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This kills the left.

this is fucking terrorism

we need to get this to trump

the goy will not care

Politically neutral fence sitters have voted Trump because of wackjobs in the Left.

I really hope one of them try to kill me. Seriously. I could subaru them while blasting them with whatever pistol I have. Fuck these assholes.

This needs to be encouraged. Yes you communist scum start killing whites.



The tolerant left reveals itself. We must pay up because of past misdeeds the minority of our ancestors participated in and then we must die because once we do, the world will finally know peace. This is what they believe and expect from us.

You have cars, or trains.

I wish they were stupid enough to…

Fuck off FBI. We've had numerous discussions regarding recent events on T_D and It's be pretty universally accepted that if they strike you on the side of you cheek, you offer them your other one. If they steal you coat, you offer them the shirt off your back.This is how we win. MLK would be rolling in his grave at the site of these people calling for violence and you're not fooling us with your own calls for the same thing.

Fuck off faggot.



Corrections. Where's the edit function?

quit being a QUEER fun POLICE



Translation: If we kill them, they win


Reply with your email in the email field and I'll fix it for you.

You're not talking to an idiot. Srsly fix your site.

Lurk moar newfag.



Can we meme this into fully happening?



HAHA who gives a fuck about that commie nigger. He is a total fraud and only read what his jewish masters told him to.

It should be legal to kill a nigger who so much as looks at a white woman wrong.

And low and behold, Holla Forums was right again.

As Dilbert man recently said, the left is meme-omg Trump into Hitler.

No, seriously. They have doubled down so much on the idea that he is evil that they cannot admit they are wrong now. They get half terrified and half excited that they are vindicated in their fears when Trump does something they don't like. They keep doubling down and getting more and more inflammatory and violent.

What choice would Trump and the right have but to oppose violence with violence? Unless they can go after the leftist leaders fast enough with pedophilia, tax evasion, campaigning against "candidate" Trump, etc

The left will create the very demon they fear

I stopped listening to take a call but picked it back up.



Can't stand these fucking useless eaters. Here is a better one, how about all you non-whites put plastic bags over your heads, seal them nice and tight, and keep taking deep breaths til the problem resolves itself.

being a nigger should be a crime

I see the Left is trying honesty out for a change.

your retarted

Kek, nice bantz

Wait, you're serious? Haha, get the fuck outta here nigger. We're not the alt right.

I didn't see this on the news.


Lugenpresse don't ever do anything right.

So how long do you expect all major black dominated city centers to hold out when besieged like the Gaza strip? I'd wager about 3 months.

Every day I wake up I thank God or Kek or whoever that I'm not as stupid as you


This person is a fucking mental retard. Why should I care that someone without sense enough for restraint goes full tryhard mode? This cunt is whining about working 40 hours.


It's a pre-school teacher. They must be stopped.

Is this the level of discourse you're used to on your main imageboard? How about going back?

I don't get it.

I wish a nigga would try. These people must have a room temperature IQ. I mean holy shit they are completely outnumbered and outgunned. Do they not realize how many whites are just itching to remove these shitskins from the face of the earth?

I have never seen so many people asking to get fucked up.

I'm used to people not falling for bait and acting like morons. I hate the filth that hwndu has dragged into this board.


Man the Mexican version of Mr. Potato Head looks gross

You're god damn right it's my money nigger, I worked for it


t. trshill

it is when the poster LARPs as a Christian

could you be more obvious?

4chan must be more your intelligence level then.

you're retarded

God damn it's not even what they're saying that pisses me off that much. It's how they act. Niggers act so fucking entitled to bite the hands that feeds them. Let's just start this fucking race war already. I don't care if the Jews are memeing for it. I want to kill some niggers legally.

In their delusional worlds they think whitey are afraid of action. We can have them licking out boots in less than a week.

my body is ready


We need to plaster this monkeys ugly mug all over social media. Let's discredit these faggot soros backed "protests"

They are losing their shit that the right is currently winning the "victim wars" or whatever by a large margin.
The liberals already can't justify much as it is, things like this will be the death of them.

The enemy is already within our borders, they infected the minds of our populace.
Purge is needed.

Glaring and prevalent misconception: the majority of our ancestors were still in the old country in the 1800s.
Seriously, I wonder what percent of modern whites are actual descendants of slave owners.

Get to it then.

Much lower than the percent of modern blacks that are actual descendants of slave owners, I bet


Still not giving a damn thing to these vermin


You can't be racist against white people clearly you are uneducated on this topic lmao smh fam tbh

Love that introduction

Trump didn't get in office for no reason kike

Copy this video.

spread this

Fucking wew, you had a black presdent for 8 years, the holy grail of negro-politics, and he didn't do shit for you. I'd want to tear down the White House too.

