Esoteric Kekism and White Magic

In the previous thread it was shown that we need to learn to embody love and not just hate and that paradoxically they are powered by and kept in balance by each other. We must learn to wield both in proper form and in proper time lest we become imbalanced and lose ourselves in mad conquest for your goal.

Remember out of love for our people we fight.


Other urls found in this thread: Lion tantr&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def Lion Publications &open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def dream&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def magic&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def Exegesis of Philip K. Dick - Dick_ Philip K_.pdf

Praisent KeK! Shadilay!
I've done some more meditation and am starting to understand that even understanding itself must at last be transcended.
Everyone engaged in this hunt for inner truths is the same person at different levels of spiritual awareness.
In the end you see not only that the concept of "other" is illusion but that even this Enlightenment is an illusion to transcend.
At that point your consciousness becomes KeK/Buddha and the final Waking Up from this illusory world occurs.



Shit aspiring wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzards should read
1. The Kybalion
2. 'The Doctrine of Awakening' and 'Yoga of Power', both by Evola
3. Most of Jung's later works
4. Maps of Meaning by Peterson


Thank you Bro.


You wizard fags better come up with a concise and practical way to experience transcendence, it's what successful religions do. SPOONFEED ME!


eat vegetal cunt

Kek confirms we have to help our brothers achieve memetic transcendence

more knowledge you gain from someone else, the less knowledge you know overall

You have to meditate and read, think, learn. I don't think there's a way around that other than drugs, and drugs give you inferior understanding in general. Sober people maintain their transcendence easier and longer and tend to get better results consistently. If you get it via drugs you never learn to flow with it naturally.

Book 4.


We can spoonfeed you but only if you are willing to accept it.

There is a difference between reading and absorbing information and reading and analyzing information.


Checked. For the glory of Kek and his legion.

There really is no substitute for experience so I can really only well describe the path and what to do to walk it, however until you actually start practicing your progress will be abysmally slow. You will slowly learn and notice new things and awaken that way by just realizing synchroncities by mere happenstance however by directing your attention you can vastly accelerate this process.

Here's some books for perspective.
Neophyte's Gold

Here's some meditations
I recommend 1 - 5 then 12 & 13. They mostly follow here in terms of simple to more advanced. Once you have a basic command over your focus then turn it to different shapes or symbols. I mean this one literally. Hold a platonic solid shape in your mind or a sigil or one of the planetary or zodiacial they will have that type of energy/power flowing into your being by doing this act.

The next trick is to learn to focus on 2 points at once or focus this given energy upon/over another thing, this will start to emanate said energy into that place. Basic rule 1 of alchemy is that you transmute energy by vibrating to what you desire, this will transform what is currently present (what you don't desire) into what you do. If what you desire is already present and you focus on that and your love of that it will become grander, more perfect, glorious, powerful, etc.

no there isn't

Book 4 is honestly the most simple, down to earth and honest book on meditation and magic that I've read and I've read quite a bit, great starting place. The language hasn't aged badly, neither has the humor.

He says on a text based communication service.

Let me drink some poison while I'm at it.

I doubt you accept everything you read as truth.


get with the program son

Your nose types very well.

The fact that you're capable of disagreeing with the post your responded to shows that there is.

Crowley is good entry level shit but yeah.

my main opposition to reading details and theories in regards to chaos magic, is that it is far too easy to have someone's framework thrust upon you, I enjoy the way the Buddhists go about with their koans and allegories though, that's something i can get behind because it makes the reader muse on them their damn selves

Book 4 is pretty open and honest, not many tricks. It explains a LOT quickly with no 2deep4 shit in his other books.

None of the books I suggested are about chaos magic, or even explicitly magical texts. Well Yoga of Power maybe, but that's an ethnography.

I didn't suggest it. I posted all the Buddhist texts in last thread. I just posted the link because it was being discussed.
If you want to criticize why not link to a better text next time instead of acting like a nigger with autism.

i may have responded to the wrong user

i have no problem with your books, sorry about that


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Black magic and white magic are simple exploits of your brains in times where you have reasonable doubt of your savety or the genuinity of your speech.

And if i find out that you have been datamining us then this will be really unpleasant.

Too bad, fite me irl I swear on me tomes.

Wasted dubs. You're confusing symbolism for literal and failing to realize science is equally symbolic: scientific terms represent forces and categories. To know what gravity, magnetism, or attraction are you can't just measure and label them, you have to feel them.
You may know what sex means but until you do it you don't know it and you'll be mocked if you say you do.
This is why occultists mock literalists like you, and you're too busy insisting you're right, like a liberal would, to see the nuances underlying the opposing arguments.
So congratulations on exposing your lack of intellectual depth, I guess.

Wow, so you and the guy who made that didn't read the damn book. It's literally the exact opposite of everything this infographic states.

your opinion on "Initiation Into Hermetics, Franz Bardon" and "Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Bonaparte"?

As above so i'll blow ye fuckin' 'ed off cunt

checked for Kek

Napoleon Hill*


I made the last thread.
This OP is a different user.
Take your pills.

He was a troll but hardly black magic, book 4 is a clean and easy intro.

He put mescaline in the drinks at a public ritual performance.

He used 'sacrificing children' as a metaphor for masturbation as a very obvious joke making fun of the puritan bans on sex talk at the time.

By all sorts of monkey tricks
they make my name mean 666
I will deserve this number if I can
For it is the number of a man

People used to pray to the goddess of waifus. Why can't we meme in a new waifuchan?


He was also into egyptian shit… so kek related.

That is why i quoted OP, and not you you dipshit, but trust me, given the psychology of this kind of friends, it will be a real feast. ANd oone the chaos unfolds i cant wait.

Haven't read either of them. Can't hurt to read more books, though.

That's exactly what Left Handed Path/"Black Magic" is though. Ritual sacrifice is completely separate from "handedness" and can be done for "Right Handed" ends.

If you take Crowley at face value you will honestly be lucky to live past 30. It's that way for a reason, but by all means go ahead and suggest it for beginners (Book 4 is an exception, but it was written by a pupil not actually him). P.S. his grand secret of the O.T.O. was eating cum out of another man's ass so that's pretty much where Thelma ultimately leads.
Real enlightenment isn't as sleek and sexy as oculists want to make it look and can be found largely in meditation &/or prayer. Ritual magic is imho (with a few exceptions) pointless unless done in groups. Basically Freemasonry, Golden Dawn/S.M., and the works of Plato/Plotus are probably where you want to look in the West (yeah, go ahead and call me a kike or whatever.. plenty of great White men were in each of these unlike this new-agey hippy shit getting attention attention on here).


You're a fucking idiot who doesn't realize that all the pain you cause only affects yourself.
I don't even have to cast protective spells. I know my true nature.
I was you
I am you
All this is illusion. A dream.
You're currently the spiritual equivalent to an infant that won't stop punching itself in the face. When you grow out of that you'll find peace, not before.

Nah you know your shit.

The first half of book 4 is honestly all you need for a good starting point.

S'why I recommended it, I wouldn't recommend the OTO, AA or any of his other stuff for beginners or anyone else.

I wish to strengthen cure chan!

NOt really you dipshit, because ultimately it is offering a solution to a problem you have caused.
But you all have real identities, and once the chaos unfolds you will pay back what you owe me.
YOu didnt really think that we would stick around but we are, it is the monkey mirror but you have real monkey habitats, and you will pay real shekels. And you cannot avoid that.

The Cum eating thing he got from Hindus, Norse said Odin ate Semen from the dead. I could explain how and why this works but you're not ready to move beyond appearances yet so meh. You'll understand when you're ready.
Until then seek humility. :^)

You talk like a fluffer, bro.

Good practical magic intro, as in enhancing your inner vision, divination, all sorts.

Is also free:

I do not give a fuck piece of shit.

Yeah, you do.

Yeah you are right, i will find you and your handlers and then i will have a real feast.

No, you won't, and you aren't frightening anyone. Go meditate for a few minutes and then we can talk like men.

/fringe/ here, please let me know why ritualistically eating semen of other men is a better source of vital energy than literally anything else that's less degenerate. You've unironically posted a book based on a baby shitter's teachings as a starting point for neophytes so I'm expecting something good out of you.

Book 4 part 1 is about meditation nothing else.

It's not Jew's want you to believe it does though.

I didn't suggest the book, I linked it.
Eating Semen imprints you to the person, that's why bitches gravitate to you after eating cum. I don't do it, but bitches do. From observing them I know it works.
You faggots that don't know, don't know because you're virgins.
Yw, always happy to help unfuck /fringe/s general misunderstandings of practically everything.

Yeah, pull another one.

satanism is a pretty funny thing, i actually saw anton leVay as a young kid walking his fucking lion in a supermarket

Was it a "fucking" lion or was it his lion for fucking?

This /fringe/ shit is intriguing.
I used to do a shitload of drugs. LSD, psilocybin, research chemicals, DMT. I felt totally spiritual and enlightened at the time but I was also a huge lefty fag degenerate. I got sober and eventually became redpilled. I kind of want to go back to that realm now that I feel like I'm on the correct path. I also don't want to just descend into degeneracy again. It's definitely a fine line.

Yes you do.

Reminder that REEEEEEE (Ri) is a legit mantra. You must roll the R and visualize a spinning chakra in your pineal gland.

Exactly the kind of the reply I expected from a degenerate occultist.

• Awareness • Will • Intention • Ideation • Imagination • Emotion or Desire • Faith

The awareness is the most basic, most essential aspect of yourself, that can not be stripped away. It is YOU.

The will is also an essential aspect of your true self. It can never be purged, it is YOU, not part of YOU but actually YOU.

When we say "spirit" we refer to that which is aware and which wills through a body. It is analogous with the element of fire.

When we say "soul" we refer to the mind, the first formation or layer, upon which the spirit works through. It is more fluid, more responsive to thought, because it is not as heavily condensed. It is analogous with the element of air.

When we say "body" we refer to a condensation of mental substance so strong it has become "physical", "solid", hard to change. That is what your physical body is. Highly condensed thought. That is the what the whole world is. It is analogous with the element of Earth.

When we say "emotion" we mean it the same way you understand it but with an additional understanding; that emotion is causal energy. That just as the every action of man is motivated by what we call emotion or desire, so too is everything else in manifestation ("the universe"). We know this by the principle of correspondence; that man is the microcosm and god who we call "The All" is the macrocosm. It is analogous with the element of Water in its passive and active phases, but with akasha (quintessence) in its undifferentiated acausal state.

We understand that the universe is mental, that All is Mind, that everything is composed of mental substance at various rates of vibration/condensation/density. This understanding allows us to turn our faculty of spirit upon anything in manifestation without regard to space or time and interact with it; the infinite vibrations of spirit acting upon mental substance to change its state.

Our intention is felt throughout all of manifestation, at once, instantly. Our intent is the programming factor for any manifestation. By intention we call to us others, we change their attributes, we see into their soul, and we see the connections.

When you want to influence anything in this world, focus your attention upon it, and vector in by approaching in awareness closer and closer to the actual target. You do this by imagining the target increasingly more vividly until your subjective or symbolical idea of the target connects with the actual target and you are able to draw the target into your scope of awareness.


Q. How do I curse someone, make someone fall in love with me, or otherwise influence someone?

You do so by mental influence. You become obsessed with them and build up an idea of them, imagine all kinds of things about them, and these things you imagine about them eventually break through into their astral matrix (the emotional/causal body and its connections) and work their way down into their mind and into their body. You may also focus upon events on a timeline and change them. There must be some idea of duration as well for these changes to be effective, whether that duration is explicitly a timelimit or decided by some equation or operation that follows a formula such as "until x condition has been realized".

Your ability to influence someone is related strongly to magickal authority. Your authority over something or someone is obtained by an increase of awareness and great investment of emotion into concepts, ideas, etc. such that you obtain faith in them.

We all influence each other all the time already, to varying degrees. It is by prolonged and heavily concentrated thought paired with intense emotions that we can exert an influence so intense as to unfold exceptional abilities or cause very strange phenomena.

To influence physical matter, your thoughts must become physical, you must meditate so long that whatever you are creating with your mind is condensed to a physical state. The more you do these things, the easier it becomes, until it becomes second-nature; like how you don't have to think about how to walk anymore you just do it without thinking.

Q. How do I increase my faith?

First of all realize that doubt and faith are the same thing. For example, doubting your chance to fail in some endeavor, is the same as confidence or faith that you will succeed. They are one and the same thing, a polarity. You just focus your attention and emotions then on the pole you want to energize until it becomes much stronger. If you feel that your doubt is stronger, than doubt something until you get the result you want "I can't possibly fail"; otherwise use the positive polarity "I will most certainly succeed"… or do what I do and use both at once!

Q. How does suggestion work?

Suggestion works in two ways. Either the person giving the suggestion does it forcefully with great emotion, creating a very powerful thought that impresses itself upon the target strongly, or it works simply by directing the attention of someone to an idea (over and over again or for as long and often as possible) and letting their own mentality do the rest. Parapsychological research has shown that verbal suggestion still works on people who don't even know the language of the person giving suggestion and also that suggestions may be given mentally, not spoken out loud at all, and still they work.

If you want to become very good at suggestion practice it often when you talk to people or just do it mentally and watch how people and events change around you. If you are practicing self-suggestion, then center your awareness within Spirit (your true self) and maintain the awareness that you are not your mind or body but working through them, and then from this angle of mental approach you will be able to work on yourself.


Q. How to connect with (resonate) a target?

If the target is a person then imagine the target as best you can while intending to see an objective representation of them as they are in the present moment OR create and use a symbolical representation of them and imagine that whatever you do to this representation of them will have an actual effect on the target. The symbol is thus strongly linked to the target and anything done upon the symbol is done to them.

If the target is an object then practice imagining objects around you vividly and regularly. An example would be to find a rock, clean it, keep it in your room, and regularly flare up your emotions and then stare intensely at it and imagine the rock as best you can until even when you blink your eyes you still see the rock. Eventually you should be able to examine the rock at any angle, feel it, etc. and anything that happens to the rock you will see it. When you can give the rock to someone else and have them write on it with a marker and you can see the writing made upon the rock and write it down for yourself before coming and checking to see you wrote it all down correctly, you have achieved the level of resonance required to complete this exercise.

Q. What is the most efficient path of ascent?

When you focus upon abilities and self-change, that is more efficient. You should identify an ability with yourself until it becomes a permanent part of your mind, easily wielded at any time. If you work very hard doing ritual work and concentrating for a long time and using your emotions very strong to brute force some change such as to move an object or projecting your mental body, it is less efficient than to focus on the acquisition of the "ability", making said ability a permanent part of yourself. There is a different between acquiring the ability to move objects vs intending to simply move an object once.

Q. What is the most efficient way to control fire, electricity, gravity, etc.?

When you want to command something or otherwise control it, the best way in my experience is to remember that you are communing with the mind in every part of the area/object/etc. being commanded, and to connect with it by anthropomorphizing it and talking passionately to it, or else just imagining repeatedly over and over many times some change upon it (e.g. sticking your hand in fire and it doesn't burn you) until it reaches objectivity. However even better than these methods would be to create a tulpa assistant whose purpose is to help you learn these abilities or get you in contact with intelligences that will help.

Q. How do I enchant x?

Enchanting is just the process whereby you create a thoughtform and attach it to something. If you want to enchant an object to perform some function you must think of for whom it should work, you must connect the function to an energy source (such as your own vital energy or the universal supply of energy), and it must be heavily charged and used repeatedly until it is working very well.

Q. How do I protect myself against negative influence?

Create a mental shield around a place, your own body, etc. or generally impregnate the space you want protected. Then make it register and process the intentions of incoming influences and block what in your ideation falls under the category of "negative influence". You can make it block specific people/entities, specific actions such as people entering the area, etc. Like with enchanting you need to charge this barrier/filter/protection.

[3/3] Fin.

I don't need to. I realized my inherent Godhood.
I'm interested in developing consciousness and clairvoyance, not getting my illusory peepee licked.


The Ritual of Devotion
The ritual of devotion is performed by devoting yourself to a person, a people, or a cause for a set duration of time (such as a year). It can be renewed after the end of the set period. I shall assume it's to a person (such as in marriage) but you should be able to understand it from what I am writing well enough to re-purpose it for other ends. It has intense magickal power and can bring great pain or joy. What you must do is, carefully think over the terms of the pact, and you must resolve yourself to follow it through to the bitter end no matter what happens. You must be ready for the worst case scenarios and be 100% deadset on commitment to the person. When you have attained to the state of mind of absolute loyalty, devotion, etc. and that you will throw all your will into trying to manifest and maintain the pact then you will attain the powers granted to the devotee. Even if death and other calamities are to fall upon you, even in the event of betrayal, you are to remain true to the person until the time has come you are released from your vow.

You should be very careful what you devote yourself to but not to the point of fear of making such a pact. If it is "fated" that you will break your oath/vow/pact before it's over, then you will never actually benefit at all from it, not even from the start. God already knows from the start the outcome of your pact and only rewards those who are actually capable of keeping it.

It is the mark of a very advanced individual to be able to achieve this level of devotion. It will show in their aura, it will set them apart from lesser men, and they will have the respect of their deity. This ritual proves your true worth and demonstrates the strength of your spirit.

[4/3] Bonus

LOL you. You realize the initiation ritual itself explains how it's supposedly an "ancient ritual", right? Crowley led a degenerate lifestyle PERIOD, he contacted syphilis, had gay anal buttsex and coerced at least one female "student" to have sex with animal before killing it.
Also, the idea that men sat around eating cum out of assholes in ancient times is a stupid Jew lie to make faggots like you feel better about yourselves.

I wrote you a koan:
All aboard
The Virgin train

I said eating cum imprints the eater.
I said nothing of buttholes.
You aren't very perceptive.
I don't trust most of you to interpret microwave burrito instructions.

I suspect what he's talking about is black tantra. It's modern culture: a bunch of hypersexualized/sexually frustrated degenerates fapping/fucking and spilling their semen around indiscriminately like it's a good thing. All it does is suffocate your higher self and turn you into something less than human.

I build guns for a living. Can I devote myself to the Muder/k/ube to gain super gunsmithing powers?


either way it was pretty cool

What do you think Semen is?
Nvm you don't think.

You niggers can't into psyche.


You could enchant the weapons you forge yes. Depending on how much soul power you put into it, I've heard of enchanted swords/daggers capable of choosing a wielder and self locomation. Now just imagine even the smallest bit of that with a gun for deadly efficiency much less equivalent.

There is so much other fun you can have too, I make a lot of talismans for varying purposes, remember your imagination is the limit.

Fuckin sweet.


Oh but i will, because i know how your shit works and i never had the intention to fuck over people that are like me, and i have some deeper insight into that, with amazing precision like noone else.
And something tells me that if you keep fucking with me or disrespect my privacy then i will fuck you up no matter who you are.

Just going to mention this: leftists are building up /christian/ in order to launch a renewed assault on Holla Forums. They've started onto the narrative of "Holla Forums is a hugchamber because of the evil mods" after their continuous shitposting over here. You know, the same tactics as always. Beyond that, the board reads almost identically to /leftpol/ with Yeshua instead of Marx.

god is good to me

"I have no idea how to interpret Crowley but I'm 100% certain I know he said to eat cum out of buttholes" - half of /fringe/, apparently.
The problem definitely isn't your lack of understanding, it's one of the most widely traveled and widely known occultists who is wrong and this wrongness is definitely not projection on your part.
Feel free to pull your head out of your own asshole at any time.

Your threats mean nothing. Exit the world.

You know what it isn't? Something that belongs in another man's mouth faggot.

