Dems: "If we win back the house, impeachment process will begin"

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I can't wait for this kike hippie on a power trip to die.

Should be easy to red pill the NPCs.

time to meme it


winning the house how?

they really think they can win after what's happening?

Even in fucking cuckanada it's changing, the left are loosing supporters every day,

Yeah that all happened in the 80's and 90's when the kikes usurped institutional power

auto-erotic asphyxiation

bernie's supporters couldn't even be bothered to vote for him in the primaries. what makes him think they're gonna care enough to vote in the midterms?

Wew lad. Are they this delusional? Things are only going to get worse for them with the 2018 midterms. We're already starting from a position of power, and shitskin democrats don't bother showing up for midterms. We're only going to extend the lead in the house. Possibly to a supermajority. Democrat senators are going to be BTFO as well, since all the faggots who got elected in 2012 in swing states just because they rode on the coattails of Obongo's reelection will be crushed. Something like 23 democrat seats are up for grabs, and a good amount of them range from plausible to guaranteed switches.

I really this faggot to be the next victim of the Trump Curse.

And where exactly did Trump break the law?

Their loss.

With the exposure of the illegal voting schemes throughout the US that is going to be investigated by Sessions something tells me there won't be that many seats empty after the 2018 election cycle when they do boycott.

they will appear but they are the minority now.

they dont know it yet. their worst enemy is themselves

I do actually buy the Bernout's view that they won it legit and then Shillary had the Soros Machines flip the vote for her. Bernie's rallies were comparable to Trump's, and yet he supposedly lost that badly?

I mean I hope the old kike dies ASAP but it's just more salt to rub in their wounds.

It's less a 'law' that was broken and more 'muh feelings'.

I think the 'b..but we thought he was just saying stuff to get elected! We didn't think he'd keep his promises!' line said it best - the Dems are a bunch of duplicitous scumbags who are wholly divorced from reality.

And if you are the dems, why the fuck would you betray your secret plan to impeach Trump this early? Put me on the fucking DNC, coach; I'm ready!

if by that you mean that he got much bigger crowds than his opponents, then yes.

like you siad, they live in a reality when everything is like they want.

when reality comnes, they cant handle that. They are spoileded children

And if anyone has doubts that they're kids throwing a tantrum, just watch any of the protest footage.


It's actually a false equivalency to directly compare Bernie and Trump's crowd sizes. This is because of demographics and location. As we know, liberals tend to be in densely-packed urban areas, whereas conservatives tend to be spread out all over the place in suburban and rural places.

Thus, it's inherently easier for a liberal to get a big crowd. They just need to go to the large city where all the libcucks are, and you have a million people within walking distance who will show up. A conservative, on the other hand, can't just go to the biggest population center. Many of the supporters will need to drive miles and miles away to get there, as they need to travel from all over.

This fact makes Trump's massive crowd sizes all the more impressive.

Are you having a stroke? Use proper spelling and grammar, you look like a nigger otherwise.

Restricting immigration is in the best interest of the Republican party, these fags are trying to mobilize conservacucks.


Bernie was controlled opposition for Hilary the whole time you dumb newfag. It was exposed in the leaks. Fuck off back to reddit.

yes. The general public sees that. Why manning normies are leaving the left?

the normal media are desperate

Good points. Trump's rallies were full of voting adults, Sandal's were full of children and low agency non-voters. But I still think the numbers were fucky. That being said I'm glad Hillary cucked him hard on National TV because that ego-blow knocked the presidential wind out of his sails.


Something to think about as well, here is the map of the 2018 Senate Election. The HOR election map looks similar. Dems are SO fucked.

This. It's why he never hit her hard.


Clinton winning through publicly known fraud is even funnier when you consider how Sanders pretty much resumed his cuck pose like he did at his rallies when BLM took over and told his followers to vote for the establishment. That's just the kind of guy we need dealing with cutthroat foreign leaders.

