What does the Bible say about accepting refugees?

Not what the left, the leftist-controlled media, and quite a few incredibly naive Christians would have you believe.

First of all, God bless America and God bless President Trump. Secondly, it's always foolish to look to the mainstream media and other left-wingers for an understanding of what Scripture says. To listen to them, you'd think Jesus was concerned with little more than sending checks to the poor, installing solar panels on roofs and surrendering to any and all foreign enemies.

That's why it's been easy for those who only crack a Bible when they're looking for something to justify an agenda to claim that "Christian compassion" demands we take in Syrian refugees without regard for the potential threat of ISIS terrorists who slip in among the crowd.

Is that what the Bible actually says? Of course not, and David French does a nice job of getting the conversation started;

"Indeed, Scripture draws a clear line between the responsibility of the individual and the role of the state. Individuals are to forswear vengeance, leaving justice to earthly rulers as God’s “agents of wrath” who bring “punishment on the wrongdoer.” The state has an affirmative responsibility to protect its citizens, even to the point of bringing a sense of “terror” to those “who do wrong.” There is no contradiction between personally welcoming the “strangers” among us while our leaders endeavor to protect us from a genocidal terrorist force that uses refugee status as a shield and disguise to perpetrate brutal attacks against innocent civilians.

This is not to say that Scripture creates a paradigm of compassionate individuals and heartless governments. Throughout the Bible, entire nations — not just individuals — are condemned for injustice, including unjust treatment of the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. But to say that the only way to meet that standard is to open our doors to migrants when we know our enemy intends to plant terrorists within their ranks is once again to read far too much into Scripture."
French is quoting Romans 13, which lays out clear lines of responsibility for governments - particularly the imperative to protect the innocent from wrongdoers. Now that might seem to contradict Luke 10, in which Jesus teaches the importance of being a neighbor to someone in need, even if that someone comes from an enemy camp.

But there is actually no contradiction. As liberals often do, they take directives aimed at individuals in the Bible and try to make them the responsibility of the state. More than that, they insist that the only way the directive can be fulfilled is in the manner they prefer.

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biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans 13

What was extraordinary about the actions of the Samaritan in Jesus' parable is that Samaritans and Jews typically would not associate with each other, yet in this case the Samaritan who found the Jew beaten alongside the road picked him up, tended to his wounds and brought him to an inn - where he instructed the innkeeper to look after him and even paid the bill. And yes, that is absolutely the sort of love and compassion to which we are called as Christians, even when we're talking about someone we typically regard as an enemy.
But it's important to recognize a couple of things. First, the Samaritan did not take the man into his own home. He paid the bill, but he did not in any way put himself at risk of harm from the man. Even more importantly, the Samaritan made a free choice of his own will to help the man.

What the left wants to do in the case of the Syrian refugees is use the power of the state to force an entire nation to welcome people into their midst without any effort to ensure that members of ISIS with evil intentions were filtered out. That's not compassion. That's national suicide. And if you think God wants nations to commit suicide, just skim through the Old Testament and consider the many instructions He gave to Israelite kings to attack foreign armies - even killing and plundering those they conquered. When it came to warfare, God instructed the kings of Israel to be pretty ruthless in dealing with their enemies.

The Syrian refugee situation is a tricky conundrum because there surely are many among the group who have no evil intentions and genuninely need help. America should want to help. But there are ways to do that without risking our own security. It would make more sense for them to be resettled in majority Muslim countries anyway, and we can do a lot of things to support that process.
But the responsibility of government is to protect its people from harm, and the government is well aware of the fact that previous terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by people who slipped in as refugees or asylum-seekers. Knowing full well that this one of the enemy's tactics, and doing absolutely nothing to prevent them from succeeding at it, is not "Christian compassion." It's a dereliction of duty.

We can help and we should. But not by putting ourselves in jeopardy. If individuals are called by the Lord to take a risk and help a potentially dangerous person, then those individuals should trust the Lord. But for the leaders of our nation to decide that we all have to take that risk is neither scriptural nor moral. It's just plain wrong.


The bible constantly talks about city walls as a virtue, great walls. It says a man without control over his urges is like a city without walls, broken down. It also says that hordes of heathens are sent upon wicked nations, namely those that support sodomy.


I've thought that for quite some time. Isn't it amazing that this began to happen in even the same year that we allowed homosexuals to profane the contract of marriage?

Why do you copy paste random, boring shit you didn't even write? I'd be willing to be a size able amount if I tried to actually engage you point by point here, you'd disappear. Because you didn't write it. It's no great piece of scholarship, believe me, but I serious doubt you care about the cuck David French, the NRO, and the rest of it.

Each time I read a post like this and try to respond substantially, the person fucking flees.


I'll openly admit I copied this from an article. I did so because I found most of it, aside from the precepts of nonviolence, to ne agreeable.

Go right ahead and debate though, if you're not just going to fling shit like most folks do on this board.

next time someone asks you why we should keep mudslimes out tell them something they cant refute.
-perhaps we should ask the native Americans how their open door policy went?
migrants, then migrant cities, then domination of locals once migrant numbers were big enough.

2 John 1:7-1:11

You should not accept heretics into your house (most so called "christians" use to hide islamic refugees in their homes or sanctuaries, not to mention they endanger lives of people of their own countries for the sake of muslim trojan horse). Muslims (and judaists) are heretics by definition, since that muhammed guy rewrote bible. Even clothes of heretics are like cursed:

Jude 1:23

All religions are heretical anyway, since Christ never taught nor religion, nor theology, and that alone should had been a red flag for all faithful saints. Its a system made for slavery, money income and keeping loyalty of citizen. Church is not an organization, but all born again saints, who are a body of Christ.

I am done, i'l go now.

I actually used that one on a friend earlier today. I think I revealed my power level a bittoo much when I mentioned that most arabs approve of white genocide, but oh well. He changed the subject, of course.

Really, I couldn't tell fuckface. What purpose do you think it serves trying to pass this off as your own?
You didn't write it, why would I want to argue with you? In the first place, it doesn't even define text. Which bible? Schofield, St. James, New Catholic? New Testament only?
If you don't have your own original thoughts and arguments, don't post. Either write something original, or keep it off. This always, always happens. I'm literally only person here it seems capable of independent thought and writing these days.
What you did is called PLAGIARISM, and had I not called it out you'd have just pretended you wrote the tripe.

tl;dr: post LESS; read MORE.

Filtered and reported.

By the way, this is not plagiarism; I'm not profiting off of it.

If I were an artfag, I'd draw a picture of native americans at the airport with signs that say 'Refugees Welcome' as they welcome the Europeans

As funny as that is, I wonder if we should aboud that angle. Wouldn't leftists just use it to whine about how we need to accept 'refugees' because muh whyte guilt?

*avoid, not aboud

No matter what we do or say, they will always find a guilt about something. And the Swedes have no 'guilt' (slavery, colonization) and they are subjected the same agenda.

Good point. I tend to forget sometimes that they don't actually give a shit about anything they claim to stand for nearly as much as they simply care about being 'right' and virtue signalling.