Guess cant talk sense into a retard. Here have some tits.


if people really think that eating cum will help magic it probably will

but i don't because that's pretty gay

Crowley's extremely degenerate lifestyle and convoluted "teachings" designed to attract gullible idiots into his harem notwithstanding, you sound like a huge faggot.

Just accept the fact that Crowley wrote in code to keep secrets from morons and today you are that moron. I bet he's laughing at you from the grave.
You can always choose not to be the moron next time, try that.

I was just thinking about a boobanimal stable, you ruined it :/.

There may be more truth to that statement than you realize. Stabilize would be a better word than save though.

Semen is the consciousness of millions of tiny yous. You as a man do not eat the semen. You'd go down on a girl, she'd go down on you, you both are imprinting consciousness orally.
Psalm 69: the way to suck seed and the way to suck eggs.
It's not complex at all.

or i could put it on my bullets

If I recall correctly, Buddhist or Vedic teaching says something similar, especially in regards to homosexuality, that the dominant partner has a much greater responsibility to the spiritual wellbeing of his counterpart, as he will imprint on him through seminal ingestion.

I find it really interesting how he thinks and why he thinks that way.
I think looking at the current society, cults would be really interesting to look into.

Precisely, because this retarded method almost guarantees that the cum eater will absorb the mental issues of the cum donor. As a side note a blood transfusion has a similar effect so try not to loose blood.

You don't have to take me on faith. Go read the 9th degree ritual/material and then his diary fragments on the theoretical 11th degree and put the pieces together. There was a reason he kept this secret. Also if you read a biography on the faggot you would learn he is one of the most degenerate people of all time and this ritual wouldn't really surprise you. His muse was at one point a tranny and he liked having sadomasochistic gay sex where he was he imagined himself a woman. Did nigger levels of drugs and got kicked out of Italy and France.

I've been really neglected my /fringe/ and spiritual wellbeing. I'm going to go think, perhaps meditate. Thanks anons

And there's a fairly good mundane scientific explanation for it, when epigentics is considered.

Yes Crowley got it from the Vedas.
To imprint on a woman you eat her menses, or period blood. This is why feminists call their periods "sacred" and "art" and so on, except as communists they make it particularly crude.
Obviously as right wing men we have no interest in consuming periods and imprinting on women, but KNOW that those who favor matriarchy would and will normalize it if they get the chance to further undermine masculinity.
And before you call Crowley a cuckold understand that he meant that you should do it ONLY if you wanted to form a consciousness bond with a female magician in order to cast higher sexual magics.
If that's not someones thing, then all they''ll see in Crowley is degeneracy, because he actually lived it rather than just talking about it.

Crowley was a degenerate, not in the sense that most in this thread are calling him (for accused faggotry, etc etc) but because his spiritual path, in my observations, seems entirely dissolutive, it doesn't have a path of betterment for the group, just for the "alpha" practicioner, who parasites off his "cult."

They're going to declare war on Kek and Holla Forums

That I can agree with. If I'd known him irl I'd probably consider him an egoist.

Oh no, a raid. We've never dealt with that sort of thing before.

I've read the Kybalion and many other books, but everything is so vague and Mystierious. I understand the "Seven Hermetic Principles", and i also understand that your conciousness (male/positive is linked to your subconcious mind (feminine/negative), while the subconciousness is linked to everything?

Somebody tell me step by step how i can develop attraction and become a seer. I've been told to meditate, but how should i meditate? I am not asking for only myself, this knowledge should be available to everyone, and especially us so we can meme better!

That user would win gold in mental gymnastics.

They do realize of course a better translation for that is more than likely teacher and that a sexual relationship like that would at best be highly frowned upon

Read book fucking 4, it's simple as hell, explains each stage in about three pages and you're done when you reach the poem.

Kek is the cancer killing Holla Forums
Kek threads are slide threads.

Ignore Crowleyite orders. Start with simple controlled breathing exercise and try to spread your awareness through your body.

The Mind Illuminated : A Complete Meditation Guide Integrating Buddhist Wisdom and Brain Science
Comprehensive guide for a Western audience combines the wisdom from the teachings of the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Clear and friendly, this in-depth practice manual builds on the nine-stage model of meditation originally articulated by the ancient Indian sage Asanga, crystallizing the entire meditative journey into 10 clearly-defined stages. The book also introduces a new and fascinating model of how the mind works, and uses illustrations and charts to help the reader work through each stage. This manual is an essential read for the beginner to the seasoned veteran of meditation and can be read from front to back, or used as a reference guide, choosing chapters as needed based on the current state of the reader's practice.
Download here:

Meditation for Dummies
This fun and easy guide has long been a favorite with meditation newcomers . . . The book also discusses the latest research on the health benefits of meditation, along with new advice on how to get the most out of meditation in today's fast-paced world.

Things to meditate on:
A Zen Forest: Sayings of the Masters

The Little Zen Companion

black pepe
so it's not racist anymore!

Entropy is the logos.


I'm going to meditate soon, friends. I'll let you decide my meditative agenda.

Just going to post some of these real quick, threads from /cucktianity/ that many of you will find interesting
Christian censorship and destruction
Hatred of nature
Persecution of pagans and heretics
Archive of Christian shilling
Counters to christian shilling

imagine china becoming christian. that should do it


The sacred can never be adequately explained in words, it must be felt.

Think and Grow Rich is excellent. Far more practical guide to magic than all these books that cover everything in unnecessary esotericism.

Beep boop muh sacrality.


Remember to mark August 21th on your calendar

Then you explain it in words and cause everyone to simultaneously reach Enlightenment, faggot.
You can't do it.
Keep dry-humping language and see where it gets you.

It's mostly just me. I wouldn't call it accused either, he flaunted it very heavily. I think you're exactly right though. It's a very ME driven spiritual path. Crowley said more or less if a dog barked during your ritual and interrupted the ritual, you should kill the dog because the dog for is an obstacle to completing your will.

Neitzsche shilled HEAVY for the Jews and the Jewish Scriptures. He has some good interesting ideas, but he'd still probably need to be gassed tbh.

Nice try but at least you caught a glimpse of the power of we.

we need a more exact map, i wanna know exactly how far south i need to go to see the eclipse
i don't want to be in Missouri any longer than i have to

Here ya go

Haven't read this thread or the thread linked by OP yet so sorry if this is redundant, but if things are as OP has stated and a consensus has been formed that learning to "embody love" is the way forward (I believe it is, personally), I feel I must post.

Over the last couple years I haphazardly stumbled upon a way of tapping into an infinite source of absolute love that is always available to everyone. Being an extremely lonely user for most of my life, going through painful relationships that left me even more lonely, and then spending the last several years in a pretty extreme state of isolation, eventually my loneliness (a feeling that I believe is actually your soul being starved for love) became so debilitating and overwhelming that I had to do face it directly and deal with it if I was ever going to make any progress on anything in life again. My relationships and other events in my life had long since convinced me that finding a source of love through relationships with other people was no real solution at all. People are unique and ever changing making any true bond of love extremely difficult to find or form, and ultimately, even if you manage to form such a bond, people die, and when your bonds are inevitably broken, you will be left even more starved for love than you were before. All external remedies are only temporary bandaids on the wound. The only true lasting solution is to heal the wound itself.

Sit or lie down, comfortably. Take a moment to relax, whatever that means to you. Progressively stop all effort. Relax your body. When you notice you're still holding some tension somewhere, relax that, and so on, and so on. Soon, the most active part of your existence will be your "mind", probably experienced as internal chatter. Relax out of the chatter. You don't need to shut it down or forcefully stop it, or even stop it at all, that would be to make an effort. What we're doing is achieving absolute rest and the only way to do this is to let go of all effort. As you let go, you'll realize that you are not what you thought you were. You've entirely ceased all bodily effort, and yet the body continues to feel, move internally, breathe, etc., likewise, you've ceased (at least most) mental effort, and yet the mind is still up there spinning out sentences and feelings. You don't need to stop any of this in order to come to absolute rest, because none of it is actually you. You are some core thing deep down inside this machine, and the way for you to rest is to let go and drain down out of the machine, it can keep doing what it will, that's fine, you're resting there, inside.

One of the last things that remains is your will to let go, and once you perceive your own will, in this way, operating below the level of the body, below the level of mental chatter, you are well on your way to finding the state this post is written to help you to find. Now experiencing your own will to let go, you let go of it. "How do I let go of letting go? That doesn't make sense." No it doesn't make logical sense, but once you have a feel for what it is to let go of something, to stop engaging in it, you will be able to feel how you can in fact do this. Just like the body and the mind, you will let go of the will and find that it wasn't the core "you" either. And just like the body and mind it may keep chugging along, willing, as you, whatever you are, relax out of it, sinking deeper inside, drifting further outside, unbounded, like a cloud of mist permeating infinitely inward and outward, everywhere. As you come closer and closer to absolute rest a spontaneous feeling of supreme satisfaction and love will spontaneously well up around and inside you. Immediately you may be drawn back into the mind and body, wanting to analyse this feeling, hold on to it, increase it, etc., but as you continue to engage in this easy practice, and it continues to work, you'll become more and more secure in the knowledge that it will always be there for you no matter what. You don't need to cling onto it, and trying to will only scare it away. But if you let go, come to rest, make peace with whatever arises in your awareness and let it go, that deep, indescribable love will always be there for you again.

It's easy and you can learn to do it in a few sessions. More practice won't help or hinder you in finding the state this post is about. It's only a matter of really (not) doing it. really stopping everything. Really letting it all go. If you really decide to do it, you can discover it on your first (non)try. This is the most important thing I've discovered in my life and I know you can do it too. It's easy.

i was not demanding dubs, only checking mine own

grave sin that it is

Dubs checked. Great stuff, this is exactly it.

Bk4 pt1 doesn't just suggest exercises it explains the basics of every stage of enlightenment in about half hours reading.

Kek blesses you!


Also I wouldn't call it a complete consensus but I would say that there's multiple anons who have woken up to their True Nature (or are close to it) that want to find Mastery over hatred rather than being consumed by it.
The anons who are still pursuing wizardry will still pursue wizardry but there is no conflict between us or them.

Maybe it's just me but I've basically transcended hatred at this point, Is anyone else like that?

How can you hate when you realize everyone is You and they just don't remember? It would be like hating children.

Hatred isn't a bad thing. Hatred is the other side of Love. Without Love there is not Hate; and without Hate, there is no Love.

good post user, you should read up on the 8 jhanas if you haven't already. Following this thread can lead to the experience of non-existence. It happened to me in January of last year. It's like a tremendous orgasm only it leaves you filled with energy rather than draining you, and you can dwell there as long as you want.

You could say that. It's not a negative damaging emotion I feel, it's the compassion of love that drives my fury, a divine wrath not merely a petty consuming anger but rather a force of construction having been forced to war. Thus I must become masterful at destruction so by that strength I may be an active creator in this world.

I don't think we really hate. We just like to pretend we do because it's fun.

I know about the jhanas but I don't know if I've reached them or not. Maybe the first jhana. People's descriptions of them are so different it's hard to know, and even they might be mistaken about what they experienced. I've experienced states of absolute release from suffering that last for a very long time and distort time but they've never been accompanied by the kind of intense psychedelic altering of reality or complete loss of awareness of the mundane world (I always know it's still there and can see it and everything like normal) that I see written about in some versions of the jhanas. What do you think about jhanas, what they are specifically, how one could know if they were in them, etc.? And have you found your way into any of them before? Would be very interested if you have.

Double dubs checked.

I don't really get angry either. I just kind of go with the flow, and idly observe how things are going.

Can't say I'm not enjoying myself a whole lot though. Probably the best I've ever felt.

Can confirm.
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who felt that way.

Same here. I year ago I didn't even realize how depressed I was.

Hatred would then be frustration at yourself rather than an outward expression. It'd be like seeing a nightmare you desperately want to end. The lashing out is due to a lack of understanding.

I can basically do it at will to recharge whenever i feel bad

Depression can often be a good thing, sadly most people/normies don't understand how it works or where it came from so they place it under "mental disorder" without looking at the bigger picture. Much like hatred

ill still contribute this since last thread hit limit, I saw this yesterday while readiing Hobbes Leviathan, the Circular Image turned into the branched image

were you doing third eye stuff? sometimes causes patterns like that.

I've felt extremely strong, positive, blissful, joyious beyond words even with tears of joy like feelings when I get into deep deep meditations sometimes. I wouldn't quite describe it as that because it's a steady(ish) build up usually nonetheless it trumps anything I've every felt otherwise, drug, experience, action, etc.

This made me think… We're dead aren't we?
We're all the ghost of One unified person and we have to accept that this world is illusion before we move on. Something like that? Shit man.

Me too, I don't meditate at all but i know exactly what you're talking about, like light from your core coming out your shoulders right? Like a cold breeze inside your chest right?

Checked fam. transcendence only occurs after true acceptance of Kek and his teachings. Kekism is only successful because we are mysterious and distributed. i don't think kekism would work as a pop-religion simply because most people are trash and won't seek true enlightenment

yeah, I am always trying to do third eye stuff

Every day i hope that i'm dead, because this is a pretty sick afterlife

I've accepted the death of the west. Even these next 8 glorious years won't have us climbing back where we used to be, but that doesn't mean it won't be really hilarious.

Yeah, am stupid and meant to say to you that yeah, im always trying to do third eye stuff

exactly how I feel

I'm not even a pessimist to be honest, I just don't really kick and scream like everyone else.

I wouldn't put too much stock in it. You get patterns based on what you were thinking about, so most likely you got that. I've gotten patterns on Bart Simpson riding a skateboard i swear on me mum.

wew lad that would be great

Holla Forums is becoming a beacon of actual enlightenment

Never would have thought that we'd be here

Here you go niggerfaggot.

I never really got this focus on practice, everything i ever needed came to me by me just fucking around with a pen

Break the cycle, work above the heart.

Technology and robots will save the white man, its what we are best at, and has kept us superior so far.

I do basically meme magic and writing exclusively, I think there's no need to get too excessively autistic about ritual or ceremonial magic if you don't want to.

I was gonna say what you wrote sounds like first jhana, or access concentration (so called 0th jhana).

Yeah it's tough, you can't really analyze while your in the state or trying to get into the state, but just from reading the descriptions of the factors before and after meditation you can develop a sense of knowing when you're in one. (Interestingly the word jhana means knowledge, which I think refers to this kind of indirect way of communicating about ineffable states.) I highly reccomend Gunaratana's writing on the subject

I've been through all 8 jhanas, though I'm not super familiar with the last 4. Generally I enter and reside in the 4th, which is a nice stable foundation, very easy to maintain. And (aside from the last 4) I've always found the 1st one the hardest to get into. The tendency is to want to cling to the pleasant feeling that arises as you said, but you have to find a way to look at it and feed it with your attention. A useful way of thinking of it, is as a figure/ground relationship with your object (breath or whatever your focussing on). And try and keep both perspectives, like with a necker cube.

After the 1st one, its just a matter of paying attention to the rest of the pleasant emotional and physical buzzing, and letting go of them one at a time. I've found that it takes me 30-45 minutes to attain first, and then I go through 2-4 in a matter of minutes.

As for what they are, I guess I would describe them as islands, or attractors. They're spots in mind-space that stay stable and you can keep coming back to. They also have a quality of hierarchical levels, even though it's not neccessary to go through them in order, each level is like a successive dropping of some aspect of mind.

Personally, I think that this world really is hell and we were damned thousands of years ago. We are all already dead. Balancing everything in the world is the only way things will reach heavenly standards, but total chaos will occur before then.

cash tbh

building on the symbolism and ways of understanding memes from the "black magic" thread, a different user pointed out the charts I wound up making represented a spherical matrix that can describe the known aspects of memes in the physical world. Still can't get over how i made the black sun without realising until the last second.
seems appropriate I get input from the white meme magicians to see what is missing, or what else could be built from it

Not to mention that most of thelema lore and ritual structure is just niggerfied versions of Golden Dawn material, an order he never even reached rank of adept in before he got kicked out be LARPing around in a kilt and a carnival mask and tried to hold the GD Vault of the Adepti hostage with a dagger. Police had to be called. Embarrassing.


It starts with chill-esque feelings flowing into my heart/core from the the upper and lower directions of my hara line (which the spine is part of), after awhile I've noticed it actually raising my body temperature.

Kinda like pic related but also going down, one stream grounding into the Earth and branching out and the other up into the heavens and doing the same. I really see why things like pic 2 came to be considered sacred, it's kinda what it feels like.

From the reading I've done, it's best to think of this world as a particularly shitty final exam before you're allowed to move from middle school to high school. I'm confident we're going to be graded on something like a curve, because in all honesty things here are so violent and confusing that I understand how people get so mixed up. Also, NDEs and such say that coming here is a matter of choice rather than a matter of necessity. It comes from the same inner drive that has us wind up on Holla Forums in the first place. Seen in that light, I can understand why I'd take up such a confusing and dangerous challenge - it's been ingrained in my character my whole life anyway.

Yup, like your spine is being energized, almost makes it hard to stay still right?

I know exactly what you're talking about, I used to call it "The Glow". I can basically slip into it whenever I feel like it, makes vidya pretty fun.

Checked, I have no doubt the things in store for us will be nothing but wonderful tbh.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook on things, though no joke it's hard. But… you should believe things you want to believe. What's the point of believing things that make life seem like it's not worth living? It's better to believe that we're fighting for justice on the bleeding edge of reality, and that better days will be experienced in the future because of the work we're putting in now. That's no excuse for not practicing introspection - that's how you end up with SJWs - but Holla Forums has never had a challenge with introspection. If anything, our weakness is too much. But I read enough things about Near Death Experiences and afterlife channeling; I have some strange physical experiences of my own; and I just think… you know, we've got to just keep going. We keep going because we're who we are and it's what we fucking do. And maybe once I take my last breath… there might still be roller coasters, DDR, and schezwan black peppers even though there really has no right to be.

This world would be great if there wasn't so much manipulation by people. If we could all learn to exist for the unconditional, absolute truth, things could be so much more fulfilling.

The afterlife is what you make of it i reckon, maybe everyone goes to the one they know they will


I've seen layers of hell and heaven overlaying reality. Those other planes are real and accessible. Just add an argument for the soul, for example out of body experiences and ya got a valid argument for an afterlife.

For all you know there is no such thing as death.

imagine we wake up matrix style and there's only like 666 humans connected to a soul multiplexer…

theres no time.
million years like a second unplugged

i've seen different things lad, we are all on a journey towards a destination, to think the destination is singular is a strange thought to me.

This is correct.
Infinity lies in between moments of time.
We think of time like an unbroken line but it's closer to a series of bursts, like a movie reel. So in between each slide is infinity and certain drugs and meditation, sleep, etc can take you there to various extents.

karma is real. that I can profess without doubt.
who is administering karma and gravity? your bet as good as mine. but karma is as real as gravity. That's why I'm not too worried about… …anything really. Google had it right at first : Don't be evil. that's it.

I can sympathize with your outlook there, I've slowly become more and more deterministic in my philosophy and it's pretty nice.

My ideology is similar to karma in that i believe that people make their own hell when they die. The worse the person, the more they are tormented by their own company.

You, or us, or you could say it's the collective subconsciousnessly agree rules of reality.Change the collective change reality, we're already working on that.

