Attacking the Holy Symbols of the Left

Memes and symbols are very important things in our culture.

Our memeing skills have exponentially increased in the last year, however our greatest challenge is still ahead of us. What sacred symbols/cultural items that the left predominantly likes? Star Wars? Harry Potter?

Making pro-Trump or White Nationalist memes out of things such as this will amount to a direct tactical nuclear strike in their safe-space bubbles.

This front will trigger like we've never seen triggering before. What are some other relics of the left that need to be weaponized against them?

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Its too bad all of the lefts memes and meme origins suck complete ass. It would be like polishing a turd. But I would suggest hijacking things like stardew valley, overwatch, undertale and adventure time, that would make them go berserk


Attacking higher education is the greatest attack against the left. That is their church.

Being "educated" for a leftist is essentially analogous to baptism for a Christian. When they get that degree, it is like being born again. It confers a sort of shitlib grace upon them.

This. Especially attacks on philosophical shortcommings of their prophets, Satre and Focault are effective. Satre dumped down Nihilism to a point where he allowed you to scrap morality without replacing it. As such he took the higher state of being, which Nietzhe propposed as the replacement for slave-morality, and supstituted it whith indulgence. Focault fathered constructivism.

Shit on these two magnificent retards, and you leave the holy sacrament of leftism tainted beyond repair!

This. Constantly telling the truth about modern university degrees is one of the fastest ways to make a libshit rage. Especially talk about how textbooks are just a scam so professors can make money.

(((media))) ripe for memery:
-Rick and Morty (tactical nihilism)
-Harry Potter (Use skinhead Harry)
-Doctor Who? (Haven't watched much of it, but lefties love it)
-Any of those new Marvel TV shows

Successfully meme those shows into white supremacy and the leftist butthurt will be insane.

Lefties love to watch Sherlock the tv series but it isn't as popular as Dr Who

They like capeshit.

That could have potential

How's this?

Capeshit, star wars, harry potter, pokemon, game of thrones, primetime dective/doctor themed dramas, celebrity shit, sportsball. If they're poor, then wrestling and MMA. If they're "sophisticated," then TED talks and inspiring documentaries

Captain America is our meme now (in the comics).



The idiot lefties I work with are always talking about the waking dead. There is a lot of potential with that show for refilling and memeing.

A while back some neckbeard on twitter thought the triforce sign from Zelda was being co-opted by "alt right nazi gamergators." Nobody was doing that, don't know where he got the idea from. But we figured why not trigger the faggots by actually doing just that. Long story short, pic related.

*redpilling, effing mobile.

Think of all the normalfaggiest things you can possibly think of: Star Trek, Mario, etc. They also love their Netflix series, shit like Black Mirror or whatever other new and trendy shit.

It makes perfect sense now, the badgoys in all the goodgoy stories are just trying to save their own race, it's the protagonists who want to destroy things like wizards and jedi with their degenerate breeding programs.

This is our greatest power. The ability to reach into the filth of modern pop culture and to pull from it pure memes.

Except in the lord of the rings

Except 99% of leftists don't read anything more advanced than Harry Potter. The critique would completely fly over their head. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, for the benefit of the few who do.

Which is why they diversity'd up the Hobbit remakes. LOTR was "too white."

A series of unfortunate events. A childhood book turned into a movie, turned into a netflix series, staring a homosexual. Figure out how to coopt this shit and we'll mine salt for years.

Standard operating procedure has been to draw porn of feminists and liberals. Talk shit about men and female empowerment, get drawn as a gutter whore submitting to the cock. But there's an even better solution that will trigger them harder, get past content deletion policies, and make them look absolutely ridiculous if they call it harassment.

Draw them as happy, traditional housewives.

Check'd, LoTR confirmed for pozz'd, it should probably be reclaimed, too.

Holla Forums here, reminder that the prequels are pure patrician kino, the originals are mainstream jew-tainted dreck loved only by idiot redditors who watched them as kids, and the new films are 100% kosher kikery.


Meme it

Nice joke

Steven universe. Cancerous leftist cartoon that could use a shoah.

It isn't a joke. Come by Holla Forums if you want to learn more.


What does the word "problematic" mean to these people? Is it synonymous with wrong-think or something?

Make memes from that shitty show 'Steven Universe'. They fucking love that show. I doubt it will be easy to twist such blatant liberal propaganda to suit our interests, but doing so will create such amazing butthurt.

All yuo have to draw is the fat characters less fat, and whitewash them. Tumblr melts down.

Draw the queer ones as skinny and with a prince charming.

I'm afraid not even leftists like Steven Universe. It's like a deeper, worse sub-species that no one wants any part into.

But I liked Beauty and the Beast and Tarzan. Damn.

How can that be possible? Dindus were orcs and jews were dwarves!

Can we please make overwatch great again?
When it was first released I mistakenly pinned it as a game that wasn't anti-white. I thought the game had the facade of being multi-cultural, and that the character designs showed the true nature of the game. (All the women are essentially white (except one poo-in-the-loo); the strong-man of the game is a German knight (who uses the term crusader) and the only black is a faggot otto rocket look-a-like)

The game has definitely caved to leftist complaints: Tracer (the game's poster girl) is now officially a lesbian, and they added a new bitchy hacker mestizo character.

Captain America may not agree with what Holla Forums has to say, but he would defend to the death our right to say it.

Actually, scratch that. Captain America DOES agree with what Holla Forums has to say, and if you disagree with it he will throw you out of a helicopter.

What exactly was wrong with Megara? Also Aladdin was alright so was the Hunchback of Notre Dame

I agree with the overarching point, but it's a disingenuous image.

The Hunchback is pro-gypsy.

Here's my low effort OC after listening to your idea.

Our memes will pierce the heavens.

there is no caving blizzard is owned by a jew

I literally hold the first amendment to religious standards because I believe them to be that important.

Why do they like that horrible, horrible show?

Well on the other hand you can look at The Lady and the Tramp as more or less a recemixing story, and what about Tangled and Frozen?
Alice was best Disnep girl, I would pet_ her and would love to hold hands with her.

forgot to quote

But there were no niggers (except the Haradim, who were only on screen for a few minutes, but normies don't recall that) so they added some nogs to Lake Town.

Make Adventure Time Great

Sam Hyde is ahead of the curve on this one. He recognized the importance of brutally mocking TED. Most comedians suck TED's dick, but not Sammy.

They're all consistent with the snowflake 'celebration of differences' era, as well as the implied deviancy.

Beat is literally a primal animal. Belle doesn't fall in love with the white aristocrat, she falls in love with an animal. It's like furry shit or beastiality.

Tarzan is a primitive, a celebration of lower peoples. He's a black African or Abbo who has been whitewashed for middle America.

I've never seen Hercules, I cannot imagine how they could poz a Greek myth of heroism but I'm sure they found a way.

Capeshit is easy. We already stole part if it from them.

We elected a Billionaire Playboy.

Signs and symbols = memes


All comedians are degenerates.

it makes about as much logical sense as their perception of reality


Harry FUCKING potter
And doctor who
And Rick & Morty
And ED FUCKING SHEERAN fuck that little cuck

You're reaching.
The beast is a cursed prince, just like the archetypal frog who becomes a prince when kissed.
Tarzan, in both the stories and this movie incarnation, is English. He's tanned from living in Africa, but in no stretch is African who Abbo (how the fuck? he's in Africa not Australia).
then shut the fuck up. It is pozzed because the Muses are gospel-singing negresses and some of the gods are ambiguously non-white, but it was nothing to do with Meg in the image.

Nice first attempt, but I was thinking more along the lines of whitewashing the fuck out of the show. Making the 'gems' an analogy for Aryan supremacy and shit like that.

I still like what you've done though, good job, user!

That specific, degenerate subspecies subscribes to leftist ideologies and can then be paraded as examples of the left to convert lefties via shaming.

Wow what a bad photoshop and tryhard pressuring the point
First, most of this shit is fabricated
Second, the things that arent are connected and slapped together from when he was talking about Ashley Jones and joking towards one of autists that he had slept with her (because autists were jerking to Ashley and wanted to have her as waifu)

You suck dude, 2/10

idk shit about the show and its premise. I just took the first images that popped up on memegenerator. Thanks, though, fampaifu.

This is prophetic.

These leftist fucks are always calling people they don't agree with uneducated, proclaiming they know because they have a degree, and don't even try to tell them a college degrees do n ot make anyone smart, even if you have one yourself.

Calm down, Sam. I posted the images because they were funny. I don't care if they're true.

I see what you're doing Sam, but you're not that crafty.

I'm Spartacus!

The Lion King and Pocahontas was the poz point for Di$ney. Lion King basically had a gay couple raising a child and Pocahontas had real life Wagon Burner activists on hand to provide voice work and generally talk shit about whitey.

I agree, and?
That has nothing to do with the points I made. The celebration of differences idea is valid. But ultimately the original image is weak and misleading.

I always wondered why people shat on the first three movies so much. I guess it was rose-tinted nostalgia glasses. I actually enjoyed the Darth Maul character more than any other, though I'm warming to Darth Vader.

