Trump Says "You're Fired!" to Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, an Obama administration hold, who said the justice department wouldn't defend President Trump's Middle East travel ban just got fired by Trump. This is so fresh I couldn't even find any articles on it. Whether or not he said, "You're fired!" to her is yet to be seen.

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*an Obama administration holdover







And this is just week 2.

I love this timeline.




The best part is in that story..

He just bypassed the senate and got a AG of his choice in there


And Trump probably wrote or dictated it from how it is worded.
Hopefully bold breaks the link.
Have you considered actually fucking looking before posting the thread as quickly as possible to get attention for posting it first?



This new guy's powers are limited as an acting AG

for example, he's not allowed to issue warrants because he has not been confirmed by the senate


Buffalo fag spotted

I genuinely can't wait until we can make fun of Yeb! for being an orphan.
The memes will be over the top

I was just imagining him firing her the other day. And now my dream is reality.

drain that fucking swamp


Sneaking some Yeb into that first screenshot, I see.


We need some really quality "JUST" edit on this bitch.

It's looking more like National Socialism without the socialism because even real socialism doesn't work when there's niggers in your country.




Slow and steady progress.







What a gift for working people to come home to.


Just take a look at all the verified accounts who are protesting this, calling her a "true patriot". yates&src=typd

It's shit like this that has me thinking that celebs are almost entirely paid off to espouse (((their))) messages on the sheeple.


find a picture of her with her hair not in her face

OK. But at lease he killed any resistance from the Obama AG. Now its pass Sessions or live with no real AG.






No, they actually believe it.

Nah, i did it myself already

here is my attempt

I'm so used to the Berenstein universe this is actually surprising to me




added the eyes

The salt industry has crashed and is in hyperinflation. I think we are going to see what happens when something goes beyond hyperinflation, and all because of liberal tears.



welp so much for my November 8th boner going away

Good. This is what happens in the real world when your boss tells you to something…and you refuse to do it.

I know people in the public sector thought they were irreplaceable, but there's a new President in town and he's not a communist muslim nigger who hates America.

This is so shit it's perfect.

By law the president fills the empty seat until it can be filled, maybe the libs should have been more covert. And maybe Trump should do this with other positions to kick out the rest of the traitors

It never stops kek


Shoot the bitch


Checked brother. This is fun


Nice. Made a background slightly more detailed.

wew, they all seem to care about the law and Constitution now even if they don't know anything about it

Since when is firing someone who refuses your direct order as boss considered 'fascism'?

It's called 'how a normal professional organization operates.'



Checked yourself

She could have been caught with pedo pictures on her HDD, but if she stands against Trump (no matter what she's disagreeing with), the lefties will side with her.

user, we're living in a timeline where Trump could cure fucking cancer and the left would still find a way to dump on him.

Yeah, I forgot the part in the Constitution that said Obongo's appointees got to keep their job forever and couldn't be fired even for blatantly refusing to do their job. Fucking cuck. Hopefully he'll be right about Trump becoming "Furher" though.




"Fascism" is anything the left-wing doesn't like.

If you're white then you're born fascist by default. Antifa believes this makes you fair game to randomly assault in the streets. Hopefully white people will finally realize that no matter how hard they cuck out, they can never avoid being "fascist" in the left-wing's eyes, and actually unite behind that label.


I can imagine the conversation when one of his aides, or whoever, told him that the attorney general was betraying him…

Wait, aren't most tyrants lawyers themselves? I know Hillary was, and Bill too, I think.




Yep, there's no way the Left is going to be deradicalized after this. They're going to escalate.

Year of the fire cock.

The cabinet isn't even mentioned once in the constitution. These fucks think that the cabinet is some holy part of government like the three branches are, but it just so happens that what George Washington started has expanded its own power to now, where cabinet positions are widely sought after. But what do you expect of liberals to understand anything about their government? Trump did nothing wrong, even if firing cabinet members is considered rare, it certainly is not illegal.

Bannon was right, they REALLY don't know

Get it together Vlad

Of course, the Left tries to appeal to paleoconservative talking points when they're finally the ones without power. Nice try mer- shlomos.

Let them. It feels like Washington is getting a nuclear assload of constitutional law since Trump is, you know, actually fucking DOING something as president as opposed to those before him who barely exercised the authority granted by their office.

We should be so lucky as to see other Obama appointees stand up and protest only to get shoah'd themselves.

Can't wait for the next Spicer news conference.

I declare my candidacy for president of meme enforcement

can we meme it?

He's Hitler, yet allow you to be crying children in airports when he can shut you down. These fucking retards.

Sean is going to have fun tomorrow.

I can hear the nuclear holocaust of asshurt from here in canada.
Now if only our administration wasnt the cucked mess we have now.


I love this man.

It's like it's in their contracts or something.

Save us from ourselves

those dubs say yes

Stay strong, fellow leaf. All that needs to happens is one or two semi-large genuine snackbar attacks and Canadians will come around.

And if they don't, you'll turn into Sweden and we'll eventually build a northern wall before annexing your sorry asses.

So much happening
best timeline

Why waste time with a wall, fudds could easily annex Canada, not like the rural folk would be in any shape or form would oppose such an action


The more arrogant the Left behaves, the more fashy Trump gets. I LIKE IT.


All we would really need to do is nuke Toronto and then expel the chinks from Vancouver. The rest is easy

If you're lucky, Trudeau will prove his incompetency and declare war on America in the name of diversity and tolerance. After steamrolling through his imported army of syrian refugees, natives, Toronto chinks and fags armed with dildos, I think Trump would be a far more benevolent ruler of Canada than the current commie in charge.

That's a guard unit on AT most likely.

Do they realize how ignorant they sound when they call for arbitrary impeachment every five seconds?

No fucking idea regarded even the most basic functions of government…

Each day is like a new episode of the best show ever, except it's reality. I can't wait to see what crazy stunts the liberals will pull after this.



It's not like the kikes were ever going to let things calm down anyway. They want things to escalate.

