Growing up with a fascination for frogs

Maybe I'm just hoping for another Berenstain moment here, but am I the only one who grew up with a large interest in frogs? I can still vividly remember enjoying examining them in the wild as a kid (although I don't see them much when I go on hikes anymore, maybe Kek is desperately calling for us to save his spiritual species? Frogs are on the decline worldwide after all.)

I had tons of frog toys, and used to catch frogs as pets. Looking back, it's no surprise that when I first saw Pepe memes I loved them and felt some sort of emotional connection to him. A part of me really wants to grasp why Pepe caught on with the intensity that he did. There has to be more to Pepe than just dank maymays. It's too simple otherwise. My only theory at the moment requires some sort of faith in the Stoned Ape Theory, since frogs are known for excreting DMT and other psychedelic compounds. Other than that I'm at a loss. Just tell me I wasn't the only childhood frog-enthusiast please!

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Kept seeing and hearing these bastards in our fucked up pool area. Sorry Kek, but those ones in particular need to go back. All the other ones can stay…

(so close)
You're not alone, OP. I always loved frogs and would catch them while playing in the yard. Really hated the idea of them being hurt too.

Weirdest part is that I've been thinking about my childhood love of frogs a lot lately. Spoopy.

That is spoopy. I just happened to stumble across a picture of a really cool frog and immediately went into nostalgia mode. I felt that odd connection and fascination all over again. Like I could feel and remembered that this is exactly how I felt as a child when I saw them. It's such a weird emotion to describe. Hardly even an emotion. Just a primal feeling.

Also fuck, I really did miss an epic get didn't I? Perhaps it is a sign from Kek that I am overthinking things.

I have killed so many frog while I was a kid for what I was calling "experiment". Sorry Kek.

I'm scared to admit how much my life has revolved around frogs. kek bless this world.

Not at all, mein freund. I have had always not just a fascination, but an affinity for frogs. I encounter them often, and whenever I do I take a moment to observe or play with them. Even little tree frogs, which are skittish, will sometimes let me pick them up and hold them.

So has it always been. Maybe I'm autistic. Maybe it's an Aryan magician thing. Now whenever I leave a frog, I tell it "Shadilay"


Also, I clearly need to inform the lot of you: dart frog people are Nazi-tier when it comes to not mixing races (localities) of frogs. Look into it, they're OBSESSED with ensuring the purity of bloodlines.

I loved frogs too, but I didn't have a particular focus on them. Interesting thing though, I have a frog living right outside my bedroom. I would hear croaking at random times starting last spring and I found his little burrow holes a few months later. This was shortly after I stepped up my memetic application.

Oh, and if any anons have a real interest in frog conservation, look up Chytridia fungus and what it's doing to frog populations around the world. Look into captive breeding and population refuge programs for frogs from regions suffering deforestation. Even a couple hundred acres of deforestation can eliminate an entire locality's native habitat- meaning that entire "race" of a frog species is extinct in the wild.

The Panamanian Golden Toad, like in OP's pics, is a really public example of this happening to a whole species, rather than just a locality.

You are literally fucking autistic, Jesus Christ.

But goy frog diversity is pepe's strength!

Could you elaborate on the racial purity thing? Is that common in the frog science world? If so, holy shit.

Do you know where you are?

Currently have a tomato frog and a breeding pair of Phyllobates terribilis dart frogs
Praise Kek

please leave shitty, retarded memes where they belong…

How are the Phyllobates? I love Tincs because of their boldness but I'm really considering some nice, big Phyllobates. Are they very vocal? Territorial? Do they breed easily?

So dart frogs, some of them anyway, live in cloud forests. They live at higher elevations and that generally means along mountain slopes. Because of that, populations are isolated. You can have a population of the same species that's only 10km away from another population but they're genetically quite distinct.

Because of deforestation leading to habitat loss, a lot of localities exist only as captive specimens. To that end, frog people tend to not mix between localities to maintain integrity of breeding stock. Nobody wants designer frogs or washed-out mixed-breeds. If someone is selling or even giving away mixed-breeds, it generally comes with a disclaimer of what they are and to not breed those frogs further.