How does watching MMA make you poor? I have kept up with the UFC for a while now, and only download it. It is pretty much human cock fighting.

sucks because sombra is one of their most fun characters to play. too bad she has too much political baggage and a dumb spic accent. also, as a side note, mexico is going to be the last place to become cyberpunk, they don't even have cyber. polite sage

was meant for:

Moking the icons come from "Rules for Radicals" which is written be the commie kike Saul Alysky.
This is one kike technique.

We need to go after Harry Potter. Snowflakes have been clinging to it since Trump won the election. Seems like fertile ground.

Harry Potter is so shit that nothing is really meme worthy.

Slap a swastika on his hat or something, it's enough to drive them to suicide.

Race change is actually possible in the universe of the games.
And the spics are cartels of cultists who workship the death.

Swastika for his birth mark lol

implicit as fuck m8

Losing pokemon will destroy their psyche. I know we have pictures of Gastly in full Nazi regalia.

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, we've been using their playbook against them all year…

was Darth Jar-Jar for real?

We already have the Holocaust Koffing

I think that hell holes like Myanmar will see cyberpunk manifest before Mexico.

They also pozzed it beyond belief with nonwhites as the guardians and Mr. Poe.
though I guess it makes sense since all of the guardians are fucking idiots

There's also the kek pokemon, which I've seen posted a few times but we never did enough with him.

dubs confirm that this will be the meme that will trigger them enough to keep the salt flowing for eons
and don't forget the interspecies relationship with the noncanon female elf and the dwarf

Brilliant. Meme the reality you want to see.

I think that Tangled was the least pozzed disney film in recent time. Decent plot, hwite cast not plagued by token characters, and pretty classic non-jewed Disney ending

Her story was that her original love was dying so she gave her soul to Hades to save him, but the guy ditched her for some other chick and left her all alone in service to the god of the underworld. As Hades has few scruples about forcing people to do what he wants done and making them use what they have to do it, he made Meg run errands and manipulate people. Who wouldn't trust a pretty girl? The whole thing left her pretty cynical and a bit distrusting.

Herc develops a crush on her since he doesn't know any better and she becomes fond of him as he really is that honest and naive (the movie is not at all accurate to mythology). Hades notices this, and gets her to use this to get what he wants done. She doesn't like it, but he sorta owns her soul and he's a god, fuck you. She ends up sacrificing herself for a guy (Herc) again at the end, almost a bad end.

I'm more worried about the Jewish faun spouting Jewish things and saying oy vey throughout his intro and the training montage. Also the muses are all black and I think Hermes may be gay. Meg being a pawn is far, far from the most worrying part of the movie.


the guy character's voice actor was a literal kike (hence the nose gags?)

Hey, I like Mulan.

ITT: nobody makes a fucking thing

Here are some that were made by Holla Forums a while ago

Well a kike voice actor is kind of expected in current day hollywood, but I don't think that reflects too much on the character he portrays. If anything, mother gothel is the only blatant kike in the movie since she's got the nappy curled hair, crooked nose, and the jewy attitude.

see >>>>9067743

This is what I got.

Congratulations, son. You just did everything wrong.

Dumping my OC

If you want some anti-uni ammo

I'm in Uni right now and it's fucking pathetic. Most schools don't give a fuck about their students. They just want Jarome to come in on grant welfare and drop out. Even if you graduate, they don't give a fuck if you get a job. The state takes the risk.

Teachers either can't teach for shit and have to curve everything, fill their curriculum with useless fluffshit to get through the semester and waste everyones god damn fucking time, or make the class so easy you can pass it without even FUCKING going.

Most kids are god damn idiots to. Even if they're taking a degree that requires 2 braincells STEM YOU SNOWFLAKES they can't filter through what is fucking useful and what is fucking worthless. Here's a god damn hint. If you're in technology 80% of whats in school is useless, and if you're in math 80% of what you learn is pretty fucking important.

I fucking hate this place so god damn much. I opened up my god damn mother fucking email and see my president of the school telling all the students how disturbing trumps Muslim ban was and how he would make us a sanctuary school if it was legal. Then I go to my classes and kids are talking about the dumbest fucking shit like it's the most important thing in their god damn mother fucking absolutely pathetic lives. Getting jewed out of $5 for a cardpack you don't even ==FUCKING== own and ISNT ==FUCKING== ==REAL== does not make you a cool person. These fucking kids would be NEETs if they weren't in school and will probably turn into NEETs afterwards.

People who graduate to college went to college so life could handle all their problems for them and they don't need to figure anything out that isn't arbitrary shit on a test. It's no coincidence blue-colored workers can fix their sink while some nu-male faggot compuer science dick sucker is too afraid to take apart some god damn pipes and fish out his wife's boyfriends used condoms.

I forgot to mention, most teachers who can't teach for shit don't give a fuck. They care more about their god damn useless research that nobody cares about, and just show up to class to collect your sheckles. At my school teachers are evaluated 40% on student evaluations, 40% on research, and 20% on shit they do for the school (volunteer). That means you can get a 0% from students, but still get a 60% score (I don't even fucking know what that means, but I wouldn't doubt 30% is a passing grade), because you have a Ph.D allowing you to write papers and sponsor one of the clubs.

They already got plenty triggered with the Steven Jewniverse parodies.

Can confirm. I went to what was meant to be the top-rated uni on my continent. Instead of actual university I got forced diversity bullshit, white guilt, and classes so easy that I probably only attended about 30% of them my entire time there and STILL got good enough marks to get into the competetive postgraduate program.

College is a fucking mockery of education nowdays. It's pathetic to see how far it's declined. Sociology, Women's studies, gender studies, hell, even Kike studies are apparently """""""legitimate degrees""""""""

I managed to ignore all the white guilt + diversity shit. The shit that drives me up a god damn wall is how fucking shallow everyone is in every sense of the word including mentally.

lel so true

I was in the belly of the beast in European university. We had crusty commies come in to shill the welfare benefits signup to get their gibs, street arabs would make "friends" with retarded yuppy kids and pillage the classrooms and workshops when they snuck them in. There were masters-level students who believed in astrology and KANGZ magic (behind closed doors they would tell eachother "spiritual journey" white lies about being the reincarnation of some random mud historical figure they pulled out of the first history book they read)

We had artists, writers and anthropologists come and give lectures about their field, but every single one of their lectures was inevitably about equality and diversity. There was no escape, I had to pretend to be a normie socialist just to get by imagine 5 years of this none of the people I even considered close friends in college have spoken to me in years

They never learn from their mistakes, every year they just make the college environment less and less safe while being more and more demanding of petty knee-bending rules and regulations. When they start going broke, they will legitimately have no idea why it's happening beyond the fact that it's whitey's fault.

This was in 2005-2010, mind you. I imagine that it's 100x worse by now.


I got the audiobook. Ignore the commie retardation, good shit in there.


i think this is good for appealing to normies maybe but god dammit user dont be this stupid

those prequels are fucking trash man

Zelda is a good pick, its incredibly popular with progressives and its already thinly veiled Europeans vs sand niggers.

I can totally believe this.

Wasn't one of the ideas for a season 2 skit of his show some daddy Dom/little girl thing?

Pretty shit at this tbh.

One of their most holy symbols is MLK, his "I have a dream" speech is the most widespread and so tarnishing his image would have a powerful effect

Fucking this. They validate themselves upon the basis of being "educated."

Luke Skywalker right wing freedom fighter confirmed.

Why not something like showing like Hitler? You could do the same with Gandhi. That would really let out the salt mines.


Nick Spencer is an undercover Nazi btw.

Hitler is harder to do though, since people will instantly dismiss what you say without giving it any thought. Also Gandhi was, despite being a pacifist, fighting for his own people like when he fought for the rights of Indians in South Africa and not nogs. So by stigmatising Gandhi, you are indirectly reinforcing part of their conditioning. That is why MLK is such a great target, he doesn't have that kind of unintended effect.


you could do it like the trump ad that compared his rallies to hitler's speeches. im sure you could twist anything to fit that kind of format, and it would even further degrade the credibility of trump/hitler comparisons. "that ad is bogus, look i can do that with mlk" sorta thing.

I'm surprised no one has done this with Sarah Andersen yet.

This is laughably cancerous. I don't know what to feel of this.

Alternatively you can do "X is evil and Y is good" by cherrypicking egalitarian quotes from Hitler and bigoted quotes from MLK or other individuals. The intended goal is to piss people off since they know that shit is false. And since the media is so keen on misquoting everyone they don't like, it will make it easier to take an approach that is against the MSM.

Liberals are center-right. Just ask any European nation.

I only picked Ghandhi since he's usually quite liked by Communists. Although he fits the charismatic leader categories that Weber applies. Still, currently the right has a surprisingly effective weapon. Memes are more powerful than subcultures as systems.

I got good results a few months ago saying that tracer is a tranny.

Anyone wanna pull a Ben Garrison/Sarah Anderson on Nick Spencer?