They're still under the impression this is business as usual. Having tantrums and getting nothing done during this administration is going to put them under.

I believe Trump would've had an even bigger landslide victory against Bernie. He was a wet noodle and Trump would've demolished him with a single Killing Word.

That said, I'm glad he didn't win. Merely having Bernie win the nomination would've been enough to help shift the overton window towards literal unironic gommunism. Not a slippery slope I want to be anywhere near.

If Trump pushes through voter ID legislation and gets rid of the illegals the democrats will not have a plurality for 50 fucking years.

i actually have the opposite opinion, because liberals on the whole actually liked sanders.

And what have we learned?

In their minds, user, in their minds.

Sanders would've had better turnout than Clinton, I think. However it would've not been in the states it mattered. Trump won by rallying the white vote in the necessary states with that Coulter strategy, and all about trade and jobs. Sanders was shaming whites like the rest of the DNC.

Fuckin' how?!

I originally wanted Bernie because enough Americans still exist that would never vote for Commie to make sure Trump would have won in a landslide. It was going to be like Rocky IV except the Commies had a 5 foot tall beta cuck geriatric instead of a Ivan Drago. Only reddit cucks say otherwise.

Impeachment for what exactly?

I was at a Trump rally.

I went to a Bernie rally.

Trump won hands down…… was massive

Imagine Trump questioning Bernie on his weird rape-fanfictions that he wrote in college during the debate. It might actually have killed his geriatric kike brain

I wonder how important the bernouts were in the grand scheme of the election, i know plenty of people in my state were driven over the edge by the whole DNC affair

How many laws did Trump break? Oh wait, he's just full of shit like every other one of these faggots


Isn't it bad enough that they have the media slander him 24/7?

Being born white in the twentieth century.

The Democrats and their voters are a farce at this point. This is the most childish, baseless, stupid whining I think I've ever seen happen anywhere.

They're getting pretty damn blatant about their Pink Revolution.

Imagine being that platinum asshurt

207 more weeks of it

It must feel like being a trucker with hemorrhoids.

Ginsberg while you're at it.

Check this out:

not to defend Trump's refugee order
Published January 30, 2017
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Trump insists temporary travel ban is keeping America safe

>Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration, directed Justice Department attorneys Monday not to defend President Donald Trump's controversial executive refugee and immigration ban.

Libertarians and greens have never been in a better position.

Opps, it fucked up the formatting pretty bad and I broke the link wrong.

Who is that again?


Don't put links in full spoilers like that, mobile users tap the spoiler to see what it says and click the affiliate link back to here.

These people want war.

I say we should give it to them.

niggers and spics don't vote in midterms. We've got this in the bag. Sometimes I forget how truly retarded Bernie is

Yeah, I meant to do this.

This. I'm hoping all the other democratic front-runners eat it too. I'm tired of them piping up.

They've no hope.

What part of this ban is totally legal, constitutional, and has been done before without issue do these fucks not understand? Bloody hell.

Dems are blowing all their steam atm instead of saving it for the midterms. Dems have been notorious for blowing a lot of steam and never backing it up later. Unless something out of the blue happens they will more power during the mid-terms.

*they will loss* God dammit.

Bernie's crowds were very young. Young people don't vote.

how about you just delete the "https" smart guy


You're still trying to engage someone who functions in the arena of emotion via the weapons of reason.
And as such, you're doomed to fail.

They will now. "If only to stop the monster that is Trump and save America."

If they could have done something they would have done it before he got elected. They are loser cucks. Who cares what they say? Well, hopefully Trump does and hangs them all for treason.

These kikes know their time is up once congressional term limits are added, and they are kvetching as loudly as they can.

Letting women vote was the single biggest mistake we ever made. It killed any chance of democracy surviving long-term.

... , goddamit


>207 415 more weeks of it
FTFY. So meme it be. Praise Kek.

No they won't. The left already tried the "you need to vote because Trump is literally Hitler" angle. It doesn't work. Nothing works. Young people simply do not vote and nothing will change that.

