Tulsi Gabbard has proof of Obama ties to ISIS

Not sure how legit this is, but this woman just dropped a major redpill if it is.

https:// twitter.com/TheFoundingSon/status/826080029692002305

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Like him openly stating it?

So why is she doing this? Is she trying to gain some sort of footing for a presidential run? Take down Biden? Or did Trump convince her to do something when they met?

How degenerate would it be for me to racemix with this broad?

I always thought she was white?

I think she legit believes she's doing the right thing.

100%, no better than screwing an "honorary Aryan" Jap.

Hindu, iirc

Actually user, she actually is doing the right thing. Wish we saw more of it from their side, easy mode gets boring after awhile

To be completely cynical: possibly to take the heat off the party as a whole. If Obama takes all the blame now that he's out of office, it won't blowback on them in the next election.

Damn. Just thought she was Greek or something like that.

In light of the behavior of all dems lately… I dont believe that.

Ya know what this could be. This could be them trying to bait Trump with faulty intel hoping he will go "full birther on it"

She's not white. And she's married to some other non-white.

I wonder if her having been in the military has anything to do with it. She, like some other military people, grew tired of Obama's shit. Hawaii being very democrat would be an incentive for her to stay democrat. That and her pro-israel leanings and pro-gay views.


Too much kiking going on lately to extend any benefit of any doubt to leftists. Inspect the hook before biting this one it would seem to me this is (((them))) trying to set a trap.

This is very possible and more what I was thinking. At the same time she has gone against her party before. I do think there is a civil war within the democrat party. It has been festering for a long while and hit a fevered pitch this election. Bernie, for the controlled opposition that he was, accidentally introduced another player into that war (originally between Obama's group and Hillary's group even though they all are still on the same side they fought over the details).

fucking why

She's 75 percent white and 25 percent Polynesian, iirc. Also she adopted Hinduism as a teen.

She's an edge case, but I see nothing wrong with a white man having her as their stumpyfu or pockmarkfu.


Underrated post

Possible. The only problem is that she met with Assad so she is putting herself on the line and making herself look either foolish or a lair. That and Obama has been helping terrorists and Trump has the military information now. This will just end up biting them in the ass.

With Trump issuing an order for a solution in 30 days for ISIS, I'm thinking the dems are panicking.


Jaysus, I thought she was kinda cute but those acne scars yikes.
She must put her makeup on with a trowel.

im pretty sure hawaiians generally qualify as ok for waifu material. they have lower IQ in general, so ymmv

True true, for a brief moment my jaded cynicism was overwhelmed by my utter contempt of King Nigger and his antics; thanks lad.

I have heard some claim Hawaii produces a somewhat less retarded version of Democrat, but we'll have to see.

She's also the person who said that 'There's no such thing as a moderate rebel in Syria.' and that we needed to be backing Assad so…

She's putting Trump in check. He is about to invade Syria to create a "safe zone" for Israeli land theft.

You mean like Trump's?

Syria doesn't need to be invaded.
The jihadis will be crushed by the SAA when the inbred saudi money stops.

She's been talking like this for years, I'd take her over McConnell or McCain any day of the week.


She read the Lightning and the Sun and decided to take down the eternal semite

lol wtf is wrong with you tinfoils. just because she is a democrat she cant be right? fucking hell, trump even met with her you idiots

you don't believe the US has been arming and training terrorists? lol 8pol is even more delusional than 4pol
also it is obvious that

She was in the military and just thinks it's fucked up that the president is funding and arming the same groups that are killing American troops.

Oh of course this will bite them on the ass. Im just saying dont extend any praise to this woman until we see how this plays out.

Was going to post, thanks

Everyone in Hawaii is a Democrat. Seriously. They only have one Republican in their entire state government. Only Republicans are military people and they vote in their home states.

I think you need to re-read this thread. There are no tinfoils here.

wew you crew retards are even worse at this than ctr was. Go tell that stupid kike to give you a better posting manual.

its the new shills. they are fucking awful at their jobs.

Trump needs trigger discipline.

Trigger discipline is for when you arent firing

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Trump also met with Chuck Schumer, should we listen to that kike too?

