trump intimidated companies into staying here, I got a job just a few weeks ago that pays a decent wage. I now have disposable income, and since I come from a poor family, I was seriously considering buying a playstation and seeing all the fun games I missed out on.
My disposable income will now be channeled towards other pursuits. Fuck these guys.

At least Bernie was a fucking socialist, Schulz is barely different from other SPD politicians.

its kinda funny (and sad) seeing liberal defend plutocrat globalist obama when they were probably railing against bush 9 years ago

Help content creators that advance 14 words (in your opinion). You be the judge.

Emulate or grab a console with games from goodwill, a pawn shop or ebay.

Same here, I never liked anything Harry Potter-related when I was a kid. I never understood why because as a kid I loved fiction with magic and sorcery and shit like that, until later on I noticed that the things I've read as a kid that I liked like Conan the Cimmerian weren't pozzed feelgood shit.

Of coursh! The story of Honkers the Idolführer is an inspiration for all decent anons.

fam I feel you

I think God had a plan for me because even though almost everybody was into that shit, me and my family were somehow apathetic to the franchise and didn't really care about it.

Harry fucking potter is the gayest fucking thing ever. Period. Adults who like harry potter deserve their own special circle in hell tbh. If someone quotes or alludes to harry potter then it is a surefire sign they are a cancerous individual and deserving of naught but scorn and mockery.

Also, as a bong my I take this opportunity to apologise for jk fucking rowling. Im sorry lads.

If you know any true sons of Germany tell them to head to Dresden, to join the Stormshirts.
Has nobody on Holla Forums said, ever.

It's okay limey, you gave us Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth, Tolkien and countless of others. That cunt is just the black sheep of your great literary tradition.

tbf she only managed to get published because she literally married her jew publisher


so many people completely underestimate how much time day to day activities take. manual dishwashing easily takes at least half an hour.
When you work 8/5 and then commute for 2 hours every day, you then have 24-8(work)-8(sleep)-2=6 hours. 6 hours of which one hour can be subtracted for getting ready in the morning, one hour for cooking, one hour of breaks during work. So you're left with 3 hours of free time and you expect me to stand at the kitchen sink for another half an hour?

Of all the things you could attack for being superfluous and being completely right, like smart phones for example, you choose things that actually make your life easier, dish washers and laundry machines.

Another company for my blacklist…
A LOT of them now lads but im a man of principle. If they start talking sjw shit then I remove my business from them.

Basically, in the old "Expanded Universe" which details the events after the Original Trilogy, there is a race called the Yuuzhan Vong that invade the galaxy using ships the size of planets and it is revealed that the Emperor foresaw this and did nothing wrong. When the Rebels destroyed the two Death Stars, they almost doomed the entire fucking galaxy to genocide.

sounds about right

I like playing this game, find the red pills!

Half of this board's population acts in the exact same way.
The difference however is that Holla Forums users' indulgence lies within mediums that have been shown to contain high-grade memetic power, while liberals appreciate normalfag garbage and hipster shit.

3 death stars* ftfy

There was a third?

Ep 7 user :^)

Also our jokes aren't nearly as autistic.

Adult coloring books is a thing now. I think the people who say "adults" shouldn't enjoy certain entertainment are autistic, but fucking adult coloring books is a product that people buy.

That image explains why (((they))) banned spanking children.
It was so they could create a population of over emotional weaklings with no discipline that could be easily swayed with mass media propaganda.

What game company isnt pozzed today? Geniune question.

The only political Doom meme that I saw here was having Trump replace Doomguy on the game's cover while killing the establishment. I haven't seen anything about EYE, Serious Sam, STALKER (haven't seen anything Trump related despite the numerous jokes about slavs) or Quake. I do admit that a lot of anons like using Deus Ex and MGS references but that's pretty much it in regards to vidya.

The team that work on Tekken are pretty based, same with the dev Yoko Taro, who asked fans to compile lewd pictures of one of his characters for him.

Skyrim gets used politically here sometimes

Only normalfags like Skyrim. Post that in the other thread that talks about using pop culture to trigger leftists.

At least TES has deep and intricate lore unlike harry potter and star wars.

I don't have the picture but one of the Persona devs said in an interview that he likes Trump.

True. SW wasnt really especiall, but for being maisntream media, under Lucas, it was at least OKish. But after Disney, it went to total shit fast.

Skyrim sucked balls
only with mods is it tolerable

Avada Kedavra, meet Automat Kalashnikova.

fug :DD

(check me)
I haven't even read the cap yet. I've only read the post title for it and I already laughed.

This tbh. Elder scrolls has excellent lore. Same goes for 40k too.

There is nothing wrong with skyrim. It is a fun game, playing as a nationalistic nord and the stormcloak storyline is surprisingly redpilled. Holla Forums fags only hate on it because its 'trendy' to do so.

Gotta agree with this. This sem when my prof made us introduce ourselves, most people said they liked superheroes, novels, tv shows, video games, etc. but they gave a blank stare to each other when one of the students said that one of his favorite villains was Apocalypse. During my turn, I said that one of my favorite games was Battlefront 2, and they all gave me a blank stare despite professing to be huge Star Wars fans mere moments ago.

I made this!

It's a classic.



That phrase in its entirety is a lie and created by kikes in the early 1900's.

books.google.com/ngrams/graph?content=nation of immigrants&year_start=1600&year_end=2010&corpus=15&smoothing=3&share=&direct_url=t1;,nation of immigrants;,c0

It was simply a nation of British colonists that declared independence, "for ourselves and our posterity".


lefties: These morally complex real life people are like the evil bad guys in harry potter

righties: These evil bad guys in harry potter are like morally complex real life people

Look at them standing there trying to look tough. Am I supposed to be afraid of them? lol! I could beat there asses 3 or 4 at a time. Give me a fucking break!>>9071375

Only two black guys in the whole crowd.
Why does Insomniac Games hate black people?

You're a fucking retard lad, I was talking about the Extended Universe.

The rest are at home with the wives of everyone present. It's the Thinking Man's Fetish, don'tcha know.

I played Ori and the Blind Forest awhile back after seeing it recommended by someone here on Holla Forums, I'm a sucker for a good 2d platformer so I fucking loved it, good visuals and music.
ended up playing it a few hours a day till I finished it.
if you do play it, do it on the hardest setting. I got the 5min burnout after going back to it due to remembering most of the tricks

not everything is shit m8, just a lot of it


So cerebral.


checked for such a succinct summary

Funny how you fucks always end up in places you claim to hate, then proceed to whine about it.
Whining about the natives is must a way to distract from the gnawing realisation that you couldn't keep up with competition and thrive in your homeland.
you are right about the generational change which took place in the 80s bit you are using a fact to mask for your self-hatred
Boys today are short, scraggly, whiny and have fatty bodies, like grain fed cattle.


It's enough cringe to just have Schultz in the photo, but to add the EU flag with the German one?

Someone's gotta be getting paid to shill for this guy.

Because they have the mental age of children. They have the interests and rough political views that I had when I was like 10 years old. As soon as I started looking into factual information I completely did a 180*, but these guys buy into this stuff not because it's factual or anything, they buy into it because it's the establishment position. They buy into it because it's socially acceptable, and they crave nothing more than social acceptance, and will assume it's true only because the news and their friends tell them it's true. They need no facts or much more truth beyond a fucking poll to justify their political beliefs.

