Civil war 2

Thomas Chittum called it in the 90's the US is going to break apart yugolslav style and its starting now 2020 is when the first shots will be fired

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I can see this happening. I've been preparing for it little by little. Anyone have those nice pics about what you need for when SHTF?

Good quotes from the book

a multiethnic society - a history of extreme internal and external violence - plenty of guns - a sinking economy - waning global power - drug gangs - urban decay - lower wages each year - massive illegal immigration - corrupt politicians - our deliberate transformation into a third-world country - the growing gap between rich and poor - the formation of militias - the rejection of assimilation - and racist affirmative action." - Thomas W. Chittum


The book can be read as a pdf in your web browser its a short read

They already are

vast stretches of Southern California are no longer American, but are de facto a new nation, exactly as all the southwest will be before 2050 AD." - Thomas W. Chittum

Just like in prison, it's all about race. Time to kill the guards btw. Race war is the best war

Chittum asserts that a likely place and date for Civil War II to begin will be in Los Angeles in 2020 since by that time the Hispanic population in the Southwest United States will be so large and dominant that it is likely that Chicano activists will declare an independent republic of Aztlan in the Southwestern States. When this happens, he predicts, the U.S. Army will divide into three different armies, a Hispanic army, a Black army, and a White army, that will struggle for defense of and control over the areas of the United States inhabited by their respective ethnic groups.

Kikes can fight civil wars look at Germany and Russia. Leftist can radicalize and arm themselves and learn to shoot in 4 years, and Niggers would gladly rebel and start killing whitey with no remorse or restraint. Add in Mexico and Big Money Jews like Soros and you have a real powder Keg.

I doubt it's going to break down like Yugoslavia. The Yugoslavian states that broke up were states that had existed as crowns and titles for thousands of years. America doesn't have that kind of history or those kind of roots. I don't think there will l be a Casscadia, a NCFR, Confederate, or anything of that nature.

Holla Forums was right again.

Description of Civil War II

Chittum predicts that Civil War II will result in World War I like trench warfare where the ethnic fault lines meet, will last about five years, will entail massive ethnic cleansing campaigns by the death squads of various ethnic groups, and that there will be about five million deaths total on all sides. He provides maps in the book showing showing where likely battles will be–in those cities where many transportation lines come together. Chittum says that like in the first Civil War, there will be a great battle for Chattanooga, Tennessee because that is where a lot of transportation lines come together. During Civil War II, says Chittum, urban areas will be ruled by armed gangs and there will be rape camps where women not of the ethnic group of the soldiers holding them captive will be systematically raped and kept as sex slaves. Chittum states that in the worst case scenario that Civil War II will degenerate into the horror of a Hobbesian war of all against all like Germany experienced during the Thirty Years War or like the movie Mad Max.

So this would last about 15 minutes before the hispanics ran to mexico and the blacks gave up. Give me a break 

Hispanic and Black armies would stand no chance against white armies.

You keep patting yourself on the back about your victory before you even fight the war. The boars are broken and live in tin shacks as a second class slave class, the germans lost the second world war and the Russian revolution was succesful. Whites are getting our collective asses kick and your to much of a pussy to do anything, I bet you wouldnt call a black a nigger to his face because your a meek faggot.

You have sand niggers in the middle east who grew up in constant war, strife, and danger. Yet they're getting their ass swamped in combat.
You are telling me that a bunch of faggy liberals who care so much about identity politics pose a serious threat to national security?
You are buying the virtue signaling as well.
The moment that stupid cuck is smacked in the head and sees his brown pets start robbing him he'll realize the massive fool he is.
The niggers will chimp, as they always do. They will submit. We know where they live, their identities, and we can expect their weapons.
The only way niggers can even remotely get a kill is by planning a nigger ambush months ahead

A civil war will galvanize them, not us.

His scenario totally ignores outside interference and seems to assume the US lives in a vacuum.

History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen.
-Enoch Powell
Outside influences would make an ethnic conflict in the US worse not better

California, Jew York would gladly try to break away if SHTF, Texas might attempt to leave depending on who is president. The Midwest and South would likely work out a deal to retain control of the Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean and remain one country. Although that depends on several things. Canada and Mexico will get caught up in any US Civil War making things even more complicated. Mexico might try to grab the Southwest United States during all this. If SHTF really fucking hard you could see at least 7 new countries for over night.


