Blacks calling for Race War

Hey Guyz did you see this. You need to get this on drudge and everywhere else now.
pic related
blm is tied to isis
blacks are what makes up black lives matters.

don't let this slide this is the video that tips the pot over.

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already a thread

That's not a shahada - at least it's a very poor facsimile of one if it's meant to be

battle lines are being drawn.

I thought they already were? pic related All that's needed now is just a push in the right direction- oh yeah, there goes Obama.


popular support is what legitimizes the crowd.

if the the leader gets behind a violent movement…as the leftists movement is.

Then that defacto movement makes the leaders that get behind them..a representative of that violence.

once that happens.

its 12D

That thread got derailed to dogshit because mother fuckers can't not take the bait.


spread the vid in normie space…i promise you its what you need to win.

mraps in col oh

If a race war was to really break out (I'm talking about a stabbing whitey breaking windows in the street chimp out), where do you think it would realistically happen?

Liberal shitholes that's where. In black neighborhoods and their surrounding liberal conclaves. And who lives in these liberal conclaves? Liberal jews and whites who pushed and supported this race baiting narrative in the first place.

Let them get a taste of their own medicine. In black cities like Detroit, Baltimore and Philly the majority of city workers are black. Think of your bus drivers, teachers and some of the police force. They would only destroy themselves from the inside. Let the chimps rot.

Also, get ready for the feds to call for martial law in these places. top kek.

I am not afraid of a massive chimp out race war. Middle America has nothing to fear. And if you live in a shitlib nig infested city then you really need to reevaluate your life there son.

We had a thread about this not long ago but I'm a repost it now.
>You do not want white people to riot. You Do Not. Want. White People. To Riot.



By that as a measure. Just keep meme war up in normie space. I keep saying it.

Sockpuppets FRONT.
Many will get take out.
But 401k holders and bottom line individuals
are who you need to affect.

This will put down the left power and stabilize the country.

Grocery stores are good.
Non violent areas are good.

We want the country to be good and prosperous - not a leftist shit hole.

Pill the normie space and you win the war.

"To which my answer is: if we get Civil War II, how many Americans do you think the U.S. military is willing to run over with tanks?"

All the ones with neon hair, hijabs, terrorist scarves, facial piercings and communist symbol shirts.

The handful of normal looking folks on the left can be spared and allowed to go home to their families.

Libshits have no idea how many people there are waiting for an excuse to massacre them.

homo rhodesiensis

Exactly this. The argument that the American military wouldn't fuckstomp the left's collective skulls in because they are American is the equivalent of "You wouldn't hit a girl, would you?". It really just goes to show the mentality of the people that are in the left-wing; a bunch of highschool girls.

Tbh they have something along those lines coming to them.
I would RATHER the fucking cops do their jobs and beat the fucking shit out of them like the ukrainian spec police did.

Use pepper ball guns en masse.

The fact that we have this police state that will fuck your day up for defending your neighborhood…but won't defend your neighborhood for you…is pathetic. Until the police actually do their fucking jobs..we have to suffer these leftists and their calls for real violence against us as white people.

Our police won't even do the bare minimum.
Right now…I have zero. 0 . respect for the police.
they look soft and weak and embolden the leftists
in this country.
If they THINK they are helping the country..they should THINK again.

I've heard that Governor Cuomo and some of the mayors directly ordered their police chiefs to stand down and let the people protest.

Not sure if this is true or not.

I suspect that practically all of the beat cops fucking hate the protesters and would prefer to arrest them and have them charged with a crime (not beat their skulls in though).


And if they can't do it, at least arming yourself can go a long way against antifa and dindus who only have glass bottles and other improvised weapons.

I can't believe the shit went that far in the 60s. And to think that I was taught in school that the Weathermen were just a college club who wanted us to be nice to vietnam and stuff.
I remember seeing a video of a police shootout with SLA in Los Angeles(?) a while back. I think they were barracaded with a hostage. The cops were in full combat mode, going full auto with their M16A1s.

I'm of the opinion that this is a timeline difference, in that we are now in a timeline where several more major left-wing terrorist organizations exist than most anons (people generally?) recollect.

It seems to me that bringing this track record of terrorism to light would make very effective propaganda…

wat da…

you dun goofed, stranger

Look like a POW flag.