Anyone who considers themselves a part of some "fandom" to the point of looking at fan art and reading fan fiction is usually a complete genetic and spiritual dead end with little to no redeeming qualities. A lot of Holla Forumsacks like 40k and anime in general but we don't make that the core part of our identities because most of us are complex, real human beans. Looking at how many of these faggots are protesting Trump in the USA and all over the world, as if it's their business, makes me realize that I would lose absolutely no sleep if around half the population of western countries got sent into labor camps or outright culled.

You were wrong Mr. Trump, I'm not tired of winning, I finally got a taste of it and I feel addicted to this feeling. I need more.

I like anime but make fun of weebs for liking it. Same with vidyajew. Though I honestly do hate most of it today. Recently however there have been an influx of redpilled animes. I hope games will follow suit.

Same, weebs who obsess over animus and obese pro gaymers with thick neckbears are degenerate as hell and deserve to be ridiculed. Any good animus apart from Youjo Senki that's come out recently? Somehow watching a contemporary Jap getting reincarnated in an alternate 2nd Reich as a magical loli and help the German Empire win the war using his future knowledge gives me enormous satisfaction.


It's childishness and naivete that cause people to be liberal. Liberals cannot rise above group think, emotional thinking, and the need to feel accepted by the majority. That is the entire reason they're liberal.

Then you get to what makes us different from cuckservatives is that we recognize that groups do in fact exist and we must help ours. To get beyond hyper-individualism.

Alderamin in the Sky is the only one I can recommend for being surprisingly good just stay with it tbh

Just to play th devil's autist, a lot of anime does teach you to appreciate the small things in life and enjoy spending time not being a degenerate with your friends (for instance the entire slice of life genre, you get the same message multiple times every season), while others teach you about staying steadfast in your beliefs and fighting for' what's right even if it's difficult. Meanwhile 40K contains the two main ideologies of our time, you can either sympathise with the xenos//mutants/heretics like a race traitor, or you can pledge alleigance to pushing back the world destroying hordes with all your might under the guidance of a God Emperor.

Obviously they're not suitable as foundations of your beliefs, but they are very good supliments to keep yo on point.

Same here. Nothing new interests me at all, and gitting gud at competitive games seems like such a fucking waste of time to me now.

with the slice of life genre there seems to be an entire genre of Japanese entertainment designed to show the appeal of moving to the countryside, having a large family and living peacefully and quietly in your homogenous community

Define good, lest I'll recommend you Urara.

I think their government is funding that as part of their desperate plea to increase birth rates. Doubt it's going to help but still, can you fucking imagine if our government was funding propaganda telling white people to go innawoods and live a traditional life?

22 stone?

I know
when was the last time the BBC or CBS produced a show which depicted moving to a rural farming community and taking up growing vegetables with your wife and popping out a baby every 9 months like clockwork for 15 years as the ideal life

Thanks m8, I'll give it a look.

Something I always appreciated about just about all anime, even through most shounen is irredeemable shit, is the message that you need to work hard at something if you want to achieve greatness. In recent memory Boku no Hero Academia did that exceptionally well.

Taste is subjective so I have to try things that sound interesting to see if I like them. Bakemongatari sounded great when I first read about it but it turned out to be pretentious garbage with annoying blank frames that drove me up the fucking wall

I didn't cap that since I've got plenty of explanations of libshit psychology, but I thought that was still a very good post and I like how you touched upon the fact that they exclusively reference children's media. Even when we reference tibetan enlightenment doodles, it's still stuff who's target audience has gone through puberty and are no longer infants.

Reinhardt best girl.

Exactly, so this is why you shouldn't just ask for recommendations without going into what you want. There is a reason we have /rec/ with all those charts.


24. Psychologists use the term “socialization” to designate the process by which children are trained to think and act as society demands. A person is said to be well socialized if he believes in and obeys the moral code of his society and fits in well as a functioning part of that society. It may seem senseless to say that many leftists are oversocialized, since the leftist is perceived as a rebel. Nevertheless, the position can be defended. Many leftists are not such rebels as they seem.

25. The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way. For example, we are not supposed to hate anyone, yet almost everyone hates somebody at some time or other, whether he admits it to himself or not. Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them. In order to avoid feelings of guilt, they continually have to deceive themselves about their own motives and find moral explanations for feelings and actions that in reality have a non-moral origin. We use the term “oversocialized” to describe such people. [2]

26. Oversocialization can lead to low self-esteem, a sense of powerlessness, defeatism, guilt, etc. One of the most important means by which our society socializes children is by making them feel ashamed of behavior or speech that is contrary to society’s expectations. If this is overdone, or if a particular child is especially susceptible to such feelings, he ends by feeling ashamed of HIMSELF. Moreover the thought and the behavior of the oversocialized person are more restricted by society’s expectations than are those of the lightly socialized person. The majority of people engage in a significant amount of naughty behavior. They lie, they commit petty thefts, they break traffic laws, they goof off at work, they hate someone, they say spiteful things or they use some underhanded trick to get ahead of the other guy. The oversocialized person cannot do these things, or if he does do them he generates in himself a sense of shame and self-hatred. The oversocialized person cannot even experience, without guilt, thoughts or feelings that are contrary to the accepted morality; he cannot think “unclean” thoughts. And socialization is not just a matter of morality; we are socialized to conform to many norms of behavior that do not fall under the heading of morality. Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship. We suggest that oversocialization is among the more serious cruelties that human beings inflict on one another.

Non Non Biyori made me yearn for the simple country life and a family. would recommend both seasons.
the episode where candy lady was baby sitting Renge pulled my heartstrings in just the right ways

protip: don't read to far into anything you're about to watch, the three episode rule isn't just some /a/ maymay.

What I really want is for Gintama to keep going but it's apparently entering its final arc.

Is this from Ted?

This has to be satire, they can't be serious.

Uncle Ted, yes

yeah solid example
also a fave
hope they get a third season tbh
Poco's Udon World is a recent one
where a cosmopolitan guy from Tokyo who's a programmer/marketing guy decides to quit work and leave Tokyo to move back home after his father dies
havent seen it finish yet but looks like he might re-open his dads noodle shop and get into something with a local girl who liked eating at his dads shop

Gintama's hilarious tbh
I watch it for the filler more than the story
another funny one is Konosuba loving that show atm

Why don't they hire 15% Blacks and 50% women, then? Looks a lot like discrimination under the 1065 Civil Rights Act to me, goyim!

meant for:

is that coming from someone who worship a god named kek with his prophet being pepe a cartoon frog

Are you the guy behind the babymetal copypasta?

dont even remember what that is

This, tbh. The first four chronicled the fun adventures of a kid with a sad past, the last three were poor attempts at turning that whimsical world into a backdrop for an edgy civil war.

The 6th one way OK because Snape killed Dumbledore, though.

Not if you have a dog.

Too bad season two is full of QUALITY animation, at least the humor is on point.

Our god delivers faggot, can you say the same about whatever it is you believe in?

what makes you think I don't worship kek?


Making a post with an anime image is nowhere near the same think as doing what libs do, you triplenigger.


One of those is not like the other. At the end of the day even if praising Kek looks like retarded autism on the surface its far more productive than making your life revolve around a fandom.

How was it pretentious and how much did you watch? The first and second season have several short arcs each, with the tone of the show changing every now and then. Granted, if you don't make it past the first arc it might seem pretentious but that's in large part due to the character that's focused on. Each arc introduces and focuses on a different character which in turn changes the tone of the show itself.

That show is actually surprisingly funny in it's own weird way.
Disrespectful to our ancestors, but still funny.

