QUEBEC SHOOTING THREAD #4: Pushing Hate Crime Legislation Edition

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I'm sure he knew it, he was just thinking longer term. The problems of industrial society he described don't magically disappear if you remove all Jews. In fact, Jews are probably the most "oversocialised" (in his terms) people on the planet, and therefore the most affected by unnatural industralisation and surrogate activities.

I thought it was some muds shooting up the mosque? I've been away from this for a while

It is. The media is trying to place it on a white guy now.

How? Just arresting some random fall guy? Damn this must really be rubbing the Trudeaus the wrong way.

Any investigation of the rumors this guy and that mohammed fellow were in cahoots?

Not leaf, but sticking firm to it. I was in the original thread when it all went down, everyone was saying mud, media, I presume witnesses, now he's a white guy all the sudden. Not buying that shtick again.

Gimmie a break

Yeah, I can see how the witnesses would be wrong on a couple of things, but it seems that apparently they were wrong on literally everything except for the ski masks and the fact that there were shots fired in a mosque.

>initial reports suggest 3 shooters

That is just the start of the story
Not to mention the "hero" muslim who was trying to rescue his dear friends and got arrested

do you dispute the facts?

they went to his FB before it was taken down, clicked "Following" and saw Trump and Le Pen.

If you were a shifty jew-rat leftard what would you do? You'd thank Yaweh and flog his support of Trump ….

What's also strange is that it took a whole day for the identity to come out. If it was a real "White male Trump supporter Nazi", wouldn't it have been spread minutes after the incident?

pardon me.

I'm retarded.

From the report, he called the police with regrets after he did the deed. He called from his car on a bridge and then surrendered.


That's not really the sort of thing you do, and then regret after the fact. What a weird story.

Some sort of fuckery afoot…

IF this turns out to be factual, simply respond that 'Trump is no more responsible for this than Muhammed is for jihadi terrorism'…or something to that effect. turn that #notallmuslims sentiment around on them

that is weird, even for a Canadian

It is the sort of thing you do when that muslim guy from the school who you thought was going to be your perfect progressive token pal ends up killing 6 dudes and points the gun at you telling you to confess.

Coulter's Law has taken on a new paradigm.

Yeaaaah, that sounds like bullshit.

I can't wait until bill 59 is passed and all of you Kafirs go to jail!

And surrendered
like a good FRENCH-canadian;

Lets countdown how many guns this guy had according to MSM

A handgun and at least two assault rifles were also recovered, according to Canadian media reports.

Bissonnette had no criminal record, but did have infractions in recent years for not wearing a seatbelt, speeding and illegal parking.

He was known to be a hunter and gun owner, Le Journal de Quebec reports.

A handgun and two rifles that looked like AK-47s were found in his car, according to La Presse

Hamid Nadji, who spoke to a friend who was inside the mosque, told the Montreal Gazette the scene was a “carnage.”


Nadji told the newspaper, “From what we heard over the phone, one person had a weapon discharged in his face because he had wanted to jump on the man to stop him. And the three others died because they wanted to catch the man.”

The gunman left the mosque to reload and came back. He then ran out of bullets a second time, reloaded and returned for a third round of shooting, Nadji told the Gazette.


We need to get rid of glocks and babykilling machineguns.






Trump doesn't like those who were captured.

So he 'was' licensed, after all. Wendy Cukier that's really her surname is going to have a field day with this.

Sick frog gains bro.

How the fuck were there even people left in the mosque?

Is he a Nazi Frog or just a regular frog?

Must have had the rivets in his magazines :^)

Something doesn't look right with that cuck.

I don't think that cuck has what it takes to even hold a rifle properly….

The jawline, shape of his head and lips show him to be very weak and effeminate.

I want to say false flag, but we need some proof.

Too many unknowns right now.

Official story is complete horseshit given the knowledge we had leaking as it was happening. MSM can fuck off.

So bear with me here, what if this was an ISIS false flag? I've always thought that it makes sense for a group like them to try and manufacture conflict in other countries and then use that for recruitment and ideally to tear a country apart from the inside. What if they are doing this now, it would be easy for them to get some radicalised white guy to put on a mask and shoot up a mosque then take responsibility for it and claim it was because he hates Muslims. Maybe even do the whole thing with a handler, an actual ISIS member from Morocco.

Think about it: now Canada is more divided, and Muslims who feel persecuted will be more likely to join ISIS. They can drive up recruitment and destabilise a country with one move. All that it takes is one idiotic white dude and the actual ISIS member doesn't even get arrested, hell he's a hero and he can convert more of the local Muslim community.



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first reports of any incident are always horse shit. always.

unless you have some fucking proof, fuck off with your fake news.

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No no here's what happened:
White guy and Muzzie are gay fags
Muzzie wants to kill his gay hating mosque people.
White faggot helps. Muzzie does the shooting yells allahu akbar irnonicly.
They get away sort of but muzzie is caught.
White actual faggot goes full martyr mode and surrenders taking the fall for his love and simultaneously saving the good name of muslims and harming whites.

His suport for trump and le pen was a set up in case he was caught. Lil faggot does not have a long right wing history

Is there any link to a facebook/archive for Khadir?

That is a valid point, can't think of a single shooter who didn't have a somewhat long history of beliefs behind their shootings

One door, and you typically don't want to run in the same direction as the person who was shooting at you.