Sarah "Don't get up honey, I'll get your dinner" Anderson
Sarah "So glad my man takes care of me" Anderson

I think we should also focus on CS:GO, ASSFAGGOTS or any Blizzard IP. Liberals' heads will explode. I don't play any of those games so i couldn't come up with anything.

Holy shit! When did this happened with Marvel?

I think that comic was from this month. Written by the same guy who did Hydra Cap, I'm 90% certain he's on the verge of being redpilled that's why I think we should give him the Ben Garrison treatment.

dank meme

if you want more intellectual stuff, the declaration of human rights is their bible.

Jesus Christ, the comics had a completely different message.

They just want to virtue signal with pop culture characters even it goes against what they stand for.

Should start misattributing quotes onto people like Bernie Sanders and Noam Chomsky. Sanders is pretty much the prog leader atm, everyone looks to him for what to think/do.

Anyone else have some ideas?

We need to meme Nick Spencer into an undercover Holla Forumsack. It will tie in nice to his Hydra Cap comic.

Sarah "I'm glad to see you're home, Sweetheart" Andersen
Sarah "Let's have a comfy cuddle day, dear" Andersen
Sarah "I'll raise our kids" Andersen

I think I have a problem

How's this?


Pretty great, especially once it starts spreading around and people don't realize how close to home it is

We should try to make a Bernie Sanders comic where he drops hate facts, supports capitalism, and fire hoses BLM. The left would go absolutely nuts and the media would gobble that shit up.

This image will always be 10/10


Might well post those too.
The first image is hilarious and pathetic as the next pages afterwards basically show Red Skull making suicide bombers out of patriots EVEN THOUGH IT'S THE "REFUGEES" THAT ARE SUICIDE BOMBERS IN REALITY.

This would be good. Just an image macro of bernie with a quotation of how Jews rule the media or something

Oh g-d what a shoah! DO NOT DO THIS! BAD GOY!!

Harry Potter is pretty much the Holy Grail of triggering leftists when you fuck with it and corrupt it with racist memes.

Early Doctor Who was clearly influenced by the worldly Victorian traveler archetype. Just look at this imperialist shitlord.

God I missed it when he was a veteran war survivor asshole who took on the remnants of the Lovecraftian Pantheon after Azathoth blew up opposed to a cuck that hugs people, bends the knee, uplifted the position of females across space time, and is an evil defeatist asshole who literally obliterated his entire species and his enemies to win a war, and expected to be forgiven for being a total race-traitor

This is a new kind of memery

Friendly reminder that the cut extended lore from the original star wars series objectively made the rebels and jedi the bad guys and the empire the good guys.

drawfag here. I'm on board with this

Well, the idea of the war wasn't introduced until the reboot. Originally he was just some old scientist dicking around through time with his granddaughter and some school teachers they abducted. It was cosy.

Burning Man, go after burning man…. that's where we'll roast lefties

Let's go to the source here.

Karl Marx.

Roland Barthes (French cunt behind Death of the Author).

The Frankfurt School.

Fidel Castro.

Che Guevara.

How can we actively and decisively make these figures objects of utter ridicule to the majority of the population?

Any of you guys know steven universe?
Some shitty cartooon with black strong female characters.
People on Tumblr love it for obvious reasons and make tons of shitty fanfictions involving its chracters.
There was an incident a while ago where someone made a tumblr account dedicated to making the characters white, claiming that this is their headcanon.
The resulting salt was delicious


Che Guevara once shot a fourteen year old boy in the head for the crime of protesting his father's execution. Bring that up whenever you see someone wearing his t-shirt.

This works for both Marvel and DC as Trump can be both a Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne analogue.

these feel kinda lecturey

Good thing I'm going into academia just to subvert critical theory. The entire basis of the philosophy is based on a flimsy Marxist foundation and with enough people pushing against that, it would be easy to even take Foucault and Sartre and twist them for our own methods. To all of you interest, I suggest you read Gramsci. Even though he was a Marxist, if you remove the slave morality from his work, he provides a rather good model for subversion of cultural hegemony.

Make Relativism Heideggerian Again

top fucking kek

My otherwise sensibly NatSoc friend has come to believe Hegel holds the answers to everything. Might want to investigate him too.

Personally I prefer Schopenhauer and think Hegel's complete arsewash, but that's besides the point.

but twilight princess is about how some worlds are better when they're apart from each other, this guy doesn't know shit

Well, Hegel is the basis of a lot of Marxist Neo-Marxist thought (a la Zizek, the only Marxist that I have a modicum of respect for) so it may be something to consider, but so much has been been built upon him that it would relatively useless to subvert something so philosophically archaic. Nonetheless, it's a truly "know thine enemy as thyself" sort of worldview so we should be reading everything so we have a intellectual defense against everything. My main suggestion is we continue to attack the material basis of Marxism and its teleological tenets with the very framework that it lends us in relativism.

I'm going mainly into political philosophy/history/IA so I'm trying to focus on the more contemporary things as people haven't gone so far as to write entire libraries on their defense and critique already.

Fucking stage zero faggots need to get into processing.

recolors to white is a thing already
blond marco from star butterfly vs evil was and is a thing

I can't take Zizek seriously after his whole "fisting is the modern version of intercourse." I understand the processes of logic he used to come to that conclusion, but goddamn, seriously?

I know about the red skull panels but those 3 panels there, are they real or edits?
Because they surely can't be real, right?

I have triggered so many soft lefties of my acquaintance by pointing out that their favorite zombie show is all about fleeing urban blacks and finding whitopia. The whole zombie revival was a way of talking about the problems posed by 'those people'.

They fucking love this shit.
Let's shit all over it!

Don't forget that they love Steven Universe

mate don't be retarded, they're memeing.


They're real. That's an actual comic book that Marvel charges money for.

Which would have been an epic new trilogy. The Emperor is the only one who sees the looming threat to the galaxy so he uses the power of the dark side to try and save the galaxy only to be thwarted by misguided rebels who then realize the horror of their actions and are forced to embrace the darkside to save the galaxy…so not the actual extended universe but my take would be an awesome 9 movies

That's what the plan originally was, and then Disney threw out Lucas' scripts. Lucas had his people working on the CGI show seeding the Yuuzan Vong invasion. Lucas had planned to direct the films himself but then decided he was too old and Bob Iger, Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of Disney promised to make the movies for him. So he sold his company in order to keep the people working for him employed, Disney then threw his scripts in the trash.

What an insane amount of irony that is lost on them

I knew there was this new young generation diverse as fuck avengers (and i think a chinese superman and asian hulk) but that writing is just

Fucking amazing

And I already know how black spiderman is beyond mary sue and shit storywise having nothing to do with him being black

What a time to be alive

Fuck man. Lucas had a chance to redeem himself after the shitty prequels and then the kikes stabbed him in the bag and turned what would have been a dark, gripping, mature story into Disney fluff.

Quite frankly, Legend of Zelda is a pretty pro-aryan game.

Excellent idea, Zelda is loved by cucks and Nintenyearolds, it will be easy to spread this since they're forever reminded of the triforce as Legend of Zelda's symbol

That's what we used to do. I remember people making fun of Steven Universe by whitewashing the cast, putting confederate flags over the bumbling dad's shirt and making one of the characters slim and attractive.
Undertale and Overwatch would just make us look like awful autists, Adventure Time is a dead horse at this point. Stardew Valley could work though.

He called them white slavers for a reason.

This was his interview before Disney had shit everything up. Contrast it to his reaction after Disney made their horrible movies and said all the old books and comics aren't canon.

This would absolutely destroy them holy shit
Imagine all the Overwatch gals white and with children

Thanks for the tip, (((user))). I 100% believe this and now I hate Sam Hyde and his problematic comedy.

Oh god look at that smug feminist cunt. She's obviously been planning this for years.

Go back and watch the films she produced in the 80's and 90's, there's always one weird awkward feminist moment crowbarred in. All-female cops in Back to the Future 2, the blonde scientist woman lecturing another character on misogyny while being chased by raptors in Jurassic Park, etc.

She's basically piggybacked off the success of creative men her whole life and now successfully stolen one of those men's greatest creations.

It's literally a law at Disney Lucasfilm now that there can be no Star Wars stories without a female protagonist, and they all need to have lots of non-whites. The fact that both The Force Awakens and Rogue had British girls as the leads was not a coincidence.


Inquiry, why not coopt the left's message they have right now? They're radicalized and focused to punch nazis, but reusing the speech and dropping subtle redpills in the process could redirect their aggression. They would be radicalized enough to attack people they deemed a "nazi", while the parroting that they spew would be coming from the very nazis that they are claiming to be against.

I need some actual proof of that, if it exists. Be good for redpilling some normies.

Start with these tumblrinas, perhaps?

First one should be the easiest. Practically draws itself…


Nick Spencer wrote a comic where political correctness made fucking dogs mandatory. Then he has the protagonist go gay for a trap.

