The 5 Biggest Tech Companies Lost $32 Billion In Value Over Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban


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Post your face when smug liberals fags got BTFO

is this a thinly veiled desk thread?

I forgot when Muhammad coded for companies
Why do they do that?

I still wish they lose more liquid revenue though.


I have this suspicion that we're starting to use old memes again because shills have no idea what any of it means and nostalgia.

well this explains al the pro-muslim agenda shoved down our throats. Those fuckers went full kike it seems.

I dig it

a lot of uncertainty in that sentence. like there aren't any domestic coders that these companies could pull from.


Nothing wrong with looking back to the founding memes, user


Yeah but if they hire domestic then, god forbid, they may actually have to pay them an American wage and even worse…THEY MIGHT HAVE TO HIRE A WHITE!

WHO Holla Forums HERE?

I really do not mind it when companies who funnel money for political activities lose their dosh.


Well all the normies have to be in bed by 9 on Sundays.

Old memes you say?

Why contain it?

that's fucking $355,555,555 for every one of those 90 days, and it was only just signed last Friday night…because Somali programmers are so highly valued.

come the fuck on with this fake news.



It's an older meme sir but it checks out

your turn.

Starbucks pledged to hire 10k of migrants.

I believe it tbh, that is market capitalization, not income. These companies are highly dependent on arbitrage from Hb-1's and the greedy execs think they can replace their workforce with $10/hour pajeets to boost profit margins without their code being shit and productivity and quality suffering bigly. Since investors apparently think so too, and buy fucktons of stock expecting that simple HB1 arbitrage to increase their ROIs bigly. I don't think this has to do with the refugee ban so much as Trumps actions on HB1 which are going to hit their bottom lines very hard. Also you are assuming the losses will continue and extrapolating linearly, I doubt it, people traded based on Trumps imminent HB1 action and afterwards it is likely to be stable give or take another few billions.

Their stock looked pretty bad a few days prior to that too


Thank fucking god. I work at a company owned by a tech giant and I hope half of these indians here get deported. The kvetching is wonderful




Desperate. The sound they'll make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the electronic old men.


And jewgle has something like 56,000 employees total.

I think they just used it as an excuse to dump a bunch of over valued shit, and blame it on Trump. They ran that shit up to make the Obama economy look good, now the plug is being pulled.

I mean it's not like it was a big secret ,since late November (and even before), what Trump was going to do, should've been priced in already.

Hmm. I hope you're not…
seriously, I need a life

I got fucking RICKROLLED here. I almost wonder if you are right.




Same. Maybe property values around Redmond will finally fucking decrease if MS loses all of their H1b serfs.


I hope. These poos here need to be flushed out.



what is this animu horse shit??

Holy fuck, someone else on here actually has heard of and seen New Meme.jpg. I love you user.

Silikike Valley BTFO




Fuck off goon.


Or those same people who left 4chan once it first started to become cancerous are now coming back to the chans, having realized that this is the only place left for us on the internet.

Seriously though, the whole time I was growing up, we heard ad nauseum about how computers were going to change the economy and how everything was going to depend on computers and you'd always be able to get a decent job doing something if you understood shit like programming and math.

Then these faggot tech companies just went full retard on India. They shipped half the work to India, and anything that couldn't be outsourced to India, they imported fucking Indians by the thousands to work in America. Every single White kid who grew up studying tech got told to go fuck himself because his skin wasn't a gross hue of brown and he knew how to use a toilet. Jobs that were supposed to be $60K starting had their wages dropped down to the level of a Starbucks barista.

Every single one of these faggot San Francisco and Seattle companies can fucking burn for their treachery. We have how many millions of people out of work for almost 10 years? Americans that include programmers and engineers and web developers, and these cunts fucking demand to be able to hire only foreign slaves. There was some Pajeet CEO who even said publicly that he wouldn't hire Whites because we're "uneducated."

I fucking hate India and everything about it.

even these?

It doesn't feel the same though

Has anyone made a leek spin with the windmill of friendship? Requesting.


that was the high water mark

wtf are wrong with her eyes?