I think I read that only 1% of Whites in the US ever owned slaves. Consider that before the Civil War, the bulk of the population was ethnically English or Scottish, with smaller numbers of Germans and Irish. The larger waves of Irish and Germans, the Italians, the Polish, none of these immigration waves happened until slavery was already dead and gone.

Then, add to that the French who were assimilated after the Louisiana Purchase. Add the Russians and Ukrainians who came before and after the USSR. Add the Spanish we assimilated in California and after the Mexican-American War (Spanish, not Mexicans). Add the people we've gotten over the years from Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, the Yugoslavian countries. Add the Scandinavian immigration to the Midwest. Add the Greeks who have come over the years. Add anyone who came from New Zealand or Australia during the 20th century.

Then consider that the blacks completely ignore that the Red tribes owned slaves, and that free blacks also owned slaves.

Taking all this into account, it's safe to say that almost none of today's White population in America had slavery anywhere in their history. The whole thing is bullshit and I'm sick of hearing them bitch about shit from 150 years ago.


Then why are they protesting Trump? He is the least imperialist president since before Wilson. Just shows how dumb these people are. They live in a fantasy world crafted by media and academia with no basis in the real world. Their mental map of reality is so off that they should be considered mentally ill.

Shut up Kike no it doesn't. This is just what the Jewish hate campaign against Whites wanted.

Imperialism isnt even a fucking thing anymore. Do any of you fuckers see an American empire like the British or German one. NO!. Low IQ cant read, they dont even know a simple definition.

Honestly what the fuck is shabbos Goy Trump is going to do? If you think Trump is going to protect you you've been severely misled.

Oy veeeeeeeeey. Whos behind this post?

Why would you support a President that supports Israel?

That's not the way politics and conquest work now-a-days bucko.

Sure. But i do support a president who doesnt mention jews on 6 Gorillian day. Fuck off you shill.

America is imperialist, but it operates through globalist institutions.

Hello CTR

White people don't owe them shit. In fact, POC owe whites for ALLOWING them to come to the country.

That makes sense. Why would you support the 2 party system that has been pozzed for over 40 years and somehow believe a candidate that's the lesser of 2 evils benefit anyone?

Grabbed your posts by mistake, friendly fire


No one saw this coming.

That's because he's playing 4d chess, on you, you dumb fuck

Israeli's are h'wite brah, what are you, a 1488 larper? :^)

Go fuck yourself you fucking faggot. And kill yourself afterward.

Man, your mother must be so proud your battling shills on the internet. Calling people Jewish shills because they don't like a Jewish loving President is pretty funny. Figuring out how your fucked up brain works reminds me of talking with liberals.

I know, i just mean like how an Empire of Germany acted. We arent a literal Empire.

Its ok, the shills are doubling down.

Well, Trump sort of acts beyond the GOP. "My workers party" kinda shit. Trump will allow the more Far-Right movements to be mainstream. Either way, it had to Trump. It must be Trump. Not saying hes fucking Hitler 2.0.


Trudeau pls go

awyattman is back!

The fucking shills are off the charts today. Dont you nigger subhumans have something else to do? Go get a real job.

Israel isn't exactly our greatest problem. It's pretty far down the list. Israel is often baby's first red pill, but it's only a small part of the bigger picture. Everything Trump is doing is reducing Jewish global power, thus working against Israel in the bigger picture (which is dependent upon their powerful diaspora and globalist apparatus). Trump is already working to shut down lobbying for foreign states, which is obviously very bad for Israel. So sure, Trump may be "pro Israel," but if he accomplishes everything he set out to do, Israel will be reduced to a powerless rump state.


Islamo Nazis and larping 1488ers are the problem, only a marxist or liberal would think otherwise.


Expect the fact that he will help Israel build Greater Israel, must likely go to war with Iran, and maybe even China. But fuck it hes going to build a wall (niggers and spics will still be in the country killing and raping whitey) and some other shit that's not even close to the main problems

Israel will still become greater Israel
The Federal Reserve will never be destroyed
Whites will still become a minority

I think you get the point. Trump is dangerous because hes quelling a ton of conservative people's rage, and funneling it into lesser problems that all stem from supporting Israel and the Federal Reserve, and Jews in general. But In know you're just another fucking idiot from 4chan who thinks he's redpilled that voted in a 2 party system that was built to control idiots like yourself from day one.

Yeah, I guess it would be more accurate to say that globalist institutions act through America.