"The world wants to feed South Africa to the Red Crocodile to appease its hunger".
- Hillary Clinton

There's only one way this is going to go, down. Eventually, people aren't going to put up with this garbage and will simply not see it. The franchise will turn to shit as what had happened to all of franchises or ideas infected by this creative-AIDS virus perpetuated by SJWs. Hopefully, all of this leftist nonsense will bleed the industry dry and make way for a new type of Hollywood, preferably the one we saw in the 80's and part of the 90's/2000's.

fitting, since jews are satanic.

(checked) I have been praying for this to happen since at least 2013, when I realised the capeshit/nerd blackface machine was not going to stop.

They cry at the sight of violence

Fucking kid shit. Just flood them with gore and tell them you're going to murder them and their families.

They need to bring #3 into the UFC.

no no no
start with fictional characters and irl hardcore feminazis
make sure that they're all portrayed as submitting to "da ebil patriarchee"

Hey don't shit on pokeymans, it's fun as fuck.
Don't worry, I'm not a betacuck that buys the games, I only play it through Pokémon Showdown. It's easy to trigger leftycucks there, last time I got into an "intellectual chat" and brought up the topic of eugenics and most of them where "wow I can't even wow" and called me a nazi. Only one person apart from myself agreed on the topic of eugenics as something positive.
Although making fascist pokémon memes can give many keks.

This might be slightly off-topic but since it is in a way a holy symbol to a lot of western leftists: why has no one ever tried to destroy Marx's grave?

Now, that I think about is, the salt would be tremendous.

We should meme Trump as Dumbledore, those faggots would lose their minds

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for wizard children."

You referring to the tumblr teens and young adults. The college aged ones tend to scale up based on how marxist they are.

1st and 3rd pic in first post have some potential.

spam twitter with it, druggies and illegals stay home, kike merchant lose shekels… win/win.

they aren't.
they don't know how to be ironic or funny about "Le ebil Drumpf"

these seem like the best ideas so far

Ganondorf is afraid of the white man.

that might work…

Voldemort send us the worst people from Azkebahn… they are bringing forbidden curses, they are shape-changing and taking over the persona of innocent people.. and some, I assume, are nice people (ad image of whatshisface, harrys uncle)

E;R does some quality stuff.

This is some 88th-generation meme warfare.

red, white and black don't really strike me as sjw colours, more natsoc colours. the others are all fucking trash tho, unnaturally coloured hair is a huge red flag, short hair not so much. iirc people cut their hair short after being traumatized or at least I did, and then starting seeing the trend in other people

I will never get people who dye their hair weird colours thogh, my sister does that and it just looks terrible. The only good thing is that it marks the person as a marxist, so you know to avoid them. ugh plus that chick with the cornrows? like seriously why, europeans have a ton of great braided hairstyles and you choose to go with the nigger style that looks disgusting?

digits confirm

fucking kek. that poo speaking at the start. already lost.

The –"no, you move." speech bubble should be removed and the hail hyrda cap comic frame should be combined with this one.

one more HP.
posting here instead of the official thread, because… meh…

you might be right about little miss 1488.
but Tumblr can be a hell of a drug for a young girl, especially in combination with modern catlady education


Kek vult. I'm going to start on twitter with it tonight after work.


checking the checker SHADILAY

we must secure the existence of the forest elf people

My brother made these months ago. Glad to have a relevant place to put them.

Cherish your red-pilled brother. Mine is Carl the Cuck

Did Blizzard ever made a good game after WoW: the burning crusade?

Starcraft 2 or Diablo 3 was the last Blizzard game I bought not sure anymore which one came out first. They both were pretty horrid games compared to indie games lel.


I cherish my old roommate, whom successfully turned my twin and I from left leaning cucks to Hitler Heiling propaganda machines. My brother redpilled his fiance turned wife. and I go around dropping QR coded propaganda that leads to shit like The Man Who Fought The Bank.
Pic Related redirects to TGSNT

lotr is not a goodgoy story.

Godspeed user, you are truly a warrior of Kek!

definitely, I'm glad I found guatemalen macrame forum instead of tumblr. heck even if I'd just avoided the internet altogether I'd probably be full sjw because of the schools and my parents. hellI I basically was a left libertarian even with 4chan until I got a full time job where I had to interact with diversity on a daily and extended basis

reee why do people call each other goy as of recently? isn't that kikespeak?

Dude, we're death eaters.

No, really. The progressive "rationalist" lefties already call us that on SlateStarCodex and Less Wrong, and have since gamergate. It was originally a way to avoid having google searches about gamergate come up with their sites, since they were too triggered by arguing with anyone shitlord-y and didn't want them coming to their neck of the woods.

I'm fine with this.

I noticed LW becoming somewhat marginally less pozzed, but SSC is a sick fucking joke. It's one dumbshit kike with a large vocabulary and too much time on his hands pretending he knows anything about futurism.

Holy shit do we need to seize technology away from the fucking kikes.

Wasn't Slate Star Codex pretty sane a few years ago?

Were you born with your head that far up your ass or did your mother's bull help you?

Agreed, the man is excellent for entry-level, pleb friendly redpilling. Even the videos in which he gets a little too emotional, namely the whorra set, are still very well crafted.

Kek has spoken, and the right way has been shown to us. Also, this method parallels the use of anime to trigger the hell out of goons.

I really loved undertake

Pls co-opt

Kill me

the awfull cgi and the different structure i guess, the original trilogies were adventure/war films while the prequels were closer to political drama with some action mixed in

che guevara was suprisingly a race realist, make of that what you want

already done friendo

Ah, but the joke is on Scott Alexander now.

For instance, look at his piece "You Are Still Crying Wolf".

He's giving good advice to the left on how to handle and effectively oppose President Trump. Basically, he's saying to calm the fuck down and wait until Trump does something really terrible. But the left isn't listening to people like him, they've basically been chimping out continuously since the election.

I don't really think of Scott as dumb… more like… well, I once heard him described by a fellow "death eater" as "like a really brilliant biologist who is also a staunch creationist".

It's still pretty sane now as long as it doesn't get political; I visit regularly to see his stuff on medical studies and the various details of the FDA approval process for prescription drugs. The open threads have a few (maybe 5%) fairly shitlord-y people talking about whatever, mostly Trump these days. Those have been incredibly fun to troll since Nov. 9th, 2016. It's not a site where you get banned instantly for wrongthink, but where you'll face stiff, increasingly incoherent opposition for speaking highly of something Trump did.

zelda's the most redpilled vidya game series ever made

Here's my idea on that subject: we quietly and anonymously collaborate on a design here on Holla Forums, for a kind of large headstone in the style of the Glorious Murder Cube, basically a visual bas-relief history of every evil thing Marx's writing ushered into existence. Inconvenient truths and statistical facts like the current communist global world death count, with citations, etched into its surface. A whistlestop tour of an alternate history without Marx, one with no Russian Revolution, no WWI, no WWII, etc.

Once a design is settled upon we design it in 3D using programs like Zbrush and Blender, calculate the scale, and divide it into small, modular sections. Those sections can then be printed out innocuously, individually, by as many Holla Forumsacks as possible in the UK area.

They then descend on Highgate cemetery in London at a prearranged time with all the parts of the structure (and ideally spares) concealed in plain backpacks, messenger bags, etc, and in plain street clothes and hoodies, and assemble and road cement this monument to the top of Marx's grave. Then they immediately disperse. No names, no faces.

This will hopefully have two consequences: 1) drive leftists into an autistic screeching fit the likes of which the world has never known before, and 2) redpill a lot of people on the realities of Marxism and everything that has followed it.

I get that, but even Scott's fallen into that trap. He really, really believes that Trump's a proto-Nazi now, as his last thinly veiled article proves.

It's always about the Nazis with these people, isn't it? He can't be a Duterte, which he obviously is? He can't be a Tojo, a Mussolini, a Margaret Thatcher? No, it's "he's trying to reduce the number of refugees, and you know who else did that? HITLER!"

Uh. Dude. The Nazis locked their doors too. Does locking your door because you don't want your house invaded make you Hitler? (Although this is probably the wrong board to ask that question.)


There's also the fujoshits but they're more likely to get off to nazi boys than get offended.

Fucking. This.

No duh…. but whenever a leftard ask you "why do you hate other people, since you want to close the boarder!!????????????????", asking them if they lock the house-door at night because they hate their neighbour is a brilliant reply.

Wait, so the super heroes are the bomb throwing terrorists shutting down free speech?

Or we can just get a dog or some other animal to shit on it, that could work too.

His most recent video is god-tier.

It's dangerous to go alone, take this

That is… that must be what divine punishment looks like.
Amwn brother, so it shall be. Deus Vult.

They are probably more salvageable than male otakufags who are too busy fapping their soul away to degenerate parodies of innocent characters. The females are weird as fuck but pregnancy is such an overload of hormones that they will quickly re-orientate into something less retarded. The men should probably be thrown into trenches to get fixed.

I stayed away from Goywatch until last month when a family member got it for me when it was on sale. I've seen people say nigger on at least 3 occasions now and some other shit that I only really encounter around here. Nothing is outside of Holla Forums's reach, which is good.

