How to prevent the BLM race war

This country will fall apart if a race war were to ever truly happen. Yes you whites would win with little effort but this would ruin the Image of this country. Trumps rise to power would be used as a scapegoat. Niggers will have to die in order for Black people to survive. Black people of moral fiber are too small in number to counter the Nigger and his insatiable hunger for violence.

The best solution is for Trump to send in forces to end the violence. Black gangs and Thug culture must be destroyed. It is no different than ISIS.

Sending in death squads into Chicago and other hot beds of black violence is the only way.This has to have the support of the entire country. Blacks included. Ben Carson can destroy welfare and the leaches would no longer be able to reoroduce or survive without goverment aid. They would riot and have to be thrown in jail as well. Black women have had so many abortions we are no longer at replacement levels. This is the right time to act.

Many of us are confused and ignorant. They want the violence to stop but they know in their hearts the Nigger will never stop until he is dead. I have talked to my people and too many of them believe that Black American thug culture is the only culture they have. They will not give it up without a fight. We know that very few of us were ever truly kings and queens. We sold our own people into slavery. We had no written language. Our leaders are race pimps, rappers, and globalist puppets.

This is why they never fully support ending the violence. It is woven into the music, clothes, speech patterns, dance, and pride of our people. It is a foolish culture that true blacks abandon but are not allowed to openly demonize. (Uncle tom) Compare it if you will to Islam. How would you feel if your people worshiped a pedophile for thousands of yeara and refused to abandon such a vile religion because it was the at the very heart of yout people? It's a garbage pile but it is YOUR garbage pile.
If the gangs are killed,BLM groups delegitimized, and the lazy no longer able to have children to give to the state the black race would decrease in number a great deal. Only the strong would survive. The country will avoid a race war and we will save millions of American lives. We can create a new black culture and build Black Wallstreet again. How can we convince my Black people to accept this truth? If I spoke this way in public It would not go over well. Meme magic is real but how strong is it? Is it too late to stop the race war?

Video of BLM calling for the race war



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Why would we want to prevent it? We've been deliberately stoking it for years. This is our chance for nationalist revolution and ethnic cleansing we want so dearly.

I have no desire for niggers here, this includes your "talented tenth".

Do names matter when half of the country thinks you elected a nazi with a piss fetish? Call us what you wish.

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You're a kike. This Muh white people pr is laughable. Whites are already hated and many places don't like the USA. We don't need them. Fuck the rest of the world

our countrys image is so ___ .
that other countries view us as ___.
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Why prevent it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them.


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Blacks need to go back to the Public Enemy style culture. Public Enemy was redpilled on the Jews. Their music was positive and motivational and the members were intelligent and well-spoken. Well, obviously not flava-flav, he's a fuckin crackhead retard but he was just there for the sake of novelty. Black Nationalism is fine as long as they understand their place and know the answer to the Jewish question.

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Fuck right off, that was the beginning of the slippery slope that is pushing niggers as the predominant culture.
You think "good niggers" are your friends?
You think "good niggers" aren't just niggers that repress their animalistic nature?
Get real. Niggers should not be allowed anywhere near white society.

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Their music was about cucking, user.

Apparently the HWNDU threads are getting banned there and we're experiencing our own migrant crisis.

Reminder: if we strike first, we would lose the opportunity to gain as much leverage over our enemies.
Let them execute their pitiful attack first, hell, goad them to chimp out as the shills here do with us, then we'll have more support from others internationally and domestically, strengthening our numbers, giving whites more incentive to fight, and may also awaken many bluepilled cuck which would learn their lesson quick in the beginning stages of the race war.
This isn't just LARPing, it will happen. Obviously, it could go either way, with sparse isolated chimpouts throughout the country (most likely), or full civil war (least likely without kike meddling).
Our strength doesn't come from throngs of savages going around, beating the shit out of people, it comes from smart planning, psyops, playing the enemy, etc.



PR is what killed gamergate. We will not repeat their mistake

Don't believe me? They were frequently condemned bu the anti-defamation league.

Just look at these lyrics to the song "Swindler's Lust". They literally name the jew and call out the six gorillion.

Vultures of culture
A dollar a rhyme, but we barely get a dime
Uh-huh, check it out

If you don't own the master, then the master own you
Who you trust, from Swindler's Lust?
From the back of the bus, neither one of us
Control the fate of our soul, in Swindler's Lust

Hickory dickory dock
Hand in my pocket, rob me for my chocolate
Mo' dollars, mo' cents, for the Big Six
Another million led to bled, claimin innocence
Is it any wonder why black folks goin under?
Cause niggas be sold in bundles!
No pressure, tell me why they don't care
Rap and R&B pavin the streets of Bel-Air
From the sales of singers, no longer here
The bigger killer, get the bigger share (eheheheh)
Now the ones I attack, negroes got their back
No, eighty/twenty is a wack contract
Forever lack, the voice of real blacks
Stole rock'n'roll and ain't gave it back (yea yea)
Started off my defense, now they're the ones I defend against
Who fell up into the tricks
"Fuck the Fight the Power shit, get that Chuck D nigga fixed
And keep him up out of the mix"
Well hell, tell em Chuck don't suck no dick
Be an ass, and that ass get kicked
Hand in my pocket, rob me for my chocolate
Watch em swindle yo' ass and turn a profit