So this is more of a dart frog thing than a general frog thing? Still interesting. Thanks for the read. And definitely get that larger aquarium for your frogs! Kek and his kind deserve to be comfy.

I used to go down my creek everyday when I was a kid and smash frogs with tree branches, their insides would pop out and they would cry out. Not really a 'reeee' though. Sometimes I would just go crazy and let everything out on one of them.

Youll die slow you sic fuck.


An entire generation of japs myself included have read this series of children's book called "Bamu and Kero" (バムとケロ), which has this prank loving frog Kero and I suppose a relatively adult, and calm white dog.

When I first saw pepe, I thought that pepe was a badly drawn Kero. The synchronicity of memes is becoming more and more personal to me.

Oh shit.

Pepe had a childhood.


r a r e s t

Knockoff Gook Pepe.

Not alone OP, I used to live next to a lake in NW Florida and on most nights there would be these huge green tree frogs that would sit and eat at our windows when we left the porch lights on.
I remember catching them and releasing them, because usually after a few minutes of holding them they would realize that you weren't going to eat them. Also used to save them from the neighborhood pool we had if I decided to go for a swim that night, or if I found them during the day stuck in it.

On a stranger note, ever since late 2007 the population plummeted. Apparently the people in the community were using pesticides or something and it ended up wiping out a majority of the population since it would flow into the lake from their properties. Recently though, they started coming back from what my dad has told me.

Whoever brought this disgusting giant african snail to huezil deserve a fate worse than death, I fucking hate those creatures.

That's a big frog.

This frog was first published in 1994
Matt Furry made his first iteration of kek in 2005.
anyways the point is that pepe and kek can easily be spread to Japan, because for the last 20 years, children have seen and loved this incarnation of kek

American women are using them as a facial treatment, no joke.

4 u

Jesus, someone should stop those fucking cunts, those snails reproduce like cockroaches, pretty soon it will all over your yard assuming you don't live in a dryland.

Dubs confirm we will help our honorary Aryans once we clean house ourselves.

I liked frogs in general, but that's only because I grew up next to a lake and they'd keep the mosquito population to a bearable level. However, I loved the Frog and Toad books when I was a kid. I'd read them over and over, despite having a ton of (((Disney))) books to choose from.

I had an affinity for kek and didnt even know it

Now what you artificially inseminated a female with sperm from the opposite species and made two distinct offspring groups of mixed frog race?

Would they be accepted among their parents? Would the two groups of halfbreeds coexist?


I used to catch toads in my backyard when I was a kid. Toads are a kind of frog.

We're talking localities, not species here. They ARE fertile with one another and WILL breed… readily.

Any offspring will be readily accepted, no problems.

There are some differences in behavior (some localities are bolder or more shy, some more or less vocal, some more or less territorial, etc.) but these aren't great enough to prevent breeding or interfere with parental care (which is actually huge for dart frogs) Same goes for the difference in looks between localities- not great enough to keep the frogs from banging.

So they'll make mixed offspring if you let them, it's just discouraged in the hobby for obvious reasons.

You put the frog in tap water, didn't you? That's why it died. Before you sperg out about fluoride, that's only part of it. Tap water is safe for human and larger animal consumption but smaller creatures and amphibians can be VERY sensitive to it.

Florida fag here. I grew up falling asleep to the calls of tree frogs. If means I slept to Cuban Tree Frogs, then I will never know another night of not being pissed off. Every time I here a call, it really calms me down. We had a goofy little ceramic chinaman house in the backyard that all the frogs stayed in and there was a fountain where we let them raise their spawn. I remember one time during a vacation in North Carolina, I heard a bullfrog for the first time, and since I've loved bullfrogs.


Not really OP. I always liked all animals though.

But there is one thing. One of my bittersweet memories is playing that Atari frog game on a knockoff console with my dad back in the 90s. The bitter part is family related but of no interest.

This is what I remember hearing in my backyard. I'm fucking livid.

polite sage for double posting

I grew up in the Catskills of upstate NY.

We would typically catch frogs, play with them a bit, and let them go.

One time, as a kid, I even caught a giant tree toad.

Isn't this normal childhood behavior?