I do pick Lucio occasionally -it's hard to deny his usefulness on Iilos-, but I generally complain about having to play a nig
First thing I did with 1k coins was getting his frog skin. Now I don't have to see his face.
Noone cares and I've yet to hear anthing even remotly SJW in chat.

Fatherhood can save a man aswell. Don't underrestemate the hormones that gives you.

they're on to us

already have a few of those, but thanks.

I don't think you have quite the drive and ambition we're looking for Herschel…

how do people believe this shit? literally some tranny just claiming to have sam hyde message her, with no further proof. Trannies definitely are not known for attention whoring or anything

He's one of the characters I just don't play unless it's mystery heroes. Don't like the simplicity of the character (and the other ones where you just hold left click to win) among other things. No fun in it. Also he's fucking ugly although I got one of the hockey skins from a box which isn't too terrible. My go to healer is almost always Ana, sometimes Mercy. I'm a dirty casual these days so I don't care if the character I pick isn't optimal for a map.

I don't remember anyone calling each other goy until the (((trs))) drama

loading a question is a normal weasel tactic of jews and co

THIS. So much this. For decades, I used to collect comic books as a harmless passtime, but from about 2012 halfchan Holla Forums and Marvel made me go cold turkey. I just couldn't stand the poison.

The comic book industry is so SJW that it's like AIDS and Cancer loved one another very much and made a baby. They're so SJW that they've driven off more than 50% of their customers in a decade, literally losing half their readers. They don't care because – as I discovered to my horror – the industry is dominated by kike owners and editors.


Can confirm. Local comic shop's closing down. Nobody wants this shit in red states.

There's also memecenter as well but even MC has its share of redpilled users

Here is some more pages from Captain flying-nigger

Good goy has been a Holla Forums term since the dawn of time

eh it just strikes me as the same as niggers calling each other nigger. It's not "taking anything back", it just makes you look retarded to the people who call you that anyway. I bet jews get a huge kick out of non jews who call each other goy

also kek at the obvious ann coulter stand in character

saw this on jewtube. normie exposure would probably generate some salt

and kikebots parrot it.
use logic, and they fall apart.

WTF I hate Sam Hyde now.

Meme it lads.

The best part is that this is was probably fabricated by Sam himself for a good laugh.

>>>Holla Forums

Love it. Also got and westworld. Get up in their shit and shit on it.

Also an idea, you can use something like:

That makes sense. I think the (?) after "slut" was questioning why just a picture of Meg was deemed marxist in the first place.

Agreed. It's a weak argument for something that's posted so often.

I would like to run a meme by you guys and see if it sticks. Leftists define themselfs between each others as fans of shows, movies, cartoons etc. Their little fandoms are whole world to them and they lash out at anything or anyone that tries to make fun of it or subvert it.

What I propose is following: instead of or parallel to subverting their fandoms, we could define their fandoms for them. Instead of calling them lefties, we could say they're isis fans or they belong to terrorism fandom.


The jews are "they who must not be named"

and hitler is dumbledore, this could work

Meme it

This is brilliant.

"Good goy" is only used derisively.

TRS faggots are the only ones who ever called each other "goy."

Might need to go with a different angle here, because there're clear parallels in the canon with Grindelwald being Hitler and wanting to exterminate muggles, Dumbledoor fighting him in the 40s (akin to a Churchill character, basically history written by the victor kinda deal) and the death eaters and Voldemort essentially picking up where Grindelwald left off (neo Nazis). It's a shame because HP isn't nuanced at all and there's hardly any room to paint the main BEG as anything but an evil villain charicature. Turning the death eaters into a group of noble vigilantes fighting for an oppressed and subjugated minority is probably doable though.

It means on the cusp of triggering a freakout. It's fine right now, but could lead to problems with cult-marx later.
The original word meant the same as thorny or setting up a buisness in a corrupt shithole

I'm pretty certain that you're not supposed to take the side of the "safe space superheroes," it's making fun of leftist hypocrisy.

Nice trips m8

What's the sauce for that comic, b0ss?

Motherhood triggers the shit out of many Lefty women because they 'put that part of their life on hold' and now they're pushing 40 and have no children and they're fucking miserable.

And the cognitive dissonance is setting in because they AREN'T happy after all that time they put in being professionals in their prime child rearing years.

It appears to be Uncanny Avengers Volume 1 #4, G@ry.

readcomics. tv/uncanny-avengers-2012/chapter-4/12

Is it worth? Would I have to read anything else for context?

I'm not sure I just looked up the text. I would assume you could start at Uncanny Avengers #1 to get all the context you would need.

readcomics .tv/comic/uncanny-avengers-2012

that's a lot of semen

that kind of attitude triggers the ever loving shit out of me. I physically can't have kids (ironically because my mother decided to wait until 40 to conceive), and seeing those bitches throw away that ability is equal parts depressing and infuriating. Abortion even more so, like you can have kids, you got pregnant, and you still want to throw that away? I get it if it's a result of rape, but otherwise it's just like don't have sex if you don't want kids. it's a no brainer. Same with the mgtow shit, like those guys could go out and get a wife and have kids but they throw it up for what? (((Entertainment)))?

huh I always thought it was just milk.

The word progress. They fucking love the word progress and attach it to most everything they do.
Call every change Trump pushes through progress and the left will become so, so mad. Make them fear its mention.


hi there prof stein

hey it works!

Don't. Rowling already tried to do that, shittily, with race in HP and it didn't work because possessing magic or not is clearly not analogous to race. The Death Eaters can only be read as Neo-Nazis if you take the most braindead approach with the same level of thinking that was used to create the shitty allegory.

I like this. Maybe some equivalent to weaboo for Muslims or other nonwhites. Muslim fetishist?

Hey I liked stardew valley :(

I don't know enough except for the the basics about HP. Grindelwald and stuff made no sense too me.

Dumping some good ones

Just leaving this here.
Greetings from Holla Forums.

"My name is a killing word"

>naruto cried in the privacy of his house like a real man fucking should.

oh fuck wrong thread sorry

trips of power!

wtf, no i love harry potter

I'm grading this an F. Try again next semester.

based norm

man was he drunk as fuck

In vino veritas


rabbi goon pls

holy shit

attack the jews

Hehehe, it's fun when you use the arguments given to proof social theories against them to prove that a research paper isn't proving much at all. They can't fathom the fact that deliberate research along with the results and conclusions they were thought weren't right.

People place faaaaar too much value in degrees.

The worst thing about modern degrees is that you can't customize your own degree and courses. Right now a good part of the credits in any curriculum is completely useless. This goes even more so for social sciences (which have maybe 20 / 150-180 worth of useful credits)

There are so many courses that won't add anything to your professional career, that it's embarassing that empty suits place value on this. Even more embarassing is that they do psychological testing which is a pseudo science in itself.

these dubs speak the truth. i wish i could go back in the and tell my younger self to become a Electrician or another trade-skill and not go to college. way too many people nowadays go to college with no direction, which is exactly the opposite purpose of higher education was until it got pozzed.

That fucking ending

What song is the part from 0:03 to 0:10 from?

I'd love to see it webm'd. But it's basically a shortened version of . The truthness in it, the comparisons to modern day jew trickery and shit, it hits close to the heart, and it stirs the wrath of the awakened saxon.

Good goy.


unrelated to this thread, but the thread I made it for is dead so here you go, friends.

Call them pro-religion
Call them pro-religion
Call them pro-religion
Call them pro-religion

1. They hate religion, they'll want to dissociate from the term
2. Judaism is also a religion
3. ???
4. Profit!

This needs to be a sticky. We had threads on Legend of Zelda in the past.

Forgot link

Lads, I've got some accelerationism you may like.

The left is already bending the knee for every fee-fee to a point where they end up infighting and moderates/sane people are driven away at the sheer sight. Why not give the colleges a helping hand?

Start sending emails to the colleges about how they're not accommodating to ____. Start small, say trannies or Muslims. Then Sharia and furry. You get it. Send the replies to news outlets and ACLUlmnopeepeepoopoo groups.

They want unlimited diversity and they're prepared to fight for it. Why fight when your enemies will fight for you?

I don't have a problem with stories set in other parts of the worlds reflecting their population, like Mulan. But I'll give you a bunch of the others.

I'd be more concerned with the Disney TV series made by the guy obsessed with cuckoldry.

it was an adaption of Country Roads by John Denver made specifically for the movie

wait sorry. You mean the warm-up song. I don't know about that.

When you realize that omnics are basically niggers and Zarya, Roadhog, Junkrat and Torb are redpilled racists, the game becomes infinitely more enjoyable as you rant about niggers in chat but replacing "nigger" with "omnic".


Top kike.

Actually, this is a pretty good idea.

Are you the kind of guy who'd say, during WW1, "guys, we can't start building tanks, it's the effective weapon of the enemy"..?

They're doing it regardless, and the idiots won't listen to reason.

