BREAKING: Justice Dept. will not defend executive order on travel restrictions

On the order of acting AG Sally Yates, Obama appointee.

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I imagine Trump knew this would happen, and he will soon make a compromise.
All immigration will be banned, therefore not discriminating in any way

id be diamonds

0.001% of federal judges condemn trump's travel restriction. put that in prospective, cuckchan.
LMAO. read the fine print cuckchan.

That's not the worst idea

Trump is quite brilliant. He dropped this milquetoast non-ban that is almost word for word the same directive issued by Obama to see what would happen. Now he has a current enemy list (including GOP congress parasites), as well as their plan of action for when he wants to actually do something of substance. It's quite hilarious how easy it is to get these fools to reveal themselves and go all in over literally nothing.


I thought that under Common Law only the decision of one judge was enough to make the sentence law.

What does this mean, exactly? Not to 'defend' it?


it means she doesn't like it and there is nothing she can do to stop trump.

that she won't have a job tomorrow.

How would you even know it's a cuckchan thread unless you go to cuckchan yourself?

How would you even know it's a cuckchan thread unless you go to cuckchan yourself?

It doesn't mean anything. The cunt literally has a temp job until Sessions is confirmed and trying to set herself up for a high 6 figure job of Kike, Shyster, & Shlomo LLP.

Trump can and probably will shitcan her tomorrow.

lmao on your pathetic attempts to sensationalize your thread, cuckboy.

KEke, Trump already shitcanned her. I said "tomorrow," he didn't even wait. she's gone now.

Fucking love this. Imagine 4 years of it, or even 8? Surely after a year or so the Jews will tire themselves out. He's actually doing everything he promised. Everything.


Sasuga Trump-sama

If you're on this site and don't have RT notifications set up already, you should lurk more.




HE doesn't play golf, he doesn't socialize with Hollywood scum, the wife isn't even there so he can't get pussy (and he wouldn't be insane enough to cheat, the Jews would pay literally billions for that story).

It seems like he's awake 24 hours straight just doing everything he said he would. Like most here, I expected we'd get cucked. Nope. Everything he said.



That didn't take long


My god the twitter butthurt is fantastic, what the fuck did these idiots think was going to happen?



She had literally one job

Now she doesn't

Browsing twitter there are still fucktards using the line that Trump or actions like they are dangerous because "ISIS" is using these actions as a call to action. How the fuck this passes as an acceptable argument in lefty minds..

I don't give a fuck about your photos. IF you follow happenings at all RT is 20 and sometimes 40 minutes ahead of the first Western JEwsmedia to break a story in the US or Europe. I don't care about their motives, I just want to see the gore and save before the Jews delete happing photos /videos.

They don't have "arguments" or an original thought or actually give a fuck about politics, other than what the Jews tell them is trendy now and what will get them "likes."

It's amazingly retarded "Don't piss ISIS off or else!" I mean god damn

How neutral would you call RT? I enjoy them and they seem fairly unbiased to me

Don't piss off Putin or he'll send terrorists, blah blah blah

I like RT for news. Having said that, they are day's end funded by the Kremlin and so obviously pursue Russian interests. Whatever their motives, over the years for every big happening in the West they are always first with info and pictures.

"Only 109 people out of 325,000 were detained and held for questioning. Big problems at airports were caused by Delta computer outage, protesters and the tears of Senator Schumer."


TIL 4 > 3,294


This man is in possession of no fucks.

There also not taking into account embed related…

Anons have had a hard time understanding why Trump has supported Israel. The reason should be evident now.

If Trump was not seen as the savior of Israel by a large majority of Jews in America there would be an army of Jews legalizing against him right now and doing everything in their considerable power to stop him. Things are going down relatively easy.

Notice you do not hear many high level Jews speaking out against him. They are pretty quiet.

They're+ they are

Bullshit. Schumer and every big Jew media company has their fangs into him. The only big kike who the Jews called off was Dershowitz, which actually scares me. Usually, whatever side of an issue he's on, the correct position is the opposite.


Actually, I was thinking of Dershowitz specifically.


Isn't everything Trump is doing well within the constitution? Could have sworn that the constitution gives the president final say on who is and isn't allowed in the country if he feels they could be a threat.

I seem to remember president Obongo removing more people, who would question him once he took office. Like a number of generals or something.

Dershowitiz genuinely a scary fucker. to quote Dr. Pierce: "he's not a lawyer, he's not a civil libertarian, he's not even a fellow human being. He's a JEW and that tells you all you need to know."

fun fact- the Jews actually were going to make him the ambassador TO the US from ISRAEL. Consider that. Consider the access he has, even in academia and that he's essentially an open agent of a foreign power known to spy and steal weapons, industrial spying, blackmail, you name it, Israel does it.

Israel had (and still has) tape of Clinton's phone sex from the oval office with his Jewish bimbo. Just sitting in Tel-Aviv as potential blackmail material.

And taking Sally Yates' position as acting AG will be a man who put a governor of Virginia away for ten years.

If you take anything people say on twatter seriously, you're a bigger idiot than they are. Take a subject you know a lot about, take a random sample and try to have a real conversation. you'll find they know nothing.

the only uses of twatter are for news and rousing the rabble if you are very good at it. I have 3 or 4 sock accounts with a decent number of followers for different situations just to rouse the rabble.

she of course knew she was going to get shit-canned and it was only a temp position for another week or so. By the morning, she'll be doing all the rounds on Tv to talk about "muh principles" and use the PR to get a high level job for big shekels. Why I wish there was another way to do this. It was exactly what she wanted and why she did it, it's guaranteed big shekels in the private sector where she could have never found a big job before.


Trump has also just fired the acting director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Daniel Ragsdale.

"Monday massacre" Trending on twitter.

Night of the Long Dildos

almost had it, she lost her job today and this thread is now retarded

Who said anything about believing these idiots? I was just asking for clarification about something I was slightly unsure about and you start sperging about twitter use and the morons that populate it like some raging retard.

She can't be a lobbyist though :^)

because dumb fuck, the post you were referring to had a bunch of random posts from twatter retards. Thus, you were taking them seriously for informational content, which is your first mistake. If you want to know about Constitutional Law, get a textbook on it.

That's interesting, would have to see the wording of the EC and if it applies only to administration appointees since technically she's an obongo appointee while the Jews cry and tear their garments and try to hold up Sessions confirmation.

I'd make anyone on here a $1,000 shekel bet that my the morning–at leas test afternoon– she'll making the rounds of CNN, Morning Jew, wtc.. to talk about "muh principles." Trump should have shitcanned her before any of this began. Doesn't mean much I just hate to see her profit at all.
She may have overplayed her hand though. Even JEwggle's parent company just fired the Podestas as lobbyists since they are fucking useless with Trump in White House.

I would have to agree with . I don't mean to shill, but it's leagues better than simply typing "News" into a google search. It's one of the sites I quote to people.

Correction. Only One fuck is given. That one is for America.


Really happy that he hasn't scaled it back at all after winning.

kek libshits have no idea the consequences that are approaching them.