No they don't. That's what makes it so glorious to watch.

These government niggers are going learn there is a price to pay for freelance activism on the boss' nickel.

Trumps is a NEET god for how much entertainment he provides loser shut-ins day after day.

What happened to Putin?


Our culture is being nice so you would easily push our shit in if push comes to shove.

She's going to be disbarred for this

probably not. ABA is run by kikes so probably give her a medal.


And entertainment for wealthy white people that are tired of a dumbass nigger running their country.

Kek. Can't wait till those niggers are forced to approve Sessions as well now.

Nah - doesn't work that way

t. Bill & Hillary's disbarrment

they really have no idea how meme magic works, do they?




Talk about WRECKED, she should consider obtaining Allstate.

Cuckchan go home.

Exactly this. No matter what- they continue to paint themselves into a corner, wind themselves up to a froth, and their kvetching is becoming stronger and better. Just wait until he moves on the wet-backs

This is going to make the race riots of the 1960's look like a playground brawl. Of course now the police is fully militarized for this stuff and has been planning for it. Only thing is (((they))) thought it would be us on the receiving end.

I had to wait until I got home, made some fresh OC to send to some libshits.

Never fails

I just mean that in the sense that you can sit inside all day doing jackshit and Trump's hourly news cycle is enough entertainment to keep you disconnected from actually bettering yourself.

I'm not a NEET, I have priorities, but I certainly imagine there are many people here who do nothing all day but follow DC news. I've certainly spent my weekends inside on the computer laughing my ass off at all the happenings.

Fuck I didn't even think of that. Is this guy better than Sessions or is it someone less preferable that libshits would rather remove in favor of Session?

Win Win
Check and Mate

Trump also just replaced the head of immigration enforcement

Visualization of the White House at time of Sally's dismissal.


Oh this is great. Trump doesn't fuck around.

I'm so used to cuckservatives that would have just waited her out, but Trump needs to nuke her.

I just meant that as a rich white dude, I'm loving it as well. What a great time to be alive brother.

Good. The kikes can cry all they want, but we need shit to get done and fast.

Trump's got work to do. No time to pussy about.

If they do, then are completely done for.

As Sun Tzu said, never correct your enemy while they're making a mistake. The reason why they keep on losing is because they always choose the wrong starting point. Let's keep it that way for 8 years and beyond.

CNN and MSNBC are in full fucking sperg mode right now

Did they stop teaching civics in your classrooms, yanks?

I had to call that retard out.

unfortunately, yes.

Yes. Don't worry though, Trump's got plenty of time to fix it.

My fucking sides

Pretty much. You have to take AP US History to really learn anything, and even then you have to pray that you get a redpilled teacher. It'll only get worse under common core, lets be glad we stopped that shit before it really took hold.


It is a high school class with a leftist agenda. Even if these people somehow remembered the facts, it is already skewed. People need to be reading and learning about government constantly to better understand, we just don't have that anymore.

It's liberals. They think the constitution is whatever they want it to be at that moment.

Funny thing is only a few years ago they were saying the constitution didn't matter because it was like a hundred years old and written by white slave owners.


Yup. That's why you see libshits parrot drivel from opinion pieces.

5-6 people will see this… CNN is fucking useless and they have hardly any viewership anymore.

Looks like the NYT comment fags are threatening revolt in the State Department too. This skank getting fired has them a bit nervous. Some bonus literally Hitler too.

wtf i hate Trump now

They have no fucking plan.
They really thought Hillary was a shoe-in and planned according to that. They dont know what to do, so they are trying everything to see if something sticks. The democrats are a total mess.

Well, he is "kind of" overstepping his bounds with this one. The AG is the only person who can legally sign foreign surveillance warrants. The President doesn't have such authority.

Doesn't really matter anyway. It's crazy fun to watch.

Ain't no getting off this maga train.

Silly kikes never learn

They always say this shit and we need to start demanding proof and maybe asking why they're watching ISIS recruitment videos so much that they're up to date on the very newest ones.

They really don't get it, do they?

Listen up democrats, keep rebelling so you can be a martyr too.

Why exactly would they teach civics that's set up by a bunch of dead slave owning misogynistic white guys. Now they teach feel feels and give everyone a participation award an actual sticker once every couple of years for (((voting))).

The average level of civics is Oh My GOD Government is so cool! and it is why they are breaking down so badly. A few on here (myself included) don't really trust the gubment that much, so we could handle Obama with dry sarcasm and cynicism. These special snowflakes actually worship Government as a panacea and a false religion- a font of hope and safety. That font just went sour for them, and they aren't going to handle it well- in fact, I think it will get even worse for them.

I'm imagining a lower level wall than what we're doing with Mexico and largely something built as a temporary 'Shit's going bad up there but we don't have the casus belli yet for war.


They won't have a headline sufficiently hysterical once he gets around to the real swamp draining. There will be hundreds if not thousands of these fucktards being shitcanned.

Oh, please nigger. Of course I'm a (1) … I just fucking got here. Go shill somewhere else, kike.

Is it too late to change my vote?

They're probably the ones making the videos.

Make sure you point out she's white (I hear she's a kike but she looks white enough for this to piss off dumb muds)

Remember, these are the same cucks who think that the 2nd Amendment is outdated, and has no place in a "modern" society. What are they going to revolt with? Facebook posts and witty chants?

Definitely a woman.

Fucking libshits

Someday it will hit them that
but not for a while I hope

I don't even think that would be needed either. Easily accessed areas have the DHS sitting right there, the harder areas requires someone who knows the area.

Are these people stupid? There are otaku for every fucking country on Earth. Would not be hard to find pro-Trump people with an IQ above 130 just itching to represent America to their favorite country. Yes, even Kyrgyzstan and Palau.

I hope its after they try occupying government buildings and the left gets its own WACO 2.0.

This. Pinko's and libertarians don't understand high trust economics.

So what's the hold up there? Is it the Dems purposefully saying 'I'm sorry, I'm washing my hair that night, can we do it tomorrow' ad infinum, or are they trying to legally block it through a vote or summat?