They're doing that so they can get re-elected in 2 years time.

They're counting on the retarded SJW lefties to continue their delusion that "if I feel it, it must be true". Therefore, everything that Trump does is unconstitutional, and impeachment charges can be brought on a whim with zero actual cause.

This is why these morons won't be back in power any time soon. They thought manipulating ignorant dems with feelings and fairy tales would be enough. They bought into their own unfounded narrative that Trump was a buffoon. As it's turning out, Trump is proving to be smarter than all of them.

Yeah, and I'm sure Trump and the GOP, now fully aware of their idiot plan, won't take steps over the next two years to counter it in full.

IMO the only Democrat who would have stood a chance against Trump was Jim Webb.

Liberals get really, really mad when I point that out.

That reminds me - can Ruth B. Ginsburg be memed to death in the next year or so? She's got to be on death's door, and just needs a little push…

It will be done,

At this point, there's more of a chance that the democratic party will happily chase him out of the party than nominate him. They're going to be unofficially known as the "kill white people" party to the general public soon.

Beware that some of those fuckers might legit fall on their own swords to oust trump.

I figure when Sessions starts putting the boots to people we're going to have some folks strategically retire, decide to not run or get hung from the lamp posts.

He already looks like he has one foot in the grave.

They'll never win back the House, it's not even close. Senate is close but they're defending more seats than Republicans and will probably lose ground in 2018.

They already have, as I understand it.

The establishment organ headlines have been absolute hysteria for three days running. This reminds me of when he first secured the Republican nomination - complete surprise and disarray along with blustering shit talk about how Hillary would crush him.

The democrats just spent 8 years destroying the constitution.


Senate Dems in MT, ND, IN, MO, and WV are definitely fucked if they defy Trump especially on Supreme Court nominees. They'll either have to fall in line hardcore with him or lose in 2018.


And it'll be just like this scene from Serenity with Trump and may allah forgive me for saying this as the black guy.

She got fired.

Burn in hell mudslime

The thing about NPCs is that they just have one line of scripted dialog.
and so on.

You gotta take control of the media servers if you want to patch them with your own dialog.

every time

They should've thought about that before they gave such a silly amount of power to the executive branch. They're not in a position to obstruct much of anything except in the Senate, and it may be sensible for even an old establishment guy like McConnell to invoke the nuclear option if the Dems are going to act like this.

It seems like these people are in a bubble they've created for themselves where they think that they are far more righteous and supported than they really are. This whole Muslim Ban thing, even though it was poorly rolled out and wildly misunderstood, is supported by a majority of the country, and yet these Dems are acting like they have 95% support.

Same thing that happened with Hillary's campaign. Everyone was in a bubble and the media was controlled enough to keep that bubble intact, so she didn't do what she needed to win because she thought she was way more popular and secure than she really was.

That said, it's a good strategy on their part to keep the energy up until the midterms because Dems normally don't turn out in midterms, but it will be really difficult to keep the urgency and hysteria up for two whole years without having people get exhausted and demoralized entirely.

isn't this just an admission that they are incapable of arguing a case for this fairly? If they had a compelling reason that could bring about such an impeachment they could try it now.

I'm hoping we are able to replace a few cuckservatives with more pro-Trump people as well.

At the end of the day it does all come down to Trump and the GOP being able to deliver in a way that makes a tangible difference in ordinary people's lives, which isn't a given at all. It takes a lot of time and effort for policies to take effect.

Also, Trump and the GOPe don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but both of them have to agree to get it done and locked into law.

there's actually a lot of ways I can think of that the left could turn their message around and make some progress with the voters. It's just that they're not doing any of them and in the most cases are doing the opposite like in the case of this post.Most voters don't really care to hear about how much these people hate trump if they could lead with a message about how they will actually reform the democratic party and somehow be better for the country especially economically it might get them somewhere, but they seem incapable of realizing this and they're quickly running out of time

Yes, for now. However, the law in this country is ridiculously big and complex,and at some point he'll step over some line. Every Persident does.