Nice dubs. Infighting remains a great answer to the Q. Hell, you could just spread rumors of spies and they'll flip shit. The die hards are already at a fever pitch and they're doubling down and making mistakes. Wymyn's march leader openly advocated for Sharia for fuck's sake.

More people need to see what they really think behind the mask of diversity. Most people take it at surface level and are led out of fear into backing it, or worse, silence. Let them reveal the true nature of their hatred, it would be extremely painful.


Now is the time to push their shit in.

made a meltdown oriented thread, where we can pool the best examples of liberal meltdown.
both for lolz and for meme's.


Thread's fine, I'm trying to encourage more doers. The culture war is just beginning, rest not on laurels.


that is some pewdiepay tier bantz.
speaking of cucks, when did redpanels go 1488?

Fuck off, reddit scum.

KEK wills it

they will just look stupid if they complain, what's new?

Someone needs to make some mods to get rid of Demetrius and the half nig in that game. Also, Blizzard cucking out and making Tracer a lezbo in a comic was pathetic.

What I was thinking was making mods for stardew valley that makes everyone white and doesn't allow gay marriage

wew good b8

Then it would be a near perfect game. Best they have on the Nexus is a "white" lightened up Demetrius and daughter.

Not OC, but these have been floating around and I thought they would be appropriate here.

Shatter the gems, rock war now

I haven't heard of this game, looking it up it just looks like a generic 16 bit indie game. is it actually good or should I just go back to replaying deus ex and fnv

Read some fucking Evola. Learn semiotics you high time preference hapa.

Now which characters do you do it with? Hermione and Ginny don't work given the characters do that anyway. My first idea was capestuff. Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Power Girl, Batgirl, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Gamora. There are the Overwatch girls, the only one I know is Tracer, and making Tracer straight would already trigger most of them.

i love when Holla Forums meets Holla Forums

LOTR is the most Holla Forums series out there. Saruman represents the leftist elite and the orcs their nigger/Muslim army.

Do we have a Holla Forums drawfag thread for this?

it isn't; it'd be messier if it was

post it on twitter with some relevant lefty hashtags and trump hashtags
then post the results here

If you like comfy harvest moon simulators then yes

Don't they use Totenkopf symbolism too? Can we meme a LARP war of Death Eaters vs Potterfags? Would be lulzy as fuck. I pity the historians who have to make sense of a civil war fought over sides in a children's book.

I like to make people think of pic related instead of universities when the mention degrees.


HooHa leaked how to make memes, guys. Don't reinvent the wheel.

Nothing would both, give me the warm and fuzzies, and annoy the living shit out of gender role hating feminists more. Brilliant idea.

I want an attack on both.

Is that Dodger?

considering they're the ones who are defeated, I doubt it

Here's another funny one: The Gerudo people, who they talk about in Ocarina of Time, are a race of almost entirely women and a male is born every one hundred years. It's the absolute law that the man is crowned king of all the Gerudo people. Since Ganondorf is that male, most of them are in revolt. The funny thing is, being a race of entirely female sandniggers, they are reduced to lives of desert thievery while Ganondorf shoots for the world.


Ha, I came here to suggest exactly this. In the past, I've seen anons suggest subverting the Hylian Crest to bring it more in line with the Reichsadler.

Such is life in Kekston university, such is life in the grand white western empire.

I wonder why they used to call it Constantinople.
Probably covered next year

they kinda are.
at the end, faggot nigger say some durp about keep being angry, never let up… rah-rah, punch a nazi, etc…

dubs, baby dubs, oh yeah


Hitting the stasilibs straight in the feels works wonders for destroying their "we're the good guys" narrative.

It is however far more important to keep message so short that they can't stop reading before exposed to the message.

Dumping a few examples from the arsenal

1/9 - The Wall

2/9 - Passive Genocide

3/9 - Diversity

4/9 - Lügenpresse

5/9 - Right to arms

6/9 - Invaders and Moderate Beheaders

7/9 - Globalists

8/9 - Misc1

9/9 - Misc2

But the sith are the good guys

Merkel (known cunt country destroyer) was cute as fuck.. would have a 9/10 level crush on that doll if she was my classmate

I can't use Gimp to save my life, but managed to put this together. I'll add the template too in case anyone feels creative.

You're a fucking retard, user.

I feel like a kid placing fire ants and black ants into the same jar again.

The point is triggering liberals by poisoning their beloved franchises. Making sense is a secundary issue.
Nice digits btw.

this. lefties worship Doctor Who for some reason. Do star wars, Dr who, neil patrick harris, etc
also use that phone booth from dr who in the pro nazi may mays somehow. they love plastering images of that fucking phone booth on their Prisus and honda crvs, tattoos of it, everything, they love it.
oh and back to the future too

If done properly, this would be one of the most funny of the pshychological mayhem Holla Forums ever made.

Anything involving that stupid poem on the statue of liberty. That will drive them apeshit.

Reminds me of pic related in a 8/co/ drawthread sometime ago.

What's wrong with that game per say?
t. user who never played stardew valley

Genius idea user, truly brilliant. Also that image hit me harder than anything in the last 4. We need to remember what we are fighting for.

What if we start shopping Beyoncé on Hitler? I mean bitches love Beyoncé they treat her like fucking negress royality. Imagine the the sheer amount of Jimmy russling to "say mein name" or "I'm just too naziliscious for you babe"

i don't know why so many leftists love shit like dr. who, sherlock, etc. anglophilia is strange

Dumping some material. The thumbs up ones are particularly smug. I'd be surprised if someone didn't have a legitmate breakdown.


Not all left meme origins suck, I really just meant the spoilered ones. You would like it if you like harvest moon type games.

wow, it looks a little too natural really

Why take over their memes?

Video related caused tears, mental breakdowns and collapsed a 2000 people group on facebook. It cost me my account but knowing that I've caused hundreds of these fucks nightmares and triggered them into puking at their keyboards was worth it.



Animal Cruelty webms are only for the most degenerate edgy people. Animals are innocent of any kind of sin unlike humans. Showing people isis lobbing off peoples head or drug cartels is some kind of lesson but posting that is just edgy as fuck

Ironic, considering that the guys who commission and jerk off to that are probably damaged leftist cucks, to begin with.

A portion of Liberals get off on this, but dropping shit like that in a safe space consisting mostly of virtue signalling whores it has a good effect.

Interestingly showing them gruesome ISIS violence doesn't have the same effect, because their manipulated mind instantly explains it away aka "it's not islam like media says xD"

Fucking Brutal man.

I think that its just petty trolling, there are no kind of redpills being exposed through this and its incredibly degenerate.

Dan Park has a good approach

Are you 75%+ white? Then be strong and don't worry?.
Are you 25%+ shitskin? Then find a way to be unobtrusive and useful. Then don't worry.

The first response.

cmon man thats not cool……

Fresh OC. Made a few different versions, enjoy!


don't forget

There already are mods to make him white. Look it up on nexus, i believe i saw it there..

I stopped watching after the first crunch sound…
Ihy user.
Shit like that is fucked up. And i hope the bitch who did it dies of the most painful slow killing disease there is. And that no manner of general anestia or pain relievers can save her from the pain.

Westworld is about how robots (white people) need to wake up and stop letting tourists (immigrants) rape and murder them.

I'm sure you could do this with any kike propaganda. If (((they))) want to show one group as pure evil it will easily be translated to metaphorically represent our actual enemies rather than the ones they want to pretend are.


what's with all the nigger-tier animal abuse garbage on Holla Forums lately? is it some sort of psyop?

Reminder that Krobo's old channel was named DikeKike

Incredible digits. Heil!
Fesh pince is a classic

We need to make more of these. Is there a way to do so without a goyphone?

People that do this need to die. Not even joking or being edgy.

This is very funny. Princess whatever her name is from Star Wars would make a great housewife.

user, you just learned "she" is a man. Everything you think you know is false…

yahm those tits, son


UFC is owned by a kike now, so I doubt it.

Yes, make it so.



I can confirm that this is the main nerve for them and it completely butt devastates the fuckers.


Jesus fucking Christ those pages

It means they're too much of a faggot to say, "I have a problem with it", so they attribute a metaphysical property to the thing rather than stating their opinion of it. You see that kind of thing in much of their language.


top kek, we'll have commies claiming hitler wasn't gay to try to damage control if this works out

Haha marry me MJ whoever you are. Great picture as all the things surrounding the people are insect hive dwelling creatures. Good analogy though she probably doesn't realize how poignant it really is.

Not with real degrees though, like for science and such. In the process of getting those degrees you realize how much you actually don't know. Anything else is useless modern drivel. Go to school for science, math, or engineering. Otherwise its not worth the horseshit. Just get a damned job.

pretty subversive tbh…

Attack of the clones was uneventful and boring as fuck. As well as filled to the brim with CGI. That movie sucked. I remember even as a kid feeling unfulfilled when the final "battle" ended. It was just cool noises and CGI Yoda. Lame.

>mfw no mike brown pics

>the better the villain, the better the movie…

And so shall it be.