I wish. If it does happen to arrive, it won't be because of us. It'll be because of their anti-white attitudes.

We used to let libshits have their way, but they won't have that chance anymore because they aren't content with what's given to them. Fuck them.

Subtle Russian on the button there, friend. Excellent trolling potential.

And then resume work in what other careers exactly? The watering hole isn't exactly drinkable after having Obama piss and shit in it for 8 years.

As based electro jew Miller noted on Tucker Carlson tonight- there are ample people in the DoJ that are Senate confirmed that can keep the machinery going and now they want to keep their jobs too



Why correct them or make them think about this? We want them to see it as a 'white nationalist racist' movement, so cucks are forced to see that even if they won't see race, the others will. It was always about ethnic self-interest with the 'minorities'.

Doesn't matter in the context of making libshits look stupid. Just Win.

When I took Civics in high school it was all about the "Civil Rights" movement, slavery, known Commie agent Martin Luther King Jr, the 3/5ths compromise, and communist protestors successfully making us pull out of 'Nam and how heroic they were. And this was well before Common Core, I shudder to think how bad it is for today's kids.

Yes, but Trump realized this and, through 14/88D chess, baited out the AG to fire her to force all of the public schools in the US to give a civics lesson tomorrow.

Hail Satan

Like I said, it's crazy fun to watch. Trump's "You're Fired!" is still in effect. I swear I've died and this is paradise.

Satan pls go. We are kek's people.

To us anons who have watched what Europe has been saying, these fucks are just using the same arguments
It hurts to know that the opposition is so stale.

Our civics class consisted of being native american, mexican, and black history month.

Hahahahahahahahaah. I'm actually thankful they're going with this hyperbole. They could be attacking Trump from the angle that an "evil white Trump supporter gunned down 6 mudshits in a Quebec mosque" but nah they'd rather call firing a belligerent AG a "massacre"

These new age kikes really are stupid. They've sucked on the Holohoax tit for so long they've forgotten how to be clever or subversive.


>of people
>large number

Trump fires ONE person and it's a 'massacre'? Fucking hell CNN, read a damn book.

It gets even better W-WE WUZ KANGZ N SHEIT


I've dealt with a few people from the State Department. Many are top notch, real pros. Others I wondered how they managed to put their pants on in the morning without injuring themselves. There is plenty of room for deadwood to be cut and new people to come in.


hail tbh

lol education reform along with political changes. that's great.

I've realized for a long time now that they lose because they "feel" facts. That doesn't stand up to reality for very long.

I'm just intrigued how they can constantly get slapped back time and time again, but don't learn that feels aren't facts. They actually double down on their ignorance more often than not. It's just really odd.



lel dude, I hate to be that guy, but this was Napoleon not some chink.

That reminded me of this legit quote though

"The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.” - Jackie Chan

It seems they stopped teaching everything but sodomy and negro spirituals.


Crusz has been on a fucking roll lately.

its too easy

ha ha ha ha


Based Canuck


He's trying to win over the delegates

What timeline did we fall into that Ted Cruz is actually doing his job?

meant for

El Rato is slowly gaining my respect back.


What was the name of that cunt from last year who refused to sign off on fag marriage that every liberal shat on?

Screenshot this kind of shit. It'll be perfect ammunition when those double talking spic makes a play for the white house in 4 years.

The same timeline where he gamed Deadspin

I kek every time.

I think he'll eventually find his way to the supreme court.


Sort of.
http colon slash slash

fucking lol

Trump made a vassal out of him. It isn't without precedent to turn the vanquished to your side, especially when it means his job prospects increase.

OMG. This is Textbook fascism! #DumpDrumpf! will they ever get tired of loosing?

every day this shit gets funnier and funnier holy shit


Hail Hitler

#Another firing.

President Donald Trump replaced the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday night, shortly after he fired the acting attorney general, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed.

Unlike the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the replacement of Acting ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale came with no explanation. Ragsdale was replaced by Thomas Homan, ICE's executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations since 2013.

these quads set the tone for the next 100 years


That sounds more like judaism.

fucking checked

I bet those kikes just made that when Trump started getting elected.


Sometimes I don't even know where to start with a reply to that, it's beyond me.

Someone should have videotaped it, holy KEK




Actually… this confirms their meme?

Monday Night Massacre

Fascism honestly doesnt sound that bad.




Are they just trying to sell me on Fascism even more, I'm already at 100%.

bn4 ban (dubs might save you, but I doubt it)
We will NEVER tire if Winning!!

He's making a list
He's checking it twice
He's gonna find out who's letting in lice
The Don's bringing the hammer-er down

Just wait for Tuesday
Terror Teusday Slaughter

From the moment he rolled out the EO's he knew there would be some needed liquidation for recalcitrant niggers. He just sat back and waited to see who wasn't interested in MAGA.


I sense a dubs thread massacre upon us

Rato seems like he had the mentality of "win no matter what" when it came to the election. Now that Trump is getting shit done he's chilled out somewhat. Subjective opinion, feel free to prove me wrong.

Then how do you know?
/ourguy/s within Trump Administration?


But goddamn do I love seeing Spicer shut those lying jewish mouths, it's like every singe member of Trump's cabinet aspires to be as based as the President himself.


AP tweeted it,, FOX news 'breaked' it - breaking. Breaking, everywhere.

Cruz seems to just want to be on the winning side. He'll help Trump as long as he can get credit to bolster his image.

Remember the thread about applying to work under the trump administration? Seems like /ourguys/ got in.

He has no choice and is playing it politically smart. Rato is a snake in the grass.

He started campaigning for Trump near the end, I think he and Trump had a secret meeting or call. He had a pretty big change of heart. Maybe he just saw some internal polls or something.

trump has zero control over the media he just knows how to fuck with them.

also " labor power suppressed " all of the blue collar love trump

No wonder Trump won, his opposition can't even speak fucking English.