Yo wat up dawg



does anyone remember the incest caption parodies? the ones im thinking of wernt like the hogan ones, instead they just used very bizarre grammar in a humorous way. the hard drive i had them on melted, unfortunately.

The indiain ones?

This is just the market anticipating the H1B shoah when these companies will have to pay the US prevailing wage instead of importing serfs.

This too. We've been in a massive bubble for years, and Trump gives the people at the top a perfect excuse to cut and run. They'll crash the economy and blame Trump's policies, even though this was all inevitable and in the works for years.
Still, like cauterizing a gaping wound we'll be better once it's all over despite the pain in the interim.


These haven't seen the light of day in nearly a decade.

Remember this little number?

fucking newfags


gooks, mane

no. they were the usual kind of picture you would see in an incest caption, just with humorously weird text instead of the usual autistic text.

you had to post that one, didnt you?

Fucking shit I can't convert all my old swf files to work here.
Now what?

Looking back, our core culture really hasn't changed, we've just matured to some degree and slowly realized how powerful we can be.


I'm ok with this

wtf hax


also rip that site brought many a good fap.

this brings back so many memories



I'm going to fly out to the valley for a Big Four interview in a month. Guess there won't be any muzzies to compete with!

Pretty much, we definitely became more refined and precise over time. Holla Forums is the spiritual successor to Holla Forums.

Do you think that one day it will be possible to bring back snacks?

Do ya think that Ostrich lived? And if he did, do you think he ever pecked a Elephant again?

Just laugh.

It would be fucking irony if snacks became a Holla Forums mod while moot stays a cuck

dank memes increase
fukken saved

He couldn't be any worse than imkampfy.



Picture my face while reading this post.

I couldn't get past the first sentence without instantly seeing Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans laughing.

How does this work? We aren't going to get street shitter programmers? I don't know if this will be good or bad for the CS degree I'll have in a couple years.

I bet none of you fags have this super rare forced meme. OC do not steal

Anybody have that longcat picture that was so big it crashed your computer when you opened it?

I recognize that F40PH

Like this?

Grinman was always one of my faves.

na it was like
but funnier

also these were from before everything had to be in meme font

Remember, bans on immigration and issuing visas from certain countries will hurt those who profit from H1B labor. You want to know why google is pissed? They're afraid that they'll have to hire Americans do to jobs in the US at US standards of pay.

what I wouldn't pay to see this anons reaction to the inauguration results

Can't believe anybody got off on that shit


I can't fix this shit nor convert it to a file under 13mb so JewTube it is!

Even after what happened last election cycle, I still say that some things are still impossible to do.

tfw i lost most of my pre 2011 maymays

is this a rare meme thread?




i know this feeling well, lost everything in the great wipe of '14

Sometimes I can't figure out how anons don't have backups on top of backups with backups of the backed up backups.

Eh, that's a lot but that the same time it's not too much for the 5 biggest especially if that's all together.

we /jp/ now?


Top scientists from around the globe have been working tirelessly for many years to try figure out what we are now.

i rather buy guns than hard drives.

easier to microwave if you only have one

Because I lost my backup for my previous 5 backups due to a hard drive failure. And I didn't have it backed up anywhere else.

newt gingrich

Is that sam?

Microsoft currently has 76 employees (with visas) stranded at airports as they were returning to the United States from their home countries. The company is sending teams of lawyers to these airports, and plans to hire more lawyers ASAP. Of course, all this costs money, so the value decrease makes perfect sense.

not sure if this is public knowledge so I'm posting from tor

Are memes evolve so quickly that nobody can possibly understand us without lurking, & by then you're already one of us.

I can take you back in time to get your memes back. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 1488, Oakview, CA 93022. Bring your own compatible hard drives. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before. This is a picture of me.

well memed sir

Fuck me I miss F40PH.
Such a classically understated meme.



Oh wait, that's the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter. That story was also full of holes and Moms Demand is basically based out of that state. Goddamned hoaxing traitors

So: Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Hoax Probable Hoax

Fuck I was born too soon.