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youve got to be out of your damn mind if you think niggers are going to control georgia and alabama. they might control the inner cities for a week before their corner stores are looted. when the power goes out, the woods along roadways will conceal bubbas looking to pick off any niggers or spics they see fleeing.

No. It was denying a war than people "not knowing" a war.

The US meddeled all around the world for the past 70 years, something happens there, you can bet your ass outsiders will want to jump in and stir shit.

Maybe you shouldn't right like a schizophrenic retard so I can understand what you are screaming at me.

Regardless never underestimate your enemy no matter how stupid they are.

*write like a schizophrenic retard

how many of you coward faggots are willing to get off your fat asses, pickup a gun, and start defending your country?
im getting sick of this shit. time to act

Oh I would but the time isn't right.

Your denying the very odvious war on the US horizon right now

Because spacing my sentences

would help your reading comprehension.
not going to participate in this cuckchan-tier LARP.

It's funny how you can pick out the shills because they have no idea how to react to these threads even though we've had for a while now.

Good then go away but I know you won't so I'll just ignore you.

All I ever hear from south cucks is fake tough talk. But you never do shit. When segregation ended, nothing, when blacks fuck your women nothing, when they kill your people like they do all the fucking time fucking nothing. Your pussies and I absolutely believe the chimps will stomp your heads in with Russian and chinease help

really cuck? maybe youre unaware the niggers were ethnically cleansed during katrina. all it takes is a little chaos….

Let me know when some South African shit starts. Then we can talk about the Race War.
Not the regular niggers killing whites, but enough to where it's becoming a obvious epidemic to normalfags and the US government.

It's funny how I just insulted you only once and you now are so BTFO you have to ignore me to save yourself from a self induced autism spaz.
This one has some surely powerful mental fortitude to last in the race war. A soldier to lead the charge.

I heard diffrent, I heard they killed a fuck load of white people and raped a fuck load of white women

does the thought turn you on?

This. Yugoslavia was never a legitimate nation to begin with, it was a bunch of balkan nations that all loathed each other getting collected under commie Serb rule. Breakup was inevitable; the really surprising thing is that it lasted as long as it did.

You hear mixed reports the black claim it was self defense the whites do the same. Shit was fucked the Super Dome basically became a death camp.

Yes im sure you have killed many men and will be home from a civil war in a country of 300 million people in an hour with no cassulties.

The ethnic violence that was waiting under the surface in the south is one recession away from becoming a common occurance.

Southerners would fucking destroy the niggers, they would not control any territory but urban areas like Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, etc. where they would be literally starving to death within a week

Even in Arizona I'm pretty sure spics would get their asses whooped, spics would only control California/southern Arizona/New Mexico/west and south Texas/maybe some of south Florida

Speaking of how bad do you think a civil war would hit the population? I mean major cities would be literal hell on earth Chicago and Detroit would be Stalingrad tier.

Yeah that's what I hear from my brother who works down their as a welder.

America was born in blood. America suckled on blood. America gorged on blood and grew into a giant, and America will drown in blood. This is the spectre that is haunting America, the spectre of Civil War II, a second civil war that will shatter America into several new ethnically-based nations. - opening passage of Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America

An ethnic war in the US wont be an organized conflict, it will almost all be random acts of violence on strangers. So the border states between ethnic majority areas would be where most cassulties would be and it would be a fair fight, it would be 20 niggers killing you in your sleep.

Yeah I was thinking the same actually at least that is how the initial war begins. Then whites begin retaliating and it escalates from their. Cities would burn to the ground as you have possibly several groups fighting for control and carrying out revenge attacks while the police and/or national guard try to restore order. So many scenarios and possibilities it is kind of scary how any of these things could potentially happen.

Yugoslavia was basically a British/French/Mason installation, using Serbian hegemony as the lever arm to rule over the remaining nations and Tito as a jolly mascott to maintain some sort of Führerprinzip which should detract attention from the strong arm regime. Once the latter died, only the former remained (since the Yugoslav economy, unlike the US economy, was comically abysmal) and things started to fall apart.
By the way, came across this just recently, good read.:
Woodrow Wilson's Defeat in Yugoslavia: The End of a Multicultural Utopia

Why do we need to break apart when the right controls the police, the military, and owns a large majority of the guns. We can just get rid of them.

Oh Kek please tell me the day of the rope is finally coming.

Will jews fund both sides like they did the first time? Of course they will.