I donated to David Duke, what have you done for the cause today nigger subhuman?

I do, we were here well over a century before the revolution, took land with iron and blood, owned slaves, fought for the south, and I'll never apologize.

Where is there evidence for any of this? You're just pulling shit out of your ass.


post moar you fucking nigger


Israel will still control the Federal Reserve and thus the country, military, media and everything else. You didn't give any details in your post on how Trump will make Israel less powerful.

Even if Trump sets out to do everything he promised, Israel will still become Greater Israel, the Federal Reserve will still exist, they will still own the media and almost every single big corporation.

Why the markers?


just fuck this thread up fam

Right I'm just making this shit up you moron. The writing is all over the wall. There's been a massive influx of idiots lately and I'm guessing you're one of them.

Trump still wants to kill CIA funded and Israeli created ISIS which gives Israel their own private army in the middle east for eternity as long as there's some bullshit boogeyman they create. Trump is also anti Iran which has always been on the Israeli kill list.

Nigga, thats some stale shilling.


Welp, you got lunch covered.

War soon.


He donates to nationalism because he loves his race.

Ask him politely if he'll give you your 10bux back.

the subhuman revolution was suppose to come during a major conflict but their plans fell short when Hillary lost.
now they are flailing because their pets are ready for a fight they will lose


Copypasting from other racewar thread, probably didn't even post there because crap programming.
Reminder: if we strike first, we would lose the opportunity to gain as much leverage over our enemies.
Let them execute their pitiful attack first, hell, goad them to chimp out as the shills here do with us, then we'll have more support from others internationally and domestically, strengthening our numbers, giving whites more incentive to fight, and may also awaken many bluepilled cuck which would learn their lesson quick in the beginning stages of the race war.
This isn't just LARPing, it will happen. Obviously, it could go either way, with sparse isolated chimpouts throughout the country (most likely), or full civil war (least likely without kike meddling).
Our strength doesn't come from throngs of savages going around, beating the shit out of people, it comes from smart planning, psyops, playing the enemy, etc.



Wow. That's extremely accurate. The_Donald is a Marxist shit hole.

Copypasting from other racewar thread, probably didn't even post there because crap programming or filters put in by kike mods.
Reminder: if we strike first, we would lose the opportunity to gain as much leverage over our enemies.
Let them execute their pitiful attack first, hell, goad them to chimp out as the shills here do with us, then we'll have more support from others internationally and domestically, strengthening our numbers, giving whites more incentive to fight, and may also awaken many bluepilled cuck which would learn their lesson quick in the beginning stages of the race war.
This isn't just LARPing, it will happen. Obviously, it could go either way, with sparse isolated chimpouts throughout the country (most likely), or full civil war (least likely without kike meddling).
Our strength doesn't come from throngs of savages going around, beating the shit out of people, it comes from smart planning, psyops, playing the enemy, etc.


Yeah they just manged to lose some bullshit 2 party election though right? Its as if you make stupidity a virtue. Your hopeful optimism is cute at least.

"Turning the other cheek" is not about embracing passivity, but refusing to give in to revenge for revenge's sake. Jesus never advocated against self-defense or fighting evil.

i think shitskins are cursed with pride. i think melanin has a direct correlation with ego and arrogance. even though whites are at the top of the food chain we are the least prideful. i think slavery is allowed in the bible so whites can enslave the lower races in order to humble them.

i think all shitskins should be enslaved tbh. their labor can be used to build the imperium and then after their 7 years are up they can go back to their shitty countries which will be all ran by a white elite.

Dont listen to people who attack Duke, he has done more than any one of us for the white race, and accusations of him being an informant are merely speculation.Ive heard WLP accused of being a zogbot and people say he MUST have been a shill because the government would have arrested him for the money he got from Bob Mathews. What a crock of shit.

fuck off

they should be encouraged to use that kind of language more often

I think we're in for the fractal war experience. Neighborhood against neighborhood; village against village; county against county; state against state. In which case, it becomes a manic murder brawl that's going to make it very difficult for us to maintain the kind of cohesion required for complex psyops or the kinds of applications of intelligence we're so good at now. I'd like to be proved wrong, but there are a lot of people with a vested interest in seeing that outcome.

who is this btw? is she the one with the big fucking canyon between her front teeth?

No other people have gone so out of their way to accommodate and consider those of foreign blood. Even if they get their wish and we should leave this world forever, I can only ask that Destiny vindicate us.

I find it fun to suggest that they should make pipe bombs and goad these faggots into terrorism.