The thing that nags at me about this is that these are not the actions of someone who would peacefully turn themselves over to the police afterwards. These are the actions of someone looking for a death to give their life up to that moment purpose.

try harder

who likely figured he'd disappear into the chaos and not be identified, which may explain what created all the confusion and hesitation in the unrolling of the narrative. my local news may as well have been al-jazeera tonight, full court press sales-pitch/guilt trip mode about how how "canada will unite" (even though diversity is our strength) and how islam is "under attack" and all the rest of it


The mosque owner said there was security footage. Don't let them bury it.


"Alexandre Bissonnette was charged with six counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder, according to officials."

a few paragraphs later…

"Authorities have not publicly identified either of the two men who were arrested — and police said midday Monday that one of them is now considered a witness, not a suspect."

idk man it's kinda fucked


The mosque owner said there was security footage. Don't let them bury it.

I can see the fnords. And so can Kek.

This is what I have been saying this whole time.

It is close to the Université Laval, which has many international students from French-speaking, Muslim-majority African countries.[10] In June 2016, during Ramadan,[11] it was the target of an islamophobic[12] hate crime when a pig's head was left outside the mosque.[10] That incident prompted the mosque to install CCTV security cameras.[10]

Same thing with the CBC article. They just keep updating the article as new info comes in, without caring if the whole thing makes sense at every step. What did you expect, quality journalism?

Yeah there are things that don't add up. First three shooters, then two, then one. Ski masks were worn, so he seemed to have the idea he didn't want to be identified. Then he gives up fifteen minutes later over some crisis of conscience?
The mosque had HD surveilance, I think it should be released to the public. If it isn't, well that will only add to speculation.


he should've written a manifesto

frankly, it's rude not to

I imagine the dead folks are quite real. But I think these people died to at least one person who is still at large and they're already using this as a chance to throw what few liberties Soviet Canuckistan has left under the bus.

So we know what his motive is yet?

Guise, this is false flag 101, it's right on schedule as Trump's immigration initiatives are taking effect. There is no need to read between the lines, it is what it is.

Its not like it matters.

If they're willing to go to the lengths of pushing a false narrative of this sort, they'll just shoot something on a soundstage and put it forth as the video.

For the government to pass Bill 59 and other anti-free speech legislation more effectively.

What did he say?

that user is implying false flag

indeed, poor form

Holy fuck it's just like the scene where Anne Hathaway screams for help and pretends to be a victim.

Has anyone looked back through his Facebook activity? When did he start following Donald Trump and Le Pen?

Agreed, there's some large puzzle pieces missing. When Dylan Roof shot up the church he expected to be killed by cops when he walked outside.
Since they never came, he just went about his normal life in a dream like state. He wasn't surprised when he got pulled over and caught but never once did he consider turning himself in.
Also, if you were going to martyr for a right wing cause, 'Allah Akbar' would probably be the last phrase you'd shout before shooting.
I'm leaning towards the gay theory. That he shot up the bully muzzies and he's protecting his gay muzzie lover by not implicating him

"After a previous hate crime incident at the mosque, also called Grande Mosque de Québec, its leaders said they had several CCTV cameras on the building. It is not clear if the video shows the shooting or the suspects."

Hrrrmmm. Wonder if the tape wil ever get released….

"Bissonnette has a twin brother, a high school classmate told Le Journal de Quebec.
“Apart from his twin brother, I did not see him with other people,” said Mikael Labrecque Berger, in French. He said Bissonnette was an “unpopular nerd,” and was not always taken seriously by classmates."

"Another photo showed Bissonnette as a child. He was a former Royal Canadian Army Cadet."

So he has a twin brother and they lead an isolated life. Aaaaand he turned himslef in on the mddle of a bridge far away from any witnesses. Isn't that convienient.

Also looks like he may have been in a program that could grrom him for the role. Is this like Leaf BoyScouts?

God I ned to spll chk

Cadets. They don't have that in USA? You go and learn how to do drill, do marksmanship, basic sort of military stuff for kids.

well at least 4chon gets the blame for these faggot psyops,

The Canadian govt. helps with funding for cadets, but they also do a lot of self-funding events. You learn drill and knots and shoot a bit of air rifles. Air cadets even get to fly little model airplanes and such. Beats babysitters I guess. Regardless, I know a lot of guys who were in the cadets and there wasn't anything funny going on there other than the obvious glorification of the military (the govt. is pretty blatantly trying to set the kids up for a military career later on–upon joining the Canadian Armed Forces they'll even ask you over and over if you have any experience in the cadets, as it's supposed to put you ahead of the competition).


why do you guys put some text in all black background?

If, confirmed it was the shooter, and you think he did something great for our cause then you are part of the problem.
The battle of ideas is already won in every European countries were big majorities reject immigration and Islam, now you are getting leftists ammunition, now they will enact tougher legislation against (((hate speech)) and the rights to assemble with like minded nationalists people.

clever idea ;)

I really do hate spics.

