This Madman actually did it

Eric Traub SS Bio-warfare scientist was brought into the DOD to develop bioweapons. In 1974, upon retirement and 10 years before his death, he took is revenge, he was seen releasing ticks injected with Lyme, in Lyme, CT , where the disease originates. Before 1974 the disease was not found in nature. It is structured similar to AIDs and can be passed through sex and pregnancy. 75% of people who have Lyme are unaware because the CDC dose not use the correct lyme testing and insurance wont pay. May have spent there lives trying to expose this. The disease is torture to live with, attacking your joints and brain. If left ignored, this disease will virtually make the Northeast unlivable.

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Goddammit I live in PA.

lmao the madman

Lyme disease is pretty fucked up.

I grew up in S/E Michigan. Born early 80's. As a child I used to run around in brambles, edges of fields, creeks, forests, never picked up any ticks.

Left for awhile for adult life. Came back, ticks literally everywhere. Dog ticks and deer ticks. You work in your yard, you set a piece of clothing or a tool down, a tick climbs onto it. I swear I've had dog ticks drop out of trees onto me (only way they could have gotten onto me).

When I was growing up they were nonexistent. I consider it likely biowarfare but I'm not sold on this nazi scientist angle

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Rick population is highly related to the annual climate. They prefer and thrive on dryish weather.

If you have a wet year you'll have a shit load of mosquitoes. If you have a dry year you'll have a shit load of tricks.


wtf I love deforestation now

They developed a bat bomb in WW2. They released a bunch of hibernating bats who would come out of their sleep in mid air, attached to incendiary devices. They would fly into all the little crevices, and then they would start to explode, burning all the homes down.



My mom and one of my best friends got Lyme disease, but medication helped them. Ticks are something to stay away from, especially here

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Can we send ticks over to Africa? Planes of ticks, drop them above the niggers!

Though I've been hunting all my life and never once been bit by a tick.

They are already there

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I don't fucking care that OP is a fag. I have had friends with this disease and it ruins lives. Further, good honest men have had their careers destroyed just for talking about this. This is a real fucking issue.

tough luck pal but nobody here cares (except maybe me)

I've heard a lot of stories like this. When I grew up, Lyme disease was common knowledge. To hear that it's been officially denied in some capacity is astounding.

Yeah no, there were no ticks my entire childhood. Then in my adulthood they are everywhere. And the dry thing makes no sense, I get the nymphs like crazy in spongy wet ground in spring. WET

Instead of spending money on "global warming", we should be funding the eradication of tick and mosquito. Actual eradication, not Bill Gates eradication. Proper chemicals, not fucking laser bullshit. Gas the parasites.

Nice dubs, elaborate.

I know absolutely nothing, and if what you say is true googling will just bring me disinfo

I can agree with this. I've heard some explanations that (considering I'm fairly old) the reason I may have not known ticks in childhood could have been DDT. I don't know if that's true or not but serious fuck ticks. They DID NOT EXIST WHEN I WAS A CHILD

Put it this way, wikipedia says it doesn't exist.

So how do I check whether I have lyme disease or not?

shit ton of ticks everywhere

And I'm not saying they didn't exist at all, but I'm saying that in an area marked yellow in OPs map, until the 00's you could run around as much as you wanted in any kind of terrain and never see a tick. Now in early spring you cannot stand still or hundreds of nymphs will crawl up your ankle. Or the rest of the year you cant do anything involving vibration (setting a tool on the ground for example) witout an adult deer or dog tick coming onto the object. The deer ticks have a tendency to make their way up your back to the base of where your hair ends on your neck to inject their shit. It's straight fucked and I swear every which way that growing up in Michigan (in my case) these fucking terrible creatures were practically nonexistent until 00's

but wait there's more
don't fall for this D&C

Excluding frozen months

So basically it's the Nazis and not the Jews right?

Just proves we need to Spray DDT again

Absolutely based.
It's almost as great as the fact that the Ausfags are going to dump thousands of smelly refugees on burgerland.