The size of the offense doesn't matter so much as the determination of the opposing party to impeach. That's why Bill Clinton got impeached for doing something far less noteworthy than Bush or Obama did.

which state?

Just now, actually.

God damn I love this timeline.

The Dems are desperate for something to unite their own party, ironically enough. I think this is one of the unforeseen consequences of radicalizing your idpol brainwashed followers. Solidarity goes out the window as in-group bias gets amped up. "Democrat" is to broad an identity vs nigger, beaner, faggot, tranny, etc.


- t. Jewish Prisoner in Night

they're currently n the process of losing the support of the unions, women, "people" of color, and their immigrants are being deported. Ignorant children in college, and anarchists don't go out to vote. How do they intend to win anything? they can't even cheat anymore I don't get it.


the people, the police, the military, the government, and most if not all of the gun owners are on the right. Does the left plan to fight a civil war with people on the front lines so weak they hit that faggot shaun spencer in the face with a wrench and didn't even knock him over?

Where do these people even come from?

Like, the protestors. These people seriously have no jobs, right? I can't really think that a large percentage of them have anything else to do. They protest all the goddamn time. Shit, you'd think they'd stop to work, but I guess not. They must seriously all be NEETs.

Not sure why they are trying so hard to make white people riot, don't they know what happens?

the thing I'm still confused about is what, even in their sad little world, is the argument they're making, even to themselves? All their pets are leaving them Islam and the beaners are being deported the women, niggers, gays, and union workers are abandoning the party. I mean social issues and identity politics are stupid nonsense in the first place but they don't even have that now, what do they think it will accomplish if a bunch of college kids and feminists are beaten into the dirt by the police?

People probably don't even remember that the democrats exist right now.


Translation: he's a danger to their agenda.


They get paid Soros bucks so they can protest instead of working. Purple revolution, Antifa, eastern european revolutions, yada yada. It's the same shit, but in the U.S.. Problem is, the eastern European countries Soros and his kike crew sought to topple didn't have the most heavily armed right-wing population in the world.

tl;dr the right will be crashing Soros' coup WITH NO SURVIVORS

Is the left really this stupid? This can not end well for them…

They're shitting bricks at how fucked they're gonna be when the House and Senate are Super-majorities, there's enough Governors to have a Constitutional Convention, and Trump actually follows his campaign promises with bills and not just EO's they can reverse.


I don't think I'd ever stop cumming if this happened

Do they need governors or state legislatures to approve constitutional amendments?

its actually a good scene, and an applicable one

shouldn't have said allah

I bet all those evil racist Trump supporters have turned against him now that's he kept all of his campaign promises. Surely the democrats will take the house.

>no allah

But that's the meme, user.

it's a meme ya dip

and this confirms it

Translation: "we're finally dealing with a Republican presidential who isn't controlled opposition. OY VEY!"


A Constitutional Convention can be called if 2/3rd's of states desire it. That means either 2/3rd's of the State's Representatives, or the legislatures of 2/3rd's of individual states (signed the the Governor of course).

not being a castrated conservative bitch.

The leftards literally CANNOT comprehend that a significant chunk of the populace might want what Trump promised (or anything else other than their left liberal doctrine).

Dem congressmen openly saying "we wanna impeach this guy because he opposes us" though… that's just insanely corrupt. We're heading toward open civil war, and if that happens, no matter who wins or loses, American democracy is over. It's just a matter of who's gonna be in the chair when the music stops.

I heard a theory that Trump's politcal power is derived from populism and support of the Military pillar of american unfluence, hillary's support being the economic and political pillar. Isn't impeachment a fight they cant win? You cant coup against the guys who have all the guns and support from the masses.

what is his nuclear option?

Maybe we're just at that point where the republic has to end. No democracy in the history of the world has lasted forever.