Muhammadan spotted and reported.

news flash buddy, they already have (((hate speech))) laws in Canada and tribunals run by POC and cat ladies that come after evil racists

they will enact stricter laws, I know that they already have strict laws but things will get harder now :'(

spotted the jew


military background? totally not an agent…

leafs brought this upon themselves

Leafs, they will start a BLM movement over this, this is Soros' plan.

let's just accept that 4chan delivered another DyRo killer

Current law: "Truthful statements can be presented in a matter that would meet the definition of hate speech, and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction …"

Please read bill 59. Send help

The Act provides for the prohibition of hate speech and speech inciting violence that are engaged in or disseminated publicly and that target a group of people sharing a common characteristic identified as prohibited grounds for discrimination under section 10 of the Charter of human rights and freedoms. Acting in such a manner as to cause such types of speech to be engaged in or disseminated is also prohibited. The Act introduces a procedure for reporting such speech to the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse which includes measures for protecting people who report it, and grants the Commission new powers, including powers of investigation. The Commission is allowed to apply for a court order requiring such speech to cease. New responsibilities are therefore assigned to the Human Rights Tribunal, including the responsibility for determining whether a person has engaged in or disseminated such speech or acted in such a manner as to cause such acts to be committed and, if applicable, to determine the amount of the monetary penalties applicable. If the Tribunal concludes that a person has contravened those prohibitions, the person’s name is entered, for the time determined by the Tribunal, on a list kept by the Commission and available on the Internet. In addition, the Charter of human rights and freedoms is amended to introduce the prohibition against engaging in or disseminating such speech targeting an individual, thus rendering the reporting procedure under the Charter applicable. The second purpose of the bill is to introduce miscellaneous measures to better protect individuals. In that regard, the bill amends a number of rules set out in the Civil Code of Québec regarding the solemnization of marriages and civil unions, in particular, by replacing the procedure for publishing a notice of solemnization. Under the bill, notices must be published on the website of the registrar of civil status, the registrar is allowed, except where provided otherwise, to grant a publication exemption, and the court is empowered to authorize the solemnization of a marriage if one of the intended spouses is a minor.

Leaf Leader

Coulter's Law violated. (((Media))) moves forward anyway


Terrorism Expert: “Quebec Terror Attack Looks Like an Anti-Trump False Flag"

Wait what and here I thought France were the most ZOGed when it comes to (((free-speech))), this is insane.

choose one

fix'd you jew

if they get away with this, Canada is over. Hello Bill 59

Please Trump, I hope you have something on Trudeau through the NSA. I do not want to become Americas Ukraine

There is a legalized child marriage act trying to be passed through in Canada right now. There is a guillotine over our heads and this event gave them the go ahead to drop it.

Does he still have a job?

Also look here at the last sentence of the excerpt (this one is for Mohammed and Moishe):

LOL it is illegal for buildings like that to only have 1 exit. It is probably illegal for ANY building in Canada to only have 1 way out.

escape to Montana and join Ben Garrison and Richard Spencer in White Fish

Implying laws apply to Mahound worshipers and Judeans.

Syrian refugees shit was always fake. However the "only one shooter" thing smells like complete and total bullshit.

They actually do, it's civil law. Government would take Schlomo and Abdul's money any day of the week.

My money's on PUMPED UP KICKS with kosher secular civic nationalists spurring him on against a muslim target

thats. it… end of story.

I mean the first "muh police radio" report that it was 2 syrian refugees with names. That was bullshit.

and i mean the whole fucking arab spring was commandited by fucking Google its all fucking bullshit

Every story since 2012 with early reports of more than one shooter are stories that did not happen at all. That's seeding alternate conspiracy theories early on because the important thing is that nobody ever realize the shit is pure fiction.

As time goes on people are accepting the bullshit more readily. Welcome to an age where reality is made to suit public policy

You're a fucking idiot or a schill.
Do you think Charles Martel asked for permission from jews or mudslimes before removing Kebab and reclaiming his country. Are you so fucking dense you think that if you ask muslims to leave nicely then they will?

Already mysteriously deleted from Facebook. Yesterday, while he was supposedly in police custody.

100% Pure Bullshit.

Charles Martel had an army you dumb-ass fuck!

Holla Forums is not your personal army
…but it might just become your NatSoc army.

Well that's good, at least.

I have just reported you to the FSB


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russian hackers

I knew it.

Why won't you fucking retards admit this guy was full on Holla Forums?

Only thing worse than shooter being Holla Forums is you faggots pretending it's all a (((conspiracy))).

Speak for yourself user, if he pays me I'm game.

Because there are no proofs.

Go somewhere else, JIDF.

we are fucking mad as hell here!

Industrial Society and its future was one of my first redpills, and its the one I have the most trouble reconciling. Even if we win, what will happen as automation and machines take over everything ? Will we become useless, brainless tubs of lard that are incapable of freedom and independence ?

Industrial Society and its future = Globalism
Defeat globalism and Industrial Society and its future does not happen
it's like maths really

The way I see it, it'll be easier to live through a collapse of industrial society if the people in your area are mostly homogeneous, otherwise you'll get race-based tribes that will just reduce whatever cohesion is left over even further.

Confirmed for never having read Industrial Society & Its Future. You have the causation wrong, it's industrialisation that causes globalism, not the other way around. Jews just speed that process up.

no it's you idiot…
In a nationalist country, there is always space for innawood brothers. fuck off.

Have you read IS&IF? Serious question.

of course thats the only question you have you fucking baiter.


Well yeah, anything I say next depends on whether you understand Kaczynski's worldview, as summarised in the Unabomber Manifesto. If all you understand about it is "dude fuck technology lmao" then I don't have much to say to you other than "read the manifesto".