Fuckerburg: Mm-muh rapefugees!
Microshaft: Mm-muh shekels!

haha, what does this even mean? white americans did some murders, so we should let infinite moslems immigrate? i don't follow the logic.

Can he be a meme now?

A. namefag,please get the fuck out. You notice anyone else here with a name? no, do you? so why are you a special snowflake?

B. fucko, a big Jew company like Microsoft has an army of kike attorneys, including immigration. They lost shekels because the kikes are betting their H1B1 scam might be up and they will actually have to hire Americans…

you can figure out how to use Tor, but you can't figure out board culture enough to realize there is a reason no one else has given themselves a name? Why are you special?

I assume you think you're smart, but the irony is you're fucking retarded. Even if Microsoft needed were to hire a specialist Jew for immigration you really think that would add up to $32 billion?

Let's say the top of top lawyers bills…$800 per hour. Divide that by $32 billion and see what you get.

For the life of me, I can't find the original image of REAL MOOT.
The "Moot" picture before Poole revealed himself to be underage b& and became namefag e-celeb cancer.
←- This fag

Yeah I 'm done with Microsoft after the street shitter CEO literally said they weren't going to employ white males anymore.
http: //

Was a good redpill that so called "model minorities" hates whites as much as niggers and mudslimes. Sold my xbox after reading that, even a Jap company like Sony is far better than them, but this isn't Holla Forums so I'll stop sperging out now.

I would shit my fucking pants if this happened

good. all these faggots do is make card/ap games that get you addicted to steal your money.

None of those jew controlled ventures are profitable without shekels from selling the info and angel investors.


Yeah and we have all of these shills today pretending that avatarfagging as little girls makes the rest of us shills


Some white people did some bad things so we can't enforce immigration laws.

I think i saw the babyfuck one yesterday in the other thread

Rebuild your collection now

Says Zuckerkike as he kicks Hawaiians off their ancestral land.

Any faggots still using Windows? You should switch to something else:
http:// www .
Can we get Breitbart to give MS a Kellogg treatment?

Well, fuck them.

LOL, yeah right. This is probably the real reason

It's about H1B visas. This magazine is fucking dumb.

I use Windows7 which Microsoft doesn't want to support since it doesn't break every week and everything just werks so they can't sell support and stuff.

Good, this is what happens when these tech firms think it's a good idea to shit on Trump's doorstep and think there will be no consequences.

I deleted most of my old shit voluntarily because I realized I used to be an idiot with a horrible sense of humor.

They get brought to our country and given full ride scholarships for being oppressed minorities. Every time I see a shitskin in an elite American university while I know that more qualified white student was rejected for it, it makes me sick.

Year of the Fire Cock. Anything is possible.

Not likely, but possible.


What a time to be alive

Every morning Trump's done that little bit more

I am so happy right now

Right? Whatever shall Google or Microsoft or Facebook do without Achmed the 20 year old Syrian programming wiz kid?

Oh wait, no Muslim has ever done anything meaningful with computers ever. At most they do shit that allows them to do their Moon God rituals like

Bunch of retarded hypocrites, they deserve the losses.

People have no idea how awesome it's gonna be when actual americans start getting jobs that were going to H1Bs


its all about cheap labor for them.

Software is coded by arabs?

I thought majority were


They are, and NSA/Windows tanked in code quality as a result.



Snacks was a fag unless you're a pedo and love hotpockets

There was this screenshot floating around that described how every windows was an abomination based on the previous one that nobody had any idea how it worked.

And that's why the code is shit


Posting old memes you say?

Wait until they see crime stats for niggers. Wew.

Wow, that's about the most accurate statement I've read all day.

Appleshit is even worse and Linux is an incredible anal pain to play vidya on. Win7 with disabled updates and uninstalled spyware remains the best


Linux is free if your time is worthless.


It doesn't take 6 gorillion hours to become accustomed to linux.

It still takes some time and when you run across problems (which will happen often) you will spend ages looking up shit because the Linux community is notoriously unhelpful.