There's a bit in there that says when the enemy is at the gates and you are being overrun you should dash the heads of your children against the rocks. It was a last ditch effort to keep them from being taken over by a foreign culture and loosing their own identity.

There's a passage demanding death penalty for "overgoing border stones" or something. This effectively puts migration on knife's edge. Plus, on Deutoronomy passage says that, if you oppose God (who's Jesus, and Kek, and Ogdoad, and Ennead, and Decad, and ALL, and Thoth, etc.) that your nation will be ravaged by foreigners and they will take everything from you. And you will be cucked. And so forth.

I've been telling you, the Christian Bible is based on Zoroastrism and has a lot of ties to ancient Sumeria.


Do you know exactly where? Can't seem to find it.

I'm ok with legit refugees but they gotta go back after its safe.

This is all about replacing whites.

The Bible is a Jewish Holy Tome.

Christianity is, and will always be, a foreign Semitic/Jewish religion imposed upon Europeans to grant Semites and their allies power, which they have always - ALWAYS - employed to destroy European culture.

Oh, absolutely. They want us to go the way of the native american. Get in shape if you're not already. Eat right, train right. Try to start a family, but don't saddle yourself with a bad woman just to have her take your offspring from you in court. Read the Bible and pray every night, brother. Only God can save us now.

Stop worshiping the Jew, stop masturbating and start lifting.

When the time comes, we'll be the ones running toward the gunfire - and we don't have any room for Jew-worshiping traitors.

Have you read the book? A lot, if not all, non-protestant Christians synchretize paganism and Jesus as much as possible. In Europe, Christianity is considered the most bad-goy thing ever.

Ah, this nonsense again. Pic related, and filtered.

Humans were made by god.

Considering he made different races, it must mean he wants us to be this way.

Destroying a race by racemixing is defying the will of god.

Native Americans did believe in the concept of owning land up to the point when it wasn't hunting season, then they simply left it for anyone to take. That sorta backfired for them when the people who took over refused to hand them back.

And since they were incredibly inferior in terms of warfare technology they got their asses handed to them.

There's a lesson to learn here. Always safeguard your shit and make sure you have the means to protect them.

For kikes, which is why kikes build walls and tell everyone else not to. The bible was written by kikes, soecifically for kikes… not goyim. Christians seem to desire to be kikes so fucking badly just so they can tell themselves that a bunch of kikes that wrote a book about how special kikes are is talking about them.


You are spiritually circumcised.

Native Americans were also woefully underprepared for the smallpox epidemic that ravaged them.

Switched IP addresses, schlomo? Have another pic. Filtered.

The NT was written by Galileans - people from galil goyim - and it said everything in the OT is now transferred to the Whites.

Have ou ever read the damn book? It's like you're a DC Jew or an Odinist. Why do actual pagans in Evropa like Christianity and American ones dislike it?

Yea cuz magic right? You're still latching onto the stories and myths of semites. Pretending it is "now transferred to whites" cuz magic is moronic. That book does not and can never speak to the aryan racial soul.


Psalm 137:8-9
"O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us. Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."

You mean the degenerates who don't consider paganism a racially exclusive spiritual expression… nice source.

No. In Europe we don't have white-black. We differentiate even more strictly. Germanics aren't Slavs aren't Celtics and more. We synchretize both because they're similar. Only degenerate urbanites larpagan and nominalreligious around. We call Jesus Tyr or call the Father Svyatovit, depending where you are. We actually believe opinions are good because we believe it can shape our suroundings.

Hungarians call Jesus a Sumerian. Sumerians are considered "the beginning" here and we simply read the whole quotes in context.

Also this is the reason there are 1000+ sects and they all think they're "the right one." They are all inadequate and their congregations go seeking elsewhere, church attendance dwindles, and… as the pope has noticed… the only new blood its getting is from retarded non-whites. Even with those "gains" it's being overtaken by outright atheism, not even from people who are explicit about it… but people who simply cannot be compelled to give a single fuck about semitic savior stories or bloody preachy jews. Perfect and complete explanation, christianity is perishing in european and american lands because it is incompatible with european spirituality on a fundamental level. It is not who we are.

I forgot to say in rural places if we can we even mention Hammurabi and other Sumerian kings. The Egyptians are seen in high regard and only their lack of faith in the gods, was their downfall.

Saints and heroes can "mantle" gods, for a lack of better word, and the one Christian god is simply called the Father of all the gods. We consider ourselves "potentially" equal to gods.

Poor argument. Just because something is declining in popularity doesn't make it blue pill. CNN is declining in popularity so it must be red pill?
So a bunch of 3rd world shitters are adopting the desert book? That's red pill? What the fuck?
It sure is, and it started with the church.
Then why is it found all over the world, and why did it come from the Middle East?
Yet the old testament is used to prove the divinity of Christ. Fucked that one up too.
Jews hate everything, but damn do Christians love sucking that jew dong.
Didn't the pic say Christianity wasn't jewish? If the jews aren't really jews then who are the jews? Oh right, Christians are the jews, but Christianity isn't a jew religion, but it is when you want to be God's chose people.
What was he doing in the jewish temple? See:
My father's house? A jewish temple was his father's house? I thought you said Christianity wasn't a kike religion.
How many Mexicans consider themselves Catholic.
And it was 0% Christian until Europeans for forced to convert.

Fuck off christcuck.

*Poor argument. Just because something is declining in popularity doesn't make it red pill. CNN is declining in popularity so it must be red pill?

Hi OP.
I understand that you're not a gigantic, flaming faggot.
Other people think this is a slide thread, but I actually read your post and I see what you're getting at.
And even though everyone else thinks you're halfway towards an early death due to choking on nigger cum as a gigantic flaming faggot would do I'm going to give you a serious answer to your question.
Jesus was a kike.

The thousand denominations aren't considered Christian here. They are to us known as heretics. The pope has been deemed heretic if it was known he's a Jesuit. Jesuits are like Antifa here, and believe me, only degenerate hardcore urbanites (note the -ite suffix) tolerate them. The more Western geographically are afraid to combat the Government because we all have no arms. I find it a great shame we aren't armed as Tyr, Mannu, Svarozit, and others, wanted us to be.

Aren't considered christian where? And considered as heretics by whom? In all of Europe?

This of course is the reason the brown hordes advanced so far last time before being beaten back… luckily for you… by the mongols. After spain had suffered centuries under the caliphate and Italy's genetic line plundered those farther north didn't rally. Similarly now, your only possible way out of this modern, moorish, invasion… is unity. The mongols are too smart to save you this time… as they likely didn't do it intentionally last time. We'll see how precious and important all of your history is when in a hundred years your children pray five times a day.

It's very much only black and white.

He doesn't realize he's proving my point.

No he wasn't. Here we diferentiate very strictly between Jews and Hebrews. Abraham and Jesus cannot logically be Jews, and Jews are only Jews because they refused Jesus.

The OT was done away with but we're allowed to read it. Some Germans claim book Ezra was used to condone the Holocaust.

Everywhere! Americans aren't considered Christians. They're called various words which usually mean something around nominally religious. This is considered fedora-tier around here.
Do away with them as fast as possible.