OP, this guy was pretty based, as your holy dubs do pray tell….consider them checked, but you're wrong about Lyme and swallowing some sensationalist le ebin nazi kike propaganda hook line and sinker. Let me just say that I would bet my life against the myth that Traub intentionally leaked any disease. To put it in perspective: It was just a literal shit show back then. These were the days of nearly zero regulation, especially top secret shit. Traub brought our first strain of that good old deadly sheep bacteria to the states for us to have when he came over with paperclip. It was the wild fucking west back then before any international "bans" and those men all thought they were gods. For fucks sake, the first thirty years it was open they kept the goddamn deers in outside fucking pens. Imagine that. Deers laden with lyme infected ticks hanging outside….in outside pens… Some asshole figured deer would never be able to swim the almost half mile back to shore…..but they can. Not to mention the avian interaction aspect. As Traub got older and older the place just continually went down hill.

After Traub it was some incompetent army deusch who fucked off for a few years before they got a based guy from the USDA to run it. (You'd be amazed at the number of vets that are biofreaks both past and present. Same schooling as a doc but no hippocratic oath to swear by). Anyway at some point in the nineties they tested the place with smoke for containment… leaks ALL over the fucker. Neg. Pressure and pos. rooms wired backwards, crazy army incompetence shit. We're a bunch of sloppy niggers compared to the soviets when you're talking the history of weaponizing biological sciences….it's crazy. So my point is that shit just happened, it got out…..Probably a bunch of times over the years.

Besides, I'm pretty sure he fucking retired in the north east. Would be pretty stupid to shit in your own back yard knowing it could bite you in the ass. Personally, I'm dreaming and meme'ing that these old nazi paperclip bastard all worked together with American interests (*cough* Cia *cough*) in the 50's to set up an eventual 4th Reich. I mean we now know our uncle most likely made it to Argentina….all I'm saying, best time line ever. The Germans have been our friends since their mercenaries came here looking for blood and glory during the revolution. WW2 didn't change that fact, kike lies have just tried to subvert it.

The most (((chosen))) states of America you mean?

you need to go to a specialty lyme doctor and get the correct testing

no, he picked the right spot, 20 miles from skull and bones yale

I caught Lyme disease as a kid. Had the bright red bulleye on my back; luckily my Mom noticed it and put me on medication ASAP. Cured the infection before it spread.

I'm from NC.

Source on it being transmissable?

I have lyme disease, didn't know I had it until 10 years later.

Honestly I feel stronger and healthier than I did before it. I didn't even take doxycycline until it was pretty much too late, my body has changed throughout the Ten year tenure of having this bacterial/parasitic infectious disease.

I no longer get colds, or other small and trivial bullshit, rage is constant, brain fog sucks, but I feel sharper, paranoia is there, but again, better to be safe than sorry.

I'm not even joking, I legitimately feel stronger, and it feels good, but the flare ups suck dick cause you get extremely hot, anxious and then this strange distinct feeling of being watched, but then again I fear that's not from the lyme disease from my own personal assertion, and due to the fact I used to get that feeling as a child whenever I'd be home alone, or like I was a kid, I'd wake up in the middle of the night and get this horrible feeling something malicious wanted me dead, and basically didn't like the fact I existed and still existing.

Either or, Thanks Dr. Erich Traub, you really made me into an Ubermensh you fucking mad man.

This sounds like me. Never get sick, constant anger and brain fog, but paranoid so I cut through bullshit like a knife.

SAME! Sometimes I get extremely hot for several weeks, CONSTANT intense sweating and highly intensified paranoia.

Maybe I was never cured…

That German madman probably altered the Lyme bacterium to produce these symptoms. Our anger and paranoia is truly reactionary in effect; I'm Old Testament-tier vindictive and women love me for it

A constantly hyperactive immune system might produce these effects; hence never getting sick and occasionally inflammation flare ups/high metabolism, like a fever. On an esoteric level, if the immune response is constantly paranoid and hypervigilant, we might expect similar psychological symptoms, especially if the driving force is present during development of the central nervous system, as when you contract the bacterium as a child.

Tfw the Endsieg will be ours after all.

We're slowly but surely memeing beyond the initial meme that we call life. I wouldn't be suprised, it could be a mixture of the body reacting to the disease the only way it knows how AND the engineered bullshit that was done to the bacterium.

I am also extremely vindictive, my wife likes how I constantly shatter anyone who tries to sugar coat bullshit, on top of being the big man and giving her a spanking when needed. It is safe to say I'd rather have lyme disease than anything else.

For fuck sake, I even heal better from deep wounds, fucking had a gash on my arm cause plank of wood with a nail was going to fall on me, and my reaction was to block/push the debris, as soon as I felt the nail poke me, It was already in my arm though I couldn't feel it, I pulled my arm back and tore it open.