That hasn't been my experience.
I keep seeing non linux users make these arguments, and only non linux users. That's strange isn't it?

Yeah it's almost like we want an OS that works properly so we don't use Linux.

There isn't actually anything the community can do for you if you're a tard.

Give that man a cigar.

They're all pissed off due to the H1B visa non-renewals so they're trying to hit back at Trump by dumping their WAAAAY overvalued stock that they've been buying back to float their stock prices.
This loses collective billions for investors, but does very little to harm the executives personal fortunes, as they simply shift their investments to avoid it.

In any case, gold just skyrocketed, and silver has increased dramatically after breaking away from gold, quite some time ago.
With silver it's an anticipation of increased industrial activity with industries moving back to the U.S. and hiring Americans (who just LOOOVE to buy stuff), but with gold it is definitely safe-haven driven, given that the increase coincided with today's drop in the DOW.


That is a pretty nice looking desk.

The toughest thing I ran into when I tried Linux (Ubuntu) was that some programs don't run on it, so you need a virtual box to run them.
This is not difficult in itself, but it was a bitch trying to find out how to network that program running in a VB with the other computers on my network, which were using windows.

It CAN be done, and if you know how, it is not even hard to do…but finding out how was the pain in the ass.

The original memes were pretty simple and autistic as fuck. I'm glad we have improved our meme magic.

Every time.

So you're telling me the whole problem with this is that companies can't hire as many foreigners for cheap labor and that they're going to need to search locally for workers?
Just imagine: American factories filled with American workers. Truly a horror.

Trump, pls let the mudslimes back in so American companies can avoid paying American workers!

This is not the reason why they lost value. How many tech workers come from Somalia Sudan Syria Iran Iraq and Libya? Cmon the majority come from India China and Europe.

Tech stocks dropped because big holders are anticipating more bans. Their loss, time to buy up some good tech stocks.

Jewish Silicon Valley: 0 Trump: 1

shhhh no tears, only locomotives now

Yeah. I for one never get tired of seeing le rebbit frog reposted 1000 times a day by underage phonefags.
And there's nothing autistic about believing two or more same numbers can predict a future that an ancient sandnigger frog god will make real.
It really is so much better now.



Finns show their true Mongolian heritage with this proof that gondola is Ancient Ainu meme

trips confirm italian origin is heresy


Of course the original memes were simple and autistic as fuck, they were made by a bunch of easily-amused teenagers and underageb&s shitposting on an imageboard. Those shitposters have since grown up and moved on in the life, while becoming more aware of what's going on in their country and the world. With that new awareness and experience that came from having grown up, the original meme-crafters have honed their art into the complex form of Meme Magic. The memes matured with their creators.

Imageboards have changed.
They're no longer about original content, apathy bordering on benign malevolence, and win.
They're an endless series of reposts, perpetuated by phonefags and children.
Fail - and its consumption of imageboards, has become an unstoppable cancer.
Imageboards have changed.

You were looking for this?

That jogged my memory enough to find it.
Thanks, user.

I don't think I have that one anymore. Thanks.
Here, have some more jewt related fun.

Nigger just because its called Ubuntu doesnt mean it will overcome your genetic stupi… I mean nuances.


wrong one

I can't believe I missed this. I welcome this, desu.

I work for a smaller company myself that uses pajeets for engineers and developers, but regular people that actually are worth shit for support. You can imagine what the mess is like. I can't wait to see half or all of them get deported (and hopefully I'll be gone before then).

These next few years will be very entertaining :^)


damn you file selection dialog

lol dinga dinga dinga

Just please do not revive ragecomics, that cancer should stay necrosized as it is.

gore pic unrelated

I wish it was a bunch of oldfriends but I think it's more likely to be a bunch of kids spurred on by "based hotwheels" claim that he was an "oldfag" (bullshit btw), the glorification of that status, and the ability to get pics from æ.
There's rarely any understanding of what they're posting. For example, you'll see some Spiderman here but never any wincest. Also, the whole "reddit spacing" thing that was big a minute ago. No recognition that double spacing has been commonplace since the internet began.
Pretty sure they're just pretending.