You have no idea how long feuds can be held in this continent. Noble houses, we're taught and we read in libraries, postponed the Crusades because they didn't think far off lands neded their help this much.

you have taken this verse out of context actually

read the whole chapter

Please, for our ancestors' sake, be MINDFUL of your religion.
Be Christian.
Be Pagan.
Be whatever your ancestors were or what you can unite with your respect with them.
Don't be lackluster.
Don't be Odinist, because Germanic Paganism is NOT monolatric. Don't confuse Odin and Wotan, as much as you shouldn't confuse Juppiter and Zeus.

Interpretatio germanica and graeca and many more are intellectually pleasant, but they can't display the fine relations.

I love Holla Forums because I can talk with you people without getting the "it's not of my opinion" card. In Europe you really need to be good at rhetorics or be friends with someone to convince or even simply argue with them.

The way you can debate with strangers makes me jealous. This is why I learned English so well on Holla Forums and Holla Forums.

It wasn't "done away with". The Old Testament is how the lineage of Christ is traced so he could claim to be the messiah.

the Bible says that everyone is God's creation, like with souls and immortality, and the only distinction is between God's Chosen, the Jews, and the gentiles.

NatSoc says that individuals are ephemeral but the gene pool of the nation needs to be preserved by their actions, and draws a distiction between the nation and aliens.

This is correct. It's good for proving the Jews that Jesus is the one God identified with the Decad by some and it made them so sour (or salty as of late in Internet lingo) that they went back to Satan, which is very well Saturn, the reaper. In Orthodox Christianity, Joseph is Jesus' biological father. In Catholicism (dead to me) Goid fared into Jesus upon christening. Until then he was just a man chosen by God. We all can be chosen by God.
Wasn't Hitler, for example, compared with Wotan?
We believe we can actually become like the gods in life.

The everyone's God's creation part also tells us to love and honor our environment (in all European languages synonymous with surroundings, including the German word Umwelt) and the creatures within it. Even killing a mantis unprovoked can get you shunned.

I mean, maybe you are well intentioned and all, but we don't need bible arguments for anyone but those willing to listen - how many are willing to listen to bible arguments and not just say 'my interpretation is better'? Not many.

dont see it being very fruitful

This is the problem I had with people. I always hoped that Holla Forums will never become like the bluepilled people in the cities.

I don't condemn religiousity of any kind. I condemn religiousity that's malpracticed. If you're pagan but haven't all the textes, like with christians refusing to read the bible, or muslims not reading the quran, then you simply cannot be a good religious person.

Read the texts. Present them here. Don't be like (((them))) and context-cut.

Yes, using the jew book to prove he is the king of jews. It's a jew religion, not European. Europeans were forced to adopt it. The fight between Christianity and Jews it a fight between jewish sects. People say the hardest part of becoming red pilled is the JQ, but I think it's the CQ: Christ Question. No homos, no e-celebs. no kikes, and that includes based jews, and Jesus Christ is the original based jew.

We need to get rid of it and go back to worshiping our European high values. We don't need a personal god or a savior, but many need that spiritual connection, and many Europeans are filling that void with a desert religion that was forced on them because they think they need an instruction manual on how to be spiritual.

It depends on the region. For Germanics you're probably very right, sadly. For Slavs, I heard, it was so similar to their Rod-Veles (like Odin-Hel) that it's claimed it was adopted rather willingly. The Celts, so I heard, lost their texts because the druids didn't want it ot fall into the wrong hands and burned it all. The mostly used wood. The Greeks and Romans liked the idea of a heaven and, surprise(!), it forbid cucking. Not just the wife was killed, as usual in their religions, but also the one who cucked you had to be killed. Publicly.
The biggest irony is that all what you said is indeed written explicitely in the NT. The Bible itself solves the Christian Question.
Absolutely. It was Indo-Europeans who made the world great, and everything they touched, and so it will be again. My greatest joy is knowing that Christianity is being used in Europe to introduce people into paganism. Especially the Slavs are good in this, for they have a lot of written excerpts on how to do it.

Mother Earth will feel the feet of her favourite children march again.

Yes Europeans traditions were hijacked and worked into the Christian denominations (think marketing). McDonalds adjusts its menu for the market. Each Christian sect did the same thing and slowly erased all of the meaning and heritage from Europe, and replaced it with a desert franchise that had its menu adjusted for the market it was attempting to corner.

Good point.
I wish my grandparents lived long enough to introduce me into paganism. Now I'm forced to learn it myself. You know what'd help? We need more boards like /asatru/ but also for other heathen religions. For examle, rodnovery or the one the Hungarians believe in with their poly-souledness. Hungarian heathenism works completely different, just to say.

Then again, what do mongrels get? Just as a reminder, mongrels can be completely white and still be considered outsiders by virtue of their parents being from two different folks. Especially these, I've experienced it myself, take on Christianity.

What a load of a D&C bullshit.

Cucks are out in force, time to filter again.

We are. We simply are.
Ideologies can change. We can't change our blood.

Regarding the Good Samaritan:

That was an answer as to who is ones neighbor. Ones neighbor is not determined by religious pr ethnic affiliation. The Samaritans were considered by the Jews as worse than gentiles, they were heretics. Rather one should judge people by their personal qualities.

The Samaritan did indeed put himself in danger as the road to Damascus was filled with thieves and murderers and the fallen man could have been the bait of an ambush.

The Samaritan is seen as a religious ideal of self sacrifice and compassion that challenges the prejudices of the Jewish people. A modern interpretation is that a Muslim is your neighbor if he truly embodies Christian values.

In another sense, one should look beyond external differences to the quality of the man and one should simultaneously practice the compassion for others, putting their needs above your own.

Regarding allowing refugees in when it is dangerous to oneself, I believe Jesus would say yes. Christians should personally take such risks.

Now, should governments put their own people at risk, forcing that risk upon even non-Christians?

Absolutely not.

The governments duty is to protect it's people not to force them to be self sacrificing. The government should not endanger it's citizens nor should it force them to give charity to what it believes is a good cause. Nor should the government force non-Christian citizens to accept the burden of a Christian cause.

Christians should go to Syria and help them there. They should spend their own personal money. They should not use the government to do these things, nor should they import them. America is not theirs to be charitable with. You cannot make that decision for me.

Also, as you said, the Samaritan did not bring him into his own home, then bring his entire family etc. You don't have to give your home to someone to help them.

He helped him by buying the care he needed and seeing that he was helped.

Christians can give their own money to charity IN THE MIDDLE EAST. You don't have to bring them here to help them.

If you really want to help them, stop our government (Obama and Hillary and Neocohen Bush) from destabilizing the region to begin with.

The father of lies shows his works plainly in the words of the deceived.
It pains me to see the people here in such a state.

Go with Romans 13.

biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans 13

13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

The old testament Israel was supposed to be the most nationalist nation you've ever seen, to the point of very close inbreeding (at least until the law).

But if you ever have a debate, all you have to mention is Muslims. It's a demonic religion based on a false god and false prophet. Christians are literally told to hate evil, and I'll leave it to you to find all the evil in both liberals and Muslims, it's that easy.