Never went to the hospital, shit just sealed up like the same night, didn't even hurt got a cool scar though, among other shit. I mean my family is apparently good at healing if they inherited the lot of the old world genes, my cousin I fear is not so lucky, cause he's not a built big guy like me, pep pep or pep pep pep, etc.

Though they claim you should hallucinate or whatever, but the one time it did happen, I again feel it was not related to the Lyme Disease at all, but that's a story in itself. Was disturbing but for all the wrong reasons.

We are growing.

I grew up in upstate NY in the late 60' 70's and 80's and spent a shitload of time hiking camping and hunting. I never encountered a tick ever as a kid. Lyme disease never heard of it until the 2000's

It was still the nation who was responsible for the destruction of Germany so yeah, why not?


Also do you guys remember that thawed out corpse they found in Europe, like one of the oldest bodies they found?


This meme really does transcend time itself.

I'm surprised that the existence of Lyme could be a disputed issue in the USA.
My father got it here in germany, most likely while he was out hunting and a tick dropped from the trees.
It's not called Lyme here but simply Borreliosis and diagnosed and treated as well as they could.
His healthcare didn't argue against the diagnosis either.

I was bored the other day and looked up Otzi on Wikipedia. It was pretty staggering how much analysis they did of his life and the diseases and lifestyle.

Shit like

I lived in ny for a long time. I never knew a white person to have lyme disease. For the life of me all I can remember were kikes and micegenates having it.

I dispute that. the issue of spores, people did prepare traveling cakes made of meat, grain, and fat and store it during the summer for use during the winter. This is never taken into account.

The fact we have the science to fucking see what food he was fucking eating two hours before he died is amazing, but then he fact that the same science we still don't have flying cars, or cures for fucking diseases like Lyme disease (not like I want to be cured anymore), is just retarded.

I blame the kikes. The fact they were even able to pinpoint his place of birth/origin from how his teeth enamel was worn down was fucking weird too. Big guy traveled pretty far from home if you ask me.

You mean traveling cakes as in, they made weird little dried meat/grain/fat patties? How would that even taste?

Yet you didn't seem to be our friends afterwards. Also german mercenaries (and settlers, but that's a different matter) went all over the place. At some point in time german lords sold or loaned their troops to other kings for money.

Well, still. I was more saying that I was impressed with how thoroughly they've analyzed him. I have to take them at their word for accuracy

This is one of the rare times that the "wtf I love X now" meme made me laugh.

I tramped around Delaware, Sullivan and Ulster counties all during the summer and fall as a kid. Seriously, in the 70' and 80's and never even found a tick on my clothes.

I suspect ticks may have been effected by widespread DDT usage in the years prior though.

probably a bit like the shit the feather niggers made.. it was called pemigan or something like that. Basically a jerky mixed with granola.

not Reichsführer

also, this story is total bullshit. check out borreliosis on the web. it's widely spread all over the world, depending on the climate.

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Well, actually the "african ticks" found their way into europe :^)

he was a hunter gatherer and I'd suspect he cached food in the spring/summer/fall for use in the winter/ There have been meat caches discovered under rocks in cold flowing rivers where the lack of oxygen preserved meat. It's portrayed that Otzi eat his last meal lower in the valley and then in the afternoon scampered up the mountainside but he could have also been eating from food store reserves stockpiled during the period the spores were in bloom. It's never mentioned. He could have died attempting to protect his food supplies. The speculation can be endless actually.

I was talking to family about this just the other night disputing a PC tv show about my family history, a descendant of a Hessian soldier in Delaware county, NY that never returned to Germany.

At least now the birds are safe though ;^)

I thought pemigan was made with blueberries and shit.

Either way, I'd probably eat it.

Not likely.

I've had hallucinations. Laying in bed one night at 16 years old and randomly had an out of body experience; nearly paralysis (feeling of sinking deep into myself) and then I was flying through the galaxy at the speed of light. Ever since then I've had a more intimate connection with the divine/demonic realm but that might be the subject of a thread on /x/ or /christian/. The physical symptoms of Lyme set in well before that.

I would hypothesize that the body has a reaction to the persistent bacterium; if the immune system can develop appropriate defenses, then the person exhibits a chronic state of immune hyperactivity for the rest of their life (physical: fast metabolism, inflammatory responses, faster wound healing, not liable to fall ill often, etc; mental: paranoia, hypervigilance, anger/defenseness, vindictiveness, propensity to violence when threatened).

