Washington is 1st state to sue Trump over immigration order

Why aren't you faggots talking about this?

Washingtton state's attorney general declared Monday that he was suing President Donald Trump over his temporary ban on immigration from seven countries with majority-Muslim populations, making it the first state to announce a legal action against the Trump administration over one of its policies.

Trump's executive order also suspended the United States' entire refugee program and set off nationwide protests over the weekend, including one that drew 3,000 people to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

"If successful it would have the effect of invalidating the president's unlawful action nationwide," Attorney General Bob Ferguson said at a news conference.

Ferguson was one of 16 state attorneys general who released a statement Sunday calling Trump's immigration action "un-American and unlawful."

Trump has repeatedly said Friday's order suspending immigration for citizens of the seven countries for 90 days is aimed at protecting the nation against extremists looking to attack Americans and U.S. interests.

Ferguson said the lawsuit against Trump, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and high-ranking Trump administration officials would be filed later Monday in federal court in Seattle.

The complaint seeks to have key provisions of the executive order declared unconstitutional, Ferguson said. The state is also asking for a temporary restraining order against enforcement of the order.

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"We are a country based on the rule of law and in a courtroom it is not the loudest voice that prevails, it's the Constitution," Ferguson said. "At the end of the day, either you're abiding by the Constitution or you are not. And in our view, the president is not adhering to the Constitution when it comes to this executive action."

Declarations of support from Amazon and Expedia — two Washington state-based businesses — will be filed with the lawsuit, said Ferguson, who was joined at the news conference by Gov. Jay Inslee.

The complaint claims that Trump's actions are separating Washington families, harming thousands of state residents, damaging the state economy, hurting Washington-based companies "and undermining Washington's sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees," Ferguson said.

Inslee said the "inhumanity" of Trump's order is obvious.

"This is un-American, it is wrong, and it will not stand," Inslee said. "The clear intent of this executive order is to discriminate against one faith amongst all God's children."

Asked if he fears retaliation from the Trump administration, Inslee said "there's no predicting this president, but we will not yield, we will not be leveraged, we will not be threatened, we will not be intimidated."

Inslee said he learned the hard way over the years "you do not back down to bullies."

Ferguson said he has been in contact with other attorneys general but at this point Washington state was acting on its own regarding the legal action.

The Port of Seattle said over the weekend that people who were detained at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as a result of Trump's order have been released.

U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal said Sunday that two individuals were released. One is a citizen of Sudan and the other a citizen of Yemen, both countries named in Trump's order.


And he is. So get wrecked.

I love how they shit all over the constitution until moments like these and then suddenly they're devote constitutionalists. Too bad they never bothered to read it.

Do they even have anything against Trump other than them calling him mean? Anything that would actually hold up in court? I'm seeing nothing, and I'm 99% sure this is just them about to throw everything they have at him, and fail.


They have nothing but a "moral" argument. It's why they don't accept any criticism or reasonable discussion. Their argument is that their position will remain unchallenged for the rest of human history because it is 100% flawless.


Good, maybe he can finally get replaced.
t. Washington bro
Please send help we're drowning in libshits and shitskins

Because what President Trump did is completely legal and this case is laughable shitshow.

Trump is drafting H1B reform EO's. Pajeet is going back very soon. Microshit will be at the beck and call of the people soon.

They have nothing but "muh fee fees". There's already legal precedent for this, of the top of my head Obama did a travel/immigration ban from Iraq for 6 months. The President has the Constitutional power to block travel/immigration from and region or group of people for any reason, yes even religion.


Bellevue, WA here.

Amen to getting H1B fixes rolling so we can start sending the Chinese and Indians back while likely fucking over Microsoft in the process.

Being a Trump supporter in WA is suffering; the state is beautiful but it's full of libcucks.

Yep, and the outskirts are filled with mystery meats and libshits.

There are a lot of white people though in the rural areas, I live in a small town off the I-5 corridoor, most voted Trump, and everyone here is white.

The PNW seems like it was specifically targetted by Commiefornians somehwere durring the Hollywood era. The westward expansion and settlers made this area great, and they were hard and stern individuals. Now however it's completely changed. The city folk have ruined the West Coast. It's like (((They))) saw it as a threat and decided to move Starbucks and Mexicans in.

I've also heard a lot of the places between cities (at least near the west coast) are filled with meth users and drug addicts. Feels like the coastal portions could use an enema.