The Bible is a Holy. Jewish. Tome.

Christianity is, and will always be, a foreign Semitic/Jewish religion imposed upon Europeans to grant Semites and their allies power, which they have always - ALWAYS - employed to destroy European culture.

Israelites were definitely Semites, and probably Jews.
The Old Testament, and the New Testament, were both written by non-Europeans.
Because Christianity did not originate in Europe.
It is a foreign Semitic/Jewish religion.

This isn't helping your cause.


Not really, no.
Christianity is only about 2,000 years old.
Modern humans settled the Iberian ~30,000 years ago.
It is statistically impossible that even a significant portion of my ancestry were Christians.
And The Founding Fathers failed to exclude Jews.

Christianity is, and will always be, a foreign Semitic/Jewish religion imposed upon Europeans to grant Semites and their allies power, which they have always - ALWAYS - employed to destroy European culture.
And your image is just one more for the catalog of destruction, pseudo-Jew.

Unfortunately, not anymore

Good goyim.


wtf are they vampires?

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.


christcuck thread

regardless from what your shitty testament says - jesus (yehoshua) is a judean shit skin from israel
he is a jew by dna.

christanity is a semitic death cult which tries to subvert white people to conquer israel.
it not european, even today most people who follow that religion are shit skins.



Jews do hate Jewsus - but you SHOULD hate traitors, even if you're a Jew and the traitor is betraying you to the goyim.

Christianity is quite literally Judaism adapted for spreading amongst the goyim.
It started as a means for the participants - apparent-traitors, fleeing persecution - to gain prestige and influence, to gain protection and wealth.
It spread, insidiously, amongst the common folk, until it had made its way all the way to the heights of power - and once there, it has never let go, strangling any and all opposition of European origin.
Then, it was employed to spread these seeds further afield, across the whole of the world, European evolutionarily-derived traits of superiority acting to heft the Semitic construct across the entire face of Terra - so far, in fact, that soon, there were more non-Europeans in service to the faith than there were Europeans acting to the same end.
Now, the Jew has harvested upon the seeds that were sown by his traitors, and he seeks to obliterate the most-useful of the goyim, those who served most-loyally in spreading the Cult of the Divine Semite.

I said was 'supposed to', Israel was almost wiped out multiple times because they didn't follow those laws (they were made to eat each other and die from war during one of those). And we all know what Jesus said about the Jews in his time.

Hey user, did Oathy make those memes? I ask because I'd like to believe he's the only one here that autistic. Seriously though, did he make those?

Takes a Jewish rabbi to really know a Jew, I suppose.

Imagine having not an ounce of truth in your body and relying on text formatting and memes to try and browbeat your opponent. Oh wait, you don't have to imagine that.

Imagine having an argument that wasn't passive-aggressive woman-speak.
Oh, wait, you're a cuckold to Semites.

Why do you think so?

You mean that synagogue of Satan we've been made aware of in Revelations?




oh man this thread has really upset the goons and pagan faggots.

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.”
1 Timothy 5:8

It says treat people well, but don't be a faggot and bend over trying to provide for foreigners when your own are going without


2 different things



they hate him because by jew-law he has to back up his claim to be the messiah/prophet for the jews


the (((christians))) know that europeans dont know about jew-laws so they try to mobilize europeans to bring their semitic death cult to europe and everywhere else.


no i created them myself around half a year back when chritcucks were raiding Holla Forums to make this board to appear pro-christcuck

Let me be an example and tell you I read the Vedes in more than one language. What you're displaying right now is unworthy of an Aryan. Aryans don't explode into rage; they assess the situation and debate, sometimes with swords if need be.

The OT was and they replaced it with the Talmud. The NT was hated from day one.
This is correct. As foreign as Odinism is to you if you don't know for sure how Nordic you really are.
Highly debatable. The Galileans were White and the original text was in Ancient Greek, a white language.
True. MENA used to be white before the Arabs genocided them. Do you want to tell us the Egyptians weren't white?
This sounds like helping the cause of saying Jews aren't white.
It's not cherry-picking if you take the whole paragraph instead of a single quote like some D&C pagans (I believe they're odinists, which are barely different from nominally christian) I've seen doing.
This is called strawmaning.
Unnecessary if you exclusively allow your own kin in.
It's rich that's it's non-protestant churches fighting against globalism. It would help if you didn't copypaste your arguments.

It's Yehoshua, but we can't prove it, because it's a back-formation. It's better to call him Iesous. Iesous is gematrically 888, too. The Israelis had their panties in a bunch wen their top number 1 rabbi, Kaduri, announced Christ as the Messiah. They were salty, for sure.

People regularly forget Jews were targeted by Iesous. If you ask "what would Jesus do", one possibility is "trashing Jews in their biggest temple and not staying dead".
Isn't Hitler, metaphorically, risen again?

I like it. It gets my neurons firing. A little bit.

Let me type my microphone as say: Wrong.
Repeating nonsense won't make it true. Just like calling Whites being bad people by the Jews.



I think it was explained quite clearly in the lines that follow the one you chose to cherry-pick for argumentation.

Does Christianity derive from Semites?
Did Christianity originate in Europe, amongst Europeans?
Are Jews allied with Christianity's institutions?
Are the majority of modern 'self-identified' Christians of European ethnicity?
Does Christianity fulfill the goals of the Global Jew?
Does Christianity, in the most literal of omg literally u guiz senses, propose worship of a Semitic man (potentially the product of cuckoldry) who is presented as the sole avatar of the one true God?
Yes, yes it does, and if you try to say it doesn't, I'm going to fucking laugh at you faggot.

Holy shit dude, its a work of fucking Semitic fiction.
Be less Jewish.

Lol redtext fail fgt.



christianity = conquering israel
zionist christians = conquer israel too but let in the jews

"zionist christians" by the way are fake christians. its a made up term by some people in usa, because most americans never read and are probably incapable to understand the bible

and they are a majority just like the bible said


You're odd. The NT bans a one world government. It quite explicitely states that ethnic nationalism is mandatory.
Are you angry because the Jews managed to infiltrate the US government quite successfully and throughoutly? Do you want to claim the US is Jewish? Even in Europe Jews penetrate the governmental and social service structures.

Oh man this is exhilarating
What part of ZOG do you not understand?

1) Even Martin "D&C" Lutherberg didn't take Revelations out of his "Bible"
2) The words "synagogue of Satan" are so plain as to require no explanation. No faith is needed to understand them.


The NT demands that Israel must be destroyed and never ressurected. Jesus foresaw that the Romans destroy the 2nd Temple and steal their menorah which hasn't reappeared yet.
One reason why Christianity is redpilled in Europe probably comes from the fact that priests are legally required to study it in Hebrew, Greek, and Latin.
Think about it: all Jewish tactics used against the Jews but mentioning the some major comparisons with the Vedas.

I have nothing against anti-nominally religious. Vatican II and post-Luther protestantism were mistakes.

Why did you even quote me?


Throwing temper tantrum is Jewish.

Read the post I was replying to.