Well, I can certainly understand how someone liek you would be afraid of vegans, aids-carriers, niggers, goons, low-T numales, and women "rising up".

I have read parts of this book here and there but I plan to print it tomorrow (for free) on campus tomorrow.

Whenever I see lefties throwing a tantrum in cities I always wonder if they have any clue what it's like in the rural parts of the country, the Midwest, and the North.
Our 12 year old girls can peg a deer from 200 yards away with a rifle.

Real talk: if only the south were to balkanize, how would the new territories be drawn up? Would Louisiana absorb chunks of Mississippi and Arkansas, the Carolinas merging, and so on? Just how quickly would the south adopt a strict boarder policy of White only?

Polite sage for double posting.

It's more likely than you think

All it takes is for them to start (fatally) targeting either government officials/employees or civilians, and shit will hit the fan faster than you know it


Attack my character and then misinterpret what I meant. Also did you read the post I was responding to? If you can make sense of what he was trying to say please tell me because I can't make a counterargument to nonsense.

It's time for a black uprising.

Radicalize the niggers on Twitter.


nice meme

Hello FBI-sama
If you're going to find our shadow militias, you'll have to try harder than that!

So in other words doing the things that they've framed and setup le evil white nationalists for years over; but you know, like actually doing it. I forsee streets being painted with the salty blood of marxists and a few extra-judicial solutions from some concerned citizens if they play this gambit GOD I HOPE THEY DO

What's being a nigger like?

Up until the libfags infested the school system a few years ago the first day of rifle season was a no school day faggot.

kek, Serb here so if you anons go full civil war guess I'll just type stuff I learned from it since I am bored and its 5 am and I have nothing better to do:

Violence is the true gold standard, not jewelry or currency or even gold, when army and police gets sent away whoever has the most violence gets to eat food
Army officers are the new nobility, once the democratic/normal order goes to shit, men with access to army armories and basic military training get to write all the law
Go innawoods because there's no aerial shelling innawoods, even hospitals and kindergardens tend to explode in air sieges..
If army officers are what nobility was in feudalism, well medical doctors and engineers/technical backgrounds are the clergy, they also get to eat food while the peasants starve
For real, if you arent army officer or doctor/engineer, you are a peasants, and peasants starve in sieges because they have no power, they are weakest and least useful, and the new barons and dukes and warlords that are going to take over cities are not going to give a shit about your human rights and civil liberties
Human rights and civil liberties are quite literally "social constructs", meaning that shit doesnt exist, you having human rights stops zero bullets or shells or penises that will go into you when civil/police order fails
If you are an ugly female or physically unfit male might as well off yourself because nobody will give a shit about you, sorry lol
If you are old that sucks too
People will kill people for shoes or food if you are stuck in the besieged city

When SHTF here, I was just a kid but family was nobility class, meaning army officers, we lived like kings innawoods, we had cigars and smokes, whiskey, booze, food, security, shelters, doctors, cars, warmth…. basically we lived very good, some men in dads group said they lived better with him innawoods than they did in civilian life
Group that was under my dad looted armory once order in the military went to shit, they had enough guns to take whatever they wanted from the cities and they could also produce most of the stuff they needed, they built an improvised armored vehicle and just rammed it into stores and other groups when they needed things and no one could do anything about it

Yeah in that part he's talking about setting up arms caches and advising against keeping a loaded fucking gun just sitting around in the house.

Tell us more.


Anything specific? Hope I still have the same id, my internet seems a bit glitchy on this site but its still me.
I know dad had paper maps of things such as lakes and rivers and where you can fish while innawoods, I know he was also in contact with other groups who were doing similar thing, I know that before attacking some other groups of people, they would send in someone in civilian clothing with a radio and this person would tell the position of all things such as snipers or machine guns, and that they would first mortar the place thoroughly before walking in there to take stuff. I also know that they mainly took refrigerators, tv's (back in the day they were big, box like and heavy), toasters and kitchen stuff, boilers and such and that these things were some of the most traded items for money, and I also know that they would often cross the border together with army regulars to smuggle smokes and alcohol and that nobody was stopping them.
They also talked with all the roaming Serb paramilitaries that were active in those wars so that there was no mistake if they see someone they didnt know.