WA fag abroad here
Californians ruined my damn home and I want them out with all their colored pets too

Yes, it's because of minimum wage and mill jobs being the norm. Unless you want to work for Microcucks or (((banks))), but they only hire import diversity help.

The funny thing is, I work with two people from California, one is a "tranny" libcuck who I am assuming is antifa and converting to judiasm, the other is a lazy kike, literal star of david tattoo.

Former Blaine guy checking in. I lived literally 10 minutes from Canada, and I swear, every fucking weekend our local dairy shop would get fucking FLOODED by poo-in-loos from Canada crossing the border to buy milk. There were days when the store wouldn't even have any milk left after Pajeet and his six kids took it all back to Leafland. They also swarmed the mall in nearby Bellingham to buy shit because they didn't want to pay Canada's obscene VAT tax. I hope Trump bans all these H1B Pajeets, when I was growing up in Washington I didn't know a single non-white except for one Korean kid at my school.

The weirdest thing for me was going to sled in British Columbia for a day, and every single person I saw on the slopes was a street shitter. In Canada.

On OP's pic, it's retarded when white libshits try to use sand squiggles that they can't read, and wear the headscarf when they aren't even Muslims.

Considering something like 99% of Canadians live within 100 meters of the US border, I bet a border wall would do wonders for how much VAT tax Canada collects.

I dont get their problem

Hes not banning it permanently. Hes restricting it temporarily so they can refine their procedures during a time when racial tensions are at a high, jesus

Also I hear Anderson Cooper discussing assassinations in the other room

But how?

You think WA is bad? Trying living in NEW YORK

Have any of these faggots even read the constitution? Are they able to cite the part he's allegedly violating?

These motherfuckers seriously think the bill of rights applies to foreigners on foreign soil.

fuck user don't scare me like that

Lived in Bellingham and ferndale. Know exactly what you are talking about. Those punar faggots are the rudest people too

The one cailfornian i know was one that left after cali went full commie with gun laws so he moved up north. Cool guy, lots of stories. Very right wing, and grows. Interesting character




Liberals brains work the same way with dogs. Any period of time lasting longer than 15 minutes feels like eternity to them.

Because its empty and toothless.
Why are you pushing the MSM's false narratives?

Go topple that Lenin statue in Seattle for Christ's sake.

I thought you were joking… but its real, holy shit. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Lenin,_Seattle

There's a fucking statue of Lenin in Seattle?

Jesus Christ. I'm so glad I didn't go through with moving there when I considered it over a decade ago.

The locals are very proud of this. Mt. Rainier needs to explode already.

I wish Seattle would go back to being a Nordic harbor town. So much natural beauty ruined by shitty leftists and tech companies.

Which is why ive said forever that we need to make cascadia great again

Because this is a frivolous distraction lawsuit brought against a completely legal executive action.

It's not worth losing any focus over.

don't forget grunge rock.

You mean this???

SeaTAC has Muslims all over the place it's fucking disgusting. I hope never to set foot in that airport ever again.

These retards are only going to push things further in the direction they don't like


There has been some fucking strange shit going on with this statue, it was blocked to put in the city in the 80s and the importer died in a car crash.

Strange shit.

Yeah, because that'll swing the case. Washington's weird, half of our electors told Clinton to go fuck herself during the election, and even living in King County I never saw any real support for her, despite it going like 70% blue.

He's just going to let these fools pin the star on themselves.
And her name gets checked for phase two.

Real question, when and how do these traitorous fucks get purged?

finally the sodomites are doing something right

The more this shit goes on, the more I wonder, these people can't be retarded enough to paint targets on themselves.


I wish I was rich enough to buy it then have it demolished in front of everybody

I pledge to do everything in my power throughout my Presidency, and my life, to ensure that the forces of evil never again defeat the powers of good.
t. Donald "We Fought The Wrong War" Trump


They can take a plane to Somalia any time they want to.

Mudslimes aren't citizens
Even a NEET is better for the economy than a shitskin on welfare.

>hurting Washington-based companies "and undermining Washington's sovereign interest in remaining a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees,"
It's like they're playing a tabletop game and they just picked up the "Next terrorist attack is unavoidable and has full effects" card.

Spokane, WA bro here. Libshits, lefties, and antifa scum are just the top of the list. Washington in general has an issue with LGBT degenerates who only support democrats locally and Shillary because she was "pro-gay". I have an ex-friend who voted for Hillary literally only because she was the only candidate that was openly pro-LGBT and I attempted to redpill him.