Archive everything as usual.



Great word to use for this.

Cheers, m8.

Night of the long knives

https: //

bluepill, the post.

The blitzkrieg is happening so fast, the media can't keep up.

SJW lefties are going to wake up tomorrow and all have strokes.

Someone should upload this on a pornsite with rape genre.
Trump is fucking with them left and right and provokes them while being a snug smug. I think he is setting traps and works forward to escalate everything on purpose so he can put everyone who tries to fuck him into place, like a true emperor removing all dissidents after being crowned.

mein gott

I didn't say to Trust him, you illiterate nigger.

I assumed you watched him today, right user?

It's not even real BTFOing, it's just him pointing out logical inconsistencies in the reasoning and actions of others. The whole 'well, when's the last time you saw Shumer crying for Americans?' line is a perfect example of that.

And yeah, I use VLC. It's never given me any problems and I never understood the shit it gets.

I disagree, Rato was supposed to be the "racist/tea party" candidate who drops out after super tuesday and towed the party line behind Jeb.
When Trump came on the scene and took the lead Rato was pushed to the front line because he was closest to Trump but still controlled.
Now he's back to being a dull senator from Texas towing the line like a good goy, it's just that NOW it's Trump's line.

If Trump didnt run I cant imagine what Holla Forums would be like now.

These retards openly admit that the world is being held hostage by islamic threats of rape and murder, yet they never realize what they're actually defending, fucking hell.


Wew, we are only a few decades off from absolute crazy

Cry a river, faggot.

shitting on VLC is an old /g/ meme

Why does that guy have hair coming out of his eyes?

Digging like crazy.


I imagine depressed and trying not to become demoralized with the increasing Jewish influence. A lot of anger, not as much smug.

Attorney General
Director of Immigration Enforcement
Have we started the firings?

Lmao on "intellectuals and the arts", we're all definitely going to miss the wage gap myth and vagina sculptures.

VLC sucks user, MPC is where it's at.


It's eyeliner, user.




yes, the hire rises!

Like 2014 except more numb

Context, user. It's like -gate.


Many anons would have fully declared themselves (in their own minds) enemies of the state and just disrupt infrastructure. Economic terrorism IRA style. I mean, pranks. Pranks.

Actually user, I'm not entirely clear why he fired the ICE guy. Was he openly refusing to comply with the EOs as well?

Ted Cruz is like Vegeta. First worst rival, then gets bros with Goku as soon as fight against Freeza (Hillary) ends.

Yes please. Just give us a currency backed by silver and we're golden.


Former Torontofag here who knows who Tom Baurlie and Sandy Beach are.

Really is an amazing feeling, isn't it? All this time on Holla Forums getting ready for a hopeless battle against an authoritarian police state which was specifically designed and built to crush every little scrap of white resistance left. Then one man walks in and steals it right out from under their noses (with the help of his Internet People of course).
Now the very people praising the creation of the modern police state will get to be the first to feel its boot on their head. The golem is turning on its master yet again, praise Kek!

Then who is Cell?

That's my thought. It sounds very much like his manner of speaking when read aloud

Probably not openly, just Trump knew he was because it was Obama's appointee.

Ah, thanks user. In my filth and ignorance, I didn't actually check to see if it was a thing. I assumed that CNN was just trying to meme it because of the alliteration since their viewers are all houseplants.

We don't know yet.

former Orchard Park here

The kikes?


I do, everyone should.
VLC is objectively worse though.

this is better than I could have imagined

Well, this is assuming Trump didn't run. The mere act of running gave some of us, like myself, a beacon of hope for the future that we haven't had in years. If that hope never came, Holla Forums would likely have been doing the same thing it'd been doing for years: trying to redpill. But this time, Holla Forums has been succeeding.

I want this answer to be correct, but it will be

heavenly dubs confirm that /ourguys/ are on the inside.

Yeah and it was great, sometimes he'd just completely reject their questions or give them snarky "who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" kinds of answers. When you compare Spicer to the chucklefuck we had before that would brazenly lie about the dumbest things like vid related. Everything about the Trump administration leaves me erect.

and it's a meme user, everyone knows the best videopl/a/yer is mpc-HC with CCCP


There is nothing wrong with being nice in a high trust society, it is a desirable trait. You should be ashamed of selling out your ancestors for a passing glory from user.

It's a goddamn shame.



>of enforcement and removal operations since 2013
Removal is just what we need.


It just happened when I posted this thread. Sorry I'm not going to dig through twitter to screenshot tweets like a social media homo because simply stating what happened isn't good enough for some faggot who posted 15 minutes later after there were more sources.


Fuck that game. No seriously fuck that game.


She should send a letter back thanking Trump for not sending the Praetorian Guard to cut her fucking head off.



someone meme that cartoon panel of a guy reading that letter which reads "get rekt -signed AMERICA"

So her story as reported by FOX is total bullshit?

Look at it this way, if Trump and Russia decide to annex Canada together, there won't be much of a fight the last remaining uncucked white men left will be saved.

I hope

Night of the long pink slips





I like hockey, so when I march and invade Canada I'll spare you guys



Thanks, user. There's a small enclave of us left and we stand with you.


Does anybody else have a raging erection? Ive got one that feels just as hard as election night!

This is what winning feels like.

The good news is Canada has lots to march and invade so I hope you let us know when you come over for a rip eh?


ayy lmao

I dunno, it's just what the kikes at CNN are reporting as fact.




Top fucking kek

Can we try her for high crimes against the US. Refusal to obey a lawful order and failure to supervise. Enough fucking around.

So… how could any of these be considered "bad" things? Is the idea to mix in a few good ideas with "sexism," "cronyism," "corruption," etc. so that the stupid goyim reading it will think that having law & order or a strong military are inherently bad by association?

Can reality even contain Trump as president? Everything this man does is causes massive ripples of triggering upon our dimension. If this goes on for another month, I think we will see one of the dimensions shatter and give way to anime becoming real.

only one week in boys


Satanic trips confirm. Plus it's even funnier if they look into her background and find out themselves that she's a jew.