Initial report quoted witness saying "It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, 'Allahu akbar!' The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head."
and all of a sudden the 2nd masked shooter was simply a witness? Whole story is BS


fuck kaczynkis view. dude was fucking deranged. there… next call


top wew

Every_fucking_time with these people.

It's easy to get away with logical fallacies when the camera cuts away as soon as you finish speaking.

are you his lawyer or something?

Hello reddit. What camera are you talking about? If you haven't noticed, this is an imageboard.

mentions reddit

not a police officer

Nice greentext

Guess you didn't catch how he was trying to use reddit formatting for italics

Still want to have a discussion on Uncle Ted or are you just going to deflect any of my arguments by calling me a kike?

Oy vey just fucking admit he is one of you goys give me some good screenshots of you all celebrating for my (((articles)))

Saw an article earlier today where this shooter was a member of a feminist group on facebook. Looking for source but seems to have been scrubbed.

Saw an article earlier today where this poster was a member of a leo group on facebook. Looking for ways to have a screen of people agreeing with known terrorists for some reasons

It's a Yid from the Mossad.

you mean you?

Was the gay muzzie lover the handler?

The muzzie who used to be suspect I wuldn't be surprised. Yelling alahu ackbar, goading a right-winger then getting off free while blaming the patsy does sound like typical Mossad MO.

Go fuck yourself Ephraim.

Pretty much this.

Perhaps the most pathetic thing I've seen from the media is tht I've read three stories now that say he dressed as the Grim Reaper for Halloween. Any idiot who checks the Facebook link can see that it was a Scream costume. This alone means that we have more accurate information by far than the media, and they don't even know how to check his Facebook archive.

Either way, how the fuck is that relevant to anything?

It's not, but they can spin it like he was obsessed with death for the Grim Reaper. Really it just shows how desperate they even are to find something out of the ordinary. That's not even going into how according to them his Facebook page was all Le Pen and Trump, ignoring the Jack Layton and feminism pages.


Will this ban the fucking leaves out of the imageboards?

Is the Day of the Rake upon us?

And also the top, I'm sure. Someone with lots of practice fucking scrawny little boys back rural allahland.

was offline
Holla Forums qc?


This is not good at all. I'm actually worried about this.

we political party now?
any other ways?

What do you mean?

You didn't know?

It seems not.

obviously not… been offline
light my fire

The shadow-cabinet should have sent emails to everyone involved. Contact your district chief officer.

Now I'm lost. What are you lads going on about?

Use your activation key and log-in, what are you some kind of retard?

Log in to what tho.

hmm seems we have leo here
yeah yeah terrorists party right here just enter NIP

im just asking if there is a quebec Holla Forums and/or any political party that has any bit of hope

thank you

There is no hope alas.


at this point

Me right now. I still hope that we will have new revelations that will go our way, hopefully today. Still hanging on to that glimmer of hope really. If he is really the shooter then he has done so much damage to our cause. I hope he was a leftist trying to false-flag us.


We can only hope. Perhaps if we are lucky the Russo-American alliance will be able to annex us easily, since Trudeau destroyed our military.

Vice: Terrorist who killed 6 in Quebec was member of the alt-right.

Beware. In the following months we will see many false flag attacks where perpetrators are called members of the alt-right. The attack on the alt-right has begun.

they can do that real-time in videos too.
also they can turn an old hag witch into a beauty pageant contestant real time

I am not alt-right I am National Socialist smh.

the would be classic kike.
attacking unexistant golems for shekels
im so surprised right now

I have nothing to say.

You don't.

The last image isn't accurate. CNN did not portray him in that manner. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

He didn't shoot up a synagogue.

Fucking idiot.

When machines take over everything, everyone will have them, just like almost everyone has and can afford a car today vs the few who could afford horses 150 years ago. You tell the machine what you want, and it will procure it for you. You will be as free and independent as any fabulously wealthy CEO with his own personal assistant is today. IE very free, but not entirely sure how you could get along without Janice. But such a question is of little importance.

I'm talking about possible accomplices who got the gun for him. You don't need an accomplice to walk into a mosque that looks like some grey community center that's not protected by any wall or fence and doesn't have a security guard at the front door and then start shooting people. And it's winter so you can easily hide a gun under your winter coat. The hard part is getting the gun. In Canada there's a lot of obstacles before you can physically hold a gun in your hands if you want to do it legally.



So was it a false flag or was it actually done by a far-right extremist? If the latter, why did some report hearing aloha snackbar?
Sorry for being so late with all these questions but I haven't really had the time to look into this.

Media says the ones attacking had Quebec accent. Is this a Quebec accent?

Not a leaf expert, but (((Sources))) say he moved to Quebec, also now it's a Lone Wolf attack by the Far Right, so take it with a grain of salt.

Are normalfag leafs falling for this? Please god tell me they aren't. I'm not sure I can take living in a country where everyone is so easily fooled by something to easily fake.

I actually regret teasing a girl I knew. I doxed her and made fun of her because my friends thought it was funny.

After two years, I think I might have done her wrong.


The jews made a movie about it letting us know what was going to happen in 1997. Wag The Dog

that was a great movie. Also unless I see the CCTV of the mosque i don't believe shit

[replying chronologically, I haven't read the full thread yet]

>It is. The media is trying to place it on a white guy now.