If the body fails to respond appropriately than the bacterium gains the upperhand and you have the more unpleasant symptoms typically associated with the disease (ex. severe joint inflammation).


I contracted the bacterium as a boy in the mid 2000s from a tick bite in NC.

Reminder: Diogenes was the first race traitor/internationalist.
Fuck Diogenes.

What's funny, the extreme meme dream shit happened to me around the same age. way before the lymes. Though I've told that story before, that shit that happened to me really made me more religious, and also made me realize the only true God there is, is indeed the Christian God, but he's been there in other European religions, under different names as if he's been trying to communicate with us throughout the ages, but the message always gets skewered by either ineptitude, or the devil, or kikes as in his most recent attempt with Christianity.

But yeah, I agree with your hypothesis. The fact that the strain we've been exposed to was tampered with by a brilliant mind make it all the more interesting.

Soon, we'll make lyme into a beneficial genetic trait all in itself, in due time.


Lel. No, he was a degenerate who deserved death like any leftist/internationalist.

Also check my dubs; Kek agrees with me.

No one debates the existence of Lyme disease. There is debate about whether "chronic Lyme disease" is a thing. Chronic Lyme is a syndrome that is alleged to exist where there is no evidence remaining of bacterial infection. It has vague symptoms attributed to it, much like the Gulf War Syndrome (after Gulf I) *and if you're feeling less charitable, like Morgellons. If it is indeed a thing, it's most likely an autoimmune response to antibodies, etc, that the body formed to fight the Borrelia bacteria. It's a spirochete, like syphilis, which has a chronic form (autoimmune), so it's not implausible.

You are retarded. Your entire post is a bong hit of idiocy.

I converted to the faith post-that hallucinogenic experience (was totally sober though) in a round-about way; drifted into occultism but couldn't ignore all the signs. Christianity is clearly the true path; all the pagan religions acknowledge the presence of God, but they don't know him, because as you said his attempts to communicate with them were deliberately distorted.

Actually you see this same pattern repeated multiple times over in the Old Testament; God reveals himself, people believe, and then over hundreds or thousands of years they fall into spiritual apostasy, after which time he punishes them for their adulterous idolatry and starts over again.

It seems that he's always made sure that there was at least ONE legitimate line of communication between himself and man; the ultimate expression of this was when he was born and lived as a man himself. The sheer continuity and consistency of the Old + New Testament is amazing; read Isaiah 53, a chapter written many hundreds of years before Christ; it reads like something out of the epistles.


OP might be a retard, but he raises a legitimate concern.

According to: Marques, Adriana (June 2008). "Chronic Lyme Disease: An appraisal". Infect Dis Clin North Am. 22 (2): 341–60.

Oy vey its not CHRONIC lyme disease, its POST-TREATMENT Lyme Disease SYNDROME


stupid goyim there's no such thing as chronic lyme disease, thats a pseudomedical conspiracy theory, theres just this little thing called post–treatment Lyme disease syndrome which is in no way chronic lyme disease

cdc. gov/lyme/postlds/


peerj. com/articles/322/

No yeah, Isaiah 53 is a good chapter that talks about what we're talking about. In all honesty, it seems that God wishes to see us be fruitful, so that maybe one day, we can be just one step closer to being with him, co-existing like a brotherly bond that evolved from a father-son bond.

The bible itself is well written, and the numerous men whom were touched by God to just randomly write this shit out, probably when their family and friends were like what in the fuck are you doing? But they persevered and wrote it down purely because they believed. Belief in itself is an interesting concept, it's the step beyond acknowledgement, You can agree and say, yes that individual, object or concept exists but it's another thing to truly believe with all your heart that it is there, it is real, and that you can interact with it (unless it's something that's like the fucking sun, but I guess you interact with the sun when you go outside but you get my point).

All in all, the way I see it, if you believe in God, and I mean truly believe in God, then he will in return believe in you, he will acknowledge you and put faith in you as you put faith in him. Along with Jesus/Michael and stuff.

Though the one thing that intrigues me the most, is the fact that even with this going down, I wonder why God chose to make ethnic Europeans his sole inheritor of his image? Since when the bible talks about God making man in his image, it's safe to assume he's talking about the European/Europoid race. Then when you go to Genesis after Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden, the bible makes reference about twice, again when Cain and Abel were around as well, that 'other' groups were walking the earth, and I think there was a comment about avoiding them.