This. I studied under a guy who does some of the most complex and difficult research in our whole department, yet he is a pretty terrible teacher. He starts off strong, then seems to give up trying. Being a good teacher is definitely a special skill that not everyone has. Even the smartest people may suck ass at it. However, I think part of the blame falls on all the students who just don't really give a fuck about their subjects for themselves. They really just want the grade. Really grasping the subject matter is something only a few (i.e some men) care about. You have to inspire people and that can be tough to do on a daily basis while you are also writing proposals and trying to run a lab and make your grad students ( who do care) happy. Its tough. Of course, people who did care enough to come by office hours and consult with him one on one were often amazed at how well he could help them through difficult material. Its not always about teachers being shit. College today is filled with people who just shouldn't be there. Not even trying to insult their overall intelligence. They're just wasting everyone's time and money including their own by just plodding through work for a letter.


This is not the deepest hellhole of the Internet, is.

I've been almost onto something for a long time, but it keeps turning into an essay. This is as short as I can make it. Pls help.

Jared Diamond is the pope of the interchangeability of all humans, and Guns, Germs, and Steel is his most important encyclical.
Jared Diamond also thinks that the Jews are a biological race, and that Israel should be using DNA testing to determine that, in his example, the black Ethiopian Jews aren't real Jews and shouldn't be allowed to immigrate to Israel.

Jared Diamond says that IQ is invalid, because it was invented by racist white people who had set out to prove the inferiority of black people, and that selection pressure has in fact made people from tribal societies smarter than Eurasians who were pampered by civilisation.
He also says that eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jews evolved their superior IQs in order to a) escape persecution and b) succeed in the field of commerce.

Jared Diamond is one of the most influential people alive. He wants you to know that your race does not exist, even though his does. He wants you to know that your measure of intelligence is invalid, except when it is showing his race to be smarter than yours.

Jared Diamond is the worst kind of hypocrite: the kind whose hypocrisy is due directly to his Jewishness, and weaponised with the intent of destroying the Europeans whom he hates with the cumulative race-hate of a thousand years.


Same boat

He was terrible in parts 1, 2 and 3, and you know it.
Deserves all the shitting

Send Napalm, there's only salt there.
If you'd fucking lurk moar, you'd know we're already doing that.

This is the essence of your message, user. And it is very typical Jewish behavior. Other examples of such double-think include:

Focusing on Jared Diamond, whom most people have never heard of, isn't doing you any favors and only distracting from the main point and causing you to go on only marginally related tangents.

Effective memes capture the essence of a truth. The most common denominator of a pattern seen in daily life. It's about drawing people's attention to something they encounter often, but typically ignore or fail to see for what it is.

You want people to laugh and think it's exaggerated and crass when they first see the meme (making it memorable and bypassing mental blocks), and then run into something that matches it to a T in real life a few days later.

Does the White Rex clothes brand still exist? The site doesn't seem to have been updated in a very long time.

Someone ought to make comics out of stlls in the series where Finn turns down all the monster princesses one by one and explains to them that since he is the last of the white human race it would be like genocide for him to try and have relations with them. He is on a mission to find a human female so he can save the white human race and secure an existence for their children.

That would trigger any and all of the whiny Adventure Time fans. I'd do it myself but I'm shit at image manipulation.

Don't talk shit aobout Zarya near me ever again

I think so.
There's a lot to be deconstructed in Harry Potter:

- the world is divided into ubermenschen (wizards) and untermenschen (muggles)

- the muggles are totally at the mercy of the wizards. If the wizards decide to be good the muggles are fine. If they decide not to be, there is nothing that the muggles can do.

- the world is clearly class based. There are two classes, wizards/witches and muggles

- it's impossible to move between the classes, you are either born with magic or you aren't.

- although it's possible for a magical child to be born of muggles parents, it's rare. Therefore it is clearly race-based.

- there doesn't seem much you can do to improve your magical ability. You're either really good at it like, Snape, Dumbledore or Voldemort or you're a bit hopeless like Harry Potter himself. Hence Harry Potter supports HBD.

I'm sure there's plenty more.


Op is right. Even now, we have done MASSIVE damage to some niche lefty communities even though we are a relative minority.
This is a good example of the butthurt our memetic power is creating: redd/

The faggot literally abandoned everything he had done fearing that "literally nazis" would play and enjoy his mods.
If we expand this influence we have to all the mainstream cultural expression, or even niches, we might just win this war.

My mum goes to church and shes friends with an older lady whos husband is German, my mum was telling me how upset she is that her husband talks badly about the jews. I said the husband is right and then told her how the jews were in Germany before Hitler rose to power, she actually listened to me and said she had no idea they were like that. I always slip in little red pills to my family without going over board and they take it all on.

it's because of "le epic accent xDD" and "SCIENCE!!".


Creating tradition and beauty to counter the nihlism of the left not only triggers them, but it gives us purpose in our struggle.

Isn't being Eastern European great?

My entire family is:

My uncle the ex Communist Party local boss


Actually they would love it. They keep pushing thicky Tyrones buttons and are trying to make money off black on white hate, it also nicely distracts from their takeover of yet another money making relatively unpozzed entertainment. First with their Reebok money then with the women and then the outright buyout. Now it's all about lesbians and race wars and fixed fights. An obvious white supremacist getting his ass beat by a righteous black dude is just what they need.

Star Wars is blatantly a promotion of strict adherence to religious doctrine, discipline over emotions, and basically everything that makes leftists uncomfortable on a personal level. It should not be difficult to take Star Wars from them.

That is why they had to destroy it. It is scary to them. Creativity is continuing to be subverted and controlled, children cannot be allowed to have make believe, to reflect on who they are they instead have to be instructed, the Jew needs more time to end the white race but in trying to get more time he has caused more to see him.

It's a tough game for him, I believe in a few years normies will walk away from Star Wars and the Jew will have to find another lore to destroy, perhaps things will be pushed so far right by then they will try to subvert w40k. I know JJ is working on HL but Alyx was already to much miscegenation for me.

No diverse Space Marines goy, how White Supremacist!

Eastern Europeans are based.

Dubs of truth. I fucking triggered a friend of mine who was trying to argue that traveling was some kind of personal growth experience and shit.

Labs are also a mess. Honestly, how the fuck you get to spend so much public money on new tech stuff when you can repair the old one with a simple 5 minute websearch. I'm fucking sick of hearing "My computer is slow because of virus" just to check and see they load Dropbox, Spotify, Google Updates and 10 more programs on start. I've seen teachers and students who can't build a table with instructions by themselves. Assholes that talk so much about the barriers to their knowledge when there's free online courses for 4 weeks like edX and coursera that teach you better than a semester with uni teachers. Social science students who don't know shit about history and the global political scenario. Researchers that act surprised when you send 'em a sci-hub link. The typical fags that never lifted because apparently having health issues and high cholesterol is progressive and brave. The anarchists who wanted to burn the system to the ground but knew nothing about economy or hacking. Fucking vegans and greenfags who never knew how to plant a simple potato but change their phones every 6 months. Spoiled upper-class feminists telling me i should be thankful because their movement will help men to be able to dress in purple while women getting stoned in the middle east is treated as a non-issue. For all their fucking education, most collegefags can't be bothered to spend 5 minutes checking journals to see if evidence support their claims. No one check the sources of any news. No one reads past the title. No one dares to discuss contrary points of view. All they do is share quick articles of pop philosophy, pop science, pop bulshit. I used to believe back in the day that 4chan was a circlejerk of confirmation bias and stupid memes used mostly by low IQ retards, then i met the social network cancer of normalfags sharing facebook post after facebook post and reposting dead memes. And no matter how "connected" they are, nobody knows shit. Despite the massive use of an open information repository like the internet, the average millenial is the most naive and entitled person you will ever meet. Even codefags are one-trick idiots who know shit outside their cool python project. For fuck's sake this kind of people are the ones that should be making changes in society but they are all bussy virtue-signaling stupid buzzfeed articles and sticking shares up their asses.
I only met 3 guys who enjoyed irl shitposting and open discussion about difficult topics, but overall college was a depressing sight onto the emptyness of our society and the kind of uppity entitled idiots that will go chanting how progressive they are as the world burns to the ground.

polite sage for [autistic screeching]

Nintendo has been teaching us serveral important things since our childhoods. #1 A hero must always go further righter #2 Remove kebab #3 If your enemy has anything useful take it from them and use it #4 In times of crisis look back to your ancestors #5 Go to trade school plumbers make good money.

Now this is a great idea! Personally, I would narrow it down to Wonder Woman, as she's the uber example of feminist iconography in pop culture. Draw pictures of her doing housework, raising kids, etc. and watch the libcucks RAEG.

Bonus points for housewife'ing Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, and every girl on a movie poster toting guns too big for her to fire in RL.

Pics related. Even if Star Wars was bland and bluepilled, kikes still saw beauty and natural things on the setting, so they had to pozzed it to ruin it.

It's sad as fuck but it has to happen.

I welcome the left that swallow the bitter red pill.

We've fallen pretty far.