Any people in WN that isn't a FED informant then? I should throw a few coins at Mike Enuch who is getting Jimpacted by his jewish wife in court.

get some magnification bro. 1-4, acog, something..

I posted it to my Goybook. I always like to post tongue-and-cheek comments that are a play on the words that leftists use. Though practically everybody on my facebook thinks similar to me anyway, but they can share to their shabbos friends.

I take it you haven't been here long.

Molon labe, spic

I would hang you and your sodomite cronies by the testicles if I had the chance, TRS. or The_Donald. Your wives are mine.

How fucking new are you?

you sound a bit ass hurt, did trump deny the syrian refugee family your synagogue was sponsoring?

that guys p fuggen new

her front teeth look like the back of a hammer

I feel lucky to have found this place. I feel like I have friends in high places. Never go anywhere without my 8 of diamonds or meme coin.

No doubt in such a scenario there will be thousands and thousands of casualties in just the first few days, but we have always had the perseverance to overcome. I feel the death to kill ratio will be in our favor heavily.

Master bait

So your entire argument is "you mad XD". Why do you even bother posting?

Why has nobody put this fucks name out there yet? This communist pos should not be teaching little kids.

How would you feel if you gave your life to exposing what jews are doing to white people, only to be undermined by a bunch of meming jackass HOBBYISTS. Disgusting. He runs against Trump, he wasnt charged on X for lack of evidence. Its all speculation, just because someone is let off doesnt mean they turned. Anything Ive seen about Duke is speculation and the same logic could be applied to WLP. If I heard you say that shit about WLP, Id treat you as a race traitor.


Have you taken a good look at their 'wives'?

That mirrors gamergate so much.

Nice try, user. There aren't any women in that photo. Just fags

maybe if the entire grid went down. as long as the powers running and the streets are passable, no mass killing will take place. people have families they put before anything else. and how many neets are actually going to do shit, or are competent enough to do shit? any killing will be done by the .0000001%.

we didn't take the bait for 8 years of king nigger ,other than some junkie kid from SC, and we took the election in a landmark upset. I doubt anyone will blow their wad right before our victory is cemented.

I fully expect a false-flag, though. there's not much left for (((them))) to lose with that gambit

Justin Trudeau posting on Holla Forums.

Never thought I'd see the day.

Why the fuck are you giving anybody that you can't immediately kill if they fuck up money?

Yeah man. I've been thinking a lot about civic nationalism lately, and I realized that my real, deepest loyalty is to the brotherhood of Holla Forums. I don't know if Jackie 4chan can stay or not, but I do know, I sure as hell ain't gonna shoot him for being an oriental when he's a Holla Forumsack. I have more loyalty to this place than I do any nation-state, and while I still desperately want to save the white race, I'm not going to stand by and allow anyone with an 8 of diamonds to be summarily executed no matter what racial factors are in play.

But those would be the 'wives' of TRS tho.

Our honored police will take care of everything.
There is no need to get extra lawful or anything.
Police and special police have the sit well in hand. Just keep this echo chamber board going so that normie comes here and sees whats on the surface…and ahhh keep playing your jobs…k.
In the mean time you should be stock pile whatever you need for those winter months gondola.

Our path is mental. Our job is to draw out the bad actors. The left is full of them. Their ideals are rife with them. The people behind the ideals are violent and know no calm.

We live in the greatest nation on earth. food is plentiful and meds are everywhere. We are fortunate that our forefathers made this nation.

The coloreds are angry at this.

get back to work.

Cause he's a fed, 'nuff said

t.scared alphabet

I must donate my money to racial realist e-celebs. It's for the cauze.


I have a suggestion for you

Seriously though, we're going to have to start killing these people in the streets soon.
This is the early stages of a Communist uprising.

Yea, and Dylann Roof is a false flag, Breivik lives on the moon, and its actually the jesuits, not the jews.

pick 1

MEH I threaten my neighbors daily about killing them. What's the big deal? Oh yeah, they are in MY neighborhood.

Looks like things are getting lively in Ohio

If they kill us, we win:^)

Holy shit, did you just get here?

Where in Ohio? I live in Ohio

Kill yourself.

I'm really starting to fear a Soros-Maidan. I don't think Trump will step down so easily, but Washington DC is packed to the gills with violent, stupid niggers. They probably could Ork rush the White House and get into it over a wall of their own dead with sufficient enemy propaganda. Of course, by no means would that signal the end of the conflict, only the beginning, but things could easily turn out here the way they did in Ukraine based on what I'm seeing from the leftist zombie horde. The Ukies charged right into Grad fire to try to achieve their promised utopia.

Columbutts, the asshole of the state. The city that only exists because Ohio was giving the land away to anyone who would settle there.