Who knew a show about a businessman denying god and being turned into a super loli german WWI soldier would be so good.

Im a huge fan of babymetal fam but i really dont think they are this fucking lame, babymetal its real heavy metal mixed with a little pop, if they wanted to make it look like them, they fucked up bad, from what i heard it sounds more like some lame electronic rock mixed with muh edgy lyrics and rap perfect for posers who think they are the fucking badasses of the music industry, thus linkin park

Schulz is an internationalist and dicksucker for corporations and banks. Bernie at least spoke out against open borders because they were damaging to the working classes of both countries.

He was a cuck and everything, but he at least had principles. Schulz is a greasy, spineless faggot who will gladly hurl the continent into the abyss of terrorism, rape, and civil war because his handlers told him so.


I made it past the invisible loli that got beaten up by the MC but since the bitchy weightless cunt became his gf at the end of the episode I decided against watching it even further. Maybe I just hate her archetype that much, can't take another one of her bitch fits a la first two episodes.


Not even that - because he himself wants it. He is a Jew, he hates western civilization, Christianity, Europe (and Germany in particular) and everything and everyone in the aforementioned. He's part of a hostile tribe who seeks the destruction of the west because their false G-d commands it.
inb4 "but he's not a religious jew", he's a crypto.

Ah, I see. Yeah she's low on the best girl list for everyone, but she also gets progressively less screen time as the show goes on. Instead you get best girls like regular loli, loli vampire, vampire doll, imoutos and snake.
To be honest, it took a little while for the show to grow on me but it ended up being breddy good. Well, to each their own.

I knew a guy in HS who would read and watch highschool DxD in class, can anything top that?

40k is full of great life lessons, it stands out from other fiction because weak characters die quickly, be it weakness of the body or spirit. 40k paints life as a cruel and bitter never-ending struggle where might makes right; concepts like "good" and "evil" are alien in the universe since the only victories rely on racial victory for one's own people.

For this reason 40k us the antisis of 99% of the rest of fiction. But I will admit a huge majority of table-top players are NEETs or degenerates.

Schultz only exists for two reasons
advocate for israeli interests in foreign countries
and promote socialism in Europe and accelerate the importation of the brown hordes and the destruction of Europe and the European peoples
Schultz is a pro-jewish communist who wants Germany and the rest of Europe to be consumed in a sea of flames

They already can't, because their memes are manufactured and displayed, rather than crafted and left in the wilderness of ideas. There are three tiers in meme existence:
Successful memes can only be purposed in the anonymous sphere, whereupon they filter down into the surrounding ones.
Memes created in avatar-spheres are already too highly specialised and rarely survive the identity-spheres of the real world.


Back during my high school years, two of my Chinese friends and I would play Illusion eroge in the library.

Might be good then, maybe I'll give it another shot.

Jesus Christ, I can easily imagine some smelly chinks playing Maiden Assault: Violent Semen Inferno in a school library.

crab doesn't show up very much after her arc and 2nd season iirc.
kizumono was stupid cute, it's chronologically first so no crab to bother you if you're still a bit interested.can't speak for ep 2, haven't watched it yet

I accidentally someone into vocaloid, the guy would play the miku psp games between classes at max volume, no headphones.

leftist memes are produced to fulfill a purpose they're artificial, designed to promote an agenda like a fucking advert
our memes are forged by sparks in the void
who could forsee visions like these tbh?

Did you forget that in s1 everyone except megumin had granny tits? part of the charm is that everyone's animated slightly off character.

Other than that you're right, also the show has some of the best OPs I've seen so far in anime.

Thanks, Satan.

Shouldn't I watch it in the order of release like MGS? If there's little crab later on it might be alright.

It wasn't quite so blatant in season 1 though. Plus the succubus scene clearly received a lot of love from the animator.

Yes, that's usually recommended.

But I get what you're saying, in fact I'm conflicted about s2 even existing. The ending of s1 left me completely content since it was the best episode of any cartoon airing that season by far, but at the same time it left me wanting more just as much as I want a second season of mondaiji.

Fucking hell we only got 10 episodes, why japan are you so incapabl of making good decisions?

You should turn those lightning bolts into a swastika and position it in the middle of his head

Oh my g-d. Kek.

your shit taste need to be ridiculed read the manga or the ln.

We need to give spanking back its rightful place and make parenting great again.

only jews fear to speak the name of their god tbh

Same reason they're liberals. Their parents sheltered the shit out of them and they never grew up.

it's not even their god to be honest, jews are so autistic they screwed themselves over from having the sole actual god in existence as an ally and father, and you know not being autistic shitskins.

They were doomed from the beginning really.

40k is mostly ripped off from Dune, with pepperings of Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Ringworld, Michael Moorcock, etc to greater or lesser degrees thrown in for good measure.

Go to the source and read Dune and Starship Troopers. Both eclipse 40k in thematic depth and writing quality.

You seem to forgot the most important of all: Warhammer Fantasy.

Hard considering that Harry Potter at its core s pro race mixing propaganda.
Voldemort's to keep the bloodlines of Wizards pure.

How do NEETs afford it?

Anyway, 40k is only accidentally good, since it was originally written by libshits intending to be ironic and dark in the Imperium's quasi-fascism

Where's the influence from Ringworld?

At this point we should form an anime based religion. I'm only half-joking. I listen to Common Filth out of sheer habit, and though I share some obvious opinions about degeneracy with him I feel that Christianity cannot help us. But a more interesting thing pervades my thoughts and emotions. I'm not American nor was my family hardcore religious but owning to my interest in such things I've read and reread the Bible (and other holy texts/mythologies) since I was a kid. Simply put everything ranging from NT to Greek mythology to the Eddas to the Vedas to Evola, Serrano and Savitri Devi was and is my thing. My little portion of the greatness and width of right wing existence. I'm not going to pretend to be some kind of expert or sage, nor am I a teen or in my twenties. I'm thirty years old, socially alive and otherwise seem like just another normie as far as appearances and functioning in society goes.

You want my shameful, abhorrent, and absolutely honest personal truth? The Bible and Christianity never fill me up spiritually like anime does. In fact Christianity makes me depressed, sad and powerless. It is when I watch anime that something indescribable fills me up, some sort of distant echo of a memory of some place I once inhabited long ago. Anime is the eucharist of the soul, it is a holy ritual, the ONLY ritual with which I am fully satisfied. Christianity and organized pozzed religion of today is a corpse, a corpse! And its stench of putrefaction disgusts and repulses me.

Notice that I'm not talking about values, morals and so on. But when I watch anime I sense something true, something real. And I feel it surge up from within me - it ennobles and empowers me. And it empowered us all! Look how much we've accomplished so far and how eager we are for more. There is something innocent and honest in anime. I feel that CF and other "christians" are at this point just unable to accept that we have moved way beyond them and that their religion and opinions are just as relevant as those of liberals, which is to say not at all. It feels like we're a completely different type of Man and to the point that it almost seems like an evolutionary development. A tectonic shift of consciousness has taken place and I myself cannot understand even my own, yet alone yours. All I know is CF and the christcucks around here are most likely angry, jealous and REEEEing at their own obsolescence.

On a more reasonable note it's probably true the Jap goverment is pushing for this or that theme in order to help its own people. But behold - it helped us and it helped us tremendously.