Seriously I'm tired of this cunt. She wants to run for President and I'm seeing her being shilled all over the place by the MSM as some sort of reasonable moderate. A broken clock is right twice a day, otherwise she is a leftist who would follow her party once in power. We need to find dirt on her and end her career before it goes any further.

MSM has turned on her. This is the first result on Google after Wikipedia: archive.is/ZH70x

maybe she just wants the US to stop funding terrorists.

She would never get establishment support if she runs, and she isn't a billionaire so she can't fund her own campaign like trump did.

you fell for the party politics meme, too bad. republicans are just as shit as democrats, trump only picked them because he had to pick one side.

That's not what Trump is proposing. He wants to join hands with Saudi Arabia

Tulsi Gabbard supports Trump's support of Assad.

There is no reason, use or endpoint for Gabbard's support, especially where she lives and represents. Her pro-gay views too are odd given where she is from and her background and serves no professional purpose. The same can't be said for Trump, and that is assuming he is a good goy and not merely making use of them as what seems to be the case. Then again, people like you would call Hitler a zionist puppet and think everyone is under the control of the jews except for you and that everyone should follow you without question despite not offering anything of worth.

user, that's the last picture that photographer ever took…

She should run for president. In 2020, against Trump. Trump would still easily win but the race between her and Trump would drag the Overton Window far to the right, particularly on matters of foreign policy, excepting Israel.

Much better yet would be for her to run and lose the primary to Jim Webb.

/r/ing waifu material chart
apparently Nigerians were on the good side

Trump doesn't support Assad. His wahabbi "safe zone" has been firmly rejected by Syria and softly by Russia.

So you're saying he's a liar about his views?

No end use of Gabbard's support? What does that even mean, what if it's her real views? Unlike Trump Gabbard actually served the nation in combat.

Why don't you go do paid protesting instead of this low energy shit? Don't worry, you'll get soros dental care after a LEO hits your rat face with a rubber projectile.

Why are you just making shit up. He has the option of working with Russia/Saudi Arabia/Assad or even (lol) Turkey to create a safezone. Pls explain why US invasion is necessary or politely kill your self.

The only one falling for it is you if you believe someone disliking a democrat by principle must like republicans.

Trump opposes the Syrian terrorists which is de facto support of Assad. Nobody cares about "safe zones", not even Trump or any of his supporters. "Safe zones" are just a rhetorical device so that Trump can pretend he isn't indifferent to arab civilian life he is, just like every other sane American.

got a youtube link?

I wouldn't be so sure of that. The origin of the conflict in Syria was a desire to run a natural gas pipeline from Qatar through Turkey and into Europe to cut Russia out of the picture as much as possible [because right now, Qatar has to put its natural gas on ships in expensive storage tanks if it wants to sell to Europe]. A "safe zone" that conveniently covers enough territory to bridge through to Turkish soil would get the job done.

Naturally you ignored the rest of what was posted. Gabbard has no reason to support jews given her area and constituents. The same can be said for pro-gay views. Hawaiians and many of the Japs that ended up living there hate jews, whites, and are not fond of gays either. Her support is beyond odd. That said, it makes sense for someone to hide their powerlevel. In dealing with jews, I don't fault Trump for saying one thing and doing another since anything else is them demanding the person submit themselves to slavery under them. Saying he supports israel while wanting them to pay for protection, while wanting to destroy isis the monster they helped create, while not moving to do anything about Assad indicates the opposite of their interests.

This shows you don't know shit about Hawaii or the people of Hawaii. If it is her real views then she's no use to us and can fuck off.

And? That doesn't mean shit and just sounds like you're trying to prop up this bitch, which would not be surprising since there have been faggots trying to prop this bitch up for her run for pres. though not like it will matter. She will lose the nomination to either Biden, Booker, Patrick, Sanders, Warren, or even Hillary who still has her hooks in place in the democratic party.

She should run for president in 2024 with Jim Webb as her running mate. 2020 needs to be a Wall Street nigger fag like Cory Booker or an annoying cunt like Elizabeth Warren so Trump can get 400+ electoral votes and destroy liberalism in America forever. The Supreme Court will likely be 7-2 favoring constitutional conservatives by the end of his 2nd term along with mass exodus of illegals and national voting ID laws to ensure the integrity of elections.