Spiderman only goes in wincest threads.
Therefore, you're new.

Chick is cute


You learned to user from cancer. It's not your fault but don't make it worse by pretending to be something you're not… no matter how badly you want it.
We're all still only as good as our last post.

If, by evolve, you mean misunderstood, misused, and corrupted by lolololo look ma i'm posting, then, yeah, I guess they do.
Spiderman still only goes in wincest threads though. Everything else is wrong.



newfag as fuck


Then you're a total faggot, kek.


the worst part is the way they revel in it

generations of these idiots tell oldfags to fuck off and then they have the nerve to think what they have is an evolution and not a degradation

even if you were made believe they are, those are not tech companies. appall is not a tech company. nigger is not a tech company. faceberg is not a tech company. microshaft is not a tech company. they are either toy/entertainment companies or telecom providers. Lockmart is a tech company. Boeing is a tech company. GE is a tech company. SpaceX is a tech company. Orbital ATK is a tech company. Texas Instruments is a tech company. Textron is a tech company. Fucking journalists. They shall shut their filthy lying mouths.

If you saw those trips on a post you liked, you'd say it was blessed by an ancient frog and was therefore true.

that's average human argumentation skills for you.

Every time you outsource to India you get absolute garbage products in return. You get what you pay for. If you outsource your accountancy, expect the IRS to knock on your door as well.

Guess we know who is protesting out there at the moment!

Just head over to reddit politics, the biggest liberal garbage on the web I think. Those animals are fun to observe as they cry about Trump all day.

Zuckerjew is so Jewish, that photo doesn't need to be manipulated.

Am I late to the party?

Literally nobody remembers or even uses pic related anymore.

Because Wojack is the evolution of it (or in part, to be more correct). The Wojack meme is much superior to the Forever Alone one.

You win, I'm not that oldfag.

It's such a shame half of them have been completely bastardized and lost any of their old meaning. Diving into my old folder truly is a journey to another time and space.

Because we are not alone anymore.

I still remember to the very beginnings of Wojackposting and thinking it's a forced meme the same way that >mfw became the shorthand for >my face when

How could I have possibly known how far we'd go?

I remember the split and I have no clue wtf you are on about.


Sure doesn't feel good to me.


I wonder what Ted would think of this.

Yep, jew companies are going to have to pay their employees now. Deal with it or get taken over by companies - Asian ones probably - who can adapt.

They are 'normalfags you fucking ledditor


==NO!== there are like 2 fucking rage comics that could be considered decent. That shit's just naive middleschooler tier for the most part.


Said le moralfag.

newfag, bow before gaston

New strat. Everytime a company goes against Trump based on some "noble" cause, always say that it's really just for the money.

Use their talking points against them.

New strat. Everytime a company goes against Trump based on some "noble" cause, always say that it's really just for the money.

Use their talking points against them.

Most of it is, but there's a few people around still.

nice to see a version of this thats not broken up into 5 images

its cock mongler faggot

Not Even Doom Music



wojak was a forced meme, but it eventually became organic.


All memes are forced. No exceptions.


So much win. Now if only Ebola would come back, my life would be complete.

You should stay seated where you are

Happy fat nigger day

Why have you bix noods summoned me?






Nicer, simpler times were those. Not that I'm complaining about what's been going on now though.



As an American-born citizen currently studying Computer Science in college who will graduate by the end of the Trump presidency, what does this mean for my future career/wage prospects?

Should Candlejack be a meme aga-

You didn't just say Candlejack by name, did y-



You're not supposed to use a hyphen when talking about Candleja




Are you some fucking newfag?
You don't cut off mid way of saying candlejack, it always happens aft



I think he meant you're not supposed to write '-' after you say candlejack or something

nice tri

Nostaliga thread

Cuz my memes are pretty dank

yeah but he cut off in the middle of saying candlejack, that's not how it works, you always cut off lat

speaking of old internet maps

When I saw this for the first time, how do I say, I got an erection.