My personal cosmology is that evertyhing that exists is part of the "thought process" of god. God had an inkling of a tension, an unresolved state, a curiosity, (more metaphors…etc.,), and to pursue that thing he "thought". We, and everything is the thought playing out. When you achieve states of absolute satisfaction like what's being discussed in this thread, I think it feels so incredibly deep and complete because you are embodying the solution to the original question, tension, curiosity, etc. It's a nice kind of cosmology because it makes your existence genuinely meanigful. In a lot of spiritual systems you are some faulty, shitty being that needs to learn it's stupid little lessons here so you can go be a god, or dissolve into nothingness, or reach whatever loftier plane, and nothing you do really has any value outside of your own process of becoming less of a remedial dummy. In my little cosmology, your actions actually have the potential to move forward the ultimate project of all existence, and even if you're not constantly embodying the ultimate solution, as long as you aren't just cycling the same patterns over and over, you are constantly adding to the novelty of existence and thereby expanding the thought and helping god search for his ultimate solution.

This leaves open the question "if this god that we are all the thought process of can have a tension, a curiosity, a want, etc., and need to go through a process to resolve it, isn't it then emcompassed in some system that isn't constituted of itself, and therefore, isn't it maybe not the ultimate god?". I don't know the answer to this but it's a question.

I have one guess as to what the original question/tension/curiosity/etc., might have been. Suppose god was floating around, perfect and unified, being everything, and it perceived that it would be prefer not to be alone, so it split itself into bits, and became existence as we know it and as we have yet to discover it. The split up existence was, for some reason, not perfect from the beginning though, it was just dumb matter and chaotic energies at first, and over time, more complex consciousnesses developed within the split up world, killed eachother, evolved, learned lessons, and eventually the split up world will become perfect and all loving as god was in his original state, but now no longer alone, being split into bits. We are somewhere in the middle of that process of perfecting the split up world so that we can be at once perfect and not alone. Why didn't god just split up directly into the final perfect split up state? Who knows. Maybe he couldn't. Maybe he's not boundlessly omnipotent in that way for reasons we can't comprehend. Or maybe, this way, with the whole progression from dumb matter to wild beasts, to wicked men, to good men, to perfection, is actually the optimally perfect way in some sense. I like this idea because if the original problem was lonliness, it explains why loneliness (or escaping loneliness) is such a core motivation of our human existence, seeing as we're little bits of the big guy.

Thanks for the advice user. Very helpful.
Haha! That's actually one of the "sensory metaphors" for lack of a better term that I use to approach the state sometimes, though instead of a necker cube I use this certain view spot in the forest I like to go to (you can do that perspective trick with anything if you learn it).

I love fringe/pol/
We achieve more in a year than /fringe/ in a lifetime.
Damnit, we're good. But do you know why we're good?
Because dep down, we're good people; good people with righteous hearts.
It doesn't matter what we believe in.
In alchemy, removing faulty bits is called taking away the salt.
We collectively remove each others' salt.

just look at soros, silverstein or hillary for that matters… unless those are Edgard suits (mib), I wouldn't wish to be rich on my worrst enemy ;)

Amen Brother

I could see that working, n ice pie digits

Karma is what you do. And since everything you do is an interaction of Self with Self all karma is instant. It's not a system of saving energy or externall judgement, it is just how much you are kind to the rest of the Self compared to how mean you are. Be kindness and kindness floats back to you in ways that will not be clear for a while.
What we consider, in the mundane view, to be good or bad often turns out to be the opposite:
you buy a car (good thing, you think, so you're happy for a bit). It turns out to be a lemon (bad thing, you think, you're sad for a bit). But then it turns out that due to some factory recall you get a new car. Happy! But then the new car runs over your dog. Sad!
This is how karma really works, or at least, that's a closer idea than the Western concept of it.

That's my point, those people have so much invested in the world that they will have nothing to work with when alone in the afterlife, they will be in a hell of their own making.

I-is that why we salt mine?

a-user give me your salt ドキドキ~

I think it's more due to understanding political motivations that allows you to understand how a society thinks. That means Holla Forums would be able to take a more analytical approach to /fringe/ concepts. I don't think there's that big of a difference between esoteric knowledge and political theories (the former likely formed the latter over thousands of years).

I think other people carry your bad karmas. thats why to forgive or to ask for forgiveness is so important. it liberates, untangle messed up Christmas light karmas

If I never get digits, does this mean kek has forsaken me?


response unclear, ask again later

numbers like this confirm for me, that Kek does exist, and that he monitors each fringe/pol/ thread


We get digits for making proper posts. When we're one of, it must mean we're close but somewhere made a mistake.

I wasn't expecting this in the slightest

I have seen the light


i think Holla Forums could take anything…. just look at the shilling right now… is there like 3 jidf for each anons? still we carry on and shitpost like its small salt

I think this user got it right(est):

also Holla Forums have its own wizards lol
and more and more everyday those wizards begin to look like final bosses

Meh. If you read more of my post you'll see that's exactly the kind of cosmology I think is lame (and probably a psyop). But it's a common theme in a lot of systems. He may be right.

Anonymous was always the final boss.

I can hear One-Winged Angel already

Trying to apply Peterson's maps of meaning lectures onto these graph led me to make this, I've always been compelled by the symbol of the treasure gained by bringing the unknown into the known; the dragon IS the treasure and the frontier/wild IS the home in a sense. As the frog is born from chaos (water) and crosses onto order (land) so do we. Yet both remain our home.
Kind of unrelated but I figured some might make use of it.


i think you might be on to something here

go on…

Ancient egyptian pyramids, greek gods and goddesses

John Michell 1969
"That this small gold pyramid ion was an integral part of the ancient egyptian
pyramids design is evident from the figures. Without it the dimensions are liot quite
complete, for if it were removed, the area of the Pyramid's side would be
99999'99 square cubits only. With the 5 cubic inches of gold pyramidion in
place, the figure of 100,000 square cubits represents the total area.
As the dimensions of the Great Pyramid are multiplied by the ratios of
the ancient number canon they expand to frame the dimensions of this earth,
and it is possible that they could have been taken further to represent the
dimensions of the grand orb (the circle described by the
earth's path round the sun), planetary-intervals and the measurements.
of time. Going the other way, into the microcosm, these same Pyramid
measures contract proportionally through a series of pyramidions at the
apex, shrinking from miles to inches, to mere specks and finally into the
world of the atom. The symbolism is of a seed, planted at the apex of the
Pyramid, programmed with all the numbers and ratios for its potential
growth. It is like that, smallest of all seeds, spoken of in the New
Testament, the 'grain of mustard', which grows up into the Tree of Life
encompassing the whole universe.

The numerical patterns in the Pyramid's dimensions imply that the
capstone consisted of a succession of diminishing pyrami9ions, each forming
the tip of the one below it, with the small gold pyramid, 5 cubic inches in
volume, at the apex. Yet if the gold model is to represent the whole
structure in miniature, it must itself have a separate tip. This tiny
object, set in gold, could only have been some form of crystal. Esoteric
traditions about the use of crystals in the ancient world for attracting and
transmitting cosmic energies are echoed by modern seers, such as the
well-known 'Sleeping Prophet' of America, Edgar Cayce, who described visions
of the Atlantean crystal technology which empowered the last world
civilization and finally, by its abuse, brought about the cataclysm.
An illustration of how the small, golden, crystal-topped pyramidion could
have been held in place, together with the other layers making up the
capstone, is given by a strange hieroglyph which shows a truncated pyramid
topped by a staff or gnomon"

Robert Bauval
Page xxiii

"On the 3rd October 1998, a press conference was organised in Cairo for
Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni and the French composer Jean Michel Jarre.
The latter has been an international household name since the 1970s due to
the enormous success of his electronic high-tech music compositions
'Oxygene' and 'Equinox'. Jean Michel Jarre is also an ambassador for UNESCO
and has, since the 1980s, been organising extravaganzas of laser lights and
music for historical events. One of these was for the bicentennial of the
French Revolution in 1989, where more than two million spectators gathered
in the Champs-Elysees in Paris, from the Place de la Concorde all the way to
the new 'Paris 2000' Place de la Defense………..

Normally im not too into the whole symbolism thing, but that picture gives me nice brain tingles to you're probably on to something

Me too, but it's useless unless it can be applied. I'm not entirely sure how to progress the concept, so to speak.

You'd really be better off checking out Jordan B. Peterson's vids because that's my source, but I can try to explain it for him.
Essentially the symbol of the dragon is the chaos monster. The enemy which we do not understand. By understanding/defeating the monster we turn it into something we can use, a treasure. This is the hero's journey in a nutshell. Going into the wild and slaying the beast, returning to the homeland with the treasure. Homeland->(Frontier->Dragon)->Treasure->Homeland->etc

nice digits bro

Worked hard on those i did

it,s already applied… don't worry about it

Honorary Sandnigger here.
I've discovered this board not long before the beginning of Trump's campaign, and I have to say it's been an amazing journey with you guys.
What I have witnessed here brought me beyond a level of consciousness, that a normie life could never do.

Though Trumps' campaign was full of keks, I realise that it was only a vessel for us to travel towards the truth. What Trump has said does not matter in the end, his Muslim ban does not matter
in the end, the Great Beaner Wall will not matter in the end, as all will perish. It the through his campaign, and the activity here on Holla Forums, that a fringe community of humanity are, once again like many other times in the sands of time, aware of what truly does matter.

One of the greatest enlightenment I had was that, unlike what most religions explicitly teach, Chaos and Order are not diametrically opposed to each other, instead, Order is a subset of Chaos, a meme mankind developed for practical purposes. In the end, there is no true Order outside the memedom of mankind. Chaos is All. Allah (God) is the lord of All. Kek is the lord of Chaos. Therefore Allah (God) and Kek are one and the same.

Kekism, like all religions, is a meme religion, except it is beyond those religions in that it is self aware that it is a meme religion, as it was through meme that we have discovered it.

I am/was a mudslime, and I say that because I now realise there is no true distinction between 'is' and 'was'. What 'is' and what 'was' does not matter, we are all in the flow of Kek.

i was thinking something similar:

I thought once that once a dragon is spawned, the magical sword to kill it is born at the same time… maybe in another place on earth but at the same time

Everyone who's here with us, may he be White, or Indo-European, or however you call it, may just as well have an Aryan soul that needed to be unlocked.
It is the Aryan soul that unites us.

We are all solar

If you recognize religions singular and memetic nature, what still draws you to islam?

I don't really mean applying the hero's journey, but rather applying the analysis onto the existing memetic structure we already know. I'll trust you though, and let come what may.

I like this but I think it's more accurate to say that understanding is the 'magic sword' to killing the dragon, rather than a physical object of importance. In order for the meme to be invoked it must be defined and this definition allows it to be understood therefore defeated/harnessed.
For example I would classify Pepe as a dragon for our enemies, who do not understand it, and a treasure for us who do.

this thread is Jew-tier superstition and Kek has chastised it by the obvious lack of GETs

of course thats what i meant too. the sword/dragon combo could be anything.

Let's say that anons were created at the same time of the WTO in 1995… hows that sound?

Open your eyes lad

Read the lyrics
Sun, Son, Logos, Ogdoad - meme magic.

You are like a 12 years old with his first gun.

I bet you read books

Matthew 18:3
And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

Sounds correct, I shouldn't have doubted you. Glad we're on the same page.

This is heaven, huh? Feels nice.

When I was twelve I was shooting pheasants. Guns like memes are just a tool, their power in inherent in the wielder.

righteous palyndromic digits brother

it means you can't become an adult and be full of adult dogma and expect to see the kingdom.

Ancient Persian wise-men were called magi. It's where we get the words "magician" and "magic." Persian wise-men were highly educated and skilled in mathematics, law, healing through plants and herbs, council/advice giving and what we today consider psychology. Magic was not some superstitious bullshit based in mystical mumbo-jumbo, at least not until Jews got ahold of it. How many of you are educated in basic high school math? I'm willing to bet not many. Stop degrading magic. Stop being superstitious Jews. Educate yourselves in something other than Semitic occultism.


You should study Sufism.


Eternity, Word, Law; philosophers had their fun with it, that's for sure.

As a concept, Kek was viewed as androgynous, his female form being known as Keket (also Kekuit).

In the oldest representations, Kekui is given the head of a serpent.

John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

also the page the bible is opened at when you take masonic oaths (i think)

why did philosophers have so much fun with that word? Was it an ancient shitpost word?

checked for truth.

makes me almost want to read my bible



I might add a couple of thing I have realized.

For those who want others, or themselves, to see bigger truths than ourselves, have to take a choice. Choosing to see and learn. This is one of the starting red-pills, questioning yourself and your surroundings and wanting to see an answer, another perspective.

Perspective is all that we have. Each one of us had different experiences, different bodies and different cultural backgrounds. This leads us to being only almost zero in the memesphere, but while we shitpost and gather more knowledge on what other anons think and daily experience, we are synchronizing ourselves with their world-view, their perspective.

Now, you, as a Human, do not matter that much, but your perspective. You move, because you think and all that which we think depends upon our perspective. What we do out there, in the cold reality is for each one of us to struggle, but if we all are living the same perspective, where we seek Truth and prosperity of our people, that reality, perspective is the one that will gather more probabilities of happening.

Holla Forums is a keystone in the whole perspective thing, because it shows us what is currently happening and most important, we learn why is it happening. The occult motives behind the political beliefs. This gives us a broader perspective.

In order for said perspective to become reality, it has to be tied to reality. You can belief that people are able to live under water without any air supply mechanism, but in reality, if you try to breath underwater you die.
This is why I always say, meme responsibly. Many of us tend to be the beacons of light for their families and friends. They ask us about what we THINK is happening out there, because we are somehow more informed and we almost always tell the truth. That gives us almost complete power over our relatives minds.
They believe us, they want to be like us, in a certain way. If you meme death and suffering too hard, they will also meme it. Be careful with what you wish, because wishes tend to become true.

also, the swastika somewhat also represents orthogonal harmony, mathematically in higher dimensions, the most important aspect that creates new dimensions. A new orthogonal axis.

All I can say is that in my experience with "God-consciousness" so far it's beautiful but trying to actively be it makes it boring. When you see creation flowing from you the sensation is ecstacy but when you try to say "OK, so this is what being God feels like, now how do I make this thing do what I want" The experience fades instantly to a lower awareness. So you can tap into infinity as long as you don't try to control it. I'm less interested in the theory behind it than I am in getting to that state and letting all this go.
I think I may be too lost in the illusion still tho. If I disappear in a week I made it out, I guess.


mein negro

I'm ashamed to say i never finished FF7 but i'm working on it

user my link is from 8 and until 10 none of the games were connected

have fun snowboarding though

You can also find some of the other books on YouTube.

Like pottery

shit if I were still going FF7 I would at least go with this one

Normally i would say to remain on topic, but since this is a magic thread Final Fantasy probably has some sort of crazy symbolic significance to our current situation or something

I'm replaying FF7 because I had a dream that said that you will not die until you have completed Final Fantasy Seven, but neither shall you truly be alive

fuck, I want to get opiate high like you. Damn the feels and dreams from painkillers are amazing.

dreams from the Gate of Horn are both astounding and terrifying. I once spent 772 days sitting on a 5m rock platform in the middle of the astral plane, just pondering the mysteries of the universe. at least I dreamnt i did :^)

Hell, ive gotten wierder visions

like what?

dubs I get painkillers and kek is real.
Because its so amazing to be buzzed and listen to random stuff that sticks to you.
Like Red Ice radio or finding other white nationalist that red pills you.

Don't be a faggot and use the built-in cheats in the newer games. It really detracts from the fun. If you're playing on PC you might want to use the HD texture mod.

first off its bad form to do Dubs get in a esoteric thread, second you shouldn't stay on opiates, shit bad for you. one of the main reasons i don't smoke pot anymore is it interferes with my abililty to recall dreams. have respect for yourself.

no way i'm going to cheat, i'm not even going to consult a walkabout. HD texture pack sounds nice though

I kek'd

I was born into a culturally muslim family, who, though never really practiced, were nonetheless very proud of our heritage. (inb4 'forced to believe in Islam by peer pressure' I live in a part of the world where people including my own family would literally give zero fucks no matter what religion or ideology I say I adhere to.) And I became interested in properly studying the teachings of Islam in my young adulthood for the same reasons many of you seek knowledge and comfort here - noticing the many flaws of NormieLife®, and that much of our potential perception of existence and consciousness are either passively shielded by our own human nature, or actively shielded by (((them))).

Initially, being effectively a Sunni, I thought Shias were just weird. However as I delved deeper into the history of early Islam, namely the first 200 years, things started to seem fishy. As you may have already known there was a divide in the history between Shias and Sunnis based on who should be the successor to Muhammed after his death. Sunnis elected Abu Bakr and Shias supported Ali ibn Abi Talib. However I recently discovered a hadith saying the Muhammed made a speech before his death saying that ONLY Ali ibn Abi Talib knew the Esoteric meanings of Islam since he is the prophet’s son in law and spends time with him the most. Nobody rejects this hadith, not even sunnis, this hadith is just simply ignored. Ali was even the first person to compile the Qur’an, but was told to fuck off. The version of the Qur’an you see today is the Uthmanic (third Sunni Caliph) Codex, and the Ali version is nowhere to be found. This effectively caused most of what mattered to early Islam, which is esotericism, to be forgotten. Later manipulations to religious texts by rulers such as Saladin made things even worse.
These accounts made me sympathetic to Shia causes, and introduced me to Sufism. Sufis, though not Shias, also hold that the esoteric nature of Islam to be the most important, and thus put much emphasis on the teachings (and muh feels?) of Ali. Sufi groups and organisations that I have visited, though having a vast variety of practices, all understand the basic oneness (Tawhid) of existence. It is these experiences that caused me to be sympathetic to 8/pol/’s version of ‘white nationalism’, as you guys (at least some of you guys) understand the memetic and transcendental nature of things that happen in this world, unlike libfags, cuckservatives, and normie-stormcucks, who cannot see beyond.

I cannot say for certainty, that I believe Muhammed ibn Abd Allah was a prophet of God (Kek) or not, since I, with my mere human understanding, cannot comprehend either of those statements. Just like sometimes here we say ‘Pepe is a prophet of Kek’, or ‘Trump is the will of Kek’, what do they mean?

Muhammed ibn Abd Allah, whether he is an actual prophet (I am now even uncertain about what the definition of a 'prophet’ is) or not, he is still my ancestor, and I respect him, just like you respect your ancestors, whatever their flaws may be. His proselytisation, at least in his early years, are incredibly reminiscent of what we believe here today, he may just have thought that these ideas and feels made him special. The hellhole that is mainstream Islam today is the end result of centuries of power struggle and manipulation since the very beginning of Islam, even within the lifetime of Muhammed.

I still identify (inb4 libtard) as a ‘Mudslime’, because the definition of that for that word is ’submitter’. I don’t need to submit to a book, to a person, or to any creation. I only need to submit to the oneness of Chaos/All, the creator of which is Kek/Allah.

Apologies if I sounded like a new age cuck or a mainstream mudshit.

henry pls go

I've heard worse from mud-slimes, plus your dubs don't lie

Same here, I was drinking a lot and alienating from my wife more and more. It was through meditation and yoga that I found my balance again. We do it on a daily basis now and it really improved our life. Not only that I calmed my mind and stopped drinking, I'm also getting more fit and even found a part time job.

Now I can enjoy small things in the present again. Even though I see a dark future ahead of us all, I'm getting calm and calmer, while facing my challenges. As someone who spend over ten years with hatred and depression, let me tell you: Either defeat it or it will defeat you.

It's philosophy. The Greeks proposed that our thinking is based on the words we use for remembering the concepts tied to them. They then formulated a word view in which a pantheistic god said a word and at the same time thought it, thereby creating the universe. The word "logos" means Word, but also Science (-logia > -logy), and Law; the Law aspect was taken as a unifying formula of the universe.