No, he called the cops to tell them he was the shooter and then they went to his place to arrest him. I've heard there was a quick negociation (he suggested he was going to kill himself) and then he surrendered. If the footage from the security cameras confirm he's the shooter then it's not complicated.

Two suspects were arrested, one on the scene – Mohamed Belkhadir – because he was fleeing and another one – Alexandre Bissonnette – later after he called the cops to tell them he was the shooter.

I listened to an interview on a french radio with a witness who was inside and he said the shooter shouted 'Allah Akbar' with a french accent. It's a final insult against the muslims he was going to kill: you yell Allah is great! and then you use bullets to send them direcly to Allah. There's nothing particularly fishy about that Allah Akbar if Bissonnette is confirmed to be the shooter according to the security cameras footage.

Not if all his comments – and the comments he left on other Facebook pages outside his own Facebook page aren't as easy to find as the stuff he posts on his page – are written in french and the click bait websites like the Daily Beast can't find someone to translate them. These clowns even repeated fake information posted on a blatantly fake Reuters Twitter account so they need to be careful if they want to retain some semblance of credibility:

" Editor’s note: This piece originally stated that Reuters reported the names of the assailants. However, the information came from a Reuters parody social-media account. We regret the error and have deleted the information. "


Don't worry they're all going to mention Bissonnette was a Donald Trump today or this evening.

So I suppose the question stands, where do we go from here, fellow leafs? Things just got a thousand times harder, and the media doesn't seem to be allowing us to condemn the attack as hypocritical of that as it is. Obviously being violent in turn isn't going to get us anywhere. Are there any ways we can try repairing this? Reaching out to communities maybe?

I don't know. This set us back a good amount of steps; we can't really easily see how many people are questioning this shooting since thought like that is actively censored on every single Canadian forum. I hope we don't have to rely on an American annexation but it's beginning to look that way. The last time a shooting like this happened it was turned into a tool to bolster our ridiculous gun laws for nearly three decades. I hate to imagine what this is going to do.

What you want to do then ? Reach Trudeau to ask him politely to culturally enriched us by annexing to the US?

The left does all kinds of bullshit and when you tell them about it they are like "well these are the exceptions" (assuming you can decode the autistic screeching). Canada till the elections is fucked anyway. All this does is the people will want someone more radical on the right. Like Trump. Also why anyone should apologize because some dumbass did something stupid? Do you see moderate muslims say I am sorry when ISIS blows people up?

Is this faggot going to plead guilty ensuring we never get to see the CCTV footage?




What's bothering me is that the "witness" is from the same fucking school. The victims say there was more than one shooter, and yet the media can get away with saying that this arab was just running around the scene like a lost puppy. Fuck off, they also said they found at least two assault rifles right?

I wonder if we can find connections between this kid and the "witness"? Find proof that they were acquainted.


they were in the same university I think. someone posted a pic in a previous thread

Universities are big places, we need to find out if they were in any of the same classes or clubs. Also if the witness actually belongs to that mosque at all. It would be easy for him to say "Look at me, I'm brown and I was here to pray! Why would I shoot up this place?!"

Did Martel act on his own, with no help from friends, in a highly incompetent manner that did nothing to solve the problem of foreigners infesting his country?

here is the facecuck
yeah trump is on there but so is richard awkins and the pope

so he attacks the moderate mosque instead of the extreme one down the road?
he covers his face during the operation, yet turns himself in?

is it that easy to buy an AK 47 in Canada? How did he buy it?

sjw trash shifting a gear with "trump ebil american who caused this, we good cuckadian" narrative

I seriously doubt it was an AK as the media knows fuck-all about guns (if its black its an AR15, if it has wood its an AK47).
buying from niggers is a possibility, but they certainly wouldn't have soviet guns.
gun licensing is easy and should take a couple months at most, but liberals here seem to think they're banned outright.
I believe being a gun owner warrants RCMP searches at any time for any reason however.

Maybe he took some drugs before the shooting to give himself some courage. Have you ever killed someone? It's probably like in the Clint Eastwood movie Unforgiven when the young guy kills someone for the first time, he feels weird and he throws up. It must be a different feeling to kill people in the army on a battlefield than to kill unarmed people all by yourself in your city even if you hate them.

I would hit the john and snap one off. Then head to the synagogue for more fun.

AK PATTERN RIFLE is illegal in Canada. Could be vz58, cz858, or media knowing Jack fuck about rifles. Also could be illegal import

There are so many inconsistencies. One is the gun and how he found it. Then its the three attackers thing, witness says there were two, somehow turns out there was one white guy that wears a mask so they wont recognize him and then he turns himself in. Then his fb likes are all over the place. In youtube he appears normal to a point i doubt he could hold a gun. No far right likes or groups (shit I bet we have more pages or groups that would classify us as far right). No CCTV footage given how many more graphic ones made it on facebook recently. Like the ambassador's death and the blacks torturing the white guy. Any more I have missed?

So… if I'm reading all this situation right we have what is essentially the Canadian Dylann Roof. Sure he's a hero but wound up doing more harm than good by throwing himself away. I also have a good TL;DR if this is true -

the provincial government of Quebec (provincial Liberal Party, cousins of Justin Trudeau's party) already tried:


it would be interesting to compare this event to other mass murders in canada


Yes. Not the heaviest one I've heard, but it is definitely there.

the mosque also supposedly being a "target of islamophobia" earlier in the summer as well, presumably to establish themselves as victims in the mind of the general public. the way Trudeau came out right away calling it terrorism, plus the lightning pace with which the left/msm have closed ranks to push this as hard as they possibly can even as already flimsy evidence becomes even more dubious, sure makes me think that something went wrong in the operational phase, which they are hoping to write out of the narrative. We'll find out soon enough, but likely too late as usual.