Civil war would end really badly for lefties. Nearly everyone who can handle and owns a gun starts from the middle and goes towards right, including law enforcement, militia, military. Most dangerous would be beaners and niggers, but they can't aim for shit and can't into tactics either. Lefties also mostly live in urban areas which you can easily surround and cut off supplies, while we own most land and fertile soil to keep ourselves fed. I would be more worried about China or Mexico trying to intervene than lefties being capable of winning any civil war.

China is an ocean away and depend on America for their economy. Mexico less so, but still need the commerce since nobody ever goes to Mexico except for avocados and classic Coke.

lel what the literal fuck



The armed forces and law enforcement are 200% behind President Trump.




Why do you think they're so afraid and shitting themselves?

They're about to lose everything and be thrown in the dustbin. If Trump goes through on his promises and secures the rust belt for the Republicans the Democrats will be finished as a party, the coast yuppie states aren't enough for them to get back into the white house.

They will never turn their message around. They gambled on communism and being on the right side of history, if they turn course now they'll have to cover up the fact that they where hypocrites. Meanwhile the loudest of the leftists (through funding, protesting, and violence) currently are so indoctrinated into it that any breakneck change in the democrats policy will lose them, and they probably make up the majority of their base to.

They dug their own grave.

pretty sure McCaskill will defy Trump and lose her seat hope she does too, she's already demanding immigration documents from the white house


They were trying to have the internets candidate of choice as controlled opposition and fought very hard to keep Trump support down in the beginning. Bernie was spammed on reddit 2 years before the primaries, he was supposed to be "our guy" and then oh darn he lost to Hillary and then have her vs Jeb.



If King Nigger would have shown any respect towards the law and not circumvented it whenever he pleased, I would have to agree with him.
But now, Trump is just fullfiling his campaign promises.
That they might be unconstitutional shouldn't rile up anyone after 8 years of King Nigger.
The fact taht it does either means that there is a heavy double standard going on, or that they finally woke up.
Knowing how libtards are, it's pretty much the former though.




Mexico don't even have a proper army

It's double standards. Obama did the exact same thing for six months in 2011 and nobody said shit

This video is honestly all I'm gonna remember King Nigger for in less time than I had ever imagined would be possible to forget his ass in. Happy days, happy happy days.


I'm fairly certain a Night of Long Knives could happen for the US, if those insider fucks are dumb enough to conspire to kill him. There's actually competent investigators that are on Trump's side, and if a conspiracy like that comes to surface either before or after an attempt on Trump's life, it would be reason enough to brand every single person even tangentially involved with treason and wipe them clean off the plate. They're psychotic enough to try a coup like that, and incompetent enough to fuck it up.
I just hope it doesn't have to come to that.

We had plenty of reasons to impeach Bush boy and King Nigger, but oh no, both sides had no basis, but almost 12 days since Trump committed to completing his campaign promises, the entire fucking world goes insane! if he's pissing this much retards and hypocrites, he's truly doing something right.


Nothing he's doing is unconstitutional. Stop buying the left's bullshit.

Didn't Dems start the first one, too?

Translation: Oy vey! We can't keep up! Not enough time to spin the narrative!

After this last week, I am convinced that the left are going to get their shit pushed in at mid terms. In fact, I think they'll lose even more ground. You wanna see some "Reeee"? Let's meme that into reality.


In a sense. Back then they didn't really have the crypto-commie "left" that we have now though.

The more they do this, the more pissed off Trump will become

He will become Hitler at this rate

If Trump pushes federal voter ID laws through before the midterm then it's possible the Democrats will never win the house ever again.

This first week of his presidency has made me retardedly optimistic for the first time in years.

These people are so delusional. I can't even fathom how stupid a person has to be to believe this shit. "A President working toward the benefit of the country and acting within the confines of the law and the constitution is bad! Impeachment will begin soon!" I wish we could just kill all these fucks in one large organized attack.