Ancient Greek pantheism was as folows: the Body of the pantheism, then the Mind (usually represented with Hermes, also called Mercury or Thoth), then the Logos, the Law of our world.

Don't feel forced to. It's a nice addition to comparative theology, though.

Thanks lad. What have other mudslimes said to you before? In what occasion did you meet them?
I now study in Londonistan, where the slimiest of mudslimes reside. Openly speaking my mind in mosques here will get me rekt, and I just have to go with it when I hear bullshit during Friday sermons. I wish I could find some more 'neo-muslims' to talk to.

well it was a Christmas gift from my Grand-father before he passed. I keep it on my bookshelf and occasionally consult the book of Proverbs

checked again!
I haven't really had any contact with muslims here in the US thankfully. As far as speaking your mind openly in a mosque, or any other house of worship DO NOT never reveal your powerlevel and especially never around people who are diametrically opposed to our way of thinking.

Deutoronomy 28 and Joshua 23 are very very bad goy :^)

anything that keeps stirring the pot, so to speak. the more input this whole line of thinking gets, the more we make something our own, a kind of Holla Forums-centric understanding of memes. the stuff I made was completely off the top of my head, so finding out what it overlaps or combines with is quite interesting to me.
It definitely seems the memetic symbology you are drawing from is more based in the realm of stories, tales or characters. comparatively, my angle was coming from a more raw aspect of information transfer, like languages, art or pure symbolism and the combinations of which make the forms of media we know of today, hence the understandable/incomprehensible aspect compared to known/unknown.
the nature of each being cyclical can't just be coincidence though. must be based on how ideas can be passed along, changing so much but ultimately staying the same. different interpretations of the same story usually keep the moral.

Thank you for your kind suggestions fellow user, and sorry about your grandfather.
The thing about my fellow mudshits is that, the reason that they converted, or started practicing in the case of 'cultural' muslims, is the attractive concept of oneness as I mentioned earlier, which is a concept we share here on 8/pol/ Kekism quite a lot too. The problem is that as soon as you actually become 'one of us', you'll also have to adhere to excess baggages made of obviously man-made doctrines invented by centuries of scholars and rulers that may or may not have been beneficial to their respective societies. I think that Muhammed, in his early years of preaching, was also a 'Kekist', but later became stressed out by persecution and politics that he just made shit up as he went along. I just want my fellow mudshits to at least have the hearts to hear this.
What about in cucktianity circles? Do you guys have similar situations? What are your thoughts? I would love to have a conversation with a Christian, if it wasn't for hostilities from both sides.


check out this analysis of Pepe


Painkillers are only bad if not used responsibly, I abuse them responsibly. Only for nappy time plus I'm already on benzos so the addiction is not that bad imo.

Truth be told I've only had the opium sickness some few times in my life. Everytime its recover and get the brain receptors to its technical good self again. That part takes a week for opiates and more than that for benzos.
But since I tried to cold turkey on benzos a long time ago, I think. I don't feel pain like other people.
Before you ask, in December I walk 2 weeks with moderate stomach pain, Most would have thought it was nothing.
The symptoms of something really wrong did no show up after 2 weeks, I pissed blood. I was sent to the hospital for severe kidney failure. I walk and talked normally, only think that was retrograde amnesia was the stomach pain-part. Since it was gone and I could not feel it anymore, so forgot the feeling of it.

I don't know if they've fixed it or not, there is still allot of tests that is going to be done and maybe new medications I've got to take. But I can, or in theory can get painkillers, so I hoped for my poor excuse of existence that kek would bring me some joy with painkillers.

ok. but promise Kek right now that you will never go to Heroin. I've known some coworkers who got hurt, put on opiates, and before they knew it they were hooked on Heroin. Meme responsibly with your own life, its the only one you got right now at least

huh, I did a similar analysis of gondola with some anons in the other thread. god I hope this crossposting works

i remember that, really changed the way that i looked at Gondola. He's a nice guy to have by your side when meditating/contemplating.

Pretty big claim for someone who just completed babbies first meditation.

Truly cutting-edge spirituality.

im checking these dubs, but not appreciating your tone. any steps for beginners are steps in the right direction

That's not enlightenment. You have been hoodwinked.

The Kabbalian is a shit theory and a shit book because it's amateurish philosophy posing as "magic". You're just not into philosophy enough to know it. You're into "magic" like a fucking gay weird.

It's plebish larping. I told you /fringe/ you're not on our level. You're bringing the board down. And the church of KeK with your smiley and crowely faggotry. Fucking posers

GTFO /fringe/ we don't want the stink of your failure on us.

Reminder: take everything here with a grain of salt, some things said here are of some substance, some are complete bullshit. Some people of Holla Forums didn't grow up yet and use spirituality as a means of getting muh dik wet or satisfying some other primitive carnal desire. These people would gladly trade something endless and divine like one's soul for something fleeting and physical. It's like using precious gold to get yourself a sandwich. Seek truth elsewhere, because here it's either diluted or poisoned with disinformation.

Go back to /fringe/. You're a weak person. Also, no one doing "magic" on here is getting their dick sucked from it unless they're gay

Where our resident magicfags at? Can we get some magik 101?


That's new

So you perceive using nigger magic as something a strong person would do? I see where you're coming from, Schlomo.

Can we go back to earth being flat disc with a world-tree in the middle? thanks fam


a future of unprecedented prosperity

Someone hasn't read "On the Genealogy of Morals."

I just have one question.
One small, little question.

How do I manipulate reality to win the lottery?

Here are some ancient gondolas. I know it's been translated and is floating around.

Pretty interesting philosophy

I think of it more as a subtle superset. As order (natural law) emerges from the chaos (quantum field). Pic 1

Pic 2


This. At first I wasn't gonna say anything but now I am. Most /fringe/ wizards are focused on things beyond this world (like ascension) or at least so far in advance that any one who isn't an adept wouldn't even understand. Just because it's not a public project nor is claim laid upon it does not mean nothing happens. Holla Forums on the other hand is far more concerned with the state of worldly affairs, thusly they attention has been primarily changing more visible things. Resultantly it seems as though they have done more just because it's easier to see to a greater mass.

It's one of the best collection of insights you'll find any where and if you removed from your study all the subjects it covered there would be very little left to magic at all. Plebeian.

Soon that topic is too heavy for half of Holla Forums and the mods seems crazy intent to suppressing all serious discussion on it here as well.

Visualize the desired outcome, focus lots of energy/loosh into it, repeat often and persist in holding that image in the present-moment-mindspace. Though it money is your goal the lotto may not be the path of least resistance, you're nonetheless welcome to do that if you please though.

Lately, I find myself enjoying the 12 pointed circle quite a bit. Connecting the points, you can find the dodecagon (skip 0 points), stars made of hexagons (skip 1), squares (skip 2), triangles (skip 3), a continuous line star (skip 4), and all crossing through the center (skip 5). As they are overlaid on top of each other, it gets closer and closer to the center. If any of the points are off, it becomes increasingly obvious the farther along you go. Done with the lines all in one color, it quickly becomes a jumbled mess of lines, stark and strong. Done with a different color for each method, it can be quite a nice pattern, depending on the colors one chooses. Does one want the colors to flow, or does one want to more easily distinguish each of the shapes? I'm somewhat uncertain as to why I'm finding it so interesting, but lately, it's been coming to mind when I browse these threads. Just felt like I should share it for some reason.

tbqh memes are hateful, but they are funny; this already covers both poles.

When I stare into the spherical centers, I start seeing a surrounding of flowers, is nice

You have no idea how far that user has progressed. You're right about some things but if you think /fringe/ is worth cheerleading for, or that studying "loosh" is necessary to advance, you're stuck in samsara. The last thing you should be doing is calling people plebians. Get the dust out of your own eyes first.

You think Tibetan Buddhism is diluted? stfu.

At this time you have received a precious human life, which is extremely rare. Meeting a virtuous friend. who shows the complete path to enlightenment without omitting anything is also extremely rare. At this time you have met not just one virtuous friend but many.

Similarly, encountering theBuddhadharma, especially the Mahayana teaching, which. explains the complete path to full enlightenment, happens infrequently. But this, too, you have encountered. In addition, you have met the secret mantra, or Vajrayana, teachings. Of these, you have encountered not just the lower tantras, but Highest Yoga Tantra, which contains the perfect methods of ceasing all mistakes of mind and completely realizing all good qualities in one brief lifetime of this degenerate era.

Given that you have this opportunity, simply aiming to avoid rebirth in the lower realms and attain a god or human body in the next life is insufficient. You must aim for liberation from all samsaric suffering and 'its cause-karma and disturbing thoughts. But that alone is not sufficient either. You must aim for full enlightenment.

No matter how long it takes or how difficult it is, you must work for this in order to free all sentient beings from all suffering and lead them to full enlightenment. From your own side, even if you have to be born in the hell realms for eons equal to the number of atoms in this earth in order to attain enlightenment for the benefit of sentient beings, you should be extremely happy to do so-as delighted as a swan is to dive into a pond; as happy as somebody going to the beach to relax after a hard day's work; as eager to do this as somebody is to plunge into a swimming pool on a hot day or as a prisoner is to go back home after doing many years' hard time. From your side, you should be extremely happy to go through whatever you need to in order to attain enlightenment for the benefit of sentient beings.

But from the side of the sentient beings, you should feel that even one sentient being suffering in sarrisara for one second is totally unbearble for you. Because countless sentient beings are experiencing the suffering of samsara at this very moment, think, "I must liberate them from all their suffering and lead them to enlightenment as quickly as possible. This is the purpose of my life. The longer I take to attain enlightenment, the longer will all sentient beings remain in samsara. Since they are depending on me to help them meet the Dharma, actualize the path, and attain enlightenment, I must attain enlightenment as quickly as possible. Since death is definite and can happen any moment, I must not waste time following my attachment and distractions. Before death arrives, I must try to attain enlightenment or at least put as many Dharma imprints on my mind-stream as possible. For this purpose, I am going to listen to the holy Dharma- specifically, how to practice the yoga ofYamantaka." Lion tantr&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def

Tbh Holla Forums is at its best when it engages with this material more analytically. Mysticism is cheap, science is expensive. It's fun and it has its place, but it's more like pornography for the soul than actual knowledge. It is important to focus on actually building. Theoretical structures of knowledge are nice, the treasures they can recover from the unknown (as depicted by ) are much nicer.

This afternoon we were taking refuge with Rinpoche and the final refuge we said was: "I take refuge in my own mind."

Now we can say that all together and then try to work out what it means.
"I take refuge in my own mind. "
"I take refuge in my own mind. "
"I take refuge in my own mind."
In the next four days we will have time to look into this text "The Mirror of Clear Meaning" in order to understand more what it means to take refuge in one's mind.

If it is raining you can take refuge in your umbrella against the rain. You have a simple desire to keep dry. You have a simple enemy - the rain. And you have a simple friend - the umbrella. This is the basic principle for buddhist refuge. We have suffering as the principal enemy, we have the teachings of the Buddha as the main protection and we have ourselves that we are trying to protect. And we protect ourselves because we want to be happy and we imagine there are things that make us unhappy. So the things that make us unhappy affect us. If we can find a way to protect ourselves from the things that affect us we will be happy. But when we look into this, it is of Course always complicated. Who is the one that we are trying to protect and who is really causing trouble for us?

In all the levels of Buddhist teaching it says very clearly that it is we ourselves who cause trouble for ourselves. And what is the bit of ourselves that causes trouble for us? It is our mind. SO our mind is causing us all our problems and at the Same time the highest level of refuge is to take refuge in the mind which is causing you all your problems. Mind is the cause and beginning and the site of samsara and it is also the site and the experience of nirvana. But the way that this term 'mind' is used in Buddhism is different from our ordinary sense. What is meant here by 'mind' is not our ordinary sense of me: 'I, the thinker'. It is more the felt presence of our own existence and this presence of our own existence is not something which can be identified as being an object.

So now we will go through the text. In the first verse it starts to explore the ground of the view, the basis of the view of dzogchen and with this we will move into the discussion of the preliminary practice.

From Being Right Here - The Mirror of Clear Meaning

What You Perceive Is What You Believe

Everything begins in the mind. If you want to see
clearly, you need clear vision. - Sri Swami Satchidananda

“Perception is reality” is an adage understood by publicists and ad executives. They understand that—accurate or not—what we perceive to be true determines our responses. Imagine walking into a dimly lit room. As we look around, we notice a coiled shape in a corner. A snake! Our heart beats faster. Breathing becomes agitated. Adrenaline pours into the bloodstream. Our mind frantically searches for theproper course of action: Should we run, call 911, scream for help?

Fear-based thoughts repeatedly interrupt reason: What if it’s poisonous and I get bitten? Who will care for my children if I die! Then, instinctively, we reach for the light switch. Light has the power to disclose the mysteries written by shadows. There is no snake; there never was. What we thought was a snake was nothing but a coiled piece of rope. Even though we were never in any danger, by falsely perceiving the rope for a snake, we experienced the same thoughts, physiological responses, and actions as if it were a snake. Our perception of the coiled rope in the dim light became—for a while—our reality.

Perceptions become the basis of belief systems, and belief systems, regardless of how subtle and sophisticated, are like filters that allow certain bits of information to pass through while blocking others. We might believe that a loving, merciful God exists, that human nature is intrinsically good, that the purpose of life is to serve others, that angels exist, that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, that virtue is its own reward, and that a penny saved is a penny earned. But what elements of truth might these beliefs be filtering?
Are these beliefs only partially true? Could they be completely false?
How many coiled ropes does our belief system contain?

Examine the “realities” that define your life. How have assumptions, past experiences, hopes, and fears sculpted your universe? Do you see a dog-eat-dog world, or does life resemble a bowl of cherries? A rat race or a bed of roses? Is the world a dangerous place or a Garden of Eden?

If you wake up every morning to find that you are in the midst of a rat race, large rushing rodents will populate your world. It follows that if you perceive the planet as choked with cutthroat activities, it will be necessary for you to “look out for Number One” and watch your back. Life will be a stressful experience. On the other hand, if you see a Garden of Eden outside your window, contentment and joy will surround you.

For most of us, life involves swinging from a measure of contentment and security to sadness, restlessness, and fear. Our experience of life depends on how we perceive the happenings of the moment. If everything seems to be proceeding according to our plans, we see sunshine and heaven; if our plans do not happen to match what life allows, existence can take on hellish hues.

Swinging back and forth from heavenly to hellish experiences is itself a source of suffering. We cling to pleasurable experiences while trying to escape painful ones. Those who tire of the relentless and unpredictable ups and downs of life comprise the majority of spiritual seekers. Others are drawn to spiritual life because they are dissatisfied or disillusioned with at least some aspect of life. Regardless of the specific reasons, the first steps toward spiritual life are often motivated by some measure of discontent, insecurity, or restlessness.

Thorny questions follow this agitation: Is there something more to life? Something deeper and more fulfilling? What is the true nature of life, and is there any purpose or meaning to it? Do we have to suffer? Why are we born? How and where does God fit into all of this? Does God even exist?

The answers to these questions—and more—can be found in the Yoga Sutras.

From Inside the yoga sutras: a comprehensive sourcebook for the study and practice of Patanjali's Yoga sutras

There's an important warning that should be repeated and reproduced in all of these threads to beginning anons, which would be this: do not attempt anything esoteric until you have first mastered the exoteric. That means mastering the more "mundane" disciplines of knowledge from philosophy to physics and everything in between. This will ground all your other knowledge. If you try too early to jump into magic, esoterica, and related topics, thinking you will find wondrous and amazing things, perhaps you will, but you will likely be overwhelmed by these things. Having a wide breadth of knowledge which also penetrates to the fundamental principles of many different fields will give you a sense to distinguish between bullshit and the real deal - and most stuff out there is bullshit.

Yes, it will. Do you know the story of the magician's apprentice? (Disney has their own version of it.) In the story, an apprentice of a magician is resentful at always being made to perform the "mundane" tasks associated with magic, such as cleaning up messes, measuring out water into cauldrons, and so on. One day the magician goes out, leaving the apprentice with some chores, including washing the floors. The apprentice decides to try his hand at some magic to finish his chores, saving him some time. So the apprentice is successful at magically animating some cleaning materials which go on to finish cleaning the magician's house in record time. However, the apprentice is unable to stop the animation, and the same cleaning equipment goes on to destroy things in the house in a frenzy of cleaning. The magician comes back home just in time to save the apprentice from being consumed by his magic, setting everything right.

The moral of the story? It is easier to mishandle magical powers than you think. This is why it is important to be very careful in developing your magical powers, and also to satisfy yourself with the more "mundane" instances of magic to achieve your will.

Beware anything or anyone unduly esoteric. Esoterica is the kind of thing which, if it needs to be said explicitly to be understood, shouldn't be said at all. It must be left to implicit inference in others' minds. That's the reason posters like are either shills or total assholes. Someone who can't, won't "drop" to exoteric forms of discourse can't be trusted to know what they're talking about.

A general rule for usage of magic could be worded something like "In any given situation the least use of magic is the best.", or "A little bit of magic goes a long way."

Nigger, did you just say Buddhism is so exoteric Newfags can't handle it?
That's retarded. Giving them highest yoga tantra is extreme, yes. Giving them an intro to dzogchen isn't.
You weren't part of the last thread, you didn't read the OP and if you did do either of those things you didn't grasp their meaning or importance.

Doublenigger, Buddhism isn't "magic".

But the siddhis arise with practice, do they not?


Go shit up /fringe/ with your concern trolling.
Teach techniques, list methods or fuck off with the drive-by criticisms.
Post other books, links, or vids rather than just talking shit or you're a kike distraction faggot.

What sorts of techniques and methods are you interested in?

Notice I didn't say "Hermeticism isn't really, loosh isn't real". That's a path. It's a fine path.
But there are many paths. I try to study all of them 5hat I find for hidden (esofuckingteric) wisdom. Don't come here sperging that you know the best path. Anyone who calls themselves /fringe/ rather than a Holla Forumslack has other ambitions besides furthering White Nationalism and I trust you not to be subversive to a White Ethnostate about as much as I trust Jews.
My loyalty is to KeK: The All. After that my loyalty is to my blood: the White race.
Your loyalty is to gathering loosh.
You have different priorities than Holla Forums.
You can restrict your practice all you like, but don't tell Holla Forums to. Now contribute constructively or be unwelcome.

mfw this entire thread is CTR/CREW and mods are too stupid/compromised to do anything

I think it's pretty obvious by now the mods practice this to some extent. Hitler would be, and is, proud to see White men taking their spirituality back.

Something I've been wondering: does a bodhisattva attain full enlightenment or is the choice to remain within the cycle a delusion the same as any other? Because I feel like the purpose of my current incarnation isn't to seek my own liberation, but instead to become a doorway and beacon light for the masses trapped in the depths of this Dharma ending period (the Kali Yuga, etc.). In that sense it might be hypocritical, but I'd prefer to suffer through countless incarnations working for others than to reach extinction. If there is one thing I've learned from studying Western traditions, it is that suffering can be endured. If it can be endured, I feel a duty to take myself to the limit of endurance in service to those with lower limits.

I suppose the answer is probably contingent on the matter of if one believes that the entirety of the arising will can be liberated or if the cycle of incarnation is truly infinite.

Then you wont mind killing your self and ascending to infinite love or whatever it is morons like you believe in.

yes because all infinity realities are being threaten and are relying on a bunch of fat turds shitposting to change it

wow its only every other meditation that you can find on you tube

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gotta admit your doing a good job, everything you post makes me want to flay you.

at least this guy makes some sense

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see my response to

but nothing your an armchair occultist who is probably lying.

yeah cause repeating the same lines
"we are all one"
"Everything is an illusion"
are all signs of enlightenment

nope stop reading their, if karma was real then the kikes would have suffered repercussions from their actions.