Kim Davis

Tell me that Tariq has an NGO, please

What a fucking hero

Found it. Kim Davis was the woman who refused to follow "The Constitution" by not signing off on fag marriage.

That is fine user but the point is that this is out ONLY defining trait of our culture we are now taught that when we brought civilization to the savages before us that we should have just gone home back to england and france with our shriveled dicks between our legs. We were successful business men? Well that lasted throughout the ages and the market competition across all fronts is just stagnant air with occasional gust of american brands dying when they realize that there's a monopoly on EVERYTHING.
Can't wait for the country to collapse when it tries to TRIPLE it's population in EIGHTY YEARS.

Bauerle is such a weird dude, but him and Bellavia have some top-level Bantz. The fact that bellavia has removed many kebab is a plus as well.


don't know how i'll react tbh



C'mon Holla Forums, what wonders will tomorrow bring?

Bush Administration holdover, actually.

This is Trump's personal shitpost.

It's not the only defining trait of our culture, that's pc bullshit spread by people who dont want to admit our strong cultural and ethnic heritage.

And I'm not really disagreeing with you. The cities are all succumbing to various levels of pozz and the 100million currynigger vision of canada may be the death of us I'm just desperately trying not to succumb to the black pill.

Checking the holy quads.

Hahaha this is referencing Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre? How many people will even get that or are they gonna spend hours explaining their lame joke?

ty kek.

The Daily Fail bongs are always good for providing a kekworthy headline.

It was a major part of what is generally considered the biggest political scandal in US history; any American reasonably informed about politics knows about it.

The left usually deals in hyperbole, so I'm assuming things like 'obsession with crime and punishment' means (to them) that all cops will be doing shit like pulling over minorities, breaking a tail light, then giving them a ticket and what not. You know, cliched, stupid stuff. Because they're histrionic morons.

he's just kissing trump's ass hoping that he won't be purged



They don't think it's a joke though. It's deadly serious to them and they desperately want a repeat of Nixon being forced out of office.

Canada SEVERELY needs some nationalism.

I'm really hoping the Dems try to do something flashy like staging a mass walkout but fail to realize there's a tiny bylaw somewhere that lets Trump fire them or hold votes in their absence or something; you know, a plan that just utterly blows up in their fucking faces.

Yes, that nutty upward slant! That broad brown down-stroke! Such fecal artistry! That scent emanating from every masterful conjugation. I recognize that shitposter!




Perhaps he's right.

Good tactics, let normies research the JQ and race question on their own, of course help them along with acting like a normie and asking whose her parents? Where'd she come from? Then once they are off center finally break them with infographics and peer pressure, they'll all thank us someday but we didn't ask for those feels.





Don't tell me the cucks were actually expecting the new attorney general to "rebel" or some bullshit dream.

I wonder how many more people Trump will bait out to clear the decks.

Obama's appointees would be fooled by a goddamn piece of candy left beneath a box propped up by a stick.


The man has been on a hot streak for seven decades. The fuck did she think would happen?

I'm fine with that.


The fact that she didn't resign, and instead had to be fired, means she actually thought there wouldn't be any real consequences for refusing to do her job. Let that sink in.


Dumb cunt was playing partisan politics; literally "IT'S OKAY WHEN OBAMA DOES IT!" Good riddance. Now we can move on without actions being blocked by AG just because Trump is the one doing them.


Get for the Emperor.

They've become accustomed to freelance judicial activism with no consequences. That shit is coming to an end.

You have command now Acting AG Boente

This sounds stupid, but as a Canadian you know how fun it would be to plan an American invasion.

Make a board game out of it.

I suddenly have the need to watch Trump appoint a new batch of south american MAGA otakus and watch him try mate with one of his caps on.

Or she wanted to become a "martyr" for more petty virtue-signaling & a press tour. I fully expect a media blitz with her all over TV clucking out emotional appeals & empty platitudes while providing zero legal ground to her actions whatsoever all the while never acknowledging the blatant hypocrisy of supporting similar actions from Obama.

Fresh reddit salt


Bet she'll run for congress in '18.


[Literally Can't Even Intensifies]

They'll try, but will give up in mere hours just as Trump rolls something else out to trigger the fuck out of them.

He already has her replacement.

Quite possible. She could be trying to leverage it into a nice shekel farm on the electric jew.

This is it isn't it? Every single day we're going to win more & more until the streets are paved with gold by American hands.

Feels Good man

Ah shit. You're right. Also "queen" nigger will be running for sure.

Temporary replacement, until Sessions is approved, and the spics are deported.



I am sure she loves her country, Israel, just not America.

How about we try to get some Holla Forumsacks in the House of Representatives. The age requirement is 25 years old, with a seven year citizenship requirement and stipulation that you live in the state you represent.
I know that there are some cagey motherfuckers on this board that have immaculate records who could easily be /ourguys/ in Congress.


do state department officials and assorted administration members need to swear to uphold the new presidents laws orders and policies, before, during, after the inauguration? to prevent this sort of thing from happening?
if so can i get a source for ammo for arguments

I made this thee other night




The only ammo you need is Yates supported Obama's travel ban. This is cut & dry partisan politics.

kek be praised!

Who else feels like Trump can seriously succeed where Hitler failed? Real talk, I feel like this time, we have a shot.

I against my brother
My brother and I against my cousin
My cousin and I against the stranger
- Arab Bedouin saying

No, plz don't say that again.

Fuck off I'm serious.


The enemy hasn't even been named. Perhaps if the end result this is to bring about some collective reflection about kikes supporting our destruction, but getting cuckstians to pivot so hard so fast is not probable.

Where the fuck have you been?

There's so much happening I can't quite keep up with all of it.

Every single fucking president since Andrew Johnson has fired the AG in favor of one from their party. Lefties aren't even trying anymore.