People wont crush the left for free but in this modern age of anonymizing there are ways to make incentives

Have you found anything? I just started looking.

trump should have a weekly report of calls for violence by the left published along side the reports of crime committed by illegals

A commie revolution that lasts three hours and fails

So they want die to what ever DARPA cooked up whist rolling in the lab. This ain't the Ukraine and Soros and his faggot son won't last long if they pull that shit.

According to the stream police are "gearing-up",look's like tear-gas about to be used

If you do anything make sure you do it good.

Tear gas in 30 minutes

I wish I shared your optimism. You, me, and everyone on this board wish the police would deal with these zombie hordes with automatic weapons fire. We'll see if Trump has the tools and the will to put these down before it gets all Bolshevik.

Nice full house and Hitler dubs, mate.

Thomas chitumm called it in his book civil war 2


Just callllmmmmm down.

Just keep posting this video in leftist boards and
leftist/norm places

I am a meme-sith-LORD….
follow my orders

do nothing.
keep posting the meme signal


Not sure if Holla Forumsack ridiculing everyone for not taking to the streets with violence yet; a JIDF or Alphabet shill trying to get us to plot and get arrested; or a TRShill still monumentally butthurt about getting thoroughly BTFO when we closed down their pool parties due to AIDS.

Good lord she's ugly.

Go back to reddit you dumb fucking nigger
And kill yourself when you get there

Soros is going to have to turn these faggot into Alien/Human Mutates if he wants those kind of results. Then you got everyone around the area firing on those creatures gurggling "Fuck Drumph". Who wants to be associated with walking Teratomas?

Just meme and do nothing.

Pinga chu chinga pung a guk a pinga chu cahp

It's time to stop, Chaim.

Pool parties are apart of racial realism 1488larper.

“If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction..”

Probably all three. Only Attention seeking faggots and/or feds go around extolling there supposed violent deeds. Anybody with sense just does.

I wouldn't worry about it, they needed to dupe impressionable youth in order for it to work which has backfired for obvious reasons. All they have are invaders and dindus which aren't much of a hassle given their pretty low IQ…

Even Congo niggers can point a rifle and squeeze, and it's not like they don't know what a white person is (even if they can't separate us from kikes which may end up being the last, best laugh we ever get if we can't get on top of shit.)




Dubs confirm that shills wrong and will always be wrong after 8 years.


What are the chances of them being the Feds?

We have a few around here.

You know… 14/88 gas the kikes, race war now!!!!….?

top of the picture can hold 3 gallons of water I think and has a straw

considering they haven't stopped jack shit I'd say zero.

Now that would be a nice change of pace. Were gonna have to see if they break out the kitchen Symtex yet.

YFW 1990 was over 30 years ago.

Holy shit I know this is old but I just gassed my sides watching it.

The feds are probably rooting for us. Do you really think the fbi is full of leftist sympathizers?

Not rooting for us enough that we can smash up these Commies' homes and property while they stand by watching.

I'm glad you had a good day fishing user!

answer: yes

they have been for a long time.
Do nothing and keep flooding normie space with memes.

Memes are LITERALLY causing lefties to be triggered.
We have been heading here for 18 years.
We have been waiting. We know EXACTLY what to do and expect.

We have anons that are in places of official power now at mid level and high level. Now is not the time for deviation.

The proof of what I am saying is in the slive fucking streams happening.
Anyone calling for violence and reaction on the right is your enemy weather they know it or not.

He is

my parents were both big on hilldog, and now they've lost their shit. my dad was so analpained i put $100 on trump, it's almost like I am single handedly to blame for hillary fucking clinton bungling the election.

He is literally shaking almost every time I see him now, convinced the russians just pulled of a coup.

Which is hilarious to me since he's with the fucking commies here.

Sup Trudeau?

Also this isn't Reddit you fucktard. No one cares.

The government is full of lefistis who would subvert the government to be promoted.

Look no further than the military.

Look at how they're faggin it up, placing women in combat positions.

Waco, Ruby ridge, NGOs, federal judges who force states to do something.

Need more views. Leftists neeed to see it

I'm not even good at this but 8ch, I am dissapoint.

I'm so tired my friends, so tired, I don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning.

Normie needs to see it.
Spread it on Twitter on official channels
you will get shut down probably but it will get out.

This is the one WE ARE LOOKING FOR.

This is in my gut.

I understand that feel, Herr Goebbels.

Field strip your MRE you lazy fuck. I used to fit four MREs in the space you take up for just one.

+ on that
you only need that entree and them crackers anyhow.