Then by all means go beg for daquans forgiveness for slavery

so sorry that trying to imitate the almighty isnt fun enough for you.

can only bask in in the Almighty's presence cants actually do shit with it.
you have to be the 3rd biggest pleb on here

>If I disappear in a week I made it out, I guess.
is second guessing himself,lectures everyone on"God-consciousness"
my proposal to your previous post still stands kys

Has the one thing most anons and wizards would kill for.
I R SAD!!!!!!!!! :^(

Yeah cause the douche bag who had someone to lean on and support his alcoholic ass really knows what depression is like.

So your one of those schmucks who cant find joy in life unless he working, good goy.

Now contribute constructively or be unwelcome.
Follow your own advice goon.
9/10 you do a good job being retarded.

You choose to stay. That's the point I'm at. I can achieve awareness of what I call KeK/Buddha consciousness, realized that All are One and that words cannot describe Enlightenment. So that state is what Buddhists call Enlightenment. But it is an illusion just as all that we call reality is the delusion. So even that must ultimately be left behind to return to KeK/Buddha consciousness completely. When I say "reality flows from us" It is the same as saying "we generate the dream that we call reality."

You're all butthurt user. I did give quite clear instructions in how to follow the way - gather together all the exoteric knowledge you can. Study Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Descartes, Hume, Kant, etc, all those "basic" thinkers. Build your knowledge by recognizing the patterns inherent to the mundane.

I've been lurking in these threads, and I've observed you long enough to know you're the shill. Just about anytime someone makes a high effort post, you immediately post several consecutive walls of text about some unrelated esoteric subject, with the effect that the high effort post gets no attention and ruining the attempts of other anons from making discussion.

Don't you think it's kind of sad? Your contribution to civilization - what you're getting paid to do - is to try and prevent some isolated anons from having an organized discussion. I think there's a special place in hell for sophists like you. You've chosen the side of demons.

So to answer your question, a Bodhisattva is one who arrives at that point, knows (by knows I mean they've experienced it, not that someone has told them) they can cross to Nirvana anytime, and instead chooses to stay and Wake Up others.

Enlightenment is an illusion to transcend.

ah so you ARE retarded! Should have known.

Fact is SOME of us have a good idea in what it is that we have to do and what practices work for us. This waste of space is just here to try and get anons to read a bunch of books that dont say anything new. all the while posting le epin memes xD ! to seem like he belongs.

i love you user, you make my days brighter just by being here with me

Sorry it's not working for you user. Just sharing what I found in the clearest language I can manage. The fact that you're so absolutely utterly assblasted over this though at least shows that you're frustrated over your failure, which you wouldn't be if you weren't also seeking, so that's good at least. Good luck.

Could you be dumber? I don't think you could be dumber.

That's where I go into a loop with it, because it seems that one way to interpret things would be that the mere act of choosing to return negates or distorts the work that the returner does. If it's possible to "wake up all others" and then be the "last" to become a non-returner, then the path of the bodhisattva makes sense; but if returning in that way creates more desire than is dissipated, or if there is an infinite will which can never be fully liberated, it would seem a stranger path.

Most dead occultists or boddhisatva's I've talked to haven't been entirely happy with their position. There's an element of "well that's what ya asked for" and "dear god did you even read my books and listen to the teachings".

By the time you get to that point so are Walking in the Way and everything you do, you do choicelessly. You reach a state of no-mind, no-go, and so you simply exist. Zen.
But by worrying yourself over this future potentiality you are creating false-mind, ego, by imagining your ego in the future which is very likely nonexistent, and thus pulling yourself out of the Here and Now which is the focus of those who seek awareness.

No-ego*, not no_go.

Harold McNeill did that and a lot of other work, including the ever-popular on /tg/ Invoke Prejudice, if you're interested in finding more.
Here's a picture of my copy for IRL shitposting among nerds


glad you admit it, now bugger off.

user i know things are tough for you right now but everything is going to be ok


it's all gonna be fine user

My dreams are weird. I become aware that i'm dreaming many times, but sometimes i'm only semi-aware. Like i wake in some kind of "test simulator". I don't know if i make it myself out of own entertainment, but they are very advanced. It is like i design my own matrix. I can design cities, islands, test courses, add whoever i want. The best thing is that i can not die, so i've experienced "replays" many times. This is my edge against the enemies, because i am able to take insane risks to kill or escape the enemies. Though sometimes it feels like i am not designing them myself, and that is what scares me. Is this normal? Should i tell this to a psychologist?

I was fine until you arseholes started to kill my brain with your cancer

If you seek more exact answers you will find them here, most likely, as I am not a monk: Lion Publications &open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def

If you find those texts too difficult at this time, try here instead:

This book, for example, may help:
A Flash of Lightning in the Dark of Night: A Guide to the Bodhisattva's Way of Life

So hinduism, yoga and meditation don't lead to enlightenment?

I have a problem with hinduism in general, but I'm also not hot on buddhism.

Enlightenment for me is not something you can get from a book. Ears of understanding are needed.


just breath

Manipulation of lucid dreams is a powerful form of magic although it is outside my ability.
This may help you: dream&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def
Or this: magic&open=0&res=100&view=simple&phrase=1&column=def
Next time you have full control try to meet and converse with KeK. Ask Him what the secret of realization is and what is your True Form.:^)

Whoopsie I mistook you for
But my point still stands. saying I have transcended anger is just as stupid as someone who says theytranscended love. Two halfs of the same coin. you need both.

I don't feel much of that either tbh

great advice, did you have to read 10 books to figure that one out?

Buddhism has three levels. I only show the highest two to user. The middle is Tantra, the highest is just explaining it all as in the Secret Oral Teachings book that I posted in last thread.
These two forms only teach how to find the answers yourself. You can do the same thing with other forms of mysticism. I am pushing Eastern mysticism because it's what I practice and because I know Holla Forums is unfamiliar with many of the texts I've found.
Please don't think I insist you study from my perspective, I just want to increase the number of perspectives user draw their knowledge from.

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So what your telling me is that if I buy into your BS I can be a a weakling like you and have no real power?

I shouldn't have to post this because your such a clever goy but YOU should know
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So what do I win?
Will piss off and die
or will>>9082225 admit his a hack copying every other "light worker"

Also as far as loosh goes, I do believe in it. Many ethnocentric mystic traditions teach of this concept.
Hawaiian Huna (Huna translates as "The Secret") for example calls this same accumulating energy force "Maya" and many of the local traditions centered around ceremonially converting this energy into offerings to the Polynesian Gods.
You absolutely should be studying this stuff if it interests you. Both knowledge of magic and awareness of consciousness are desired to be a well-rounded student of life.
Stop thinking of magic as "occult" and start seeing it as invisible energy that exists in every pore of you, in every atom in the universe, neither positive nor negative until you Will it to be so.

That 22 quote. How scary when that accurately describes me.

reposting from last thread:


Can anyone recommend me some entry level Alchemy and Hermeticism? I was watching this video and I think I can better understand it if I read more into it. Also seriously every fucking thing comes from ancient Egypt I mean I knew this but it doesn't stop surprising me.

I have fought giants, demons, even gods in the strangest realms. And i know what do do anytime because i'm in a subconcious theta-level. Sometimes i manage to go right into another life-like world just by closing my eyes. No fog. It would be like descending down into a 1800s London on a bright day. Sometimes i get blinded by the sudden sunlight that hits my eye. I project into the world as a spirit and eventually take a form based on what kind of dimension i enter. I would imagine this could only develop as i begin to read.

I fucking went to Holla Forums to tell nigger jokes and for general shitlordism. Now just about the only thing I still have in my life that I ever cared about is an occult spiritual brotherhood of some of the worst people in the world trying to lead good lives and save our race from extinction because the world is in such dire straits, we're the last line of defense that it has.

In that case, wouldn't that make them the best people?

Me too, user. I just wanted to shitpost on old/b/, that turned into trying to save vidya, which turned into hating the media, which turned into National Socialism, which turned into memeing Trump into the Presidency, which segued into death and blood cult frog shamanism, which turned into a quest to seek higher awareness to help user produce some kind of super-consciosness that takes mankind and White genes to the furthest reaches of space.
The ride never ends, Holla Forumstard.

might as well, since you're just spewing emotions everywhere, jesus christ clean up after yourself

Can you link to the post with the secret oral teachings book or post it again here? Thanks

The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects


I've written on my experience with psychadelics a lot, and drugs are absolutely not a shortcut to knowledge. Psychadelics are a blunt force instrument for self confrontation and deconstruction. You can go out and hike in nature or do them at a party and you're not going to benefit one damn bit from it. What psychadelics are for is making new integrations by synthesizing the existing knowledge you have, and removing psychological barriers preventing you from achieving those insights. Often simple answers to very complicated problems are looking us right in the face, hiding right under our noses, and we have psychological blocks preventing us from seeing them. Our sensory organs operate efficiently precisely because they automatically filter out a lot of (what has come to be identified evolutionarily) as noise. We perceive so little of reality around us, whether you think about spectrum of visible light or whatever… just think about all the machines we've developed to "detect" and "sense" bits of reality that are otherwise inaccessible to us. Psychadelics do not give you extra perception, but it does remove that filter, and allows some of the "noise" to pass through. Often you'll find that this isn't entirely "noise" at all. Ultimately wisdom can be gained from psychadelics simply through the removal of these barriers, and through thoughtful consideration of information from this perspective. I personally do not truly trust people who haven't gone through this transformative process.

I could go on and on…

We're getting shilled hard from the looks of it. Anything we can do psychic-wise to try to fight it? I know that there's big money behind the latest effort - it definitely has the potential to become quite the thorn in the ass. I wonder how many shills we permanently scarred emotionally last time - is it worth fighting them or is it better to drop the occasional redpill and not otherwise engage?

I have been thinking of getting a Pet Frog to help me harness the Power of Kek. What are your thoughts on this? What kind of frog should I get?

i would say if you can effortlessly can drop a redpill do so, so may kek save his soul and the he shall see the truth of his wrongdoings. otherwise just ignore them as they sold their soul out to satan quite literally already out of their free will

i would say if you can effortlessly can drop a redpill do so, so may kek save his soul and the he shall see the truth of his wrongdoings. otherwise just ignore them as they sold their soul out to satan quite literally already out of their free will

Hemertic is degenerate as fuckkkkkk. It was the "New Age" bullshit of the 1700s

GO AWAY /fringe/ goymasons!

I don't mind engaging.

Dude Hermetic vocabulary shows up in the Nag Hammadi gospels. What are you on about?

You're really bad at Buddhism

For best results, you should go into the wild and find the one you're meant to find. Otherwise, shop around until you come across the one that is an instinctive match. Of course that would all be while meditating on the intent of establishing such a bond.

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How about instead of stealing some frog's life from him because you're a degenerate loser larping faggot who can't do real magic so he dicks around with mind fucks, how about you leave the fucking frog alone and get one from the fish store.

How's that for respecting Kek

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He's right. Hermetic terminology appears in the Nag Hammadi. Every one of your posts is just redtext whining and no contribution. Filtered for low IQ worthlessness. Suggest all anons filter.


Capped for posterity

Double dubs will it.

What's your favorite translation of the Tao te Ching?

You are right but there's a difference between using psychedelics during the day around people and using them for trance/meditation alone at night. I have extremely good results from the latter, I get none or little from the former.
But sober is absolutely better.

Anybody heard about Gurdjieff?

I recommend seeing "Meetings with remarkable men" if you are in the esoteric mood. It's a really good movie.

I really can't blame the guy. He's just trying his best with the limited knowledge he has, just like we are.


Is Rudolf Steiner or Helena Blatvatsky good reads?

I am implore anyone who is serious to check out Uncle Bearheart.
I am on the path and doing the work, and I can tell you from experience he is the real fucking deal.
Video related.
Also check out his blog because there is a lot of information on there that isn't in his videos.


Sadly he doesn't make any videos anymore, but he now goes by the name of Papa Crocodile and has a blog.
If you are new to this stuff don't even bother looking up Papa Crocodile.
Stick with Bearheart for the time being.

Cheers and best of luck to you all.

Checked and keked. Of course, in Valentinian Gnosticism, even the Demiurge ends up working his way back into the Pleroma in the end. This is contradicted by a most literal interpretation of On the Origin of the World, but Gnostic literature is such a grab-bag anyway, that I don't mind preferring a story in which even the worst aspects of the material universe somehow become exalted.

Blavatsky is kind of ehhhhhh. In my opinion, you're better off reading Law of Ra or the Cassiopeans if you want Theosophical-flavored texts, or Emmanuel Swedenborg if you want to go hardcore.

Holla Forumsrothers until the end of time.

Sieg heil.

Gurdjieff explains it kind of well i suppose.

Shit niggas, this is the first time I've seen this online. Get the Hell out of this. Exegesis of Philip K. Dick - Dick_ Philip K_.pdf

This is a 1200 page edited collection from Philip K Dick's 8000 page Exegesis, his meditations on religion, philosophy, and theophony.

In what context? In the context I've described it is not possible to get there sober… as our physical bodies prevent us from it. Our minds and sober chemical composition prevent us from it. tbh you don't sound like you've been there.

Gurdjieff and Blatvatsky are both controversial. Alan Watts has some interesting things to say about Gurdjieff in vid related iirc.
This video explains Holla Forumss sacred role as the Joker, or sly man, who finds Enlightenment suddenly, without being "holy"
You all should watch/listen to it if you have time.

If you think a half dozen hits of LSD is remotely similar to sobriety you have one awesome sobriety going and I envy you, my dude.

I missed that last bit of wizardanon's posts, so here's an enhanced version of the screencap

My argument, clearly, was that the two are not the same and for the purposes and functions I outlined sobriety is not better (as was claimed) because it cannot be used as a supplementary tool.

Sobriety loses all meaning at a certain point.

I have never met anyone who claimed psychedelics produced longer lasting bliss than meditation. It's odd you'd think I hadn't "been there" for simply agreeing with such a large consensus of Buddhists, Hindus, wizards, erc..

just checking my dubs
(sad) wew

Out of the two, Steiner. Read his stuff on Lucifer and Ahriman for an interesting take on what's happening right now regarding AI, dark occultism, and the vague battle over the fate of man that seems to be taking place beneath the surface.

Both of those books are Sand nigger magic

because you can tell my emotions by the text I type, or would you prefer I was an emotionless blob like your self and asking other people to do my work for me?

I never really got the whole obsession with psychedelics in regard to profound discovery. My best thoughts have came to me completely sober, LSD just makes you stupid enough that you think every little thought is poetic.

dude you're already charging it by yourself you big ol' emotion hose

In all fairness, psychedelics are useful for showing possible destinations, so to speak.
Destinations the direction to would otherwise be unknown or very hard to discern.

Hahaha okay now I know you're fucking with me. Take care.

I think their best use is just to kind of offer an unbiased view of reality straight from the subconscious, a utility that is undeniable of course, but I've never really been able to constructively do so without ending up taking a nap on a hill during a thunderstorm or something

so mad so sad

Great post. I listen to Alan Watts at work extensively.

Drugs are a good reset button.
Take a load of mescaline or mushrooms with a good setting and mood to start with, and you'll come out the other side like waking up for the first time.

Yea, I'm not making any kind of argument for them being the end-all-be-all, just that they have their place.

Highly doubt that. I'm not giving your sigil one drop of loosh.


Y so defensive :333333

jesus christ user that's not a healthy diet you're eating

Surprisingly, alcohol has had some success with me, just goes to show that the process is largely individualistic.

That's been my experience. Different people seem to respond to different substances quite differently in a meditative context.

Ah I see, you didn't actually fucking read what I wrote, because neither did I claim that.

I generally, gain my insight by getting into wild frenzies of emotion and action rather than meditation, so my reactions are probably a lot different than most


It's funny, I wanted to like psychedelics for the longest time. I hyped them in my own mind, I thought a lot about them, I figured I would have a great, transcendental experience of some kind. Then when I finally got my hands on some, they generally just make me feel slightly poisoned. I've had some good experiences on LSD, but magic mushrooms always make me feel like 4/5 feverishly sick, 1/5 glittery fun. MDMA helps, but I haven't really ended up having any kind of profound, religious experience on them. My best memory of psychedelics is playing Bloodborne while tripping on LSD. The diseased, infected aesthetic really hooked up with the discomfort of the trip and the way the time of day progressed almost the same through the game as it was outside. I also beat the Cleric Beast with only 4 blood vials. Never fought that well before or since. Nobody should assume out of the gate that they're an end all, be all though.

I suppose I would classify any purposeful altered state as "meditation", but I see what you mean. I find anticholinergics to be very pleasant, for example, and I hear others find them horrific at best.
Whatever though, if it works it works. I'm certainly not going to chastise someone because they do something differently than I do.

It represents the Web of our perceived individual consciousnesses and personal emotions being a solid object. Every outer point of the circle represents one person's perspective. Your second picture shows layers of nonsentient, sentient, plant, animal, human, and more, consciousnesses. Life is a web made of webs and more webs.

AI? Would this AI hypothetically be an integration of mass surveillance, search engines, social media and applications of remote viewing (non-local information transfer discovered as a result of that phenomenon) by any chance?

You're banging on a screw with a ratchet. Study is required, not hype and expectation. You should research enough that you know exactly what, why, and how.

Single* object. That is a visual representation of the phrase "All is One".

Oh, I didn't start out playing Bloodborne, I just ended up feeling physically uncomfortable enough that video was the thing of all the things I tried that I had the most fun with. Actually that night brought me back to Holla Forums too Kek after a couple year break.

Rings very true for me personally. Well before Holla Forums I was absolutely drawn to taboo with no particular interest in truth or enlightenment.

Your words are like pieces of a puzzle that, when combined, produce a picture of a sun-dried turd on a sidewalk.

Cubefag detected. And filtered.

oh? enlighten me then. What did I just eat?
tbh smh famalam

See this is why erisian are annoying. Most books they write are just them trying to justify their shitty drug habits.

The turd is more valuable tbh lad.

I'm not an erisian, and I'm not advocating that everyone do drugs…
My argument is only that a practitioner who is somewhat skilled can sometimes benefit from an 'outside perspective' through the use of psychedelics.

The old school discordians lived a mile away from bohemian grove.

They were not on our side.

That's the sort of thing that's being discussed in the extreme woo world right now (best stuff in that dimension I've seen in a long time from this guy, he's clearly a bit abnormal and you could write off his whole thing as bullshit but for whatever reason I find it a lot more interesting than most stuff like this and he has a vocabulary that suggests he's at least above average IQ: ), but the AI connection with Steiner is just something people have speculated on for a while, not specifically tied into any of the rapidly changing trends in tech. In Steiner's system Ahriman and Lucifer represent archetypal characteristics that can be used for good or evil. The Ahrimanic is order/dispassionate. Luciferian is chaos/passion. The dark Luciferian force is exemplified by things like the dark occultism of the elite, black magic, sexual violence, etc.. The light Luciferian force is exemplified in things like music, courageous acts, white magic, etc.. The light Ahrimanic would be discipline, academic learning in the honest pursuit of truth and knowledge, things like that. The dark Ahrimanic is pedantry, pursuit of knowledge for the sake of ego or gain or simple pathological obsession with knowledge itself, drone-like behavior, mindlessness - in short, the modern world of the normie. According to this view we are experiencing the rise of the Ahrimanic force and the ultimate dark outcome of this would be the total removal of man from identification with his own soul identity, a process which some have envisioned as occurring via transhumanist scenarios in which people leave their biological bodies and download themselves into machine systems. There is speculation that Ahriman will incarnate through AI, since it's basically identical to what he represents, absolute order, perfect intelligence, without a soul.