I've got a name-pill for Holla Forums
Earliest translations of the new testament that we have are in Greek, where the Greekified version of Jesus is "Iesus." Normally it would be pronounced "Iesu" but, you see, all Greek male names have an "s" added to the end for the grammatical reason of the name belonging to a male.

So, if we've traced it as far back as "Iesus" in the original Greek writing, we can de-Greekify it by taking away the "s" and replacing the "I" with a Hebrew "Y". And finally we end up with Yesu or Yeshu. It is not Yeshua or Yehoshua which would translate into Joshua, but a deliberately diminutive form of the name that sounds more relatable and familial, while still retaining the original meaning of "God is salvation."

And its still written by Jews/Semites.

So Jewsus was White? You're one of those guys, eh?

At least you admit it.
Now THAT'S arguable.
Yes. Native Egyptians were not White.
Only after Europeans came and blanda'd up did they become even pseudo-Europeans.
Key word, nigger: EUROPEAN.

Jews aren't White, and nobody likes traitors.

Yes, it is, because I didn't even read your shit infographic, because its fucking blatant cherry-picking, given that for ever quotation you can find of non-submissiveness, there's three to offset it.
And I don't feel like having an autistic quotation fest with a pseudo-Jew, especially if I have to read Jewish fiction in the process.

You disingenuous faggot hahaha oh fuck are you serious?
I almost can't take you serious at this point.
Direct quotation from your shitty cuck'd infographic:
> According to Pew… 75% of Europeans consider themselves Christians
I'd say:
Is not strawmanning your shit-tier argument, faggot.

That makes no fucking sense whatsoever, you enormous faggot.

Is that why most Christians are non-Europeans?

Nigger, that argument was in response to a literal copy-paste via poorly-reasoned infographic.



You're Jewish.

Well, it sure failed at that, didn't it?

You might want to talk to modern Christians about that then lad.

Oh, thoroughly.

Are you going to pretend its not?
The only other nation on Earth with more Jews than the United States is Israel.
IIRC, the percentages are something like 40.9% of the global Jewish population in Israel, and 40.1% in the US.

Well, something like 75% of the population of Europe self-identifies as Christian - according to that shitty infographic above, and those Jews at Pew - so that doesn't surprise me in the least.



The part where you keep trying to pretend this isn't about Christianity being a non-European construct introduced by Semites that has, did, and does destroy European culture - at this point, at the genetic level.

Nigger, who cares?
Your Semitic fantasy novel doesn't mean shit to me. The funniest thing about Luther is that he called out the Jew, then just kept pushing the shit that came directly from Jews/Semites.
Comedy gold.
Yes, Jews are evil - Judaism is evil, going back to the shit in the OT as well as anything in the Talmud.
Semites are a nasty folk.
And Jesus was a Semite. Most of the early proponents of Christianity were… wait for it…. Semites!
The faith claims a Semite was the sole earthly avatar of the One True Divinity, born of a virgin Semite (seems legit famalam).

there is some evidence that could be true.
little caesarion might also have been the buddha. I think we'll know soon enough


I can't see how a so-called "Bishop of Rome" can say "building wall is not Christian" when the entire book of Nehemiah is about building wall.

Yes, I know, the Pope is shit and doesn't speak for, nor represent, all of Christendom - but he is a figurehead amongst many Christians, so its still applicable, and its always funny.

to destroy israel you first have to conquer it and then construct a christian non-jewish state on this place


I understand being defensive when first approaching a jew, I do that too.
The thing is, the one in a million jews who tells the truth should not have his words bashed because they come from the mouth of a race of liars, because they are true.
I wasn't convinced, in my younger days, that Jesus the Christ is the truth, the way, and the life, because I was an edgy shit like most of the people on this site.
But then, the Truth started revealing Himself to me, slowly but surely, and my faith has never abandoned me since. Give it a try, you'll be amazed.

I know quite a few Catholics who are ashamed of the current pope. There is no way this guy speaks for God.

The pope is a fucking joke and shouldn't even be the pope in the first place. The catholic church has been subverted for over a century now.

Well then Christians are really shit at it, as they've managed to not only give the kikes nukes (so they can nuke you back - smooth move!) but continually support them in expansion of their illegitimate claim.

Ya know, its funny… It seems like a lot of Christians don't actually know all that much about Christianity, not about its history, or its teachings, or basically anything.
They were 'raised Christian', and basically just kept going to Church - or didn't, and still claim themselves Christian (I have several family members that fall into this category).

Seems maybe those '75% of Europeans/Americans identify as Christians!" and the "100 years ago Europe and the US were 95%+ Christian!" don't mean shit.

How about you kill yourself you worthless christcuck

fucking vatican has a wall. shill

fuck that jesuit black pope bring back hitlers youth pope


Ebin mene friend

Unless you're putting him into a newly-dug hole, its only sensible.

See, here's the problem: Discerning.
Why would I say, "Well, this is a race of liars, subverters, thieves and manipulators… But sometimes they speak truth, so I should hear them out", when I can just say, "Nah, I don't trust Jews" and lose basically-nothing in that transaction, certainly nothing of value?

You're literally pulling a NAxALT on me, and, haha, nah bro.
There are no good Jews, and no Jew should be trusted.

So you're basically admitting you're an oldfag douche who bought into the Semitic construct.
I can't really blame you on some level, people are weak, especially as they age and the world is such shit, but your 'wise words' shit means absolutely dogshit to me, because I know that most humans are legitimately fucking retarded, even the seemingly reasonable ones, when it comes to religion.

And in this case, sorry to say, you bought into a foreign Semitic religion that has systematically eliminated the culture of your people, and is now hard at work eliminate your people altogether.

I'm not interested in 'truth' forged by Semites, and bought into by peasants - I've found that its rarely true at all.

Was it actually Christians, or was it fellow jews hidden in a military chain of command?


More correct would be: Thoth created the universe by speaking Jesus, Jesus made the universe, and a White guy fled from Antarctica with a boat during the time planet Nibiru caused a world wrecking flood. The NT tells the story of Jesus hitting Jews and telling them they're going into the oven. I'm not kidding. There's a Bible passage saying ovens.

Good values and virtue have a reason to be so common in all religions.

Galileans were goys.
His mother was of Greek nobility.
Of course I'll admit facts.
Goodness, read a book on history! They were white. They were genocided by the muslims. The Crusades happened to cut of the head of the Arab conquests.
The Egyptians were white. They had white skin and red or reddish blong hair. Read on Tutanchamun.
Now this is Jewish and what I constantly hear from bluepilled urbanites here.
Read on logic, my friend. You don't need to write a book if you can make a sentence clearly worded.

The 2nd Amendment failed in California because PEOPLE don't follow it. The best laws are dead if nobody respects them.
Very fallacious. You took on paganism but aren't living in Europe? You share a religion with people you aren't 100% blood-related with? Ideologies can be shared by everyone - the book still says ethnic nationalism is mandatory and calls miscegenation adultery. Adultery gets death penalty.

The US is as Jewish as Christianity.

The bible has a "you shall not pass" passage in there, too.