Cause I truly believe that Niggers/Negroids, and Mongoloids were half-assed attempts by the devil to divert us ethnic Europeans, cause God hates two things with such fervor, Homosexuality and Race-Mixing, Our blood is our bond with God, the one thing he gave to us, that he didn't need to, but did it anyway when creating Adam and thus the entire European race.

It makes you think what was going through God's mind when creating Adam, let alone life itself. I mean was he lonely? Was he bored, or was it purely because he wanted to have children, but something more how do I put it, homely compared to the Angels he has around him (Cause if I remember they don't have personalities of their own, and are like instruments of his will barring Michael/Jesus and Lucifer/Satan for example).

Gets really weird, like you start to feel for God when you think about our inception and creation. In my personal opinion and from my experiences, God is much like us, and by us, I mean those whom were enlightened about race, life, and the finer things in it. I mean after all, we were created in his image in the first place.

Makes me wonder what kind of vidya he's playing up there, cause he doesn't need to deal with the cuck'd and pozz'd bullshit we do

Massfag here. Got lyme a few years ago. Realized almost immediately what I was infected with and had it properly treated. Only niggers and retards let it fester long enough to become chronic and lifelong.

North-Americans shouldn't have done the Jew's bidding.

You realize that for some people, it doesn't show any symptoms at all, especially when caught during puberty, where such symptoms as the 'rash' you get can easily be construed as acne, cause it's basically just fucking acne.

Or on top of that that all people living in or around ground zero, the specific tests one must take to fucking get the proper diagnosis either sometimes just don't fucking work, or incompetent people who claim to be doctors will misdiagnose it as something entirely off the fucking deep end, or you get bit without knowing and thus live on with out it.

Your ignorance proves you're just as autistic as most people who think chronic lyme doesn't exist, from going as far as to post some ugly squash headed kike slut because you felt the need to force us to look at that ugly disproportionate kike cause you can't think of anything more autistic to do instead of just not posting a picture.

Take your flat assed, kike nosed, shovel jawed mongoloid creature and your pessimistic,

and get fucking Zyklon B'd you fucking heeb.

This is pathetic and shameful if true. Basically, this

You're missing something; the image of man isn't static. Allele frequencies change, mutations arise, natural selection works in wonders. Some degenerate and others eugenerate, if you will.

In the ancient world, "Europeans" as we know them today didn't exist; yes, there were fair-skinned people inhabiting Europe, but their cultures and ways of life would seem totally alien, even barbarian, to a European from the 19th century. I believe that since Europeans placed their faith in God, God likewise placed his blessings upon Europeans, and Christian societies made for eugenic selection. As Europe has turned away from God, now God is withdrawing his blessings from Europe, and so we witness the very rapid degeneration of Europeans.

The book of Isaiah explains it better:

1:2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.
1:7 Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.
1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:
1:20 But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

2:6 Therefore thou hast forsaken thy people the house of Jacob, because they be replenished from the east, and are soothsayers like the Philistines, and they please themselves in the children of strangers.
3:5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.
3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

Those groups represent ethnic degenerations. But its totally possible for them to eugenically improve, given thousands of years. Rome was a great European power, but was it really any greater than Babylon, Egypt, Persia, China, Mongolia, or etc; what enshrined Rome as the progenitor of modern civilization was its conversion to Christ.

I really hope Oxitec goes after ticks the way they're going after mosquitos.

With Trump in office maybe he can slam down the eco-whackos who are standing in the way of pest eradication in Florida and hopefully thereafter the rest of the US

For an example of what I called "eugeneration," look at the Amhara people of Ethiopia. They were mentioned many times in the Bible and actually converted to Christ very early. Obviously the negroid base was already at a much lower starting point because of more extensive degeneration, but you do see HUGE improvements. For example, Ethiopia was the only African state which resisted colonization and technically won a war against Italy, although they suffered heavy casualties. Ethiopia isn't a great example though because it isn't ethnically homogenous; you have Muslim and pagan tribes in the country that obviously wouldn't have converted and would drag the other tribes down, and likewise formerly Christian tribes that converted to Islam and began degenerating (like modern Arabs).

Still, the Amhara are a good example of Christian eugenic selection even in places like Africa

>Studies have shown that most people diagnosed with "chronic Lyme disease" either have no objective evidence of previous or current infection with B. burgdorferi
Exactly. As you pointed out, the "chronic Lyme" designation really brings the crazies out of the woodwork. That aspect is like Morgellons.