About command, they had three types of commanders, they called them tactical, operational and strategic.
Tactical didnt have to be army officer, and he commanded usually groups of less than 30 men. Typical for him would be to order one group of men to "fix" the enemy with machine gun fire, suppress them to a piece of cover where they die if they move, and then the other group would approach the cover with rifles and grenades and throw grenades in it, or open fire at them from behind.
These also planned fields of fire during ambushes so there was no friendly fire during ambush, that sort of thing.
Operational commanders all had to be officers, and they would order around tacticals, and their typical job would be planning how to encircle and siege muslim villages and militias. This was important because when you encircle someone, they cant get new food or new bullets, they also cant go to sleep because they must post guards 24/7 and they also couldnt move around. Retarded muslims would always bite and try to rush the encirclement where it was the weakest, trying to break out, but encirclement would be weak in certain spots on purpose and there were killing fields set just outside these spots.
Strategic commanders would make orders that applied to everyone. These had to army officers with highest rank and decades of active service.

My dad's group had less than 200 people from the army and the rest were their families and children. They were in contact with unknown number of similar such groups, and they would often go together in Bosnia, Albania and Croatia. Army regulars would call them in from time to time because none of the paramilitaries had any NATO observers with them, and they could do things regulars couldnt (because of international law).

I've read somewhere that total number of displaced people by these paramilitary groups was 10 million. This is a huge number for Yugoslav population.

I also found this picture which kinda speaks for itself lol. They all obviously kept pretty intense paper records about these things so there were almost no Serbian casualties from landmines (or even overall lol).

Now there are popular rumors that fucking gypsies would go to the minefields, to sell mines later. I dont know if this is true, but these are the flea bitten illiterate 20 kids family peoples that roam eastern Europe, and you can find them from time to time hanging electricuted from power cables, trying to steal copper, so when it comes to gypsies I really dont know what to believe.


He talks about this, the way whites are surrounded by black counties all over the south dooms them regardless of how well they fight back.
It's a rhodesia/south africa tier situation

The situation is similar in that we're multiple nations existing as one country, a situation that implodes once the dominant group loses sufficient power to hold it together

You all don't do this?

Shots have already been fired user. The war started a few years ago.

The best way I've heard it termed was that at the moment we're in a "cold civil war". I'm betting it'll kick off officially within a decade

Also, another good point he makes is about armaments, it really doesn't matter that the "left doesn't have guns"
First, the US has huge military stockpiles around the country, most of them are unguarded or easily taken by lightly armed attackers.
Secondly, everyone is going to be in on this, the Russians, Chinese, Europeans, Arabs, they're not going to be here directly, but they'll be providing weapons, supplies, money, and maybe even advisers to various groups

It should be noted war is conducted in a completely different way then traditionally, it starts with the destabilization of a region, and the funding of "pretenders" or rebels.


THIS (first pic)
There was this girl codename "Cotarelo" who came up with a plan to secede from the US that used the fact that the US cannot go all out against a seceding state(s).

Buying itself political time, a state can realign its political and social network to accomodate long-term changed.

Agreed, on top of that displacement/refugee movements will start before it truly kicks into open war
there's gonna be an increasing white exodus out of the southwest notably as the "unconscious" pressure increases. You can see it clearly in California over the last few decades, Arizona and Texas are probably next

fuck, the bluepill is real

why do second civil war books have to be so retarded?
Another good article on how it might happen

kek'd hard, tell the ISS to recover my sides

If by "everybody" he meant the masses, then yeah… but those with even a bit of general knowledge and/or power always knew.

You can be on denial (like that poor Cambodian president who went full denial on the Khmer Rouge's rise to power), but then that's on you.

Did you ever see anyone die? Have you killed a bosniak?

This, with trump I think the probabilities went up really high for obvious reason. You can only clamp geopolitical sentiments and culture so much; of course, unlike the rest of the US states, Texas is not that retarded so they will not be the first to attempt to leave.

Nope, I was just a kid and I was sitting safely and comfortably at the place they set up innawoods, but I listened to the men who often went over the border.
From what I remember, to these retarded muslims, it was far more important to.. wash their feet in a fucking sink, than it was to read up a textbook. For example my dad and most of his men read Clausewitz and Jomini, meanwhile nobody in the muslim world know who these two are.
Basically everyone but Serbs were casuals and that's why we rekt the entire region and even forced NATO ground forces out with a tail between their legs. They could not respont to mortar fire, they could not organize pincer encirclements, they were all gun toting muslim retards and I am afraid a lot of the anons here are just like that.

I just hope that most anons here arent like muslims, putting faith in small arms. If you dont have serious weapons, and if you do not have organized tactical, operational and strategic command, pic related is what small government forces are going to pull off on your ass.