It's a given that we will succeed, one way or the other, sooner or later. Or rather, you better fucking work for succes, otherwise your children and descendants, if they survive, will live in a world that is worse than anything you can imagine. It's not just a chance or shot, it's our very future, and i fully believe we will succeed.

Christians voted for Trump overwhelmingly though. Even the Catholics. Naming the Jew will purge every propaganda network, education infiltration, and religious subversion the kikes have worked for. After Trump's first term, it shouldn't be hard for people to actually think about the Jewish question.


Well, maybe, but still, he's on the warpath and we're only a week and a day in, so it's possible, only time will tell
also just thought of something

You know how they gave King Nigger the ability to declare martial law WHENEVER HE FUCKING WANTED if things got bad, but he never used it?
If Antifa and the lefties get so far out of hand, it'll be a detriment to national security.
look forward to it

the president does not have laws of his own in a direct sense, his job is merely to see that the laws congress creates, are passed and he has approved. the laws are really congress' laws and therefore (((the peoples ))) laws. whether they swear on a holy book or not if they are a member of the executive they are to follow his lead.

/r/ing the pic of Spicer in a Gundam suit


How New are you?
Turtle Fish Paint

The salt/virtue signalling on Reddit the past 11 days has been truly incredible

That is glorious, oh my god.

Please annex us so we can make this a reality

*passes and are approved by him are fulfilled * its late im going to dream of winning with the doubt that this is all to good to be true

They are being kikes about this. To them, it is resignation over firing, which is the same thing. We all know they just want to yell because their failure of an attorney general didn't do shit.

finally found what i was looking for
https: //

"and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. [So help me God.]"

Under the laws of a state it may be considered treason or a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office.

Kek is not a jew.
You lose again christcuck

He is the holy spirit, user.

Yeah, because he played the Israel card. Christians, as a mass, can't deal with the jew truth. The same mechanism that keeps them bound to their jew book is the same that keeps them bound to Israel. This has to be done slowly. We don't name the jew. We let them name themselves.

Or she was tired of her job and knew she could get "poor woman, helpless victim" points and likely a promotion from virtue signaling so hard. I'd be suprised if she doesn't call it "rape" at some point.


if she wants to claim rape i know some refugees who'll make an honest woman out of her.

Reported, mother fucker.

when do we show them real nazism?

dat subtle Jeb

hoping you're right
knowing you're not


I could never imagine this in north eastern guard unit, too diverse and busy getting Sharp lectures

I've been to 1 (One) Guard drill so far and I've spent 3 hours getting lectured about sexual assault. Northeastern unit.

So glad I'm not longer enlisted. It was a long time ago but everybody still feared any visit from the nofun squad (MEO).


Wait until you start getting it every 3-6 months with suicide prevention courses spliced in between. Absolutely lives up to the weekend warrior meme.


Fucking great user, thanks.


I think these are still being refined.
Before Fort Hood:
After Fort Hood:

Border security finally revealing their power level is glorious.

So are those digits

"My dream of a White America is not nostalgia. I know that we can never return to the past. But I also know that if we are ever to move forward again we have to get rid of this racial mess which has engulfed America. I know that no multi-racial society can be a healthy or stable society. Some people who agree with me that the present racial situation is untenable and can only become worse under the government's present policies nevertheless cannot conceive of rectifying the situation. They believe that once a country has been integrated racially it cannot be un-integrated. But it can be — although the process of un-integration is likely to be a very painful and bloody process. It is likely to require a civil war much worse than the one we went through in the last century. It certainly will disrupt the lives of everyone involved. The soft couch potatoes and the trendy consumers would much prefer to avoid the disruption, so that they can continue their TV- viewing and their consuming. Even people made of somewhat sterner stuff are horrified by the prospect of straightening out our racial situation. But we must do it. We must plan for it. We must not refuse to think about it just because it will be difficult and unpleasant. We are in our present mess because we failed to act when action would have been far less painful.

In these uncertain times in which we live there is one thing of which we can be certain: and that is, the Jews and their collaborators in the government, the media, the schools, and the churches will cling to the death to their plan for the destruction of our people through miscegenation. They have a tiger by the tail, and they know that they must not let go. And so conditions in America will continue to grow worse and worse, as the enemies of our people continue desperately to push us to the point of no return. Our schools and our cities will become more jungle-like; our popular culture will become more alien, more debased, more Negroid, more Mexican, and more Asian; the behavior of our politicians and our sports and entertainment stars will become more animalistic; our government will become even more corrupt. And White Americans will run out of suburbs to which they can flee. And when they no longer can evade the situation, when they no longer can ignore it, when they no longer can parrot the Politically Correct lies about race without any danger of being contradicted by reality — then more and more White Americans finally must make decisions about the future they don't want to think about now.

And we know that many of them will just wring their hands and cry in womanish despair, "Oh, why can't the races get along with each other? Why can't there be peace and cooperation between
the races, so that I can continue to consume in comfort and safety and Political Correctness? Oh, why must I deal with this difficult and unpleasant problem of race?" And we know that more of
the weakest and most degraded of our people, the most corrupt and selfish of our people, will join our enemies in the hope of temporarily improving their own personal situations. But we also
know that many others, when there no longer is a safe suburb to which they can flee, finally will be ready to stand and fight.

And my message to these last is this: Don't wait until the last minute to make your decision; much better to make it sooner than later. My message is: Don't fall for the defeatist lie that we
cannot un-integrate America because it will be too difficult, too violent, and too painful. Don't refuse to think about the grim remedy of a civil war — because the alternative is far grimmer and
far bloodier. The fate that Mr. Clinton and the Jewish media bosses have planned for us is infinitely worse than any civil war could possibly be. Civil war is thinkable, civil war is
plannable — when the alternative is extinction. Be a man and face reality and steel yourself to do whatever must be done to undo the damage that our enemies have done to us, so that our people will have a future. "

Heavenly check.

It doesn't matter if they teach it or not.