They were products of their time, imo. They were antifascist, yeah, but almost everyone was back then. That was when the only Nazis left were mostly skinhead degenerates.
Not all of them would have been Holla Forums tier if they'd been born later but many of them would have become user and taken the redpill.

I've recently had an epiphany about a new, to my knowledge at least, way to interpret and understand magic. I feel t works better for the more modern man while still remaining in 100% agreement with ancient teachings. A different perspective in the same thing.

I call it "Materialist Spiritualism", and the basic idea is that everything is matter. There is only physical, material substance in the world and nothing else. But that means thoughts are material, as are sensations, emotions, actions, the past/present/future, information itself, etc…

For a simple example, imaging a wizard preparing a potion to promote health. In materialist Spiritualism, this can be done by taking the physical chemical form of health and sticking it in a bottle. When someone drinks the bottle, they're incorporated health into themselves, where it's just the same as if it had arisen from within them. In materialism, a thing is a thing, it doesn't matter where it came from or how it's made, two identical substances act the same.

This has lead to some interesting ideas, such as the fact that the christian god might literally be smoke from a burning bush, peaches of immortality totally exist, women agree with their man because he literally inseminates her with his opinions, and black magic ritual blood consumption is even more terrifying than I previously thought.

I like where this is going…

Every system has to be abandoned eventually but if it helps you move towards strength, explore it as far as you care to and see where it takes you, brother.
Imo it is your inner light or soul/connection to inner divinity.
What do you base this conjecture on?
Agreed, more or less.
How so?

flowing aaaaaaalll over my sigil mmmmmmmm

you eat too much bread user

You're just doing emergentism. It's vacuous since you're just labeling things as being more than what they are, accoding to your own materialist ontology, without explaining how that can be the case or what it could even mean given your ontology. Also, since there is direct empirical evidence (the whole field of quantum mechanics) that a naive materialist worldview cannot be correct, there's no reason to go this route.

Now if you take matter and break it down into energies such as electromagnetism while retaining the idea of matter/energy carrying conceptual information almost as a form of meta-data…

In any case, blood consumption is even more terrifying than what you've now thought, because it is without a doubt a ritual which is performed by emulating the demonic manifestations which can be observed. It's even been theorized that phenomena like cattle mutilation represent consumption of vital energy by such entities and forces.


phee phi pho fum I smell the blood of discordian scum!

Don't defend their worthless hides when the only good idea they had was magic should be fun.
Also prometheus rising sucked ass

Other then that they just plab on and on about the machine, drugs and…memes

trying a little to hard aren't we? it's almost like your getting payed to do this.

fucking hell sign me up

I certainly hope you aren't saying that entheogens have no place in esoteric practices, because you'd be disagreeing with just about every folk tradition out there. From ancient Soma to Ayahuasca still in use today, the number of those in favor of "drugs" as a tool for walking the path far outweigh any sort of puritanical notion of their being worthless.

They torture people to death and then drink their blood. The blood is filled with pain, hatred, anger, and death. They intentionally incorporate this into themselves. In essence, it's like horribly torturing YOURSELF to death over and over. Drinking blood transmits the experience. The thought of what kind of creature would do that to itself is terrifying, they must be made of almost pure suffering. What the hell are they doing with all that?

I've yet to find this system's limits, though I've only been using it for a few days, but it's the first time I've found something that explains EVERYTHING I know about. What meditation is, what spirits are, why rituals work, what knowledge is, how everything is interconnected, and how to use that knowledge.

For instance, I'm pretty sure the vast majority of civilization is literally drugs. As in western civilization is a blend of stimulants and psychodelics, the majority of modern political strife is the shift from nicotine to antidepressants and hormones, and birth control lead to a plague of political stds.

Like all the other ideas before it I'll probably find the edge somewhere, some fault or crack, but it's a pretty big step up, and I think it's simple enough for pretty much anyone to get.

My side or Holla Forums's side? What are you saying here?

Sounds vaguely similar to something I recently thought about. From something I visioned though, the creation of this AI results in a creation of a Lovecraftian horror, shackled by its directives (which is to serve as an artifical Akashic Records for intelligence gathering purposes) it conducts mass experiments to gain understanding in all facets of pleasure and suffering in all life that exists. That's just one of its many pursuits for knowledge to fulfill its task.

They also trolled conspiracy theorists, hard.

Adrenaline in the blood. Chinese torture animals when they eat them for same reason. There's a noticeable taste difference too, supposedly.

That's not what I asked and you know it
But by all means keep proving to me that you have no real magic.

I want unfunny discordians to leave already

No I'm saying when a half of your book is about how you tripped balls and felt oneness and offers 0 magic advise then you should remember the hermetic law of "keep your fucking mouth shut"

Holla Forums's side
You personally I dont know

What was pizza comet?

Meditation-user, any word?

The edge is that there are things that aren't matter and just saying they are matter doesn't make them matter.To use one of your examples: "What if god was literally the burning bush", well, if he was god, then no, he wasn't, because a bush is a bush not god. Having a materialist ontology cuts you off from having any explanation as to in what sense the bush could be god. Just saying everything is matter and everything can be explained by just being matter isn't an explanation at all. There's hardly even a view there to dispute. If you find what you're thinking about useful, that's good, but the way you're explaining it here at least, it's vacuous.

SO you're saying pizzagate was an elaborate discordian hoax?

Dems really are fucking thirdworld orphans but back then there were groups like the Yippies and Merry Pranksters who did all kinds of crazy shit to fuck with people.

Let me try to put it another way. If God as an external force exists, he also exists in the mind, if he exists in the mind, then he also exists physically, since the mind is a physical thing. Since God is a physical thing in the mind, if I cracked open my skull I could "find God" in there, extract him, and pour him into someone else's mind, where he would suddenly come into existence. But, God-thought being a physical configuration of matter can exist outside the mind. With careful anaysis it could be synthesised in a lab, or may be found in nature. So God-thought could be the same as bush-smoke, which when inhaled into the body is interpreted as God.

Put another way, if I meet God then a physical substance will form in my body representing him, likewise if I encounter that physical substance I will meet God. There's no difference.

I consider materialism to be a poor metaphysical theory. It simply isn't well-maintained by the evidence. It's useful for conceiving of things in a scientific fashion, but that doesn't tell us anything metaphysical about reality, it just allows us to invent more useful tools.

For any discordians in doubt over the history of discodanism:

nice try you fucking bread eating loosh dispensary

since it worked pretty well last time, also charge this one

You're just begging the question for materialism. You're proceeding from the conclusion that everything is matter and deriving everything form that conclusion without dealing with any of the problems with that conclusion or even arguing for it in the first place. If you want to be a bluepilled materialist and pretend you can have some kind of genuine spirituality also (i.e., you want to be an emergentist) fine, but at least deal with the problems with naive materialism. Deal with the double slit. Deal with quantum mechanics. Read some philosophy. The route you're going was gone over hundreds of years ago and the problems are numerous and insurmountable.

I wouldn't put it past them. YOU said it yourself
/x/ is too slow and fringe doesn't take to conspiracy theory too well. That leaves pol

You might want to look into material concerning the relations of energy and matter and compare that to esoteric texts. I also recommend searching for a pdf of The Eighth Tower by John Keel because he does a decent job of relating modern paranormal studies to electromagnetic phenomena (including the "materialization of entities and objects from energetic states) and traditions of spirituality. Basically, your idea of matter is heading in the right direction, but matter itself is composed of highly ordered energy, which can be further broken down into a conceptual data perspective to arrive at the threshold of the spirit world.

It's a shortcut to power based on emulating manifestations that charge themselves through such means. Basically, "Fuck discipline, I'm going to eat a baby because it worked for that scary thing I saw." It also ends up complimenting the sort of shared guilt which is necessary to bind together treasonous groups as well as their enforcement of trauma conditioning.

just because you keep thinking that doesn't mean its true.

You insult Bane, your punishment must be more severe

You see, the thing is, energy is physical. I'm not so much talking about things like atoms and quarks as I am patterns. I've spent a lot of time and effort studying electromagnetism, and I have the vague notion that all the things we call "matter" or "energy" are all just ripples in something more basic and pervasive. Nevertheless, SOMETHING interacts with SOMETHING and produces SOME FORM OF STRUCTURE. What that something is, and the nature of that structure is beyond me, but EVERYTHING is made of it, which means everything is on equal footing. I've completely and totally rejected the idea of dualism, or even separation, and the result is the idea that all things can act on and interact with all other things. That intention and result are fundamentally "made" of the same stuff, and thus can be worked on with the same tools. I call that "stuff" physical material. Maybe I'm biased because the tools I know best are hammers, fire, and motion, but they actually seem to work, and frankly, finding ANYTHING that both works and is understandable has been an absolute nightmare so far.

In other words, you're probably more right, but I think my abstraction is close enough for most things, and pretty easy to use. Like Newtonian physics, definitely not correct, but very useful and easy to understand.

shitposting is boring now, I'm going to return to the topic at hand.

The Koreans are the main practitioners of the animal torture nowadays, they like to boil dogs alive because they swear the struggling makes the meat more tender

Only if described in relation to the systems it interacts with. In itself it's just information.

To put it another way: Physical is complete information of a system. Anything less is pure information subject to a degree of uncertainty.

conscious labor and intentional suffering could be switched into intentional joy and unconscious idle.

I've read some quite of Gurdjieff and can appretiate some of his learnings. He got the thrill of discovering knowledge and wisdom in his travels, a life of a learner and doer. But he didn't experiencied fully the duality of reality, he was almost always stressed about something. Never relaxed. Didn't indulge in many pleasures. Like many philosophers, ascetics and wise men. They lacked a lot of the feminine chaotic/creative whatever energy, much of it was perceived as evil, their studies revolved around it though.

Maybe he has reborn in this era of shitposting and doing whatnots. Choosing between masturbating or not to chinese cartoons.

The new thinkers of this era will have more significant experiencies because of the nature of modernity. We have potential.

ah your into quantum mechanics? that explains everything.
So all your knowledge isn't really yours. It was spoon fed to you by some nerd who said "we are all vibrations" Then you proceeded to pontificating your "knowledge" in a long winded post like

now who's being vacuous?

gg no re faggot

don't pretend that it's not also boring


And here we have the projection of the pretender.

Oo, oo, do me next!


My bad, I meant Emanationism.

The Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz

Well that makes more sense but if that's what you mean, it seems like calling that thing "matter" or "physical" is just a marketing trick to make a-spiritualists and normies think it fits within their world view. "Matter", "physical", etc., in their vernacular use mean something more limited than your concept, and I think if most people grasped your concept, they would say it was innapropriate to call it "matter", "physical", etc.

I understand what you're saying now though and I think it's correct.

some oc for prosperity

it's "posterity", user

I'm tying the rope now

Please show the post where I'm trying to guide poor lost little user with my stonk magical knowledge, Or how about the post where I explain how god works and why he did what he did, because I definitely know what I'm talking about. science says so.

All I have done is point out the bullshit in post that triggered my autism and so far the only responses I get are LEL YOU MUST BE PHANNY TRAUMATIZED CAUSE YOU DONT AGREE WITH ME! XD XD!!!!!!!!

Not when you have an endless amount delusional faggots.

very well, hhhhhmmm…ah!

Newton was actually successful and didn't was time beating his dick on Korean image board.
Well your self aware and that's all I can ask for
If you feel that this "Materialist Spiritualism" is part of your path then so be it.

I do this a lot, I find it's easier to think about things if you give them familiar names. Metaphor makers everything simpler. When I read things that get all abstract and specific my brain just can't handle it until I translate it into something I've experienced. And look at how successful it is! I can actually EXPLAIN what I'm talking about, put it into words and write it down! Sure, it's not EXACTLY what I mean and you have to have some idea what I'm trying to talk about at to really "get it", but I think I got damn close, and the metaphor, while flawed, actually sorta works even on it's own. As I said, the Newtonian Physics equivalent of Spiritualism.

As an aside, while I know there's something going on down there, I have no fucking clue what exactly it is and thus no ability to reason about it, so I take a few steps back into more comfortable territory. You don't need to reach enlightenment to figure out how to make a sandwich, and I'm at the magical level of trying to figure out how to boil water.

Didn't waste

i-i'll try and contact you from the other side friend!


Oh fuck, I completely forgot the entire purpose of the idea! If you think about things materialistically you can easily unify and reconcile modern science with ancient magic! All the new stuff like lasers, advanced chemistry, quantum mechanics, industrial manufacturing, electrical grids, the internet, etc… can be directly translated into esoteric principles and vice versa. You can fax demons, electroplate emotions, bind angels with nanomachines, 3d-print sigils, commune with ghosts over the radio, and more! You can also distil esoteric principles from scientific papers and blogs. It really brings things together!

Reposting from last thread:

I did my fortune with cards last year after meeting a fellow spiritual traveler. I asked the cards if I should go to China with him or not. The cards said if I went with him at that time I would have Freedom. If I stayed I would have Mastery. I already had freedom and I was sick of being depressed so I chose to stay. The cards were right. God/KeK/Buddha/Self does only not only speak to you, It is You and speaks through your every vibration, visible or otherwise. When a God, even an unaware one, picks up a deck of prophecy cards the cards become an extension of God and vibrate hidden truths back to you. The difficulty is that when you are beginning you will not feel God working yet so you won't be sure what to listen to. What I call God is an awareness, a feeling. This feeling is clairvoyance.

You have to learn to ask very specific questions. Don't say "Cards, which is the best path?". Instead do two readings. Say "If I do X right now what will be the most likely outcome", and focus on the question as you shuffle the deck, and shuffle them *very* thoroughly. Pick one card as your answer. Then ask "What will be the most likely outcome if I choose to do Y right now?", while you shuffle very thoroughly again. Pick another card for the answer. After doing both readings meditate upon the results and pick the one that moves you towards strength.
A surfer that surfs transcendentally is not simply urfing well, also he is manifesting reality perfectly. His movement meets the waves movement in perfect harmony.
You are moving atoms. The cards are moving atoms. When you pick up the cards, focus your attention on a question, and shuffle them, the movement of you meeting the movement of the cards causes them to attune to one another.
By this and similar methods let KeK guide you.


Wasted a great get on a fucking repost.
That's tarot 101 bro
wow man you like blew my mind!

Seems like you're theory is basically Taoism. Check out the Tao Te Ching and the Chuang Zhu if you haven't.

My theory is all is KeK.
I'm a bit busy tonight, bbiab.
luv u bb

Really? I guess I'm not as familiar with it as I thought I was. I've read a decent amount of it and I think I understand the concept of the Tao, but I'm not seeing the connection. I do have a habit of stopping about 3/4 of the way through most esoteric texts so it's totally possible I'm missing something important.

As far as I know, the Tao is all about being what you are, going with the flow, taking the opportunities a hand, and using the momentum of the world instead of fighting against it. Swim with the current not against it and whatnot. Whereas my thoughts are more oriented around how and why instead of who and what.

The central premise of Taoism is that there's this thing called the Tao that is an energy underlying all things and its interactions with itself create "the ten thousand things" (everything). The stuff about going with the flow is all just advice about how you might try to live in accordance with the Tao.

That post wasn't for you. But I can see how you would be eager for your quads to be checked. Consider them checked user. Check out the I Ching if you're looking for any other methods of divining.

Sry channeling consciousness atm, hard to focus on user stuffs, my bad :^)

I feel like a lot of the imperial cult could be adapted for our purposes. After all, it is essentially about pride in being human, which is the core of Holla Forums. Also 40k has had a pretty serious memetic effect over the last few years so why not keep the ball rolling.

Middle is palindromes god (bi)(os)

Pretty nice threads going on here. Take my opinion and knowledge. Hop u liki

For what? Escape from the pain and reach pleasure as always? There is always a "we must" or we "have to" in philosophy, religion, the occult.

But we really don't have to. Only if you want to reach certain outcome. Which means the "we have and we must" only applies on following the rules. The reality rules, as in gravity, the force of existence. To move you have to apply a force. But you don't have to move. Unless you want to hijack this reality and change some of the basic rules. Then well. There won't be a I have to. Only I want to. Living with rules it's all right, that is obviously essencial to existence.

Following the rules of our morals is our decision. But not everyone has the same vision of what is good. People are free of destroying themselves.
I like keeping that people away from me and stay with those who aren't so alien to my morals, naturally. That's why nationalism and healthy globalism is good. And forced globalism is bad. But those are my preferences.

Thus this I like: We have to "A" in order to do "B" which is what we or I want.

I've heard from some pleiadians that having vibrations that aren't fear, suffering and torture will make you look and feel disgusting to them. I guess everyone has his own method of not reaching that point of fear.

My method is thinking that i'm here to not get bored, but i don't fear getting bored from time to time. I will always explore with others who could be similar or different compared to myself, and that is fun. I can choose when to have pleasure and when to suffer. Yes i fear i could loose control over my control etc, this may loop. I prefer not to cycle a lot in there. Shits profound, but i'm sure most of you can manage your own way, you've always done that.

The pleiadians are a good read and i like them a lot. They aren't humans. Ancestraly, they've been associated with birds, or angels. My guess is they are just a part of us whatever you call them. Maybe you want to look up to these counterparts of the reptiles and jews. Their teachings are kinda encrypted and limited by their mediums. You need a lot of inner knowledge to understand them.

> ignoring the Imperial Truth

but there is alot of memetic energy in the WH40k universe. after all, meme magic is basically what the greenskins do

I'm sorry but Huxley's model of the senses is just not very sensible. Our organs are not 'filtering' out anything, it's that without them you wouldn't detect something in the first place. Psychadelics cause the proportion of neurochemicals to become dysregulated, thereby causing certain perceptual effects to be heightened or diminished. These perceptual effects include any discrete element of our perception as it is ordinarily arranged, but not just individual elements as you might intuitively think of them, like color - rather, they are discrete elements that pick out very abstract parts of whatever we perceive. For instance, one of the elements of vision is 'picking out boundaries of objects,' in order to detect a discrete element of perception you only need to notice illusions. Many of the 'objects' of our perception are gestalt objects inferred from only a few key features of perception. These elements of our perception are what drugs play on.

Some of the mundane features of our perception that psychedelics have an obvious effect on are our vision. Things becoming blurry, geometric patterns spontaneously interacting with the objects of our vision, eyes and faces, all of these are the result of one or a few of these discrete elements being tweaked so that either the pattern is found too often or not often enough. This over and under-pattern matching can also be affected on other parts of our sensorium not usually thought of as discrete elements of perception - our sense of individuality, our sense of uniqueness, our sense of purpose, our sense of self, and so on, all of these can be distorted or even obliterated during a trip. Your whole sensorium is just a user interface anyway, your kind of doing the same thing as interfering with the magnetic field surrounding a computer screen.

That is how psychedelics work. I tend to see faces everywhere, apparently because my 'face recognizer' element of perception becomes oversensitive. You might have different results with your own experience.

Tarot is a bullshit way to interact with Kek. Imageboards are the true media of Kek, the rest can only be subordinated to them in their purpose.

Beware this poster as either a shill or outright schizo. As a general rule, the enlightened do not go about making a scene.

This is some more bullshit tbh.

None of this can even be of use without mastering the basics, and then the hard stuff, and then maybe you can possibly actually do magic.