I think more than the two shooters thing the weird thing is how quickly the manhunt ended. I remember for Charlie Hebdo they caught a guy and then searched for ages to find the others. Here they find one and then immediately stop when all the witnesses are saying two. Even if the witnesses were wrong about it (which still seems odd) with multiple accounts corroborating two shooters you'd expect them to keep up the search for a while at least. Here they find one and a guy who apparently looked nothing like a shooter and was giving medical aid, then they stop completely. No continued search or anything. Even if the guy confessed, do you think he'd be likely to rat out his accomplice? He would have every motive for claiming sole responsibility.

I heard on the radio he was a fan of Jack Layton on Facebook

Everyone liked Jack Layton before he passed away.

The mosque allegedly has ties to HAMAS.

Jack Layton died of AIDS because he was a bisexual faggot.

That makes it even more likely that this was a false flag, this faggot made both the right less popular to normalfags AND he exposed some bad goys who had ties with the archenemies of Israel. I know they are still muslims but Israel has actual power over the west and those sandniggers don't so they are much of a bigger threat.

After the cadet , you can continu a formation for being in the canadian reserve if you pass a bootcamp training, And from what it is being reported, the twin brother and parents are in radio silence mode, and won't talk to the press.

It seems to have been done by a creepy loner who was (possibly, not sure if it's confirmed) a student at the university and he apparently really hated arabs. Some students who knew them after high school told reporters he once said arabs should be eliminated. Some other students also say he has a twin brother and both of them were unpopular nerds in high school who stayed together and didn't like to talk to anyone else.

So the shooter was a lonely nerd, possibly with Asperger syndrome, was bullied in high school. Maybe he was bullied by an arab student in high school and he developped a specific grudge against arabs? I don't know, that's a speculation.

Witness report the shooter yelling Allah Akbar with a french accent just before the massacre. He was mocking them

I heard it was cancer.

Who is that cute ching-chong? Looks like she needs some ding-dong. Not that I promote race mixing… always pull out and paint her white, instead.

Narrative doesn't really make sense though. He wore feminist pins on his clothing, liked both right and left wing pages, had hundreds of friends on Facebook and engaged with them regularly, went to parties, enjoyed travelling around and hiking, etc… They can spin this narrative that he was a far right loner, but everything points to the contrary.

Wut? I thought he died of cancer. Was it anal cancer?

can you post a pic with the feminist pin?

This looks more and more like a false flag under the guidance of Mossad.

Here you go.


I doubt this guy shot up a mosque, they probably just picked up the first guy they found.

Do we know the name of his twin brother? What does his Facebook page looks like compared to his brother? I heard on the radio they're physically nearly identical. Maybe there's some confusion going on because if they look nearly identical then you wouldn't be able to differenciate them just by looking at photos on the internet. You can be a nerd with Asperger syndrome with very few friends and still look like you have an official social life by uploading a few photos on your Facebook page.


Hopefully this starts making muslims kill feminists.

They say he called the police to claim responsability. The problem is if he pleads guilty then chances are we'll never see the footage of the security cameras

it doesn't work that way.

Whole thing reeks of a false flag. Timing is too politically convenient for Trudeau, body count is so miniscule for a man armed with a semiautomatic rifle presented with otherwise stationary targets.

Is there something different about how Canada handles these things? In the US, the footage would be seized immediately if it was a high-profile case, and hidden away to only maybe appear at a trial, and possibly then only shown to jurors away from the court, with some BS explanation of national security or privacy concerns of the victims etc. In the event of a guilty plea, it just gets filed in that big room with the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Indiana Jones.

I honestly wouldn't put it past my government to make it work that way just for the sake of preserving the narrative.

don't know how it works, but know enough that you can't convict based on

you need evidence. video is evidence.
evidence will be presented in court, guilty plea or not.

If I was a juror, there is no way I'd convict anyone, even a nigger, based merely on a guilty plea.

if all it took was a 'confession' to send somebody to prison, then a lot of niggers would be getting "tuned up" while in custody so they enter guilty pleas, and go straight to prison.

there would be no need for the state to have forensics departments, and invest in sophisticated technology….

this isn't russia.

If they want the guy to go, he will damn be the fall guy. Law in Canada and to a certain extent the US is truly respected if you have money and can afford good lawyers. Considering the guy is a student and most likely broke, he'll have to be represented by a public defendant. Public defendants do the very bare minimum. Been there, done that, got lucky that somehow the prosecutor didn't dare show up in court on the day of my sentence.

Isn't this the guy from Sargon's intro video?

I'm not a lawyer but technically we're talking about private security cameras, the mosque is the owner of the footage, so I guess unless that footage is used as evidence in a trial then you'll have to ask the mosque if they can please give you a copy of the footage. But maybe the official police report in a few weeks or months will contain the footage of the security cameras and it will be available to the public. I don't know.

Which guy?


So you're telling me that Canada is so corrupt and beyond redemption that the police will not enter fucking video surveillance footage as evidence, and a jury of OUR PEERS will convict this guy based on a confession, and nothing else.