Most of the far right wing groups across Europe see the US as the enemy… they rightfully ignore Canada and mostly Mexico because in case of a Civil War, those two would be mostly delivering aid to the US. I said "mostly" because some faction within Mexico (certain businesses only) would backup some side of the conflict. Then again, they don't care about that because all of the American continent (except the US) has been great to Europe.

The most tangible humanitarian aid the American continent (except the US) has done for Europe has been offer sanctuary to millions during and after both World Wars.

from what, faggot?

ok fbi

Well, Texas is best state

So? maybe it had to go, it wasn't serviving much purpose other than to fellate the ego of subhumans like you. In all seriousness, no one cared because it was never that important.

whites and blacks were always mixing, stop being on denial

who is they?

Friendly reminder Russia would aid Texas rather than the US.

Whites were outnumbered 100 to 1 in Rhodesia and law enforcement in it's current form is effective so average people do not have to get their hands dirty. Were the gloves to come off and there was zero restraint or repercussions, blacks would be killed purge style in America. So many of them fall back on 'muh rights' but if those rights were to evaporate all bets are off.

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including your population of hispanics outnumbering the whites in school

Only steers and queers come from texas

Most the tards from texas with AR's trying to be john wayne are going to end up dead then

You're not even American, are you.

At least is better than having less yet that being a bigger problem. The reality is that aside from some crazies, faggots, and general human trash ruining it for everybody: There is no big problem. Businesses and opportunity are growing for everyone, there has always being expansion and hope.

I don't know what bleak apocalyptic shit state you live in, but I feel bad for you, I really do. I can only pray that you can find the means to make your state better, because it sounds like you're a man with no hope.

Exactly my point. In case of a war, people who do not know small unit tactics will be wiped out in the first few days….. that's what happened when we went into Bosnia.

But he is right. Owning a non-auto pigeon caliber jam-o-matic 3000 while being fat is not going to do you absolutely any good, if you are any serious about this stuff you need to read all 8 books of Clausewitz and you also need to belong to some sort of group. Like I wrote above. People without army officers and doctors and engineers all died. You too are going to die if you are not prepared.

You forget that black gangs and Mexican cartels have tons of illegal firearms.

Im a burger from the midwest and texans are retarded nigger faggots

oh yes you somalians will surely adapt to civil warfare much faster than people that are hunting and fishing several times a week

Is it 1970 again?

This really is Texas summed up

For my fellow burgers this is actually a bad move if you don't know all the members of your group personally
Most of the militias in the US are federal run or infiltrated

actually, if you have a shit job with a shit pay and no opportunities going forward, then you get the stereotypical american home:

1) The father yells like he owns the house and the people inside it… probably molests his children like yours seems to have done with you.
2) The mother "relaxes" herself with other men because of the stressful environment at home, and the abusive husband/father becomes a cuck.
3) Finally, as a father, your biggest gift to your family is your absence. I bet that if you ever get married and have kids, the best thing you can do for your family is work all day… because no one would want you home.

Texas is 60% spic, your mother sucks joses dick outside home depot

Capped, thanks.

The fuck are you talking about?

are you retarded?

Are you a spic?

I have no clue how to get trough to you people, but it is completely irrelevant how many small arms you poses. It literally doesnt matter how many guns you have. You dont do war with the guns you have.
Bosnians had all the guns around here. And they also had them around Israel from what I hear, and yet it didnt matter in any case.
All of you will be lost, and it would be for nothing. War is just a continuation of politics by other means. You need to have political parties set up. You need to have defined strategic goals. You need to know precisely how are you going to disarm the enemy.

All of you idiots are going to die. What is the desired end for your campaign? How does diplomatic and economic strategy play into your war? Tell me about your grand strategy, do you even have one?

We Serbs had all these things figured, and we had political regime ready, and we really did wipe out all military opposition…… and then tomahawks started flying and we lost.
You anons here, and I have to call you idiots, clearly did not think about anything.

tl;dr at the end of the day it doesnt matter if you win local violence because you will rot in the Russian gulag

I had friends from the Midwest, and they all know a friend who their father molest them.

The same faggots that are against faggots, are the ones touching their children. The Midwest is filled with white trash that should have stayed in their swamp.