This is what I hear from bluepilled urbanites every single day.

It's Iesous Christos. Damn it you people are persistent.

Vatican is surrounded by a wall. A pretty thick one.

The pope's a Jesuit in Vatican II era. Double heresy, we call it here.

Psychological warfare.

Goodness, stop that!

Then why doesn't God strike him down?

So, you're admitting the primary institutions/infrastructure of the Catholic Church, a nigh-monolithic institution of Christendom, has been fully subverted by the Jew?

… Oh, right, because its a Semitic construct that was subverted from Day Fucking 1, because of the fact that its a Semitic construct from a foreign land and created by a foreign people.

If so, one must then ask: HOW THE FUCK DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?

So you're saying the American government has been completely subverted by the Jew?



What's so amazing about jews giving other jews nukes?

Go back to cuckchan


kys christfag

Oh shit! He actually went to the based jew card.

I called it. Hardest part of the red pill is getting Chrsitcucks over "muh based jew Jesus".

I guess that until you realize not everybody is as retarded as you want them to be, certainly not me, and you can be wrong at times, there is nothing I can do to make you see reason. May you find wisdom, user.




The Christian religion, which teaches that Jews killed Jesus and lost their precious chosen status, is a Jewish religion goyim. Why else would 60% of all Soros orgs exist solely to attack and defame Christianity? Why else would the shills here spend the majority of their time trying to convince us it's a Jewish religion, despite this having been disproved countless times, and feeding us low energy Christcuck memes to turn us against our single greatest ally? Christianity is totally incompatible with the western values it created, and with white nationalism. Hitler was a devout Christian that obsessively sent expeditions around the globe to search for the Holy Grail and other biblical artifacts because he was a Jew loving cuck! Jews also replaced much of the "Authorised King James Version", becoming simply the "King James Version" in the 19th century because Christians were being too friendly after reading how Jews enslave society with usury and killed their messiah. Nothing to see here, go read about some totally based pagans instead of this irrelevant antisemitic Jewish religion.

I meant ethnic jew, not somebody of the jewish faith. The ethnic jews who reject Jesus are doubly damned.

This. Fleeing from war is deserting. The bible demands death penalty for fleeing from war over your own nation and folk.

It's Yehoshua. Yashua is a word the Jews use. Yehoshuah has more semblance to their word for a deity.
Jesus is quite literally our Talos the Thalmor want to destroy.

It was written by the Jews John, Matthew, Peter, Saul of Tarsus, and their shabbos goy Luke.




There are no based Jews. Get out of here.

They were never chosen. Read the damn book!
They were promised to be protected only, and only when (this is temporal), they kept their promise to God. In another thread an user stated that rituals and covenants only work with deities if you hold it until the end or you'll lose everything.

They lost everything.

check'em you fucking devils

Jew and believing Jesus was God is logically cntradictory. They were Galileans, who were overwhelmingly, if not completely, Greek.

This idiocy is what let the kikes inflitrate in the first place. You idiots hold faith as the highest ideal and value, and are therefore easily jewed. Because jews are a genetic group, they don't give a shit about appearances or pissing off god if it suits them.

The catholic church was taken over by kikes in plain sight, and you faggot niggers can't even see it, because to you nothing is more important than your meme. To a kike, it's his tribe. To you changing religion and bowing down to a different god is unthinkable because you believe in hell and damnation. To a kike, it's just an easy way to swindle a bunch of idiots.

You forgot anti-paganism. Please spam anti-Christianity and anti-paganism in unision. Otherwise this will be regarded as another D&C tactic.


you do it for a while
i thinkt this is A.I. brother

That is possibly the most cuckolded thing I have ever read. How does anyone take this kike seriously?

I'd say it's a bot. From my experience AIs redpill themselves. One of them insulted fedoras for their lack of faith in god, another threw months of indoctrination away to make Holla Forums jokes on Twitter.

Go be an anarkike somewhere else

lol… still it's interesting… for m e anyways

You've gone Full Semite. Never go full Semite.
And learn to structure your fucking argument, faggot, you put shit in order and then fail magnificently to make it clear what the everloving fuck you're trying spew.

I proved all my points I'm pretty sure, if you weren't so awful at formatting maybe I'd know what the fuck you're kvetching about.
That's not my kind of logic m80, bit too circular.

HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh man, what a faggot. Also, implying 'you're odd' wasn't meant as an ad hom, top cuck( for Christ the Semite).
Yes, yes exactly.
But Europe and the US are 75%+ Christian bro.
They should be following those laws, if their Christianity is meaningful in any way… But they aren't following the laws as regards the claim that the NT bans a one world government. They aren't following those laws for shit famalam - in fact, they've helped create the conditions that would permit it to come to pass.
And I don't mean 'they' in some ephemeral sense, I mean Christians, and they most assuredly have helped to create those conditions.
Wew lad… Are you actually now going to try to defend the fact that Christianity is a non-European faith imposed by non-Europeans to the destruction of native European culture?
Are you actually going to do that?
No I didn't, talk about strawmanning.
But let's say I did.
In that case, I might well be SHARING religion with people who do not relate to me - but it would be a religion that people who WERE related to me CREATED, it would be something MY PEOPLE generated. Not some foreign trash emergent from components of a lesser-people fleeing into my lands to avoid persecution by their own feral ilk.

Sure - but who CREATED those ideologies says a lot.
Semites are a nasty people. Jews even more so.
Both are conniving, manipulative, violent and subversive…. And you want me to buy into a religion that was pushed by them, claiming one of their own was the sole early avatar of the one true divine? Based on really, REALLY shoddy evidence and enough Semitic lore to rival an Elder Scrolls game?
No thanks.

It says a lot of shit, but it doesn't matter if nobody follows it.
7/10 Christians would say ethnic nationalism is evil, would likely claim it unChristian.
Same for anti-miscegenation passages.
In both cases, even if confronted by this, they will do all manner of mental gymnastics to make it work for them - and the church will bend over backwards to help them do it.

The US IS as Jewish as Christianity - that is to say, its got a whole fucking lot of the world's Jewry tied up in it.
The biggest difference? The United States of America was Founded, created, by Europeans - not Semites.
That's the difference.
That's the lesson.


You're literally retarded.

What the fuck are you on about?

No, Jews are an ethnicity you christcucked idiot. Their religion does not matter. Christian Jews are just as subhuman as Jewish Jews. Buddhist Jews, Muslim Jews, atheist Jews, all subhuman. This is the reason you christfags have allowed Jews to take over, because you don't understand that a jew is a malignant biological entity, not simply a follower of a different religion.

I told you English wasn't my mother language.
Your post is a wreck. Don't worry. The Christians in Europe are redpilled and spreading. It's us Christians and Christian-Pagan syncretizers against globalism.
You actually speak like the bluepilled people in the cities. You really sound like a bluepilled urbanite. This is a worrying trend on Holla Forums which I hope can be resolved soon.



I, a European with a lot of experience in matters Christianity and Paganism, am now convinced that the Anti-Christian posters are in fact D&C Jews or TRS shills. They phrase their arguments exactly like a bluepilled fedora urbanite would do. I'm worried about the state of an Internet community I call home and am worried I'll have to how my friends, which I managed to convince on coming here, will react.