For triage?


White guy argues with gay nerd poser intellectual Jew and destroys him

lard detected

female Professor destroys millennial college baby over feminists attacking men

gtfo black pill son of a bitch.

That passage was purely about not seeking revenge for revenge's sake. It was a reference to the Roman's code of honor. Fucking fedora tippers and liberal methodist dipshits don't know how to read a Bible.

It was not "if somebodies trying to kill you you should sit there and take it like a little bitch". Self defense is perfectly justified in Christianity.


Lol holy shit go to bed, Trudeau. This is bait right? I feel pretty foolish for even responding to this…so im assuming yes.

If someone comes knocking at my door asking for reparations, ill give them exactly what the doctor ordered; a shotgun slug to their dumb fucking heads. Maybe it'll knock some sense into em.
This world is losing its goddamn mind. Enjoy the show boys. And remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

This. Anger is understandable, but only resort to violence when your life or the life of a fellow friend/family member/pollack is at risk. Peace makes our cause look just. Look at how effective the guys who disrupted the HWNDU stream were by just standing there and yelling random memes.

Let them keep calling for violence. The more they do, the more people join our side. Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake.

Good work, I thank you.

Did anyone catch her say:

Is this supposed to be a lot, perhaps if this were the Mediterranean it would be somewhat above average but I was under the impression Americans worked long hours.

I don’t want to put words in her mouth but it sounds a lot like she is suggesting that white people should pay non-whites so they don’t have to work. I am sure I am wrong on this, but she needs to be clearer. The threats she makes to Government officials is however quite clear.

us are*

This tbh.
Though at this point; they're doing it themselves by riling each other up in their echo chamber thinking they actually stand a chance.

Don't get me wrong though. Any demoralization of the left on our part will only result in more of this same behavior. The hard left is full of individuals filled and fueled by hate. Not only that, but their entire worldview is based in pure fantasy. Absolutely perfect for us really. They underestimate their opponent, and that will be their downfall.

I think everyone is agreement with that. Just not the "if they steal your coat, give them the shirt off your back" shit, that not only projects weakness, but it's the type of cuckoldry that killed Europe.

LOL, no that is obviously not a lot. We already work to pay non-whites. We have welfare and other social programs that steal money from our paycheck to go straight into Shallique and Tanasha's pocket. They just want more gibsmedats. They honestly want to become millionaires, and their reasoning is "muh reparations."

D&C Kike shill, filtered and reported.

Hey Jackie. How's it goin?
To be fair. America WILL have allies. It's only the commies, kikes, degenerates, and sand niggers we want to leave for sure. Of the Oriental people; it really depends. I hear that Japs are based to some extent, but China is full of subservient; dog eating; yellow niggers. We'll figure it out though. Holla Forums is always right.

Identify individuals involved, gather all information possible, then report it to FBI.

Trump isn't from the system. You CTR faggots (or whatever the fuck you guys call yourselves nowadays) need to work on your talking points.


Come on. His manifesto is pretty clear on why he popped. Why do you think he was a false flag?

That kike is one of the kikiest kikes to ever kike.


This cunt is probably better off than most "white people"
what a fucking faggot

this is why people hate cucks.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

I chuckled

You're a real try hard faggot aren't you? You contribute nothing to this site, no actual input on the content being presented here. Nothing. So why don't you go back from where you spawned from.

This is amazingly good bait.

Take notes.

>“White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all,”

The average parasitical tick that yearns to live in a country with first degree infrastructure and state of the art, world renowned landmarks he can call home. Only problem people like himself yearn to live in a Western civilisation without the White man in it.

This is true in most cases. However, it's not like your average nigger or even your average 110 IQ leftard is capable of joining a bureau of such prestige.

By the behavior of this all of the time I get the vague inclinations that this is a veiled shillpost strategy trying to keep Holla Forums backing away from defending themselves in conflict and shit like that.

Kek that pic looks like Mike Enoch.

I really, really like this picture.

Ironically, a whole lot of black on white racially motivated liberal violence is already happening. Hardly ever reported on though.
Start looking for it and post statistics.
People somehow think it's racist to report on blacks and shitskins when its negative.
Articles that go like. This one black guy is a good dad, are forced upon us though

Has it been doxxed yet?

And David Brock just fired you

Not only that, but many whites were slaves too.

If you lost a war in europe, you and your families were enslaved and sold. Muslims raided Southern and Eastern Europe for centuries taking slaves. Cromwell shipped off all the Irish rebels as slaves to the Caribbean.

I remember reading that 25% of free blacks in the South owned slaves.