To use Youjo Senki as an example, watching it just feels so, so good. Something just instantly clicks and I get a liberating feeling of joy watching Tanya just be her merciless cutthroat self. The setting, the themes, the characters and action just carry you away back to a more primal sense of life. I encourage everyone to give this show a go, even if you never watch anime. There is no fanservice whatsoever, if that is your gripe.

This post is a fucking mess.

I never even considered the fact that these fags never had an ounce of responsibility growing up, but it makes so much sense. Maybe thats all the redpill some people need.

Aaah, the youth of a nation!

I'm pretty sure 40k has been around since the 80s my dude. It's blatantly fascistic but it's just too cool for normies to sperg over.

Reminder that Adolf Hitler used to draw Disney fanart. We are merely following in the Fuhrer's footsteps.

Is it silly? Of course it's silly. It's also genuine and honest. There's laughter in all of this, and perhaps it is this laughter that frightens the semitic devils.

Which was a Western cartoon studio. Note the difference.

It's almost like Lucas just wholesale plundered the Wagner for ideas. I compared the Ring Cycle to the original trilogy side-by-side once and the overlapping and repetition of themes and plot devices even down to character leitmotifs was unbelievable.

I got bored while waiting for the sun to rise so have some lazy oc

Fuck that. Build a decent gaming rig so you can at least learn a thing or two about the tech you're using to pursue your degenerate hobby.

Ah, you're one of those people.

More goose is needed.

I've dealt with a "friend" saying that if he thought I was a nazi he would report me to my company. His reasons for saying I was a nazi was simply saying that we should be concerned about radical Islam. Because I might convince Japanese school children to be white supremacist. I tried tonight to get him to explain how a true white supremacist would even try to convert Asians to support white supremacy. The point is there really are no "repilled Mexicans".

Fucking spic weebs are some of the worst.

No it wasnt, dont talk shite, it was written by a bunch of old school british metal fans (namely rick priestly) and got its look from the art of john blanche who was a biker. It was more tongue in cheek back in the 80s but liberalism had nothing to do with its creation.

No, just making the distinction because it's important to recognize.

fuck em

I had an insult match against leftists and all of theirs were high-school tier. That's when I came to the conclusion that these people are mentally underdeveloped.

Time is finite, of course my kids in future will wash the dishes themselves, but once a hardship has been understood it is better to move onto grappling with the next challenge rather than wasting time.

It does also give some few insights about keeping your chin up even if there's basically zero hope of anything out there, of the same kind as that Roman soldier in Pompeii who died at his post rather than succumb to fear and run for the mere illusion of a chance to survive.

Fuck you niggas Crab is girlfriend for a reason

Dishes washed in a good high-temperature dishwasher with a good detergent are, on average, more sterile and hygenic than dishes washed by hand.

It's not about saving labor. It's about bettering the quality of your life.

The important distinction between us and your kind has already been made. Not to mince words, I consider your kind just an inverted liberal. Nothing more.

Technology only leads to laziness in the weak willed people and those who allow themselves to become so. For those of us who use it properly, there is no reason not to save time and increase efficiency.

Redpilled mexican here. I am surrounded by the enemy on all sides. Wishing to find a higher purpose than this that I have. Life here glorifies debauchery, sin and stealing from your own kin. I want a fighting chance to eradicate this scum and perhaps one day make Mexico not the shithole it is. I would die a thousand deaths to create a better world. A glorious world where humanity reaches its zenith and potential. A world where the weak are weeded out, where merit makes you survive, where the goal is to be the best human you can be everyday.

I am incapable of understanding how a person could arrive at your conclusion.

Don't be so quick to judge. It wasn't meant as a personal attack.

In the time that took you to type up that post in your precious free time that you choose to spend on a mongolian carpet weaving forum, you could have just done your fucking dishes.

She's literally used/raped goods and while sometimes entertaining, she's vastly inferior to basically all other girls except for cat. Even the lesbo monkey ends up being more entertaining and endearing, same with snake once she stops giving any fucks.
Crab just ended up as girlfriend because she was there and because hers was the first arc and because MC couldn't say no. He has no real interest in her, which is why she ends up not being shown almost at all and why he keeps molesting snail, keeps groping and brushing the teeth of his imoutos and basically seals his bond with loli vampire.

TL;DR crab a shit and inferior to all others, bar one

what are you talking about Gentile? age of empires 2 is better than ever because its on steam and we've got all these new dlc's!

I can barely even get in to fiction anymore. I used to love reading fantasy and science fiction but now it's impossible for me to enjoy it. It's like becoming invested in a comforting lie and wasting time while reality just gets increasingly more fucked. If I get in to something that is fictitious it is usually an expression of tragedy or exploitation or injustice and never anything happy. Only really stuff that reflects the state of reality. Utopianism triggers me like nothing else, as well as good overcoming evil as if either of these things could ever be possible. In real life there are things that are bad and will fuck you and things that you haven't realised are going to fuck you yet. The best you can do is also fuck your explicit enemies up before you go down which is why the donald trump thing is so great.

Blanche's art style wasn't as influential as his "tone" in my opinion, if you get it. He is a completely new level of bizarre.

Why does it matter if it's non-western? There's no reason one can't enjoy or appreciate media from other cultures or peoples. It's only a problem when they end up putting such interests before the interests of their race. Goebbels talked extensively about hyper-moralists, and I think this applies in this situation. I don't mind one bit if you enjoy a form of media from another country in fact I watch anime myself but if you put your love of said media before the love for your own race, then you are a traitor and part of the problem.

while I agree, building a computer isn't shit.

we can all agree best body is neko, followed by best girl snail

kek, haven't heard that one before.

IMO the best fiction is that which makes no clear distinction between good and evil, since such black and white things don't even exist in the first place. Good fiction in my opinion isn't utopian in nature, in fact the lack of a utopia makes for a more believable scenario and thus a better story.


It was in relation to your comment about "following in the Fuhrer's footsteps." which isn't entirely accurate if the primary source of that art is non-Western. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate various aspects of foreign culture also. I'm not saying that one cannot entertain themselves with it; simply that propaganda and related works should be centered around ones own culture primarily. That is the culture we want to save, restore and preserve, is it not? At some point there comes a time when what is comfortable conflicts with what is right; and many have been brought down by their inability to choose the harder path.


>pirate it

Its different.
We approach these matters by affinity, because we know, even intuitively, that they say something about ourselves and reality.
Liberals look for signs that they can use as a flags, to be part of some larger group.
In short, we look for something like us, they look for something that makes them look like others.

I love the old art

Calm down, it's just a drawing

Just so you know, I'm not the original user you were talking to

And as for the rest of your comment, I agree entirely. Propaganda efforts should be entirely focused around building strength and pride in our own civilisation. The way I first read your comment, I interpreted it as you saying we shouldn't enjoy non-western media, but now I understand. Thank you for clarifying.

Why the fuck DO liberals even pretend to like these subcultures when everything about it needs to be remoddeled because its "problematic"

I need my oppai and DELICIOUS THIGHS

They have nothing to offer so they literally define themselves by what they consume

You're welcome. So long as we recognize inherent flaws and the flaws they can exploit within us, it's acceptable.

They are devoid of culture as (((they))) are devoid of a home; which is why they're so good with turning anything into a bland, watered down commercialized version of itself - they have no regard for culture, just leveling and money.

I got the most critical aspect of my personality from DBZ: Always strive to be the best.

What's it like living in a country where people are so proud of their country that they're willing to go to extreme lengths to leave and never return?

the point is was trying to make is that for the most part they hate these things though so i personally never understood why they are trying to hard to pretend


Because thy can't grasp that in our timeline smug chinese cartoons are real.