So why are you fucking faggots sitting at home?

Go shoot up a synagogue.

why live?

what are you waiting for Hitler?

dinfo/defeatist faggots.

Alexandre Bissonnette. Or is it another guy with the same name? Sorry for the horrible quality.

If he already pleaded, he doesn't go into trial in front of "our peers". It's called a plea bargain, which he'll most likely take at the direction of the public defendant.

you should shoot up a synagogue and then claim that you heard voice in your head from KEK and PEPE and they told you to kill the jews.

tell them that you believe in kekism, and digits, and you got "dubs" on Holla Forums and decided to kill jews.

since the justice system here is a joke, you'll be deemed not criminally responsible and be out in 9 years like Vince Li (now William Baker). Butchered a guy on a greyhound bus, and is now applying for a complete discharge….

didn't even go to jail.

If this case doesn't go to court, and no evidence comes out then even normies will know its a fucking false flag.

Huh, this guy's twitter does seem to be about someone in the USA though, and his picture is of someone obviously different. Crazy coincidence though.

When someone admits to a crime in front of the police, while in questioning, public defenders usually recommend taking the plea bargain, double so if the guy says he's guilty to his lawyer in private. Plea bargain = no trial. Normalfags don't even know what a false flag is, most will be glad to know he got X sentence because he admitted to the crime, without questioning anything. You seem to forget normalfags are NPCs for all intent and purposes.

I'd take jail over the poison that are force fed when you end up in Jail for criminal insanity.

Normies will forget about this by the end of the week, with the exception of when the news brings it up when they want people to feel bad for the "poor, oppressed brown people." They won't know if this ever goes to trial or not. He could be found completely innocent and they still wouldn't care because the news would barely cover that so when people look back they remember it as some "terrible hate crime" done by whitey.

I just read that the traitor government is already open to give public funds to the fucking muzzies affected by the attack. They also want to fund programs to bring closer people to Mudslimes all over the province with people's tax dollars. Enjoy paying to have your kids be in proximity of those subhumans goyim!

(link in french)

Everyone related to the MSM deserve to be put into a delousing chamber.

Again I'm not a lawyer but if the guy pleads guilty then there won't be a trial and I presume we will have to wait for the official police report to be released to be able to see the video footage. That could take weeks or months, unless the mosque or the police decide to release it to the public. Something like that.

Don't know how maple leaf law works, but in the US, if you confess and plead guilty in a court of law, there is no more trial, unless there is reason to believe you're not in your right mind.

If you "confessed" and then plead not guilty, there would be a trial, and question number one would be "well then why the hell did you confess". There is always a plea entered, if you refuse to enter one then it's entered as not guilty and there is still a trial.

Point being that he's probably going to plead guilty.

The government is going to offer the muslim community a course to teach them how to open a door.

You can't make this shit up

Jesus, even mudslimes in my old apartment building knew damn well how to use a push bar door. They didn't even know how to speak French or English yet they didn't need a course for doors. Castreau really imported some of the dumbest people he could find in the world, it's the only way he could ever stay in power at this point.

There is nothing unbelievable about the official story

excuse me?













The part about the doors is just the journalist saying that Mudslimes have yet to understand how shit works here, as they didn't properly understand how that emergency door was supposed to be opened (it's probably one of those doors with a metal bar in the middle, which you could have easily opened by tackling the door, it's how they usually are made around here). I bet they're just taqiya-ing their ass off to justify why they didn't leave when they were shot at.

Some of the ones who were killed have been here for close to 20 years according to TVA, that's a long fucking time to learn how an emergecy exit works.

That's why I said they are religiously lying yet the cucks in power will believe every single word.

even if you run into the door hear first it'll open….

shit ….

what the fuck dude….

its not an EMERGENCY EXIT has 5 bolts you have to undo before it opens…


kys dumb low IQ nigger.

Emergency exits here are usually reinforced doors with usual opening mechanisms linked to an alarm. What retarded places are you from where emergency exits require a janitor with a wrench to open it?

I can't wait until we find out where you work and show up outside your office again. Last time was pretty fun. We're getting tired of you, though. Bet more will happen next time.


Female Anchor: The Muslim Community mentioned 2 major concerns - support for the victim's families but also security surrounding the mosques, obviously there's a heavy police presense but they want ~

Male anchor: Did they ask for it to be permanent or at least more frequent?

Female: Actually what they want is to offer a training course to people, here for example they claim that people didn't know how to use the emergency exits, and that might have helped.

Yes, nothing unbelievable at all.

There is no proof of his islamophobia, racist, white supremacist / nationalistic views, as far as I know.

According to multiple witnesses, he burst into the mosque with an automatic weapon and started firing on the crowd, but in the video they claim it jammed the second he tried to fire, so he pulled out a 9MM.

Alot of articles claim he was a friendless loser who only ever talked to his brother, but that didn't stop him from having at least 2 friends with which he discussed his political views with.

All of this while being a timid, shy, closed off. submissive beta cuck who somehow gained enough notoriety around his university to be instantly recognized by 2 pro-refugees / feminist groups the moment they showed his face on TV.

Despite all of this time he supposedly spent on facebook trolling feminists, he barely updated his timeline and there's no evidence of any of this anywhere.

Great, now I'm gonna be high on a watchlist. the only thing I don't have is a gun, fucking false flag Eventually being an introvert is gonna be automatically linked to hatred.

oh boy


Also where are the weapons? He should have them, or know where he left them.