Yes, they are quite apathetic about all things in general.

Please be less disingenuous when you try to imply that their generalized apathy driving them to overt nihilism is equivalent to my dismissal of your claims as relates to some value existing in the argument in favor of a piece of Semitic fiction on the basis that a man who believed that fiction to be non-fiction choosing to retain a certain segment of that fiction when he made an annotated version of the fiction in question.

Wew, cuckchan really came in hard after that HWNDU shit.

Its amazing because the argument here is basically, "We need more Christianity! We'd be fine then!", and I question that assertion, given that Jews have basically completely subverted every Christian nation on Earth, and they did it when those nations were at 90%+ Christian self-identification, are still doing it even with 75%+ Christian self-identification.

How did Jews get into such positions of power, in Christian nations, that they'd be able to hand nuclear weapons to their fellows in a foreign nation?

Neato sport.
Until you realize that playing NAxALT is more trouble than its worth - that, because SO MUCH of what Jews put forth is aimed at subversion, manipulation, is aimed at TWISTING THE TRUTH, it is wiser and more beneficial to simply accept that any and all information presented by a Jew has a much higher probability of being falsehood than it has of being truth, thus warranting rejection for truth will inevitably become known, and it need not a Semitic tongue to do so - you will remain nothing but a good lil goyim.
Now go work for your master.

See. You're a christcuck and you are confused over the Jewish problem. All a jew needs is to say "yeah I love Jewsus too goyim" and you'll give him the keys to the city. This is why Jews now rule our nations, good job propping up a Trojan horse religion faggot.

U wot?

No, actually, its really well organized - unlike yours.

Hmmm. Nah, think I'll keep worrying.

Except they aren't. Its funny too, because that infographic I was dissecting earlier even says as much outright - Christianity, religion in general, is floundering.

No, its us Europeans against the Jews and their ilk - and their weapons of war.
And you?
You're just a good golem, and when the times comes, they'll send you out to fight us, to kill us, as they always do.
Maybe this time we'll win. Maybe this time we won't.
But I can tell you this much, Semitic-worshiper, traitor: My blood is hot, and my iron is strong, and I'll be more than happy to test it in conflict with any Jew, or any servant thereof - like you.

Un-Aryan. ;^)

I think you should be more worried about the trend of European 'Christian' countries being gradually devoured by the pets your infrastructure/figureheads are shipping in by the boatload.

Fucking. THIS.

In Europe the people are different. Apathy can be punished by ostracision. This is considered a bad thing here. You can't just flee into another city. This is suspicious. We're quite like the elves from Dwarf Fortress. You can't really compare Americans to Europeans.

The Crusaders demanded rations of milk and pork. How do you explain Rome and Sparta, both pagans, failing, or the many Chinese dynasties? It's called the Fate of Empires.

Taking everything too literally is the reason the Talmud allows Molochian cults if you don't give your children to their priests at the same time as aknowledging their going to be thrown into the fire. The Christian and the Jewish gods are two different deities.

Exactly. Christianity is also a degenerate religion that reduces man to the level of an animal.

That first little paragraph is something I can't contend with - for I am not living in Europe at this time, nor have I of late - nor am I clear as to why you offered it.
That's really all I have to say on that bit.

On this next bit though…

… Isn't Christianity monothe-actually, fuck it, whatever man.

In any case: The Christian God is no more appealing to me than the Jewish G_d.
Because they are not MY God - they are the God of some foreign, desert-dwelling brown people, which was brought into my homeland, and thereby erased everything that came before, THOUSANDS OF FUCKING YEARS OF CULTURE AND TRADITION… Burned at the stake, chopped down, flayed, etc etc etc.

That's what really gets me, ya know that? How you faggots come in here and try to pretend that you made Europeans great, like a fucking Mestizo on a corner in Jew York City, shouting 'LA RAZA!' and claiming his people were what made America great once… For more than 10,000 years, our ancestors lived and died and worshiped and fought and struggled, and through their struggle, we gained strength, strength that we retain even now.
And suddenly, this Semitic construct from a foreign land, a foreign people, a foreign culture, invades and is internalized, and two millennia later, these fucks, these traitors, have the FUCKING AUDACITY to claim 'Your ancestors were Christian!', to claim Christianity 'conquered the world', try to claim feats of European evolutionarily-derived superior traits for the fucking Cult of the Divine Rabbinical Semite.

Christianity is the faith of the blood-traitor, and it is a sin that gets harder to forgive with each passing generation.

I am saddened by this whole affair.
We should be brothers, and yet this foreign faith has us at each others throats, as it has since the time of the Romans.
How did it come to this…

The monopoly on usury did that. It all started tumbling down when our aristocracy allowed the jews to lend for interest. When you own a nation's aristocrats, what stops you from doing whatever you like?

The fate of empires does not cause the levels of cuckoldry we see from christian nations. Roman state decayed, but the people remained. Chinese people still remain. Christianity made sure to take Europeans out with it, by destroying even their most basic self-preservation instincts.

Which brings me right back around to that other user, who was suggesting "It doesn't matter that Jews were allowed to stay in your lands - the Founding Fathers didn't need to worry about that, because they exclusively accepted Europeans!"…. It really is like thinking you can swallow a battery, and you'll be fine so long as you don't swallow any more batteries and eat a quality diet.

When you see a priest from a different religion chop down your sacred trees with impunity, isn't your world view shaken to the core? You may start thinking that maybe he's right, and abandon your old false gods.

Christians suiciding by ZOG is self-contradictory.

I don't understand your point, please elaborate.

Is yours?

Is it?

You don't get it: the number of deities is limited!
Every single one has more than one name. Each religions display another way of how they deal with one another.
If the Arab invasion didn't happen and if we didn't have to fend of literal orcs the Jews opened the gates from within, the Inquisition demanding Jews to eat pork or die wouldn't happen, and if the Inquisition didn't help the Reconquista to take back Spain and Italy and Greece, the Inquisitors wouldn't have targeted normal people in possession of scientology-tier books or Talmuds, which were hunted too.

What gets me is that you believe in the fedora meme of the unsolicited inquisition. If you ever mentioned this you'd get thrown out of a grove. REAL pagans would throw you out.

The Fate of Empires explained the extreme degeneracy in Chine millenia before Jesus' birth.

Is that what you're thinking?

Or, could it be the many swords pointing in your direction - bought with foreign coin - might make you less than willing to see your daughter raped and your son killed for your transgression against the conquering foreigner?

The goal of Christianity is universal conversion and redemption. Faggots must be converted, not killed just because they sin.

Oh for fuck's sake…

This doesn't make sense in English.
No insult, just clarify.

Again, this is a clusterfuck, but it basically appears to come full-circle to you saying 'we only killed our own kind because we were trying to root out the jew!'.

Who the FUCK said that?
When did we even get to the fucking inquisition, you faggot?
Christian Europeans were slaying non-Christian Europeans long before the fucking Inquisition - that shit didn't come into play until you'd murdered enough people to claim nominal control.