Not only that but we've got shitskin Chinese taking over Seattle. It's basically Beijing 2: Electric Boogaloo, they're buying up so much property there it's fucking ridiculous and they send all their sons and daughters to look after it and live in our country.

Here in Spokane we have a pretty big group of Marshallese from the Marshal Islands who immigrate here. I haven't had a problem with them yet, they take care of their own family, stick to their own shit, actually work and put money into the community, and they're not jewish kikes trying to buy up all the land and turn it into condos for their shitskin kids like the chinese faggots who are trickling into Spokane from Seattle.

Fuck this state. I support splitting Washington and part of Northern Oregon and turning it into it's own state so we can get out of having to rely on whatever the fuck Seattle wants us to do.

That "fight for 15" bullshit is fucking everything up over here. Minimum wage going to 11 dollars has completely changed how my job works. People have been fired, hours cut, and workloads dramatically increased. I have friends who were just recently laid off because of it.

My rent, power, and comcast bill [only internet available] all went up already. I hate Seattle and all of the pozzed faggoty lefty chinese scum that live there.

Source? I want to believe.


It's how many news sites format nowadays. Can't ask too much of the goyim's attention span after all.

kys tbh onii fam~~~ ^_^ xD

Markdown is a plague and fucking cancer. I'd rather write everything in fucking barebones HTML than to use Markdown.

I think, "Hong Konging" seattle and portland would solve a lot of problems

nigger take some responsibility for your own cucked state, it's not all Californians, if you remember you're one of the like 4 states where if you isolate white men you STILL are blue, not even California is that fucking gay

Which amendment is it violating?

Fucking rekt

Run it everytime a liberal cries "it's unconstitutional" show them this.

honestly because at this juncture idk if it worth discussing. They are going to get blown the fuck out and there will be many tears.

The My Feels amendment right between the lines of the other amendments. It's hard to see because it's written in invisible ink that a social justice warrior wrote in while nobody was looking. Honestly, these people complaining about unconstitutional are proving themselves to never having read or read the constitution in detail. I'd be worried as a citizen if these idiots are in an office of power.

wasn't making fag marriage the law of the land constitutional overreach?

As a leaf it wirries me that 30-50% of your country's population thinks that way. Nobody believes me when I say the media is the opposition

Especially where the court magically created a "fundamental right to identity" out of nowhere.

Your view is wrong, Commie.

Any decent sources that verify this? Everytime I bring this point up to shitlibs they refuse to believe it ever happened.

It was not talked about when it happened. I remember vague whispers of it being considered way back when though.

their nigger god called the constitution a "piece of parchment" that means nothing, and all of these dumb fucks wanted to get rid of the constitution when it mean things like protecting our speech and right to carry, now suddenly they're invoking the constitution for shit that is wholly legal by it, I'm convinced it's another fucking snarl word they use like "democracy" and "capitalism"

I wish all of these faggots would die already


reported for homophobia

For some reason this reminds me of that twitter post about how Brexit is the most 'un-Jewish' thing ever.

they are gonna get so btfo

Everything they do is based solely on feels and no actual legal justification.

Its gonna be lulzy. This is going to amount the same as to the jill stein recount scam.

How exactly could one go about removal of this?

They sure are assmad at this. Is it because it makes victimbux?

Where does it say in the constitution that you have to allow people to enter your country?

Why the fuck is the support for disavowing hate speech so high for republicans? I swear to god they cuck themselves like this so hard and wonder why they could never get ahead before Trump.

Before the right to be not offended and after the right to break the law if their feelings say so.

Its not that your wrong but it is undeniable that california was the deciding factor in destroying the state. If those vaginal humans hadnt destroyed their OWN state, Cascadia would be much different now

Simple. What acid works best against bronze?

kek why did he take his shirt off

they think the first amendment applies to non-citizens

Funny how these faggots are all about the Constitution, America, and us being God's children when their backs are against the wall.

I bet the fucking cucks will lap it up too, thinking that Leftists have been turned from the destroyers of Western Civilization into stalwart defenders of America overnight. Their Conservative arguments must've been that good!

he powered up.

You know, like that game Altered Beast for the Sega Genesis.

Couple of broke tweakers, a 3/4 ton pickup and a scrap recycler willing to look the other way.