Right, I was mostly thinking of the witnesses they paraded infront of the camera today when I wrote that.
Apparently he had 2 AKs and a handgun in his car when he turned himself in.
That's according to TVA though, so it could've been 2 baseball bats and a dildo for all we know.

255 Dundas St W, Toronto

bring it nigger.

That's because this is Fate. There is nothing else. There is No Future but Nuclear Fire.

where did I say i'm from such a place…?

are you a frog by any chance? maybe go back to an english class.

i said emergency exits are designed to open when people who are scared out of their minds run into them head pic.

you don't need to "know" how to open it…you can just fucking run into it and it opens.

Then, where the fuck did
came from. No emergency exit here has 5 bolts you have to undo.


" (…) Bissonnette grew up in Cap-Rouge, a suburb southwest of Quebec City, where his parents still live. Neighbours remembered him as a "closed-off young man."

Slender and quiet, Bissonnette stuck out for the wrong reasons in high school. "He was treated badly, that's for sure," said Toma Popescu, a classmate between eighth and tenth grade at Les Compagnons-de-Cartier. "He didn't look quite the same as the other kids and was very introverted," Popescu added. "He kept his thought and emotions to himself."

But he came across as intelligent to his peers, and joined the chess club at Laval University, where he studied anthropology and political science. Bissonnette appeared to enjoy discussing politics with select classmates at university. Jean-Michel Allard Prus, who took a politics class with Bissonnette, said they often debated with each other on Facebook.

In these debates, Bissonnette expressed fairly mainstream conservative views. A hunter, he opposed gun control and was pro-Israel, but otherwise didn't bring up more divisive issues such as Muslims or immigration.

But that was a year ago.

"I think … something happened. He radicalized a lot," Prus said. "He seemed just a normal right-wing individual." As Bissonnette began to espouse more radical views, he stopped interacting with his fellow students. He took part in at least one informal discussion group, but quickly found its members too moderate and stopped attending.

"He was not interested by our politics meeting because we are conservative and moderate right wing," said Éric Debroise, a Laval University student and member of the discussion group. "He is more far-right or alt-right." Debroise described Bissonnette as nice but anti-social. In their meetings, he said, Bissonnette often spoke admiringly of U.S. President Donald Trump and the French far-right politician Marine Le Pen. (…) "

The "alt-right" boogeyman + "a year ago", which is a subtle Donald Trump reference, combined with an outright Donald Trump reference. I'm not saying he didn't turn into a wannabe Breivik all by himself but I wonder if maybe someone from the RCMP got in touch with him through social media and then gave him a few of black pills or something.

The article says the 9mm pistol was registered to him but it doesn't say if the long gun he entered the mosque with was his or not.

Introverts have been on everyones hitlist and "use" list for decades. One thing leftists and even some rightist hates is someone who wants to keep to themselves and not participate in their scam called "society".

LOL very true, reporters are very useless right now

AKs are prohibited weapons in Canada but the news says he had two, probably aren't registered.

Begs the question of how he got them in the first place. 27 year old introverted student seemingly with no connections is able to buy two prohibited firearms, how exactly?

Is there any more of this?

There's something not right with that boy. He seems real doped up and depressed.

Nah, that's seriously just how Quebecois act.

Well thats a fucking fire hazard

He could have upped his kill count by lighting the door on fire.

Even still, What's the likely-hood that he happened to be the one who got singled out? Why the fuck was he even there? If he was there to pray like all the others why didn't he blend?

He was arrested with a mud, all kinds of reports of shouts of "ALLAHU AKBAR" and shit. So he's being used as a scapegoat to push an agenda, it's very obvious.

I don't get it

What would be funny if he didn't do it, but just surrenderd to provoke a media frenzy.

Canada is ISIS's main recruitment center, is the theory. Secretely Muslim Trudeau stuck a huge anal plug up CSIS's ass, rendering our firewall somewhat a former shadow of it's self.

^ That's the general idea behind it.

When your country's leader (Trudeau, Canada) is stroking your AIDS ridden cock and slurping it messily while deepthroating it hard, do I destroy all that naive ignorance the cucked leader built up on your religion and people? Nope. Just yesterday, Trudeau "slammed" Fox News on their "error" over a tweet that "mistakenly" labeled the wrong perpentrator of the shootings.

Hey… you're kind of smart?! Sneaky even, haha.

This whole thing is fucking bullshit and I've already been had appeals to authority made to me by libshits telling me only their news sources (CNN) is legitimate and not to listen to anyone on the Internet. They kept talking over me and wouldn't even let me say that I don't really know what's going on there but I don't yet accept the official story, no, they just strawmanned me and talked over me and called me crazy.

If wanting to preserve my French culture and Quebecois people makes me a neoNazi well so be it sieg hiel

Ah, no. They save no one else but their own skin
So that way they can implant and reinforce a fake story
Obviously so the oawn doesn't expose himself as a tool.

If being a National Socialist makes me a National Socialist, then so be it, SIEG HEIL!!!!!

"These fascist groups on the Facebook – we need to stop that," he said. "We need to stop the Islamaphobic wave that will affect us."

I think they're actually atheists who hate religion. There's a lot of anti-religion atheists in Qc, it's a popular thing and they're not necessarily SJWs

We should blame this on gamergate. It would be funny.