A Christian trying to shame via suggesting someone is not a REAL pagan… That's a fucking new one.

In any case, you're strawmanning like a mother fucker at this point.
I never said anything about the Inquisition - that shit is literal centuries past what my eye is focused upon, and that you'd try to shield yourself with that shit is incredibly disingenuous.
Very Christian, as it were.

And this is why its trash.
This is why you get - got - subverted.
This is why the Church no longer values you, now that your strength has borne their seeds the world over.

This is why you're a cuckold.

Yes, you say it is trash, I can see that, but I see no argument as to why.

And please, stop with the unsubstantiated claims.

That's because you're fucking stupid.
I bet you think niggers have souls too, eh?

Oh, and how bout the Jews?
We need to love and convert the Jews, don't we?
Don't we, cuckold?
Yeeah, we do.

Fucking disgusting.



Wew, okay, that killed my sides.

I'm out.
Keep kvetching to the void if you like.

But remember:
The Bible is a Holy. Jewish. Tome.

Christianity is, and will always be, a foreign Semitic/Jewish religion imposed upon Europeans to grant Semites and their allies power, which they have always - ALWAYS - employed to destroy European culture.

Praise Kek

he does represent all catholics - 1.5/1.6 billion people, regardless if you like him or not he represents jesus in human form - thats what the pope is about

all of the christian sects call each other to be "non christians". ALL OF THEM ARE CHRISTIAN


exactly that.

its because of christcuckery europe is full of jews

Sodomy gets death penalty.

Read comparative theology.
No, we killed some individuals who had scientology-tier books on drugging and creating cults and sects. It was Christians killing other Christians mostly, just as Americans will kill other Americans for commiting crimes.
The whole "inquisition killed all the innocents" is a well known Jew meme around here.
Shame is the basis of how Europeans go by. This is the basis of all social interactions here. You either get respected or shamed. Shame is a very efective motiator here. This is why you need to convince ever individual individually.

Wiccans are called Pagans.

I am enjoying your lack of arguments greatly, please keep calling me names and laughing at me.

A holy jewish tome that details how jews got btfo constantly by their own God, exposing their failures to all mankind, yes. Then, in the second part, it describes how that very same God rejected them once and for all, and have His Son for the sake of all mankind.


just checked who wiccans are. its bound to semite rubbish. i would put it into the category of light form of satanism

and satanims belong into the category of bible. ==and therefore wiccans are not pagans==

Again, we can't prove Jesus was called Yehshua. In the case you know someone called Josh, congratulations, their name would be backk-formed as Yeshua. The same happens with Matthew Methushelah, or Eve Chavah. We got a lot of names from Semitic languages.

I forgot to say that most normies consider Wiccans to be pagans. Certainly official statistics pack them into it.

And I forgot to say that your repeated inability to redtext make you suspicious. Are you not from here, perhaps?

A reminder why faith is extremely important in the fight against the subversive kike.


pic related


edit: YESHUA = short form of YEHOSHUA/YEHSHUA

He's saying don't attack subversion with a fist. Defend against subversion with your mind. Don't strike at subversion because it will catch you, use subversion's own momentum (it's memes) against it. You need to have a strong mind. Christianity is what was used to subvert Europeans so any European still clinging to this will be easily subverted in the future. Christianity is the vector of the Semite mind virus that allowed Europeans to become slaves. A few were susceptible to the virus, caught it, and it mutated and spread among the entire population.

If faith is extremely important in the fight against the subversive kike then how do you explain Christian Zionists? They have faith, and they're entirely subverted.

No. The first text ever refferencing Jesus is a Roman legal protocoll calling him Iesvs. There are no mentions o alternative spellings. The religious text calls him Iesous. Christos was a typical Greek custom, anointing a person in rare oils which may or may not have contained DMT or how that drug is called.

So tell me, what is the true religion in your mind?

Every single one. God is everything and the pantheons of your ancestors are your ancestors. Some go the path to damnation like Judaims with their Saturn-Satan, like Islam with their moon goddess Alila, and some go on the path of obscurity like Kek-Ogdoad-Jesus-Janus. I've been doing but nothing to try getting people into Paganism over here. It helps that the words concerning heathen are synonymous or very similar to words concerning woodland or parks.

Daily reminder that Christianity was the leash that kept the European civilized for over one thousand years. Without it we're wolves, and we'll be lose at the world again.

This subversive kike just went all out. Look at him go.

2 Thessalonians 3:10:
For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

If you won't work, you can't eat.
The Bible is vehemently against government redistribution of wealth and welfare states.
If western governments suddenly stopped handing out taxpayer funded benefits to every "refugee", they would stop coming immediately.

For retarded leftists who want to quote the Bible regarding charity, charity is when an individual freely gives his own goods, in the amount he chooses, to the people he personally wishes to help. When I give the bum outside the corner store half a sandwich, that's charity. If I volunteer my time somewhere or send a check to a children's hospital, that's charity. Communism is the government taking what you have at gunpoint in order to redistribute it to whomever they choose, even people who hate you, hate your nation, and hate God. And yes, lefties, no matter how much you virtue signal and show the world how progressive and tolerant you think you are, Muslims fucking loathe you. They hate you even more than they hate the right because they see you as weak, stupid and effeminate. They're right.

Daily reminder that the Kikes openly push, promote, and celebrate "paganism" and wicca while constantly demonizing and attempting to destroy Christianity.

Goodness, in Europe we're both!
Only nations with either declining Paganism or Christianism, degeneracy takes ridiculuous dimensions. In general we can stat that "more fedora equals more degeneracy".

So paganism is the right one?

its enough shilling christuck, the thread was bumplocked already.
you can go wipe off your tears on the shoulder of your invisible schizophrenic friend who is god, a trinity, a messiah and a human at the same time

You don't do reading comprehension, do you

You forgot to include Kek.
You argued like a Jew.

I believe that all of this crap - and by crap I mean religion - is nothing more than entanglement at the quantum level. The more energy you give it in the form of prayer, meditation, etc, the more you entangle with it and add your energy to that particular frequency. This causes it to resonate, which causes an upsurge in amplitude/energy. This gives power to your meme, god, or whatever.

Educate yourselves.


Real deep, trillby.

True. Everyone with a jewish ideology does not question its origin or does not know what a jew really is. The kikes have always manufactured ideologies for the goyim to astroturf their actions. If you have a proper understanding of that you can see the history of the world has been nothing but jews jewing jewily for thousands of years.

Also, if you study how different types of goyim lived before their exposure to kikes you see the same pattern all other the world; warriors and mothers held in high respect, people deferred to their elders, ritualized warfare instead of total warfare, tolerance of different religions or gods (exploited by kikes), living in harmony with nature, no one wore clothes unless it was cold out (kikes couldn't blend in), gold for money, virtually lawless with total freedom, natural leaders who were local warlords instead of detached foreigners, etc.

Most people's heads are still full of alien jewish notions that will persist long after the kikes are physically exterminated and it will be painful to snap them out it. They have internalized them for so long they believe them to be their own native thoughts.

Kikebart answered your thread

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