Why? That would clean the slate in a single night. Then the cities across the nation get put under martial law and all the rats get forced to bend a knee. Win-win. Then we can run this country our way without any opposition.

Oh please stop dick teasing and pass the auto-sears. For the love of Christ, I'd build 100 full-auto Stens at $200 each and bury them in the Michigan woods and save them for DotR.

You can't hide gay sex with hats on that easily fag.

WV's Dem senator is alright, better than the Rep senator in fact (who's a naggy cunt). He came out in support of Trump's cabinet.

No, it's not. They're going to burn out their supporters in the next two weeks.


This is extremely true and needs to be understood more. When they want or like something, they state it as if it were fact. If they dislike something they portray it as impossible.

I don't think I've ever heard them say "I don't want a wall to be built" all they keep saying is "the wall can not be built".

They are truly delusional, they believe their own bullshit and then they freak when things don't go their way.

You can see how effective kike brainwashing is. Making niggers seem competent and killing white men while you don't bat an eye and say "It's actually a good scene"
You really should be ashamed of allowing the jewish programming to indoctrinate you.

impeached FOR WHAT ?

Refusing to associate with legitimate leadership like this doesn't detract from its legitimacy, it just makes you irrelevant. If the Democrats don't govern, don't legislate, and refuse to help Republicans do either, what the hell do they do for the next for years?

Mike "Volt the fruity frog" Pence

Oh. Mike "Galvani" Pence

For keeping his promisses, how dare he do so much for the American people in only 2 weeks, a true politician would never do that!

Checked, Bernie confirmed death. But by what, hmm…

Perhaps the Gay Plague AIDS, or maybe raped by a Muslim.

The left bare their fangs and claws. It's only a matter of time before their displays backfire on them.

If these clowns think they can impeach Trump on the basis of stopping immigrants from any country, then why didn't they do it to the Carter administration when barred Iranians or Obama when he barred Iraqis (in 2011)? Furthermore, how have people not seen past Bernie's bullshit? Didn't he not disclose his campaign contributions and gave half of those earnings to the Clinton campaign? What happened to the other half? Is that how he bought that third home (w/boat) on the Vermont shoreline? In regards to his healthcare plan, how was it any better than Obamacare(originally called, Hillarycare? an equally absurd policy that was laughed at by most of American Econometricians)?

General libtards' "arguments" in a nutshell.
I wish these were exaggerations.
sage because this is kind off topic, I don't think it really contributes anything but rage.

I disagree with you, this entire thread is rage-inducing, best just to accept that with the way things are blowing in post-modern America. If we don't talk about it, how will we avoid a catastrophe?

Let's get back on it though. What can we do to meme this shit? Can we not put together something to make Bernie release his tax forms? The guy is sneaky as fuck, there's no question, but how do we make all of this come to light? Is it true that he never had a real job and just coasted by going into politicshe never went into what his economic plan was, though I assume it was like his healthcare plan?

Bernie is basically banking on people voting with their gibmedis instead of their brains. His plan was basically to shovel more taxes on the wealthy and heavily tax the wealthy when they died.

Which would've encouraged further flight, spending prior to death to prevent excessive inheritance taxing and other general fuckery.

And this is disregarding that we have already thrown more money than the GDP of many countries, yearly, at the problem of poverty and it's only getting worse.

Dems have lost for the next 20 years at least.

On what grounds, you insane cucks?

can any murican explain impeachment to me? i thought it could only be enacted if the president did something illegal, since you can't send the president to jail.

Basically. Yes. You can impeach the President if he has violated the law, some people go on to talk about treason but.. guess what.. treason is illegal too.

This is them trying to basically say they feel butthurt, therefore he is breaking the law.

Those debates would've been a shitshow of these two old bastards bragging about how much ass they got back in the day.

Listen, very few of us were redpilled to many aspects of Holla Forums general philosophy and the fact remains that we've overcome that in order to see the facts as they are. How can we shift the overton window for the average idiot viewer who are still in the cave observing manmade shadows?

