Commies Try to Destroy Innocent Comic Book Store for Supporting Trump

I came across this cuck trying to destroy the reputation of a local comic book store simply because the owner supports Trump on Facebook.

He's being called a "white supremacist" and they're trying to get all of his clients to boycott him.

This is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE. Autists, we need you to put a stop to this fuckery immediately. This communist cuckazoid has since deleted his post, but still needs to be taught a lesson. Unleash your autistic fury upon this plebeian at onece. Here is his page:


Other urls found in this thread:

Here is his Twitter.

Let the bantz begin.

This smells like The_Donald for some reason

Not your personal army.

if it is a war they want, it is a war they shall get.

anyone have this fat fucks dox?

Is there supposed to be something wrong with being known as a white supremacist?

the problem is, the whites will stand up for themselves, and the communists will never get to see their dream of "one race."


kek is pleased with what he sees.

I mean haven't you heard what the sherrif from stranger things said? That if you support Trump your basically richard spencer and want to gas 6 gorillion jews and trans-abled genderfluid muslims?

Fuck off with your namefaggotry.

Fuck off reddit



Something is wrong with the posts in this thread. I can't tell who's shilling who, but a good chunk of this conversation feels unnatural. Since when is defending a store from Commies NYPA material?

happens every time, just bump it and filter them

SJW faggotry has already ruined this medium

The guy's Twitter is basically a non-stop feed of professional wrestling interspersed with sudden political whining and dick-sucking.

basically the quintessential numale

What a horrible thing to be accused of

He's been much less bad lately. I wonder what happened to him.
That kike is a two-faced traitor but I can't help but like him sometimes.