My relative is literally a lawyer who focused on Constitutional law in law school, and even she's saying that it's unconstitutional. Even if the facts are presented to these people, they will still not oppose the narrative that has been ingrained in them. She's even tried to tell me that constitutional rights (in the particular case we were talking, the 2nd amendment) are allowed to be taken away if it's proven that you "don't need" them. It's actually worse if they're "educated", because they'll just cite the fact that they've taken courses or flaunt their degrees as evidence that they're right.

those are some glorious digits, brother

Federal criminal law is explicit and direct regarding a violation of oath of office by federal officials which includes all members of Congress. The law requires the removal of the office holder as well a prison term or fine for the offender.
can we send her to prison now?

Of course they do, they are Lawyers you argue what you want to happen in the best light. They all do this shit,

Do people think every case the ACLU brings they think they will win? This is a real shit show and the thing is they have gone past caring because nobody but Trump supporters will call them out on it. The music is cranked so loud nobody will touch it.

But it is 100% Constiutional, and this bitch would have argued a hundred cases that were not or were borderline but this was her meal ticket and Obama has been plotting shit to disrupt the power transfer. It's actually a national disgrace what has happened and a literal coup, but the people are in the streets for Muslims who have to get decent backround checks over a few months.

This. Thankfully it didn't happen and we have more time to prepare for actual fighting in the streets and lynching of our enemies.

Already been done, friendo.

Cialis? Viagra? Who needs ‘em! We have Trump™, board certified by Holla Forums (technically a board) to cure erectile dysfunction on the low end by schlonging you all the way to the far end.

If you experience an erection lasting more than 8 years, contact your doctor or nearest polling booth.

Quoted for extreme accuracy. I imagine he’s doing exactly this. He’s no-nonsense as fuck (anyone who has seen The Apprentice knows this) and probably doesn’t know exactly what the laws do and don’t allow the president to do, so this is all that he would say and all that he would HAVE to say.

Not sure it can get much better than this lads.

Yeb! is Holla Forums's secret sweetheart.

ruskie confirmed

Yes, I'm Canadian (for now) and even knew this.

This is the right wing's win condition.

You know, at this point I think we're ascending beyond smug

This. Left escalates, alienating normalfags, plus Trump dismantles their voter fraud and voter importation schemes = left BTFO in America for 20 years at least.


It was real in her mind. :'^)

This is what I call smugness level 2

The mind of a leftist never ceases to amaze.


Trump "fires" an Obama holdover who was going to leave as soon as Sessions gets approved

Liberals are fucking terrible at memes. I still shake my head that there are people who still take liberal memes seriously, how fucking low IQ are these people?

They aren't even trying to hide it anymore.

This is how I know that what that cunt did was PURELY political. Sessions is probably getting approved this week, so she saw an opportunity to make a "final stand". Without this bullshit I guarantee you nobody would have really know who this bitch was.

Saw it on morning news. Stuff is great.


Oy fucking vey.


Whoever Trump's son beats in 2024.

reddit salt in that thread



Have you never seen a fucking politician before?

Setting a great predecend here.
As much good as Trump is doing, he really shit the bed here.

suck my dick CREW, you faggots really suck at this



Sadly the yuge amount of shitty (1)'s indicate that CREW shiling has begun its initial assault. I wonder if the CTR nerds killed themselves before being replaced by even more pathetic cucks,kek

Shitposting shitposters in shitpost central?

Who the fuck drew THAT short straw?


Ex-CTR of course. Gotta give those that failed previously the shittiest jobs.

IA here. Holy shit!

holy shit I'm loving this administration


Thank god.

The blutfahne shall never be sullied, and shall always be sacred. The men who have died for it, and who will die for it in the years to come will be always renowned as holy.

Lenin was a lawyer, so was Robspierre and Lincoln. Lawyers are the worst sort of tyrants, they have none of the practicality of a good general.

Military men more often than not make very good national leaders. The greatest of them often come from the ranks of the enlisted, however, and not the officer side.

After all, you have to know how to follow, before you can lead.

This clam ordered the DOJ to not defend a law that carries the presumption of Constitutionality, because she didn't like the law, she is not a Constiutional arbiter, she must defend the law and allow the COURTS rightfully decide on Constitutionallity.

She could have resigned and let someone fulfil the role of upholding the law. She was part of a PR coup to damage a President by breaking her oath to uphold the law.

An ILLEGAL law is for an AG to address, an AG will bring UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to court every time to defend the Government position, you daft fucking cunt, when it had been signed off on by DOJ lawyers in the first place.

This. She's just making a big show about being a martyr to make Trump look like an evil nazi, even though she realistically sacrificed a couple weeks of her job at most. Trump either didn't care about the fallout or prioritized the efficiency of his immigration reform.

He can still sign FISA warrants, he has been confirmed by the Senate before and FISA won't give a flying shit, they answer to themselves.

Becasue that's what she fucking did you imbecile.
I don't even know why they let retards like you out in the open?
All you do is twist facts in order to support your own narrative, instead of trying to be truthful which would have a far wider impact.
Instead of attacking for trying to defend the law, Trump should have her fired for not acting under King Nigger for the same shit, thus her taking a political stance when she's supposed to be neutral and not favor personal bias.
It's becasue of shitheads like you that are completly oblivious as to what is happening around them that Trump will most likley fail in the end, as much as it'll suck.


Nigger, read and learn. This law carries presumption it is legal, for it not to be Constiutional the onus is on the plaintfiff to show they have reason to challenge. The Executive has crossed their T's and dotted their I's and has in good faith made a Constitutionally legal order, a DOJ team oversaw it.

This is the law of the land, she can not state it is Unconstitutional and not allow the Government defend what it believes to be absolutely legal, she gives no legal reason for her decision, she does not LIKE the law.

So far she is disingenous but fine, resign and allow the law of the land be defended and thus the Constitution. No, she specifically disregards that and demands the US Government not defend something that is legal in good faith with all reason to suspect it will pass in the final Court.
She forces a Constitutional crisis out of partisan hackery, not out of Principle. If it was Principle she would have relieved herself without trying to damage the rule of law.