Thanks Obongo. I mean it.

I don't think bernie got a lot of ass, just wrote about it in a creepy way.

Do they not realise they'll cause a legit fucking civil war if they fuck over Trump?
The US has been on the edge of this shit for a good 20 years now, this would push it over.

right now the candidates for the DNC chairmanship are stumbling over themselves to see who can be the most communist and authoritarian.

tbh fam i hope they keep it up because it's going to polarize the normies and independent voters against them.

if they pretend to be centrist or moderates then i think a bunch of normies would fall for it.

What are those non-yellow sections? Craters? Lakes?


Blowing them the fuck out with results.

People will only understand obvious results now, you can't talk to them about theory. Theory shuts their brains down.

Other countries

No. Pretty sure it's craters and new lakes.

Atlanta will be razed again, but this time to exterminate the nigs inhabiting it. You can rebuild with Neo-Roman like you always wanted to.

I know several people that would have voted for Bernie, but they stayed home when Clinton won. I was even able to convince a few of them to vote Trump. However, if Bernie had won it, then I imagine that the Hillary people would have very obediently fallen in line.

He hasn't.

Some judge and some bitch tried defying his orders.

They're in the wrong.

The US Pres can make Executive Orders on who comes into this country.

Obama had an EO blocking Iraqi nationals from entry. Not one cry of racism or unfairness when he did that.

btw reminder that Saudi Arabia did 9/11 and can still let their people into our country. 7 nation ban isn't enough.

Democrats are literally crying. They are delusional. They have no chance of winning the house in 2018 and, about the Senate, they are defending 33 senate seats while Republicans are only defending 9 in the 2018 midterms.

Trump will likely have a qualified majority in Senate by this point and we can meme some non-cucked Republicans into congress.

However, we need to continue to reach out to the non-sjw democrats that still have some rationality. Let their Soros-funded mobilizations move the party even more to the dying progressive discourse, so that anyone who can even appeal to independents is unable to step up in the democratic party.

Redpill Sanders Faggots on how he sold out to Clinton, who rigged the primaries (as per wikileaks), stealing it from him. Tell how much in common his discourse was with Trump's and how Sanders jewed his retarded supporters by giving his campaign donations to Clinton (no refunds).

Make sure to operate divide and conquer tactics all the time, like blaming the previous president for Hillary being defeated and promoting witch-hunts against Sanders supporters. Make them keep clinging on to the Hillary campaign but just becareful not to push it too much as these people are retarded and may end up literally believing that crap.

If you even come close to impeachment (I have no fucking idea how as you don't have any legitimate to raise against Trump) you can expect the country to descend into chaos, full stop.
You will have civil war 2.0 if you somehow manage to initiate proceedings, the only motivation behind this is emotional nonsense and MUH FEELS bullshit.
What a bunch of fucking morons.

Obango banned Cubans at the final days of his term, who are fleeing gommie persecution, and media didn't give a shit because they voted for Hitler and there wasn't a cry from the DOJ.

Because they have no fucking chances to win back the house. Next mid term they have to defend 29 seats… the don't even have 10 to defend. The democrats have dug themselves into a nice grave, they're close to be a regional party nobody vote for them outside of areas full of their pets (and were conveniently there is no electoral listings so they can cheat to their hearth contents). Big cities have only so many seats… It's even worse than the electoral college.

Only they get back to power is color revolution.


Impeach him for what exactly?

So they are going to act like children, further legitimizing the working man's support for Trump, and their only platform is "We'll impeach him". Since the majority of voters went to Trump, they'd lose on that platform.
These loons have been in the politics world too long. They are incapable of evolving so they will not survive. If there is such a thing, an entrepreneurial lefty could pull a Trump on the Dems and take over. But they crippled themselves with the identity based oppression in fighting. I think their most motivated voters (single moms on the dole and shitskins) will be completely demoralized come midterms. And what will their candidates have to show at that time? That they obstructed the president at every turn while his policies have been working and good?