Thanks user

A personal favorite of mine.


Thanks, op. Ogdoad have manifested this.

Oh, you mean like the Eiffel Tower?

yeah my oldest working drive only goes back to 2012 sadly.

Sorry, sometimes I can't into language very well, so I couldn't think of a better way to phrase what I wanted to say.





Shit wrong video



Those lyrics are timeless.


Also used to love Willis' stuff in my old board /k/. I need to get that one with the /k/ommando's around the table.


Whatever happened to Squid, did he just disappear?

Man, I don't remember. I think he was still around just didn't post much anymore. Plus I was on the September Exodus so I lost info on tons of /k/ommando updates.

Forgive the double posting on images. Fuck I need to organize my shit.


Holy shit how did I never see that? truly peak meme

Ok faggots, I'm out.

Fuck ok, NOW I'm out. Found the fucking vid.

Is there a webm with only the bad apple part?

wew, fucking NPCs got to go



To this day my ass still squeezes shut.

I don't remember any of the-

…because they didn't need them…

Oh, for FUCK'S SAKE. Desu? Really? And all these old memes? Is Longcat and Tacgnol gonna make a comeback too? We don't need to bring back her nanomachines or Candlejack or NEDM since we have the po


fuck man. Where were you…

I live in Africa so that shit flies here, in first world countries it might be harder but even in the UK you can have a company brand for a certain tax per year, so provided your father knows how to falsify evidence of you working, it should still be possible


I thought tendie memes were forced

I don't habeeb it

I don't appreciate this meme, the splc has declared candlejack to a racist kkk me


Cock mongler…good times.

at least you faggots could get the candlejack meme ri

smh tbh fam

basically the same thing happened in Australia.
457 visa = H1B
all the low end was outsourced, all the high end was 457 visa. wages became shit and thousands of IT people out of work. Worst of all the pajeets started their own kick back scheme importing 457 and getting bribes from other pajeet immigrants. in some places the enitre workforce of a company was slowly replaced with pajeets. GFC in 2008 saw a massive downturn in IT jobs and wages, 2010 was when the outsourcing when into over drive.

better still all the data (phone numbers and names) the pajeets got their hands on was getting sold to scammer in India.
we get scam calls here from India at least once a week. we need a Trump, hopefully it wont be too long.

go back to India to lie about experience at poogle


So, Maddox…?


I'm old fag enough to remember l33+ $h1+p0$+1ng being a thing.

if only we knew what kek truly is

A bunch of people I know who are channelers said they remember that frail snail was a meme on Holla Forums 10 years ago, despite the fact I made it like 1-2 years ago.

Frail snail a shit>>9097514

Yeah, this is what makes me laugh the most. Like modern leftists are so braindead they don't even question the rich anymore so long as they share their views on the surface but in practice and personally they're full of shit just virtue signaling and keeping an image. Cuckerberg is a perfect example of that. He's just about one of the most evil among the rich of all time, the theft was one thing but his walled home trying to push natives off their land is another. At least be honest, you faggots. Either way, you're getting the rope or the wall.

doesn't answer my question


Shit, man. I remember I started my Internet journey back on Wizards of the Coast's Dungeons and Dragons forum back in 2001 or 2002, before branching out and discovering other sites. I must have found /tg/ in, what, 2004 or 2005? It was before Code Geass, which aired in 2006-2007 as pointed out, back in the Golden Age of /tg/ before the faggot mod's Great Purge of 2008, when OC was plentiful, writefags wrote, drawfags drew, everyone loved the Angry Marines, and we could turn even the stupidest off-topic OP into a font for intelligent discussion.

The only nasty non-whites I deal with are Jews since I work in Hollywood. Always interesting to learn what people in the real world have to go up against. For some reason I had the assumption that Pajeet immigrants were less harmful than Spics or Muzzies.

Don't worry user, you're too new to fucking understand 4chan before furfags were a thing.



Guys! Check it out!

peanut butter

Weird how I always associate Waha with cockmongler

Nah, I don't miss it at all.

is it true people got v& for using the LOIC?