There has never been a proven case of transmission between humans.

Brief history of muh natzees crap kosher conspiracy clowns regurgitate:
He left all the groups on leaving university in December 1934, when he went to work for the German chemical giant, IG Farben.
Bernhard himself called Hitler a tyrant in a public speech on the BBC on 25 June 1940 after France fell to Germany.
During the German invasion of the Netherlands, the Prince, carrying a machine gun, organised the palace guards into a combat group and shot at German warplanes. The Royal family fled the Netherlands and took refuge in England.
Mae Magnin was born on May 29, 1922 in Beverly Hills, California.[1] Her father, Edgar Magnin, was a Reform rabbi at the Wilshire Boulevard Temple.
Ehrlich was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Ruth (Rosenberg) and William Ehrlich.

The damn school system was fine until the kikes took over and turned everyone into communists.

Adding this to the list.
During the 1930s, he studied on a fellowship at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in Princeton, New Jersey mentored by Richard Shope, performing research on vaccines and viruses, including pseudorabies virus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus (LCM).

That's vastly more important than him being German.

Gatto complained more about how government school is easily subverted.

Recently, on his website, he was writing open letters to candidate Donald Trump with advice on how to handle education. He called out the Frankfurt school by name in connection to Common Core.

From "Second Letter":

In his books, he mostly laid the blame on fabian socialists and their foundations, like the Rockefeller General Education Board's "Occasional Letter Number One".

When he complains about the Prussians, he's mostly doing it in the context of "this isn't a good fit for America", given the American tradition of decentralized, participatory and democratic government, which was sharply at odds with Prussia's strong-state model.

Nigger calm down. I was wracked with a constant low grade fever, joint pain and swelling of my extremities. It was quite obvious what I had contracted once I did a cursory search of the symptoms. A close relative of mine also was afflicted around the same time period and had similar symptoms present themselves. We went to our respective PCPs and mine diagnosed me immediately and got me started on treatment. My relative's PCP misdiagnosed it as an bacterial infection at first and only after repeated visits correctly deduced it was lyme.

Your points stand. It's a tricky disease to deal with even not counting for incompetent medical staff. My point was simply that if you contract lyme and are not proactive after symptoms present, you are a nigger or a retard.

You're going to give yourself an aneurysm sperging out so hard over relatively innocuous posts my man. Exercise a bit of restraint before going full mongoloid fury. Not everyone on Holla Forums is a kike, even when they say things you disagree with.

CRAZY RICKS taking over our universe!
Northeast is forced to show Rick what they got or else they will succumb to Rickity Ricks disease. It's a disease that destroys your ability to shit in a straight path.

Are you not shitting in a straight path, user? You, too, may be infected. Your only hope is to show Rick what you got. Starting now.

Forgot link, fugg.

So from what you've written, he knows the truth and is purposefully trying to play the "blame everything on the evil Germans" game. Finding ways to call the jews who did this nazis because our society is so judeocentric isn't really helping solve the problem.

And don't take that as personal criticism, it's good that you're keeping up with it. I've got enough irons in the fire.

If you want my honest opinion, the term of Ethiopian in biblical terms probably doesn't refer to the niggers in question.

Again, God is against race mixing, and he certainly didn't create shitskins. Not only that, Niggeropia only resisted colonization due to the islamic presence and the persian/iranians and other saudi arabians living there IIRC.

Ethnically non-Europeans can 'convert' but God will not save them, he did not create them. You see buddy, race is something that transcends the physical form. You say "Europeans" as we know them today didn't exist, which may be true, but the blood and ethnic groups are still there. I don't believe in your cries for eugenic improvement, cause they never will and never have.

They're still in the fucking stone age, and all stumble and trip upon one another without outside help. Not only that, the question I asked wasn't an actual reason, but rhetorical, more along the lines of there was no purpose, but he did it anyway.

I firmly believe that those who are not apart of the Eurpoid race were not meant to see the light of day, nor breathe the air I breathe, and the bible from when I read it, and how many times I've finished from front to finish all it did was reaffirm the feelings I've had.

God does not want us associating with these beasts who mimic our tongue but do not know what words they're speaking, and they may walk up right, but mimicry is mimicry. Don't give credit where it's not due. You're falling more in line with kike indoctrination if anything, the route of the "Noble Nigger" or "Redpilled Mexibros" garbage I've seen being peppered on Holla Forums and in the media as of late.