But RLM didn't sell out. They said the same thing but they're also film students and have to analyze a movie from the technical/film making point of view. At that disney and Jew Jew Abrahams did a fine job. But they themself said it's a soulless, shallow, marketing and angenda driven job.

It's like compairing a chair made from a master craftsman to a chair made by a machine in a factory. The latter is probably way more polished and 'perfect' in the way it's constructed and you have to aknowledge that but it will still miss that soul and true work the other chair has.

I know,I'm just giving it extra meme power


Fuck off George

Honestly, most of their stuff is ripe for 40kifying I know that's not a word We used to do this all the time back when bronies were fucking everywhere. I don't know if it would work as an offensive tactic though, it's only ever been used against brony and furry invaders

This bitch does realize what a nerd is right? How did we become the left's version of dudebros?

There are actually ethnic space marine chapters, but due to the nature of recruitment, they're always from the same culture, referred to as the chapter's cult. Basically, you probably won't see black space romans, but there is a chapter based off of the zulu tribes.

I will always laugh at that last one.


What's the latest with her?

she went 14/88

Where is the edit saying Hail Trump?


Lmao, dumb whore

Read the books, don't watch the movies.

We need to meme Trumps visage onto Crazy Horse Mountain.

meme a wall
meme a deportation squad
meme hillary 4 prison

if that happens, he will have earned his place on the mountain.

Ganondorf is less of a sand nigger and more of a Jew.

Hylians are clearly Aryans. Only pure-blooded nobility and heroes have pointed ears and Aryan features (blonde hair, blue eyes), lesser peoples have round ears and appear as generic Europeans. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a nigger or other shitskin in a Zelda game that wasn't explicitly a non-human race, like the Gerudo.

JTRIG got it right, now we need to use their intel against them and their shit tier minions.

There really needs to be a Trump shoop of "No, you move."

Thanks for the hearty kek.

This will explain everything about college and why it's a waste of money. It's written by a very redpilled woman abused as a child and she had to provide for herself and her brother due to deliberate parental starvation via a tiny buisness:
Read the rest of the site too, it's fucking gold, especially on child care and giving the middle finger to feminists. She's an IRL shitposter too, but she never updates anymore since Obumniggers election.

Talk about the themes in any zombie movie: small group of survivors, scarce resources, perishing of the weak. Any one can die at any time, eugenics and mercy killing as a necessity due to scarcity.
Hell i'd use that one town with a noguns no open carry mayor as a great example of their deluded thinking on the 2nd amendment as that exact policy caused zombies and raiders to wipe the place out.


this general idea has a lot of potential. Really could be revolutionary.

If this meme propaganda (not the kike authored idea of "meme magic" - this is to try to prevent the true potential) promises to overwrite people's ideas directly by accessing them through the symbols with great enough repetition.

The other piece this machine needs besides talented artists/writers/etc is automatic posting throughout the target forums to compete with the MSMs similar techniques.


That Kungfu-tzu (Confucius) quote is really a bright beam of sunlight. I'm not sure if I've ever heard anything so true that hadn't really occurred to me before. The world us ruled by symbols. Symbols are external object directly linked to the minds of people. Symbols furnish true thought control.

Remind me of a quote from Metal Gear Solid, where the commander guy says to the commando guy something about "the enemy seeking not to control fact but context"

one little problem with this retarded shit:

Trump espouses absolutely zero of our fundamental ideals. He has already played his part by mentally destabilizing the liberal drones. That is his entire worth. He is not the king. He is beholden to the economy and its largest shareholders. He did not become wealthy by telling the jews etc. to go fuck themselves so he sure as fuck isn't EVER going to do so

perfect. It doesn't matter that there are contradictory examples with enough opposing points to loop through


You don't have to be a weepy faggot about it.

Some of the fanfiction is pretty good actually. Harry grows some balls and shit.

I hate it when cringey autists spell "photo" like that.

Do you want a hug, faggot user?

I think that's how spics spell it.



Rick & Morty stopped being funny after the first season.
At least it looks like the show may be scrapped.

Easy exploit for latest antifa shitmemes–change "punch nazis" to "gas kikes". Make sure the typefaces match. Publish the improved version.

I wouldn't be surprised if that one is actually canon. I think I saw a page scan once that featured the Joker blowing up all the OB-GYN doctors with exploding cigars, presumably to celebrate his new baby. Don't remember where, tho.

Never watched or read Harry Potter, but that bitch is almost a dead ringer for Diane Feinstein.

First triggering

these are hilarious

That was actually pretty good. What a madman.

saved this on 4/pol/ back in 2011 when I first started browsing. God damn I've come a long way

Ridicule is the most effective weapon against them. They don't have senses of humor. They have out of control unchecked egos. By incessantly ridiculing them as deeply as possible, you hit them in their achilles heel.

Remember to always ridicule them. Do it effectively. Do it hard.

single mother?

I made a thread about right wing laughing squads the other day. It got deleted, which I expected since there wasn't much room for discussion, since it's such a 100% grade fact.

Because, you're right.
It wrests control out of their hands and puts it into yours.
Have the copypasta from then.

A new superweapon to bridge the time until RWDS.
And this weapon is "Right Wing Laughter Squads"!

Yes, this might sound stupid at first glance, but it's one of those "duh, it was under our noses the entire time!" kind of deal, and I think it has one of the most devastating potentials we could make use of.

Consider this:
It requires no argument, in fact, laughing at someone without any apparent reason instills a great insecurity in most people.
It makes the person feel stupid and agitated, feeling stupid is the bane of any liberal, since they are "learned" while we are the dumb nazis.
It is not hate speech.
You can dress up like a faggot liberal for extra psychological damage, especially if you form an actual laughter squad.
(Imagine being a liberal and being pointed and laughed at by other liberals).
It has no counter argument.
It shames everybody.
(Imagine seeing a life perfomance of "art" where some bitch squirts paint out of her asshole, and instead of getting angry and shocked (which they aim for), laugh at them with utmost derision and lack of remorse)
(This gives control back to YOU since their attempt at controlling your emotions "anger", "indignation", etc and you turn the table, just laughing at them, putting them on the defensive )
In fact, it is so effective that it would even be a great weapon against "us", if it weren't for the fact that evil nazi bigots don't do dumb shit in public all the time.
Imagine laughing at J.K. Rowling for saying that she "canons" group masturbation sessions at Hogwarts.
Imagine laughing at her because of it. Utter derision.

And I only picked a handful of examples, but, reflect upon it for a moment and consider the ramifications of laughter squads and their wide sweeping effectiveness and lack of defense against them.

I mean, we use it all the time. Smug anime girls. Smug Pepes. We only laugh in private and online.
But, I am convinced that right wing laughter squads have great potential.

The art of bullying and shaming with laughter has been exorcised by filling the sane people with hatred and contempt at liberal and kike bullshit.

But laughter is still one of the greatest weapon of shame and subjugation, especially for the virtue signalling left.

I realize that this thread, as matter of factly it is, might die quickly because the truth in this statement will not make for great discussion.

It is undeniable, search yourself, fully, and thoroughly, and you will realize that laughter squads are a fearsome weapon against our faggoty enemies.
(RLM clip chosen because of point and laugh, nothing more)
But imagine a flashmob doing this to some liberal faggots protesting, speaking.
Hell, even big wig politicians.

Imagine a "Lachflashmob" in Germany, where instead of "Merkel muss weg" (Merkel needs to go), the people just point and laugh her off the stage, every time.

When she passes by, roaring laughter and pointing.

Crush their egos and feel great about it at the same time.

Dis nigga knows whassup…

Don't tempt me to upgrade my PC for that piece of FPShitter. I've already given Blizzard multitudes more shekels than they actually worth.

Isn't Jon Tron a full blown kike?

Half white half Iranian.
He seems red-pilled and doesn't put up with SJW shit, so I think he gets a pass.


We already know that leftists are almost always completely and utterly insecure as it is; in my experience as well, laughing at them or ridiculing them rather than actually addressing their argument (because how often are they actually going to listen to what you have to say?) tends to make them almost completely clam up and get flustered. Even something as simple as calling them "too young for politics" when they bring their holy symbols into debate is enough to make them go red in the face.

Honestly, I love the idea of laughing squads. It's not hate speech, it almost instinctively brings up feelings of shame in the person being laughed at (and a lefty with a long history of being insecure of their intelligence will react especially hard), you can't argue against laughter, it discredits them to everyone in ear shot, and many more benefits. I think this should be looked into, it could be destructive.

True words.
This is the kinda thing that we should focus on: funny memes for warfare.

nice one.

one drop rule, faggot.

playing on their virtue signalling is also good.

remember the lesson from zimzam vs St.Traytray?

maby the truth would help a bit
does anyone know what the blank name is on this file?

Can we use short, swift nigger messengers like MP4 related?

unlikely to be successful, they'll just dismiss it as nazi conspiracy racism etc etc.

but, on the topic, /r/ing a good tier documentary on him, preferably with commentary from JFK/Johnson/FBI etc regarding his whoring and general degeneracy.

bumping for more OC