Didn't Persona 4 push fag and tranny acceptance?

The herd always interprets events by using the little bricks of all the culture's various myths to build up their narrative. For the ancients who read Homer, all the real events of nature they experienced were the gods this or this god that, just like how it happened in the books.

Then the Catholic church built up this big mythology of angels and saints and demons. And all the interpersonal and psychological events were interpreted through those lenses.

Now today the mythology is written or selected by Hollywood to be pumped into the skulls of the herd. And people think "This is just like that one time in Harry Potter!" And then they base their own judgments and actions on what they think Harry Potter the hero would have done or did do in that situation.

Because the brain and the unconscious didn't evolve to be able to distinguish a thing called fiction from fact. You can tell yourself this is fiction, but your brain still processes it like it was fact, it processes everything as if it were fact and applied personally to you, because it also doesn't really understand how to interpret events it witnesses but were meant for someone else.

Everything the brain experiences it thinks is true and is happening for itself. So when it then produces kneejerk judgments and valuations and plans of action that's the product of all the bullshit fake shit you've had pumped into your brain alongside all the real shit.

Freedom only comes through the double negation. When you can identify the bullshit as bullshit both when it comes from the media and your own unconscious.

last time I played the movement made me sick because it made my LCD look like it was flickering with any movement. using an awful ghosting LCD helped a bit, using a CRT at >85hz helped a lot more. if you still have one, try it.


why'd they give Yukino such a short skirt? it didn't fit her personality at all.

77 beats 11

Because they have nothing else. They "hate" it for fashionable attention seeking reasons and they love it as something to latch on to and base their identity around since they are fundamentally boring and useless people.

Numbers don't lie

Cool the 'tism, champ

the shit abyss, rand

One man's dream is merely acceptable for an other. Really makes you think.
I think it's because her skirts seems to be very short on the cover of the very first LN, and then they went with it. Although all girl in the animu seems to have the same length for their skirt, so maybe the person who wrote the regulations for that school's uniforms was a pervert genius.

That Jason guy looks exactly like fucking Vsauce

Is Michael from Vsauce a kike?

Holy shit slavfag you're new

No fucking wonder Insomniac hasn't made a good game in like eight years.

I think there's actually a subtle difference, myself.

These people have never been allowed to fail. At anything. Ever. My own realisations about the true order of things were largely born out of being homeless for some time. Rather than making me some kindly "BEACE AD TOLERABCE :DDD" magical hippy figure like in a shitty Hollywood film, it ultimately turned me into a fascist. The naked reality of the world was unfurled to me like a scroll, that it is a fundamentally unfair place of harsh biological, social, gender, evolutionary, and sundry other inequalities and that is the inalienable natural order of things that one must learn to live with if anything meaningful is to be achieved.

I realised recently that none of what used to be my peers had ever experienced this themselves. They all had wealthy parents. What could not be achieved via money was achieved by playing to the social agenda, i.e. repeating a first year of university for a seventh time by a) having a vagina, and b) complaining about a non-specific undiagnosed depression, and "gender identity" issues. Parental and student union pressure would see coursework deadlines mitigated, or easier transfers to subjects a spastic capuchin could pass in its sleep (also netting them a dual or triple degree title!)

In short, once again, they have never been allowed to truly fail. They live in a cosseted bubbly of unreality, safe from ever having to understand the true shape of things thanks to good feelings, parents and society treating them as special snowflakes, and easy access to money to bail them out of even the most minor of bad situations.

The hyperinfantilisation is a symptom, not a cause.

One of Lucas' favourite films in film school was Triumph of the Will. That didn't just extend to the Imperial aesthetics in his film though (which owe just as much to feudal Japan and Russia as they do to WWII Germany), compare the final Rebel celebration at the end of A New Hope to that scene from Triumph of the Will…

Not only that. Just what kind of pathetic slave looks at that video and thinks, "this is obviously a CIA trap"?

We're mismanaged by a openly corrupt government, I won't justify my people leaving but they have a reason, here it's dire straits to even make it to the next check. Even then I think of them as garbage and cowards. I don't want them alive and if you could holocaust them, good. They'd be the first ones to betray us for coins should we ever attempt to fix this big fat mess. When Trump decides to wage war against us, I will be there to fight along side you to clean this infested swamp. Then my people could maybe develop a nation worthy of standing alongside mankind.

Even worse, they left their country when it needed them the most. There's zero reason why they wouldn't do the same to the country that hosts them, in fact they wouldn't even have an attachment to the host country since it's not even their homeland, making it worse.

There's enemies within and without.

user, I keep it low profile for fear of getting murdered before I even step into the plate. I need help to clean this place and everyone here is my enemy including my own bloodline. What would you do in my situaton? What can literally one man do now to start the unfucking?

I love Blanches work. It has its own unique style with both Gigeresque and Boschian influence visible in its composition. His rogue trader stuff is a particular favorite of mine.

Holy shit seriously? Was the Fuhrer an autismo like us? Is history repeating itself?

I wouldn't know what to tell you. I live in another south american shithole that, to be fair, might as well be a utopia compared to Mexico, but even then I'm pretty lost as to what to do in specific. Still, I have a few things keeping me busy for the foreseeable future like uni and a job afterwards, so best thing I can do is be sociable as fuck and find useful people and gather numbers.

Remember, user. Even Hitler was an antisocial poorfag with nearly no friends and no future prospects at one point, and so too was the NSDAP a tiny club with nonexistent power when he joined it. As much as planning things beforehand sounds nice, the most important thing is exploiting opportunities that occur in the moment of which you had zero previous knowledge of.

Goebbels' house.
*Knock at the door.*
It's Hitler with an electric guitar
Hitler: its time to to form an after-Reich light music club

Which story sounds cooler?

That is true. Perhaps I need to go out to a bar and talk about who the real enemy is. And name it all.

I think we all know the answer to that.

I'm starting to believe the only hope is to crush this country with no survivors, and build something better afterwards. Safe for offtopic blogpost

It's okay, my negro friend.

Reich idols?

t. Hitler, Weimar Republic

No estás solo.

Speaking of Hitler, family from Bariloche recently told me that it's common knowledge around there that Hitler lived his last years there, if it' true then I'm happy the Fuhrer spend his last days at peace.
Also Germany at least was majority white, we need a purge and fast.

We have the memes on our side. Argentina will be white.

Hitler never had children.

A man can dream, user.

What do you mean? We're his children

I knew some of these berniebro maymays would come in handy one day.

>>>Holla Forums

Daily reminder Rick Wilson lost to Childless single men who masturbate to anime

I found a good song for them. Problem is, it's too good for them or Holla Forums.

Hitler lived with his mother. Here's the archive of the Kubizek thread:

And this is why I think Doomguy can beat I. M. Meen.

Get the fuck >>>/out/ >>>/reddit/


Groups that things got worse for under palpatine
Rogue religious groups

So something like this?

I remember several years back, there were a lot of liberal rags pushing the idea of the current generation being stunted: Arrested Development and all that.

I don't even think they'd named them 'millennials' at the time, but I still felt some insult over some stuffy pseudo-intellectual talking down to me and my age group about how all young people have stuffed animals and only want to play video games and watch baby cartoons. How we weren't emotionally mature and incapable of coping with the world.