Mob rule because fee-fees were hurt.

Being a nationalist in a globalist zone.

Same leftist bullshit wishful thinking

Something about the first amendment and religious freedom despite how the constitution doesn't even apply to people not living in the U.S. and how the ban isn't because they're Islamic nations but instead because of terrorist groups operating out of the barred nations

Reminder, these people think the founders were all diehard anarcho-communists hell bent on ensuring equality and freedom. Thus, he broke the law - suddenly they're all academic experts on Adams.

McConnell is one of them, I think. He's pretending his hands are tied and not doing crap to force through Trump's cabinet.

Obama is out of office

"Resistance movement" inside a sovereign nation. Implying violence ( which we've seen) against citizens and government officials.
So when will this "resistance" ( fucking jews and their fixation on "resistance" groups) be rightfully classified as terrorists & purged?
The Lügenpresse as well for helping incite these terrorists? Subversion , sedition an treason that is what they are doing right now this "resistance" and on top of that they get foreign funding from countries, groups and people like this (((soros))).
Unleash the military on these scum bags.

So the massive piles of evidence supporting that is was Israel/MOSSAD are all fake now or what?

No, it's just that the House of Saud are crypto-israelis.

We're talking about the same people here. Mossad did 9/11 using them as a proxy.

Kek confirms, guess it makes sense. Been wondering about this whole Saudis did 9/11 meme since it started. Regardless of whether or not Saudi Arabia was behind 9/11 though the travel ban should still be extended to them since they're like 99% kebab.

Honestly if something like this happened it could play out in our favor the way things have been going lately:
I know it's not likely, but a man can dream at least.

That's the the plan, keep it on the downlow you goof.

they're radicalizing and going out, inciting for violence and the soros funded protestors will be gearing up to accuse and chase any white passerby a nazi and attack them. The more these keep popping up, the more normies will see this as it's also happening in their neighborhoods and shit.

Night of the long knives will either come if they try to attempt a coup, or after enough attacking random civilians and "justifying" it by calling them nazis that the police force is cracked down on them, and they become properly branded as the terrorist group they are.

Is what he says after 8 years Obooga.

Trying to pick up a trap, user?


No, any secession will be very quickly see the Chinese and Russians unite to take us down.

you're on to something.
and of course, the whole point of the "current year" argument is because progressives see what they are doing as impossible to stop and inevitable, so "no point in resisting it!"

it's fun showing libs all these new possibilities.

Holy shit they really have no idea how fucked they are


It is going nowhere. Trump's smaller rallies were larger. Even Jeb managed to pull in more people.

all it really takes is to just show a video of the DNC and Sarah Silverman going "You bernie or bust people are being ridiculous"

Wow what the heck! ? Is that a real video? Lol.

Why hasnt everyone in america seen that video??

Also i saged to be polite. Dont take it personally Fam!

Also nice digits! We should call them stone cold steve Digs!

Hm, suddenly de-legitimizing and obstructing the president is good? I wonder what is behind the sudden change of heart?


Why wait? Get a gun and put a bullet in his head.


hello FBI

The Democrats will never ever again attain office. We will build real gas chambers and a Civil war is going to happen. Nothing any person on earth can do to stop my will of this happening. America will be racially White and White ONLY.

That's the spirit



The quality of that edit is awful. There are better choices of font than Comic Sans, and the dark fringing around the chalk can be recreated with a second layer underneath with inverted color and blur applied, double it and raise the contrast until it matches.

250 posts and no obongo if-if-if-if-if-if video and I can't find mine. sad pepe

Luckily for us being centrist or moderate at this stage would involve conceding some points to trump and laying off some of the hyperbole. We all can see that ain't going to happen.

IDK which one looks worse tbh

He left of his own accord after endorsing Trump. He's an Independent now.