Keith Olbermann Apologizes On Behalf of America, Breaks Down With Tears Discussing Trump

We are better than this



Yup these are the death throes


This is unacceptable.


This is some Glenn Beck shit.

Feels good to win.

these people are such blowhards

He should let his balls drop and kill himself live on air to "atone" to the world.

Why is (((he))) apologizing on behalf of America ? He's a jew.

That fucking comment section…who are the Jews selling GQ to these days? It's funny as fuck to troll.


Damn this is suicide-watch tier

Sage for double post

Still waiting for Olbermann to get fired for the prima donna bullshit that's gotten him fired from every job since at least Sportscenter.

Call me when he kills himself.

At this rate, he will be just tier by mid February.

Olbermann needs the 'just cuck my shit up' haircut.

He cried over gay marriage too iirc

Closeted fans.

lol this guy tops himself with every new video. Jaysus.



I'm not giving GQ a view.


Do it. and play this with it


Which song is that? I can't tell if it's soviet.

Crying while quoting Jewish propaganda by Ezra Lazarus, a Zionist, who called for a multicultural America while demanding Israel be a Jewish ethno state.



Seriously we need to shit post up this comment section.

Anyone has his dox?

If you didn't find out, it's called Polyushke Polye.


Also holy fuck Sandra calm the fuck down

Webm that shit.

Thanks user

I legit heard someone say online that it was Trumps fault for creating such a vile and hostile political climate, so the poor muzzie shooter was the victim all along being forced to act out

how soon can we deport this kike?


Olbermann's right, we should always strive to do… better.


If only public education were as good in the Deep South as it is in Mexico or Somalia

Also does this dumb faggot even know what it was that led to the decline of rome?
It certainly wasn't a fucking right-wing politician taking center stage.

They just never learn that shaming the working class as uneducated hicks is what got them into this situation in the first place.

Funny how the left's patented "independent critical thought" just happens to coincide with the consensus opinion of corporate media.

Oh, thats good.
Oh, that sucks.

did he call trump a gargoyle? what the fuck

gar GOY le

That last fucking one is a direct reference to that retarded Clinton quote "we're great because we're good."The audacity of this absolute fucking kike. He's like every jewish buzzfeed writer stuffed into a sack of shit.

They put his hat in the holocaust museum and called him a Golem. They are literally saying Trump is annudah shoah.

I remember back in my liberal days I considered myself far more intelligent than "stupid hillbilly rightwing rednecks", and do you know why I felt that I was smarter? because "progressives believe in progress, and that can't possibly be bad. conservatives just need better education like me". I used to be just like them, so brainwashed that I believed the jewish shackles made me better than opponents of the ZOG, not their puppet.

I agree with spic Raoul that we have "an OCEAN of semi-literate, uneducated trailer trash". It's just that our underclass, which is about 40% of the population, consists of ghetto niggers and cartel spics. Of the enormous problems this country has, white people don't even register on the scale.



Implying 62,985,105 people are incapable of independent critical thought.

Pretty much, anyone who voted Hillary deserves the same treatment they would receive in a gulag. Also, take note of how he suggested its trailer trash. I wonder what he thinks about niggers being called ghetto trash, or sub-humans etc

Fam, when does the day come when we can start killing these people? Please, I want it.

Somebody fix this shit


Checked. We will meet again soon.

You better be buying a ton of tissue boxes, because you're going to be crying for 8 years straight.

It's been a week and a DAY. Imagine what tomorrow brings.
I am probably missing more or will be within another a few hours. The Presidential Madman does not sleep.
I can't wait for another Spicer conference.

The comments section is completely cancerous.

they are adapting to Alex Jones menuvers.


Funny since they are literal commies who band under "muh workers unite".

And one of the most vile, kike, ranking Democrat Senators to boot.

The literal liberal tears make it all so much sweeter. What a faggot

Ok I saw the picture of the dude in the yellow shirt before and assumed it was one of those "dafuq" pictures, but not like 3 separate instances of this shit. Is this a common thing?


How many DemocRAT worker bees were paid to shill this bucket of shit?

Usually I'd say we should ridicule him into oblivion but in this case it might be better to just ignore him and not give him any attention as this is clearly what he seeks. He just trying to create a ruckus so somebody will employ him.

I'm a math major and most of my classmates supported Trump. When will this "le uneducated poor white trash" meme die?


The Jews push it in the MSM as a way to drive public support against Trump. Why all their polls were such bullshit. The Jews had memed voting for him into "only for White trash," so people lied to the survey Jews and then voted for him anyway.
A few thousand Jews and communists protesting at airports doesn't equal the entire country. The Jews pulled this shit with Nixon.

"White Trash" is used by non-whites. Whites know that the absolute lowest of white men is only slightly less intelligent than the smartest of niggers - and probably that unintelligent white man has a gene somewhere for more intelligent children. All humans have a 'collection' of genes that can active/de-activate; not entirely set in stone. That's why siblings can look different and behave differently. The lowest results of that pool of genes in whites is only a sliver less than the highest of the niggers - with a chance to produce offspring that are more intelligent than themselves, where the highest of a race is less likely to.

Sure, inbreeding would result in unhealthy things (sometimes - sometimes not) and shouldn't be a practice. That wouldn't say much about the intelligence of anyone but their parents, which is not indicative of the intelligence of —

I'm not going to explain all of the stupid little points that would be brought up, I just wanted to point out that the majority of the obesity and low IQ in Southern USA is caused by niggers being there, not by the whites.

not exclusivity m8.

No, you don't get the history of the meme and how long the Jews have been doing it. In the 1960s when the Jews first began their civil rights push, they'd take a photo of one, overweight, sweaty White guy protesting niggers proudly marching into a school that the Jews have choreographed.
This is the image of "racist" the Jews have memed into the American consciousness. Dr. Pierce did a long broadcast on this. There is a certain image the Jews push of the overweight, poorly dressed White guy from the south with poor teeth.

They will bend the knee.

Workers are to commies what niggers are to democrats.

But you were already embarassed to be American, you stupid bitch.



Be careful what you meme for…..


Shit forgot second pic