What is wrong with working 40 hours?

That's a lot of views

and a lot of downvotes

The good old, when they pound you, spead the other ass cheek adage

Every time I see this image I wonder if he is ok.

it's not time for the White Fight yet, not in that way. there's still time in america to close borders, reduce welfare and keep breeding white families. europe is where the White Fight needs to happen, quickly. muds niggers jews, all of them need to be dealt a swift and heavy blow with shocking violence if europe is to survive at all

Not sure if relevant, but Trump is getting slagged off in the British (((media))) for being a racist fascist nazi, literally Hitler.
He had the good grace to give our PM the first visit from any head of state. I don't like Theresa May as she fancies herself as a bit of a Thatcher.
But whatever. I vote UKIP. She speaks eloquently:

Obama HATES my country. He even told us how to vote for brexit, and that my glorious nation would be at the back of the queue for trade deals with the United States.

Fucking monkey. He also didn't observe Royal protocol. pic and vid related. Fucking what?
First pic is the sheboon TOUCHING HER MAJESTY. For fuck's sake. The rage I felt at that is difficult to describe. Also pic of my church.

I LOVE the United States and can sense an uncuckening. Trump loves the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
Posting patriotic music:


>gimme gimme gimme or else
I honestly wish they'd try that shit around here. It'll be a bloodbath.

lol I couldn't have written better bullshit as a false flag

Nigger he's done like 5. I'm going to give him points for that but that's nowhere close to all of them especially because a lot of them haven't been fully realized yet looking at you obamacare.

The Jew makes our cause look unjust. History is littered with cases of anti-White violence (the genocide in Haiti, the revolt in India, the Islamic conquests, the scalping of White settlers in America), yet these have either been forgotten or twisted into anti-White propaganda.

You're assuming that the truth matters, but this is false. Not only can the truth be denied, it can be completely inverted by those with power. Be as fucking "just" as you want - the kikes will just cherry-pick the few examples where we weren't "just" as parade them around endlessly. If no such examples are at hand, they'll just make some up.

Justice does not matter. Peace does not matter. The truth does not matter. The only thing that matters is winning, at any price, by any means. When we have power, we can just rewrite history and suppress whatever infelicities we might have committed. If we lose, justice won't do us any good.

Why are you such a cuck for the (((royals)))?
The family tree is full of investment bankers and William and Kate are both literal jews.


Every time they say something about the U.S. Empire, I want to show them a REAL EMPIRE



I know what you are doing here, and I like it.


The monarchy is part of our culture. It defines us as a nation. The history upon which our institutions are based is intertwined with the monarchy.
It's not cuckness. On the contrary; it's a solid, ancient system worth defending. It is very stable and reliable.
American laws are based upon it, whether you like it or not. English common law, as opposed to the continental European Napoleonic Code. It's one of the reasons we must leave the EU.
Our laws are in conflict with those of the EU. Britain is a constitutional monarchy. "Checks and balances" is a bit of a tired phrase, but we have it.
I'm ex military and we had to swear an oath. It is not to the country. It is to Her Majesty. I'm not sure, but I think the Australian, New Zealand and other countries' armed forces with Her Majesty as head of state also make the same oath:

That's it. Simple and short, but the key clause in it is; "according to law". We have Magna Carta - 'the Great Charter of the Liberties' which limits the power of the monarch.

Our PM went to visit Trump, and I'm glad she did. USA and UK have a lot in common.
But please don't think of having a strong monarchy as being a "cuck". I am totally in favour of President Trump visiting my country with full state honours.
Every hospitality that we can give. A full formal state visit.
The cucks are the (((protesters))). Not royal loyalists. And don't you fucking forget it, lad.

No, the more people on are side are convinced to stay away from all of it so they don't get hurt and people on their side feel emboldened to attack.


This must be some kind of turbo bait, it's expertly crafted. Look at this fine example of baitsmanship and learn.
Very well done. Impressive.


That's fucking gay. You should be swearing an allegiance to your race (in better times, it would be to your particular ethnicity), not to some hemophiliac who does absolutely nothing to defend the English phenotype. Despite producing brilliant scientists and engineers, the English middle-class is a total fucking doormat when it comes to politics. Almost every average Englishman seems to have this misguided notion that everyone else will play fairly and behave politely.

Oh really? If the monarchy is so reliable, why does London look like the Middle East? Why do Central Banks lend you your own money at interest? Why did Britain throw away its entire treasury to fight Hitler?

