Like Caeser, Trump will die

And the wheel of History comes full circle. Trump is not Hitler, He is Caeser. His (((assasination))) will bring about civil war, and his successor will give rise to Pax Americana.
There is no good or evil, only Rise and Decline.

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Nothing is that black and white when you have Kek on your side. It's a rollercoaster now.
And you're not getting off Mr.Trumps wild ridel, shlomo.

Meme responsibly. You can't say on Holla Forums that Trump will die, because if enough people here will shill that, he will definitely die.

Well there is one thing you are right about. If he is assassinated there will be a civil war. I don't think the left really wants that war, or maybe they truly are suicidal.

Kek knows it's all a game. Welcome

as mortals we must play and prepare to die

fuck off cuckchan faggot.

Brutus didnt want civil war, look what happened

Kek disagrees. You had your chance, now face 10,000 years of the Trump reich

Trump isn't Caesar, he's a Augustus. Kennedy was Caesar.

Honestly, I think if someone tried to assassinate Trump, their gun would explode in their face. He's immune from attacks through virtue of divine providence.

So was Caeser before the ides of March



Trump is not caesar, nor augustus.
He's Alexander the Great.


Not Alexander.
The parallels are too similar to Julius Caeser to be coincidence.


While Trump is very much a modern day Caesar insomuch that the name Trump will become so venerated throughout history as to become a title for royalty and men of great power, there is no way he will be assassinated. He has the divine blessing of Kek.

Pence going to go full Christian theocracy.. I'm not against it.


Did the jews kill Caesar?


can you stop this cuckchan ARG LARP?

what does it mean

My dubs say Trump rules for 100 years so fuck off OP

Trump is Caesar.

In this case, similar to Caesar's assassination, Trump's assassination will also change the world. It will undoubtedly shake the entire Earth to it's core. Kennedy's assassination didn't accomplish that.

He has to die for his apotheosis and PAX AMERICANA.

Weep not, he has led a good life. You must be prepared to continue his work

The MSM is in the midst of yet another demoralization shill push. Nothing to see here. Go indulge your fantasies elsewhere.

I suspect you're right. He will be a great golden martyr.

I lived in the same building as James Mason….he was a fag but low key and zero fag politics.

You're a faggot.

Let go of your fear son, great sacrifice is required for great things.

The faster you accept this fact, the better you are to not let his sacrifice be in vain.


Holla Forums begins WW3.

Game over.

Dubs and time stamp dubs.
Trump confirmed Teflon Don

Fuck off

So, do you mean to imply that Pence is Brutus? I don't think so.

I wouldn't put it past someone like Newt if he'd been picked for VP, but Pence doesn't have that LBJ quality.

We are merely prophets of the apocalypse, not its prime movers. Our magic gives us divine vision, but curses us to immobility in the physical realm.

Brutus is (((CIA)))

you heard it here first

get ready

Guys, what if we're Brutus?

Maybe not, but they probably think if Trump is gone then everyone will turn back into cuckservative and apologize for being racists and let them have all the control. But honestly I don't know what the fuck they think because they are fucking insane.

I'm ok with this

I think he'll be killed, he's not protecting himself well enough. The newspapers have been begging someone to kill him, and a crazy person is waiting to do just that. When that happens, we'll get our Hitler. To be honest, the civil war may start before he's ever murdered, it seems like the left is itching to live out some fantasy.

Their whole ideology is mass suicide, of course they want a war.

Told you.

What, like if a Holla Forumsack shot Trump ? That would be a twist of fate.

Since we know what is going to happen can we not prepare for it.

Our fate is what we make.

Brutus and Anthony are here.

Decide who you are and wait for August


Like, what if us talking about him being assassinated ends up memeing his assassination into reality.

This is a very real topic worth discussing. If he's killed, this is 1917 round two, except I think it'd end in a century that isn't a total shitshow tragedy like the last one was.

technically civil war started when caeser crossed the rubicon. He had to fight Pompey (DNC) before he became dictator for life (2nd term).

Then he was killed by a plot which included Brutus (CIA), whom Caeser had forgave for being on Pompey's side.



No more arguments,

Baron will clearly be an American Emperor, so it's less than 15 years from happening.

what is Trump's rubicon..? I could think of dozens of things (pizzagate, 9/11, soros, the Fed, holocaust, etc. etc.)

Let me know when he conquers Spain, Gaul, Egypt and sends an expeditionary force to Britain.

Pick one and only one, faggot

The CIA is there but what about the big guys ?


What if we're Augustus?

Hello priest, you passed the test.

Beware now brother, the Sun rises in the West.

They may think us fools,

But you already have the tools

to fight the good fight welcoming the dawn

under the glorious golden banner of Don

and then rejoice with the best

when the Sun rises in the West

back to Holla Forums you faggot

I agree, he's a builder not a martyr in training. Shit is going to get rough but we'll see it to the end. I predict we'll see a Soros arrest warrant by end of Feb or March 2017

He's closer to the Gracchi than Julius Caesar.

if dubs we will live in a 4 year horrible dynasty under some shitlib only to be liberated and reorganized into the Empire of America by Barron Trump.(Augustus)

Don't even say that. You read a comment warning you to meme responsibly, and that is how you respond? What the fuck is wrong with you?

Not within this year, schlomo. But you are memeing yourself to die in a traffic accident.

History is not cyclical; Trump is his own man. History can give you a rough idea of about the present, but do not simply rely on it. Too often people think that history can give us an exact description of the future, but the majority of people's predictions are wrong.

While we're speculating about random shit, what are the odds that OP dies in his sleep tonight?

Probably higher than Trump dying tbh.

I could see people killing media, tv stars, and politicians if Trump is impeached or assassinated.

Kek has spoken.
Praise be to Kek and his golden servant.

PRAISE KEK!!!!!!!!

that helicopter is pretty badass all bs aside.

Trump is Theodore Roosevelt

Then Barron is Shinji?

sage, this is a shit thread

The Old Gods favor us. Anyway it's more likely that the freaks and other Lefty Faggots might start suicide bombing their own cities soon.

This thread is low-energy shit and you've been making them at a ridiculous speed.

Just remember:
If anything happens to Trump, we're coming for you.


Trump is Gilgamesh. A mighty demigod king that searches for immortality and realizes the answer lies in the wall he built around his city.

Who is Augustus then?

underrated post.

3.5. Years. God has given the US a reprieve of 3.5 Years. Screencap this. The Lord Almighty has given three and a half years for America to get its shit together. You will have to wait and see what happens.

already is

More like

Demographics is destiny.

Who was also plausibly assassinated by antipater, unless he truly was "worn out" from conquest