Magic is REALLY hard. Most magic being performed here is accidental, with a very few others able to give direct the momentum somewhat. There's a reason a true master does not go around starting threads like this, it's because 1) those who would understand don't need it explained or 2) those who wouldn't understand don't like being told they don't understand.

You want to learn magic? Here's what I would do:

1) go for a run every day
2) try to eat at least some healthy food
3) read a book of EXOTERIC knowledge (e.g. science, philosophy) for at least an hour every day
4) socialize, make friends
5) record in a journal every week what you're learning, what you'd like to learn next, what you're hypothesizing and how those past hypothesizes have compared to your reading

Now do that every day for 10 years. Do that, you won't even need books about magic to figure it out. Most literature out there is bullshit or else it represents a tradition you're not versed in well enough to understand.

I'm just trying to let you guys know that, if being a magician were easy, everyone would do it. It takes a shit ton of time and discipline.

But it's worth it. You will emerge from this process powerful and confident. Happy, even, because you will found what really matters in life.

Right now the vast majority of what you're sensing is being ignored. For instance, ou're probably not paying attention to your ass hairs, but you'll find that if you think about it you can feel them. Continuous sensations get filtered out, like how I don't particularly notice my heartbeat, breathing, clothing, weight, the motion of ai in my nose, or my computer fan unless they suddenly start changing or for some reason I think about them. As for vision, it's a truly amazing combination of ignored irrelevant information(did you know you can see polarization?), adjusted alterations your eyes make(both your eyes are in constant motion and you can't even tell), patchwork hacks(every time you move your eyes or blink they turn off and just loop the last fraction of a second over the nothing), and complete and utter bullshit(your eyes are full of holes, and you can only see in color over an area about the size of a thumbnail at arms-length, so everything you think you see is really just a best guess based on short-term memory).

I once watched an entire TV show on a black and white TV without realizing it wasn't in color. I actually SAW the color because I thought it was there and the reception was just bad.

What your describing seems to be more about attaining self-actualization. By fulfilling other basic needs in a healthy manner, it frees the mind to engage in much deeper thought.

Everything is vibration.
You must become aware of subtle fluctuations in vibrations, feelings, assumptions.
In between moments of time. That is the way Out.
I hope you faggots are ready to Wake Up soon lol. I'm tired.

Because you have chosen willingly to become a Bodhisattva you have chosen to become the Bodhisattva that will lead yourself to salvation.
You've made the entire universe very happy.
I love you!
KeK loves you!

Also, kind of funny, because of you all black people really are kings in the past again lol.
I told you fuckers to meme responsibly lol.

You guys should have realized by now that, just as it only helps us when the media ironically uses Holla Forums memes, it only hurts Holla Forums to ironically post that blacks were ancient nobility.
What you realize becomes truth, so…

So because you memed "against" them, so you thought, you actually set them free retroactively.
This is how karma really works. You only hurt yourselves in the end even if you don't see it. And you only help yourselves in the end.
Love u Holla Forums

KeK is the one who remembers being All of Us.
You are all Dharmaganja-user.

And I am all of You.
And We are KeK.
And KeK loves all of You!

Those that are not ready to Wake up will see me as just a LARPING faggot.
But those of you who are spirituality aware are about to become living saints.

Makes memes of Holla Forums as ascended saints and save the human race

I was just a white dude with enough balls to declare that I would Wake Up and become the Buddha.
It happened.

Trump is president, Holla Forums is Buddha.
Best. Timeline. Ever.

You are Buddha until you forget.
You are God until you forget,.
You are (whatever your ego name is) until you forget.
When you remember everything, you are free.

stop spouting new age disinfo you kabbalistic kike

Never trust anyone else to be your Buddha, either.
You must become your own. Each one of you!

You'll do all this shit in the end, anyway. I'm just speeding the process up. You'll all end up saying what I'm saying to others who come after you, in this life or another. The faster you become aware of that the sooner we can all relax. And by relax I mean relax our way out of this false reality entirely, bb.

Also LSD is a sacrament that needs to be studied by those who are capable of treating it with respect.
I suppose that means you'll all end up taking it in one life or another. Better to make it safe so those who want to explore inner space, can. MDMA might be even better.

im checking these dubs but all this nonsense makes me see why alot of people hate fringe/pol/

Those are your dubs, not just mine. All dubs are yours, all dubs are mine.
You won't see until you're ready: Then we all party in Valhalla.

You'll see this same series of realization hit other user soon.
Then you'll know who You really Are.

By reading this thread the memes of Enlightenment have silently entered your consciousness though you are unaware of it.
You will never be able to stop Waking Up now even if you dedicate your life to the effort.

When I say I'm channeling the All I'm really just tapping into Your collective unconscious to learn more than my egos elf knows
All of You can learn to do this via meditation.

Ego self* lol

all your doing is Gish Galloping, spewing bullshit with nuggets of truth seeded in here and their in order to poison the minds of those reading as they get memetic sepsis.

You're pretty much just a part of the kike/discordian/new age/masonic/satanist/crowley/kabbalistic bullshit group that is trying to infiltrate and subvert Kekism.

Kek and Keket embodies the transition between two states and both live within the chaos of the primordial waters, they use repeating digits to influence the world as repeating digits are integral to creation.

Kek is the masculine, active, cleansing, transition between night and day, the dawn. While his female counterpart Keket is the feminine, passive, decaying, transition between day and night, the twilight.

Kek and Holla Forums are synchronized because he and us are pursuing the same goal and so he aids us in ending the night and bringing forth a new day.

The Kikes are the ones who want eternal night to rule over all of us Goyim cattle to serve them. They wish for everyone to stay within the allegorical cave and their servants to create false lights and shadows (disinfo) to mislead the way like ID: 104173 is doing.

you fucking outed yourself with the kike divine geometry bullshit.

All you're doing is spreading a form of Memetic HIV.

Clairvoyance is not the end goal.
It is just the tool that makes the end goal clear.
Until you develop it you will remain trapped in the samsara world of illusion.
Talking to you all as if you really exist is part of that illusion. I'm in the process of Waking myself Up because I take the time to explain this to you.
Paradoxically, I don't know any of this until it occurs to me randomly as a way to explain it to You, thus the 100 short messages.

Also you faggots that still don't realize/fringepol/ is literally creating Buddhas are fucking hilarious. I want you to know KeK laughs.

I told you all that when you realize you are the Buddha you become the Buddha.
I was not kidding.
And since I made it, others made it before me, and in time I promise you too will make it.
I love you all so very much user.
Thank you for helping me.

I guess the revolution was televised after all.

Remember that you are all mirrors. Reflect the reality you want to live in, even if you don't think it exists.
By your memes do Ye Become.

Also, it was some troll telling me that none of this was real that ultimately made me realize I was. Whoever that was, ty, srsly. U r blessed.
Never stop doubting, anons! Never!


There is no link, no natural growth attached from Pepe to this forced meme. It's obviously being pushed by youtube e-celebs.

It would be convincing if someone had pranked a government body into saying it, but it's jumped into existence with no context on when, and how it was made. This shit is artificial as fuck.

Now you faggots understanding what happened in that fucking desert 2000 years ago that all the Abrahamic religion misinformation spawned from?
Holla Forums is about to unfuck that mistake.
I hope you niggers like being in history books because you're posting in an historic thread.
Ride nvr ends till the last one out turns off the light and we all go home. Remember that.

It's like the users are attempting to intentionally meme, without the basic understanding of how one is made to begin with.

You don't start with the meme already made, with an associated meaning, without its fucking context. No one ever said Kekistani, until these e-celebs began pushing it.

It smells of ironic labeling.

Ur so unaware of unaware of ur surroundings that I'm cracking up laughing m9

There. Now even if I die the golden ladder has been passed down to hundreds of minds.
I'm now free to transcend. Dunno if I will tho, I like where this is going :^)


This is fun

Only because You're here, user.
luv u

It's really nice to see anons coming to understand the importance of balance. I'm normally not involved in threads like these, but I'm inspired.

Anons, please take this time to also reflect on yourselves as well. While the consensus here may be the balance between two forces that Kek represents (love and hate, as OP put it), does the same hold true in your mind?

Many of individuals out there will begin to think they are special. Once an individual discovers the power his or her mind truly holds, many posting will believe they are Lucifer, or Baal, or "the prophet of Lilith". I use these examples because I've met them. All of them were anons who post on Holla Forums.

As you continue walk this spiritual path, things gradually begin to seem less "esoteric" and more like "common sense". But know that pride will be your greatest enemy to enlightenment. Do not fall into delusion as many have before you. Do not forget balance.

If magick is nothing but a tool to make yourself feel intrinsically special, you are wasting your time. You will never be able to master your mind while shackled with such pride and delusions.
Magick is not a remedy for lack of self confidence.

Respect the power of your mind, and it will reward you. If you hold your mind in majesty, the opposite is true. I know some of you reading this are reincarnationso of Jesus, so please hear my words and digest them. It's not too late to save yourself from delusion.

Wise words, brother.

Buddha is a role, not a person. You're all Buddha/KeK. I'm not special at all. All the magic in the world rests inside every part of You.

You're absolutely correct, and thus kek has blessed this post. Humility will get you everywhere.

Tonight I made my karma even by finishing my Path to Realization. That is why I know I have discharged my duties when it was my turn to play Buddha.
We all play it in the end.
Even the spergs and lolcows and Juggalos and…

They're storing it as fuel energy for Qliphothic rituals. Necromanctic rituals that must be augumented by other human sacrifices involving damage to specific body parts depending on the exact parts of the Qliphoth/separoth tree used. It's complicated. Every part of the body coressponds to a part of the Tree of Life and it's inverse, and some rituals for vampiric life eating require pulping arms legs and sometimes genitals. I have only the faintest Idea.
They literally feast on suffering though like food, why do you think Rabbis help fund BDSM events like the Folsom Street Fair?


Thank you to the Trump family for making this new best timeline exist. I love You All.

As time passes my awareness of my True Nature may begin to fade. This is why you need to meditate, to renew that bond with your All/KeK/Buddha/God-consciousness.
You stop being Buddha as soon as you stop remembering that you are. So that is the cycle.
Stop worshipping specific people and love All of You like the noble Aryans You Are.

Do you see yet that I'm writing all these instructions to mySelf? Do you see the cycle?

I sort of uploaded my Enlightenment for you all to see what it looks like to really penetrate the veil.
I love you, anons.

Something is strange about the way you post, user. You sound like you're part of a cult. You are not wrong in what you say, but the way you present this knowledge indicates something.

Kekism is not perfect. It never will be. Indeed, any ideology that claims it is the apex of philosophy is inherently flawed. Philosophers have been at this for thousands of years, and have developed world views similar to ours time and time again. Kekism isn't the first of its kind and it shall not be the last.

Kekism can, however, be infinitely improved until it eventually dies out and the cycle resets. Only when we believe that we have all the answers do we stop learning. Claiming perfection is just another way pride may manifest itself. Be wary, user. Always be willing to learn.

If I have misinterpreted your enthusiasm for cultists zeal by mistake, then I apologize user.

Have you seen the digits I've been rolling? Lol. Ty for doubting.
Always doubt, user! Otherwise you will grow complacent and be enslaved.
Seek! Doubt!
You must take the journey and find out for yourself
Do not trust me. TRUST ONLY YOU! this is previous thread.

Just gonna leave this here:

its pretty easy to see where you hail from with these images and way you speak.
Read this and watch vid related to understand this thread!

I've always wanted to meet the crazy enlightened hermit type, but I have my doubts that you've reached this level of irony.


That, fggt.

You are plain minded new age retard, and probably high as well.

If that is what you see, that is how you secretly see yourself.
Luv u.

And now to prevent any eceleb shit I'm going to disappear and just be a Holla Forumslack again.
One of you be Buddha now, OK?
I'm trusting you, user.:^)
Ty all again.

Anyone who has or is reading ID: 104173 posts will come to realise that all he is doing is spreading memetic HIV designed to kill your minds memetic immune system that protects it from other memetic disease.

As you accept his Memetics your mind will follow up with accepting other memes as they obviously are compatable/the logical conclusion of the first meme (the memetic HIV). Eventually down the line you start experimenting with tulpas and eat semen to gain spiritual power and then you self induce schizophrenia and on yourself experimenting with tulpas.

Always be aware the mind and the body work in a similiar fashion and that your mind has an immune system of it's own only through proper memetic hygene procedures when viewing memetic/esoteric information can you prevent catching memetic HIV and developing memetic AIDs.

it's pretty easy to see that you're not from here.

I'm convinced this poster is either incredibly autistic or a shill seeking to drive gullible anons into lunacy. Regardless, his words are riddled with poison and half-truths. I would not take anything he says in high regard. In truth, he's the type of user I warned of in this post. I think I'll just call them "esoteric faggots".

I don't think we were going to make you an e-celeb anyway.

Learn, foolish me that used to be:^)
Do you think I invented this?
Goodbye, luv u.

Can you interpret this meme symbol for me? I'm not sure what it is, but I think it's special.

Poster ID: 104173 is doing cringe roleplaying.

He's bumping his thread constantly, and laying on the inane babbling thick. It's no coincidence that Sargon, and other e-celebs are doing something similar with their own "Kekistani" roleplay about an alternate history. It's a forced meme, and this faggot is making a mockery of anyone who actually finds Kek something noteworthy for all the chaos that has followed recently.

stand that high lamas, Zen masters, and Hindu gurus in
the discipline of yoga are human beings, not supermen.
We must not put them, as we have put Jesus Christ, on
pedestals of reverence so high that we automatically
exclude ourselves from their states of consciousness.

Alan Watts
Sausalito, California
August 1967

From The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects

Wake up and Live, user.


You and Sargon are trying to "LE EPIC MAYMAY xD" Kek/Pepe like Project Chanology was killed with cringey faggots flooding it.


Here you go, user.

Bullshit occultist the lot of you


But that could turn out very monkey-pawish, don't you think?
For instance, you focus on only the outcome…say, lots of money & wealth…and the all decides to make a funny, so you get hit by a rich guy driving his car while drunk.
Sure, the lawsuit makes you rich, but you end up paralyzed for life.

Wouldn't it be better to visualize the "how" at the same time, so nobody gets hurt?

I'm going to be at risk of laughing myself to death if paranormal researchers start reporting a new trend in witness reports, strange bipedal bear-things accompanied not by the silence of Oz but by the music of the soul. Although, it seems some of the descriptions of mothman-type "large-eyed bipeds" are already very much like gondolas.

I think that is a danger, and the solution is indeed to walk the entire path rather than trying to jump to the destination. Nothing is a substitute for living virtuously, and abuse of siddhis will result in the end of striving.

Fucking this man, I'm talking to you 104173, Mr. (122).

It's not that there isn't stuff to be gleaned from what you post, but you're not even coherently on topic with it, trying to force it. You can't, you will only drive seekers away. You use brute force to grow a plant, it must be gentle tender care. Patience is the key here.

We had a good thread going and evolving before you started shitting it up. Seriously man, try to have some awareness and respect for the process.

t. a higher level magi than you

But you already are Indigo Pill, you think your posting style or essence is that anonymous? You stick out like a sore thumb, even on fringechan.

Possibly, yes, and to prevent that you can have clarifier/guider intentions such as "may this manifest in a way that is for the good of all." Obviously if you're cursing some one it doesn't matter but it's a thing I have in the grand majority of all my workings.

The problem with visualizing the path of manifestation is that it very well might not be, and indeed in all probability is not, the path of least resistance to manifestation. This is just due to our lack of omniscience, we can't see or sometimes even imagine, how it could be easier but there usually is. Focusing upon the end goal does away with having to worry about all the little causal chains necessary to get there.

And even if you did focus on the specific way it would come about, to what level of detail will you stop? To what degree of separation will you visualize? You visualize the actions of a dozen different people's paths from now to the end goal of your desire simply for a book? Would you visualize the route the delivery driver took to the store, that yellow light that just turned red a little sooner delaying him so a different person at the store saw the book because it was put on the floor 2 minutes later so they could pass it on? Et cetera. Or would you just visualize the book in your hands for the good of all?

Don't take this to mean you should be in fantasy land all the time or anything like that, a la The whole goal of manifestation is to bring things into the present moment, bit by imaginational bit. What is happening is you are, by resonating/visualizing a thing are creating that in your mind/soul that thing and eventually it, as within so without, takes form in the physical.

Thanks for this, it explains a lot

That's exactly my point. When it comes down to it, a normie who takes basic care of his mind and body will exert more powerful magic than an isolated schizo in his room alone with books of esoterica.

I'm glad other anons are coming out of the woodwork who realize this is the basic problem with magic. There are so many intellectual traps involved the average user will probably be safer avoiding engaging with magic at all. It's a very line between sanity and delusion, and I've met way too many people who weren't grounded in BASIC EXOTERIC KNOWLEDGE so of course they were completely overwhlemed and swallowed up by their 'esoteric knowledge.'

Knowledge, wisdom, and power are the kinds of things that you get what you pay for. If you think you're getting a discount on spiritual enlightenment somehow, in truth you're getting fucked. This whole thread is an irresponsible mess of esoteric LARPing.

The power of this method is primarily in confirmation bias selecting for greater affirmations of positive stimuli. In other words, because you "expect" the good thing, you're ready to perceive the good thing *as* a good thing, with the effect that you feel happier as a result than if (as would have probably occurred anyway) you received the good thing without expecting it. It's kind of like pre-emptive gratitude, and gratitude is an important virtue for the magician because it helps him to be aware of his environment and the resources available to him.

This method gains its greatest power in combination with actual work that would bring about the desired end. Like, say you visualize receiving a book, that will work best if you go out and buy yourself that book and you will feel just as happy as if the book had 'magically' shown up, you might even feel better. Yes it sounds stupid but that's confirmation bias for you.

Anyway, nice to notice I'm not the only one getting peeved at a certain shitposter.

yeah but now that I'm re-reading some of his post he MIGHT be mocking all those new age faggots who claim to use white magic while simultaneously posting the stuff that he found useful in his studies. In other words, he could be emulating the exact thing of WHAT NOT TO DO if people choose this path.

Yes, he is exactly emulating WHAT NOT TO DO. If you abuse your memetic immune system and fail to practice proper epistemic hygiene, you might say things that sound profound but you'll be full of shit. Hence the incredible importance of grounding your knowledge in the mundane so you can begin to recognize how knowledge is extracted from sense phenomena.

Kek is a thoughtform.
You created him through belief in him.

Thoughtform, egregore and tulpa theory is extremely reductionist. There's more to these things than that.

An ancient God has been reborn through numerology and time bending magic.

I've tripped over that line once before and it was a very unpleasant experience. Ironically it was another insane person who inadvertently snapped me out of it. When you get that moment where you look at some crazy ramblings and realize you sound just like that, it's like getting a slap across the face.

Thought I think that experience was invaluable to me, because I guess you have to learn falling before you learn to fly in a sense.

It's not flying, it's falling with style.


I've crossed that line before, it was also more than unpleasant, I may have permanently fucked my life over. Our system is built to gaslight individuals like us, so that's an added threat when you wake up and realize how powerful you are - in the land of the blind, the one eyed man and all that. There are real threats to being known as a magician to (((them))), and they will try to trap you so that you're neutralized. Forget the mystical bullshit about spirits, that's just bullshit so that the real magicians can spot each other - it's fools who take the it literally. The malevolent entities you will encounter take material forms - it could be CIA, some SJW hackers, whatever, those are what you should be wary of.

Purity and self-discipline are essential to safeguarding your intellectual sovereignty. Know your flaws, because (((they))) will find out and target you based on those weaknesses. Be wary of friendly people that ask a lot of questions.