I feel like there's a lesson here somewhere.

I'm sorry about your frog user.

It is normal. I guess I'm just curious if any anons had any interesting info as to why we are drawn to these creatures. Is it purely curiosity and just having them in our culture that made Pepe so potent? Or is there something else? That's all I'm here for.

we have western chorus frogs fucking everywhere

10 or so years ago the mother of my GF gave me this frog plushie. No real reason, no birthday or anything and why would you give a grown man a cuddle toy to begin with? She just said she thought that I would like it. And I did. He sits on top of our couch and whenever I get dubs I nod to him knowingly.

Happened to me once.

Gave it a rightful burial.

RIP Frogger.

I've always loved frogs growing up so now i keep some. They're very easy pets to care for, and fun to watch. I think Kek chose us all.

A story about Kek.

posting best anime froggie

Frogs are cannibals and soul less little monsters.

I spent every summer between ages 7 - 15 going to the pond and catching frogs with my bare hands. It was so fun and exciting.

Faggots used to use nets and take all the fun out of it. I would creep up as softly as i could, eye up a nice big bullfrog, and then DIVE into the pond and try to trap him between my hands. It was like meditation looking back. Especially when catching turtles (theyre much quicker). Sometimes id have to just sit on the bank for 20 mins and just wait for one to pop his head up. I became one with the pond.
This was literally my favorite thing to do as a kid.

Eh. Not really. Vid related made a pretty big impression on me as a child, though.

know of any good books/links for caring to frogs?

Sweet jesus.

Off topic. Notice how he blinks very seldom. Maybe once every 60-70 seconds. This is a trick to make the viewers believe that you are very calm and stoic. Many politicians do this when they hold a speech and it can be practiced. I try to do it every time I talk to people I have just met. In contrast, if you blink a lot you will be perceived as nervous. Try to pay attention to this the next time you see someone giving a speech.

Me and my friends used to kill frogs. I shoot them with toy guns, the ones that fire those round plastic bullets and my friend who didn't mind touching them used to tie 2 of them with some string and then throw them over power and telephone lines


Parents also got me this for Christmas.

You will hang.

stay classy Holla Forums.

This man speaks the truth and is very triggering to my ASMR

What's being slid by this thread?

I always loved frogs and still do. They're funny, strange, sometimes a little scary, and other times downright amazing. Anyone here that knows anything about frogs knows that they are a fitting mascot for us in almost every way possible, really it couldn't be anything than pepe.
Anyway what got me started on hopping amphibians was that there was several toads that would live behind the garbage bins outside in the leaf litter that would get blown in behind them and hunt for crickets and mice. Big old fucking things easily the size of a tennis ball. I would go out and feed them lightning bugs until their bellies flashed.

First pet was some African river frog that lived five years and i did like them


Whenever I find a frog in a seemingly dangerous location I try to help move it to a safer one to help it along on its path. If I see it hopping across the yard towards the pond I pick it up gently and carry it over to the pond and place it on the edge. If it chooses to go in the water it can or it can just stay on the shore, maybe hop back into the yard for all I care.
Back around September when Holla Forums was getting real heavy into kekism I was laying some brick and when I was laying one to the line I felt something hit my palm. It was a frog. Somehow a frog survived the journey inside of a brick from where we store brick to the cube being moved around by forklift on bumpy ground and then up onto the scaffold for a laborer to carry the brick over to me and then for me to lay it. The frog was in 100% condition. I hurriedly grabbed the frog so it didn't fall behind the wall and then I released it unharmed. I hope you fare well my little froggy friend.

No. You're not, I used to live in the desert and every time the monsoons rolled through the frogs would leave behind tadpoles, some of them wouldn't make it and I used to rescue them and put them in kiddie pools in the shade.

Before the desert I used to play with the wildlife in a steve erwin manner, respecting their lives and shit, being gentle. I was a YUUUGE Erwin fan and wrote him a letter in the 1st grade.

Toad and Friends, BattleToads,

I've been waiting for this thread. I no longer consider it odd that we think similar thoughts. We are dreaming together. Dreaming of the beautiful green frogs that visited us in our childhood.