You simple fucking cunt,

And Trump cannot and should not fire her for something that happened under another Executive, he has no right to, that would be disgracing the Office.

I'm actually worried about a refocusing on what is or isn't constitutional, when everyone let so much shit pass before in Obama's term when it wasn't constitutional - I want Trump to bend the rules as well like Obama did, getting away with it scott-free, but for the sake of 14 words.

here's another one

卐 卍 heil'd 卐 卍 1488 卐 卍 praise kek 卐 卍




Calling the travel ban good for ISIS. I can't even…



Don't you understand?

If you refuse to let Muslims into your country because they're violent then they'll try to violently kill you in your country!
That's what ISIS wants!

Wait, is that water you're drinking? Water!?
Do you know who else drank water?!

American """"""""roads""""""""

Same thing almost Obama was just chocolate Bush.

you missed

Although.. to be honest I dont think the SOP of having an mrap for every 3 humvees would be necessary for any us based operation. Atleast not until a resistance mobilizes and starts laying ied's

sage for completely off topic


Good to know there are fifth columnist to help fix that place in the future.

Betrayed is way too strong a word here. Even "betrayed the american people" is OTT for this spat.

Fire the AG if you want, but someone needs to send the Spicer a thesaurus. It's possible to completely BTFO someone without using unnecessarily inflammatory language.

Yeah, I'm basically concern trolling. But fuck it why write something like "betrayed" about a fucking lawyer when "failed" or something as strong but less theatrical is available.

Cruz is the Canadian version of Erdogan. He'll cozy up to whoever gets him to stay in charge.

A rat and a roach, how fitting.

You think they let anyone who hasn't sworn fealty to the Kike on screen?

They're talking about how Trump is a fuhrer now, but did he actually break the law in any way with his request to temporarily ban people from those country or to remove Yates from her position?

T. Europoor

No, not even close.

these 9fag memes





Your demoralizing is shit and your allies are crying in the streets.You'll go to your grave with a far right supreme court CREW. You know it and so do I.

Trump will be so much more "creative" than Obama in implementing his agenda. He will do shit that "principled conservatives" couldn't even dream of doing.

THIS is the real high level 1488D chess

is he just trying to do this piggyback off Trump's base or does he actually care?

Cruz is an awesome do-boy. You let that hooker know who the pimp is and turn his tricks and make the moves.

A good administrator doesn't throw away talent. You just have to compartmentalize all the pieces in the right place.

This reminds me, where is Loretta Lynch now?

Keep at it leftists. I'm sure our entertainment flow is just beginning.

That's right they love to fuck with lists. "No matter if you're male, female, Tall, Short, a pedophile, A Dentist or a homeowner you deserve respect and love."

This is how they make fucking kids in the ass ok. and other things.

A bit of both. Cruz has a lot of high minded ideals, but not a lot of moral fibre. The result is a guy who talks a big game, but is easily led by the promises of power. It also means someone like Trump can control him fairly easily by simply taking away all the toys on which he could hurt himself.

checked. I'm of the school of thought that just becauseCruz's bullshit for president that doesn't mean you chuck your attack dog. Trump knows what he's dealing with and he'll use Cruz to check the left hard.

I don't like him at all, but let's be honest. He's been fucking the democrats silly lately. He made them look like assholes at the hearings.

Funny enough this is the most accurate post concerning Cruz.

He's simply a man who respects a strong pimp hand. People like this have existed throughout history, they're never known as great people but they make excellent followers for conquering rulers. As long as you remain strong they won't backstab you. In this regard I think Rato is in it for the long haul and is going to serve the nation well.

autistic screeching

"Holla Forums was right again" feels quite different these days, doesn't it?

Yeah I switched on to RT on J20 to find some leftist cuck had replaced larry king for the evening. absolute bell end, whats up with RT?

Paul Ryan too. Obama was the alpha and he cucked to him. Now trump is running shit and Ryan is his bitch. He was confused for a while there when he didn't know who would win, but we got his mind right now.

kek. He's talking about mexico paying for the wall and everything.

sage because I'm getting off topic.

Hillary would have mopped the floor with some "if you kill them they win" fucking pansy conservative and we'd be living in one of those "Dear White People" videos.

tl:dr It would suck ass.


Have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?

To be fair, commies could die of thirst in a bathtub with how good they are at resource management

to bad us history class is just about the poor tree niggers and the nip concentration camps

Find a image that has those roles reversed and caption it, I feel like Holla Forumsacks relate more to the depressed squid before Trump won.

we need a new word for this emotion
trips decide the name for this new beyond smug emotion

I like this ride, I hunger for more.

how do you make those hakenkreuze user?

I wonder if there are people in DC that just didn't realize that what Trump is doing is even an OPTION. We've been playing the 'pussyfoot around and don't offend anyone' game for too long, and that is a track that slopes leftward ever so gradually. It's just the way things were 'done'. Yes-men, ass kissers, and all around cowards that couldn't fight for their convictions. …and once someone comes along to show that it's more than okay to fight for what's best for the country, i.e. Trump, perhaps that idealist that got into politics to help people will wake the fuck up inside them.

Yeah actually. It's been replaced with Common Cancer for the most part.

When will these morons get it? Their Frankfurt School birthed moral standards are inferior. Just because we don't follow them, it doesn't mean we are immoral. Morality is subjective. Our morality is objectively superior to theirs. We are moral. Very moral. Our morality helps society, theirs harms it.

Cruz is a fucking snakeoil-salesman.

Too bad he isn't a white nationalist.

Impeach him for what? Hurting your feelings?


What a self-righteous piece of shit. That actually made me flinch.

Four (*Eight) years of being able to slap partisan kikes and lefties screeching about 'muh constitution' with "Oh, and where were your principled protests about constitutionality when Obama did exactly the same thing? Nowhere. STFU!"

Kek the combo of the JUST hair with the really shitty airbrushing of her eyes makes her look like she just walked out of a burning building or something

Attorney General BTFO