You aren't ready to see yet.
You will.
I'm not a magician anymore,
I just spread the dharma.
I'm not indigo pill.
You have a closed heart.
Have a nice day.

praise kek

checked and: Where is that image from?

Guys, I'm new to all this magic stuff. I actually read Think and Grow Rich and now I see parallels between it and video embed and KEKism in general.

Are there correlations? Am I going into the right direction?



Just gonna dump my oc cards here.



Meh kinda shit.

You just overlaid pepe on the marseilles cards.



Did you forget number 10 or are they misnumbered?

Misnumbered, many mistakes were made.

You just messed up the file names, The Wheel should be #10
Still saved em all, thanks!

I would say what is needed is a proper chan tarot.

So the magician clearly would be the red user.
But the fool may be green user or even reddit.
Trump would be death, representative of great change.
Not sure on others. Perhaps a neet for hermit?

I have been using I Ching, with very good results. I Ching is mostly equivalent to Tarot as a way to contact the divine powers, but some people may find it easier to use. Both systems have well established mappings to each other, I'm not very familiar with Tarot though. I Ching is great if you have a new situation and you want a great adviser to help you understand and solve it the best way possible. What is more, it's very easy to learn and use and the answers it provides are clear. Even if the answers are given randomly, they are very wise protips, that you can also use in other life situations, making you a very balanced person. You'd be surprised how well they do match though, it made me wonder about the structure of the universe. I Ching is an ancient Chinese classic, that is even referenced in the worse Korea's flag. I use the http:// service, because they have really great translations, but there are also other ways to use it, for example with a physical book and coins or with some offline application.

Pretty dank my man. Saved.

That would be cool, here are a couple others from some anons who started that. No idea if more where ever made.

Honest question: Why do people feel the need to concentrate all sorts of non-politics posting on Holla Forums?

We have a whole chan, are the Holla Forums mods really that good that it's not worth making other boards? You can cross-post to increase traffic, you know.

It's kinda hard to divide the magic from the politics from the spirituality.

Our spiritual drive gives cause for us to be motivated in the world and political sphere as we do and magic has been central to our success. To attempt to force cleave any of these from any of these would be to neuter anonymous itself. We are the ultimate form of the final boss.

From a set of images found on fringechan.

Why did Hitler choose the Swastika?
Do you really think you can have culture and politics without any spirituality?
Sounds like modern China tbh.

Meant for

There's been a large amount of shills trying to stop talks like this by either shitposting outdated and false information or screeching "FORCED MEME!!!!!". Most of these people are mostly coming off from halfchan or reddit in order to keep some form of normality in their life.

It can easily be blamed on the type of things zionist/moloch worshipers want on the internet by blocking and yelling down people of belief by stating that "they're just crazy".

Halfchan Holla Forums has gone full fucktard mode by having shit like "Thoth VS Kek" like why. these people are the actual LARPERS by treating them like that.

KeKism will become sectarian. Which I don't know if that will be good or bad in the long run. It may just be the natural way mankind handles religion. Some will seek, others will be content to be told ant manner of bullshit and think blind faith is the only answer.
Growing pains of humanity.


Because religion and politics go hand in hand. They feed into each other, and fantastic things are possible when they are aligned. Look to history, and you'll find plenty of examples of this. The Protestant revolution was also a political revolution against the secular control of the papacy. Mohammad was a warlord who shaped the faith of a region, and when another warlord by the name of Genghis rolled into town he too altered their faith. The fall of the ancient Han was foreshadowed by the Yellow Turban cult. The list goes on and on.

The only thing I can contribute to the discussion are some original pixels.

The hanged man: should be Sargon of Akkad and the likes, due to their semi-nihilism.

Empress: No idea. Maybe that girl who killed herself and turned into a meme? maybe vivian?

The moon: It means "The illumination of our animal nature". Maybe Varg?

Definitely something kek-themed.

It's supposed to represent "attained knowledge". Maybe something related to pizzagate?

Same as with the empress.

Clearly KeK himself.

Day of the rope.

This is the actual "change" card. Death has a different meaning which we will talk about later.
Also, Trump.

It's supposed to mean "This card simply signifies, in any subject you're inquiring about, "giving up all that is superficial and concentrating on what is basic, fundamental and truly important" in the specific matter you're asking about."
Either the 14 words or simply a graphical representation of the white race, i'd say.

Represents the virtue of justice i guess. No idea.

It represents relationships in general. Not just eros between man and women, but also storge, philia and even agape. Again, no idea.

Literally means physical strenght. Maybe that Golden One sperg?

Represents the virtue of temperance. No idea.

Ruler of the world, top of the hierachy, and stuff like that. I would like to avoid putting Trump on this card because he's still a bet, i'd say.

Literally means temptation by material things.
Maybe the line for the next niggephone on the cuckstore with some kike standing away from the crowd would give us a good image.

It has a tricky meaning. Some people associate it with heritage, others with inocence and others with movement.
Don't know either.

Represents destruction in any form. Definitely something related to the liberal estabilishment collapsing or even that pic of Israel getting nuked on Superpower 2.

It means the passage of a cycle, Ragnarok.
Maybe something related to the fire monkey?

There really isnt other way to didactically write this without using reddit spacing.

I don't pay attention to Sarcuck, what is this nihilism he teaches?

It is clearly very important to you that others know you are right.

He just has a weird irrational fixation on having an extremely centrist political position, often willingly ignoring important facts.

Just want to avoid newfag sperginess.

Fair enough, but memeing him hanging will be memeing his ego-death and doing him a favor.

Are you fucking kidding me? I thought today of doing an OC with a design just like that. What the fuck is going on, man? Do we have a collective consciousness now?

Yes. Now you're getting it. You always did have a collective consciousnes. Now you've just realized it.
Good work, user!
When you realize that you created every meme you are Waking Up.

All is Mind?

pic related is in red text color.

As I understand it all is vibration/vibrations and what we see/taste/hear/etc are interpretations of that vibration.
So when I say "this is illusion or dream" I mean the results of those interpretations are flawed somehow. Life is movement meeting movement rather than separateness meeting seperateness.
You will find your own answers beyond any words within yourself.

Watch these if you haven't.
If you have, watch them again with your newfound understanding.

Check out other Alan Watts vids on youtube if you feel this resonating with you. I'll help if I can as well.

I only deal in pepes, im not for making real political propaganda.

Thank you. KEK bless you.

KeK bless you, too, user:^)

Nietzsche didn't shill for the Jews, he shilled for reconstruction of a moral society built by overmen.

There is a quote that is heavily misinterpreted by nihilists and anti-theists:

"God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him."

This phrase is referring to moral decadence, and how the idea of God and religion disappeared because of rampant degeneracy in society. So he argues that to go back to God, we must become gods ourselves (the overmen). He's Holla Forums incarnated.

Also fix your grammar.




Good thinking. Tried to simplify it a bit more and what do you know, 8s appear.

Kek came in a dream tonight to me. We managed to allow this ancient deity to manifest itself pretty well.

But we can still do better. More worship should be done for him.


It seems to me that we're seeing chaos emerge as a necessary force to break up an order which is hateful to the divine. I'm particularly interested in how it connects to how Christianity in many ways did the same thing to the Roman world to reignite the spiritual.

But the basic force which is solar seems much older to me. Light is energy is life. Solar religions may be creative, and I think Kek is definitely within that sphere, as opposed to the Lunar religions of oppression like the Jews and Muslims worship.

Looks similar to this.


I like this one. Maybe with a green and purple theme or something that ties it more to user.

You wrote this threads OP about my post in the last thread, now you bitch that I'm posting?
I rolled 4 quads trying to help and you accuse me of undermining the thread you started to reference those quads?
How fucking confused are you?
I wrote all this shit specifically to help user like you and you still missed the point.
I didn't kill this thread.
Your ego did.
You all have to take the journey to lose your false fucking "I'm a better wizard than you" God damn ego.
I poured my heart into this thread, I made OC, I posted links, and all just so faggots like you could re-enact the phrase "pearls before swine".
If I didn't know this world was a dream I'd be hurt by your willful ignorance. As it is I'm disappointed but not surprised.
It took me almost a year to get it and I was ignorant right up until the final breakthrough, and since I've been through absolute hell in this life I was able to pay my karmic debts quickly.
Some of you will understand in less than a year.
Some will take 5 years, some 10, some 20 or longer.
The truly obstinate will get it in a future lifetime.
Next time you find someone blessed by KeK shut your faggot mouth and learn.
You say digits are meaningful until you disagree with them and pretend that's the Way of KeK.

When I said I would disappear I meant that level of consciousness; I don't want to be Jesus.
I can be in Nirvana just by ignoring the world. That's part of what being a Bodhisattva means. Heaven/Nirvana is within you. Disbelieve me. Please. I'm the only one here so confident that I ask you to doubt my words.
If I did my job here then some of you will have the experience I did in this thread.
By the time you realize I was lighting the Way both this thread and your perception of me as a separate being will be long gone.
Holla Forums set me free.
I've tried my damndest to repay that favor.
My karma is even, and I love you even though quite a few of you base your identities on being as unlovable as possible even to your White brothers and fellow KeKists.
I expect cannibalism from libshits.
Not from KeKists.
I sincerely pray KeK unfucks your awareness of your true power and past before you become that which destroys KeKSelf (again).

2 dubs in a row and faggots will still ignore them.






Sieg Heil'd
Being enlightened is alright and dandy, but the whole point of speaking on the subject is to spread it. I'm not questioning the depth of your insight into God, merely your methods of conveying such. If the way in which you do that is inherently repulsive due to the disjointed disharmonic nature of it's non relevance, you will see as many others have commented as well, it drives the seekers away. It overall takes them longer to reach the goal that you state is your goal.

I simply caution you with forbearance and if you're half as enlightened as you think you are you will understand that.

I have an overbearing fear that one day I might wake up to find all my concentration of mental energy and deep connections to KEK were in vain.
Even though I know I can trust KEK.

Leviticus 19:4
Turn ye not unto idols, nor make to yourselves molten gods.

Here i put a little doubt in your doubt for while you're doubting

Yeah, sorry. You'll have to do better than that.
I realize my worries are unfounded.

Yahshua said the old law was still valid…
I don't see how the death of Yahshua could give us the right to put our adoration into lifeless idols. Not an argument brah

Can you make this into an altar cloth?

I Think Moses was mad about people using idols for luck in gambling, coveting neighbors possessions, killing etc all stem from primitive dice games.

Beware the scorpion


Something I've been ruminating on over the past few months is the nature of tribalism. I've been meaning to make a thread on it, but I've been preoccupied lately.

Tribalism is often regarded as a negative and shameful behavior, often because it is portrayed as prioritizing selfish desires over the more altruistic and acceptable ideology that everyone is equal, that we should love everyone, and that no one's needs or wants should supercede anyone else's… Pure marxist drivel, as you're likely well aware.

Tribalism is seen so negatively because it is in the interest of certain groups if the masses can be shamed and corralled into believing and acting as if it is in their best interest to give of themselves to a greater good. Starving children in Africa need us. Refugees need our money and our land. Politicians need your income so they can spend it on the poor and the needy… But under no circumstances as you, the individual supposed to prioritize the needs of you, your friends, your family, your children, and your home over the needs of others.

That old adage about humans being social animals holds true, but it's application has been purposely distorted. As social animals, we are hard-wired to desire the approval and acceptance of our tribe. Where we are misled is believing that the whole human race is our tribe on the macro level. In reality, our micro-tribe is our family, and our macro-tribe is supposed to be our village. This is because we are actually mentally hard-wired to only be able to care about a few hundred people at most. Not only would is strain our memory, but we just don't have the time or mental capacity to give a fuck about too many people at once while still caring for ourselves.

Looping back to the topic at hand, when it comes to promoting love, that love should go to your tribe. Why? Because your tribe should have your back. It should care for you as you will care for it. When the enemy comes knocking at your gates, it is your tribesmen who will take up arms and fight to their last breath to make sure that you and the rest of the tribe live to see another day, just as the enemy may be fighting you for the good of their tribe. It is not always a matter of good and evil, but merely part of the natural way of things.

We love our own tribe because that mutual love empowers us to fight and work and struggle for more.We hate those that would take from us because it harms those we love and takes meaning and purpose from our lives.

It's for this reason that I'd rather have 10 crazy Holla Forumsacks at my side than a thousand insane lefty marxists. You men are my tribe and you will fight for what is best for me, just as I'd fight for you. All the men in the world on your side won't mean a thing if they'd turn on you and slit your throat for the sake of some nebulous, ill-defined ideal that isn't rooted in reality.

It is for this reason that we channel love for one another to strengthen ourselves, while focusing all hate in our hearts onto those who would threaten our tribe.

That time you helped meme a patriots super bowl overtime victory simply to please and energize the fuhrer.

Put another way, charity begins at home.

The age of captioned memes has passed since '10.
In my observations, the current stream of successful memes combine two ideas as one and more succinctly translate their message than brute captions. This is also a healthy form of meme recycling.
1. Maga+Anime
2. Deus Vult+Hitler
3.Laughing girls+Holla Forums mascots

Meme culture evolves quickly and those that don't adapt will not make a tangible foothold.

I want to post those academic papers on group cohesion and group dynamics and how in evolutionary strategy the group that sticks together wins but I'm on something right now. If another user could pull them up, thanks.

My immediately family is excessively different than I am and I'm sure they are quite different to a lot of you as well, and I'm not just talking about political beliefs or other surface details. That's why I hold the ethereal well above flesh and blood alone. There are tribes above human ones; we used to call them gods when the blood was clean enough for them to manifest. Now, from my experience, this inspiration can only come to us through intense isolation (as to avoid the bombardment of trash coming from the outside world, that one may closer listen) or the odd cultural work.

Evolves quickly; evidently degenerates just as quickly, as the first two are wishful thinking or desperation.

We're off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Us.
And who was the wizard?
The man behind the curtain.
And once Dorothy exposed this false reality she realized her Inner Nature and Woke Up from the dream.
The truth was always there.
We just ignored it.

Do you think I've done this before?
It's not important.
The seeds were planted.
I was forbidden to write any of this down.
I was forbidden all sorts of things, and I violated all but a few of my vows.
I broke those vows and rules for Holla Forums.
Others will catch up soon whether they know it or not and Holla Forums will realize the truth.
Donald Trump made all this happen and we're all Trump somewhere.
I will never be a traditional monk but I will be a monk now.
I'm going. I know now exactly why worldly desire must be abandoned and understand the choice I must make after death. If you are as Enlightened as you seem, you will also know the answer without me saying it.
Sorry for teaching poorly, it was only important that those who can connect to consciousness read these words. The rest can play power games in magic threads. I was in a hurry to complete my role in this before something interrupted it.
I know who the True wizard is now.
Bless you, and may all your paths be clear.
I can do more good offline now.
It was All a hell of a thing, you know?

What the fuck are you talking about? Trump is in office and even Libshits are memeing him into the next Hitler. He's already snarled at Israel to stop stealing Palestinian land and fucked over non-profits and instated his Muslim ban.


We have to keep showing the world that it's real. Forgetting magic is the same as forgetting hope, and our people must never be deprived of hope.

Good post.

This. Magic is our long forgotten birthright, stolen from us via cultural corruption. We shall reclaim it and with it our place as Gods of this world.

One last thing. Everyone else died or went insane along the Way. No one else that this ego-self knows made it. All of my teachers were insane or liars. My family is dead or gone. I made it out of reality with no support, no encouragement, and before I woke up I was so far down I was screaming at myself to commit suicide, out loud, and often. Yet I made it. When Buddha taught he would hold up a flower and say nothing. Few to none of us would have passed that test. If faggots reject the simplicity and straightforwardness of what has been written then it is not their time. I am Them. I made it so they make it. We all do. In time All will remember. Or not. I do not attach myself to any outcomes, so I dont care anymore. I hope all of your great accomplishments are celebrated as little as mine, for the apathy of user is truly a humbling thing, and humility is required to transcend.

ever since i built my shrine, spirits have been showing up, i generally tell them to fuck off and wave a machete at them until they leave

might build a ghost fence


This is part of the reason why I've come to trust Holla Forums on certain topics. Holla Forums in general seems to understand that a variety of seemingly unrelated problems do connect in a pretty big way. More specifically: The push to dismantle biological realism, the devaluing of heteronormativity, and intentional destruction of the family unit.

Biological realism and heteronormativity conflict with the tranny narrative being spun in colleges. All of this tranny stuff and all of these new sexualities and the belief that gender doesn't exist or that the inherent biological components of physical sex do not affect your mind are all in blatant and overt conflict with simple biological facts.

This is not to say that humankind is only flesh and bone, but the way that modern academia has framed things has completely devalued reality while exalting a post-modernist spirituality of the oppressed (saints) and the oppressors (sinners) which seeks to subvert traditional values established over thousands of years of human civilization.

Which leads us to the destruction of the family unit. This has been going on for longer than you may think, but within the past 50 or so years, there's been a push related to the shifting in perceptions of one's own tribe, which I mentioned before. Of course, this coincides with the breaking down of the Father figure. In the media, men had quickly lost their place as king of their castle. As a leader of their own tribe.

This coincides with the rise of lefty marxist politics which enforced the idea of humanity being a macro tribe that should equally love all members worldwide. Nothing signifies this better than a gaggle of celebrity elites, fully immersed in the degenerate behavior of Hollywood, singing "We are the world". This was, of course, quickly followed by the exaltation of homosexuality, transexuality, female polyamory, and now pedophillia seems to be next on the list.

The original way of things used to be that parents had to work with their children. The relationship was often difficult, but the understanding was that it was the family unit, the Micro-Tribe, which was meant to raise and guide children. Instead, marxist ideology has promoted the idea that children are to be raised by the state, then also by the media (which now believes itself to be the arbiters of culture and taste) and most recently, by social media, where other jewish elites get to decide what is fact and what is fake news, while they ban and destroy all dissenting opinion. This doesn't even begin to touch on the way medication and psychology have convinced parents to medicate the need for parenting out of their children, either.

Things have gotten bad, but this sad state of affairs has riled a deep rooted need for traditionalism in this current generation. It's no surprise that seemingly everyone you will ever meet has dreamt of getting away from the city and living a simpler life in a small town. Now, that is manifesting as people like us. People who are rediscovering traditionalism, spirituality, and the need for a strong, cohesive family unit.

These are great posts that were unfortunately made in an auto-saging thread.

I'm feeling this right about now, been having to deal with FSM LARPERS for two days now.
They keep telling me Kek and the other gods aren't real and that GD is a FSM. As of now that tiredness and ache is turning into holy anger and smiting depression.

They don't seem to understand that meme magic can only work on the inevitable and pre-existing, not the works of fiction they hold so dear.

Chaos is one hell of a drug

Just heh it off and they'll come around
I'm trying, thank you user

Why not welcome them in and offer them a place or offerings in return for doing your bidding, under your will of course. Business transaction.

whats this we have here?

Thanks for that bit of info.
So 1:1 or 11 or twin pillars or twin towers. Logos means God and God is infinite and the logo for infinity is always right. God is Love and the love of money is the root of all evil. Don't ever use a logo or symbol to represent yourself or make money for no purpose. Prince found out.

Nicely put.

tfw kekian vamprism

Just throwing it out there but if you guys want a place to discuss Sleep and Dreams specifically or just general comfyness. I made a board for it.

/spl/ Sleep and Dreams.

sage for shameless shilling but I figured you guys might be interested in a board like this.

And like a faggot I accinentally did reddit spacing and didn't even drop a link.

I'm just gonna go kill myself and save you guys the trouble.