This is before the idea of safe spaces with coloring books, stuffed animals, and quiet places to nap had become a widespread notion on college campuses, just in case you think I was being naive or ignorant to trends that had been shaping up for the last several years. This was before we hit peak SocJus kool-aid flooding.

At the time, it sounded like the pretentious ramblings of some smug cunt who didn't like all this wacky technology the young people have. In hindsight, they were really onto something. We do have a generation of young people who not only haven't fully developed, but have regressed into a very childlike state of emotional fragility.

The way I see it, we've got a combination of extended living with parents, which can be based on a number of factors, but there is a push within social media, within colleges, and within popular culture to value feelings and intent over action and results. You can see this in the SJW cartoons that get especially popular, like Steven Universe, where "shipping" and crying about hurt feelings are the highlight of an episode more than any kind of action or resolution.

Couple that with an increasingly corrupt and misleading media that tells these kinds of people what to think, how to feel, and what will happen to them if they don't fall in line and get outraged like all their hipster friends, and you end up with a generation that thinks they can parse politics through Harry Potter.

It's simple user. They'll never realize one important thing. Something that we learned long ago
It's hip to be square

These are the people that made Spyro and Ratchet and Clank.
Video games are dead.


sad right
spyro was chock full of tongue in cheek humour
now they do that weird pozzed skylander shit where jokes are haram because you might offend a furry

Also great music by Stewart Copeland.

>Don't you mean it's hip to fuck bees?

Nothing says "anti-wizard supremacy" like a Thompson Contender.

Lucas plundered a lot of things for ideas. Star Wars is basically his notes on Joseph Campbell, combined with his own autism, with a huge staff of writers and aides trimming down things that didn't make any sense or were just batshit insane.

If you actually watched the movies you would understand that this is incorrect. The Republic was corrupt and inefficient - that is true. And what happened as a result? There was a civil war, and it led to the Empire taking over as a replacement. And for a number of years there was only a slight amount of rebellion. So the Empire made a Death Star, and the first thing they did with it was blow up one of the most populated planets in the galaxy just to make a political point, after disbanding the senate.

The Empire fucked up. They pissed off enough people that, even if things were overall "better" in the galaxy, it was bad enough for enough people that a massive Rebel Alliance was formed. There's no other way around it. The Sith fucked things up, just like the Jedi did before. Both sides had proven themselves to be inept. And the person who managed to shift things over was Luke Skywalker - a person with both the higher ideals of the Jedi and the emotions of love possessed by the common people. The ideal hero who could actually put things right in the universe.

Talking about the Republic of Empire from Star Wars and asking "who was in the right?" is like watching LotGH and saying that either the FPA or Goldenbaum Dynasty were in the right. Both are wrong, both are effectively getting in the way of something better, so why try to defend either of them?

The Rebel Alliance existed before Alderaan was destroyed.

To be fair a lot of that is due to deliberate social engineering. If kikes had their way, the population would be eternally mental children and "growing up" would not entail developing skills, emotional growth and maturity, etc. but merely replacing biological parents with the all powerful state while remaining as ignorant and undeveloped as ever. People with childlike mentality are easy to control, incapable of providing organized resistance of any sort, and easy to market to, an ideal population for NWO.

lol at these newfags who don't know "berniebro" is a phrase that identifies the nonexistent population of pro-bernie misogynist shitlords


Checking those dubs. The Kikes won't be ready for the 1st Idol Division.

The life and culture of the Empire was overall
better and of higher quality than the FPA "20th century kike culture, futurist version", and not even the most incompetent of Emperors could change that.


How do you fuck up your own joke this badly.

Except for the part where everything you said was proven wrong when the FPA invaded the Empire and immediately began to improve the quality of life for everyone. The only reason they didn't win the war was because they didn't listen to Yang and got fucked by Reinhard, a sentence which can be used to summarize pretty much everything that happens in the first two seasons.

They were a small group of a few hold-overs from the Republic and allies they accumulated. The Rebels posed almost zero threat to the Empire in the first Star Wars film, and never would have even considered fielding as large of a force as they did at the end of Jedi. The dialogue in the film makes it quite clear that being defeated at Yavin IV would have effectively ended the Rebellion by removing its key leaders and almost all of its military force. And as you might have noticed watching the movie, they barely had enough ships to pose a threat to Vader's Star Destroyer.

By the time of Empire, the Rebels had bases and connections scattered about the galaxy. Their main force was constantly on the run, yes. But even with the Empire on their asses 24/7, they were still stronger than in the first movie. And the reason was made quite clear: because they had both failed to crush the Rebels and lost the Death Star, the Empire pissed off a lot of people who would otherwise have not given a shit. The wages of sin is death.

Adulthood is not guaranteed, and it doesn't happen "when you turn 21" or whatever the official trope is. Nor is it binary.

Men and women, like iron, must be continually forged and tempered through real challenges, real adversity, and real struggle. The end result imparts adulthood.

Had. Trying to maintain a coherent plot with details down to the placement of single in-game objects isn't what the ADHD kids of today want.

And a time skip of 200 years is an easy way to get straight into Skyrim's prefab copypasta dungeons and infinite mad-libs fetch quests without dealing with awkward questions like "where did the writers go?".

This is an interesting new thing where these organizational higher-ups believe they can just speak on behalf of all of their serfs…um, I mean employees. He even holds them hostage on camera as some kind of social proof "look at all my compliant little pets who agree with me VIRTUE VIRTUE VIRTUE". What the fuck.

I feel bad for anyone in that room who is not comfortable having anyone else suddenly declare their implicit authority to speak on their behalf.

If this happened to me, I would have resigned on the spot and would have seized leadership by immediately calling on others in the room to join me. It could even turn into a mutiny, kek.

All Holla Forumsacks, be ready to do this. Could happen tomorrow or even today at your company. God gave you two balls and Wotan, this is what they are for.

Sorry to double-post, but if men like us need to quit our jobs en masse, we will use this board to regroup, hire our comrades, or even start our own businesses.

Have courage lads. The silent majority and your Holla Forumsack brothers have your back.

I might be recalling incorrectly but didn't the FPA taken planets more or less immediately begin to starve?

even so i'd like someone to expand on that. sounds fun.

Colonialists were not immigrants, they were explorers and pioneers of European nations. There is a reason the Canadian constitution act of 1867 was originally called the British North America Act.

Pics related
I like the cut of your 'tism user,make sure that you never lose that power within you

When the FPA invasion force made its way into Imperial territory, Reinhard sent his men in to confiscate the food and resources from the planet. His reasoning for this was simple: the FPA were coming to "liberate" the people. Since they brought with them only finite resources, if the Imperial fleet depleted enough planets, they would force the FPA to use all of their resources for humanitarian purposes.

Things were going great initially. The FPA aid made it easy for the planets to start up. More than that, by no longer having the nobility fucking them over, and by having help from FPA military scientists and technology, they were able to greatly improve their quality of life. Except the leadership of the FPA kept pressing further, even with people like Yang telling them they were being fucking retarded. Eventually they pressed too far, which meant they no longer had enough to feed their own troops, because their supply lines were too thin. As they started up combat with the Imperials, they had to turn and loot the same planets they were just helping.

They lost because they were going up against the second-most competent people in the universe while ignoring the first.

Jesus christ, Rowling is a shit author, practically on tier with anime writers.

Poorfag anger I sense in you.

Make sure to buy flappy bird-I mean, Mario Run goyim, don't forget the easy mode DLC!