She went to Syria recently and had an impromptu meeting with Assad. Apparently, her experiences led her to realize that Obongo and Shillary policies are largely to blame for what has been going down, and that it's not good for the West or the Mid East to keep that bullshit going.

She's still a female, and a democrat, and thus retarded, and she's many years late to the party, but at least she finally showed up. Hopefully, she won't get accident'd before waking some more normalfags up. Normies would likely be more receptive to her dropping this redpill than to any of us.

By going after Obama. Right. In any case, it is obvious she is just looking to set herself apart for a presidential run, which doesn't make sense since she is pushing for shit which is the opposite of her party and does not have enough support to push her views anyways. She tainted herself by meeting with Trump to the point that she is seen as a Trump sympathizer. Trump tainted her on purpose by meeting her for a position that would not be useful to anyone. Top kek.

Such a safe zone would never happen. Syria and Russia wouldn't permit it. Starting a war with Syria and Russia over that pipeline was Obama and Hillary's plan, not Trump's.

Wtf the dead eyes of the general, same eyes as the blacked.com girls.

/r/ing Tulsi "rear views"
Oh, you said real.

Obama is out of office. Why go after him now?
I don't care what you think he did, you should leave him alone once he's no longer prez.

Posted that shit to twitter. Hoping it goes viral but if that's the case I might die.


It's an old video where he got some words mixed up. Everybody has seen it.


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Because now he can't use the power of the state to defend himself?

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I've never witnessed a lynching. I want to witness a lynching.

This can be played off as him misspeaking


the rapist is done, why go after him now?
I don't care what you think he did, you should leave him alone once he's no longer raping

I have to wonder when these people will start facing repercussions. Has Trump issued warrants yet?

Trump pandered to faggots during the omocaust event and after that, he picked Pence as his VP.

It's this.

And don't forget the Clinton Machine tried to hang 'nazi sympathizer' on her when the media-created Spencer complimented her a few days ago.

I googled her name and (((they)) say she's a puppet of Russia

Trump wants safe zones to send the Syrians back to where they fucking belong.


Impossible too many (((reputable))) Dems are involved. The Clinton Foundation is involved ffs


You don't fucking mess up those words. Get lost.

Polynesians/Hawaiians are the only people I have ever met that openly acknowledge their low intellectual capacity. I hold nothing against them as a people and only wish we whites could have kept Hawaii from being flooded with chinks.

No it's not you Alex jonestein tier conspiratard idiot. The origin of the Syrian conflict is sectarian. Next thing you will start shilling for muh based anti Zionist jews like Kucinich and Chomsky


You must be one of the higher paid shills. Lol sectarian ya right faggot.


Gun pointed at media, check
Intent to shoot, check

NONONO , im on no fap, its all the troll threads on 4chan are you mad white bois etc.

Justice, revenge, to completely destroy his legacy, to completely destroy the democrat party, to make an example out of him for other corrupt politicians, to show the world that Americans are the good guys again and pure fun. Does that answer your stupid question?

Tulsi "Volcano the Niggers" Gabbard

Or is Tulsi "Throw Kikes in a Volcano" Gabbard better?


Now that he's out of power, the powers that be are probably not trying as hard to protect him (they will to some extent, because of potential backlash). She may only have gotten the information now.

Trump's real end game is uniting the parties into one, and eventually eliminating the parties.

i have a soft spot for qt3.14 hawaiians

She better deliver on those claims anyway

What's the problem with the "safe zones" proposition? TL;DR ? links? I thought the "safe zones" are going to be where the refugees will stay instead of going to Europe.

You think that's what he wants to do with the "safe zone"?

nigger, if she really has evidence that can be used in a court of law that Obama knew he was directly supporting ISIS then she's useful, period.

Women weren't in combat you nitwit.

Old news:

Hillary Clinton Acknowledges Saudi Terror Financing in Hacked Email - October 12 2016


Tulsi is probably working with Trumps people, once Sessions is in expect the ball to be rolling. Top democrats and republicans arrested for treason? It will be a glorious day and accelerate our path to civil war.

What are the chances she didn't say anything and CNN is trying to take her down for whatever reason spinning it into her slandering the former president?

Hawaii produces socialists. Go to Hawaii and look at all the poverty then you'll understand why.