If you complain about Jews being rootless cosmopolitans, what can you say about the Royals who routinely married royals from other countries? The problem with class-based aristocracy is that it attempts to stratify itself, and if left alone, it forms a micronation within the nation it is ostensibly part of. The only rightful autocratic ruler is he who proves himself and who is no more than a few generation removed from the common man.

This is the the radical left everyone. Nazis watch out !

So niggers. It's only a matter of time before the actual chimps smell blood from the protests and do what niggers do.

hahahahaha I know what the fuck T_D (Trannies and Dykes maybe?) but if you think being assaulted and robbed is the way forward… is that you Justin? hahaha. Get fucked you little nigger faggot.

We're going to show these little shitheads what violence really is.

It's a terrible cultural affliction tbh lad. Swearing to the nation should be the way to go, the Monarch should too.

Dude fuck your Queen

inglod me in dhe sgreengap plox :–DD xDDDD

It really is high quality bait.

sage for offtopic

Quite the contrary, he's driven a lot of vanilla conservatives and basic bitch patriots into rage against the media and establishment and pushed them further and further to the right. You don't quell fire by blowing wind into it.

It's a cycle and it does get better. It me 5 years ;_;


Well done, user.

I agree with the spirit of it but /r/td does a lot to appeal to mainstream people who don't have the balls to go full 14/88. Trump never would have won if only people like us voted for him.

Complains about working 40 hours a weekend.

Bump for thread

Video should be spread like a mofo on face book
Get this fucking vid out.!!!!!!

The thing is, if Trump does not do the White thing, he too will be swept aside by the same people that put him into power. We were already geared up to fight the US Fedogv anyhow. Our weapons and preps haven't magically disappeared since he's gotten into office. Still keeping an eye on him because of the whole thing between him and Pat Buchanan. On the surface, it looks like Trump jewed Pat very much on purpose then became Pat Buchanan-lite a few cycles later.

Get a MOLLE combat belt to wear underneath your cummerbund and transfer some of your gear there. Add a canteen and canteen pouch. And FFS, get a Camelbak.

Field strip that shit. You can fit three or four days worth of rations in the same space as that one MRE.

Toss that shit. Get Quest bars, Ranger bars, Zapplesauce, and Scho-ka-kola. Tuna requires a spoon to eat, doesn't provide you the immediate or long-term energy boost you need, gives you oily shits, and the packaging reeks of fish, which can give you away or attract vermin.

Nigger, get two. Stow one in your IFAK, keep the other where you can grab it RFN. And where's the Kwik-Clot?

Good start. Scoot that red dot up further and put a G33 magnifier on there to increase your combat range; it'll fit right over that rear sight and folds out of the way when you switch to irons. And get a real light for your rifle; if you get an Inforce WML, you can get one that's 500 lumens and has an IR setting to act as an illuminator for your NOD's.

No. Fucking no. Toss that shit. It's unnecessary weight and you don't need it slapping your balls while you're running, climbing, or going prone. You are not a humvee gunner, you cannot afford that extra weight and bulk.


Toss it. Get a hands-free light like a Streamlight 14512, or even an old-school GI anglehead; red light protects your night vision and is less visible to the enemy, and the Streamlight has IR illuminator for your NOD's. White light is a no-no unless you're blinding someone.

Good man.

Extra points.

Bitch, you better know how to apply that correctly. Hint: Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge is the only Hollywood portrayal to get it right. Also, you have a scrim scarf, do you really need makeup?

Oh, I KNOW you're not putting empty mags back in the same pouch you got them from. Or, worse still, dropping them on the ground and leaving them; how are you supposed to top off from your ruck during a lull? You DO have a ruck with more ammo, food, water, and snivel gear (spare socks, underwear, cold/wet weather gear, and any bedding you deem appropriate), don't you?

Better be running stand-alone level IV plates.

There is no hydration pack that holds 3 gallons that a person would reasonably wear; 3 liters is pretty standard, and 1 gallon is 3.8 liters.

1990 was 27 years ago, dumb fuck, and canteens are still the shit. You can pour water to make drink mixes or activate MRE heaters out of a canteen; not so much with a Camelbak. Plus carrying a canteen lets you use it to top off your Camelbak.

Marking maps, doorways, etc. He needs at least a black Sharpie and a red. Other colors optional.

Quick, how many calories does a physically fit person burn while moving over rough terrain with 70lb of gear and fighting a running gun battle? Yes, an MRE is lunch. You're not eating all the damn pogie bait AND the entree in one sitting. An MRE is one meal, plus snacks to keep your energy up throughout the day. A 2,000 calorie a day diet is for the average office worker, not someone sweating his ass off while getting shot at.

I know I shouldn't respond but daaaaaaaamn. Have mercy.