They are not Human, and they never will be. If that upsets you, I do not apologize.

Do you feel threatened? Cause again, the only reason I replied to you, is because the way you carried yourself like an autist. Then I realized you were an autist and like before, I'm just as stoic as ever.

Again, you were only fortunate that they diagnosed you immediately, because 90% of the time, they don't and won't, and especially during the late 70s to mid 90s, doctors have only gotten shittier with all the shitskins playing pretend and such.

You mistook me just mocking your retardation for a threat, and that's all the more amusing.

have the superior version user
polite sage for off topic



Jesus fucking Chris, I thought I was the only one. All I feel is rage and fury.

I feel the same, though I assumed it was genetic memory of suffering wrongdoing and constant anger over countless generations, inheriting instant rage over anything that would threaten our blood and kin.


that's ricktarded

epic fuck the yanks/kikes anyway

What a bunch of self-worshiping crap. How can you belive this especially as a "christian"?
There are many blacks and asians who are superior to many whites. Not to mention that if you look back in history, the ancient europeans were just a bunch of forest niggers.

"Usually, the tick must be attached for 36 to 48 hours before the bacteria can spread". How many of you anons are stupid enough not to notice something like this?

There's where mine was. Once as a boy I had a tick attached to my scrotum


Yeah, but I live in the city. And ticks are in the forest.
Thanks for killing all the rural people in america.
Bernie 2020 guaranteed now.
Enjoy the gulag.

How sheltered are you? You never heard of this? It's quite common.

Got infected at an early age, I was around 10 or 11. Had it treated ASAP.
I am 20 now and have chronic knee pain. At the end of the day I deal with it because I'm not a vagina.

If Mr. Traub actually aidedin the spread of the disease, gg, you're killing your fellow aryan volk. Get gassed.

Gonna need a better source than a kiketube link and two images with no source. Do your own homework, I'm not doing it for you.

Did the Americans really have to steal that many Nazi scientists? I mean, the moonazi ones I can get because American engineers were so incompetent that even given the blueprints for rockets they couldn't built it and need the Nazi gentlemen to do it for them but this?

But I can't say his vengeance isn't warranted either (if true). All the weird sicko things that happen in society today weren't even remotely thought possible back then. Turns out they were right about everything. I just wish he went about it a different way.

Diogenes was literally the GG Allin of his time.

ticks and niggers. why cant africa contain its shit? its not like europe is infecting oceania with british food and french manners

Daily reminder that (((anti-vaccers))) shut down the commercial lyme vaccine

That doesn't even make any goddamn sense. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria of the genus Borrelia. AIDS (which is a condition; the pathogen is HIV) is a virus. How can you possibly say a bacterium and a virus are structurally similar?

if only we analyzed those holocaust mass graves to reveal that most of them are actually germans


I wonder if the reports of increased strength are due to the fine motor control neurons being damaged, meaning the muscle bundles all fire in unison.
(Basically, retard strength.)

Also, I used to know a woman who had chronic Lyme, and she suffered a lot of the physiological symptoms described ITT.
Towards the end of our friendship, she became neurotic as fuck and eventually abusive and violent.

It's deer jerky with a much higher fat content plus berries and whatever else was on hand.

It was either that or let the Soviets nab them.

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or maybe he just really hated the Amish.

nice dubs thar, but unfortunately lyme-anything never gave us a qt diseased waifu so bupkis on that as old-timey farts like ol' Mad Santa would say.
>He also is an important evolutionary theorist. He was one of the originators of the ideas of r-selected and k-selected species (in terms of population characteristics and adaptations to either life history strategy). These were the original reasons why he became a famous ecologist.
Also he's where the whole r/k shit the plebbitors yammer about all the time came from apparently.
also kinda suspicious ebola surfaces in the same area he liked to collect horned lizards 3 years after his first visit to the Kalahari if you read his papers…jussaiyan.


well, let's put it this way. You wanna know a really good way to get it without ticks?
boffing an infected deer. Awwww ye bby, bow chicka baao bao

I love how accurate Reign: The Conqueror has him. Diminutive li'l molest-y Yoda freak.

Come to think of it, the US imported nip scientists too. The (((CIA))) put them on the coasts….teaching universities.
maybe social justice really is an incurable disease after all. Most of Unit 731 had legit teaching positions in Cali, NYC, and Miami.