You just have shit taste, mate. Not willing to give anything a chance, same problem Holla Forums has. It's largely the same people complaining about "no good vidya" these days that back in the day would outright ignore games like STALKER (when it was new), independent/small company titles like Chaser (failed so hard the company just makes licensed games for Cabelas now), Alpha Prime, Call of Juarez (when it was good), Polish developers like Techland (before they blew up in popularity with Dying Light) and CI Games, and even more recently Homefront: The Revolution.

There are good games out there even now, they're just ignored in favor of muh nippon meme games and $40+ million budget multiplayer shooters with very expensive (and in some cases, surprisingly fucking good) campaigns that get ignored by the multiplayerfags.

Godspeed user, make sure they're good wholesome books and she doesn't fall prey to degeneracy later in life.

Do they even sell the toy guns in army/police sets anymore, the type with the "realistic" (usually blue or green with an orange tip) guns?

Here on Holla Forums, we unfortunately have our own set of virtue signalers. Here it's about showing off how "good" and "pure" they are instead of how "good goy" and "progressive". That's why they're on a mongolian goat farming forum instead of building cabins innawoods and fathering families of 14 children on 88 acres of land. :^)
inb4 *autistic screeching*

Great argument you got there, but I second saving time of miniscule tasks is good unless you're a neetfag who does absolutly nothing all day

Reinhard's ability to mobilize people and political structures makes him far more competent than Yang. Yang is an intellectual, a great strategist/tactician, but his inability to lead puts him lower than the Kaiser. He's Oberstein-tier who is best waifu.

That's not John Blanche, actually. Blanche's stuff wasn't featured so heavily in Rogue Trader, he started showing up more in 2nd Edition. The original list of illustrators for Rogue Trader was Tony Ackland, Dave Andrews, John Blanche, Carl Critchlow, Colin Dixon, Angus Fieldhouse, Dave Gallagher, Jes Goodwin, Tony Hough, Pete Knifton, Martin McKenna, Aly Morrison, Trish Morrison, Bob Naismith, Wil Rees and Stephen Tappin. Some of the other 1st Edition materials also included work by Paul Bonner and other great fantasy illustrators, and getting rid of them was a terrible mistake on GW's part due to the sheer amount of character they brought to the Orks and Squats.

t. oldhammerfag who has been researching this shit for the past few months

The void exists within us all. No matter how much a person might throw into it, the void persists. It remains hungry for more, demanding progressively greater offerings though none will sate it.

The strong man realizes that the void is not a hole to be filled or closed up. It's a sea to dive in. We draw strength from the void the way a diver draws a bounty of pearls from the sea.

the void is a radiant abyss tbh

I'd say that Yang's problem was an unwillingness to lead, rather than inability. He repeatedly demonstrates his competency over the course of the show, but the day he signed on for military service, he wanted to retire and be a historian. He never wanted to lead a war effort, let alone a nation. His will was directed at fulfilling specific tasks which were assigned to him by his superior officers.

Reinhard's will, on the other hand, was to save his sister and then to forge an empire. When he had successfully manifested that new dynasty, his purpose was fulfilled and with nothing else to stir his passions he made his exit.

Bringing this back to the OP, liberals will themselves to appear witty in front of their peers and to be recognized as being "good people". They therefore engage in all manner of social spectacles to accomplish this.

Holla Forums is concerned with being right. Both in the sense of being correct and in the sense of being "on the right side of history." It is our will to see America made great again.

first post. It is always the first post.

We actually don't believe the Holohoax so you're already wrong there.

Share plz ;_;



Very much so. Check out The Black Sun: The Alchemy and Art of Darkness by Stanton Marlan, if you haven't already. The author discusses the titular topic from the perspective of a psychologist and he draws heavily on Jung's work and Hermeticism.

I can already tell from the thumb alone that it's cuckoldry optima forma.

That's in order to preserve a goal-oriented board consensus. I bet half of us don't apply IRL what they advocate for and many of us are also non-shilling non-Whites, that's not due to hypocrisy, or even less so peer approval in a freaking anonymous imageboard, but due to sense of purpose and obligation to preserve the truth regardless of personal deviation from it and individual flaws.

Individually we are mere humans but together we form a mighty faggot!


It does illustrate the negative sliding scale of convenience.
Hunting for food vs the super market or walk a mile for fresh water vs tap as more extreme examples. One makes you a hardass but the other leaves you time to do higher things than basic sustenance.

much obliged for the thread but im good friend I love the void already I shouldnt taint my current perspective with more theories tbh

Sounds like you might be able to make a few book recommendations yourself.

He's not Phezzani you dumb shit.

ahh not really
I read information, incorporate the theory into my persona and then forget where I originally came upon it
im very much a wise man type of being instead of a proper scholar so sorry cant really recommend anything specific
also a psychologist among other things though and sometimes I consider the 'feeling' of the void to just be a heightened sense of self-awareness
Jung was a pioneer, Freud was a mentally ill perverted jew

You are truly spoiled by convenience

Look at it this way, if we were meant to struggle against the weather, wild game, and neighboring clans would we not have been born in an another era? Our struggle isn't material, but rather spiritual.

Come on now. Refusing all convenience is stupid, but embracing laziness is not the way either

there was a larger amount of hook noses on the enemies than the rest.

The main thing renge taught me is that if I get a daughter with high functioning assburgers, I'm following her around with a goddamn go-pro.

Not that I'm not an assburger autist myself, I got to maybe 20 year old before I finally learned people do hold a negative opinion over behavior stranger than theirs.

Palpatine purged the Jews and Chinks. I like Palpatine now.

This reminds me of a moment with my dad. We were watching Fox during the election and that Jeb! train ad came on. We both chuckled at how it was obviously piggybacking off of the "Trump train" meme. I think that's going to be the reaction to a lot of this stuff.

Which is precisely why the absence of meaningful discipline, and an effective deterrent for the naturally indulgent human will as children, produces adults who are weak of character and fail to grasp the concept of consideration, hierarchy and absolutes.

Every time.

literally powerpoint the show. fuck outta here no taste having ass

nah you just have autism. srs. welcome to the club

and you don't seem to understand

Probably all the Monsanto shit in the air, food, and water. It contains chemicals that suppress testosterone production, block its uptake, and chemicals that stimulate estrogen production. Has neurotoxins for pest control too. The default human brain that has not had any hormones act upon it is that of a baby girl. Testosterone is needed by both men and women to form proper, complex brain structures. Explains a lot of people's behavior.

The liberals above all are infantile in their approach to things. Everyone wants to go back to their childhood and relieve what gave them warm fuzzy feelings where they was no real responsibility from time to time, though with them this is reoccurring feeling of what defines them. They've never really evolved out of the stage they was at a pre-teenaged age who want to get anything on a silver platter, and if he/she doesn't then they start blowing a fuse as if their mother didn't get them the must have toy for Christmas.

They're devoid of any responsibilities, lack any real kind of self-restraint, any real kind of discipline and expect no consequences of their actions they undertook whenever displaying their chutzpah however big or small.

How many of you see on Twitter posts being made calling for the assassination of Tramp or death threats of anyone else that goes outside their line of thinking – I've been sent death threats over a dozen times for simply sticking to the facts on issues such as interracial crimes – and are suddenly perplexed whenever they're reported? It's because they're still in the stage of infantilism as if they're that childish brat in pre-school which sees the teacher looking the other way with full knowledge that he/she doesn't quite yet understand what he's doing is creating damage and angry to others in their nearby vicinity.