If you don't own the master, then the master own you
Who you trust, from Swindler's Lust?
From the back of the bus, neither one of us
Control the fate of our soul, in Swindler's Lust

They don't care about me, they don't care about you
They don't care about you and your crew
Your family neighborhood and plus, heh
They don't give a damn about us

One thing about them, they like to exploit though
Vultures of culture
They like to exploit little suckers
A dollar a rhyme – while we barely get a dime

Profit off the soul of black folk
Turn em into bitches, niggas, and stupid ass jokes
Laugh with us? Or laughin at us? That's what I'm guessin
We interrupt this program with that question

They came in and sat at the feet (uh-huh)
Of our ancient ancestors; they learned (yeah)
They took it back, They came back, then they imitated (right)
Once they got enough, they came back and destroyed!

I want cuckchan to pack their bags and head home already, HWNDU is over.

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I can think of one good reason to delay, though. We must unfuck and rebuild our military BEFORE any eth nic shenanigans occur. The whole world will come gunning for us (sans ~maybe~ Russia) once something like that starts.


I'm not saying you should like niggers, just that this specific brand of nigger is more tolerable than the 'get money, dolla dolla bill muh dik' street thugs we have now.

Oh well It was worth a shot. I guess we black people are just cursed. I really wanted to see Pizzagate come to light before the race war happened. Soros really has black people under his thumb and our race too dumb to see it.

Just the way of the world I guess. If the race war hapens I can live with the fact that I never fell prey to the demons that rule this world. I walked my own path and did it with pride. The ride never truly ends.

Alright , end ? They are still getting ovened. Just because negro went from terrible to plain bad it doesnt mean he is off the rope.

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You realize this board is almost completely divorced from reality, right?

Nope. That's what go us here to being with.

There won't be a race war. There will be a race bitchslap, after which BLM will calm themselves down and behave again.

Resegregating schools and allowing black teachers to properly discipline black students with corporal punishment, which is the only punishment that actually registers for most of you nogs, would go a long way towards fixing the worst of your cultural problems.


Encourage your people to go back to your homeland. If you really are smart, hardworking, and have charisma you would be a rarity among blacks, and could very easily become their leader.

Of course that's not going to happen and you're just a troll, but that's what you should be doing if you are born black in a White country.

Slavery was what got us into this mess, niggers don't belong anywhere near a white society.
First americans to mongrelize mongrelized with slaves.

This. Completely Annihilation

This has to be the dumbest thing i've ever read. Either kill them or send them back to africa, slavery is just retarded.

The big mistake was not castrating the slaves. Mudslimes were better slavers than Americans, it must be said.

Don't you think we have a right to all the oil, ore, and gemstones that are in africa?
Niggers fucking owe us for running amock in our countries, the least they could do is voluntarily concentrate and let us pillage their homelands like they want to do to ours.

They were, as were the Egyptians. American slavery was shit-tier even in terms of slavery.

They got greedy. "Why go buy more slaves when you can just breed your own?" Sandnigs are shit tier, but at least they put the sanctity of their medium-poo-coloured bloodlines ahead of profit-focused kikery.

Ann f you are black and not a troll, i will give you some legit advice:

Move to ethiopia, you are have a good background than 90% of the people tthere, and could legitimately make a difference for them if you apply yourself in a government position. If a race war ever happens in the US, blacks are doomed, they will march into meatgrinders for their jewish masters and be genocided, they act tough because they face no real opposition. Blacks in the modern west have no sense of history, and they simply cant comprehend what happens when white people get pissed off. The atrocities they commited on peacefull well-meaning white people over the years will not be forgotten, and they simply are simply no match for whites in warfare, they will be wiped out within months if a civil war is declared and they side with the left, wich will certainly use you as frontline bullet-sponges. Go and try to make a better future for your fellow blacks on their homelands, they are doomed here, they have shown that colectively, if given the chance, they would "kill whitey" without a second guess.

Yu have a right to whatever you can take , but i find anons like you funny, yu talk as if you already have an army of fanatical stormtroopers under your command. I find it hilarious.

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Whites and Blacks have niggers equally. I was out and about today, left the library to see a young white man older than me with speakers in his backpack blasting nigger music shuckin and jivin. Headed through the park saw a group of 6+ black men hollerin "GANG GANG". I turned 90degrees and hopped a fence over to the metro line.

This is actually good advice. Find me a african PM or president that wasnt western educated.


Heiled and confirmed