Kikes and niggers would of course. The effeminate liberals would just take their side and screach for them constantly. But that shit doesn't work when fighting starts. Your whining is usually drowned out. We'll still have to remove them too, as they will hamper morale perhaps. Just looking at them…

You could have just answered yes to my question, Common Filth.

I'm not, but I refuse to consider those fucks the same as me

The other user is retarded, spics are about 40%

Touching isn't anal, user.

Nobody here has a plan you uppity Serb. This isn't a political group. This website is more of a learning ground, a collective, you take what you learn here and whatever you do with it, you do with it. My main, and ours in general, prerogative is to survive if a civil war hits. Who knows what will happen, its unlikely it will be like the Yugoslavian war.

Know that if we decide something, decide to meet up somewhere right before it happens, or whatever, we will take our shot.

Was for:

not yet :^)

So you're a Texcuck who hates midwesterners, let me guess, you hate Californians too. Remember how your state voted for Ted Cruz?

you're so bluepilled, lurk moar

I am so fucking glad that if it does kick off, we have Trump in the WH instead of The Cunt.

Here's the pdf:

most secessionists were happy because of this


I saw this in a gay porn fantasy website, are you the owner?

I am just worried that if you anons are correct, if there really is some sort of conspiracy where 'the elites' replace the population with nonwhite leftist welfare drones, the government will be able to wipe you out 10 by 10, just like small but organized paramilitaries here wiped out whole armed muslim villages.

Nice fantasy, faggot. Do you fap to it often?

oww… you're father molested you? Don't worry, it doesn't make you a race traitor to send your scumfag father to jail.

Sigh, I've not seen a clear answer yet. We all want National Socialism, we talk of winning often but we don't discuss much of how other than going innawoods and surviving. We have the whole 8 of diamonds thing, but I couldn't give you a convulsive answer.

Just remember we're fighting this war out of whim and fopperty, we're the most ridiculous revolutionaries to ever life.

I only want a war to break out so I can test out my inventions.

And then there's the VVX bomb guy right here. I hope your formula works bro. :^)

omg, how did you knew about the vx gas?

I was planning to R/D an improved version to the new one, but I needed funds. In a war, if you deliver they give you funds.

tbhfam national socialism talk is mostly to de-demonize hitler. I thought it was not good to do, but seeing all the "trump is literally hitler" propaganda pushed for year and half it's acceptable and understandeable why.

The rest each one has their own agendas. I'm here for wall, memeinga a shitlord into whitehouse, shitposting, ranting on modernity and leftist tears.

What else does a man need in his free time?

Just took a guess, I've seen you post a couple times about the gas. I also have the recipe

You better not sell out to the gobbment for shekels.

Ya fuckin' goofed.



I would imagine that the effiminate liberals would be doing support and sabotage operations, like building molotovs and explosives, knocking out power transformers, blocking major interstates, cyber attacks, etc.


not me, I've never posted this sort of things before (just finished learning most of it)

If you're not natsoc now you will be soon, trust me. It's the be all and end all of politics in our time. Undoubtly the best system devised by man so far.

Checked. I'm rather fond of classic Aryan Caste system as implemented in ancient India myself. I see NatSoc as a stepping stone back to the glory of Hyperboria.


Effeminate liberals doing this? Nah. Effeminate liberals are normies. Normies don't make bombs.


If you win over your city through localized violence you can seize or cripple the infrastructure. If this happens with multiple important cities then it's over. You can't clear buildings or tunnels with heavy machineguns and mortars.

Did someone rustle your jimmies lefticuck? Who let you in we were all hanging on a mongolian bbq image board?

I've read it before, it's a good book and the author is a legit badass.

He fought in Vietnam in the US army infantry IIRC, then went to Rhodesia and fought in the elite Rhodesian Light Infantry (who despite their misleading name were actually airborne commandos and hold the record for most combat jumps), then went to Croatia and fought together with the Ustashas.

You can't look at regional populations by ethnicity and say that's how the territory will break up. Minority populations are HIGHLY concentrated in cities. In most cases the surrounding suburbs will be mostly white and the surrounding rural region will be white.

So you're looking at an ethnic break up of America by cities. Cities are death traps in war. And they can't flee the cities there would be nowhere for them to go. Any attempted push from the cities would result in chaos and confrontation. It's not like there's houses in the rural and suburban areas that they can just settle into. Any available housing in the suburbs or rural areas would be bought up by the whites that initially flee the cities long before a total breakdown of government control in them.

Kek, that's what I thought as well. Sounds like total bullshit.