And with so-called human rights paedophilias being promoted on a massive scale still such as Allen Ginsberg, that like Freudians believe, thought it was natural to want to bone your own mother. Is it any wonder then why the millennium generation are messed up individuals when they're engulfed with ravings of a sick freak that is published into a book and classed as literature?

If the loony left is going to call themselves Dumbledore's army can we be called The Sons of Los Pepes?

"Toriyama was also inspired to create Frieza due to the events of the Japanese economic bubble that had occurred at the time he was writing the Saiyan Saga, with Frieza specifically being based on real estate speculators, which Toriyama claimed were "the worst sort of people""

I didn't advocate for laziness. There is nothing lazy about pursuing spiritual goals. We must still recognize that it is only by lifting oneself above the mundane that a person can go about engaging in spiritual pursuits. We are blessed to live in a time where this sort of enterprise is easily accessible by virtue of certain technological conveniences already mentioned, and, this being the case, we should strive all the harder in our spiritual struggle.

"this video is not aviable in your country"
t. germany and probably also the rest of the eu

this makes me sad for all the non-proxys

Just start referring to it as r/the_shillz

That should kill it in no time.

The guy right to the left is the most jewish person I've seen since Larry (((Silverstein))). I bet if anything he put the administration up to virtue signal.

just germany, I cant watch it fine.

fucking typos

Why isn't there a fanfic pol comics of this?



Ew. It's as if we threw our used memes into the trash, like stale food, then they dug in and took what they could.
The left can't survive on their own when it comes to memes. They are like raccoons that rely on our food scraps thrown in the trash.
I honestly pity them, living on meme scraps like hobos.

Watch The Century of the Self

Companies tapped psychologists in the 20th century to find ways of increasing demand for their products. The rapid expansion of the middle class after WW2 created an enormous demand bubble which waned once everyone had a house, car and white goods. Manufacturers needed a way to continue to sell goods to people who already owned them. (((Psychologists))) told manufacturers that they needed to create more models with trivial distinctions (styling, colour, etc) and convince the consumer that buying a certain model was a way of 'expressing their individuality'.

Fashion trends and 'subcultures' were created in order to drive product consumption. This was socio-economic manipulation at a highly sophisticated level. Companies were literally 'creating niches' not by technological innovation but by social engineering.

Being a 'nerd' or 'emo' or 'sjw' or whatever the fuck they think they are is about continual social change and evolution to maintain demand for products. Adults buying mass produced plastic molded kids toys for hundreds of dollars is just them expressing their individuality. Thick frame glasses and an Apple computer says something about who you are - so the adverts tell you. You don't need to develop character or personality when you can fake it by BUYING into one of the pre-defined mass marketed subcultures that make you fit right in.

This model produced by American PR firms in the 60s was replicated throughout the world. Japan today is one of the most extreme examples of identity driven materialism. Their society now suffers from enormous debt burden and extremely low birth rate both partly a product of this social engineering, (((economists))) continually muse that the only way out for Japan is too take immigrants.

It was once a tool used to demonstrate superiority over communism - driving economic growth and demonstrating individual freedom. Debt-driven consumption to acquire magical totems which give social status in a continually evolving set of subcultures is today's world, you see it everywhere you look. It now jeopardizes every advanced nation on the planet.

Spend money wisely you faggot
Also, do something for white cause

Where is this from?


Oh how little you know.

completely failed parenting. electric jew exposure, school indoctrination

i fucking hate 40k, we need to associate trump with something that isn't loved by 30 year old basement dwelling faggots obsessed with expensive board games

i was already boycotting insomniac gaymes because of their support for tranny bathrooms. fucking kikes

Good luck with that.

A fair number of the books are fantastic if you avoid "the space marine did space marine things in the way of the space marine" material

I'd prefer if we could associate him with Aragorn with LOTR tbh

Holy shit user that sounds a lot like my childhood. Your post really resonated with me. Luckily for me I never really had any friends to trash my stuff.

When you don't have an identity, you tend to act like a child.

i've noticed it as well. people are acting like children well into adulthood, still talking about how much they love harry potter and star wars. as if it's a part of their identity. my sister couldn't believe that i didn't want to see rogue one because i told her i didn't like the force awakens, because she brought up how much i loved it when i was a kid. it's kid movies, i invited her to see the mel gibson war movie and she said no lel. that jump scare scene was kino BTW, it wasn't supposed to be realisitc, it was supposed to be what war feels like to those involved

the very idea of (((movies))) "for children" is sick. jew propaganda targeted at children

You can't seriously be posting this kind of question in an Image Board user

i assume you mean of course the concept of children's movies isn't sick, just their current implementation. when i used to lurk stormfront the people there liked the last unicorn, an old disney childrens movie. i think the angry bird movie is a good childrens movie for modern times. was rejected for hollywood funding, and had sensible themes about the dangers of scorning the warrior cast of a society and of anti-nationalism

No, they're not. 40k is fantastic insofar of the themes and some of the pretty pictures. Trump is God Emperor, and we will praise him accordingly.

it's fine to watch anime every now and then (the 199X ghost in the shell was a great movie), but that should have zero relation to how you identify yourself or interact with others in the real world. the only person who even knows i ever watched anime is my mom bc she walked in on me jacking it to hentai twice. there's still like 5 ongoing mangas i'm reading now but i dont post shit on twitter roleplaying like i'm one of the characters…

Francis Bacon tenuously makes up for her.
I always hated faggy potter as a kid (and always called it that), never could put my finger on it, but it was incredibly faggy, something seemed off about it. Now that I am an adult 20 years later and know better, it is quite apparent what is wrong with it, which I needn't say, many others here already have. There is a particular demographic of women in their 20s who obsess over it, seeing themselves as that ragamuffin girl. This naturally devolves into them thinking they are far smarter than everyone else, having an incredibly cynical snarky personality (though to be fair, a lot of mass media promotes this). Additionally, the sort of guy that likes this filth becomes increasingly feminine, is prone to emotional outbursts, and is exactly the sort of guy who would "intervene" if a whiny bitch got rightfully put in her place (think about the guy who says "DONT HIT A GIRL BRO"). Theyre a massive weeping vagina with no redeemable features, and we should do as Dr. Pierce often thought about and force them to dig an enormous burial pit, and machine gun all of them. Words cannot describe how much I despise faggy potter; actions speak louder than words, so it seems to me that the right and proper thing to is rid the earth of their presence, then preserve knowledge of it (transmuted, of course) so that this mistake will never be permitted again. Until then I will go the way of gondola, biding my time.

no, i mean all of it. it's worse now obviously, but encouraging staring at things that aren't real is terrible

the universe contains literal meme magic

is that Trigger?

I put on the Battle of the mounds music on at work, of course the fag didn't like it

Why did one post with one pic from some loser on some jewish social media datamining/propaganda site with two questions get so many replies?

OP's still a fucking (1)


That tiny chink woman on the left looks like she doesn't know a word he's saying and is only there to clean rooms or get coffee.

Feels good, though to be fair sometimes I think he's around the same thought patterns of CCA Char

Some of us like Unix you faggot.

Fuck man how do you even recover.

You don't

I remember thinking that something was wrong with a kid being a Wizard. A wizard is defined as an old man that's done years of work, learning, acquired wisdom etc…

Now this narcissistic as fuck generation thinks they're all demigods at 13.

don't worry your next germany, Merkel's gonna finish the job

Karma. Maybe you should let go of your cock and do something good for your life.



If you truly liked UNIX, you wouldn't be using Mac.